Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12017-03-22 20:34:31 UTCGazer75 Stop breaking map with Bing mapping. Bing is not to be used unless you know it is properly georectified. The road was already lined up with official data from the Norwegian Mapping Authority.
12017-03-22 19:30:13 UTCGazer75 Really not needed in a route going back and forth between A and B.
22017-03-22 20:16:43 UTCFredrikLindseth I guess my plan was to make it public_transport:version=2 at some point, but I guess a relation was a bit overkill at this moment :-)
12017-03-18 12:48:16 UTCGazer75 Vinstra is not a city. A town at best. Cities in are normally 100k people. In Norway this is 50k with exceptions of Tromsø, Bodø, Kristiansand.
Please do not mistake the city status some places have given themselves after 1996 as the same. Places with less than 1000 people have city status.
12017-02-20 11:07:00 UTCGazer75 Please do not edit with Bing in Norway unless you know what you're doing.
House number nodes should never be moved, these are imported from the Norwegian Mapping Authority and have high quality position. They can actually be of great help to see if Bing is bad.
12017-01-02 14:51:35 UTCGazer75 So they have actually signposted this road with the white number signs?
22017-01-02 20:47:59 UTCSM031
32017-01-02 22:31:54 UTCGazer75 That's down between fv213 and the "new" connection to E6 and fv255 south of Storhove. If you haven't visually verified signs north of this yourself then please do not alter class.
NVDB list no signs outside this roundabout:
42017-01-03 07:49:20 UTCSM031 Viser også til dette:

Bildet fra Wikipedia er ikke tatt i den nye forbindelsen mellom E 6 og fv 312, men rett nord for rundkjøringen mellom fv 213 og fv 312.
52017-01-03 12:21:23 UTCGazer75 Flott! Då er den grei. Om du bur i området så kan du kanskje sjekke 312 mellom Granrudmoen og Tretten også?
Ser ut til at SVV går bort frå det normale her. Normalt sett har vegklasse 2 og 3 vore skilta, men no ser det ut til at dei også skiltar 4. Får ta dette opp i epost lista. Vi må kans...
12017-01-02 01:36:22 UTCGazer75 Tunnelen er ikkje åpna!
12016-12-29 12:52:33 UTCGazer75 Veit ikkje kven som har lagt motortrafikkveg inn der, men det er feil. Teknisk sett så er faktisk "trunk" i OSM det samme som motortrafikkveg her i Norge, men sidan vi brukar den på alle riks- og europavegar, så blir det feil. Vi brukar motorroad=yes på motortrafikkveg.

Ver snill å reversere...
22016-12-29 12:59:02 UTCGazer75 Kan legge til at litt av grunnen er at vi setter "class" til vegeigar. Fylkesvegar kan og vere motortrafikkveg og kan jo då ikkje taggas som motorveg. Men som "primary/secondary" + motorroad=yes
12016-12-23 13:10:35 UTCGazer75 Please don't alter roads that have already been improved with data from Kartverket and/or NVDB. Unless you use an industrial grade GPS, or the road have changed significantly, data from Kartverket will always be better quality.
12016-12-08 11:36:40 UTCGazer75 Vaskehallen er ikkje teikna inn på kartet. Det du markerte som vaskehall her faktisk taket på truck diesel pumpene :)
12016-11-11 12:27:10 UTCGazer75 Did they actually close this before completing the new temporary ramp?
There is no mention of this on the projects Facebook page.
12016-11-07 18:12:51 UTCGazer75 Short constructions like this do not really warrant a map edit. There will be a lot of tunnels closed at different times due to maintenance.
12016-10-18 01:17:04 UTCGazer75 Is the tunnel closed? Can't find any info about that at
22016-10-18 21:41:18 UTCalpesk No, it's not closed. I can't see any info about that on Open Street Map. I changed some info about a month ago that pedestrians and cyclists are not admitted on this road.
32016-10-19 01:50:00 UTCGazer75 The access=no tag is a blanket one that will not allow anything. Should never be used unless completely closed. Simply use foot=no and bicycle=no
12016-10-17 18:59:40 UTCGazer75 Du har laga alt for komplisert kryss mellom rv3 rampar og fv215/601. Heilt unødvedig og kan lage rare problem for ruting software.
Skal heller ikkje vere eigen "way" for avkøyringsfelt (Haugedalsveien mot rv3) i OSM. Bruk heller turn:lanes=
12016-09-16 04:03:07 UTCGazer75 Intersection for fv410 and 420 needs a lot of fixing. Do not use separate ways for lanes at intersections and crossing ways over another like this.
Use turn lanes and turn restrictions.
Only lanes physically divded by kerbs or similar should have separate ways.
22016-09-16 04:38:52 UTCNKA Agree. This is a problem from the Elveg import data. Will look into it.
32016-09-16 06:11:12 UTCGazer75 I had that intersection perfectly mapped out before you replaced it with Elveg :)
42016-09-16 06:13:20 UTCGazer75 Never replace existing roads unless you have local knowledge of the road and know that what is there is wrong ;)
52016-09-16 07:00:22 UTCNKA Agree. I know this place very well.
12016-08-27 08:40:41 UTCGazer75 Please use english description.

