Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-08-15 01:14:43 UTCHubMiner Please add English translation.
12018-07-29 04:58:52 UTCHubMiner This changeset created empty points. Can they be deleted?
22018-07-30 14:34:44 UTChallj89 Thank you for pointing out this error. Feel free to delete them yourself, otherwise I will see to it soon.
12018-07-22 06:34:25 UTCHubMiner 6 buildings in this view contain "fixme"

Could you clarify what is it you want fixed?

22018-08-11 03:10:26 UTCyotann Okay, those fixmes I added were just confusing, so I've removed them.

(I was trying to indicate that those buildings have addresses from 500 to 510, but I don't know which address goes with which building.)
12018-06-25 04:22:17 UTCHubMiner
12018-06-23 05:32:19 UTCHubMiner
12018-05-29 18:23:02 UTCMateusz Konieczny Can you explain why you added "(historical)" to ?

Is it no longer used name? Is it really a name with (historical) as its part?
22018-05-29 22:05:31 UTCHubMiner I am guessing my thinking (3 years ago) was that this is forest/park and whatever residential community was there was removed. Satellite imagery seems to confirm this. Also see this:
32018-05-30 07:12:59 UTCMateusz Konieczny "The GNIS classifies it as a populated place." - such extinct settlements are in Poland tagged as place=locality.

Would it be OK to do it here?
42018-06-02 02:03:05 UTCHubMiner I don't have objections, but I am not a right person to ask for approvals. I recommend you get consensus in OSM forums.
12018-05-28 17:16:33 UTCHubMiner Please check name.
22018-05-28 17:17:17 UTCHubMiner
32018-05-28 18:42:03 UTCkz7 I haven't lived here in 5 years, someone local will need to check (and what specifically needs checking, anyway?).
42018-05-29 21:54:08 UTCHubMiner Specifically:
52018-05-29 21:55:00 UTCHubMiner Hamlets are tricky to check, they may refer to small rural community or a subdivision.
12018-05-21 04:59:34 UTCHubMiner Hello hogrod, about ( ), can we remove note field - looks like this can from GPS track. If so, we should probably search for other objects with similar tags. Thanks!
12018-05-11 03:38:12 UTCHubMiner

This location looks unrealistic. Ok to remove?
12018-04-30 03:16:38 UTCHubMiner Hi, could you review this point: and this discussion:
22018-04-30 03:18:43 UTCHubMiner Can you confirm that this is exact location for this address? Should this be deleted?
12018-04-05 02:09:38 UTCHubMiner For nodes:

1) Can we clear out "fixme"?
2) Can we delete all tags for these nodes?
22018-04-05 05:09:51 UTCsebastic The tags for those nodes can be deleted, they are just metadata from a GPS.
32018-04-15 02:31:05 UTCHubMiner Do you think wpt_description and wpt_symbol keys should be deleted in global map (after appropriate discussion, approvals, etc)?
42018-04-15 07:14:25 UTCsebastic Probably, yes.
12018-04-15 02:04:57 UTCHubMiner Hello, I noticed you created 3 instances of "wpt_code" field, which is not documented. What does it mean? Do we need to keep this?
22018-04-15 02:06:47 UTCHubMiner Same question about "sub_code" field...
12018-04-14 21:03:12 UTCHubMiner

Greetings, this is triggering error check []. Can this way be connected to a private road?
12018-04-05 04:30:19 UTCHubMiner Can we clear out the 3 fixme tags? highway=social_path is not a valid tag (proposal was not accepted).
22018-04-05 04:30:22 UTCHubMiner
12018-04-04 01:56:33 UTCHubMiner Hi, I noticed that many items in the area have "note" field. I would like to start removing it, since it clutters the map in OsmAnd, and the notes don't seem to carry mapper-important info, or that info should be moved to description. Please confirm you are ok with that.

