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12018-04-19 09:22:39 UTCVincent de Phily Hum, looks like you tried to draw both the car park and its service road as a single object. Try separating the amenity=parking closed way from the highway=service way. See also and fo...
12018-04-19 09:17:57 UTCVincent de Phily maybe ?
12018-01-23 14:52:37 UTCVincent de Phily Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-23 14:52:27 UTCVincent de Phily Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-23 14:52:21 UTCVincent de Phily Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-23 14:51:10 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, thanks for trying to improve the map. However, OpenStreetMap only accept real-world things, not virtual or fictional ones. Pokemon Go already has plenty of maps dedicated to its gyms and spawns, but OSM is for real life stuff, sorry. I've reverted your changes.

On the other hand, PoGo uses OS...
22018-01-23 14:51:52 UTCVincent de Phily Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-17 17:01:59 UTCVincent de Phily You went a bit too fast on that one ;) Satellite imagery and website from deleted node show it's a campervan dealer, not a camp site.
22018-01-18 10:28:41 UTCTeester Whoops. I misinterpreted the note. Thanks for noticing.
12018-01-17 15:46:39 UTCVincent de Phily You can probably use less segments. The only reason to split riverbanks in segments is to avoid downloading loads of data when you're only interested in one area, for for an area that you're likely to download in full, there's no need.
22018-01-17 15:48:33 UTCVincent de Phily On the other hand, make sure that riverbanks are connected to each other, as in sharing nodes rather than being veeeery close (the breagah riverbank needs to connect to the nore riverbank).
12018-01-17 15:25:20 UTCVincent de Phily Watch out for changesets where you've done more than the edits you remember :) (but thanks for fixing my duplicate shop). Not a big issue, it just makes the work of reviewing changesets easyer. JOSM makes what you actaually changes a little bit easyer to see than iD.
22018-01-17 15:29:59 UTCVincent de Phily Also, see the discussion in

I think iD presented you the wrong tag because that's technically the most frequent use of "ringfort" in the database. There's one prolific user who used the wrong tag more than all other users combined, and th...
12018-01-17 15:21:26 UTCVincent de Phily Hi ! The proper tagging seems to be


rather than just


See and and https://taginfo.opens...
12017-12-07 10:28:11 UTCVincent de Phily I assume naming the Glandalough beach "drop off" is a misshap ? AFAIK this beach isn't named ? I'll revert that unless you want to fix it yourself, or you are sure about the name.
22017-12-18 14:10:25 UTCVincent de Phily Removed name in
12017-11-28 11:06:25 UTCVincent de Phily Hum, thanks for the contribution but I have my doubts about the name. Isn't it "College road" or similar ? Can you share a photo ? Using the or smartphone app is a great and fun way to do that.
12017-10-22 22:29:22 UTCVincent de Phily Hum, the new refs on the bypass don't immediately strike me as wrong, given that the M17 opened so recently. The new refs may not be fully signposted on the ground yet. A useful source is the "road schedules" documents, normally published on the county council website. Or if you have doubt...
22017-10-23 08:16:17 UTCAA_NP I originally amended it to the R942 because I have been speaking to a representative from the TII explaining the change, but they also said it was still a matter for the Minister of Transport. To not be signed on the ground is disappointing, but having said that, the traffic flow on the N83 through ...
12017-10-22 22:29:16 UTCVincent de Phily Can you share the source for those refs ? Apparently they are not signposted on the ground yet, and other contributors are doubting. See discussion in

Also, please add comments to you changesets and join related changes in one changeset, this makes ...
12017-07-26 19:56:39 UTCVincent de Phily I guess that should be a ref, not a name ? What's the source ?
12017-07-18 09:44:56 UTCVincent de Phily Howdy. Care to comment on ? Thanks.
12017-05-30 11:07:07 UTCVincent de Phily What's the idea behind these changes ? I don't understand why it'd be necessary to only connect the roads to the roundabout and not to each other. My best guess is some kind of "mapping for the GPS navigation announcement" ?

There are a lot of roundabouts like this with a wide entry/exi...
22017-05-30 17:10:57 UTCCebderby Hi Vincent,
It's considered best practice for roundabouts, yes mostly for routing, so that 'taking the first exit' rather than 'turning left' is used. There are nearly no roundabouts where this is not done, even when geometrically awkward - only exception is where a 'bypass' route exists and a no-...
12017-03-31 15:39:08 UTCVincent de Phily Glenties (both and include fairly far-off islands, are you sure they're correct ? This changeset sources OSi Opendata whereas sources Irish statute book, ma...
22017-03-31 21:58:03 UTCTeester So many small islands! I've removed the outliers which weren't part of the MD or LEA in changeset 47341171 and included details of the specific SIs from the Irish Statute Book in the changeset source comment.
12017-03-29 10:21:03 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM, great to have some local knowledge in Fethard :)

Watch out when changing a street name: you should edit the existing street rather than adding a new one. Also, a is something rather specific, in Ireland generally only...
12017-03-26 22:33:01 UTCVincent de Phily Curious about why you deleted the existing slipway to readd the (same ?) one. Just a mishap ?