From google translate I see you used BIng to map this? I would advice against using Bing in Norway unless you have very good reference gps points or local knowledge. The Bing aerials are often very poorly georectified in Norway.
22016-09-03 16:39:45 UTCPapalinux Hi Gazer75,
thanks for your mean. I was in Holidays in Norway and have saw, that OSM is uncomplite. That was my fist try for correct the map. Now I have real GPS-Tracks and will send this in the next days.
12016-08-27 08:26:18 UTCGazer75 Vær snill å ikkje kall "changesets" for Div. Gi meir info om kva som er endra.
12016-08-17 16:34:11 UTCGazer75 Vegen kunne vel like godt vore fjerna heilt då den ikkje vil sjå ut slik i framtida? Ny veg ligg inne som "construction".
22016-08-19 17:15:23 UTCStyrheim Nå er det ei ukes tid siden jeg forlot Kongsberg. Men da var veien fortsatt der, synlig i terrenget. Og så lenge den er fysisk til stede, tror jeg det kan være en god idé at den er like synlig på kartet som i terrenget?

I alle fall - det viktigste er nok at GPS'ene ikke planlegger kjøring p...
12016-08-13 08:23:10 UTCGazer75 Your import made duplicate ways along the coastline. Also the coastlines have no dates from Kartverket. And please check existing data before overwriting with an import. I've had to fix all the ferry terminals...
22016-08-13 09:16:43 UTCcmeeren Beklager på det sterkeste! Dette var bare slurv fra min side. De gamle kystlinjene var så håpløst unøyaktige at jeg overhodet ikke tenkte på at linjene rundt fergeterminaler kunne være oppdaterte.

De fleste kystlinjene har dato, men ikke alle - jeg slo sammen noen av de nye kystlinjesegmen...
32016-08-13 10:49:16 UTCGazer75 Import av ein kommune så stor som Gulen ville nok eg brukt noken timar på. Den er ikkje den verste pga lite eksisterande data.
Hyllestad rett nord for Gulen brukte eg vel halve dagen på ;)
12016-08-10 12:41:32 UTCØystein Bjørndal (1) Could you please use a more descriptive changset comment than "fixing the map"
(2) What is the purpose of this change, I checked a few of the edits and you seem to be replacing e.g. name="Rema 1000 Lakselv" with "Rema 1000" which I fail to see the advantage of.
22016-08-10 20:03:34 UTCFredrikLindseth The names of the shops on their webpage clearly states their names as "Rema 1000 $place" ref
This edit is clearly not correct
32016-08-13 08:26:06 UTCGazer75 Someone need to revert this change. All supermarkets like this should have its location name. Makes it easier to look up in a navigation device.
42016-08-13 22:07:41 UTCHelgeO I have a backup of the dataset before the change and can revert. It need some time to process it.