22018-04-04 02:17:07 UTCHubMiner Additionally:

Can we delete the numbered names from nodes? Some nodes have no valid tag, should those be deleted?
12018-03-19 05:21:49 UTCHubMiner Greetings,
this tag value does not make sense: parking:lane:both=perpendicular;parallel;parallel ; OverPass shows 5 ways next to each other with this tag, one of them:

Could you review this?
12018-03-15 21:58:49 UTCHubMiner I recommend adding changeset text to road's "note". Changeset comments are not visible while editing.
12018-03-12 06:30:11 UTCHubMiner Hello, there are now 2 overlapping forest preserves with same name. The other one is and it seems to match county map. Could you check if "name" and "leisure" tag could be removed from one you updated: "https://www.openstreetmap...
12018-03-08 03:16:42 UTCHubMiner Hi, should this be Kroger pharmacy instead or Target?
22018-03-08 17:10:48 UTCantjenkins 8 years that's been sitting there looking silly. I fixed it, and added hours. Thanks for the heads up!
32018-03-09 03:06:56 UTCHubMiner Thanks for quickly updating this. :)
Do you have objections to combining buildings and nodes for both stores?
42018-03-09 03:52:21 UTCantjenkins It's technically two buildings sharing a wall (look at an aerial). Each store has their own pharmacy, but I had apparently just mistyped the Kroger one as "Target" when I put them both in.
52018-03-09 03:57:28 UTCHubMiner Mistype: no worries... I wanted to check if you have objections to combining Target point with Target building, and same for Kroger.
62018-03-12 04:14:53 UTCHubMiner Disregard last comment, I see Target node is a pharmacy. Thanks for your help!
12018-03-10 05:08:21 UTCHubMiner
Let me know if you have objections to deleting this park.
12018-03-07 05:01:11 UTCHubMiner Hi, can we change this to store=supermarket?
22018-03-07 16:45:39 UTCafdreher I think it's closer to department_store than to supermarket, since they don't sell groceries here, but I'm not an expert on the specific tags
32018-03-08 03:19:31 UTCHubMiner Thanks, I updated it.
12018-03-08 02:11:25 UTCHubMiner Hello, I think the right tag for closed Target should be: was:shop=department_store ; see:
12018-03-07 05:09:13 UTCHubMiner So, is it stationary? :)
12018-03-07 05:01:43 UTCHubMiner Hi, can we change this to store=supermarket?
12018-03-06 14:22:19 UTCHubMiner - According to wikipedia ( this proposed railroad route was "rejected unanimously".

Reluctantly, I propose to remove this route and its components.
22018-03-06 14:24:26 UTCHubMiner ...unless components exist in real world.
12018-03-06 14:10:41 UTCHubMiner - This is reported by OSMI: no tags. I am not able to confirm whether this is a powerline, based on imagery. Please check if we can update tag or delete this. Thanks!
12018-02-23 16:06:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this appears to be an undiscussed mechanical edit. Did you follow the procedure detailed in and if so where was it discussed?

In my experience the two are different and this type of tag homogenising just makes for a bland map...
22018-02-23 18:11:49 UTCHubMiner Hello, at first I cleaned up different misspells of souvenir, and I got editor warning that "shop=souvenir" is an obsolete value and should not be used.

I saw the same mentioned on "gift" wiki, confirming that "gift" covers both:
32018-02-23 18:47:54 UTCtrigpoint Hi, thank you for your reply. I do believe that this change should be undone.

It does need discussion, I and other mappers do consider these to be different
things, or at least require subtagging.
Maybe souvenir should be a subtag of gift, but simply removing that important piece of informati...
42018-02-23 19:47:56 UTCHubMiner I reverted the changeset; thanks.
12018-02-23 17:00:45 UTCSK53 I'm reverting this edit because it is clearly based on erroneous premises. Spar is a brand of convenience store.
22018-02-23 19:37:28 UTCHubMiner Thanks for catching this.
12018-02-22 03:23:02 UTCHubMiner Correct note:
12018-02-19 06:59:17 UTCHubMiner Hello, could you confirm that the building name is "Barnes & Noble, Bed & Bath"; otherwise I propose we remove the name.
22018-02-19 14:10:34 UTCDCJoeS The name was derived from the County tax data, so it is possible that it was not updated when the Barnes and Noble moved out. I believe the Bed, Bath and Beyond is still there as is the Kohls and two other stores.
12018-02-16 04:11:46 UTCHubMiner

Could you confirm that this is correct: Pond is actually garden including the pond?
12018-02-06 11:36:29 UTCgeozeisig Du hast Änderungen in tower:type=Windmeßmast gemacht. So ein Wert wurde noch nicht beschrieben und für Werte werden in der Regel auch englische Ausdrücke verwendet.
Gruß Dieter
22018-02-06 15:40:41 UTCHubMiner Greetings, I only cleaned up "tower_type" key, not its value. Please follow up with original mapper (@Taunide):

