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12018-09-20 08:28:47 UTCxtianetkti La unidad predeterminada del atributo WIDTH es el medidor.
La letra m detrás del número es superflua, o si no, agrega un espacio.
12017-11-22 10:11:13 UTCxtianetkti L'amphithéâtre Valade est toujours là.
Pouvez-vous le remettre ?
12017-10-25 17:21:48 UTCJJIglesias Thanks for editing at #OSM-BO very nice job
22017-11-04 18:32:23 UTCxtianetkti Thank you for your support.
32017-11-04 21:56:46 UTCJJIglesias Amazing the amount of roads that you create in Bolivia. Thanks you very much for that. You really Improve the map to a level that nobody could emulate. Only observation that I have if you could please all these new roads as surface=unpaved, because almost all of our roads has no pavement at all. Tha...
12015-03-19 19:57:10 UTCgormur Please note that 33 ways in this changeset had an empty key ("") with value "26871". I have put a fixme on those roads. Please review.
22015-03-22 09:37:25 UTCxtianetkti I don't know how this can append. This may came from previous map entries relocate by my way.
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