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12018-05-14 04:27:32 UTCToeBee I see you are an old user but only have a few edits. Welcome back to the project!

Some pointers about this edit: If the speed limit is 40 MPH, then it should be tagged as "40 mph" not as 60 (km/h). Also, you set a motor_vehicle=permissive tag on one of the road segments. This is not cor...
22018-05-14 20:03:17 UTCphbrown When I tagged the speed limit, I only found metric options. Hence the 60 km/hr tag.
32018-05-15 03:21:47 UTCToeBee Oh, I see you are still using the Potlatch 2 editor. It is probably set as your preferred one in your account settings or something. I would highly recommend trying the newer iD editor. Click on the arrow next to the "Edit" button to get the editor choices. iD will default units and other ...
42018-05-16 12:19:42 UTCfreebeer Hi,
just discovered this myself as i had my doubts that there could *EVER* be anything lacking in Potlatch:
When you go to the restrictions tab and pop up the speed limit icons, this is a scrollable selection that for me defaults to the end of the available pre-selections.
For a lower limit, and ...
52018-05-18 20:28:56 UTCToeBee Your faith in Potlatch (2) is truly inspiring :)
62018-05-18 22:49:14 UTCphbrown Changed setting to "iD"

What makes you think I'm still using Potlatch?
phb1948 @ gmail
72018-05-31 15:00:02 UTCToeBee Scroll to the top of this changeset details page and look at the changeset tags. There is a "created_by" tag that specifies which editor was used to make the edit.

You can of course use any editor you wish but Potlatch is no longer being actively developed so it doesn't know about new...
12018-03-27 03:40:48 UTCToeBee Please explain why you made this change. It almost seems like a misguided semi-automatic edit and the fact that you have been doing a lot of them concerns me. In this case, you split a 25 meter section of motorway out of the middle of a way and retagged it as trunk, seemingly because it intersects a...
22018-03-28 04:54:19 UTCToeBee Without a response, I am going to revert these edits tomorrow.
32018-03-29 06:51:14 UTCSyed Mujeeb Hi ToeBee,

Motorways do not have traffic signals or multiple intersections of residential roads. As far as I know.

I was trying to change the ones which has intersections as the sharp turns would not be possible at the speed of the motorway.

42018-03-29 18:27:59 UTCToeBee You are correct that motorways should not (generally) have intersections with residential roads. I think the very end of the motorway is one valid exception. What use is changing the last 10 meters from motorway to trunk like you did in some cases?
And as in this case, there is no actual intersect...
12018-03-29 03:27:58 UTCToeBee This building seems to be much too small and in an incorrect location. I suspect something went wrong in your attempted import process. I am also guessing that you are somehow related to the "Qatar University" account which has performed several similar building imports. There have been se...
12018-03-29 03:21:27 UTCToeBee This building seems to have been imported from somewhere. Your specified source of "Documents" is not sufficient to tell the OSM community where this data came from or if it is from a source that is compatible with the OSM license. You seem to have also used some incorrect tagging as evide...
12018-03-21 20:19:07 UTCToeBee This changeset moved a massive number of nodes across a wide area exactly 1.79 meters to the northwest. It seems likely that this is some kind of mistake and seems to have negatively impacted the geometry of several objects. What was your intention with this changeset? Your changeset comment doesn't...
22018-03-22 04:51:55 UTCgeoaria Hello
Yes, these changes were made wrong, and I decided to return them after the trip.
if possible, you can return those changes.
32018-03-22 10:46:11 UTCgeoaria Changes returned
12018-01-30 06:00:08 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please check the website. I got a 404 error (page missing)
22018-03-21 05:06:38 UTCToeBee Most of this user's edits have been reverted as pokemon vandalism.
12017-01-25 09:06:07 UTCSpanholz Welcome to OSM,

Please only add real parks. You don't need to give a perfect description, and also have a look what the name tag means.

