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12018-04-29 14:48:20 UTCMatthew Darwin Hi John. name and name:en tags don't match here. Could you check?
22018-04-29 17:09:59 UTCRps333 fixed
12018-04-18 12:48:02 UTCNakaner Hi carpbunker,

your user account does not look to be an account dedicated for imports, does it? Could you please use a dedicated OSM account for uploading data directly derived from Canvec (also known as "Canvec import")? The Import Guidelines require you to use a dedicated account for...
22018-04-18 12:52:47 UTCNakaner Further comments on your imports in that area:

- The imported lakes have too many nodes. You don't need a node every five metres if the shore of the lake is nearly straight. There is a JOSM plugin to simplify ways (I forgot its...
32018-04-18 13:29:05 UTCRps333 This is a import account.
There are no errors from the data I added. The error are from an earlier canvec import to the west.
42018-04-18 13:38:31 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

is that your account? If so, could you please add a note to the profile page?

I thought it isn't an import account because does not look like a gas station import. Or is that changeset just an "accident"? (I myself have thre...
52018-04-18 13:39:16 UTCNakaner Example for such a note on a profile page:
62018-04-18 14:34:08 UTCRps333 Sorry carpbunker is my import account.
72018-04-18 14:41:26 UTCRps333 fixed the railway problem. missed that one. I am check all the canvec data vs bring/ DG imagery. Cheers
12018-03-31 05:37:35 UTCfx99 According to Canvec, MP 8047575 (and others) should be part of
Lake St. Joseph.
see also
22018-03-31 12:29:44 UTCRps333 OK. Feel free to change the name.

12018-03-27 15:04:21 UTCRps333 should the chalet be removed?
12018-02-20 21:58:40 UTCRps333 I will add the lake with canvec
12018-02-18 12:48:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found 23 POIs with rather strange tags, like this node:

There are several keys that don't look like they should appear in OSM:
City=High Level
Site_Name=High Level
site_type=Scheduled Outreach

Could you c...
22018-02-18 15:06:40 UTCRps333 thanks. I will fix them
12017-12-15 10:23:45 UTCRps333 Ok. Thanks
12017-12-13 16:34:28 UTCRps333 Is this road open now?
12017-11-30 13:10:04 UTCmueschel Hi,
you're adding the tag "amenity_02 \t=car_wash" to fuel stations - there is no such key used in any other place.
The correct tag would be "car_wash = yes"

Cheers, Jan
22017-11-30 13:45:33 UTCRps333 ok
12017-08-24 12:42:21 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review:
is overlapped by another way
I assume the 1st should be removed?
22017-08-24 13:04:48 UTCRps333 yes. thanks for the QA
32017-08-24 13:26:47 UTCGerdP ok, removed
12017-08-18 22:15:38 UTCMatthew Darwin I reverted your change to 13 Wright Street where you put Chinese characters there.
22017-08-18 22:37:06 UTCRps333 Why? Feel free to change the Chinese characters. But this is not Saints Peter. maybe local survey to see what in the building now. Cheers
12017-05-15 06:37:40 UTCJothirnadh Hi Rps333,
In this changeset `amenity=restaurant` is added along with `place=town`. Looks like it's added by mistake. Can you look into it and correct it please.

Happy mapping,
22017-05-15 11:20:00 UTCRps333 fixed
32017-05-15 13:51:12 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for quick fix Rps33
12017-04-22 18:21:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi Rps, please follow the OSM wiki guidelines,
"wikipedia"="lang:Name" (not http..).
Thanks, Alex
22017-04-26 21:32:56 UTCRps333 done
12017-04-18 10:57:07 UTCmueschel Hi,
these POIs have some foreign tags that could (and should) be converted to usual OSM tags, e.g.

