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12017-12-15 12:44:33 UTCrorym You left some untagged ways here

What's going on with them? Maybe best to just delete the ways if the buildings are gone...
22017-12-17 02:37:44 UTCVictorIE Thanks for noting this. Fixed :)

They're demolished buildings. I wanted to note that they were demolished to prevent them being re-mapped.
12017-10-21 01:19:36 UTCVictorIE Could you check these two: - zero area landuse. Taney -> Taney Estate? Not all 'Taney; highways included.

12017-10-03 14:25:09 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. It's me again ;-)
`contact:flikr` instead of `contact:flickr`
22017-10-03 14:44:29 UTCVictorIE :(

12017-10-03 10:33:48 UTCVictorIE Is this line defunct?
12017-09-20 17:30:45 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. At you have tagged `contact:pintrest` instead of `contact:pinterest`, right? And if you have a look at you see, that you could (although pinterest isn't mentioned there) use only the username ...
22017-09-23 13:34:37 UTCVictorIE Hi,

Typing error related to not knowing the correct spelling. :) Error fixed.

12017-09-19 18:25:34 UTCVictorIE Wasn't the Camp Field (section south of Old Youghal Road) sold off?
22017-09-20 07:17:34 UTCStabilo_boss It's still in Defence Forces Possession, The Housing was
supposed to be handed over to Cork City Council for Social Housing. but no move yet.
12017-04-19 09:58:21 UTCVictorIE This appears to be on the wrong continent.
22017-09-16 23:06:24 UTCVictorIE Deleted
12017-09-16 20:07:47 UTCVictorIE This appears to be a duplicate of the river:
12017-09-16 03:32:53 UTCVictorIE Could you check the paths around the lake?

surface=Bing - this seems incorrect.
12017-09-05 12:49:57 UTCVictorIE Duplicate ways here:
22017-09-07 11:57:32 UTCVictorIE Duplicate ways:
32017-09-08 23:41:21 UTCTeester I've deleted the duplicate Route 27A relations in changesets #51866689 and #51866735.
42017-09-09 01:12:50 UTCVictorIE Thanks. I didn't want to break things! :)
52017-09-15 17:26:45 UTCVictorIE Could you check these two?

12017-09-11 15:19:09 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello VictorIE. At you have introduced some new (undocumented) keys (`googleplus`, `soundcloud`, etc.), which has a smell of SEO. So be careful with that ;-) #newkey
22017-09-11 16:06:02 UTCHarald Hartmann or move it all to the `contact`-namespace (
32017-09-11 19:31:20 UTCVictorIE Both methods seem to be in use, e.g. with Facebook:
12017-09-09 23:41:55 UTCVictorIE What does this line represent?
12017-09-02 01:06:17 UTCVictorIE This looks like a duplicate of the townland boundary:
22017-09-02 01:06:49 UTCVictorIE Oh, that said, this line appears to be correct - townland boundary slightly off
12017-08-30 16:54:56 UTCVictorIE Does this road exist?
22017-08-30 21:05:54 UTCmapryan Victor, you're right. I'll go ahead and remove it. Thanks,. Mike
12017-08-29 11:03:06 UTCVictorIE Is this line a duplicate?
12017-08-28 10:39:08 UTCVictorIE Can you check the tags on ? :)
12017-08-27 16:10:58 UTCVictorIE The connection between the N52 and Main Street seems to be missing. Has the layout of Emmet Square changed?

22017-08-29 10:44:50 UTCJord5792 Yes it has changed. They removed the straight connection between N52 and Main street, creating a one way road from Green St./The Green (R439) to MainSt. in front of the Garda Station and a two way from N52 to MainSt. in front of Doolys Hotel. A pedestrian area was made around the statue there.
12017-08-24 22:11:02 UTCVictorIE The edit to this way: seems to have broken the bus / cycle connection from St. Stephen's Green East to Leeson Street Lower
22017-08-25 00:33:27 UTCMacLondon Thanks. I think I have now resolved this issue.
12017-06-24 10:21:20 UTCVictorIE Instead of




be more appropriate?
22017-06-24 20:29:01 UTCLateNightTone Hi VictorIE, no a ford wouldn't be appropriate here as it is a tidal body of water, so the crossing can only be made at low tide. The highway is covered at any other time. A ford is only where a waterway i.e. flowing river is to be crossed, so the highway would be passable in all but flood condition...
12017-06-20 12:35:13 UTCVictorIE When doing pedestrian crossings and other road ways, do make sure that they join up with adjacent roads. :) The geometry and Routing layers here: are good tools.
12017-06-20 04:35:06 UTCVictorIE Is a right turn allowed from Saint Michael's Drive to the R852?
22017-06-23 08:50:50 UTCTimLynch Sorry, don't know
12017-06-14 17:25:17 UTCVictorIE Cool
12017-04-16 15:21:42 UTCKDDA Hi Victor, where did you source the voltage for this line?

It is definitely 33kV or more and I would not class it as a minor line in any sense. Please take a look at it on StreetView
22017-04-16 18:50:16 UTCVictorIE This one?

I don't have a specific recollection. Importantly, it only connects to a 110kV substation at one end.