I changed some of your additions.
22018-03-21 05:06:27 UTCToeBee Most of this user's edits have been reverted as pokemon vandalism.
12018-03-16 15:46:29 UTCToeBee In aerial imagery this looks like a parking area. It is certainly not a meadow. What are you TRYING to map here? Or is it just trying to manipulate pokemon?
12018-01-22 08:57:41 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, welcome to Open Street Map.
This changeset has changed some of Wolverhampton Street from secondary to primary. However, the ways also have a ref of B4587. Is this now an A road? If so, please change the ref. If it is still the B4587, please revert the highway type to secondary as per the UK map...
22018-01-22 12:14:41 UTCwhitetop666 The road has been set to how google had it, if its been changed since i updated then by all means change it.
32018-03-14 22:19:06 UTCToeBee We can not use any Google data to modify OpenStreetMap. This is a copyright violation. We can only use primary sources (your own eyes) or any source of data who has given us EXPLICIT permission to use their data.

Also, it seems like you deleted some data on this outline: https://www.openstreetma...
12018-03-05 06:03:11 UTCToeBee This edit has been reverted. You deleted a lot of useful information. I suspect you may not have realized that this is a shared database and the changes you made affected everyone, not just your local copy of the map.
12018-02-02 06:46:42 UTCToeBee You seem to have marked a lot of parks as recreation grounds. I do not believe that this is correct usage of the tag. Please read this wiki page about the recreation ground tag:

It is a somewhat disputed tag but if anything, i...
12018-02-02 03:35:47 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thank you for your contributions! I do have a question: What is the "AACI Area" supposed to be? You marked it as a triangular building that seems to conflict with an existing building and a parking lot. Note that the AACI itself is already mapped as this node h...
12018-02-02 03:28:35 UTCToeBee Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-20 07:21:11 UTCToeBee This change has been reverted in changeset 55596146
12018-01-20 07:20:43 UTCToeBee This change has been reverted in changeset 55596146
12018-01-20 04:13:14 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for your addition of this building. However in this changeset you somehow managed to add this building to the administrative boundary relation for Riverside, Missouri and the United States. These boundary relations are what define the city/state/country bor...
22018-01-20 04:17:11 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 55594462 where the changeset comment is: Undoing mistaken edit that added a building to boundary relations
12018-01-19 05:21:17 UTCToeBee Do you happen to remember details about this changeset? You mapped several barrier=gate objects like this:

Someone from that area contacted the Data Working Group complaining that their Garmin was refusing to route through these gates. This person s...
22018-01-19 07:37:28 UTCcleary There was definitely a gate when I went through there in approx December 2016. There were also quite a few gates on Joulnie Road and Sanpah Road and the northern section of Border Downs Road. It is not unusual to have gates on public roads in remote areas. Often local councils will construct cattle ...
32018-01-19 20:02:54 UTCToeBee So here's a neat trick. See this route:

Then switch from "Car (OSRM)" to "Car (GraphHopper)". Obviously different routing algorithms handle gates differently. And I also fi...
42018-01-20 04:57:31 UTCcleary I have now added access=yes tags to gates on public roads in this area (at least to those with which I am familiar).
52018-01-22 03:39:07 UTCTheSwavu I'd be more worried about the kind of person that would be driving around this part of NSW following a route provided by their GPS rather than knowing where they are going.
12018-01-13 01:51:43 UTCbaveggies9999 This is not accurate. Please see:


Despite your legislative link, the highway is clearly referred to in common practice as "Cr...
22018-01-13 01:59:04 UTCbaveggies9999 The "Liberty Memorial Parkway" designation is clearly an ancillary designation to "Creek Turnpike" and not the primary name of the roadway based on the PDF to which you linked.

