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12017-07-07 18:45:12 UTCLeTopographeFou Bonjour, je vois que les passages piétons et chemins piétons ont été indiqués comme rue piétonnes (highway=pedestrian). Je trouve personnellement highway=footway plus approprié, le wiki tendant à confirmer cela. Je ne parle pas des terres plein...
22017-07-11 08:20:10 UTCalthio J'ai déjà eu une discussion à ce sujet (en privé) avec un autre contributeur. On peut discuter ici sur un changeset, mais aussi basculer sur le forum si cela t'intéresse.

Voici ma lecture des pag...
12017-04-27 12:13:19 UTCalthio Hi,

This should be
instead of
don't you think?
22017-04-27 12:16:06 UTCalthio Ho, no, apologies, you are right, this is a road.
Please ignore my previous comment :)
12017-04-27 10:56:25 UTCmanoharuss Hi osm update,

This seems like automated edit to me with a custom script. Has this been discussed and documented? What is the source of this data?
I have observed some issues with the edits.
1. is a node of a way on a remote area. I don't s...
22017-04-27 12:03:12 UTCalthio Hi,

I agree with manoharuss on this changeset, dear user "osm update".
It seems like you rely too heavily on nodes ids.

I would also suggest you use better changeset comments.
Moreover you could try to reduce the successive numbers of versions for only adding tags to one object.
32017-04-27 13:31:29 UTCosm update Hi, the source is, but I've made a mistake in my script. I'm reverting changes.
42017-04-27 15:15:03 UTCSomeoneElse Apparantly an otherwise untagged node on a footpath near me now sells LPG. Do I need to bring my own can?
(who as well as mapping footpaths moonlights for the Data Working Group)
52017-04-27 19:09:52 UTCndm Umm, seems to be based on Google Maps? Wouldn't that taint data from it?
62017-04-28 07:17:57 UTCosm update No, it's not based on Google Maps. There are three json sources of information about gas stations and prices:
72017-04-28 15:36:39 UTCSomeoneElse You have been blocked because you are continue to mechanically edit data without discussion. made clear the process that you must follow if you want to do this. The data that you have modified since this changeset will be reverted. Please re-read htt...
12017-04-19 09:08:19 UTCalthio Bonjour Marie5k,

Merci de contribuer et d'enrichir la carte et les données OpenStreetMap !

Vous pouvez essayer de préciser la fonction de ce point.
Avec l'éditeur sur le site web OpenStreetMap, vous pouvez :
- sélectionner votre point sur la carte
- sur le volet ...
12017-03-09 09:59:09 UTCalthio Hi Nakaner,

Please engage more in discussion with the mapper before you revert.

Specifically on changeset 46666195, the data from learnosm test data (fictional additions around (0,0)) must be removed indeed, so thank you for watching carefully.

The other part of changeset 46666195 is a bran...
22017-03-09 10:53:10 UTCNakaner It was just moving of some nodes below 3 metres, that's why I decided that it is not worth enough to be kept.

Please fix LearnOSM to prevent such vandalism in future!
32017-03-09 11:41:25 UTCalthio It was not just moving and geometry, you missed that a few tags were added and they were also reverted.

It is understandable that the added tags can be missed during your review. JOSM history or achavi can help there. Nonetheless it would have been more correct to take the time to assess, discuss...
42017-03-20 17:04:46 UTCalthio Hi Nakaner,

Have you contacted the mapper to explain what was good and what was wrong in this first edit?

Do you plan to cherry-pick the good changes that were reverted? I mean the alignment&geometry (adding nodes and moving nodes by more than 3 metres) and the new tags.
52017-03-23 22:48:30 UTCalthio No discussion before the revert, no meaningful discussion after. I disagree it was vandalism, only well-meaning contribution with a beginner mistake.