Looks like the slipway goes directly into the station building ? Map it this way then, no need to stop the way just before the building.

Also, watch out for changeset comments that span multiple chang...
12017-03-26 22:27:52 UTCVincent de Phily The shed probably isn't what caused a display issue (at least not preventing another building from showing up), so I'd say you should add it back. And if you know it's a shed, do tag it building=shed instead of the generic building=yes.
12017-03-26 22:22:32 UTCVincent de Phily Seems like you replaced the multipolygon with a simple closed way to fix the rendering ? It works in the sense that the feature should now render as you expect, but you miss out on details that you had initially added.

The better fix would have been to tag the multipolygon relation with the relev...
12017-03-16 12:14:21 UTCVincent de Phily Discussion started at but doesn't seem to be progressing.

Welcome to OSM :) You'll need to add more tags to your object if you want it to be useful. What kind of a landmark is it ? Check an...
12017-02-24 16:13:38 UTCVincent de Phily That didn't quite fix it :p Both relations still included a lone chunk of the R759, and lacked roles on some members. Fixed in

As an aside, I'm not sure what to do with : looks like a stream in Bing, did...
22017-02-24 16:22:34 UTCDafo43 Ok must have missed that. I've marked it as a stream now as that's what it seems to be. I originally thought it was a boundary but with the OSI open data I was able to correct this.
12017-02-24 11:49:08 UTCVincent de Phily Howdy :)

Be careful with your boundary edits : you're leaving a trail of unclosed rings and role-less members (I'm just after fixing a few in bray/greystones).

You can view some of the issues (various levels of importance) at
22017-02-24 12:02:48 UTCDafo43 Well yes, mistakes do get made, that's going to happen, wouldn't it be better to check this after a few days though? All the boundaries in Wicklow are currently fixed.
32017-02-24 14:41:47 UTCVincent de Phily Sorry, didn't mean to rush things. I commented using this recent changeset but the first breakage I looked at was a few days old. (just one example found via OSMI) is a boundary in Wicklow edited 7 days ago and still broken.

Making mistakes is part o...
42017-02-24 14:51:20 UTCDafo43 Don't get me wrong, appreciate someone else is checking also. I do go back and check after, but sometimes you have to let the map catch up to easily spot mistakes. I'm pretty much finished with Wicklow for now anyway.

Good spot on the townland, it still works as a boundary but it's better to rem...
52017-02-24 15:15:14 UTCVincent de Phily All good :) I've been working away at OSMI's area checks for a few days, I hope to get Ireland all cleaned up, Wicklow and all.

Note that the osm2pgsql devs have announced their intent to become a bit stricter in the polygon errors that they auto-correct (
62017-02-24 15:38:14 UTCDafo43 OSM Inspector is useful alright, maybe a bit slow to update but it is very good for pointing out mistakes, thanks for the link.

I'm fixing the boundaries of townlands based on this data - , comparing OSM and OSI. There are still a good few townlands t...
72017-02-27 09:09:16 UTCrorym One thing about the OSi townlands: they are simplified/generalised to 20m "resoltuion", so OSM can easily be better/more accurate
82017-02-27 09:15:05 UTCDafo43 Sure, I'm not expecting to get anything perfect, just take out the obvious mistakes in townlands (some of which are my own). It's not a case of just redrawing the OSI data, I'm using it to point to mistakes then use the townland maps and Bing imagery to make the changes.