All signage still indicates "Creek Turnpike" and ODOT sources indicate that it and the Tu...
32018-01-13 03:09:50 UTCUS Highway 266 I personally verified that this road is indeed signed as the "Creek Turnpike". There is a single sign that says "Liberty Parkway" which is clearly a tertiary or even quaternary honorific name for this road. Nowhere is the name "Liberty Memorial Parkway" listed as a name...
42018-01-13 03:14:28 UTCPaul Johnson "Liberty Parkway" appears on signage at either end of the route. Additionally, alt_name and the relation are named "Creek Turnpike". These names are both accurate.
52018-01-13 03:14:32 UTCPaul Johnson "Liberty Parkway" appears on signage at either end of the route. Additionally, alt_name and the relation are named "Creek Turnpike". These names are both accurate.
62018-01-13 03:18:40 UTCPaul Johnson Liberty Memorial Parkway was the compromise name after this was brought to the Data Working Group last time, I'd consider Liberty Parkway to be more valid than Liberty Memorial Parkway.
72018-01-13 03:33:24 UTCDuke87 Is there an official DWG decision about this online anywhere? I concur with US 266 and baveggies - the road is quite clearly named "Creek Turnpike" on all major signage as well as in general practice. The name "Liberty Parkway" is on only one sign (that I am aware of) - this shou...
82018-01-13 03:39:57 UTCPaul Johnson There is signage westbound. It's at and at , plus the cited doc in the source notes also supports this.
92018-01-13 04:33:22 UTCUS Highway 266 The official name of the road is "Creek Turnpike". "Liberty Parkway" is a tertiary name, a nickname if you will. It isn't the main name of the road. I've lived near the turnpike for over a decade and I've never heard anybody call it "Liberty Parkway". Locals always call...
102018-01-13 05:10:03 UTCUS Highway 266 This picture which was taken by me on September 9, 2014 is of a guide sign on westbound US 64/northbound US 169/eastbound OK 364 which clearly shows the road as "Creek Turnpike". This is not the only sign to refer to it as such.
112018-01-13 06:01:56 UTCPaul Johnson That picture is referencing route numbers and route names, not street level names. You find a similar situation in Oregon, for example, at Mission Street and Santiam Highway in the Salem area or OR 569 Randy Papé Beltline, previously known and alternately signed as The Beltline or Beltline R...
122018-01-13 06:05:09 UTCPaul Johnson That said, I don't envy any of us for dealing with Oklahoma's entirely insane inconsistency in dealing with highway names in general. However, ultimately, getting things named consistently at all levels is something that needs to be handled at the level of "stop (re-)electing people who are in...
132018-01-14 01:07:09 UTCUS Highway 266 The official name of the road is "Creek Turnpike". Until you provide evidence otherwise, OSM should reflect this. Two signs and one PDF file do not prove the name of a road has changed.
142018-01-14 18:43:27 UTCPaul Johnson I'm sorry you can't accept the ground truth as fact, and I'm done trying to point out the difference between a route and a road or how to read a relation.
152018-01-19 06:50:48 UTCToeBee Paul, first of all, your original changeset comment is not really appropriate. The edit was not malicious. There is a legitimate difference of opinion on the subject. And to be honest I'm having a little trouble seeing it your way. As has been pointed out, every single sign directing drivers to this...
162018-01-20 16:11:21 UTCPaul Johnson I'm still of the opinion between the legislation that renamed it, Creek Turnpike shields being removed in favor of OK 364 shields as they wear out, the signage at either end, this segment did, in fact, get renamed. Current destination:*=* tagging at the ramps indicates directional signage present a...
172018-01-21 04:11:44 UTCcl94 Since when are honorary names the official name of the highway? Should we change the name of the NY Thruway to "Jewish Veterans Memorial Highway" between Exits 10 and 15 because a couple of signs and a state declarations say it is called that? Of course not.
182018-01-21 04:12:40 UTCUS Highway 266 I'm interpreting it like it is written and as it is on the ground. I don't know how you are interpreting it the way you are. It's quite a leap of logic to say the least.
192018-01-21 04:49:25 UTCrickmastfan67 Paul, I honestly wouldn't be calling out others as 'sockpuppet' accounts unless you have 100% proof. It's very unprofessional for 1 thing, and very rude at the minimum. If you want to say it in your head, that's one thing, but don't post in public saying that unless you can back it up with 100% pr...
202018-01-21 04:49:39 UTCPaul Johnson Honorary names are typically on signage distinctive from the rest of the highway names. That's not the case here. Wasn't the case on OR 569, either. But, US 26 has a brown signed section over Sylvan Hill honorarily naming it after some soldier, and still signed as Sunset Highway. Not the case wi...
212018-01-21 04:54:14 UTCUS Highway 266 There are NO big green signs with "Liberty Parkway" on them. None. There are several, however, with "Creek Turnpike" on them. If your theory were true, it would be prominently displayed on the overhead signs. As has been noted before, there are only two signs with "Liberty P...
222018-01-21 05:03:16 UTCPaul Johnson Your assertion is correct for the relation above, not the road subject to this changeset.
232018-02-20 03:22:41 UTCDuke87 Okay it's been a month and no further comments. I count six in favor of "Creek Turnpike" being the primary name and one in favor of "Liberty Parkway". Can we consider there to be a consensus to this effect at this point?
242018-02-20 04:16:06 UTCPaul Johnson I don't think so. Again, it's still signed as the road being Liberty Parkway and the route as Creek Turnpike.

