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12018-07-26 15:21:25 UTCStereo Hello! I'm just wondering if this no_u_turn relation is correct:
12018-06-23 19:16:51 UTCStereo Hi Maarten! You’re mapping every individual course from our OpenOV GTFS? Pretty cool if so!

The network shapes have just become open data, at
22018-06-24 12:17:30 UTCMaarten Deen The shapefiles are a nice guideline but not very accurate. It appears that Google imports them as-is, but a lot of locations of bus stops are not exactly where they are.
Interestingly, the nodes for the stops have a color tag which matches the line that uses them.
32018-06-24 17:16:57 UTCStereo Ah, I hadn’t seen the colour tag!

Google doesn’t have the line shapes yet, the open data is just a few days old and openOV hasn’t converted them to GTFS yet.

Yeah, the open data stop points aren’t very good indeed.
12018-06-17 18:21:37 UTCStereo Hi, welcome to Luxembourg! I’m wondering where you’re finding those track refs, since you’re not indicating a source. Happy mapping :)
22018-06-18 16:28:56 UTCDaham Thanks for the warm welcome in Lux. And: sorry for missing the source "survey". You can find those informations on small plates fixed next to the catenary.
12018-06-14 12:07:33 UTCStereo Yes! Beim Minigolf gëtt anscheinend och geschafft:
12018-06-06 13:00:37 UTCStereo Hello, welcome to OSM! There is, I think, no ebola in Oberkorn :). Can you please enter correct changeset comments when you upload?

You can also square buildings in JOSM by hitting ‘Q’.

Happy mapping,

12018-05-16 11:18:34 UTCStereo Welcome! There’s certainly enough to do in Esch. You can square buildings after drawing them by hitting ’S’. There’s a short video at Happy mapping! Guillaume
12018-05-16 10:50:29 UTCStereo Hi Stijn! I removed the airfield there a few months back because, as far as I can tell, it isn’t being used anymore. Am I mistaken?
22018-05-17 08:44:30 UTCStijn Bossuyt Hi Stereo. that exactly the reason I called it "Former". the site of the touristic service of Mullerthal still mentions it, the site of the cluw however puts it now just across the border in France in Zoutphen. However constantly refering to Luxembourgish regulations.
12017-07-30 11:25:32 UTCStereo As far as I know it’s only temporarily during the construction that this is going to be rerouted. I’ll try to remember to check when the construction is done.
22017-07-30 11:33:57 UTCwilda69 You are correct. I saw that the notices say that the basin d'orage should be completed by "September 2016!" Maybe they should change it to 2018. The deviation for the PC2 is however clearly marked
32018-05-09 12:12:39 UTCdmlu Hi, is there a reason why you mapped a part of the way as "Rue de la Barrière; Am Bongert"? From the official dataset, the housenumber 36 belongs to Rue de la Barrière, while 78 belongs to "Am Bongert".
42018-05-11 14:20:37 UTCStereo Rue de la barrière used to go south over the pétrusse where the PC1 is now. I've corrected the cut-off to the intersection.
12018-05-02 08:40:47 UTCStereo Hah! Hi Marc, what are you trying to route?
12018-04-16 13:42:18 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Don't put bicycle=no as this restricts all kinds of bicycle, MTB also but obvisouly MTB can ride on those tracks. This breaks also third party services for planning tours. I'm going to correct your tags.
22018-04-16 13:44:33 UTCSHARCRASH Likesie putting the opposite biycle=yes suggets that all kinds of bicycles can ride on the tracks but obviously road bicycles cannot. :)
32018-04-16 13:44:54 UTCSHARCRASH Likewise putting the opposite*
42018-04-17 06:40:53 UTCStereo bicycle=* is about whether it’s legal to ride a bicycle somewhere. Whether it’s a good idea or not is something that’s best left to the smoothness, tracktype and surface tags, which have been mapped very well here.
52018-04-18 08:07:43 UTCSHARCRASH I know Stereo, but Chachas had put 2 days ago bicycle=no on a way which has the PC1 cycling route here and he commented that "the way is not adapted for road bikes". This suggests that he is misusing the tag bicycle=*, not ME, i just fol...
12018-04-16 20:37:18 UTCStereo Hallo chachas, wilkommen auf OSM! bicycle=yes und foot=yes sind eigentlich auf solche tracks implizit und nicht nötig. Dein taggen von surface und smoothness sind genügend und perfekt. Viel Spaß beim mappen :)
12018-03-26 13:21:12 UTCStereo Hello, welcome to osm! If firefighters are allowed to use that path, you can add the emergency=yes tag to it. Happy mapping :)
12018-03-19 15:05:25 UTCStereo Moien! Do kéint villäicht nach building=yes agedroe ginn, dann taucht et och als Gebei op.
12018-03-06 10:18:23 UTCStereo , also kann een och domat hëllefe Liewe retten :)
22018-03-06 11:38:34 UTCAVL_FLI_KA Staark :) dann drohen mer och zu sou wichtegen Saachen bei.
12018-02-22 15:08:54 UTCStereo The surface=cobblestone tag can probably be improved.
12018-02-05 14:33:53 UTCStereo Moien a wëlkomm op OpenStreetMap,

Ech froe mech, wou s du déi Nimm fonnt hues? Esou eng Quell hunn ech laang gesicht.

Bescht Gréiss an happy mapping,

22018-02-05 15:05:35 UTCmjlux Alles op der lëtzebuergescher a franséischer Wikipedia fonnt, z.B. , asw.
Happy mapping! :)
32018-02-05 18:05:21 UTCStereo Leider därfe mir net einfach esou aus Wikipedia kopéieren, kuck
42018-02-07 12:09:41 UTCmjlux Merci fir de Link. Déi Nimm stinn och esou am "Luxemburger Wörterbuch".
12018-01-09 23:11:22 UTCStereo Hah, you found imagery from 1971 to use? How cool.
12018-01-09 21:31:26 UTCStereo Hello, vill Gléck fir 2018! Kann et sin, dat déng Orthophotoen decaléiert sin?
12018-01-09 14:47:03 UTCalthio Bonjour,

L'adresse indiquée utilise addr:unit qui est très rare au Luxembourg par rapport à addr:housenumber
Pouvons-nous vérifier ?
22018-01-09 15:17:43 UTCStereo En effet, c'est le numéro de maison, et pas l'unité, qui n'existe pas ici. J'ai corrigé.
12017-12-30 19:19:15 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way, it got two strange tags:

Cheers, Jan
22018-01-08 04:03:10 UTCStereo Indeed, thanks Jan! I've fixed it.
12018-01-04 17:35:57 UTCStereo Hallo (Moien?) CarKe6298! Ich weiss nicht genau, was du da machen wolltest, aber es scheint nicht geklappt zu haben :). Die Grenze zwischen den Gemeinden Sanem und Esch ist auf jedem Fall schon vom Kadaster importiert worden, hier:

12018-01-04 13:06:11 UTCStereo Quel beau travail! Attention, comme en France, le cadastre n'est pas toujours la source la source la plus juste. Tu connais le plugin ?
12017-12-22 23:09:30 UTCStereo I love how this is now perfectly mapped on OSM, and other maps don't even have the construction site!
22017-12-23 09:34:21 UTCXY22 Thank you for your comment.
Schéi Chrëschtdeeg
12017-12-12 18:20:36 UTCStereo Highway=virtual isn't going to route either! This is something that the routers have to fix themselves. I know graphhopper are working on it.
22017-12-12 18:37:01 UTCwilda69 Actually it will, if you use the following code in your lines stylesheet: ("0x12" is a Garmin routable and needs to be defined transparent in your typfile; 1A can be defined whatever, in my case I have it as black dots)


highway=virtual [0x12 road_class=1 road_speed=1 resoluti...
32017-12-13 00:18:13 UTCStereo That's definitely tagging for the renderer, and therefore not allowed :)
42017-12-13 20:00:24 UTCwilda69 I suppose the virtual OSM tag is to compensate for those that sadly use polygons to plot lines ;)

I am still horrified at the way Place Guillaume II and Place d'Armes have been tagged, causing steps to lead to nowhere and having a circular track you can't get to.

I would say a problem of a l...
12017-12-11 14:24:07 UTCStereo Wolls du den arret rout bréck wirklech aus all dene Buslinne läschen?
22017-12-11 14:42:16 UTCStereo Ass gefléckt!
12017-12-11 02:40:19 UTCStereo Hello! Yes, these are in Sanem. The border is here:

Happy mapping,

12017-12-08 13:18:32 UTCtux67 Hallo X6996,

willkommen bei OSM. Mit dem Ansatz jedes Gehege mit leisure=park zu versehen haben Deine Edits genau das Muster von Leuten, die versuchen, Pokémons anzulocken. Das ist bei uns unerwünscht. Bitte trage nur Dinge ein, die der Realität entsprechen!

