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12018-01-17 05:20:59 UTCAlaskaDave You added a 1500 node boundary for Emdendorf AFB in Alaska but failed to remove the pre-existing 100 node boundary that was added in 2013.

I have two questions: Was that merely an oversight? And, is a 1500 node boundary really necessary to delineate this AFB?

It certainly seems to me that man...
22018-01-17 06:45:26 UTCAlaskaDave After doing some more checking, I learned that the smaller, older boundary multipolygon is incomplete. A large section is missing. If you have no objection, I will delete it and simplify the boundary you added last year.
12017-12-07 07:34:06 UTCToeBee This changeset imported West Point which was already mapped. Why did you feel the need to replace what was already there? The imported data seems like a step back in terms of accuracy from what previous mappers had already contributed.

Also, you imported it with a bunch of junk tags and then upd...
12017-09-21 19:47:42 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed that the relation for Pohakuloa Training Area ( includes some small areas to the north of Pupukea Paalaa Uka Military Road. I am not local, but in looking at the imagery there, it's not obvious that those small areas are actually military ...
12017-07-11 13:02:45 UTCvramirez122000 Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba, Puerto Rico is no longer a naval base. I will remove it as soon as possible
12015-08-26 18:13:48 UTCbbmiller This changeset seems to have created a lot of points that don't have any tags and don't belong to any ways. See the area of Darrouzett for some examples.
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