Timeline for how this was developed is this:

* Highway was built as an unnumbered route, with Creek Turnpike route shields.
* State renames this segment as Liberty Parkway; route nam...
252018-02-20 05:26:25 UTCUS Highway 266 Paul, remember when you claimed that the portion of OK 364 east of the Muskogee Turnpike was "Liberty Parkway" and that there was a sign just south of I-44 identifying it as such? I proved you wrong and you removed it. Remember when you claimed the Creek Turnpike was "Liberty Memorial...
12018-01-11 04:43:05 UTCToeBee A couple of tips: Roads that connect to each other should be connected in OSM. So for example this road should have a connecting point with 150th Street: (and with the cycle path along it for that matter too) If there is no connecting point, routing softwa...
12018-01-04 05:17:30 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 55111320, 55111535.
22018-01-08 21:23:36 UTCLembap10 I think that the pizza hut by Monterey Avenue South is an inacurate feature of the map. This place is a residential area. I don't know if it was previously added on this account when my little brother took control of my account that remained logged on on my computer. Could you please fix it. I do no...
32018-01-09 08:26:45 UTCToeBee Thanks for the tip. I had wondered about the Pizza Hut at one point but I don't think it was added by one of the obvious vandal accounts so I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. I have removed it.
12018-01-06 06:55:45 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! I must deleted you node, because you aren’t a church and the node isn’t well placed. Don’t use the geocoder from Google (Google don’t allow this), look on the aerial image and mark the right building!
22018-01-06 07:35:15 UTCToeBee Weird. Last night I saw some people add a bunch of random stuff last night as amenity=place_of_worship as well. I think that was in India though.
12018-01-06 05:23:34 UTCToeBee Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you came here because of Pokemon. Please note that anything you add to OSM MIGHT show up in Pokemon within weeks or months. No one knows how often Niantic updates their data. So please do not map things with the intent of manipulating Pokemon Go. This edit i...
12018-01-05 02:41:21 UTCToeBee Hi, welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you haven't actually made any successful changes yet but it looks like you may be attempting a data import. Please be aware that data imports are not easy to do right and I will add that the ArcGIS editor is probably not the right tool to do it with. I have seen m...
12018-01-04 23:46:57 UTCToeBee You seem to be adding a lot of things as a place of worship. This tag is intended for things like churches, mosques and temples. This Nova Boys Hostel does not seem to fit this classification.
12018-01-04 09:15:45 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. What kind of GIS training are you doing? You seem to be adding a few things that seem odd. You have added a couple of things as a place of worship when they seem to be offices or companies. Are these two banks actually here? Please keep in mind that you are not editing a pr...
12018-01-03 08:12:39 UTCToeBee Please do not change things in OSM just for Pokemon Go. This was already marked as a park. You modified the name and description which won't change anything in Pokemon Go anyway. Note that it is completely unknown how often Niantic updates its map data. This park was added to OSM in early December a...
12018-01-03 08:01:14 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You are adding some excellent details to the map! I was just looking over some changesets that mention Pokemon Go in the comments. Some of them are... well... "sub-par". But yours are great. If you haven't seen it already, please check out the wiki if you aren't s...
12017-12-23 01:09:05 UTCvander silva sorry for delet this river but it's not a river at all. It's a sanitary sewer.
22017-12-23 01:38:07 UTCToeBee I see. It seemed like an odd deletion because only some sections were deleted and it does empty into other waterway features. Do you think tagging it as waterway=drain would be accurate? See
12017-12-23 00:18:05 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please do not add things that do not exist on the ground. This "lake" is clearly not real. If you are trying to manipulate the Pokemon game... well please don't. I have removed this lake. If you have any real world information to add, OSM would welcome your contri...
22018-01-09 19:43:49 UTCrichlv dear coventry32, you have continued adding such fake features. that's really not cool, as people are creating a wonderful, free resource for all to use.
12017-12-22 06:11:34 UTCToeBee Please note that the opening_hours tag has a specific syntax. This one should be "Mo-Fr 08:00-17:00" - no AM/PM or full week day names.This is meant to be a machine readable format. Apps on phones and such parse this format and turn it into usable data for users. For more information on th...
12017-12-19 07:30:39 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. While you seem to have added a few things to the map correctly, I see a lot of what seem to be junk edits, like this one. Did Pokemon bring you here? Either way, I need to get your garbage cleaned up. Can you please help me sort out what is good data to keep? Otherwise I'm ...
22017-12-21 23:53:08 UTCToeBee Ping on this. It seems like some things have been cleaned up but in particular I would like to point out the river and lake near this house (pokemon spawn related?) and the night club nearby that looks like a residential house from aerial imagery.
32017-12-21 23:55:32 UTCToeBee Oh and of course the "casino" and mosque across the street which as far as I can tell is actually a united methodist church.
12017-12-21 05:33:29 UTCToeBee Was deleting the baseball diamonds intentional? They seem to still be there on aerial imagery but obviously that might be out of date.
12017-12-21 04:24:27 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please do not add imaginary things to the OSM database. Once real things and imaginary things start getting mixed up it can be difficult to untangle them. If you want to make maps enhanced with features that don't exist in the real world, please have a look at things like h...
12017-12-20 05:31:14 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thank you for your additions. Do you know that you can select from several different aerial imagery providers? It looks to me like the DigitalGlobe Standard imagery is much more up to date than Bing in this area and may be of more use to you while editing. Use the layer ...
12017-12-20 05:24:00 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. A couple of objects you have added to the map look... well, odd. I have removed the quarry/lake mapped over a house and the park at the same location since these are clearly not correct. What exactly were you TRYING to map? I am happy to give you some pointers if you have...
12017-12-20 00:30:12 UTCToeBee To report vandalism like this, send an email to I am already working on undoing this round of vandalism.
12017-12-18 22:42:16 UTCtravnb Edit seemed to have randomly placed nodes around Stephens Lake Park, need a revert
22017-12-18 22:45:04 UTCFullerz21 Seems the roads were changed recently in this Area unfortunately the edit must stay
32017-12-19 04:37:14 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 54748102 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
42017-12-19 07:50:55 UTCToeBee Well the bit about it being a building import was wrong (I forgot to change a value in the script) but yeah, all of these changes should be reverted now.
12017-12-19 07:49:15 UTCToeBee This user was intentionally vandalizing the map. Several people contacted the Data Working Group about it and I have tried to clean things up. Beware that after being banned, the user created a second account and continued vandalizing so please keep an eye out for more stuff like this over the next ...
12017-12-07 07:34:06 UTCToeBee This changeset imported West Point which was already mapped. Why did you feel the need to replace what was already there? The imported data seems like a step back in terms of accuracy from what previous mappers had already contributed.