Some townlands just picke...
92017-02-27 09:31:23 UTCrorym Sure., So long as you're aware that the OSi data isn't gospel! 👍🙂
102017-02-27 09:36:01 UTCDafo43 Definitely not, just an extra reference point :)
12017-02-22 12:20:45 UTCVincent de Phily Some buildings geometries were messed up, especially the Educate Together school, so I fixed that. But I used some guesswork as to the proper location of the school, can you check it if you have local knowledge ?
12017-02-17 18:13:46 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM :) Some suggestions about tagging:

* internet_access:fee=wlan doesn't make sense, I guess you meant internet_access=wlan, internet_access:fee=yes ? See access

* level=4-5 should be level=4;5. Also make sure that you didn't actually...
12017-02-01 12:41:23 UTCVincent de Phily See also discussion in
12017-01-30 15:29:08 UTCVincent de Phily Hurray for house numbers, and nice to see a Kilkenny mapper :)

Note you can also use instead of . I prefer the former but opinions vary on which is best and you should at least be aware...
12017-01-08 22:55:30 UTCVincent de Phily Watch out, no motorway here ;)
12016-11-15 17:24:05 UTCVincent de Phily Hum, why single out william street when all those parallel streets are similarly narrow ? It's actually reasonably wide compared to the rest. And the narrowest bit is actually the westmost 4 meters (see mapillary), which you didn't tag narrow ?

I'm not a big fan of the 'narrow' tag (not very info...
22016-11-15 17:27:32 UTCEdward You're right that the other streets are narrow. This is the only one I surveyed. I'm happy to switch to lanes=1 and width=*.
12016-10-25 12:55:04 UTCVincent de Phily Watch out for changeset comments that no longer match the changes made. iD makes it a bit too easy to reuse old comments without thinking about it.
22016-10-25 12:57:53 UTCSugarP Thanks Vincent, is there any way I can go back and change the comments on the changes already made?
32016-10-25 15:56:52 UTCVincent de Phily You can't change the initial comment after the fact, but you can add additional comments to any changeset like we are doing here.

Don't beat yourself up about poor changeset comments : it's a rather common case that all reviewers have to deal with. It's good to pick up good commenting practice ea...
42016-10-25 16:03:25 UTCVincent de Phily BTW in case you're wondering, there's no such thing as a "reviewer role" in OSM. Any OSM contributor can look at and comment on changesets.

There are some people (like me) who look at newbie or suspicious changesets, and anybody stumbling uppon strange data will/should check the object ...
12016-10-25 12:50:29 UTCVincent de Phily Congrats on your first OSM edit :)

It seems that you removed more than you intended however: this building may not be used by Quinn anymore, but it is still a building=warehouse (unless it's been demolished, in which case you'd want to delete the way completely, not just its tags).

I'll let yo...
22016-10-25 13:00:36 UTCSugarP Thanks Vincent, Ive added the Warehouse tag back in. Im afraid I dont know what the warehouse is now used for I just know that it's not used by Quinn Radiators or Quinn Glass as these companies dont exist anymore.
12016-10-05 10:46:32 UTCVincent de Phily Is really a cemetery ?

Please comment on
12016-08-31 10:12:31 UTCVincent de Phily Thanks for these updates. I merged the data you added on a node for the Tramore beach campsite with the area that was already mapped for it.

Their website seems to be domain-squated, I emailed them about it.
12016-08-30 09:35:18 UTCVincent de Phily I checked the first handful of changes, which are fine, but could you please reduce your changesets to smaller geographical regions, so that tjey are easyer to review by locals ? It'd also make your own pre-upload review safer :)
12016-08-11 13:48:31 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM :)

You might want to fill in the name of the shop as well, and try to locate it a bit more precisely (right now it's on the road itself, not on a building). You can use the editor at for that, it'll show satellite imagery to help pinpoint the location....
12016-08-04 11:19:15 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM, thanks for adding that business name :)

You'll probably notice that the object has disappeared from the rendered map instead of gaining a name. This is because you removed the building=yes tag, so you should at least add that back.

You'll also want to add a tag to describe what...
12016-07-07 11:38:31 UTCVincent de Phily Just seeing your s/planned/proposed/ now. A bit late to complain (I'll try to survey soonish and update the whole area, tagging more stuff as construction) but please note that "planned" was used instead of "proposed" on purpose. The difference between the two tags being the leve...
12016-06-09 16:31:27 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM editing :)

The bar you added is on the road itself and has a strange name, I wonder (looking at imagery and existing osm data) wether you meant to update the existing pub called "Maunsells" instead ?

Also note the difference between a pub and a bar as defined by OS...
12016-06-05 20:15:38 UTCVincent de Phily Is that a different restaurant than the already-mapped one called "Treacy's Bar" ? Bing imagery suggest there is only one establishment here.
12016-05-30 16:17:39 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM :)

Seem like your first foray into editing turned into something that wasn't intended for uploading. I cleaned it up. Remember that we are all editing one common database.