Ohne änderung...
22017-12-08 16:03:50 UTCX6996 Hallo
Das ist ja mal eine nette Unterstellung.

Ich habe die Anderung mit lokalem Wissen und reinen Gewissen durchgeführt. Falls sie nicht Perfekt war, ok mein Fehler aber dafür muss man nicht gleich angegiftet werden man würde die Karte für Pokemonogo verändern. Der Spi...
32017-12-08 16:39:01 UTCtux67 Danke für das Feedback. Leider ist die "Unterstellung" häufiger Realität als man wünschen würde und falls die o.g. Wortwahl zu drastisch sein sollte, entschuldige ich mich dafür. Wir sind für jede gute Erweiterung der Karte dankbar.
Ich habe einen lokal...
42017-12-08 17:24:28 UTCStereo Moien Laurent, a Wëlkomm och op OSM!

Bei deinen Edits sieht alles gut aus, und es scheint alles der Realität zu entsprechen. Nur den Bachlauf hattest du als Fluss (waterway=river) getaggt; ich habe es jetzt als Entwässerungsgraben (waterway=ditch) umgetaggt. Bei der Breite muss man...
12017-12-06 19:09:07 UTCStereo Hi Jennilu, welcome to OpenStreetmap!

You've actually removed correct information from those nodes, which isn't a good thing. OpenStreetMap is a common shared database, and shouldn't be damaged to fit a routing algorithm - instead, the routing algorithm should be fixed.

Are you working with th...
12017-12-06 02:45:23 UTCStereo Hallo doktorpixel14! Darf ich fragen, was deine Quelle für das CEPS ist? Viele Grüße und frohes mappen.
22017-12-06 12:53:17 UTCdoktorpixel14 In diesem Changeset hab ich eigentlich nur die Nummern der Stationen vom Luftbild abgelesen. Ansonsten hab ich die Abschnitte über die Pfosten an der Oberfläche vor Ort erfasst.
12017-11-28 21:24:18 UTCStereo Huet de rescht gestëmmt? :)

Se si nach net an iD, mais d'Loftbiller vun 2017 sin disponibel: https://{switch:wmts3,wmts4}{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpeg als Couche bäisetzen.
22017-12-01 07:26:25 UTCgcaspar hunn nach net alles gekuckt. kennen och net den läschten Stand. Vill Saachen muss een nom 10/12 op d'Plaz kucke goe.
dat hei wier nemmen een routing Fehler ginn. Merci vir den Tipp mat den Loftbiller
12017-11-27 19:50:51 UTCStereo Je ne comprends pas "leave this node disconnected, the unstraightened area routing may mislead people", c'est un bug dans les routeurs?
22017-11-27 20:48:06 UTCSHARCRASH Le périmètre des highway areas, parkings par exemple... sontutilisés pour le routing des directions de chemin. Si ces areas là sont collés à des batiments qui ont des formes géométriques complexes, le routing suivra la géométrie c...
32017-11-27 20:55:05 UTCSHARCRASH Voici ce que ca devrait donner avec un mapping clean (node déconnecté) par rapport au 2e exemple que j'ai donné sur mon comentaire précédent:
42017-11-27 21:00:31 UTCSHARCRASH Un exemple bien pourri:
12017-11-27 13:24:50 UTCStereo Good riddance!
12017-11-23 16:11:13 UTCStereo Moien! Zimmlech cool mat de Loftbiller vun 2017 ze gesi wéi d'Tramsschinne guer net wäit vun der Realitéit waren :).

Et sin e puer Weichen ouni Referenz, hu dir se villäicht?
22017-11-24 06:55:23 UTCAVL_FLI_KA Salut,
Jo ass mega, hunn schon ongedelleg drop gewart :).
Nee leider net, haat just Pläng wou keng Referenzen drop stoungen.
12017-10-24 23:07:56 UTCStereo Thanks, I’ve added the correct one!
12017-10-16 11:25:21 UTCStereo Diese admin_levels sind aber schon auf der relation.
22017-10-16 12:01:20 UTCGarmin-User Stimmt natürlich. Ich habe admin_level und boundary an Members ergänzt, wo dies "fehlte". Das betraf nur einen kleinen Teil in Bezug zum Rest, der in Ordnung ist. So ist es einheitlich und erleichtert u.U. die Unterscheidung von anderen Objekten bei Edits, wenn Relationen nicht g...
12017-10-12 15:41:36 UTCStereo Hello! Kenns du schon ?
22017-10-13 21:05:37 UTCfreeclimber Salut, nee kennen ech nach net. Merci fir de Link.
12017-10-04 16:06:53 UTCStereo Déjà! Merci!
22017-10-04 16:07:47 UTCStereo T’es certain du highway=primary et pas secondary par contre?
12017-09-22 10:32:25 UTCStereo Looks perfect :)
12017-09-21 09:34:06 UTCStereo Is it one-way for bicycles too?
22017-09-21 10:13:15 UTCmarc_gerges I am not sure, will check this tomorrow when passing there
12017-09-13 11:25:51 UTCStereo I’m not sure that’s really in Nepal :)
22017-09-13 19:02:39 UTChenkuit54 I'm sure this really is not Nepal! I'm new to editing OSM, so I didn't notice I was still in the changeset I was working on in Nepal. I did stop that, but ...
12017-09-04 20:01:11 UTCStereo Schade, dass aeroway=parking_position nicht gerendert wird...
12017-09-03 08:17:45 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=crossing + footway=crossing on some ways. The correct tagging is highway=footway + footway=crossing
22017-09-04 14:47:33 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! This is quite misleading! The page you shared is the one i had seen recently and what i have done actually for this changeset. I had already used the combination highway=footway + footway=crossing though but i don't use very often urban elements, so i had to check again, was confused and I th...
32017-09-04 17:59:43 UTCStereo The crossing=zebra tag is, unfortunately, incorrect. I try to replace it with crossing=uncontrolled/traffic_signals/unmarked when I come across it. Apparently there's more than 1000 in Luxembourg :-/.
42017-09-04 22:54:00 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah people tend to imitate what they see often, even unknowingly errors assuming it is correct.
I've changed the tags i had edited in this area with crossing=traffic_signals or uncontrolled
12017-09-03 14:34:23 UTCStereo I'm just so happy you're doing all this good work with the RGTR lines.
12017-08-14 20:45:20 UTCStereo That must have been a pleasant survey :).
12017-08-11 22:44:05 UTCStereo Pass op, du hues do d’Buslinne futti gemach!
12017-08-06 12:14:23 UTCStereo This is great, thank you!
22017-08-06 20:12:20 UTCMaarten Deen Thanks!
12017-07-30 11:28:02 UTCStereo Hi! The version of JOSM that’s bundled with Debian is quite old. Using a more recent version will let you for example apply layer filters, which is really useful to make the 2016 and 2013 imagery easier to distinguish. Happy mapping!
12017-07-29 16:39:01 UTCStereo Oh, that’s very useful to know! Thanks!
22017-07-30 07:40:34 UTCwilda69 Ive plotted it how it is now, and suspect wef September the NE corner will all be construction
32017-07-30 07:41:03 UTCwilda69 Ofcourse ment NW corner ;)
12017-07-26 06:37:04 UTCnammala Hi,

Noticed that you have been random tags to buildings. Could you please confirm the edits.

22017-07-26 18:49:15 UTCStereo Hi Nammala! What random tags, addr:street=maison? It’s unfortunately still common in small Luxembourgish villages to have no street names, so people just live in house 10, etc.
32017-07-27 04:07:14 UTCnammala Hi Stereo,

This one
12017-07-24 13:23:07 UTCStereo Bonjour,

Qui sont les éditeurs de cartes reconnus? Nous n’avons pas le droit de copier d’autres cartes.
22017-07-24 15:11:53 UTCCorrecaminos604 Comment dois-je répondre à cela??
Le classement des routes et rues sur Arlon était assez aléatoire et j'ai donc cherché à requalifier les routes principales de façon cohérente à partir de ma connaissance des lieux tout en objectivant mo...
12017-07-13 22:03:47 UTCStereo Cheers :)

I see you’re editing for the mapbox global team, did you see we also have more recent, better imagery from 2016?