I have not replied before as I have tried to get in contact with Rema 1000 to get a statement from them regarding this issue.

If you look at the shop - at least any shop that I have been in you wi...
52016-08-14 05:24:55 UTCØystein Bjørndal Please do the revert. I see no disadvantage of having rema 1000 $place but I see the advantages.

In addition to the points mentioned, my guess from looking at the job section of, is that if you ask an employee he will tell you he works at rema 1000 $place.

Feel free to discuss an impor...
62016-08-21 09:47:08 UTCØystein Bjørndal Any progress on reverting this? You may find the following proposal of interest as it seems to be accepted: Note also the use of capital letters, which should be REMA 1000 $place.
72017-01-03 18:55:02 UTCØystein Bjørndal Since you have not fixed this, I reverted this with changeset 44868733.
12016-07-31 17:55:23 UTCGazer75 Why change this to construction?
22016-07-31 18:02:25 UTCdocschenk Because IT IS construction at the moment. There even is a deviation for cyclists (about + 10km, about + 500 m elevation). I somehow managed to pass the construction site but had to carry my bike some meters and also couldn't ride for another some 100 meters.
32016-07-31 18:56:36 UTCGazer75 The entire stretch of road is still under construction? I thought the road past the residential area at Espavegen 781 is not closed?
12016-07-30 11:46:30 UTCGazer75 This change broke
If you do not know how to deal with large multipolygons then please ask for help fixing errors.

I have fixed the problem.
22016-08-10 16:47:09 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thanks for notifying me about this change. I will be more careful in future especially when working on large multipolygons and relations.

Thank you for your feedback.
12016-06-03 08:32:02 UTCGazer75 Please do not edit roads and things you know nothing about. You reverted my edit around Anda. Was tempted to revert the entire changeset, but I have instead fixed your road mistakes.

Ask the previous editor if you find data that might not match before editing.
22016-06-03 11:10:21 UTCtknudsen Dear sir, what external source are you using that allow you to indicate that my edits are false? Please answer and do not do any more changes until we figure out what source is more valid.
32016-06-03 11:28:19 UTCGazer75 My own eyes?
They altered the area when the runway was made longer.
You can check out Google, Bing, Norge i bilder and if you do not believe me.
42016-06-03 11:40:51 UTCtknudsen Thank you for your answer.. I used statens kartverk for changing this, but will re-check when I get home from work. Do you know when they changed this due to extension of the runway.. Reason why I am asking is that we are making the the airport for x-plane and we are using the map to populate roads ...
52016-06-03 12:05:55 UTCGazer75 Karverket can be slow to update some data. Though "Norge i bilder" is showing the new runway and E39 in a picture taken May 2013. Further back in 2010 it was still under construction. Looks like Google map aerial is from around 2010. Bing however have a more recent one showing the longer runway.
62016-06-03 12:14:40 UTCGazer75 Keep in mind that "Norge i bilder" can not be used as a source when editing here. This data is not considered open.
72016-06-03 14:19:28 UTCtknudsen I have permission to use Norge i Bilder and their wms version is even more detailed within JOSM. But I did check and it seems that Norge i bilder has some older imagery showing the runway not to be updated, so I checked with statkart and it seems to be correct. So for me this is truly ok. Thank you ...
82016-06-03 15:03:48 UTCGazer75 If you have a written permission by Kartverket to use those aerials in OSM then you need to post a copy of the permit on the mailing list and put on the OSM wiki. If this is a permission for only you then you can not use it in OSM.
I needs to be reported in as a source we can legally use.
92016-06-03 16:08:14 UTCtknudsen The permission is for my company and cannot be shared with the community for all to use.
102016-06-03 16:33:58 UTCGazer75 But then you are not allowed to use this in OSM. Data used in OSM need to be open data, not some data that one person have access to.
112016-06-03 16:41:37 UTCGazer75 Only data from Kartverket that can be used in OSM is what you find at which is licensed under CC BY 4.0
122016-06-04 23:52:33 UTCtknudsen I use my wms data in JOSM, this works great, I also use data from statkart to check in accordance with OSM, been doing this for years. Have a good one. Case closed.
132016-06-05 00:14:51 UTCGazer75 This is not a closed case. Will take this with the OSM data working group. Can't have OSM end up in a copyright problem.
You might end up with account ban and all data reverted. Really hope not, but they are very strict on this. So unless you can show a letter saying they explicitly allow you to us...
142016-06-05 22:23:13 UTCtknudsen Do what you like, I have all in perfect order so I have nothing to worry about,There is not copyright issue here, but do what you feel you need to do :)