Danke sehr!
12018-02-04 21:14:19 UTCHubMiner Please review/update:
12018-01-15 00:55:30 UTCHubMiner Hi, I think Longmeadow section between Randlall and Huntley should be between "tertiary" (to match Huntley rd) and "primary" (considering it will be part of corridor to Algonquin rd. "Motorway" implied freeway. Please share your thoughts.
12017-12-08 14:50:04 UTCHubMiner Park with a cave entrance overlapping a residential neighborhood - this does not look believable, please check.
12017-11-04 02:51:58 UTCHubMiner Driveway around Sonic looks off, please recheck. If possible, draw driveway to Motorcycle Swimsuit, otherwise if anyone used it for navigation, it they may approach it from wrong street.
22017-12-04 09:01:55 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 54322536 where the changeset comment is: revert all 'Zowie Polie' edits because of continued vandalism.
32017-12-04 22:04:00 UTCHubMiner Understood, thanks. Please share if there is procedure to review user's edits (now reverted) to see if anything should be reinstated, or if standard-operating-procedure to ignore all those edits once a user is deemed not sane.
42017-12-05 16:12:05 UTCfreebeer Speaking as a user who is not sane, if you want to waste your time on a g00gle text search for ' "Motorcycle Swimsuit" "guymon" ' (as I have done, having neither common sense nor sanity), then feel free.
Remember that then you take responsibility for the data you restore, so be ...
52017-12-05 16:18:24 UTCwoodpeck g246020 - the answer is "it depends". In this particular case, "Zowie Polie" has shown to be learning resistant to a degree where we cannot continue to assume good intentions, hence I believe reviewing their edits will be a waste of time. But that is a judgement call and not a st...
62017-12-06 23:03:22 UTCHubMiner Thanks for answers!
12017-11-27 02:31:18 UTCHubMiner Hello, please take a look at this note:
22017-11-27 02:32:15 UTCHubMiner Do you have objections to deleting these objects: Cableway: ; post office:
32017-11-29 14:47:47 UTCSayanegra No problem, you can delete it!
42017-11-29 14:49:15 UTCSayanegra I only make a modification, I change it of place, i'm not the original autor!
52017-11-29 14:50:12 UTCSayanegra Can you do it?
62017-11-29 14:50:27 UTCSayanegra Thanks!
72017-11-30 07:16:39 UTCHubMiner I left them in place (so they can be restored), but marked them removed. Thanks!
12017-11-25 05:33:07 UTCHubMiner This was to support note:
12017-11-23 00:11:22 UTCHubMiner Greetings, could you take a look at this note:

I am wondering if there a way to reimport river/islands outlines based on something more recent.
22017-11-23 02:21:31 UTCMikeN The latest data still has this shape, so the best way will be a manual update to match the current wetland configuration. I'll make this a project for me in the next week or 2.
12017-11-22 19:08:01 UTCHubMiner Hi, the imagery and topo map does not support the location for this cemetery, could you check? I don't mind doing the updates, if you send me updated location. --
12017-11-22 05:01:28 UTCHubMiner Hi, please take a look at this note:
12017-11-19 06:15:53 UTCHubMiner Hi, I am looking at note: ; These mini streets look unusual. Could you clarify what they are?
12017-11-08 05:43:41 UTCHubMiner Hi, please take a look at this page for camping related tags:
22017-11-08 05:49:34 UTCHubMiner You need to fix lines that are really areas, or they won't show up on the map. (1) click the line, add tag: area=yes; (2) use tag: sport pitch or something more specific.
32017-11-08 05:50:15 UTCHubMiner You should copy text from changeset description (very unlikely to be seen) to camp description.
12017-11-08 05:32:47 UTCHubMiner Hi, please take a look at:
12017-11-08 05:21:37 UTCHubMiner I fixed hours format. I recommend you add phone, website, Facebook, yelp links, as well as a brief non-commercial description.
12017-11-08 05:17:04 UTCHubMiner Nice level of building details! If possible, add driveways, and building entrances. Copy your changeset text to building "description".
12017-11-08 05:14:50 UTCHubMiner Hello!
For "Private Parking Lot" - change it to "parking lot", add access=private, may be remove name.
12017-11-08 05:12:50 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-08 05:11:04 UTCHubMiner I recommend adding contact info, webpage, hours.
22017-11-08 05:11:57 UTCHubMiner If you are in the area, please check if you can help with an adjacent note:
12017-11-08 05:09:37 UTCHubMiner Welcome fellow OSM hiker!