Don't hesistate to try editing again, perhaps something simple like adding a shop or fixing a street na...
12016-05-16 09:20:20 UTCVincent de Phily Not bad for a first edit :)

A couple of improvements you can make:
* amenity=parking_space is used for individual spaces inside a bigger amenity=parking
* You can refine the higway=service by adding service=parking_aisle
* The service roads should be connected to the main road somehow. I suspe...
12016-05-05 11:32:04 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM :)

Your first approach to mark the road as access=private was the right one. Deleting a road that actually exists isn't right, so I [reverted the deletion]( and tweaked the tags by marking this as a driveway and removing the redu...
22016-05-05 13:42:41 UTCnkc1 Not yet conversant with the messaging system so this is a repeat - I think!!!


Thanks for taking the time to correspond. One never knows what the best approach is but I have been mildly irritates by that trail for some time. I don't really want to be contentious but the trail as marked...
32016-05-05 14:25:22 UTCVincent de Phily Got the message once. You can always look at to get the canonical version of the discussion (you can also reply directly from there).

I am not 100% sure, but your description of the separate farm track and driveway seem to match the changes that I m...
12016-04-27 12:10:57 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM editing :)

What is that area supposed to represent ? A catchment area for the educate together school ?

It would need to be tagged a bit more explicitly to be useful. The problem is that there's no established tagging scheme for catchment areas.
22016-04-27 12:11:37 UTCVincent de Phily Oh, and you really should map the school itself :)
12016-04-24 22:56:17 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM editing :)

Unfortunately it seems like you contributed personal details (a stay duration in various hotels) rather than general information about those places (like their website, opening hours, etc).

Remember that OSM is one big public database used by everyone. If you want...
12016-04-08 17:36:32 UTCVincent de Phily I suppose that should be amenity=social_facility ?

Also look at to get a feel of possible values. By osm convention, parsable values shouldn't contain spaces. My guess is that 'disabled' would fit best (balancing genericity for data...
22016-04-08 18:15:08 UTCchristiankrohmer You are right. Disabled is alright. I just wanted to change/improve the whole site and that was kind of the first attempt. And yes, the house belong all to the same site.
32016-04-08 19:32:19 UTCVincent de Phily Ok :) This is a great location to get started with osm editing. Lots of details can be added, especially if you can survey. Have fun. Don't hesitate to ask me or the commmunity if you have questions.
12016-03-08 14:02:42 UTCVincent de Phily Hi Conal, welcome to OSM :)

Your contributions look ok so far, but just a few tips before you continue:

Your addresses are a bit mixed up:

* "addr:city" is for the actual town, like "Roscrea". Only add it if the house belongs to that town, not if is fully in the countrys...
12016-03-08 13:47:49 UTCVincent de Phily Please use changeset comments to explain the changes you made, not as an advertising platform.

The actual changes seem fine in this case, but somebody reading just the comment is likely to flag the changeset as spam and revert it.
12016-02-11 10:25:12 UTCVincent de Phily Please do not delete valid details from the map, other mappers have already complained to you about this in . There are for example quite a few issues with this changeset:

* You replaced the perfectly correct hotel area with a less-informative node....
22016-02-11 10:42:50 UTCVincent de Phily Partial revert done in , keeping the good parts and restoring deleted stuff.
32016-02-12 23:01:55 UTCRiggwelter Thanks for you input. It seems I have a few things to learn, and I will of course adapt, adopt and (try to) improve. However, if I am not entirely mistaken, this is not a hotel area, but hotel with surrounding houses. Putting it as a hotel area would therefor be wrong. Also, I did change the road c...
42016-02-15 14:51:31 UTCVincent de Phily No problem, we all make mistakes along the way.

Concerning the hotel (and POIs in general), it's pretty much always better to map them as areas if possible. Reducing an area to a node loses information, so don't do that. If the mapped hotel area was indeed too big, you should have changed it geom...
52016-02-15 14:53:48 UTCVincent de Phily While at it, it the restaurant you added accessible to anybody ? If it is only accessible to hotel guests, it's probably not a great idea to map it like this.
62016-02-15 22:53:36 UTCRiggwelter Judging by the hotel web page, combined with Google map street view, it is one building only, and nothing on the web page says that the restaurant is for hotel guests only.
72016-02-15 22:56:11 UTCRiggwelter Speaking of changeset comments... I am using potlatch which (apparently?) means I have to jump between view mode and edit mode every time I want to get a chance to add a changeset comment. Not very practical, if that's the only way to do it.
82016-02-15 23:02:09 UTCSomeoneElse In Potlatch you can press "c" to close the current changeset - the next time you save you'll get prompted for a new comment.
12016-01-27 22:50:20 UTCVincent de Phily Nice, a townland mapped 5 years ago :) I hope you'll like the new version:

If you feel like getting back into mapping, now is as good a time as any. We're making great progress on townlands and, after years of work, expect to be done this summer : ht...
12016-01-15 11:08:25 UTCVincent de Phily No no no, what made you think these were typos ? I hope you're not making similar fixes elsewhere ?