Norgeibilder has no user restrictions
152016-06-05 23:43:52 UTCGazer75 Sent a request for clarification on this.
From what I can tell the wms data is restricted and not released under NLOD or CC BY.
Some of the data have no icon under open data column, but that doesn't mean it can be used. Only data with a green ope...
162016-06-06 08:07:23 UTCGazer75 Got a reply from Jon Arne Trollvik saying no, the Norge i bilder WMS data can not be used for OSM. It has licensing and is not open. So please stop using your WMS access to edit.
12016-03-04 11:17:44 UTCGazer75 Bør bruke conditional access tags her. Date on/off skal ikkje brukast lenger.
22016-03-05 17:35:49 UTCNoen Jeg følgte taggingen beskrevet i dette forslaget:
Mulig forslaget er utdatert?
32016-03-05 17:45:35 UTCGazer75 Var ein gammal draft der der. Ikkje klar over at den eksisterte.
42016-03-05 17:48:55 UTCGazer75 date_on og date_off var satt som utdatert i 2013.
12016-02-20 19:47:27 UTCGazer75 Where is the approval to use these aerials? I have never seen this been discussed on the mailing list.
12016-02-19 19:46:14 UTCGazer75 Her har du laga mykje rot i N50 importen....
22016-02-19 19:59:50 UTCHjart I think I may have connected a lot of very short similarly tagged coastlines, but other than that?
32016-02-19 20:13:06 UTCGazer75 Ups! Wrong set. You were listed as having changed a relation and a border. Apparently Mr. Lindseth is the one to blame :)
12015-07-25 18:05:07 UTCGazer75 Denne laga veldig mange duplikat. Ver så snill å samle data med eksisterande.
22015-07-25 18:07:41 UTCGazer75 Kva source har du brukt? Manuel leiting på nett?
32016-02-19 20:07:27 UTCGazer75 Har du tenkt å rydde opp?
12016-01-16 06:33:30 UTCGazer75 Ver så snill å ikkje importere blindt. Masse av importen har faktisk laga kartet dårlegare. Ta inn Elveg data der det ikkje er gater fra før.
12015-11-20 20:06:00 UTCGazer75 Så heile Knappetunnelen er skilta som motorveg??
12015-11-13 08:57:29 UTCGazer75 Do not move house number nodes if you do not know what you are doing. These are very good quality data from Kartverket. Moving them destroys the accuracy of the map.
If the nodes do not match the aerial imagery then assume the aerial is wrong. Bing and other aerials are often misaligned with the re...
12015-11-07 07:43:29 UTCGazer75 Why was Ski upgraded to city? If a place with 10-15000 people is considered a city then we have a lot of them :)

Listed population is for the entire municipality and not the town itself. According to SSB the town itself has 12344. Population number set currently includes Ås as well.
22015-11-07 09:18:33 UTCØystein Bjørndal I used the 'by-status', "I 2004 valgte kommunestyret i Ski å gi tettstedet bystatus."

