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12017-06-15 14:24:37 UTCPaul Berry Hi,
I thought you'd like to know it looks like you've clipped a building with the footpath you've mapped.

( refers.)


12017-05-31 12:08:04 UTCPaul Berry Thanks, I was just about to fix this myself. See changset comments here:
12017-04-26 13:31:19 UTCPaul Berry Hi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It looks a though you've mapped an area instead of a point of interest (ie office) for your company. Could you please map this correctly. I'll revisit this in 7 days. Let me know if you need any help in the meantime.

Paul Berry
22017-05-31 12:07:21 UTCPaul Berry Fixed on changeset #49126700.
12017-05-23 16:12:50 UTCPaul Berry Hello. Should the route_master include the path of the Woolwich Ferry (relation #392885) or not?
22017-05-23 18:16:26 UTCAmaroussi It was too ambiguous to include the ferry at the time, because it doesn't operate 24 hours a day.
32017-05-24 08:21:02 UTCPaul Berry OK, that makes sense.
12017-03-19 11:55:02 UTCPaul Berry A survey today showed "Moldgreen Liberal Club" is spelt as such.
12017-02-09 14:05:08 UTCPaul Berry Hi,

Did you mean to put this William Hill in a different place? You've put it in the former Yorkshire Post building which is now a car park. refers.

12017-01-31 13:16:08 UTCPaul Berry Railway Street *is* one way in all but signage.

* Single lane along its length.
* No traffic lights facing north into Railway Street at the junction with Westgate (if it was two-way there would be).

I have logged this with Kirklees Council. Let's see what they come back with: https...
22017-01-31 18:59:51 UTCPaul Berry Have just resurveyed on foot. There is also a speed table with the road marking in one direction only.
32017-01-31 19:14:21 UTCPaul Berry I've just taken a moment to appreciate this from your point of view: this was a changeset of yours from 11 months ago that I've just picked up on and that might look a little impertinent. Not my intention: I'm just trying to make sense of a slightly odd street, as I'm sure you were.
42017-02-01 19:39:23 UTCDCM_HD I agree that your further comments are as it is. I hope Kirklees Council come back to you quicker than they did me. I logged the problem through the council's own website exactly a year ago. It seems most locals know the score and the taxi drivers seem trained to take the longer route from their cir...
12016-12-20 22:59:08 UTCSomeoneElse Is "Rillington Place 10" really a tourist attraction, and is it here?
22016-12-21 19:15:04 UTCshawmat 10 Rillington Place was the house where John Christie murdered several women in the 1950s. What made it even more notorious was that a lodger at the house, Timothy Evans, was convicted of the murder of his wife and was executed. But it had been Christie that did it. More than any other case, the wr...
32017-01-23 15:47:02 UTCPaul Berry There is no trace whatsoever left of Rillington Place or any of the properties that lined it. So although this might be the geographical point at which the infamous house, wash-house and gardens stood, nothing physical remains at all (quite deliberately). When the area was redeveloped in the 1970s i...
12016-11-12 14:00:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
way 389961326 has the tag 'adpoted =no' that doesn't make sense to me. Could you check that?

Cheers, Jan
22016-11-12 14:56:29 UTCtrigpoint That looks like a typo, it should be adopted=no.
32016-11-13 14:22:08 UTCPaul Berry My mistake; thanks for correcting it, @mueschel.
12016-09-03 10:01:25 UTCPaul Berry Hi,

I think your change to change the relation here from a grouping to a multipolygon has meant the map now shows each of the three reservoirs as "Ingbirchworth Reservoirs" when they should instead have their own names (Ingbirchworth, Royd Moor, Scout Dike).

Respectfully, could you p...
22016-09-04 07:43:08 UTCwerner2101 Changed relation type to the neutral type=collection. Not switched back to waterways, because that type doesn't fit well. Regards Werner
32016-09-04 19:31:23 UTCPaul Berry Many thanks.
12016-07-25 19:36:02 UTCPaul Berry The high-rise block "The Fosters" (way 380095247) was demolished in 2011. I'm not sure anything has taken its place yet.
12016-07-15 16:15:23 UTCPaul Berry Sorry to impinge on your hard work but there is no cycle track on Wellington Street (excepting the contraflow between King Street and City Square) nor is there a even a cycle lane marked on the road, in either direction.
22016-07-15 17:00:29 UTCCompactDstrxion Thanks I have taken it back to Westgate Roundabout.
12016-05-25 15:53:54 UTCPaul Berry Is this not Cann Hall?
22016-05-25 17:50:55 UTCSK53 *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12016-04-06 22:12:33 UTCPaul Berry The road classifications need amending too. Thanks.
22016-04-07 07:06:00 UTCwnX08hgh2TJ Yep. And the pedestrian crossings have all moved too.
32016-04-07 11:47:05 UTCPaul Berry Since you're midway through mapping I'll leave you be :)
12015-11-09 22:20:09 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for this (and for resolving those notes).
22015-11-10 09:56:53 UTCPaul Berry A pleasure.
12015-10-30 15:54:56 UTCPaul Berry Really this shouldn't be marked as a secondary road but a tertiary one (except on the trunk sections). However it does allow the route to show up as being special in some way.
12015-03-06 12:42:45 UTCPaul Berry Motorway regulations don't apply until the route is signed, which is immediately after the footpath crossing, so this part is not a motorway. You'll notice there are similar changes of classification on the slip roads elsewhere about this junction.

12015-02-05 16:21:28 UTCPaul Berry Not much about the routing of the A61 around this area makes any sense so I'll let your changes stand :)
22015-02-05 19:28:16 UTCHovisCoder Thanks for that. :) I've written a tool that makes the road references visual and I tend to correct there where possible. I agree with your remark about the A61 that clearly shows.
12014-12-07 22:26:13 UTCPaul Berry Or tram routes, even.
12014-12-03 23:15:22 UTCPaul Berry Trams in Morecambe? If these are former or proposed stops they should be tagged as such.
12014-11-18 17:59:26 UTCPaul Berry Should the Purple Line relation extend to Meadowhall? It's an off-peak service but still part of the overall routing.
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