They are alternate names, 3 variations in total, one official from GSGS and two from local knowledge.
22016-01-15 11:13:13 UTCVincent de Phily Reverted.
32016-01-15 15:35:34 UTCgileri If the two other names are "local" names, the used of loc_name=* would be adequate, isn't it ?

Then you have the official name using name=*, which is the one which matters most in country-wide and international context, while keeping the semantic of local name for a local context.
42016-01-15 17:13:01 UTCVincent de Phily Firstly, there are 3 names alltogether, I can't put two in loc_name (no, I don't want to use a semicolon).

Secondly, there's really nothing telling me that loc_name would be more appropriate than alt_name or old_name or name. They're just all names I know this place has, and I don't think classif...
52016-01-15 18:42:42 UTCFvGordon Sorry
I saw three (today seen: nearly) identical names and the name_1 key, which remembered me to this discussion: . (If possible remove name_1 and use e.g. alt_name instead)
62016-01-15 21:45:28 UTCVincent de Phily No worries, it happens. Don't hesitate to contact the contributor next time :)

Sorry for the tone of my first comment to your changeset: I was just after arguing against that proposal on the tagging mailing list and got annoyed when I saw my recent work undone.

As I have already argued on the ...
12015-12-08 12:49:21 UTCVincent de Phily If something is a "natural=tree", there's no need to give it the name "Tree" as well. If something has no name, there's no need to create one just for OpenStreetMap. See for more details.
22015-12-08 12:57:23 UTCVincent de Phily I copy-pasted that text from but thought I was more likely to reach you here. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

We could do with more contributors in County Cork, so I hope you'll start contributing again, removing those name tags being a...
12015-12-04 12:06:24 UTCVincent de Phily de Phily/diary/37468
12015-10-19 08:47:04 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM :)

Adding this POI is a good start, but if you want it to show up on map renderings, searches, etc, you'll need to say what it *is* in addition to what it is *called*. I don't know the place, but you probably want to add "shop=door" or "shop=hardware" (http:...
12015-10-14 09:09:29 UTCVincent de Phily Smaller changeset area please :)

Also watch out: near Westport you removed a waterway's layer=-1 tag without adding the corresponding layer=1 on the bridge. Fixed.
22015-10-14 09:31:02 UTChurdygurdyman Thanks for fixing.
12015-10-09 16:16:39 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM :)

If a shop is no longer open, it's better to replace the "shop=*" tag with the corresponding "disused:shop=*" tag, otherwise it's still interpreted as a shop by renderer and other consumers. It's not the only way to express this, but I won't confuse you with o...
22015-10-11 14:27:50 UTCLornaBlake Thanks for the info! I'm just trying to learn how to get around and I wasn't sure whether i could change the tag! Thanks :)
12015-10-05 14:30:37 UTCVincent de Phily Sorry, I don't agree with that change (healthcare:speciality -> health:speciality).

The heathcare:speciality tag is the documented one and used 7613 times, vs 6 times for health:speciality.

Please revert that change, unless you have a very convincing argument to transition obkects to the he...
22015-10-05 15:27:37 UTCVictorIE You're correct, my apologies. I was correct a group of mis-spelling sand seem to have put int he wrong spelling. Will sort this evening.
12015-09-14 15:47:38 UTCVincent de Phily Please do not contribute private or fictional data. Names of private individual property owners are not recorded in OSM, at most we record the housename when it has one.

Unless you can show that the house is indeed named like this (ideally by puting a photo of the house's nameplate on Mapillary),...
22015-09-15 17:03:29 UTCVincent de Phily Reverted in
12015-09-07 22:25:08 UTCVincent de Phily Are you sure about the Archer's Island place=locality ? Isn't it a duplicate of the place=island of the same name 150m east ?
22015-09-08 08:23:19 UTCDafo43 I've removed it on the basis that there is an Archer's Island beside it, though I don't know if that's really the correct name because it is not marked on the old maps. In general if there is an old lake, since dried up or bypassed, I mark it as a locality.
12015-09-04 09:52:22 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM, good to see you're taking care of your shop's map data :)

Have a look at you might want to add service:bicycle tags to your shop.

Also, it'd be good to move the POI inside the building. If Outdoor Escape occupies the whole bui...
12015-08-26 13:24:55 UTCVincent de Phily According to my memory and (which I took in April), you can go straight on here. That no_straight_through restriction also doesn't make sense from a traffic flow POV.