Also, you imported it with a bunch of junk tags and then upd...
12017-11-14 22:00:39 UTCneuhausr what is the source for this data? it appears to be an apartment building
22017-11-15 08:15:36 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53794087.
32017-11-15 15:03:09 UTCneuhausr Thanks!
42017-11-15 15:32:42 UTCToeBee Yeah, this user was a clear SEO spammer along with 4 other users that were all created around the same time and with identical edits. I nuked them all last night.
52017-11-15 15:50:50 UTCneuhausr As Ellen Ripley said to Cpl Hicks, "it's the only way to be sure" :)
12017-11-11 11:58:11 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! I don’t believe the amenity=bank. Please see as better description.
22017-11-15 07:33:59 UTCToeBee This is one of several spam accounts that have been creating fake data over the last few days trying to boost SEO rankings. The data is going to get reverted shortly.
32017-11-15 08:10:43 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53794087.
12017-11-13 02:45:34 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted in
12017-11-06 17:04:06 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53558604.
22017-11-06 17:25:24 UTCToeBee In particular, this line was acting as an address interplation to let the OSM based geocoders function better even without complete address coverage. Please do not delete something just because you don't understand it.
12017-11-06 17:23:38 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53558604.
12017-11-06 17:22:47 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53558604.
12017-11-06 15:42:25 UTCToeBee Please do not delete the work of other mappers simply because you think it is "clutter." OSM is a collaborative work. Some people just map roads, some map buildings and POIs and some people map footpaths, drinking fountains and individual trees. Some people map details such as curb height ...
22017-11-06 17:03:42 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53558604.
12017-11-03 16:01:17 UTCToeBee A boat ramp is tagged as leisure=slipway, not as an RV park. And is this lighthouse actually a tourist attraction? Or just a lighthouse?
12017-11-03 14:51:24 UTCToeBee This is not a Hard Rock Cafe location.
12017-10-28 17:16:13 UTCToeBee Thanks for helping to improve western Kansas. However one thing I'm not entirely in agreement with: I don't think landuse=residential areas that cover entire towns like McDonald here are useful. For one thing, a good chunk of the town is commercial and industrial, not residential. These towns are no...
22017-10-30 10:56:52 UTCtorapa Hi,
you are certainly right. According to census 2010, McDonald had a population of 160. It was mapped as a village in OSM.