Could you have a look?
Cheers, Jan
22017-04-18 10:59:23 UTCRps333 I will have a look. thanks
12016-10-14 19:50:57 UTCSOSM Please explain why you are removing existing valid data, for example instead of simply improving geometries (if needed at all).
22016-10-15 02:12:58 UTCRps333 I have tired very hard to keep all the existing data when adding the new geometries. If I removed some data by mistake, I will be happy to do a local survey to confirm the data.
32016-10-15 13:00:58 UTCLogicalViolinist Original data was probably from NRCan v6.0(which is acient and innacurate in building footprints). Data footprints being added are traced on 30cm imagery and correctly positionned. Copying attributes to new geometry and deleting the old is quicker and more effecient than trying to align old geometry...
42016-10-15 14:15:34 UTCmaxerickson In the above example, the "building:levels" tag was not copied over to the new building.

Procedurally, it looks like there were 2166 existing buildings deleted in one changeset and new buildings uploaded in another. Where could one look to find documentation of how information from the ...
52016-10-15 15:40:09 UTCLogicalViolinist This is part of a project involving statistics canada. Documentation can be found here:
62016-10-15 17:50:11 UTCSimonPoole Nothing against statistics canada, but they have to follow OSM rules just like everybody else.
72016-10-17 21:03:28 UTCRps333 This is part of the Stats Canada Open data project. And has been discussed on Talk:ca It has received OSM Ottawa community approval. OSM Ottawa has been planning on adding the build for 3 months now. We have a dedicated Task sever. FYI, every building I added, I have tried to confirm with Bing imag...
82016-10-17 21:26:56 UTCPierZen There might be improvements to the process like using JOSM Replace Geometry functionality.

Such discussion should benefit to all canadian osm contributors. Please come and discuss this on the Talk-ca discussion list.
92016-10-17 21:39:48 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

as you might know, all imports have to comply with the Import Guidelines. Neither "It has received OSM Ottawa community approval." nor a discussion on Talk-ca mailing list is sufficient. You are currently violating almost all sections of the guideline although although you kn...
102016-10-17 22:19:47 UTCRps333 I have never heard of the Replace Geometry. Thanks, I should have used that.
112016-10-20 13:59:12 UTCmikelmaron @Nakaner, you have some things to learn about the OpenStreetMap community. We do not have police, officially sanctioned or self appointed, who monitor imports for "compliance". If there is an issue, then certainly, there is room to be specific and helpful to address any problems. Sorry, bu...
122016-10-20 15:07:42 UTCLogicalViolinist @mikelmaron while I do agree with you, it's easy to police people into obeying Guildelines(which by definition should be a suggested coarse of action instead of a hardset rule book that if you don't obey you get reverted) to a T when you work with someone from the DWG:
132016-10-20 15:26:32 UTCNakaner @LogicalViolinist I did not looked at all your edits of the last 18 months. I just asked myself: "Well Gatineau has all addresses on the map. What's the source of them?" And the answer was: "It's changeset 33248922 from LogicalViolinist."

