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12018-08-20 17:49:32 UTCsorcrosc Permanent or not, it say it is closed from 2009 and I can't find more recent info to think otherwise.

22018-08-20 17:57:38 UTCjan_olieslagers Ok, thanks for info, and for polite discussion. It is a pity we do not have a formal procedure for closed or disused aerodromes. But I agree that, if it has been closed for close on 10 years, it is little likely to reopen...
Kind regards / Migliore Salute,
32018-08-21 21:04:23 UTCsorcrosc Lifecycle prefixes are the formal procedure.
See here please:
12018-08-06 20:46:46 UTCmmd copyright is incompatible with ODbL. Do you have asked for permission to use this source? Where is this documented?
12018-07-27 09:42:10 UTCmaraf24 Deleted.
12018-06-10 08:22:17 UTCpio2_122 ICAO code has been removed because it doesn't exist... Did you check it on ? I did. This is ex military airport, now it's just training airstrip used by the Air Forces school.
22018-06-10 08:41:17 UTCjan_olieslagers OK, thanks.
12018-04-01 18:45:21 UTCSomeoneElse Who's "we"?

OSM's position on names is covered in the wiki here - .
22018-04-01 19:09:50 UTCjan_olieslagers Thank you for chiming in, critically yet politely.
I must admit that the "we" is a bit of "pluralis majestatis" - it really is my own personal opinion. Yet it is an opinion grown over the years, and over ample discussion.

1) aerodromes should really not be nameless. There hav...
32018-04-01 19:22:02 UTCJKHougaard There already is an access=private tag. It is up to the data user to interpret and display the appropriate tags so that the end user (the pilot in your example) has the correct information.
Frankly I do not agree with your story of a qualified pilot finding a random airstrip in OSM and deciding to ...
42018-04-01 19:28:14 UTCjan_olieslagers @JKHougaard: you are entirely right, we cannot be considered responsible for the interpretation of the data we present. Still, is that a sufficient reason to NOT give this particular field a "name=" tag? There are hundres of little airfields around Europe that are not in any official sourc...
52018-04-01 19:42:34 UTCHjart My opinion is: Mappers inventing names is BAD. Airfields and other objects in OSM should be tagged with verifiable official names only. Anything else will eventually lead to confusion.
Maps used by aviators should display the content of access tags.
62018-04-01 19:48:07 UTCjan_olieslagers @hjart: first of all my apologies for misspelling your id higher up. That said: surely an official name is to be preferred, but if there is none than it is better to do our best than to offer nothing at all. What name is given can be discussed, and edited, asnd changed, and changed again, but no nam...
72018-04-01 19:56:58 UTCHjart I also think it's now time to remove "invented name" from other airstrips. I think you'll have to come up with better cope with nameless airstrips.
No name is not bad and certainly not "the worst there can be".
Not respecting access=private tags etc is worse.
82018-04-01 20:07:25 UTCjan_olieslagers There you are mixing up two points. On the one hand I am glad to agree that tags like "private=*" are very important, and should be respected. On the other hand I insist we cannot be TOO clear; so we should use all means available, and the "name=" is one and a very prominent one....
92018-04-01 20:08:18 UTCjan_olieslagers And what do you mean with "better cope with nameless airstrips"?
102018-04-01 20:11:23 UTCHjart I meant "you'll have to find better ways to cope with nameless airstrips". Inventing names for them is not good and will not prevent cases like the one you gave above.
112018-04-01 20:18:20 UTCHjart I personally think a lot of people will disagree with adding "private" or "public", whatever to names of all aerodromes just to "clear" the way you describe.
122018-04-01 20:19:12 UTCjan_olieslagers Sorry, I really cannot agree. Are you really meaning to say that "name=" should only be tagged if an official source is given? If so, how do you define "official"? For an extreme example, what was the official source for the "name=" in node 2318851468 ? Are you really g...
132018-04-01 20:29:36 UTCHjart Yes, I think that "name=" should be tagged only if the airstrip has an actual official name. I researched this airstrip and found that it's private and doesn't actually have an official name. I think inventing one is wrong.
The node you mention can be verified by going to
142018-04-01 20:38:05 UTCjan_olieslagers Again sorry, but you do nothing to convince me. There is nothing official about the source you mention. That this name has been invented by someone else does not make a difference, it is not an official name so it is an invented name - if I follow your reasoning.