I think there is a larger area with landuse= residential. How would you enter it?
32017-10-30 16:25:42 UTCToeBee I'm talking about this way in particular:
I just wouldn't have created that way. The city outline is mapped as this relation and has nothing to do with the landuse=residential area:
12017-10-14 12:14:50 UTCionr These ~5.000 objects seem to be some Building plan import which should not be in the OSM database. Also those keys dont seem to be valid osm keys. Please consider removing those objects.
22017-10-15 06:28:01 UTCToeBee I have removed all of the imported data in this building after a complaint was raised with the Data Working Group. It ended up being over 60,000 objects. There was so much data that it was preventing some users from even loading the area in some editors.
12017-10-10 09:13:07 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52784001
12017-10-10 09:12:58 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52784001
12017-10-10 09:12:47 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52784001
12017-10-10 09:12:39 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52784001
12017-10-10 09:12:29 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52784001
12017-10-10 09:12:08 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52783659
12017-10-10 09:11:51 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52783448
12017-10-09 14:25:58 UTCmaxerickson Hi-

None of your uploads actually contain building ways and are happening at quite a fast rate. Could you maybe explain what you are up to?

It kind of looks like poorly done mechanical editing, so even if you don't want to explain what you are doing, you should check that your process is actua...
22017-10-09 15:24:28 UTCToeBee The building ways are showing up in later changests. This is clearly an import. Is it related to this project? If so, you aren't using the user name pattern suggested.
32017-10-09 17:46:50 UTCvramirez122000 This changeset is not part of the Municipal Buildings Import project.
42017-10-09 18:34:12 UTCToeBee Thanks for confirming that it is not part of the planned import. Unless there are any objections, I think this needs to be reverted. If no one else has gotten to it by the time I get home tonight, I will do it.
52017-10-10 09:11:30 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52783026
12017-10-10 09:11:03 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52782685
12017-10-10 09:10:42 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52782406
12017-10-10 09:10:23 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52782406
12017-10-10 09:09:52 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52782406
12017-10-09 15:50:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
I think something's gone wrong with this data - it you have a look at you can see that there's a lot of duplication of uploaded nodes, many nodes aren't part of any ot...
22017-10-10 09:09:13 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52781929
12017-10-10 09:08:47 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52779286
12017-10-10 09:08:34 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted by changeset 52779286
12017-10-10 06:00:55 UTCToeBee Hello and thank you for helping out with mapping things in Puerto Rico. Please note that you failed to correctly tag the buildings you added in this changeset. You can't just draw the area, you need to select what kind of thing it is that you are drawing by using the menu on the left.
12017-09-25 14:30:41 UTCToeBee Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please know that any changes that you upload to OpenStreetMap become public information. It seems like this edit was more of a personal favorites list although it looks like there might also bee some useful map data as well. Can you confirm which features should r...
12017-09-22 13:28:32 UTCJay May I do not understand why my changes have been reversed.

On wiki (, it is clearly indicated:
- Highway=trunk: "The most important roads in a country's system that aren't motorways. (Need not necessarily be a divided highway.)"
- Highway=pr...
22017-09-22 14:35:46 UTCToeBee You commented on your own changeset. Whoever reverted your changes isn't going to see this. You need to find the changeset that changed the classification back and comment there. Also, I will say that using a proper changeset comment explaining why you changed the highway tag might make it less like...
32017-09-22 15:16:08 UTCJay May O.K. I will revert those changes manually as I don’t have JOSM. Thanks
12017-09-20 15:12:59 UTCToeBee Hey, welcome to OpenStreetMap! I've been mapping in Kansas (I'm in Manhattan) since 2010. Thank you for your additions in Beloit. I think I've added a few things there from when I came through on Biking Across Kansas a few years ago.