I do have a job at Geofabrik. But as y...
142016-10-20 15:37:01 UTCLogicalViolinist I did say roughly. I did not use google translate. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut. Side job still qualifies as a job. It means you probably know woodpeck personally in real life (judging that geofabrik is not that big of a company)
152016-10-20 15:48:38 UTCottawa_data I do agree that @Nakaner has been actively looking for reasons to revert commits from OSM community members in Canada. Thanks to these reverts, we now have a blank map again.
162016-10-20 17:34:21 UTCSOSM @mikelmaron the complaints about the import originate with local mappers that found that their data was needlessly being deleted/replaced without any substantial previous discussion. As nakaner has pointed out, the people involved were very well aware of what the guidelines say from previous discuss...
172016-10-20 17:37:58 UTCSimonPoole Upps, the previous comment was from me, and is obviously not an opinion of SOSM.
182016-10-22 15:03:15 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 43067946 where the changeset comment is: revert un-discussed building import in Ottawa
12016-10-17 20:12:41 UTCscruss Is this a dedicated import account? This looks like a data import. The Stats Canada data import has not yet received community approval
22016-10-17 20:55:26 UTCRps333 This is part of the Stats Canada import. It has received OSM Ottawa community approval. We has been planning on adding the build for 3 months now. We have a dedicated Task sever. FYI everbuild I added, I have tried to confirm with Bing imagery if it makes sense. If there was a build there pick the...
32016-10-17 21:02:30 UTCscruss but it hasn't received the national talk-ca approval or had approval from the main Imports list, as required here: . Also, it's an import from a non-dedicated account, which is not allowed.
42016-10-17 21:38:20 UTCNakaner
52016-10-22 15:03:49 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 43067946 where the changeset comment is: revert un-discussed building import in Ottawa
12016-10-09 13:54:53 UTCRps333 are you sure about the location of Osgoode Gardens
12016-08-25 13:56:12 UTCSomeoneElse Did you discuss the naming change for on the talk-ca list like you were asked to last time you made these sorts of changes?
22016-08-25 15:28:09 UTCEzekielT No, but seeing that you were okay with adding Tigrinya to Asmara, maybe I thought you would be okay with me adding Inuktitut to Iqaluit (over 69% of people in Nunavut speak Inuktitut).
32016-08-25 15:38:13 UTCSomeoneElse Which part of pnorman's comments on did you not understand?
It's is difficult to see how he could have expressed himself more clearly.
42016-08-25 15:53:04 UTCEzekielT That was a country name, not a city!
52016-08-25 15:54:52 UTCSomeoneElse It's the same issue though - you're choosing to shove together two different languages into one name field. The earlier changeset discussion comment says " The name=* tag should only have one name in it.".
62016-08-25 15:56:03 UTCEzekielT You were okay with this: You say: "it's changing the name of from English to Amharic (which may make sense of course). What I did here is essentially the same thing - the main local language is...
72016-08-25 15:56:21 UTCEzekielT Oh okay. I will delete the English.
82016-08-25 15:59:27 UTCEzekielT Fixed: However, note the same thing is happening in Sudan (Arabic and English in one name= tag).
92016-08-25 16:15:39 UTCSomeoneElse Re using Inuktitut rather than English - I'd definitely discuss it on talk-ca. A number of countries have decided to use a "non-local" name in the name tag to avoid confusion or conflict (India's an example, as PlaneMad has said to you on another changeset discussion).
102016-08-26 18:53:00 UTCEzekielT I don't think there would be a conflict here. There are very few people that pay attention to Iqaluit on OSM.

Over 69 percent of people in Nunavut speak Inuktitut. Inuktitut is official in Nunavut.

I could raise the problem on the forum.

Besides, just the city name's (not the roads) in Inuk...
112016-08-26 19:37:59 UTCSomeoneElse Given what happened last time when people complained, I'd definitely raise it on the talk-ca list. I wouldn't bother with the Canadian forum because that seems to be ignored by most Canadian mappers.
122016-08-27 01:32:54 UTCEzekielT That was about the country name, which actually gets attention. I think people would agree with replacing English with Inuktitut. Or else it would've been reverted by now.
132016-08-27 01:34:08 UTCEzekielT I will look into the talk-ca list.
142016-09-06 16:40:31 UTCEzekielT Thanks for the help! It is greatly appreciated.
152016-09-17 14:12:04 UTCRps333 There needs to be more discussion on talk-ca!
162016-09-18 16:39:45 UTCscruss Thing is, few (if any) people call it “ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ Iqaluit”. It's either ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ *or* Iqaluit. As the node has both name:en and name:iu tags, we should pick _one_. Having both is wrong.
172016-10-19 15:54:46 UTCEzekielT Someone added "Iqaluit" in, after I removed it. It was simply "ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ".
12016-09-07 02:55:13 UTCDenisCarriere Cool stuff! I wanted to add this tag via but it wouldn't let me add `wheelchair` tag. That's why i created a note :)
22016-09-07 11:28:29 UTCRps333 Had to beat you to it. Try I used it a few years back to add this info.
Just installed the App again
32016-09-07 11:41:01 UTCDenisCarriere Cool! I'll check that out
12016-08-26 12:07:39 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

I am going to revert this changeset in the next hours due to following reasons:

1. Import using no dedicated account (i.e. violation of Import Guidelines)

2. bad import because of uploading data which is clearly broken (ways with natural=water which are not closed). Your editor (...
22016-08-26 16:40:23 UTCRps333 Hi

I will check the errors you are talking about tonight. Please wait.
32016-08-26 16:48:50 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

I won't wait.