But you may find me an official s...
152018-04-01 20:43:22 UTCjan_olieslagers And may I also refer to the pointer by @SomeoneElse at the very beginning of this discussion: I could find nothing there to imply that only "official" names can be used. But the article seems to care little about aerodromes.
162018-04-01 20:46:53 UTCHjart Nothing is being "hushed up" here. You invented this name even though you are not the owner or in any anyway affiliated with this particular airstrip, right? Just like you invented names for a gazillion other airstrips around the map?
Please note that another mapper (apparently with more ...
172018-04-01 20:50:34 UTCjan_olieslagers What has "being the owner" to do here? Has only the owner the right to add a "name=*" tag?
The arguments are becoming more and more remote, there must really be something dark behind it all. Why not call an apple an apple? Why not call an Airstrip in Slagelse an Airstrip in Slag...
182018-04-01 20:51:46 UTCHjart @jan the link given by SomeoneElse says "If something really doesn't have a name, don't add a name to OpenStreetMap"
This airstrip doesn't actually have a name, so don't add one.
192018-04-01 20:57:05 UTCjan_olieslagers You are only saying it does not have an "official" name. Again, a dog is a dog and a train is a train and an Airstrip in Stragelse is an Airstrip in Stragelse. Allow me to insist: what is so very wrong about giving this one airstrip a name, even if it is not offical? Your insistence - agai...
202018-04-01 20:58:27 UTCHjart Another mapper removed the name you invented for this airstrip (because of lack of verifiability) and I've put the noname=yes tag back. Please respect it
212018-04-01 20:58:42 UTCjan_olieslagers (apologies for the typo - s/Stragelse/Slagelse/g)
222018-04-01 20:59:39 UTCjan_olieslagers Sorry, I won't - but I will not enter a reversal war either.
232018-04-01 21:03:48 UTCSomeoneElse @jan_olieslagers Any name for an object must be verifiable by other mappers - see for details. Something that you made up isn't a name, it's just a description.
242018-04-01 21:11:29 UTCjan_olieslagers Thanks again, @SomeoneElse. Can it be verified that an apple is an apple? Can it be verified that an Airstrip in Slagelse is an Airstrip in Slagelse? May an apple be given the name "apple" May ... ??
252018-04-01 23:58:18 UTCHjart @jan, Please see
262018-04-07 19:27:26 UTCJJIglesias My Opinion: Any Airstrip to be "legal" needs some kind of approval by the Aeronautical Authorities; and that Authority publish the location of each one of those airstrips, with certain characterists like longines and orientation of the airstrip. Name is NOT mandatory, but lenght, orientati...
272018-04-07 19:43:46 UTCjan_olieslagers Thanks, @JJIglesias. I have resigned to the existence of aerodromes with no name, though it feels to me like "a pub with no beer" :) And I certainly agree that we are NOT producing the AIP or any other official kind of data. However I cannot agree with you that all aerodromes (in the broad...
12018-03-30 20:52:52 UTCHjart This appears to be a one man private strip. I've added info on the source tag.
12018-03-28 02:04:56 UTCbxl-forever Hello,
Technically you are right, but normally we are supposed to observe the official spelling: both UrBIS street directory and street signs agree to call it "Michel Angelolaan", even though it should normally be written as one word.
I have reverted the change but added the corrected ve...
12018-03-11 20:28:59 UTCtrial According to, it should be rather tagged:


22018-03-11 20:39:26 UTCjan_olieslagers Merci de votre communication polie et constructive! A ce que je comprends, il y a bien une piste de modellistes mais l'autre sert aux ULM - bonne idée de combiner les deux activités, sur deux pistes parallèles! Ma source est le site qui mentionne le terrain ...
32018-03-11 21:33:48 UTCtrial bonjour, non en fait il semble que la partie ULM soit toujours occasionnellement active, Cf., où il est suggéré d'ajouter access=private.
Ce que je comprends c'est que c'est la même piste et que les ...
12018-03-02 08:18:49 UTCZverik Hi, I assume this runway was imported from

As you can see on the website, there is no runway there: it's just an ad for a hotel nearby, masked as an aerodrome.