Edit comment: there are now two Camelback peaks. Please reconcile name and combine them. Optionally, check if the peak has a wikipage and wikidata you could add.
12017-11-08 02:38:45 UTCHubMiner

How can we have a tourist attraction in the middle of restricted military area? :)
12017-11-06 17:22:39 UTCHubMiner I made minor changes, please take a look:

(1) Description should be part of the node (not changeset). (2) Description must be concise and not read like a commercial (or someone will promptly delete it).

Good luck!
12017-11-06 17:15:24 UTCHubMiner Greetings & welcome to OSM! (1) Places: draw driveways for cases where you think navigation may not be obvious. (2) Springfield Baptist Church - add entrances to bigger buildings. (3) Super minor: tag: "tiger:reviewed=no" - change that to yes or delete this tag, when you reviewed o...
12017-11-06 17:10:36 UTCHubMiner Looks good! Please add building entrance and contact info, if you have it. :)
12017-11-06 17:07:44 UTCHubMiner High school: please add tag that this is school (school grounds). Pride Drive looks out of date (going through school building).
12017-11-06 17:04:47 UTCHubMiner Hello, I recommend deleting name= (unless that's a somewhat official local name for the field), and add a tag to indicate that this is a soccer field (so it is searchable). Adjacent roads should be something less than residential (may be parking or driveways). I would mark parking lots. Good luck...
12017-11-06 17:00:56 UTCHubMiner Hello! Suggested changes: Starbucks: add entrance, contact info, if available. Farm: add adjacent farmyard, driveway.
12017-11-06 16:57:20 UTCHubMiner Hello! Very nice change for your first change!!! My cosmetic comments, treat them as suggestions: gas stations, ymca - please add tags to indicate that place type (gas station, gym), Verizon Wireless - place type (mobile phone store). For all places, add driveways (to help with navigation), if ...
12017-11-06 16:44:11 UTCHubMiner Hello, I recommend adding tags: access= , fee= (if any), website=, opening_hours (if any), leisure=nature_reserve or leisure=park. Also, you should copy the text from this changeset to description for the place. Let me know if you need any help.
12017-11-06 16:30:07 UTCHubMiner Hello!
A couple cosmetic issues/tricks: (1) change to Esri layer (usually higher quality), (2) only trace roof and then shift outline to building foundation. (3) After you draw only the parts of a building with straight corners, use S - straighten, and it will fix angles of the building, after tha...
12017-11-06 16:10:32 UTCHubMiner Hello!
Problem with outright deleting a building/a place is that someone working with out-of-date request could go right back and re-add it. Also, since this is your first edit, there is a suspicion of vandalism (ideally you should have provided knowledge source for removal). I recommend for fut...
12017-11-06 16:04:30 UTCHubMiner Greetings & thanks for adding this! Minor points:
(1) To help any pedestrians using this for navigation, please be sure to connect any ways where a sidewalk overlaps another road/alley, etc, and also connect sidewalks that are almost touching a road. (2) There is a global discussion if sidew...
12017-11-02 17:39:50 UTCHubMiner This change sounds rough, simply deleting their description. Please tell them how to correct it / OSM guidelines.
22017-11-02 22:37:49 UTCwoodpeck I don't think it needs more correction and wouldn't normally have bothered waking up a 1-year inactive user for it but here you go:
32017-11-03 02:28:42 UTCHubMiner Thanks!
12017-11-02 18:13:22 UTCHubMiner What are you asking to review? Please confirm that you know that building outline is newer than imagery.
22017-11-02 18:31:31 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please don't mark the whole property as building. Only mark the building as building. (On all three aerial images I see two buildings.)
32017-11-02 19:42:21 UTCi8myapl HI, i was trying to figure out how to correct an address. I was doing a random address search, and it showed the address 3 blocks away, which was incorrect. I was going through trying to figure out how to mark a house number at this location.
42017-11-02 20:02:21 UTCHubMiner To enter just an address, use "address" in ID editor... After that you can optionally combine with with houses, business, etc.