If an import is bad and/or violates the guideline, everyone can revert it. I will have a look at your other changesets which I consider as imports and will revert them, too, if they seem to have the same systematic errors than this changeset.

JOSM has an built-in va...
42016-08-26 17:30:49 UTCNakaner Changesets 39517571 and 39517686 have the same problems as this changeset: unclosed ways. Changeset 39517944 and 39518147 have a different problem: You added lakes inside lakes.

Within 34 minutes (19:30–20:04), you created 35,972 objects (1058 objects/min). A manual tracer who checks his tr...
52016-08-28 07:08:47 UTCNakaner The revert has been started. and following changesets.
62016-08-28 16:14:19 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 41756737 where the changeset comment is: Revert low-quality CANVEC import due to violation of Import Guideline and technical errors. See discussion of changeset 39517002.
72016-08-29 12:43:01 UTCRps333 Why? I had fixed most if not all the errors you noticed. What are your guideline for determining poor quality?
82016-08-29 13:00:29 UTCNakaner Yes, you fixed some errors but there have been left still enough errors which justify a revert.

Unclosed polygons, liquid islets (natural=water inside natural=water), wetlands overlapping with water are the main problems of your import.

In addition, you violated the policy by not using a dedic...
92016-08-29 14:05:00 UTCLogicalViolinist Nakaner, I think you should have discussed your rollback on the talk-ca mailing list to decide what to do. Rps333 does fix his errors and is a very active mapper. Adding lakes and rivers around native reservations is quite useful to Canadians.
102016-08-30 12:45:48 UTCRps333 So, if I used an import account it would be OK?

Could I have just remove all the wetlands?
112016-08-30 13:07:17 UTCNakaner Hi Rps333,

if you used a dedicated account and check all your uploads before you upload them, you would take the wind out of the sails of people like me.

Please note that not every error can be detected using JOSM's validation engine. If you upload data which is simple wrong (compare the data ...
122016-08-30 13:33:32 UTCKevo "been on-the-ground quality of Canvec's hydrological data"

If you're talking about on-the-ground checks in areas like this changeset, you've proven that you're unqualified to make decisions on data in a country that is 30 times bigger than your own. This land is still essentially unexp...
132016-08-30 13:33:39 UTCRps333 Michael, I always check the data against Bing/ Mapbox imagery/ NRCan Map in JOSM. In this area the imagery is very poor.

I also alway check if the CANVEC data is better than what is already there. Not alway the case.

I added one layer at a time; roads (if required), water, streams and sometime...
142016-08-30 13:59:15 UTCNakaner I do not claim that every lake has to be checked on the ground but some secpscepticism about third-party datasets is always a good idea.

Has ever been an OSM mapper in Northern Communities around James Bay and Nunavut and can say if the lakes at CANVEC match the reality? If you do remote sensing ...
152016-08-30 14:18:36 UTCjfd553 All available Canvec data in northern areas were checked less than 10 years ago using much higher resolution imagery than what is available in OSM. Everything is not perfect but way much accurate than nothing.
I used to work on the checking process mentioned above!
162016-08-30 16:55:36 UTCthe506 In addition, most of these communities are tiny (<1000 people) and often do not have quality Internet access. The chances of there being active local OSM mappers in these areas are essentially zero.

For all its faults, CANVEC is literally all we have in these areas, and given the sheer size o...
172016-08-30 17:03:50 UTCLogicalViolinist Not to mention that Bing Imagery can be older than CanVec itself (10-15 years or more)
182016-08-31 15:02:41 UTCmikelmaron > I won't wait.

This is not OK.

OSM only works with cooperation and respect. We find ways to help support each others work and make the map better. The work of this changeset is led by active mappers in an active community, who are ready to discuss and work on their data. Certainly there ca...
192016-08-31 18:34:37 UTCNakaner I have sent an email to the Talk-ca mailing list via Gmane. I hope it arrives. Otherwise I'll resent it the normal way. (I have subscribed the list)
202016-09-06 12:11:00 UTCRps333 Ref JOSM validator: I have deleted my JOSM profile. It now picks up the broken lakes. Thanks for the info.