Which makes me question other edits you've made using d...
12017-12-11 21:33:15 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo
ваша назва відсутня у джерелах
12017-12-11 21:28:25 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo у зв'язку з знищенням української мови /військовий аеродром Жовтневий / правка ліквідована
12017-12-04 14:03:20 UTCtux67 Hi jan_olieslagers,
removing the aeroway=aerodrome from the surrounding shape (which was added by the previous user) might or might not be the right step, but now you left over a shape that has just a name and no landuse or similar relevant information - which is for sure not the intention.
I wou...
22017-12-04 18:36:57 UTCjan_olieslagers Hallo Stephan,
Thanks for constructive and polite discussion! Yes, moving all data from the NODE to the WAY would be one possible approach. I have however little trust in this WAY as it is now - have you seen it cuts straight across the apron?
On a more general note, I much regret that OSM leaves ...
32017-12-04 19:24:52 UTCtux67 Hi Karel,
thanks for the quick response. For now I followed the approach to used the existing way, but I added a fixme tag to the element - will ask one of the guys who created it to have another look, whether it can be optimized.

BR to Belgium
42017-12-04 19:25:26 UTCtux67 Forgot to mention ...
12017-11-03 21:04:58 UTCandergrin This field is on the way to be built by industrial buildings.
12017-10-14 14:22:51 UTCBohdanKuts Hi, jan_olieslagers!
Could you, please, provide source of the place which you added in this changeset?
22017-10-14 14:36:29 UTCjan_olieslagers It is one of the many I added after finding of That data can be downloaded in several formats, I am using an xml version.
32017-10-14 14:40:40 UTCBohdanKuts Do you trust this source of information?
It seems to me, that it contains very outdated information (according to the place we are talking about).
42017-10-14 14:46:35 UTCjan_olieslagers I am far away, local information is always better. If you have information that this is no longer an active aerodrome, please feel free to add tags like "disused=yes" or "closed=yes". Thanking you for paying attention! And yes, a central repository of information, quite specialis...
52017-10-14 15:00:31 UTCBohdanKuts Thanks for info and quick answers! Will check that place one day.
12017-09-17 11:34:43 UTCliteran there's no serodrome there: it's closed several years ago. Now big construction site. Reverting.
22017-09-17 11:36:03 UTCliteran Also look here:
32017-09-17 11:42:39 UTCjan_olieslagers Yes, I am well aware it is closed; that is why I added a tag "closed=yes" :)
I am sorry about the reversal. Couldn't it be left in place, given its historical importance? Also, as I understand, its icao code UUUS is still valid and assigned.
42017-09-17 12:05:30 UTCliteran look at my link. was:aeroway=aerodrome (it's the right tag) is there
12017-09-10 17:22:15 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello jan_olieslagers. What is `ctct:email`? Or should it be `contact:email`?
22017-09-14 15:01:01 UTCjan_olieslagers So ist es gemeint, ja. Du kannst es gerne anpassen wenn du dafür guten Grund siehst. Ich bin mir eben nicht so sicher ob es eine gute Idee ist, Email-Adressen zu mappen, die ändern sich ja so schnell.,
32017-09-14 15:03:23 UTCHarald Hartmann Mir ist das letztendlich auch egal. Wollte dich nur darauf hinweisen, dass es so im Moment niemand verwenden kann, da der verwendete Key `ctct:email` unbekannt und somit wohl auch von keinem ausgelesen wird/werden kann.
42017-09-14 15:23:25 UTCjan_olieslagers OK, klar, vielen Dank! Ich überlege mal...
12017-08-26 12:14:30 UTCliteran why do you map helipad like aerodrom??? it's helipad only
12017-08-24 13:14:01 UTCflightsimmer You deleted information needed by X-Plane scenerydesigners. These keys need to be in place. Thanks.
22017-08-24 16:12:43 UTCjan_olieslagers I am afraid we cannot be bothered by the needs of one or other private club. Will seek advise before reverting, though. If you can find another way to avoid double information, you are very welcome. Regards,
12017-07-16 09:46:40 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you have any details for this airstrip. I can find no info.
22017-07-16 10:03:21 UTCjan_olieslagers I found it in a list , published as a pdf, called "Britisch Isles Airfield Guide". It dates from 2013 though, so I cannot vouch there still is an active aerdrome today. Do feel free to add "note" or "fixme" or "closed=yes" as you see fit. Regards,
32017-07-17 14:49:02 UTCSomeoneElse @jan_olieslagers what's the licence associated with the PDF and where did the information in it come from?
42017-07-17 15:54:10 UTCjan_olieslagers I've no idea. There is no mention of copyright or licence in the pdf that I could find. Let me have an address and I'll be glad to mail it to you. Regards,
52017-07-18 20:04:52 UTCSomeoneElse A quick web search of "Britisch Isles Airfield Guide" "pdf" "2013" finds a few candidates, such as . Is it perhaps one of those?
In the absense of any other information we probably can't assum...
62017-07-19 10:23:52 UTCCebderby Visually, the line of T hangars at the west shows it was an aviation site (at the time of the images). Looks like it is a private site known variously as (Wickwar/Yate) Chase Farm (Airstrip), certainly in use 2009-2016 (see The E-W run...
12017-07-18 09:44:56 UTCVincent de Phily Howdy. Care to comment on ? Thanks.
12017-03-11 20:52:47 UTCtuxayo Bonjour, il semble y avoir un problème avec la position de l'aérodrome. Où est-il censé être?