Be careful not to use data from commercial sources (Google, etc).
52017-11-02 20:44:04 UTCuser_5359 if you are searching for an address, whose house number is not entered, the street will be displayed. The point can be a little further away from the expected position.
62017-11-03 02:26:01 UTCHubMiner I was explaining from editor perspective. I agree it is not going to work it you are looking for address that's not in OSM.
12017-11-02 18:41:14 UTCHubMiner What's the request?
22017-11-02 19:36:55 UTCTomM1495 I moved the administrative borders based on what I knew about the area, as my Dad lives there. I was wondering if there is an official source for city borders, to better improve their location?

32017-11-02 20:03:25 UTCHubMiner You need someone with local knowledge. I would add a map note, what that specific question.
12017-11-02 19:31:57 UTCHubMiner I usually do online search or ask in OSM forums for this kind of questions... From what I found, "conditional restrictions" seems to be the right to do it:

Since this might affect real people, I would add date info in "de...
12017-11-02 19:23:49 UTCHubMiner Looks pretty good; please add highway=give_way at the right points - see diagram::

Add lanes= if you can. Check Esri layer - usually those images are clearer.
12017-11-02 19:16:25 UTCHubMiner Looks good, if possible add building entrance, hours, address, entrances. If bored: building levels, color, material. ;)
12017-11-02 19:12:33 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-02 19:11:58 UTCHubMiner The changeset is too big to guess: what are you specifically asking to review?
12017-11-02 19:11:00 UTCHubMiner Please add shop=mobile_phone (or anything else), as well as general contact info: phone, website, hours, etc. Move text from changeset to "description",
12017-11-02 19:08:08 UTCHubMiner Welcome to OSM editing! Unfortunately, using Google Maps for reference is a big no-no, this will likely trigger copyright violation. If possible survey this in person, and re-edit, removing all google references. Feel free to ask any question. OSM forums are very helpful. Best regards!
12017-11-02 19:05:09 UTCHubMiner Looks good. What are you asking to review?
12017-11-02 19:02:08 UTCHubMiner Please match adjacent road names and designations. I would slap a note for the general area requesting help to realign roads.
12017-11-02 18:56:37 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-02 18:54:48 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-02 18:44:46 UTCHubMiner Looks good. What are you asking to review?
12017-11-02 18:44:05 UTCHubMiner Looks good. What are you asking to review?
12017-11-02 18:39:12 UTCHubMiner You may want to add link to something that spells out this source website allows importing their data.
22017-11-02 19:50:15 UTCwrsinc The source is Texas Department of Transportation Open Data
12017-11-02 18:37:01 UTCHubMiner If possible, add website, wikipedia links to the places (especially tourist attractions): this moves them up when people use OSM Search.

If this postoffice is only a tourist attraction, please change the tag (see
12017-11-02 18:31:46 UTCHubMiner Move tag for business to show building entrance (to help navigation software).
Add tags: office=accountant, phone=, website=, opening_hours=, email=, fax=
12017-11-02 18:16:00 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
22017-11-04 10:51:59 UTCMd Atikuzzaman Limon Thanks a lot.
12017-11-02 18:15:24 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-02 18:14:55 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-02 18:14:30 UTCHubMiner Looks good.
12017-11-02 18:11:32 UTCHubMiner What are you asking to review?
12017-11-02 18:10:40 UTCHubMiner Please don't share personal info that could be used to track you... Looks like you deleted building, you know it is gone? I would connect the northern end of the road, and add either access=emergency (obsolete & improper) or access=private. Let me know if you have any other questions.
12017-11-02 18:04:28 UTCHubMiner I would move store points to actual entrances (to help with navigation). For cases there building and store are same area, add "entrance" tag to edge of building. Let me know if you have any other questions.
12017-11-02 17:57:33 UTCHubMiner Hi, you might want to copy/paste the changeset description (those are looked at only under special circumstances) to "description" of the building. I would also add building=school. Let me know if you need help with anything else.
12017-10-31 21:16:12 UTCHubMiner Hello, please confirm the " Devils Tower" node you created ( is not same as "Devils Tower National Monument" ( Thanks!
22017-10-31 21:17:15 UTCHubMiner If not same, this question might come up again: please add a comment in "note" field for the new node.
12017-10-03 13:11:39 UTCHubMiner Hi, I wanted to link this route 37 to something official, but didn't see anything online except this
Do you have any other references?
22017-10-03 18:28:50 UTCstevea Yes, I used the Illinois Department of Transportation's application to AASHTO. It is a nine page document with maps and route descriptors (turns and lengths). I can send it to you if as an attachment if you give me an email address. -SteveA
32017-10-05 02:34:31 UTCHubMiner Hi, I was hoping for something online. Perhaps a Wikipedia page will get created one. Thanks for getting back!
42017-10-05 03:07:33 UTCstevea Try here:

and click the USBR 37 IL link.

Cheers, SteveA.
52017-10-05 13:07:18 UTCHubMiner I double you want me to link OSM to your private Dropbox... :) Any change you want to create a wiki page for the route, based on docs you have?
62017-10-05 17:44:06 UTCstevea By "double" I think you mean "doubt" and by "change" do you mean "chance?"

I might suggest you download the doc which I generously point you to and do whatever you need to do with it.

I believe my part of helping you is complete.
72017-10-05 20:12:08 UTCstevea BTW, there is a wiki page for the whole USBRS (system), where each route is listed. There are no links to the "originating documentation" for (AASHTO) approved routes, but there are links for the ballots for the routes that are proposed at any given time.

82017-10-12 01:43:20 UTCHubMiner Hi, thanks again for proving the info. I reviewed the documents and the wiki osm page. Unfortunately I don't feel I have enough historical and high general info to put together a wikipedia page myself. Perhaps something will become available at a later time. Thanks for your help.
92017-10-12 01:49:10 UTCstevea You are welcome. Although I don't quite understand what it is that you are either missing or that you require to further complete whatever it is that you are trying to do.
12017-10-12 01:10:30 UTCHubMiner Hi, per this note discussion (, I removed name "Cave with Birdman Petroglyphs". Do you know the correct location for that?
12017-10-10 17:14:30 UTCHubMiner I assume you fixed it? ( Also, according to (, we are supposed to use prefix instead of deleting. Without anything on the map, someone might readd it, recreating the problem you fixed. Best Reg...
12017-10-07 06:10:49 UTCHubMiner Hi, school building shape does not look right; delete it?
22017-10-07 10:10:10 UTCdwatling Not sure how that happened. It's now fixed. Thanks for pointing this out!
12017-09-29 15:35:12 UTCHubMiner Hi, I noticed multiple overlapping trails east and south of Flattail Lake. This is technically not a correct way to note them, see:
I am going to redo them as single trail, but with multiple "hiking relations&qu...
12017-09-29 15:34:06 UTCHubMiner Hi, I noticed multiple overlapping trails east and south of Flattail Lake. This is technically not a correct way to note them, see:

I am going to redo them as single trail, but with multiple "hiking relations...
12017-09-25 17:55:49 UTCHubMiner Hi, I wanted to link this route 37 to something official, but didn't see anything online except this

Do you have any other references?
22017-09-25 20:55:45 UTCbdiscoe Sorry i have no information on that highway. My own changes here are only on boundaries and waterways.
32017-09-27 20:24:29 UTCHubMiner Thanks!
12017-09-26 02:31:13 UTCHubMiner Hi, you created a few nodes west of this one, with no tags. Are these OK to delete, or you are planning to do something with these?
12017-09-25 17:21:08 UTCHubMiner Error was:
Turn restriction (only_right_turn) 3858805 (at lacks 'from' way
12017-09-24 05:42:39 UTCHubMiner Hello, please share why you added "Spring Lake" as node when it already existed as area; I am just trying to understand the logic. Note, the node is showing up as error in "keep right":
12017-09-19 02:25:27 UTCHubMiner Could you comment here about this changeset:
12017-09-16 05:12:00 UTCHubMiner FYI, osmcha is flagging your change as "possible import". I am not sure if you should care.
22017-09-16 14:06:51 UTCschurch16 Not an import, manually traced from satellite. Known neighborhood.
12017-09-16 05:09:29 UTCHubMiner Review: I think "access" should be "yes" or "customers". I would fee as "fee=yes", "fee:amount=brief text on actual cost".