(Would you know if we could get it integrated into mapbox satellite? It’s licensed under CC-0.)
12017-07-12 23:49:40 UTCStereo Dude. It said "New outdoor fitness (athletics, bars) near completion.” in the changeset comment. Of course there’s no visible geometry, and now our newbie is potentially confused.
22017-07-13 06:36:57 UTCridixcr Hi! 👋

Thanks for the clarification 💡
I proceeded to reverse my changesets

have nice day 🙇
32017-07-13 14:06:47 UTCStereo Cheers! You too!
12017-06-09 17:43:13 UTCStereo You can actually add the ortho 2016 pictures in Go Map. PM me if you’re interested. Happy mapping!
12017-06-05 08:56:50 UTCStereo Hello! Be careful, you’ve now got contradicting tags on, for example, - maxspeed and maxspeed:backwards are different. Happy mapping!
22017-06-05 19:43:40 UTCpeter_osm Hi Stereo

I thought I got all the tags, but one fell through the cracks. Thanks for your hint, I corrected it already.
32017-06-07 10:06:54 UTCStereo Cool! Thanks!
12017-06-04 11:13:32 UTCStereo Hallo, wilkommen auf OpenStreetMap! Da es den Weg immerin gibt, habe ich es als privat bezeichnet:
12017-06-02 16:32:23 UTCStereo Hello! Monterey is actually access=destination, that’s what the white circle with a red border means in Luxembourg. That way, someone making a delivery to the Singer shop or driving to one of the underground parkings can still use the road.

Would you like me to correct the map there?
22017-06-02 19:47:34 UTCSpicy_lazy_kat Hi,
Yes please change this, I didn't check the sign.
12017-05-29 17:14:44 UTCStereo Those look correct!
22017-06-03 05:20:54 UTCxXMapperXx Well, they shared lines, which I was told was depreciated
12017-05-26 11:45:01 UTCSHARCRASH Please, do not make cliffs a closed round way, or they won't render in Mapnik and other maps. I think this is the case also with other elements. That's why i created all those rocky cliffs with 2 seperate lines.
22017-05-28 09:32:23 UTCStereo says circular cliffs should work as soon as the next version of carto makes it to production.
32017-05-29 09:47:50 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah but for now it doesn't, so in my opinion this little hack does the job without compromising the future fix.
12017-05-27 07:58:14 UTCStereo Super! Und du hast es bis zu gepackt :)
22017-05-29 22:59:21 UTCVerdy_p see also the details in:
- Parc du Thabor, Rennes, France (, or
- Jardins du Palais de Versailles, France
- Villa Borghese, Roma, Italia (
32017-05-29 23:02:58 UTCVerdy_p The two previous examples in France are even more precise (geometrically, with 10cm precision and precise alignment)
42017-05-30 12:41:28 UTCNakaner In meinen Augen ist das Schloss ein Gebäude und daher habe ich building=yes wieder ergänzt.
12017-05-26 10:00:28 UTCStereo Hi! I saw your changes and notes. On one hand, yes, they’re no longer communes. On the other, the lines are still the limits between the localities, so they should be adapted to reflect that.
12017-05-10 20:43:07 UTCStereo Cool for :)
12017-04-26 12:24:13 UTCStereo Hello! What would you think of tagging the forests with both name=<Luxembourgish name> and name:de=<German name> and/or name:fr=<French name>?

Happy mapping,

12017-04-21 15:30:58 UTCStereo Hello! The Cafetin was already mapped on the building :)
12017-03-29 10:09:05 UTCStereo Thanks for checking this :)
12017-03-27 00:14:34 UTCStereo Hello! I think that you made an honest mistake here: the Kockelscheuer forest isn’t a park, the outline of it isn’t a footway, and the water bodies inside of it isn’t a reservoir. I see that another user has already undone most of your changes.

Please don’t let this discou...
12017-03-25 18:04:12 UTCStereo Ah, du wars méi séier wi ech :). Wars du och scho sur place?
12017-03-23 14:57:21 UTCStereo Danke!
12017-03-21 11:09:53 UTCStereo Great to see you’re active in our area again :)
22017-03-21 21:43:35 UTCPolyglot Yes, little by little. In fact I'm preparing a new GSoC project: Trying to find issues with the PT_Assistant plugin
32017-03-22 14:46:25 UTCStereo Awesome! The 2016 vintage has been so useful, it's great that you're going for it again. There has been no interest in my GSoC proposal so far – any takers for yours?

I'm seeing duplicate ways being introduced, and I'm not sure whether it's the plugin:
42017-03-22 14:47:54 UTCStereo Two more:
52017-03-22 15:44:35 UTCPolyglot I'm afraid it's probably me
12017-03-17 10:45:38 UTCStereo Exciting! Steep?
22017-03-17 12:04:05 UTCkewl A little bit, but it goes to the stargazing point I mentioned last weekend, so it's worth the effort ;-)
12017-03-08 23:16:08 UTCStereo Oui, c’est parfait comme ça. Il faut en effet l’adresse complète pour pouvoir planifier l’itinéraire.
12017-03-07 12:28:13 UTCStereo Je ne savais pas que les couches du cadastre marchaient aussi avec Vespucci! Ça fonctionne bien?
22017-03-12 18:01:26 UTCDagou Oui, en fait c'est par l'intermédiaire de geoportail apparemment.
12017-03-01 13:32:59 UTCStereo Hi scleija! You’re right, it’s not a hamlet. Since there still *is* such a place, I’ve re-tagged it as ‘place=isolated_dwelling’. Please, once again, be careful about deleting objects that might be useful to others.

12017-03-01 09:50:46 UTCStereo Hello, the Bock (貝克) is actually on the other side!
12017-02-25 18:19:30 UTCStereo Hi, and welcome to OSM!

We have a low-traffic Luxembourg mailing list at
and a slow wiki at

Why were these trees superfluous? If someone’s taken the time to map trees, they must have been important t...
22017-02-26 01:36:08 UTCVerdy_p I agree, notably for this place where it is a public parc with significant public investments by the municipality: this is a place to visit and take leasure time.
The only reason why one would remove them would be to add more precise data with species, tree sizes... This is not just a large area of...
32017-02-27 12:40:23 UTCStereo Hi! I've re-planted the trees at
42017-02-28 07:22:44 UTCscleija If there were only one tree in the entire park, it would make sense to add a tree, as a landmark, that would actually help the map reader. There are many trees in the park, like in a forest. The use of the area tool is sufficient. The addition of random trees does not make the map better, it just ma...
52017-02-28 16:40:42 UTCStereo Are you maybe coming from Wikipedia, which has notability criteria? OpenStreetMap has no such thing (although in practical terms, people don't usually map things that are smaller than 30 cm).

The welcome guide for Wikipedians (
62017-02-28 17:14:55 UTCVerdy_p I'm not a newbie on OSM. An no, I'm not concerned about Wikipedia notability rules which are independant. In fact wood areas make sense (instead of indivual trees) when the trees are packed together (with touching/mixing branches and leaves) and the area includes trees with very variable sizes and o...
72017-02-28 17:21:36 UTCVerdy_p Those that don't like indivusal trees would prefer mapping areas for adding things such as species (but in fact this is wrong in many cases as wooded areas and forest have many species and trees are not the only elements), or want to map owned parcels of land. Take this map example, there's a correc...
12017-02-27 13:06:08 UTCStereo Hi! I don’t know if you’re seeing my messages, can you please comment?

If you look at the rest of the country, you’ll see that we usually tag the church names after the saints - "Église Saint-Joseph” would be correct here. That this is the Alzénger Kierc...
22017-02-28 07:10:47 UTCscleija 1) Who is we?
2) Why French? We are in Luxembourg. I suggest "Saint-Joseph Kierch".
32017-02-28 16:13:36 UTCStereo Hey, thanks for replying. 'We' is just how I see the community consensus in Luxembourg. It is a bit of a special case in the OSM community, since we're such a mix of languages, and the 'on the ground' rule that's so helpful elsewhere is harder to apply. Indeed, you do find stuff with name tags in Fr...
12017-02-27 13:08:48 UTCStereo Hi! (Moien? Bonjour? Hallo?)

Since the paths in the park are officially open to bicycles, I’d tagged those as highway=path. A highway=footway that’s bicycle=designated seems contradictory.

What do you think?

Happy mapping,

22017-02-27 17:39:24 UTCSteven Ferreira Hi!
Well to be honest i think it's still better footway because in any park you can use your bicycle.
Also to keep consistency with the other parks, a footway would be more appropriate.
Happy mapping too:),
12017-02-26 18:14:28 UTCStereo T’as remis les arbres que scleija avait effacés?

Les photos sont d’août dernier, ça va hein ;-p
22017-02-26 20:11:17 UTCVerdy_p Non pas du tout. Mais les photos aériennes de Bing semblent anciennes et montrent la zone de travaux alors que les photos de terrain montrent la mairie construite. Le parc est peut-être réaménagé...
Je ne me firais donc pas à l'imagerie Bing , je n'ai restau...
12017-02-25 12:22:28 UTCStereo Hi! The version of JOSM you’re using, 6388, is from November 2013. There have been many improvements and fixes since. Is there a bug that’s stopping you from upgrading?