Can you point at your source ? Otherwise I'll remove that restriction...
22015-08-28 16:40:38 UTCVincent de Phily Reverted along with
32017-06-12 18:49:47 UTCConor2000 I'm sorry for this edit. I genuinely believed that you couldn't go straight on. I was clearly misremembering things. I hope that we can forget this incident.
12015-08-28 16:40:16 UTCVincent de Phily Sorry, but given the road layout and your past behavior, I don't belive this. Reverted. Upload a Mapillary photo of the streetsign if you contest this.

Please stop wasting people's time (including your own) with vandalism. If you want to edit OSM there are endless constructive ways to do so. Plea...
22017-06-12 18:48:36 UTCConor2000 I am very sorry for what happened. I genuinely believed that the road was called Station Road. I hope that we can make amends and forget about this.
12015-08-27 09:27:14 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM, changes look good :)

Is there really an archaeological site separate from the castle itself ? If not, there should be only one OSM object.

Have a look at and for more details to add to t...
12015-08-22 22:28:48 UTCVincent de Phily Can you give more details about Bog Bridge ? When I spoted that "bridge" I first thought it was a mishap. Add a surface tag and a note. Would embankment=yes be better than bridge=yes ? Maybe add paths leading to/from it and give it some Bing alignment love ?
12015-08-06 14:38:00 UTCVincent de Phily jokes are supposed to be funny, this is just vandalism wasting everybody's time. I've reverted this and your other recent vandalism changesets.

You've been a productive contributor before as far as I can see. Please be that again, and find constructive ways to entertain yourself.
22017-06-12 18:45:48 UTCConor2000 I'm sorry for what happened. I was younger and more foolish back then. I greatly regret this act of vandalism. I hope that we can move on from this. I apologise for making you waste your time.
12015-07-12 15:20:04 UTCVincent de Phily Bleh - they were supposed to be two distinct changesets but network connection was bad, the first (less trivial) changeset was not closed, and then merged with this one, overwriting its comment.
22015-07-12 15:20:25 UTCVincent de Phily Comment for the original changeset:

IE, Kilkenny - Add guestimated city boundary, remove superfluous addr:city and GNS tags, move admin_center to a more central, less cluttered location. Currently all tags from the old node are duplicated on the relation, not sure if that's necessary.
12015-07-12 12:47:47 UTCVincent de Phily I'd much rather create a polygon for the city boundary than add addr:city to all the addresses in there...
12015-07-06 10:28:02 UTCVincent de Phily
12015-06-29 09:08:45 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM, good first changeset :)

Two small nitpicks to improve things later on:
* Whenever possible, don't use abbreviations. The idea is that computers can abbreviate for us, but the reverse is much harder (is "st" for saint or "street" ? etc)
* A school is the whole...
22015-06-29 13:08:06 UTCBrian Millar Thank you for the helpful feedback and advice, its noted and I'll try to follow it in the future. I'll update my changes now to match the guidelines. Thanks again :)
12015-06-25 17:05:14 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM :)

I reverted this changeset because the golf course was already mapped, as an area rather than a node.

Go ahead and give it another shot :) Maybe you know the golf course's name, or you could fix the geometry/position of some of these ways that were traced using old badly-a...
12015-06-18 11:16:16 UTCVincent de Phily 1:25K GSGS 3906 gives "Fallavallgh" instead of "Fallavagh" as the alt_name for lough Ahusey. Was the name misread from GSGS, or is it yet another alternative name ?
12015-06-11 16:58:57 UTCVincent de Phily Some of these infos were perfectly adequate for OSM, so added them back. While at it, tweaked the geometry.

The tags also said that the street name is "new Dock Road", but that street doesn't seem to exist nearby. Is it the english name of "Bóthar na Long" maybe ? Worth...
22015-06-11 17:00:23 UTCVincent de Phily Also, is Ce na Mara a different feature completely, or part of the hotel ?
32015-06-11 17:43:21 UTCDaCor Cé Na Mara is an apartment block. I haven't done a detailed survey so I cant be certain about where they overlap if they do at all
42015-06-12 08:39:23 UTCHarbourGalway Cé na Mara is the adjoining Apratment block.Separate to the Harbour Hotel.

