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12017-07-09 04:54:29 UTCAlaskaDave Can you tell me why you decided to raise the classification of the Seward Highway to "trunk"?
Even though that highway is a major artery in Alaska, it does not really meet the Wiki definition of a trunk road.
12017-04-22 02:02:14 UTCTheOutpost Hi Dave, the rendering in OSM around these islands looks very odd. You know what's up?
22017-04-22 10:14:26 UTCAlaskaDave It's a rendering issue of some sort. I added Shuyak Island State Park using rough boundaries back in January. Coastllnes seem to be invisible with the current tagging using leisure=park although I can see them fine in my custom maps.
Just now I altered the tagging a bit to use boundary=protected_ar...
32017-04-25 19:42:55 UTCAlaskaDave I have spent the morning fixing errors in multipolygons and guess what? I redrew a portion of the coastline of Shuyak Island when I fixed up the Perevalnie Islands but forgot to add that new section to the coastline multipolygon. Rendering looks right now.
42017-05-01 20:17:08 UTCTheOutpost Hmm, still looks odd, though I wonder if the tiles are stale. Looks ok at certain zooms.
52017-05-02 01:33:21 UTCAlaskaDave It's most likely some sort of caching or currency problem with the OSM server. I'm sure it will render okay eventually.
12017-04-20 11:46:54 UTCAlaskaDave Hi,
I placed the new Tumbleweed Express marijuana shop on the old car wash building in Parachute just now. I based my positioning on an article in today's Wash. Post. I see you have two other places on the same street named Tumbleweed, tagged with hop=herbalist. Are both of those businesses still l...
22017-04-20 19:25:28 UTCRanger444 The larger building is the main Tumbleweed location. The drive-through 'express' is also operated by tumbleweed and the buildings are separate. I am sure the larger Tumbleweed location is in the correct spot. I guessed on the location of the drive-through. I'm not sure which article you were talking...
32017-04-21 12:52:04 UTCAlaskaDave I chose the building based a photo in the article and a quick look at Google Streetview to confirm that its shape is the same - a high drive-through bay and a 1-story section that contains the office so I'm confident it's correct.
As for tagging shop=herbalist, yes, I think that's misleading. Marij...
42017-04-24 14:33:20 UTCRanger444 Turns out you were right on location. I drove by this weekend.

I do think shop=cannabis would be a better tag but it hasn't been approved yet. The definition of herbalist matches up with a rec shop. Herbs used for medicine. Thats whats sold there and thats why people buy it. Hopefully we can get ...
52017-04-24 17:37:41 UTCAlaskaDave The OSM approval process leaves a lot to be desired. I ran a similar discussion through the tagging list and could not resolve the issue. Besides, even if "approved" by the requisite number of mappers, it still isn't "official" in any way.

Consequently, I'm not waiting for ap...
12017-04-19 14:01:24 UTCAlaskaDave 2017-04-19 The original CanVec imports used many individual nodes labeled name=Kaskawulsh Glacier and natural=glacier. I removed those and added the name to several existing natural=glacier multipolygons. Recently reported changes in this glacier mean its present outline is not the same as shown.on ...
12017-04-15 17:03:57 UTCAlaskaDave You forgot to finish tagging this object leaving only a rectangle with area=yes. I removed rectangle and inserted a highway=footway and bridge tags.
12017-04-15 16:58:43 UTCAlaskaDave You forgot to finish tagging this object leaving only a rectangle with area=yes. I removed rectangle and inserted a bridge in the highway.
12017-03-28 08:47:07 UTCAlaskaDave I can not find any references to the Dr Suess House at this location. Can you tell me how you located this place?

All the items I found in a Google search seem to be near Willow, on the north side of Willow Creek
22017-03-28 09:12:50 UTCSpanholz I got the rough location from somebody on reddit who was there. But I have looked at the area and found the real house a bit south of it.

