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12017-03-29 16:47:38 UTCgormur Changeset comment incorrectly says 1211, Jondal is 1227
12017-03-20 14:05:39 UTCgormur Hei Jonadahl!
Velkommen som bidragsyter i OpenStreetMap!

Ser du ønsket å legge til m.o.h på en adresse. Men det ser ut til at det bare var navnet (Vidsyn Lodge) du også la til som kom med.

Den korrekte taggen for å angi m.o.h i osm er "ele" (for elevation).

Kanskje du også vet hva "V...
12017-03-20 14:00:39 UTCgormur Hei bilde2910!
Velkommen som bidragsyter til OpenStreetMap!
Ser du er godt i gang med gode bidrag.
Spør meg gjerne om det er noe du lurer på!

12017-03-20 13:56:56 UTCgormur Hei Jens!
Velkommen til som bidragsyter til OpenStreetMap!
Det ser ut til at du er godt i gang med gode bidrag. :)
Spør meg gjerne om det er noe du lurer på.
12017-03-20 13:52:58 UTCgormur Hei 3s4d!
Velkommen som bidragsyter til OpenStreetMap!
Ser du har "test-tegnet" en skog midt i Valevatn i Sirdal.
Du fikk det til! :)
Men nå kan du kanskje ta bort testen din igjen, siden det dukker opp på kartet for alle...

vennlig hilsen gormur
12017-03-20 13:49:13 UTCgormur Hei Semtex72!
Velkommen som bidragsyter til OpenStreetMap.
Ser du har lagt til en park i Holteveien 1. Sikker på at det ikke er et hus eller hage der?
12017-01-13 05:21:39 UTCTheSwavu Does

really have quotation marks in it's name?
22017-01-13 09:26:25 UTCgormur No. But it isn't an official name either. Added a note.
12016-07-27 14:56:01 UTCgormur Kraftverk og rørgate ble duplisert med dette changeset-et.
12016-07-07 16:48:27 UTCgormur Most, if not all, of these houses are not closed ways. They have duplicated nodes in one of the corners. Import gone wrong? Or did you draw them by hand?
12016-06-22 13:18:33 UTCgormur The peak is named "Gråkallen", and has nothing to do with the tram system in Trondheim...
22016-06-22 22:30:21 UTCanderfo I have resolved the issue. As gormur correctly wrote, the peak Gråkallen is not a tram line.
12016-04-13 06:14:25 UTCnammala Hi gormur,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap your buildings look great and the modifications you have done was awesome but the buildings are merged to one another please resolve them.

Happy mapping

22016-04-13 12:29:09 UTCgormur Can you please link to one example building with a problem?
32016-04-13 13:10:07 UTCnammala

you can see here the buildings are connecting with each other
42016-04-13 15:24:51 UTCgormur They look totally fine to me. They do touch eachother in real life too.
And by the way: I only updated the addresses in this changeset. Someone else drew the houses before me.
52016-04-14 05:03:12 UTCnammala okay fine
12016-02-05 18:05:54 UTCgormur But why change to a node?
If anything, it could have been expanded to a circular way, roughly the size and shape of the bay. Now there is no information about the size of the bay...
22016-02-05 19:38:01 UTCGerdP I don't know where the bay starts, and the wiki recommends to use either a node or an area, while JOSM complains about a way with this tag, see
12015-12-10 12:25:59 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please, can you explain why you need a highway=water ? If I got that right, you added this way to calm down OSM inspector? That looks not like a good idea to me.
22015-12-10 12:26:50 UTCGerdP Sorry, forgot the link to the way:
32016-02-05 10:32:57 UTCGerdP If there is no real road named Vågavågen,
I guess the addr:street=Vågavågen is simply wrong. Maybe it is better to use addr:place=Vågavågen or remove it ?
42016-02-05 16:09:07 UTCgormur Yeah.
There is no road named Vågavågen, perhaps a path at best, but certainly no named street.
Vågavågen is the name of the bay next to the adresses.
But the adresses are correct. They come from the official (very accurate) norwegian adress register (legal source, imported).
What is wrong he...
52016-02-05 17:05:29 UTCGerdP OK, did that, see
12015-12-10 06:32:00 UTCGerdP Hi there!
highway=x-cycleway is rarely used.
Are these ways closed (disused) now?
See e.g.
22015-12-10 13:25:19 UTCgormur It is being reconstructed. I will eventually get to reuse it, but do whatever you want to with it.
32015-12-10 17:31:33 UTCGerdP OK, I've changed them to disused:highway.
If I got you right the new cycleways will probably not be in the same place?
12015-11-11 14:37:13 UTCGerdP please review:
oneway=priority is only used here. It seems to means the same like
oneway=alternating which is also not documented but used 21 times, see for example this tagging which uses an additional note to explain the details:
22015-11-11 15:50:20 UTCgormur No, it is not the same as w5009690. There is not a oneway restriction here, just a priority for those who come from NW.
It might be misuse of the oneway tag for this, so I'd be happy to change to a better alternative, but I have not found one yet.
32015-11-11 15:53:58 UTCGerdP Maybe like in this proposal?
42015-11-11 16:15:01 UTCgormur Done.
52015-11-11 16:23:17 UTCGerdP :-)
12015-11-05 15:57:32 UTCgormur Noen spesiell grunn til at du slettet Ålgårdsslåtten (Way 40585137)? Har undeleted den nå.
12015-11-02 11:03:43 UTCGerdP please review