New Docks is the area just beside the hotel and we would always have referred to the street outside as New Dock Road.
I can see from Google Maps that that is referred to as Bóthar na nDuganna, which is the...
12015-06-11 16:59:57 UTCVincent de Phily Welcome to OSM :) You might want to chime in to the discussion at
12015-06-09 13:34:49 UTCVincent de Phily Le magasin est devenu une pizzeria ? Je ne trouve pas trace de la nouvelle activité sur internet, mais encore trace de l'ancienne, vous avez vérifié vous-même le changement ? Dans tous les cas, il reste des tags de l'ancienne version du noeud, il ne faut garder que les tag...
22015-06-09 15:09:41 UTCsharkway84 Bonjour,
Oui c'est le cas (j'habite le quartier). Vous pouvez vérifier sur Google Street View ;-p,4.810201,3a,75y,125.94h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sB4Ewe5NBri7_yGQm2BnSYA!2e0?hl=fr
32015-06-09 22:59:22 UTCVincent de Phily Ok :) Du coup j'ai aussi retiré les tags qui correspondaient à l'ancien POI.
12015-06-09 09:13:42 UTCVincent de Phily Modifs annulées. Si vous voulez expérimenter avec l'éditeur, utilisez le mode tutoriel. Et si vous voulez exprimer votre rage envers ce monde injuste, faites-le ailleur que dans un projet qui cherche à améliorer les choses. Ou encore mieux : canalisez votre é...
22015-06-09 09:16:44 UTCHugo3000 Ah, excuse moi j'avais pas pigé que les modifs s'appliquaient pour tout l'monde ahah merci pour le message un peu fun, bonne journée.
32015-06-09 10:20:48 UTCVincent de Phily Ok, y'a pas de mal. Essaye donc de faire des modifs utiles genre ajouter le bistro du coin s'il n'est pas déja là. C'est fun on se prend vite au jeu.
12015-05-28 14:30:52 UTCVincent de Phily En général il est préférable de modifier l'existant plutôt que de supprimer puis rajouter. Surtout s'il ne s'agit que de 2 batiments et que l'import qui suit est semi-automatique. La commande "Replace geometry" de UtilsPlugin2 rend la manip facile. Voir au...
22015-05-28 15:02:14 UTCkdom Merci, comme c'est moi qui les avais ajoutés à la main auparavant, je me suis dit que je pouvais les enlever quand même.
32015-05-28 15:19:52 UTCVincent de Phily Pas bien grave surtout à cette échelle. C'est juste pour garder trace de l'historique. Et comme avec utilsplugin2 ça prend autant de temps de remplacer que de supprimer... ;)
12015-05-27 13:25:31 UTCVincent de Phily Bienvenu à OSM :)

[leisure=pitch]( ne devrais être utilisé que pour les terrains de sport eux-mêmes. Pour l'ensemble du lieu cela dépend des cas, mais en l'occurence il me semble que [landuse=recreation_ground](...
12015-05-27 11:07:04 UTCVincent de Phily Essai supprimé.

La carte que vous éditez ici est commune à tou les utilisateurs. Si vous voulez expérimenter, utilisez le mode "bac à sable" de l'éditeur "iD" (cliquez sur la fleche à coté de "éditer" pou...
12015-05-20 15:23:30 UTCVincent de Phily Checked the Kilkenny fix, which is fine :)

Please split that kind of changeset into smaller areas : it makes reviewing easyer.
22015-05-21 09:26:00 UTCtrigpoint Agree totally, changesets covering such a vast area make review very difficult and make us suspicious you are trying to hide something.
12015-05-13 14:43:00 UTCVincent de Phily Is the construction of the parking finished ?
12015-05-13 14:39:43 UTCVincent de Phily Shouldn't be natural=hill ?
12015-05-13 14:24:37 UTCVincent de Phily Is the place=region node ( supposed to be a locality, or is it just a mishap that should be deleted ?
22015-05-13 17:09:16 UTCDafo43 It was a typo. I deleted the node now given that the old road will be completely replaced by the motorway.
12015-04-16 16:35:35 UTCVincent de Phily Reverted. Please grow up, and contribute something usefull.
12015-04-16 09:57:24 UTCVincent de Phily OSM is a collaborative project. We all work on the same data. Changes you make here are presented to the community, so you should only contribute information that exists in real life. If you want to experiement in a sandbox, use the iD editor's tutorial mode.
12015-03-09 12:45:45 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM :)

You need to tag the nodes in order for them to be usefull. Looking for I suppose ?

Also, I expect the node off the irish coast is an editing misshap, no cave there ?
12015-02-23 14:47:17 UTCVincent de Phily Nice surveying job, but there are a few issues :

* The golf tags are duplicated on all the nodes, when they should only be on the ways. Search (ctrl+f) for "type:node golf=*" in josm to select and cleanup the nodes.
* A few fairways are mapped in duplicates. Choose one.
* There are po...
22015-02-23 15:05:59 UTCRovastar The node issues and dups I have fixed already. A simple fix when you know how.

