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12017-03-23 05:03:49 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding wikipedia tag. Please install "wikipedia" plugin, and use "fetch wikidata IDs" too - it will add both wikipedia and wikidata tags for you. Thanks!
22017-03-23 07:13:21 UTCsebastic I only moved the tags from the outer ways to the relations. The wikipedia tag was already present on the outer way.
12017-03-20 15:49:05 UTCMrKooken I don't see any change. Like to know what an "old style" multiploygon is...
22017-03-20 16:11:05 UTCsebastic The multipolyons are rendered the same. For more information, see:
32017-03-20 16:48:23 UTCMrKooken Thanks.
12017-02-17 20:12:47 UTCeggie Hoi, Een nieuw mapper heeft hier aan de adm. boundery gezeten. De laatste revert mislukte wegens te veel conlicten. 'k Weet dus niet of-ie nog goed ligt.
22017-02-17 20:54:14 UTCsebastic De way leek nog goed te liggen, waarschijnlijk waren alleen non-boundary objecten aan de boundaries geknoopt. Voor de zekerheid heb ik het segment geupdate m.b.v. de officiele geometrie.
32017-02-17 21:03:17 UTCeggie klopt.. er zat een pad aan vastgeplakt. Dat heb ik verwijderd.
12015-06-17 08:10:09 UTCwaldhans Thank's for destroying the boundary DE/NL! Can you tell why you did this? The boundary was defined by the most precise informations, and you changed it without checking or asking into something. What source did you use?

If possible, revert the changes ASAP.
22015-06-17 08:49:44 UTCsebastic > Thank's for destroying the boundary DE/NL!

Thanks for your constructive feedback. Your passive aggressive stance is very motivating.

> Can you tell why you did this?

Because I maintain the administrative boundaries of the Netherlands using the official government open data.

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