Already changed it to correct location. Thanks for correcting me. :)
32017-03-28 09:30:26 UTCAlaskaDave Yes, I found it too. But we're both trying to correct it at the same time LOL

it's here:
62.03923364985006, -150.08611523313525

Can you hold off for a moment to let me upload my changes and we'll see if there's any disagreement.
42017-03-28 10:08:43 UTCAlaskaDave Okay, we did it!

Keep on mapping!
12017-03-26 09:35:33 UTCAlaskaDave Every time I drive along here I wonder if the name of the road after passing Doi Saket should actually be Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai? As you know, road names in Thailand are poorly marked and I think I was the one who originally added the names to this highway. Not sure how I arrived at the naming anyway...
22017-03-26 10:58:38 UTCstephankn I didn't add the name, but just turn lanes to give a nice example on how it can be modeled.

Regarding the name: Hard to tell whether it is official. If I had to guess I would say it is not the official name, but colloquial name. Sort of "loc_name". The highway 118 (which would be the o...
32017-03-26 11:55:25 UTCAlaskaDave I agree it's a local name but I like it anyway. I don't want to get rid of it. My question really was, would you object if I changed the name of the section north of Doi Saket to Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road? Once it passes Doi Saket, that seems to be a more appropriate name.
12017-03-07 03:10:28 UTCmuralito Hi AlaskaDave:

Some tags of the elements you added doesn't have any meaning in OSM.

It's probably an import that you did it unadvertedly, and could be improved to be more useful.
22017-03-07 04:53:20 UTCAlaskaDave Yep, you're right. I used a list from the USFWS website and didn't bother to clean up the old tagging. It's on my todo list.
32017-03-07 05:22:32 UTCAlaskaDave Done.
12016-10-16 10:55:45 UTCAlaskaDave This changeset actually included many edits to the streets in Dillingham. Reworked and relocated, simplified horrible existing Tiger data. This is a work in progress. I saved it but forgot to change the comment to reflect what was done.
12016-06-29 19:14:00 UTCAlaskaDave Hi sandhill,
I'm wondering why you chose to use the name:en tag for what appears to be an alt_name. It seems to me this section of the East Coast Greenway should be part of a route and the two names tagged as name=Black Creek Greenway while East Coast Greenway should perhaps be the network or route...
12015-10-31 11:11:22 UTCGerdP please review way 365943695:
the tag highway=junction is rarely used.
Consider using nodes with highway=motorway_junction, see
22015-10-31 12:40:53 UTCAlaskaDave No problem. I was looking for a way to record the name of this historical junction and came up with highway=junction, admittedly a bad idea. The two ways no longer cross - consequently there is no longer a junction - 1317 now crosses 11 on bridges. I'll just leave its name on the area and remove the...
32015-10-31 12:45:12 UTCGerdP okay, thanks
12015-01-31 03:20:51 UTCstephankn regarding mini hydro: I think the main reservoir is a bit upstream. It it a pump storage plant? so maybe the empty reservoir is the lower basin?
22015-01-31 06:00:52 UTCAlaskaDave I don't know. I merely moved an existing reservoir to where I thought it might be when more water is present. I think the reservoir you tagged is probably the actual location.

I think the original reservoir should be deleted. By the way, are you sure the name is spelled Meatian? I think it is Mae...
32015-01-31 08:34:12 UTCstephankn It is a wrong spelling on their sign. I put in both spellings and removed the riverbank.
42015-01-31 09:07:55 UTCAlaskaDave Sounds good.
12014-12-11 03:06:23 UTCAlaskaDave This comment is from the one I saved previously. It should read: Adding some POIs in my neighborhood of Chang Phuak. source=Bing, survey, GPS
12014-12-10 06:42:11 UTCstephankn A major change like this could have deserved a changeset description. Especially when it is done by a user who did not edit anything before.

Based on the physical road characteristics as visible from aerial imagery and the road also being part of the AH network the upgrade itself seems reasonable...
22014-12-10 08:10:57 UTCAlaskaDave I agree with the previous comment. I am aware that highway 101 is being upgraded and perhaps deserves the reclassification but there is more to it than that. Reclassifying the links, making sure bridges also get the changed ref number and classification is part of the process. Such "loose ends&...
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