There are not too many nodes - this is great. Don't listen to the haters,
Please leave as it is.
Don't use Simplify ways in Josm. Simplify way is simply useless. It will reduce all your work and ways to a complete m...
32015-02-23 15:24:58 UTCRagi Yaser Burhum Than you Vincent and Rovastar for fixing andpointing out how to improve the data! I really appreciate the help from both of you.

To make this easy in the future, I can also setup different thresholds in the mobile device or server as far as how often I want a vertex. Should I drop down to every ...
42015-02-23 15:48:48 UTCVincent de Phily Collecting many points during your initial survey is great, no need to change that. But (IMHO) apply some restraint when uploading to osm.

Josm's simplify way tool *can* be used, but you really need to lower its threshold otherwise (as Rovastar pointed out) it'll remove too much detail. edit -&g...
52015-02-23 16:42:10 UTCRovastar I don't see any need to change what you are doing. I don't see any point making entering data more difficult for yourself.
Some don't enter detailed data and don't see the need.
Simplifying tools will *always* lose information.
Openstreetmap has a large database all your edits in this set only c...
62015-02-24 09:11:56 UTCPieren > 0.000005%
This is not the question. Ways are simplified everywhere in OSM. I don't understand why it should different here.
72015-02-24 22:48:04 UTCHjart I have *many* times seen the accuracy of ways *increase* just by deleting nodes either manually or by using one of the simplifying tools. Please note that there's a "simplifyarea" plugin (which I often use).
82015-02-24 22:59:46 UTCRagi Yaser Burhum I think what I will do in all future uploads is to run (1) ST_SimplifyPreserveTopology in the server before exporting and use a 1m tolerance and (2) drop all vertices where the accuracy is not at least 5m. That would reduce several vertices.
12015-02-03 20:35:44 UTCVincent de Phily Cool, I was recently wondering about the status this planned bridge, and now OSM brings me the good news :) Cheers.
12015-01-23 11:49:07 UTCVincent de Phily Are you sure about changing the barrier=ditch to railway=abandoned ? See
22015-01-23 12:09:07 UTCDafo43 Yes, you can see some of the old rails beside where it crossed the river. I took photos but I'll have to search for them.
32015-01-23 14:01:40 UTCDafo43 I checked and can't find the photo, next time I'm there I will take another. If you look very closely you can just about make out the 2 rails across the river. I presume the railway was for bog cutting during WWII.
42015-01-23 14:49:53 UTCVincent de Phily Fair enough. Maybe add a note tag to the object to ward off future interrogations.

Does the current usage also warrant the highway=track tagging (in addition to railway=abandoned) ?
52015-01-23 20:40:46 UTCDafo43 No, it's definitely not usable as a track, they tend to collect water and haven't been used in 60 years. I'll add a note now.
62015-05-13 17:20:40 UTCDafo43 Images:
12015-01-14 10:53:56 UTCVincent de Phily See for the consented-upong naming and proper tagging. It'd be nice to have map the boundary, but that one was really off the mark as well.
12015-01-13 13:04:17 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, welcome to OSM :)

Please add a comment on why you deleted this. What is your source of information ? Was the feature badly tagged ? If so, you should change its name rather than deleting it.
22015-01-13 13:56:01 UTCMapper27 This land is not a "dumping ground" and should not have been described as such. I am a Director of the company which owns this land. It is a field so doesn't have a name associated with it.
32015-01-13 15:54:32 UTCVincent de Phily Ok :) And it looks like the original mapper too agrees with the changes ( Thanks for contributing.
12015-01-13 13:21:51 UTCVincent de Phily Mostly deleted by

Please discuss and keep the tags as factual as possible.
22015-01-13 14:05:43 UTCidnoc Changes observed. There is an identifiable raised landfill at this location
32015-01-13 14:57:13 UTCidnoc Commentary on edit noted also and will agree with removal
12014-11-27 10:57:41 UTCVincent de Phily Hi, congrats on your first changeset :)

You might wonder why nothing appears on the rendered map. This is because you need to add tags to your way to describe what it is. See

It looks like this way should be "highway=unclassified" at the sta...
22014-11-27 11:29:20 UTCD Muldoon Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking it could not be that simple to add road to this fantastic map, so I'm not surprised that I have to add more info. I'll spend some time later to see if I can complete it.

12014-11-06 21:24:54 UTCVincent de Phily How was the train platform "problematic" ? Current status looks even more problematic, I'd be surprised if it refected reality. Did you survey, or just look at the osm data ?
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