I will be happy to fix the broken lakes and any other problems that are in this change set.
12016-09-05 05:40:40 UTCoini Hi Rps333!
I was wondering if it's okay to update Repulse Bay -> with `name=Naujaat` and `alt_name=Repulse Bay` tags as it seems that Repulse Bay has been renamed to Naujaat since July 2 2015 (according to ).
22016-09-06 00:24:53 UTCRps333 Sure. Thanks
12016-08-20 08:03:41 UTCkartler175 Please connect highways at and to enable correct routing:
22016-08-20 14:15:56 UTCRps333 fixed
12016-07-26 08:51:59 UTCoini Hi Rps333! I was adding Turn Restrictions in Ottawa using Mapillary images and came across this 'No-straight-on' restriction added by you:
It would be great if you could please confirm that this actually exists since none of the Mapillary images for thi...
22016-07-26 11:30:52 UTCRps333 I might have miss tag it. I will check it out, and add mapillary.
32016-07-26 12:51:25 UTCoini Thank you!
42016-08-10 12:11:06 UTCRps333 Thanks for fixing it. Will add some OSV today. If you are heading south on Woodroffe you cannot turn left into the Starbucks parking lot.

Also from the Starbucks parking lot you must turn right (north) on Woodroffe.
12016-08-08 18:40:45 UTCRps333 Why did you tag the town as construction?
22016-08-08 21:32:55 UTCKomяpa It was already there before me:
32016-08-09 01:26:46 UTCRps333 Thanks. Then I will remove it. Cheers
12016-08-06 10:13:24 UTCmueschel Hi,
does this bridge have one lane or two?

Cheers, Jan
22016-08-06 12:17:40 UTCRps333 one.
32016-08-06 12:33:15 UTCRps333
12016-06-27 18:46:50 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are 109 ways with the tag "numlanes" added recently. Common tagging uses the key "lanes". Could you change that?

22016-06-27 20:59:21 UTCRps333 Yes. May take a day or so.
12016-06-19 12:52:14 UTCmueschel Hi,
the relations you created in this changeset all have a lot of foreign tags that should not appear in the OSM database. Please consider deleting them or converting to normal OSM tags.
It also seems that several of the ways should be tagged waterway=riverbank instead of natural=water.

22016-06-19 12:54:39 UTCRps333 Will do.
32016-06-19 13:10:15 UTCRps333 The foreign tags are from someone else edits. However I will try to clean them up.
42016-06-19 13:14:15 UTCmueschel I don't think so, e.g.:
This relation is version #1, created and edited by you only.
52016-07-26 08:25:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
these tags are still in the database. can they be converted to something useful or be deleted?
Also, I found several invalid multipolygons that do not have an "outer" way.
12016-05-20 16:11:15 UTChighflyer74 Hello there!

Is the ctry=140 required? It does not seem to be an established OSM key=value combination...
22016-05-20 22:11:36 UTCRps333 No. My mistake I meant to remove it.
32016-05-21 09:00:15 UTChighflyer74 Thank you :-)
12016-05-12 12:08:23 UTCRps333 Should also be tagged "military"?
12016-04-26 18:15:45 UTCbdiscoe Rps, there are some serious issues with this import. For example, consider way It is "water", but unclosed. It is also duplicated, as is all the other sections of water which should have been joined here. PLEASE stop importing millions of featu...
22016-04-26 20:28:16 UTCRps333 Hi, thanks for pointing it out. The JOSM validation did not pick that out. I will clean them up. cheers
32016-04-26 21:52:47 UTCbdiscoe When I load a small area around this feature, the JOSM validator reports "Errors: Duplicated ways (98), Duplicated nodes (s), Warning: natural type water - Unclosed way (46)"
42016-04-26 22:01:51 UTCbdiscoe Rather than import huge amounts (>500K changed features on the day of this changeset!), I'd strongly recommend doing smaller sections (like ~10K features/day) so you can check it for errors _before_ uploading, thanks.
52016-04-28 19:08:07 UTCbdiscoe It's two days later, and JOSM in this area still reports errors unclosed ways. Please fix your import before importing any more, thanks.
62016-04-28 19:13:33 UTCRps333 Hi I have been checking the JOSM again and for what ever reason JOSM is not finding the errors. I am pretty sure most of the errors are on the edge of the AOI that I downloaded from NRCan. I will try checking with another version of JOSM and a different PC.
12016-04-18 20:11:42 UTCjptolosa87 Here there is an unconnected coastline segment:,coastline_error_lines,line_not_a_ring,line_overlap,line_invalid,line_direction,questionable,coastline_error_points,unc...
22016-04-18 21:09:22 UTCRps333 thanks
12016-04-16 16:59:15 UTCRps333 Did you mean to add this road in northern Canada?
22016-04-18 08:01:08 UTCMagSungam Oh, no, this was an miss calibrated JOSM Tool. I will erase it. Original the Street is there :
32016-04-18 11:29:48 UTCRps333 Thanks. Thought it was a error with JOSM. wanted you to know about it.