I went ahead and returned to the data for the part that looked like well-intended improvement. See
12017-03-08 11:11:14 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 46677521 where the changeset comment is: Revert vandalism (ficitional additions at (0,0)). All other edits of the changeset are not worth enough to be kept.
22017-03-08 21:46:57 UTCSomeoneElse @Nakaner - Just in case you're not aware, "Cat Forest", "Happy Park" etc. are part of the learnosm test data. See for the full story.
32017-03-08 21:56:45 UTCNakaner Hi SomeoneElse,

thank you for the hint. I found it because Martijn van Exel tweeted a screen shot and I could not – as you might expect – wait and reverted immediately.

Best regards

42017-03-23 22:48:00 UTCalthio Hi Luke Langholf,

Thank you for trying out OpenStreetMap with JOSM and LearnOSM.

Most of all sorry about the complications with your very first edit. Unfortunately a glitch introduced bogus data from the sample file, so your contribution was promptly deleted. Now some of your modifications sho...
12016-11-18 13:21:12 UTCalthio Il y a eu un peu de modification pour le rendu ici non ? ;)
Avec les problèmes du rendu 'cycle' ?
22016-11-18 13:58:25 UTCStephaneP J'avoue :-)
Mais le fait que la route venant de la D765 continue à angle droit vers le Marais n'était pas logique du tout, en réalité elle continue tout droit.
Donc, j'ai fait d'une pierre, deux coups.

Oui, c'était bien en rapport avec le rendu cycle.
32016-11-18 14:44:18 UTCalthio Bravo et merci pour le respect de la logique et de la donnée :)
12016-10-17 12:08:09 UTCalthio Hello,

Please do not add and please remove this kind of imaginary features with no tag at all.
If you need 10km radius, do it in your software or in your own data, not in the common OSM database.

All the best.
22016-10-17 13:53:35 UTCVolksNav sorry, I'm a sourcerer's apprentice. How can I remove it?
32016-10-17 14:12:19 UTCalthio You can delete the feature with your OSM editor (JOSM, iD, ...) and apply (=upload) the modification.
42016-10-17 14:55:49 UTCVolksNav Done!
Thank you for the instructions.
12016-04-28 08:29:31 UTCalthio Bonjour,

Quelles sources sont utilisées pour l'adresse et le nom ?
Et pourquoi supprimer l'ancienne adresse ?
22016-04-28 17:11:30 UTCjohnparis Bonjour,

Re 3 rue Stendhal, Way: 292982745, c'est vous qui a supprimé l'adresse, Changeset #26527103. Merci de corriger si necessaire.

Re Salle Du Quartier, cela n'etait jamais sur rue Lucien Leuwen, donc "address:disused" n'est pas correct. Le Bureau de Vote (le mien, "...
32016-04-28 17:18:09 UTCjohnparis Re le nom : je me trompe. Je viens de régarder, c'est Salle "de" Quartier pas "du".

Re l'adresse : à voir aussi ...
42016-04-29 06:55:44 UTCalthio Merci pour les réponses et les recherches sur l'adresse 3 bis rue Stendhal. C'est utile puisque rien n'est indiqué sur le terrain. On pourrait ajouter un tag source avec vos liens.

Pour l'adresse de la salle de quartier, je suis persuadé qu'elle a déjà ét...
52016-04-29 07:20:36 UTCjohnparis Bonjour,

J'ai pensé qu'OSM suit la capitalisation anglaise, mais je vois sur le wiki "Regional rules have preference over general rules." Donc quartier en minuscule. Merci.

Le bâtiment 3bis rue Stendhal, 3 rue Stendhal Bâtiment E, 109 rue de Bagnolet (trois adresse...
12016-01-06 21:31:58 UTCalthio Bonjour,

Lors de la fusion Auvergne + Rhône-Alpes, on a perdu une enclave en rôle inner (elle était dans l'ancien Rhône-Alpes en inner, mais partie de PACA).

Elle devrait rester en inner dans le nouveau Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, non ?

canton de Valréas
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