It seems to be consistent with: and http://smartgriddashboard.eirgr...
32017-04-16 23:08:48 UTCKDDA NIE/ESB have done a lot of work on this line, I think it joins two 110kV substations now and is designed as a "bypass" around Enniskillen.
12017-03-26 05:08:41 UTCVictorIE Is Newtownards Exchange NINT a BT telephone exchange?
12017-03-08 22:26:30 UTCPolarbear Victor, when reverting CS 46496897 with the boundary splitting, I had to include your CS here in the revert.
I attempted to restore useful stuff from both CSs, you might doublecheck.
It would be a good idea to do repairs and own additions in separate CSs, though.
22017-03-08 23:47:28 UTCVictorIE Fair point. I've done a quick tidy up.

I was only drawn to the area by the newly disconnected road of a previous changeset.
32017-03-09 13:11:23 UTCPolarbear Thanks, and no criticism from my side. Reverting is a race against time, as lots of people do small fixes quickly.
Thus just the recommendation when fixing something, upload, before doing regular refinements and uploading them.
12017-03-07 18:16:35 UTCVictorIE Again main road split from side road:
22017-03-08 19:59:40 UTCPolarbear @VictorIE: those will be fixed automatically when I revert the incorrect boundary line separations.
32017-03-08 22:30:34 UTCPolarbear Full revert in CS 46692924 for incorrectly separating roads+waterways serving as border member; restoring useful additions in 46693197, refinements in 46693752.
12017-03-07 18:14:26 UTCVictorIE Hi,

Can you just be careful when splitting boundaries and roads that you don't disconnect roads? This road: became split from the R357.

12017-02-09 11:49:37 UTCKDDA Why did you add the street name as Lacky Road?
22017-02-09 12:45:16 UTCVictorIE Is that not the road it is on?
12016-08-17 06:32:27 UTCmanoharuss Hi VictorIE,

Your contributions to OpenStreetMap are greatly appreciated. I looked through this changeset along with your other changesets 41465760, 41488327, 41488458 to understand what happened here. The wiki for tagging power stations is here(
22016-08-17 08:03:32 UTCVictorIE Hi,

Apologies for the unorthodox method. I've been removing deprecated tags and names. For example: lists operator=ESB (154), operator=ESB Generation and Wholesale Markets (21), operator=ESB Networks (394), operator=ESB Telecoms (3), operator=ESB ec...
32016-08-17 08:27:05 UTCVictorIE has updated. I'll get to work. :)
42016-08-18 13:33:15 UTCVictorIE I'm working on the last set and it should be gone today
12016-03-31 07:45:37 UTCKDDA Is disused the correct tagging for this section? This section has been restored, complete with a train carriage and crossing gates.
22016-03-31 10:11:49 UTCVictorIE From "A section of railway which is no longer used but where the track and infrastructure remain in place."

I can only image "used" should be construed as "used for transport" or a **mobile** museum piece, no...
12015-11-07 16:23:40 UTCPolarbear Hi VictorIE, do you have further details about this club, and who it operates? Would you know if it targets children, juveniles, or both? Is there a website for the club?
22015-11-07 19:38:25 UTCVictorIE I know nothing of it. I only got the details from passing by on the bus. you might try - they might know something. Google doesn't throw up much, but it seems to have been around for a long time.

Alternatively, I presume the city council housing department is their landlord.
12015-10-25 12:17:44 UTCPolarbear sport=gaelic_football is deprecated. As your changeset comment already suggest, the correct tagging is sport=gaelic_games + gaelic_games:hurling=yes

This also avoids using unsupported keys as "sport_1".
22015-10-25 15:35:23 UTCVictorIE If you look at there are 9 "GAA" or "gaelic" tags in use. Last month there had been about 20. I did my best to rationalise them.
32015-10-25 19:30:01 UTCPolarbear Nice. But your goal should be sport=gaelic_games. If you change a freestyle tag into a deprecated one, it would have to be corrected again by somebody else.

Question again, is iD proposing gaelic_football? If so, we would need to file a bug report with iD.
12015-10-25 12:48:41 UTCPolarbear sport=gaelic_football is deprecated. The correct tagging is sport=gaelic_games + gaelic_games:hurling=yes

22015-10-25 15:32:04 UTCVictorIE If you look at there are 9 "GAA" or "gaelic" tags in use. Last month there had been about 20. I did my best to rationalise them.
12015-10-25 12:53:13 UTCPolarbear I've seen the deprecated sport=gaelic_football coming mostly from iD and Potlatch users. Could there be an outdated preset in iD?
22015-10-25 15:30:57 UTCVictorIE If you look at there are 9 "GAA" or "gaelic" tags in use. Last month there had been about 20. I did my best to rationalise them.
12015-10-05 14:30:37 UTCVincent de Phily Sorry, I don't agree with that change (healthcare:speciality -> health:speciality).

The heathcare:speciality tag is the documented one and used 7613 times, vs 6 times for health:speciality.

Please revert that change, unless you have a very convincing argument to transition obkects to the he...
22015-10-05 15:27:37 UTCVictorIE You're correct, my apologies. I was correct a group of mis-spelling sand seem to have put int he wrong spelling. Will sort this evening.
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