Happy mapping,

22017-02-25 17:33:35 UTCPrince Kassad Hi, the reason for this is actually that JOSM after 6388 forces you to enter a source and refuses upload if you don't enter one. But most of my changes are mere fixes to existing OSM data (like this one - "Wochenendhausgebiet" is not the name of a village, but a description of the resident...
32017-02-25 18:09:08 UTCStereo Oh, that's solvable: source=local knowledge, or common knowledge, or extrapolation are the ones I use. I think that recent versions actually let you leave that field blank - but other mappers appreciate good changeset data :)
12017-02-22 15:59:47 UTCStereo It is the correct tagging :)
12017-02-09 12:47:47 UTCStereo Hi! Are you sure? The paint on the asphalt says “BUS” in the august 2016 pictures, which is why I tagged them as bus lanes, but then I wasn’t there.

way 303435609 might need to be retagged too.

Happy mapping!
22017-02-09 19:18:57 UTCVietwoojagig I was driving that street today.
The BUS painting has been removed and the street is open to everyone
12017-02-08 06:08:07 UTCStereo The changeset comment should read:

Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
12017-02-06 16:11:54 UTCStereo Yay!
12017-02-02 11:22:50 UTCStereo Super, j’ai commencé à mettre à jour avec les photos de 2016, mais ça avance vite! Tu les as dans Vespucci aussi?
22017-02-03 23:22:11 UTCDagou Salut, pas vraiment : elles sont apparue dans la liste, mais elles n'apparaissaient pas quand je les sélectionnais. Depuis elles ont disparue de la liste. 2013 est le max. Du coup je complète avec des traces GPS.
32017-02-04 10:02:38 UTCStereo Ah, dommage! D’après tu peux les rajouter dans ton imagery.json. L’url à rajouter pour les Ortho 2016 serait https://{switch:wmts3,wmts4}{zoom}/{x}...
12017-02-01 15:34:06 UTCstreckenkundler Why do you record not your changes to the Forum or the mailing list? I miss a list of proposed changes since changeset

All massive changes on trees are not discussed!!!
22017-02-01 17:20:29 UTCFrViPofm Hi,
I've been very active in the past on mailing lists, mainly in French, but also in English, a pity, never in German.
But I'm a little tired of talking today : what can I do with that :

It seemed to me obvious that normalizing the names...
32017-02-01 21:03:31 UTCstreckenkundler Good evening...

Ok, the child fell into the well... (german proverb).

Also I have great interest, that the plants name are correct. Your idea was very good.
Let us sort it.
First of all: please write the changes that you've written here, also o a new site in a table at the OSM-WIKI with cor...
42017-02-01 21:33:33 UTCFrViPofm My mistake may come from :
species:it =Platano comune

and that say : Platanus ×hispanica

But also gives : Platanus acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. - platano comune
52017-02-01 21:38:03 UTCFrViPofm And more : in the Bologna import, the (usualy) 3 letters value of species tag is an abbreviation of the binomial name. So Pla = *Pl*atanus *a*cerifolia = Platanus × hispanica
62017-02-02 17:35:48 UTCStereo Bonjour FrViPofm,

Si tu veux, on peut parler en Français et/ou en privé.

I'm delighted to see that a conversation has begun. Your massive edits aren't a bad idea, and I hope that you won't let the DWG's block discourage you.

You *must absolutely* discuss these massive edits fi...
72017-02-02 20:39:19 UTCstreckenkundler Good evening FrViPofm.

I think it is quite important that you write the documentation. That brings peace and others know what you've done. Is it not more.

The genus Platanus....

I think the genus Platanus seems to be a very specific genus with various errors in the names of plants.

82017-02-04 09:53:22 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45798879 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
92017-02-04 10:08:16 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45800694 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
102017-02-06 04:30:11 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45838308 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
112017-02-06 11:04:39 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45852519 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
122017-02-06 12:08:29 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45853882 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
132017-02-07 02:16:29 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45854666 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
142017-02-07 03:18:10 UTCStereo_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45872554 where the changeset comment is: Reverted mechanical edit of species tag to trees after complaints to DWG, see
12017-01-17 11:48:12 UTCmueschel Could you please stop adding your personal fantasy about tagging again and again and stop vandalizing OSM data?
22017-01-17 21:43:55 UTCtrial +1, please at least describe what you want to do. Except BS I mean.
32017-02-02 16:59:13 UTCStereo Of course it's partly meant as a joke. At the SotM EU, we came across this strange box, and decided to dedicate it as a monument to RichardF. The RichardF box does exist, and the physical properties are all correct. Someone even slapped a "Surveyed by OSM" sticker on it.

It is an exampl...
42017-02-02 18:12:20 UTCmueschel And this "joke" now renders on every map as a huge pile of Unicode garbage, gives errors because of incorrect units in the height tag and service_times that don't follow the documented tagging rules.
52017-02-02 19:38:24 UTCtrial Not on every map, renders it properly. Both renderers are based on the same stack.
But please move your tests to and add the link or the Wiki so that ...
62017-02-02 19:50:58 UTCmueschel The name:fr tag, which is rendered by doesn't contain the Unicode stuff. The default map shows the Unicode properly, too. But tag is just a collection of Unicode weirdness without any meaning.
72017-02-02 20:03:12 UTCtrial Right. Time to cleanup!
12017-01-25 13:52:07 UTCStereo Mea culpa. Merci!
22017-01-25 22:37:48 UTCFrédéric Gutkin Pas de problème, Guillaume !
Dieu sait si les multipolygones m'ont parfois aussi joué des tours.
12017-01-09 19:54:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,

Your changeset comment says that you used Google as a source in this changeset. We are not allowed to copy from Google (see for details) so you need to not do this again.

We (OpenStreetMap's Dat...
22017-01-09 19:55:57 UTCSomeoneElse مرحبا،

يقول changeset تعليقك الذي استخدمته جوجل كمصدر في هذا changeset. نحن لا يسمح لنا لنسخ من جوجل (انظر لمزيد من التفاصي...
32017-01-09 19:56:25 UTCSomeoneElse Bonjour,

Votre commentaire sur le jeu de modifications indique que vous avez utilisé Google comme source dans ce jeu de modifications. Nous ne sommes pas autorisés à copier de Google (voir
42017-01-20 10:34:53 UTCAli_Alg Source utilisé est image free de Google et parcours sur terrain
52017-01-21 14:57:12 UTCStereo Bonjour,

Les images de Google ne sont malheureusement pas 'free' - elles sont gratuites, mais pas libres. Merci de ne plus les utiliser.
62017-01-22 00:30:38 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45360825 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some Google tracing usage
12017-01-19 17:59:44 UTCStereo Dafür ist im “Relation Toolbox” Plugin die Funktion “Rebuild polygon” super.
12017-01-18 14:00:34 UTCStereo Salut! Hues du gesin, dat mer elo och Biller vun 2016 vum geoportal hun?
12017-01-17 18:58:36 UTCStereo Yay, new imagery :)
22017-01-17 19:19:59 UTCKlumbumbus :D
32017-01-17 19:22:41 UTCKlumbumbus Lucky people in Luxembourg :) In most parts of Germany bing from 2012 is the only available source :(
12017-01-17 18:13:42 UTCStereo Hi! I usually set the villa name inside the addr:housename, as suggested by . What do you think?
22017-01-18 10:28:07 UTCjln35 Oui, c'est une bonne idée : je n'avais pas remarqué cette clé !

Pensez-vous qu'il faudrait que je revienne sur tous les noms que j'ai
donnés avec la clé "name" de "building" ? J'en ai mis des quantités sur
Villefranche... et je n...
32017-01-21 18:20:58 UTCtrial Comme il vous écrit en anglais et que vous répondez en français, je continue la discussion. Effectivement ce sont plutôt des housemummer, de même pour building=residential, je pense que pour une villa c'est plutôt building=house.
Grosso modo je dirais villa/c...
42017-01-27 09:25:25 UTCjln35 Le nom correct est celui inscrit par Stereo. J'ai supprimé mon ajout erroné après avoir été sur place.

Le problème concret vient de l'interface de l'éditeur ID qui ne place pas la clé "housename" dans les champs d'adresse : on ne l...
12017-01-17 18:11:11 UTCStereo Hello,

Have you seen that the 2016 imagery is now available under '' in the Imagery menu?