Some documentation:

Feel free to ask questions.
12017-09-16 04:47:24 UTCHubMiner Hi, can you provide more info about this change: you deleted a many turn relations I created/updated. Please share how you determined what should be deleted.
22017-09-18 12:01:14 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi, because of the creation of the dual carriageway, a lot of the Turn Restriction had become superfluous

No Left Turn going into a oneway street, etc
12017-09-16 01:53:55 UTCHubMiner I see you added antenna's in the area... If you have a complete list, or this was automated edit, you may want to add tower related tags, I updated one:

Best regards...
12017-09-11 11:37:34 UTCdatamongers Hi, Thanks for cleaning up this area. I think removing the road through the arch is a mistake. I drove through the arch in June, and it was definitely open to 2 way traffic, I havent been back there since then, but i have not heard that that has changed, and the note you based that on was over 2 yea...
22017-09-14 03:17:38 UTCHubMiner Thank you!
12017-09-12 16:20:43 UTCHubMiner Can this "fixme" be removed?
12017-09-12 14:44:20 UTCHubMiner E Parkway east of Tunis Road was disconnected, which looks very unlikely. I reconnected that. If that's not correct, let me know, or undo my change.
12017-09-01 05:16:48 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual highway=abandoned_path to
See also
22017-09-07 01:37:20 UTCHubMiner Thanks for the link! Now, how does one stay up do date with all the new updates?!
32017-09-07 04:32:03 UTCGerdP Good question. I think whenever you use a tag value for the first time you should try to find a wiki page for it and check taginfo.
So, in this case you might as well use highway=abandoned + abandoned=path
if you like this better.
12017-09-06 16:25:22 UTCdatamongers Hello, It's nice to see some more peaks mapped in this area, but this tagging seems wrong. The elevation should be converted to meters and put in the ele tag instead of in the name field.
22017-09-06 16:30:26 UTCdatamongers It looks like a few of these points are not actually mountain peaks, they are spot elevations. Peaks are marked on USGS topographic maps with a triangle, elevations next to an x are spot elevations, and simply indicate the elevation of a point, and do not necessarily indicate that it is a mountain p...
32017-09-06 17:55:43 UTCHubMiner Greetings, I added these from topo map layer, where they were listed as peaks/triangles. My goal was to quickly add many, leaving it up to another passionate person to do mass conversion of Feet in name to Meters in ele. Feel free to update this as you see fit.

BTW, one of my concerns was that el...
12017-09-05 04:28:01 UTCHubMiner One way direction on this looks wrong, please check.
12017-09-01 18:32:22 UTCHubMiner Hi, please review this hiking relation, this does not look like a national trail. Please downgrade it to local or delete it. Let me know if you want me to do it.
22017-09-01 18:33:17 UTCHubMiner
32017-09-05 03:41:33 UTCHubMiner I would like to delete:
12017-09-01 15:52:44 UTCHubMiner Please review this note:
about your change.
12017-08-31 02:52:29 UTCHubMiner Please take a look at this note:

I am not sure if it is worth changing, unless there is something strange for end users.
12017-08-30 04:21:02 UTCCarnildo Please don't use "access=no" for brief construction closures. Most data users update no more often than once a month -- this road was open again by the time I got there, but OsmAnd had picked up your closure and refused to route to the parking lot.
22017-08-30 04:43:01 UTCHubMiner Good point, thanks.
12017-08-22 13:42:54 UTCHubMiner Would it be appropriate to change the trail to wheelchair=limited ?
12017-08-01 00:03:43 UTCHubMiner About "Mount Trashmore", could you clarify what are you asking to fix, otherwise take we remove "fixme" tag?
22017-08-05 14:53:24 UTCjidanni Add sea level elevation (too), as all proper mountains would have.

Also note if the name Trashmore is the official government name. (Or add James Park Hill as an alternate name...)
32017-08-22 04:13:56 UTCHubMiner Ok, updated.
12017-08-19 05:20:45 UTCHubMiner Hi, about / does it make sense to keep it on the map, if nothing is allowed on this path? We could change it to "highway=abandoned" if you would prefer to keep it on the map.
12017-08-18 03:50:46 UTCHubMiner FYI, minor correction on -- it is not a park: this is not a place for recreation etc. Requested in
12017-08-15 04:47:04 UTCHubMiner Hi, trying to understand your logic with stop signs... Can we just use a single stop sign at intersection, instead of all 4 stop signs per each intersection? If we decide to simplify, there are multiple intersections nearby with the same style. Thanks!
12017-07-25 03:19:29 UTCHubMiner Greetings, based on personal observations, I want to reduce sac_scale from T6 (set by you) to T2, for and adjacent trails (I am familiar with). Please let me know if you have any objections.