Hvis det er feil er det bare å endre tilbake igjen.
32015-11-07 09:23:41 UTCGazer75 Trur vi må ta vurdering etter andre kriterier. Rjukan har også by status men under 1500 innbyggere ;)
42015-11-07 09:34:20 UTCØystein Bjørndal det er du som snakker om antall innbyggere, jeg har bare sett på 'by-status'. Hvis det er slik at man skal tagge etter antall innbyggere får du endre tilbake. Jeg har brukt SSR som kilde fordi Ski ligger inne som 'city' i SSR importen.
52015-11-07 09:38:34 UTCGazer75 Om du sjekker wiki så snakkar den faktisk om city for byer over 100k.
Ein kan ikkje bruke bystatus i OSM.
12015-11-04 02:50:34 UTCGazer75 Please undo this set. Aerials in this area is badly aligned. Its clearly visible when you look at the house numbers. They are from the Norwegian mapping agency and are normally accurate to less than a meter. They are also normally placed at the house main entrance.
22015-11-04 03:00:56 UTCGazer75 A Bing offset of 2.35; 13.70 is good for the houses you added.
12015-09-13 20:44:15 UTCGazer75 Du har sett feil klasse på fv 561. Den skal vere primary.
12015-08-28 19:23:33 UTCGazer75 Never use Bing to correct data unless you've surveyed it. Especially house number nodes are never to be moved unless surveyed. Data from the Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket) is usually of better quality. If you notice a large number of number nodes not aligning with Bing then Bing is most li...
12015-08-27 17:08:23 UTCGazer75 Do not move house numbers imported from the Norwegian Mapping Authority unless you know it is wrong from gps or local knowledge. And never use Bing over data from "Kartverket". Only reason to do that is if you have local knowledge from survey or GPS that match Bing.

I have already corrected the h...
22015-08-28 08:58:21 UTCChristian Madsen Thank you.
12015-08-21 10:59:41 UTCGazer75 Please do not change road class unless you know how the system works in Norway. This road is a national highway and is therefore a trunk road. Please revert this change.
22015-08-21 12:02:18 UTCProtoni Realy? Then I will revert this change.
But I have looked at
There are written: Streets with three digits are primary roads.
I think, in this area the national highway E18 is the Operatunnelen.
32015-08-21 17:38:40 UTCGazer75 The number of digits have nothing to do with it. Its the background of the sign that is important. National roads and E routes use green. Primary county roads use white.
Keep in mind the Norwegian Public Roads Administration are sometimes slow to replace signs if they change something. Like the nat...
12015-08-21 11:07:34 UTCGazer75 Please revert the road class changes. They are wrong. E route and national highways in Norway are trunk class.
12015-08-21 10:39:30 UTCGazer75 Why did you change this? This road is an E route road and thus should be trunk. All E routes and national highways in Norway will always be trunk or higher class.
12015-07-21 11:50:52 UTCGazer75 Waste of time to do any coastline edits with Bing in Norway. They are being updated slowly by better data from Norwegian Mapping Authority. Bing is also not adviced to use much in Norway as its often badly georeferenced.
22015-07-21 13:30:56 UTCHjart I agree . In Norway using Bing alone is not a good idea, since it is often 30-100 m off and you can't even expect it to be equally much off anywhere. You really need to consult the gps layers and Strava heatmaps wherever available.
12015-07-07 16:43:05 UTCGazer75 Hah! Ja Bing er håplaust mange plassar. Ser at fv60 frå Hellesylt til Sykkylven er ganske ille. Skal sjå om eg kan ta den med NVDB/Elveg overlay ein dag.

Er nokre tettstader som er mappa med dårleg Bing som vil krevje masse arbeid å rette opp i.
22015-07-08 07:50:04 UTCanderfo Stemmer. Istedet for å aktivt korrigere mye offset har jeg bestemt meg for å lære bort litt om dette til de som har gjort inntegninga. F.eks. å tipse dem om å bruke N50 og Strava heatmap som bakgrunn for å korrigere offset. Jeg har fått tilbakemelding fra flere av dem om at dette fungerte mye...
32015-07-08 08:13:28 UTCGazer75 Wikien kan endrast litt. Strava ligg inne alt og treng ikkje leggjast til i JOSM
42015-07-08 08:15:06 UTCanderfo Fordelen med å legge det inn selv er at man da kan få valgt en passelig farge og opacity på heatmap.