Happy mapping,

22017-01-17 22:04:51 UTCFrédéric Gutkin Hello Guillaume,
Thank you very much for your advice.
From now on, I will use this layer for mapping...
Best regards,
12017-01-16 16:00:43 UTCStereo Ok, je vois que c'est pas tombé en marche pour l'autre inner. J'ai ouvert un bug:
22017-01-16 16:01:06 UTCStereo Oops, sorry, in English. I see that it hasn't fixed the issue for the other inner forest, and have opened a bug.
32017-01-17 09:47:30 UTCjuminet Bonjour,

Meanwhile, I changed a forest polygon into a MP and made some holes corresponding to 2 ponds & 1 meadow ( and the rendering is OK. Strange that this bug only occurs when the 2 polygons should be rendered equally (as there is no different...
12017-01-11 15:20:54 UTCStereo Und, geht es? :)

Objekte, die nur `name=*` haben, werden normalerweise nicht gezeigt. Verschiedene QS-Tools zeigen das auch als Fehler an. Du müsstest z.B. `amenity=shop` und `shop=squirrel` hinzufügen.
22017-01-11 20:48:20 UTCalexwolf23 ja klappt :)
12016-12-31 17:41:39 UTCStereo Hi! Is there somewhere I can read about this import?
12016-12-30 09:01:02 UTCStereo What's your source for the jellyfish? I couldn't see the evil on Bing.
12016-12-29 10:55:43 UTCStereo Ah t'as été le plus rapide, merci :D
12016-12-28 12:31:10 UTCErdrandbewohner Rolltreppe Tiefgarage? Nein, das ist ein ganz normales Treppenhaus, welches die Tiefgarage mit der Platzoberfläche verbindet. Ich benenne es mal um. :)
22016-12-28 22:02:46 UTCStereo Aha, danke dir!
12016-12-13 20:49:44 UTCStereo Hi! Did you mean to delete all these ways, or was it an accident?
22016-12-13 21:11:26 UTCEmilio Gomez Hi Stereo. I am redraw precisely the land uses of that area. The eliminated geometries (a great relation) were part of the importation of Corine, whose quality leaves much to be desired. After trying to improve the accuracy I came to the conclusion that it is easier to erase it and start from scratc...
32016-12-13 21:13:38 UTCStereo You're fast to reply! :)

Yeah, Corine is the same everywhere. Are you just drawing from the PNOA images? I see you've tagged one forest as eucalyptus, how can I tell if I want to map too?
42016-12-13 21:26:23 UTCEmilio Gomez I live near this area and here, in Cantabria, almost all forest plantations are made of eucalyptus globulus. When you've been looking at eucalyptus and more eucalyptus trees for a long time, you recognize them right away. I use PNOA and Bing indistinctly because sometimes plantations have been cut b...
12016-12-10 12:03:25 UTCStereo Hi neighbour! Welcome to OSM, have fun mapping! Have you seen that there’s more than one background imagery layer you can trace from?
12016-12-09 21:20:39 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found the keys ref:FLIK and ref:flik - can you just use one spelling? Btw, did you check that this source is licensed in a way compatible to OSM?

22016-12-10 02:43:24 UTCStereo Hi Jan,

Yes, the data is CC-0,

You’re right that it’s not good to mix the case; I’ll correct the lowercase to FLIK.
32016-12-10 03:07:50 UTCStereo Done,

Thank you for making me aware of this!
12016-12-10 00:40:33 UTCStereo Hello! Les clôtures que tu as effacées existent en vrai; je les ai remises. C'est quoi le problème que tu rencontres avec xplane? On peut peut-être demander à Austin de corriger ça au niveau de xplane, ou trouver une autre façon de tagger ça.
12016-12-08 14:52:34 UTCStereo Bonjour, bienvenue! Attention, les modifications faites sont directement reprises sur la carte. J’ai annulé ces changements.
12016-11-18 14:31:36 UTCStereo Awesome! Thanks!!
22016-11-18 16:10:20 UTCDenisCarriere Woot! 🚀🚀
32016-11-19 06:32:52 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 43780386 where the changeset comment is: Revert mass addition of wikidata tags because of lack of prior discussion and unclear legal situation, see
12016-11-17 23:29:35 UTCStereo Source = very_local_knowledge
12016-11-17 16:20:17 UTCStereo Oh I was totally off track then. Thanks! :)
12016-11-17 16:19:17 UTCStereo Hi again! If you tag the building itself as building=ruins, it will render on the map.

I’d tag it as building=ruins ruins=chapel and leave out the name tag because that isn’t really the name.

Happy mapping!
22016-11-17 19:07:13 UTCphil-x i tagged it as historicals site and named it "ruins of a chapel"
32016-11-17 19:09:15 UTCphil-x oh i think i got it i changed some things!
12016-11-15 03:46:15 UTCStereo Is it really the place to be? :)
22016-11-15 10:50:25 UTCphil-x Hello Stereo, finally someone found it, did you change it? Just wanted to see how long it takes for people to see that. :P
32016-11-16 16:50:23 UTCStereo Hah, now that's evil! Did you leave any others?
42016-11-16 23:38:09 UTCphil-x well maybe you find something else haha, ye only 2-3 but i edited already like 100 things correctly so it's just to see what happens. 1 tip 2 things are from Game of Thrones.
52016-11-17 00:04:43 UTCStereo Hmm, maybe?

What's the third one? :)
62016-11-17 00:08:14 UTCStereo Found it,

way 447921578
node 4449776454

You actually don't need to tag stuff as both a node and a way since there's only one object - tagging just the way as Deepwood Motte would have been enough.

I've deleted both. Happy mapping :)
72016-11-17 11:55:07 UTCphil-x Great man gj! I see you have already 3200 things changed are you a member of openstreetmap's team? The last one is not worth it, it might even be correct. Greetings!
82016-11-17 13:07:19 UTCStereo "might even be correct", hah. Really? Okay, what is it?

I'm a regular mapper like you! No official capacity or anything.
12016-11-13 11:57:31 UTCStereo Hi! I don’t know if you’ve seen that the upper Chiers is mapped further up, up to its spring at node 2304188384? Should that part be added? I don't know what you’re using these relation for, so I don’t want to break things.
22016-11-13 21:09:59 UTCwuff57 Hi Stereo, thanks for pointing this out. French wikipedia is not specific about the Chiers' spring, so I did not notice the "real" upper section. I have now seen, that there is a bit more in the Luxemburg Wikipedia. I added the section. In general, waterways are tagged as relation of the v...
12016-11-11 11:25:50 UTCStereo Thanks :)
22016-11-11 11:31:24 UTCglglgl You're welcome. in order to find the other one in a simpler way.
12016-11-02 18:40:22 UTCStereo Hello! Le tag highway=no est à éviter:

Comme tu joues au golf ;), tu as vu les tags pour mapper les terrains de golf?
22016-11-02 20:56:39 UTCSHARCRASH Oui j'ai vu, mais déprécié n'est pas forcément interdit (highway key can have "user defined" values) et surtout dans ce cas il n'est pas du tout redondant étant donné que je l'ajoute pour éviter que le périmètre de l'area MP ne...
32016-11-03 12:43:37 UTCStereo C'est quel logiciel de routage qui fait ça? On dirait un bug!

Si c'est utile pour l'édition avec iD, ça serait possible de les virer avant d'uploader?
42016-11-03 13:18:09 UTCSHARCRASH Guillaume, ce n'est pas un logiciel spécifique mais plusieurs services tiers que ce soit logiciel (Garmin) ou online ( ou Graphhoper, OSRM... qui sont d'ailleurs liés à ou Gpsies par exemple). Exemple que j'ai mis en place et qui fonctionne ...
52016-11-03 20:18:45 UTCStereo Ah, le problème de la squelettisation topologique, ok. Oui, aucun logiciel de routage ne le fait. Il faudrait un sacré algorithme qui sache connecter chaque adresse sur la place Guillaume II en ville, ou sur

Je pense que plut&o...
12016-10-08 14:41:46 UTCmavl Hello, Stereo. What wrong with way?
You wrote "Simplified multipolygons." Why?
If something is marked as multipolygon, then it's ok.
22016-10-10 20:13:48 UTCStereo Hello mavl,

Thank you very much for your message. It's always interesting to think about mapping practice.

Before my edit, there were 28 multipolygon relations, many of them consisting of only outer ways.

After turning these into areas, and using big inner islands to contain groups of landu...
32016-10-11 17:42:32 UTCmavl Thank you so much for your answer.

«there were 28 multipolygon relations, many of them consisting of only outer ways»
Maybe, the contributor has not finished work yet.

I have looked the data in iD and in JOSM. It looks as in other places of a planet (as usually). If we h...
12016-10-07 12:42:21 UTCStereo Hello, je vois que tu es très acti(f|ve) sur le cap. Bienvenue! :)

Tu as vu que quand tu dessinais une forme rectangulaire, avec l’éditeur iD, tu pouvais taper S (comme Square) pour rendre tous les angles droits?

Bon mapping,

12016-09-29 16:43:13 UTCStereo Alors, ça marche? :)
12016-09-29 15:50:46 UTCStereo Hallo,

In Luxemburg sind die Grenzsteine oft aber nicht immer ein Teil der Grenze, weil die Steine nicht bewegt werden wenn nachgemessen wird.