De plus le lien vers le site web ne fonctionne pas.
22017-03-11 20:58:42 UTCtuxayo Lien qui montre bien l'aérodrome au milieu de l'eau:
32017-07-14 19:10:57 UTCtuxayo Contributeur relancé par MP
42017-07-14 19:11:31 UTCtuxayo Note liée:
12017-06-01 05:58:05 UTCkayle Hi, what is source for this aerodrome? Orthophoto is showing nothing like runway. Well, surface near this point has different color, but it is probably only mown area. Different ofthophoto show same surface. And there is OSM note about no aerodrome here, only a field.
22017-06-01 21:33:55 UTCjan_olieslagers It was taken (along with several more) from

32017-06-19 07:35:30 UTC*Martin* Also please don't put generic name "Letisko" into name tag. It should only be name="Bojničky". It is the same like we don't add "City" to city names, like "Bratislava City". Thank you.
12017-05-20 16:20:49 UTCMarcoR According to the wiki¹, the local_ref tag should be used for bus stops only. Why don't you use ref or loc_ref tags?

22017-05-20 18:14:04 UTCjan_olieslagers Caro Marco,
Thanks for your comment. I fully agree there are far too many vague points regarding "what tag to apply where" and I dearly wish there would be clearer guidelines.
If creating a node (not a way as is the case here) with aeroway=aerodrome, local_ref IS a preferred tag of the P...
12017-03-10 15:27:07 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you have a source for this data?
12016-12-23 19:17:10 UTCRostranimin Hi Jan. I stumbled across the Fort Augustus airfield you'd mapped while I was doing something unrelated. Is this is a private strip? All the details I can find on the internet suggest this. I've added 'aerodrome=private' to the node in an attempt to indicate this (although it seems that there isn't ...
12016-11-19 12:24:04 UTCgpstracks Hi
The use of ref=* is discouraged.
" for an airport code, use a more specific key, such as iata=*, icao=* and faa=* "

Please revert.

And please explicate the deletion of the tag width=*
12016-11-07 05:41:54 UTCstephan75 Hallo Jan, ich weiß nicht ob dich schon anders wer angeschrieben hatte, aber deine Änderungen an Flugplätzen sind Thema im dt. OSM-Unterforum:

(ggf. Einloggen dort mit deiner OSM-Kennung)
12016-10-30 17:42:18 UTCHjart I have moved this a bit SW
12016-10-03 07:32:56 UTC*Martin* Ahoj. Prosim davaj popis ku kazdej tvojej zmene. Dakujem.
12016-09-14 21:26:23 UTCGinaroZ Surely this should be the name of the airfield (Strathallan Airfield) instead?
12016-09-14 16:58:55 UTC*Martin* Ahoj. Prosim davaj popis ku kazdej sade zmien. Dakujem.
12016-09-11 18:08:41 UTC*Martin* Ahoj. Prosim vzdy davaj popis k zmenam ktore si spravil. Dakujem.
12016-09-11 18:07:41 UTC*Martin* Ahoj. Skratky do nazvov nepatria. A do nazvu sa dava vlastne meno objektu, nie vseobecne, popisne.
12016-06-24 21:15:22 UTCHjart Flyvepladsens navn mm var i forvejen angivet på den omgivende polygon. Da det er bedst kun at have info et sted har jeg slettet det punkt du har lavet her (og på flere andre flyvepladser også).
En søgning på danske flyvepladser og lufthavne angivet i OSM kan ses p&ari...
12016-06-19 11:03:44 UTCHjart Holsted Flyveplads (EKHL) befinder sig ved Grindstedvej 26, 7 km nord herfor. På Geodatastyrelsens fotos kan man se græsbanen og et par gule flyvinger der stikker ud af laden.
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