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12017-12-01 13:54:45 UTCClaudius Henrichs Why did you put the whole tracks of Tehran metro line 1 to railway=construction? e.g. ways and and so on.

This line is open since 2001 and is currently not undergoing any construction work.
Did your survey re...
22017-12-07 18:58:14 UTCethelmermaid this was a mistake, i've reverted the changes
12015-04-07 21:40:50 UTCethelmermaid Shouldn't these closures be rendered with temporary tags (, since the Østensjøbanen is coming back within a year?
22015-04-08 10:26:59 UTCgormur Are you thinking about ? Please comment on the relevant changeset.
12015-04-07 21:08:06 UTCethelmermaid You changed way 137775632, which is a subway, into a highway. Please be careful.
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