Viel Spaß beim mappen,

12016-09-26 11:15:02 UTCStereo Hi AtomMapper,

Please follow the import guidelines at before importing data.

The addresses you've mapped are just house numbers, they're not at the position where they are in the source, and you didn't discuss this with the local community...
12016-09-07 18:17:37 UTCStereo Hi Dan! It looks like this edit broke RGTR line 309. User VoyagesWeber says that they’ll fix it, and update the bypass when it’s opened. Hope you’re good!
22016-09-07 18:39:23 UTCwilda69 Hi Guillaume,
Yes I noticed that, and although I am very careful not to upset any existing relations, this one had no option until the "owner" resolves it. I have been conservative in the various map changes here, and over the weeks it will become more clear what can be taken as pass&eac...
12016-08-31 19:53:27 UTCStereo Tu essaies pas JOSM? :)
22016-08-31 20:02:01 UTCSHARCRASH Je suis passé par là aujourd'hui, j'enregistre mes observations vite fait avant que je n'oublie. :) JOSM je le laisse pour des edits où je pourrai prendre mon temps à chercher les bonnes fonctions, options, listes, etc... pour editer.
12016-08-29 10:40:49 UTCStereo Nice micromapping, thanks!
12016-08-19 08:45:45 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Hi Guillaume,

in this changeset (4 months ago) you have removed many of the address interpolation I have made at the beginning of the year.

Now only the address-from and -to are left (E.g.

Just wanted to know if that is the result wan...
22016-08-19 08:51:55 UTCStereo Hello Javier,

Oh no! No, that was not the intended result!

However, I do intend to import the open data address points, which will replace these.

I'd love to chat about it if you're on whatsapp/google hangouts/iMessage/facebook/twitter - shoot me a message with your contact?

32016-08-21 17:04:18 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Hi Guillaume,

Ok I see, the interpolations will be replaced by single address points when importing the open data.

As arranged I am not adding any new addresses after our last discussion (just added one or two when updating a construction area).

My skype ID is dzien_dobre (I don't use it ve...
12016-08-09 13:42:49 UTCStereo Moien,

Ech hun d’Donnéeë vun der Mobilitéitszentral vun convertéiert. Mat JOSM ass dat ganz praktesch:

Hei ass och e gutt Beispill vun enger gut gemappter Bus-Relatioun:
12016-07-29 13:56:08 UTCStereo Bonjour Denis,

Tu sembles faire un edit mécanique qui renomme railway=abandoned en railway:abandoned=rail.

railway=abandoned est bien plus courant et traité par openrailwaymap, j'avais donc préféré celui-ci. Tu en penses quoi?

Ton edit mécanique ne ...
22016-07-29 16:16:35 UTCDenis_Helfer Cela semble plus logique de respecter les recommandations du cycle de vie des objets Il faut que les rendus suivent et intègre les évolutions intelligentes des attributs. On ne tague pas pour le ... amha
édit mécanique...
32016-07-29 16:20:04 UTCStereo Merci pour le lien! La page parle justement de vieux rails, et, dans l'exemple, a à la fois railway=disused et disused:railway=rail. Si ça te va de combiner les deux, ça me va :)
42016-07-29 17:20:48 UTCDenis_Helfer let's go même si je trouve cela redondant. Il faudrait chasser les disused=yes alors ?
52016-07-29 17:23:41 UTCStereo D'après oui. Mais taginfo trouve 50000 disused=yes, vaste programme!
12016-07-22 09:50:30 UTCStereo Schon! :-D
22016-07-22 09:54:51 UTCgcaspar tirlech. war geschter mer dat kuerz ukucken. Verbesserungen sinn natierlech wellkom ;-)
12016-06-30 21:42:32 UTCStereo Thanks again :)
12016-06-30 16:04:41 UTCStereo Please don’t delete data because you can’t see an use for it. Others might have an use for it - firefighters for example.

In this case, they should have been tagged as service = driveway.

Do you know how to undo a changeset?
22016-06-30 22:43:32 UTCSHARCRASH Hi!

Well i really don't think that anyone will ever need a map for such tiny driveways, they are barely 20 meters long max according way size/scale, and they are directly accessible from main street or nothing suggests that the entrance from the buildings or private resid.area is somewhat hidden...
12016-06-22 10:10:38 UTCStereo Hello Dagou, c'est cool que tu débordes de notre côté de la frontière :)

Je ne sais pas si tu as vu qu'on a des orthophotos libres disponibles pour le Luxembourg? Elles devraient être dans les arrière-plans Vespucci.
12016-05-24 18:20:05 UTCStereo Thanks! Would you have any ideas on how to tag the parking positions correctly?
22016-05-24 18:29:08 UTC4b696d I would tag them as aeroway=parking_position. I can see that you sometimes use aeroway=taxiway at the end of those parking positions. In my opinion those ways are no taxiways as they only point the way from the parking position to the real taxiway. I suppose that there is currently no better method ...
12016-05-17 14:02:50 UTCStereo Bonjour! W et E ne veulent pas dire West et East? Est-ce que le bloc du milieu a un nom?
22016-05-17 14:06:00 UTCStereo D'après , c'était correct avant.
32016-05-17 14:58:32 UTCsiamak08 Il y a une anomalie sur la carte, lorsqu'on zoom sur le batiment, le WKI devient EKI et EKI devient WKI !
Pourriez-vous régler ce problème svp ?
42016-05-17 15:01:18 UTCStereo Ah, je vois, c'est les anciennes données, ça disparait pour moi en rechargeant la page. Les données affichées en ouvrant l'éditeur, en tout cas, devraient être les dernières disponibles. est donc EKI et htt...
52016-05-18 07:44:31 UTCsiamak08 Bonjour, le problème persiste toujours, il y a vraiment des anomalies. Dans certains zoom, il est écrit EKI et EKI, dans d'autre WKI en bas et EKI en haut (c'est correcte), et d'autres cas EKI en bas et WKI en haut.
A mon avis c'est un problème de cache du côté du ...
12016-05-12 13:06:23 UTCStereo Hi! The previous changeset that moved the station's location said "from 13/12". The aerial imagery would therefore be out of date, and, indeed, I think that the station has been moved. last December What's your source?
22016-05-12 13:46:39 UTCpetz Source? Well, the previous location was a parking space next to the car bridge over the railways. Even on the map you can see the train station building a few hundred meters to the west. I have no other source than my own knowledge that the train station is there so if I made an error, please correc...
12016-05-10 12:23:07 UTCStereo Bonjour, bienvenue! Tu peux trouver de bien meilleures orthophotos que Bing dans l'entrée du menu Imagerie.
22016-05-10 15:27:46 UTCFrédéric Gutkin Bonjour Stereo, merci !
Merci pour le tuyau, je vais dès à présent utiliser ces fonds. Puis-je utiliser les sources du geoportail sans restriction particulière ?
32016-05-11 16:18:23 UTCStereo Celles qui sont dans JOSM, oui, sans aucune restriction. Il y en a sur le site web qui ne sont pas dans JOSM, et celles-là, malheureusement, on ne peut pas.
12016-05-11 09:01:22 UTCStereo Welcome back :). Mir hu nei Loftbiller asw. vum Geoportal, kuck an Imagery.
12016-04-27 11:49:24 UTCStereo Hi! The Bing images for Luxembourg are a bit old; you should have some newer ones in the JOSM imagery menu. Happy mapping!
12016-04-25 07:36:03 UTCStereo JOSM isn't easy, but it's worth it :). has a few good tips.
12016-04-19 06:42:55 UTCStereo Bonjour! Super, la rue de Chiny nous manquait depuis longtemps. Elle est encore en construction, non?
12016-04-12 08:18:42 UTCStereo There's also a water layer on the inspire server that shows where all the rivers and streams go. Would you like me to configure things so you can also use it in iD?
12016-04-12 08:06:56 UTCStereo Hi! So the buildings are, I assume, called East and West? What's the middle bit called?
12016-04-05 10:29:57 UTCStereo Est-ce que les rails sont encore là?
12016-03-31 19:27:06 UTCStereo Hahaha,
22016-04-01 09:57:42 UTCSHARCRASH ! ! ! :O Private life exposed! Hahaha! Ca te fait marrer hein! MDR! :) Satané copy/paste qui n'a pas fait son travail...
12016-03-30 16:34:58 UTCStereo Congratulations on your first edits! You can also tag the street with the street name, and the houses with the house numbers.
12016-03-13 20:30:03 UTCStereo Hi! You tagged it with foot=no. Is it a bad idea to walk there, or is it forbidden to walk there?
22016-03-14 01:28:55 UTCMatlux Hey Stereo,
As long as it's in a village it's illegal because there's a side walk. When you're outside there are metal barriers at the sides of the road. What happens on their outer side is a very rapid drop so you'd be forced to walk on the inner side of the barriers which to the best of my knowl...
32016-03-21 11:38:15 UTCStereo Then it's a very bad idea to walk there, but legal. Even the emergency exit for the Tunnel Grouft is there, and anyone potentially escaping will be on foot.