Reference: https://wiki.openstreetm...
22018-08-17 06:45:01 UTCCarnildo I've reduced many of the trails to T1 or T2 based on my (sometimes rather hazy) memory. I've left Paintbrush Canyon at T3 because I've never hiked it, and in the aerial imagery, parts of the upper reaches look like they might be a bit tricky.
12017-07-15 04:18:13 UTCHubMiner

Please consider changing "sport=frisbee_golf" to "sport=disc_golf" and add "leisure=disc_golf_course".
12017-07-12 05:02:55 UTCnammala Hi ,

May I know the reason behind deleting the place node

22017-07-13 01:56:49 UTCHubMiner Hello,
from what I can reconstruct, there was a duplicate town entry, unless I accidentally deleted it... Thank you for catching and restoring this.
32017-07-13 04:12:54 UTCnammala Thanks for getting back.
12017-07-11 17:15:48 UTCHubMiner Thanks for fixing this; I wonder if there is a way to add that it could be closed at park's discretion (access=permissive?).
22017-07-11 17:16:23 UTCHubMiner ...without messing up navigation applications.
32017-07-11 18:25:04 UTCCarnildo I don't know of any. Adding an additional "access:conditional=no @ winter" would express the seasonal closure without interfering with normal routing, but I don't know of any software that uses the "access:conditional" tag, and it doesn't cover the fact that the gate can be clos...
12017-07-02 18:36:25 UTCHubMiner Hello, is there a way to combine inner-boundary (with name) and outer-historic items? I added extra info to the named item (boundary).
22017-07-02 22:58:48 UTCDilys Hello, I am not sure I understand your question. Please feel free to change my edits or add whatever you consider appropriate. Dilys
32017-07-09 03:21:09 UTCHubMiner FYI, I decided against any big changes, since from search perspective it works fine. Happy mapping!
12017-07-03 18:21:50 UTCHubMiner Please review and address:
12017-06-26 04:04:38 UTCHubMiner Based on online search, I believe this airport is obsoleted. I marked airport as such, but I didn't delete runway. Please confirm you are OK with this, and I can delete the runway.
22017-06-26 14:18:47 UTCpete404 Feel free, since I was simply doing a Maproulette challenge with dated imagery and no on-the-ground survey sources.
32017-06-27 13:21:19 UTCHubMiner Thanks!
12017-06-20 10:20:07 UTCdwatling Based on my understanding of how OSM tags "parks" vs "nature_reserves", I would think that Rush Creek falls more into a "nature reserve". Parks, as defined by OSM are open green areas maintained by a government. A "nature reserve" is a protected area for conse...
22017-06-25 22:33:30 UTCHubMiner My logic was: people looking for a green area to visit will usually look for "park", but your reasoning looks more correct.
12017-06-02 05:55:40 UTCHubMiner

Can you confirm that this junkyard is historic ruins, somewhat matching definition in the link below?
12017-01-06 22:26:55 UTCHubMiner Hey, whatever happened to Menard's? :)
12015-04-08 17:36:35 UTCHubMiner Hi vickyp,
I think "Route to bike path" should be combined with "Fox Trails Drive North", and give the drive appropriate attributes that it has a sidewalk along it. Please let me know if you agree, and I will make the edits (unless you want to do it).
22015-04-08 20:23:52 UTCvickyp Hi g246020,
Go ahead and combine them, just know that for part of the path there is no sidewalk.
12015-03-10 17:39:29 UTCHubMiner The cycleway you created "Ted Jones Trail" should probably be merged with the nearby abandoned railway.
12015-01-22 13:04:55 UTCMikeN Hi, The Rock River was set to landuse=industrial, which doesn't seem to apply to the entire river?
22015-01-22 23:08:52 UTCHubMiner Thank you for catching this, reverted back to "riverbank".
32015-01-22 23:14:19 UTCHubMiner And fixed again: changed to "river".
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