Bing shows a nice way close to it.
Was that build after you tagged it
highway=x-residential or is Bing out-dated now?
22015-11-02 16:19:28 UTCgormur No idea. Fixed it now. Just fix it if you find more.
12015-11-01 20:52:12 UTCGerdP please review:
is it okay to replace highway=bus_stop_inactive
by disused:highway=bus_stop ?
It is only used in this changeset, see e.g.
22015-11-01 23:54:58 UTCgormur Sure! You don't need to ask me for such small changes.
32015-11-02 05:48:48 UTCGerdP done, next time I just change and post a link
to the changesetto let you know, okay?
12015-10-21 15:48:46 UTCGerdP please review way 89763181:
would it be okay to change highway=racetrack to highway=raceway so that it is rendered in the map?
22015-10-21 17:06:50 UTCgormur Go ahead
12015-07-03 18:28:54 UTCGazer75 Kvar har du dette frå?
22015-07-03 21:33:25 UTCgormur Det kan hende jeg var litt rask på labben når jeg leste denne (eller en annen gjengivelse av Vegvesenet si pressemelding).
32015-07-03 21:39:40 UTCGazer75 Stemmer. Det var vel ledebil gjennom der ei stund.
12015-05-25 23:48:49 UTCgormur Why did you change Rogfast project from proposed to construction? No construction has been started. The project hasn't even been finally approved.
12015-05-13 21:12:16 UTCgormur There are some strange tags on ways in this changeset, please review your edit. Examplres: way 340066493, way 340068419, way 340068418
12015-05-12 18:57:56 UTCgormur Correcting changeset comment: Reusing redundant addr interpolating ways
12015-05-12 18:56:46 UTCgormur Correcting changeset comment: Reusing interpolation ways
12014-11-02 20:40:01 UTCgormur To dagers arbeid...
22015-05-04 15:44:18 UTCNoen Hvorfor har 93 gamle adressenoder havnet i en rekke på Sankthanshaugen?
32015-05-04 18:30:26 UTCgormur Uffda. Det er nok jeg som har glemt dem. Pleier å gjenbruke noder, i stedet for å slette, i hvert changeset. Gjør som du vil :-) Eller så tar jeg det senere.
12015-04-07 21:40:50 UTCethelmermaid Shouldn't these closures be rendered with temporary tags (, since the Østensjøbanen is coming back within a year?
22015-04-08 10:26:59 UTCgormur Are you thinking about ? Please comment on the relevant changeset.
12015-03-30 08:59:24 UTCgormur Discussion about what symbol to use posessive where name ends in s, z and x:
12015-03-29 22:05:43 UTCGazer75 If you use special letters in names then make sure the streets match. No idea what the special sign is, but it's not available on any keyboard.
22015-03-29 22:55:27 UTCgormur Example?
32015-03-30 05:29:00 UTCGazer75 All names with an apostrophe. You can find them using OSM Inspector. Using this apostrophe is creating problems imo. Only way to type it in Windows is by using ALT+0146 on the numpad. No GPS unit I have seen is capable of typing this as well. Yes, there is a difference between ’ and ' First one mi...
42015-03-30 08:56:46 UTCgormur This changeset only touched the addr:postcode, as the comment clearly says. Please comment on the original changeset.
12015-03-25 00:53:44 UTCgormur Ouch. This was an unfortunate slip. Was working to manually merge in an external data set, and the whole thing got sucked up. Sorry. This is a legal source, and I will commit to clean it up by merging into existing data.
12015-03-24 19:55:04 UTCgormur The tags on many of the buildings in this changeset seems have come from a failed import of some sort. Please review.
12015-03-19 19:57:10 UTCgormur Please note that 33 ways in this changeset had an empty key ("") with value "26871". I have put a fixme on those roads. Please review.
22015-03-22 09:37:25 UTCxtianetkti I don't know how this can append. This may came from previous map entries relocate by my way.
12015-03-07 23:08:15 UTCgormur There are three relations in this changeset that has no members. Please review.
12015-03-07 19:38:27 UTCgormur Please be advised that some of the buildings in this changeset seems to have got has some strange tags. Looks like some xml parsing error or something. Please revise. Example: way/309416762
22015-03-08 10:08:26 UTCWoGraSo I fixt ist
12015-03-06 11:44:17 UTCgormur Be aware that your changeset replaced a few "name" tags with "oneway".
22015-09-24 22:47:36 UTCLuis36995 Hello gormur:
It was my mistake to add oneway instead of name. However I saw you fixed them.
Thank you,
12015-03-06 02:49:50 UTCgormur Please review your import. There is a lot of character set issues with it.
F. ex this way:
22015-03-14 19:27:06 UTCBryce C Nesbitt This import appears to be spam, not just a bad import.
32015-03-14 19:28:43 UTCBryce C Nesbitt The entire changest should be reverted!
42015-03-15 02:00:24 UTCkikkawamitsuru Deleted bad data, already discussed on Talk-ja.
52015-03-15 06:11:25 UTCBryce C Nesbitt The bad data is not deleted, please check. Please revert this changeset.
62015-03-15 06:14:40 UTCBryce C Nesbitt For example this way still has bad keys and is not deleted.
12015-02-14 16:28:51 UTCGazer75 Wouldnt use Bing in this area, it is terribly misaligned along all axis.
22015-02-14 18:28:02 UTCgormur I know. Bing wasn't much used, just left it in the source field by default...
12015-02-04 05:46:44 UTCgormur Can be closed then? And remove fixme=geometry ?
12014-11-25 01:00:15 UTCgormur Hi!
Welcome to openstreetmap :)
You tagged a node as "rr". I don't know exactly what that means. Perhaps you can explain in words?
12014-11-25 00:52:39 UTCgormur Velcome to openstreetmap :)
Perhaps you can describe with words what is on the "SITE" you just edited? That way I can perhaps suggest a few more tags? best regards -gormur
12014-11-04 19:38:42 UTCgormur På ruters kart og står det at tidligere Vikatorvet nå heter "Ruseløkka" og ikke "Ruseløkka skole". Ta en dobbelsjekk?
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