12016-03-26 16:59:34 UTCRps333 Thanks for adding the roads. But I think you have miss tags these roads. Check out the wiki.


12016-03-21 20:55:24 UTCmueschel Hi Rps333,
could you explain all the tags on this way?
There is a lot of information, but no key is a standard OSM key that can be understood by other mappers and software.
22016-03-22 00:12:38 UTCRps333 Thought I removed those tags. Removed. Thanks
12016-03-13 06:56:09 UTCjptolosa87 In this import you have replaced some data with resolution worse than they had before (Bing Imagery).
For example here:
Press edit button and compare it!
22016-03-13 13:07:20 UTCRps333 That's fair comment. I've been adding adding CANVEC because in most cases it is better than what was on OSM. If I see source= bing. I will leave it.

On another note why are you mapping up here? Long way from home. Not that I'm complaining, the Arctic is huge and needs all the help we can get.
32016-03-13 17:44:11 UTCjptolosa87 English is no my mother language. I was just doing an observation. You not consider the comment as an "attack". Must be careful with automated data import. You should think that not all users fill source tag with Bing when it's necessary.
I'm not mapping here, but in your import data you ...
42016-03-16 00:18:33 UTCRps333 Thanks for the link. I have fix all the error. Happy mapping. John
52016-03-16 00:34:23 UTCjptolosa87 You're welcome. Also if you use JOSM editor you can run the validator, then you can detect any error (like coastline intersections or gaps) before uploading data. Regards.
12016-02-27 14:09:00 UTCmueschel Hi Rps333,
did you really want to upload this way with a lot of foreign tags or was it a mistake?
Cheers, Jan
22016-02-27 14:50:00 UTCRps333 The extra tags were a mistake.
32016-03-04 20:51:07 UTCmueschel Ok, I just removed them.
42016-03-04 20:52:49 UTCRps333 Thanks
12016-03-04 20:30:07 UTCRps333 Hi James. I think you put Igloolik Island in the wrong place. I think it's here.
12016-02-04 02:40:46 UTCRps333 Looking at the Bing imagery. should this be tag building = no?
12015-10-26 13:14:53 UTCRps333 Why did you relabel the the range?
22015-10-26 22:31:41 UTCkonu The distance markers used the highway key, making them show up as streets in OsmAnd street searches. Using boundary:marker solved this problem.
32015-10-27 11:54:28 UTCRps333 But I wanted to see the the paths on OsmAnd and The markers are real paths on the ground.
42015-10-27 21:42:42 UTCkonu Can you find a way to tag the paths that will not make them show up in OsmAnd's address search? That was the objective with my changeset.
52015-10-28 18:25:20 UTCRps333 What about we tag it as a path, but remove the name. ie 500m
62015-10-29 01:07:54 UTCkonu Yes, that is a good idea. Please make this change at your convenience.
12015-10-12 06:59:02 UTCRps333 Nice mapping in Iqaluit.
12015-07-03 02:01:43 UTCRps333 Is this a real path?
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