I tillegg kan man legge inn sin egen personlige Stravaheatmap (som kan oppdateres på et blunk), men det har jeg ikke beskrevet på wikien.
12015-07-03 18:28:54 UTCGazer75 Kvar har du dette frå?
22015-07-03 21:33:25 UTCgormur Det kan hende jeg var litt rask på labben når jeg leste denne (eller en annen gjengivelse av Vegvesenet si pressemelding).
32015-07-03 21:39:40 UTCGazer75 Stemmer. Det var vel ledebil gjennom der ei stund.
12015-06-30 18:20:20 UTCGazer75 651 Volda-Nordfjordeid is still a national highway and thus a trunk road. Please revert this change.
12015-06-30 18:17:00 UTCGazer75 This is a national highway and thus a trunk road. Please revert this change.
All national roads and E roads are trunks in Norway.
12015-04-24 10:50:37 UTCGazer75 Her har du rota det til :P Bergen er full av skog :)
22015-04-24 10:52:55 UTCGazer75 Ser ut til at det er som har feil
12015-04-22 22:30:18 UTCGazer75 Eit par ting her. Myr området ved dagens IKEA er jo ikkje myr så der burde du ha fjerna litt og laga nye linjer. Altså "merge". Er difor Bergen kan blir ei utfordring med å ta høgde for eksisterande data.
Når du la inn vatn så brukte du kun N50 og tok ikkje høgde for at Langavatnet vart fyl...
22015-04-23 16:07:04 UTCfrokor Ja, det har du heilt rett i. Har prøvd å retta det opp att så godt som rå. Har sjølvsagt prøvd å la det som er gjort bra være i fred. Spesielt i Åsane-området, og i sentrumsområdet er det veldig mykje data. Mange nodar på små område. Har zoom godt inn og gått systematisk fram og tilba...
32015-04-23 23:40:59 UTCGazer75 Er difor eg utsette Bergen :) Rekna med å bruke over ei veke total arbeidstid på den kommunen åleine pga alle eksisterande data.
12015-04-23 13:26:33 UTCGazer75 What kind of fixes were these? If you altered the segments then you need to update the source and remove the date from Kartverket import. This is important for future updates of Kartverket N50 data.
12015-04-22 14:10:14 UTCGazer75 Er det noko feil med data her? Lange rette kutt i skogen rundt Trengereid?
22015-04-22 17:07:32 UTCfrokor Det er ein veg som ikkje vart lasta opp, truleg fordi JOSM slutta å svare under opplastinga. Driv og går over området på ny, og lastar opp i mindre bolkar, så reknar med det snart er på plass.
32015-04-22 17:20:56 UTCfrokor Nei, han var ikkje lukka. Er i orden no når eg får lasta opp endringa.
42015-04-22 22:15:48 UTCGazer75 ja såg neste ut som du hadde byta om på kva poly som var outer og inner :)
12015-04-22 13:26:35 UTCGazer75 Problemene med Nore Uvdal kan fiksast med å slette data. Det som er lagt inn er av dårlegare kvalitet enn Karverkets N50, så vi må ta den kommunen på nytt uansett.
22015-04-22 13:46:34 UTCanderfo Jepp, men litt sketchy å slette data - dette gjelder både denne importen og corine-importen. Men vi kan kanskje slette dersom det er uendret etter import?
32015-04-22 14:01:56 UTCGazer75 Ja klart det. Tenkte meir på at ein ikkje bruka tid på og fikse på data som bør bytast ut seinare. Duplicate nodes fiksar JOSM "automatisk" så det går jo greit.