There aren't many places in Luxembourg where pedestrians legally can't go - typically, motorways and tunnels. They have the sign that is a r...
42016-03-21 11:38:39 UTCStereo Would you like to update the CR122? I can also do it for you if you want.
52016-03-23 16:10:16 UTCStereo Hi, I've unset the foot=no tag. Hope that's ok. Happy mapping!
12016-03-18 15:56:43 UTCStereo Yay :)
22016-03-18 17:21:03 UTCwilda69 Its a start ;) Noticed you had plotted the police station as "local knowledge" (do hope you kept to the speed limits), but they have moved to rue de Dudelange. Could not see who was now in that building,
12016-03-09 19:21:36 UTCStereo Wow. Danke für deine Mühe.
12016-03-04 13:44:49 UTCStereo Stimmt, ist besser so. Danke!
12016-02-23 11:53:47 UTCStereo Si tu es dans le coin, cette note semble indiquer que le CR110 s'appelle Rue d'Esch au sud de l'intersection jusqu'à la frontière avec Esch?
22016-02-23 12:32:21 UTCSHARCRASH Je vais vérifier, je passerai par là aujourd'hui.
12016-02-09 15:20:35 UTCStereo has his name with an É, and that's usually how Émile is spelled.
22016-02-09 15:43:03 UTCfreeclimber I changed this, because all the houses I did once in this street are now marked with errors in the OSM-Inspector.
If you change the streetname, you have also to change ALL the houses ;-)

About the É, we can discuss ;-)

In the list of the postcodes, all capitals are without É (ht...
12016-02-03 13:59:00 UTCStereo Hi Javier!

Fantastic work on the addresses. I assume you know ?

22016-02-03 17:42:39 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Hi Guillaume,

thanks a lot. Actually I am quite new to OSM.and I did not know about the website, really very helpful, so far I was just checking blindly by missing addresses, definitely will use this link from now on..

Thanks again!
12016-01-31 11:08:01 UTCStereo Ça sera cool quand on aura les noms de toutes les villas du cap :)
12016-01-24 16:40:26 UTCStereo Hello, est-ce que tu as une source pour le changement de ref=* ? Merci!
22016-01-24 17:37:07 UTCPa413 Bonjour à vous,

alors pour l'info depuis le 1er janvier 2011, à été crée la Métropole Nice Côte-d'Azur. Par conséquent la métropole à la charge de toute la voirie à l’intérieur de son territoire. La mé...
12016-01-23 15:35:53 UTCStereo Hello,

La définition de ville dépend du pays. Contrairement à la France, au Luxembourg, la population ne joue pas de rôle. Les villes Luxembourgeoises sont petites, mais ce sont bel et bien officiellement des villes:
22016-01-23 15:52:49 UTCAmodef Salut,
Le statut légal de ville n'a, de mon point de vue, guère d'importance.
Lorsque tu crées une carte régionale, avec MapBox par exemple, de gros villages / très petites villes se retrouvent au même niveau hiérarchique que de "vraies" vi...
32016-01-23 17:37:11 UTCStereo Oui, ridicule, mais c'est un problème de rendu. Je pense que c'est objectivement une ville si ça en a la définition légale. Certains moteurs de rendu, utilisent le tag population=* pour choisir l'importance d'un place=* - je crois que le rendu osm-fr fait ça par ex...
42016-01-24 21:55:49 UTCAmodef Amha, les noms "hameau", "village", "ville", etc. d'OSM n'ont pas pour vocation d'exprimer une réalité légale, mais simplement de servir de repère hiérarchique.
Sinon, comment distinguer légalement une "ville" d'une &...
12016-01-17 16:17:13 UTCStereo Wars du rem moossen?
12016-01-15 12:59:30 UTCStereo Hmm, but that's tagging for the renderer if the grass isn't actually hovering in the air.
22016-01-15 14:15:02 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah i know, my edit was a test for a "substitute" at one of OSM's flaws. Obviously you don't get what's at stake. If you don't know, sorry, OSM comments don't allow enough characters for a full explanation. I explained the most important in my changeset comment.
32016-01-15 14:19:16 UTCSomeoneElse @SHARCRASH I agree, it can be frustrating that OSM changeset comments don't allow more than 255 characters. However, you've always got the option (as soon as the changeset is closed) of adding a changeset discussion comment that extends it - you can explain all you like in there.
42016-01-15 21:28:30 UTCSHARCRASH @SomeoneElse Good idea! I will think about it for the next time. Thanks! But it's really long to explain. Stereo knows me well for the loooong communications i can write.
12016-01-06 13:20:17 UTCStereo Danke! Was war da falsch? Hatte ich dieses Stück in der Relation vergessen?
22016-01-06 13:21:14 UTCGehrke Ja, musste noch aus einer PLZ-Relation entfernt werden.
12015-12-21 08:40:44 UTCStereo Wonderful work, you'll have all the addresses collected soon!
22015-12-21 08:51:23 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Thank you! Happy to contribute with OSM, just a beginner for now..
12015-12-02 21:46:16 UTCStereo Cool :)

Du kanns d'Landuse-Polygonen och méi grouss machen:
12015-11-27 22:12:37 UTCStereo Hello! I've just mapped the garden as an area:

If you know the garden or have access to it, maybe you have the knowledge that would be necessary to add more detail.
12015-11-06 15:45:16 UTCStereo I think you accidentally deleted a part of Grand-Rue while moving the stray node. I've fixed it for you. Happy mapping!
22015-11-06 19:59:35 UTCsspan Thanks, haven't edited anything in a long time.
12015-11-01 17:57:19 UTCStereo Great :)
22015-11-04 15:20:41 UTCGerdP please review:
the tag highway=demolished is rarely used.
Does it mean something like highway=construction or is it more a highway=abandoned?
32015-11-04 15:22:36 UTCGerdP or maybe highway=dismantled?
42015-11-04 15:50:08 UTCwilda69 dismantled is another tag that could be used. There is so much construction going on that very little is left. The point is that there are relations still attached to them which someone needs to update, so at the mom these nodes can not be deleted.
52015-11-04 16:16:02 UTCGerdP okay. I try to reduce the different highway tags which mean something like "no highway", see also
If I got that right, most of the ways tagged demolished will not be rebuilt (at the same place), so I'...
62015-11-04 17:28:15 UTCStereo Hi! I have updated the relations Dan mentions, is there any reason we should still keep those demolished highways as highway=dismantled?
72015-11-04 17:35:01 UTCGerdP I prefer to remove those ways, others want to keep some kind of history in OSM,
for example they build relations with names like "old interstate xyz " in the USA.
82015-11-04 18:09:20 UTCwilda69 Many thanks for taking care of all the relations.
Difficult to judge if these roads have a historic value, but as I have not seen any plans what will happen to these after the tramcomplex has been built, it might be worth keeping them for a while. The new road looks very temporary, so there are bo...
92015-11-04 18:55:33 UTCStereo This is the latest I've found:

I think we should map what we can reliably check on the...
12015-10-31 19:03:37 UTCStereo Hallo c-l, wilkommen in Luxemburg. Im “Imagery”-Menü von JOSM müsstest du unsere Ortho 2010 und 2013 Luftbilder, die besser als die von bing sind, haben. Happy mapping!
12015-10-28 21:42:44 UTCStereo Hi Dan! Is that from a survey already?
22015-10-29 15:23:57 UTCwilda69 Hi Gerard,
I was there on Monday, but it was not open yet and could not get very close. However newspaper photo suggest that the road goes parallel until the tunnel starts. Not as shown. I will investigate this on Sunday
32015-11-01 11:58:30 UTCwilda69 Hi Guillaume,
I did a lot of plotting this morning (despite the fog), and there are some major changes in the area. Used a camera in my car to help with clues for the tunnel, and just as well as the GPS lost signal for a while. My track can be seen on OSM.