Blir bra med litt N50 ;) Norge ser ganske trist og øde ut i dag.
42015-04-22 14:11:54 UTCanderfo Problemet var egentlig at JOSM ikke ville la meg laste opp data med valideringsfeil i - og feilene i nabokommunen gjorde det dessuten vanskeligere enn vanlig å detektere feil i mitt eget datasett (bruker jo JOSM validering for å finne bl.a. duplikatnoder der) siden de få duplikatnodene fra N50 bl...
52015-04-22 14:18:16 UTCGazer75 Var det så ille!? hmm...
Eg kjem nok til å ta litt etter kvart som eg gidd å arbeide med det. Tenker å fullføre Hordaland så lenge eg ikkje går lei :)
62015-04-24 15:17:26 UTCanderfo Det var ille, ja ;) Sjekk OSM Inspector for Nore og Uvdal:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes,touching_inner_rings...
12015-04-18 15:24:44 UTCGazer75 Pass på at det ikkje blir doble kystlinjer. JOSM validator vil gi beskjed om dette
22015-04-18 15:28:30 UTCGazer75 Er og eit par plassar kor desse doble øyane har feil retning på kystlinje
32015-04-18 15:38:58 UTCfrokor Ja, eg er klar over det. Det er i dette området eg har arbeidd mest tidlegare, så det vart meir plukk her enn i dei andre områda. Eg held på å rette opp i det, men kom ikkje i mål, før eg måtte eit æren. Skal ta det om litt.
42015-04-18 15:55:05 UTCGazer75 Då er det betre om du ventar med å laste opp til alt er ok. Andre som brukar OSM Inspector og diverse verktøy kan få beskjed om feil og vil då prøve å rette opp. Det kan lage meir arbeid for deg i ettertid. Snakkar av erfaring her ;)
12015-03-29 22:05:43 UTCGazer75 If you use special letters in names then make sure the streets match. No idea what the special sign is, but it's not available on any keyboard.
22015-03-29 22:55:27 UTCgormur Example?
32015-03-30 05:29:00 UTCGazer75 All names with an apostrophe. You can find them using OSM Inspector. Using this apostrophe is creating problems imo. Only way to type it in Windows is by using ALT+0146 on the numpad. No GPS unit I have seen is capable of typing this as well. Yes, there is a difference between ’ and ' First one mi...
42015-03-30 08:56:46 UTCgormur This changeset only touched the addr:postcode, as the comment clearly says. Please comment on the original changeset.
12015-02-20 16:09:09 UTCGazer75 Uskilta fylkesvegar skal vere "secondary"
12015-02-19 17:51:55 UTCGazer75 Å legge til "oneways" framfor alle rundkøyringar som har den vetle triangel øya er unødvendig etter mi meining. Lagar berre støy i kartet. Eg la dei inn når eg starta med OSM, men har heilt slutta med dette. Så lenge vengen ikkje er delt over eit lenger stykke har det ingen praktisk betydning...
22015-02-19 18:40:27 UTCNoen Først må jeg si at hovedpoenget med dette endringsettet var legge inn gang og sykkelveiene.
Du har rett i at det ikke har noen betydning for ruting, om veien foran en rundkjøring er splittet opp eller ikke, men for å "representere virkeligheten" er det en relevant detalj.
Hvis du med støy me...
32015-02-19 21:21:29 UTCGazer75 Ser det at du la til gang- og sykkelveg. Bra det.
Merka meg berre at du hadde lagt til alle desse stubbane også. For meg så er dette unødvendige detaljar som ikkje har praktisk betydning. Mange av desse små trekantane er vel maks 2x5 meter. "Mappe" to einvegskøyrde stubbar på nokre meter ser ...
12015-02-14 16:28:51 UTCGazer75 Wouldnt use Bing in this area, it is terribly misaligned along all axis.
22015-02-14 18:28:02 UTCgormur I know. Bing wasn't much used, just left it in the source field by default...
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