1) there is a completely new temporary ...
12015-09-29 18:58:28 UTCStereo Tiens, pour tes fixes de polygones, tu connais osmose?
22015-09-30 08:41:51 UTCSHARCRASH Hello, oui je connais. :) Mais une fois que l'erreur est enregistrée, elle y reste tant que personne ne l'aura effacé d'OSMose, même si déjà corrigé entre-temps. Ca donne l'impression d'y perdre notre temps, alors OSMi m'est suffisant. A la prochaine mise &ag...
12015-09-20 17:43:25 UTCSHARCRASH Tu as une erreur d'OSMi sur les bâtiments de la BEI (Banque euro. d'inv.):,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,rin...
22015-09-21 03:55:39 UTCStereo Tu as tout à fait raison, ce n'est pas le bon type de relation. Par contre, j'ai laissé ça avec trois polygones pour les trois parties, je ne vois pas l'intérêt de multipolygones ici.
32015-09-21 08:39:32 UTCSHARCRASH Je croyais que tu allais encore fignoler les bâtiments avec les surfaces vertes internes, sinon pas trop d'intérêt en effet. :)
12015-09-20 15:10:53 UTCStereo Ça doit pas être facile de jongler tous tes multipolygones avec l'éditeur iD. Tu as déjà essayé JOSM?
22015-09-20 17:34:03 UTCSHARCRASH Lorsqu'il y a beaucoup d'éléments à éditer, en effet. :) Mais dans ce cas-ci je crois qu'il s'agit d'un bug où OSMi généré n'importe quel type d'erreur lorsque 2 polygones d'un même MP se touchent sur un même node. J'ai déj&a...
12015-09-13 22:51:42 UTCStereo Hi! Are you sure that's oneway?
22015-09-14 17:52:11 UTCjack1968 Hi, it was already mapped as oneway. I modified the section to allow for bicycles in both directions. At least, that was my intention.
12015-08-11 16:07:54 UTCStereo Hallo! Wieso benannt? Es ist doch schon vending=cigarettes drin, und die Automaten heissen ja nicht alle Zigarettenautomat. Siehe auch
22015-09-12 16:47:36 UTCp1230 Hi, habe deine Nachricht erst jetzt gesehen, sorry. Automaten für den Zigarettenverkauf werden doch Zigarettenautomaten genannt, daher halte ich es für richtig, sie auch so in OSM zu "taufen". Der Grund, warum ich sie aktiv so benenne ist, dass man in OSM-Anwendungen besser danac...
32015-09-13 22:09:30 UTCStereo Ich würde sagen, dass die nicht so heissen, so wie eine Telefonzelle eine Telefonzelle ist aber nicht Telefonzelle heisst. Konntest du lesen?
42015-09-13 22:11:54 UTCStereo Hall Tabakwaren wäre in deinem Fall der operator=*, und die Zigarettenautomate so zu taggen um sie in deiner Anwendung besser zu finden ist eigentlich tagging for the renderer,
12015-08-14 13:28:51 UTCStereo Hi Peter,

It’s cool that someone is finally mapping Esch! We still have a lot of streets with no name there:

There's a list of the streets that are still missing in Esch at
12015-07-27 23:03:26 UTCStereo Hi, welcome to OSM! Are these the actual names on the bus stops, and/or those used on
22015-07-28 06:13:54 UTCdrkarsti Hi, for "Michel Rodange" and "Etats-Unis" the names are written on a black on white sign, which is at the bus stop post. For "Ste Zithe" it is only mentioned on the schedule of the line 19, which is going there. This should be the same as on, but I went to...
12015-07-26 17:49:40 UTCStereo Tu pourrais mettre name:oc comme c’est un dialecte de l’occitan. Ça serait marrant d’avoir tous les noms de rue et de faire un plan :)
12015-07-23 14:06:31 UTCStereo Thank you for participating in our maproulette challenge in Luxembourg!
12015-07-22 16:13:40 UTCStereo Thanks!
12015-06-25 13:59:35 UTCStereo IIRC ass do keng vëlosspuer/cycleway, also nëmmen oneway:bicycle=no. Brauchs du dat fir déng Navigatioun?
22015-06-25 15:13:21 UTCgcaspar aner Einbahnstroossen an der Stad dei fir den Vëlo opp sinn goufen och esou gezeechend. wäert awer sinn dat däin oneway:bicycle=no wuel duer geet
12015-06-23 12:16:50 UTCStereo Hi, welcome to OpenStreetMap! Do you know if the CR373 going into the village like this is correct?
12015-06-23 12:11:03 UTCStereo Thank you for participating in our maproulette challenge!
12015-06-01 04:42:40 UTCnaoliv Stereo, I don't understand why and what you did here: you have deleted a valid route relation and, among other things, included toll=yes in every part of the highway.
22015-06-13 18:08:38 UTCStereo Hi Naoliv,

Thank you for your comment. The route relation was wrong in many places and badly tagged; I reproduced the tags on the segments where they made sense. If you know that some segments are toll-free, the best thing to do would probably be to tag them with toll=no.
12015-06-10 06:49:12 UTCStereo Do you know about ? Its wizard at the top left is great for finding things like this; try "waterway=* and tunnel = * and tunnel!=culvert in Luxembourg”

I’m not sure I really understand when tunnel=culvert should not be used on a waterway. Maybe when it fl...
22015-06-11 15:49:23 UTCGunstick Thanks for the link! I checked other tunnel=culvert things, and I could actually stand in them, even without getting wet feet because the stream was slow. There is no real category to make a difference between a pipe and an water underpass. There are attributes for heigth and width which can be used...
12015-06-07 21:31:16 UTCStereo The on-the-ground rule says that we only map what actually exists. If the building has been razed, it doesn’t belong in OSM. There are some historical maps projects, but none in Luxembourg as far as I know.
22015-06-08 09:28:25 UTCSHARCRASH Logic! Thanks Stereo!
12015-06-07 21:25:17 UTCStereo Cool, thank you!
12015-05-20 22:16:38 UTCStereo Rond-point Serra is actually the name that’s both being used by the authorities, and on the ground:

Pretty much ...
22015-05-21 06:54:32 UTCTom Ansay OK, I will use this logic in the future, thank you.
12015-05-20 22:11:48 UTCStereo Moien! You can also tag the Luxembourgish names of things with the name:lb=* tag in the advanced tagging. See, for example, the Phillipsgaass nearby.
22015-05-21 06:53:48 UTCTom Ansay True, the Luxembourgian name is tagged as Hamilius and the name:"language code" are translations whereas "Um Aldringer" is a local name used be indigene.
12015-05-14 22:43:53 UTCStereo My bad! Thank you!
12015-04-20 12:52:29 UTCStereo Hello! (Moien?)

Welcome to OpenStreetMap! I see you have removed the steps to the train platform. How do people access the platform now?

Happy mapping,

12015-04-12 12:44:34 UTCStereo Hi Dan! What's the luxportail kml?
22015-04-12 13:23:55 UTCwilda69 Wow Guillaume, you are quick on this one ;)
I have just posted an email to talk-lu which explains the geoportail info I received from them.
12015-04-05 10:25:14 UTC4rch Hello Stereo,
as national boundaries are a sensitive case it would be great if you could inform the affected communities first before you apply big changes. What exactly are you modifying? We have a thread in the german subforum regarding international boundaries:
22015-04-05 12:34:04 UTCStereo Hi Arch,

I've replied in the forum, and will reply more later.
12015-04-03 19:24:53 UTCStereo Ech hun och um Stauséi geschafft, a hat e puer Konflikter. Has du Nodes vum Séi geläscht?
12015-03-18 23:14:00 UTCStereo Du hues de ganze Souterrain geläscht?
22015-03-19 07:12:47 UTCgcaspar jo deen ass elo zou, gëtt ofgerappt and geet ergo esou ni méi op. ech wäert an den nächsten Deeg hei an och Royal och d'Sidewalks an ped. crossings propper androen fir dat den Fousweerouting klappt
12015-02-18 22:21:57 UTCStereo Hi! It’s actually in the direction of the way, just like oneway=yes would be. The ideal value for this tag is, of course, a percentage. Would you like to re-edit the way?
22015-02-18 22:49:28 UTCrob72 Ok, understood. Regarding the incline percentage, there is no sign, so I have no idea. But it is enough that a few weeks ago in heavy snow I could not drive up, even with winter tires.
12015-01-15 23:43:49 UTCStereo You’re sure you don’t want to come and check with a survey? :)
12015-01-13 23:52:51 UTCStereo Dat schéngt jo geklappt ze hun :D
12015-01-12 02:00:34 UTCStereo Hi, welcome to mapping in Luxembourg!

Isn’t area=yes implied for circular ways tagged highway=services? The service stations actually have addresses with “Aire de Capellen” as the street name, how do you think we should have that information if you think the tagging of the highw...
22015-01-12 04:37:54 UTCTest360 According to the wiki , area=yes is not implied.

I'm going to "Aire de Capellen" as the street name if you think it is useful.

Thanks for your comment.
32015-01-12 04:50:52 UTCTest360 I have add the name “Aire de Capellen” on the 6 main roads of the service area.

I think that naming all the road in the service area is unnecessary. Do you agree?
12014-12-03 20:37:47 UTCStereo Above and beyond, thank you :)
12014-11-20 10:16:35 UTCStereo Now you pretty much have to come and visit to survey the tracktype :)
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