A couple of comments on your edits: We typically avoid using ...
12017-06-29 03:27:03 UTCToeBee Ahem. This is clearly not correct. I suspect Pokemon shenanigans. Please only add things that actually exist to OpenStreetMap.
12017-06-26 15:05:33 UTCToeBee Hey there. I just noticed that this changeset seems to have removed the building=university tag from Ahearn and the Natatorium. I'm guessing it wasn't intentional but rather the editor software removed it when you applied the sports center preset. I'll fix it here in a few minutes. I might try to re...
12017-05-08 17:20:12 UTCToeBee Thanks for fixing this vandalism. There were a couple of other tags on the parking garage that I just restored as well. (the fact that it is a building and a multi-level parking facility) I also removed the fake monuments added by the same user.
12017-05-08 17:17:53 UTCToeBee Sorry, can't let this go. You actually destroyed useful information on the parking garage in this edit. I have reverted everything. Please respect other people's work and stick to mapping real things.
12017-04-25 04:42:41 UTCToeBee While investigating an improperly removed path in another part of Yosemite, I discovered that your "Endless Slabs" path here was also removed by the same user. See

I am restoring it now.
12017-04-25 04:40:06 UTCToeBee Given your other removal of a path in this area, I am also questioning this one. I see a couple of GPS traces along it. Do you personally know this area? I will restore this path as well for now. Please chime in if you really have first hand knowledge that it should be removed.
12017-04-25 03:31:41 UTCBHSPitMonkey Could you please revert this change? I spent a lot of time documenting this important, difficult-to-navigate trail and I don't agree that it was incorrect (or that it needed removing).
22017-04-25 04:29:17 UTCToeBee Agreed. I do not see why this should be removed, especially given that this seems to be a blind edit (without even looking at satellite imagery). I have reverted this changeset.
12017-02-25 05:51:13 UTCToeBee You reclassified two short segments of US 50/400 as motorway here. Please do not reclassify roads based on a single grade-separated exchange like this. This is not a motorway. I am undoing this change now.
12017-02-16 17:43:38 UTCToeBee Is this a dedicated import account? If so, could you please link to your real user account in your profile?
12017-02-01 22:10:51 UTCToeBee This node seems like it might be legit although it is missing a primary tag.
22017-02-02 06:47:14 UTCPaul Johnson Seems pretty unlikely, node was on a private residence.
32017-02-02 06:53:07 UTCToeBee The address on their website matches this block:

It is probably a home business.
42017-02-02 07:31:44 UTCPaul Johnson Hmm, odd... not sure where Delaware Boulevard is, since the lat/long puts it on Delaware Ave. I've got my car with me tonight so I'll swing by after work and confirm for sure.
12016-12-28 21:02:22 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I see you have added a lot of parks which either do not seem to be there in aerial imagery or appear to actually be parking lots. Are you confused about how to mark parking lots or are you trying to create pokemon nests?

If you are confused about parking lots, ple...
12016-12-28 11:40:30 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. We've had some new users from Pokemon Go that have added bogus information to try and get spawns/nests/biomes/whatever (I don't play myself) at their house. Your changesets came up in my search for rogue Pokemon edits but I'm glad to see that you seem to be adding le...
12016-12-26 22:38:16 UTCAshlyAsh What do you mean?
22016-12-26 23:36:33 UTCToeBee I started a thread about this on the talk mailing list:

Basically some Pokemon players got it in their head that Pokemon Go is using OSM data and that by editing OSM they can get pokemon to spawn at their homes.
32016-12-26 23:58:41 UTCAshlyAsh Oh I see. Even though I'm a newbie here, I'd never make a change, that isn't rooted in the truth of the area.
12016-12-24 23:48:59 UTCToeBee Thanks for your additions at the air force base and the park. However you seem to have also changed Wellston Trail form a path to a footway in this changeset which I suspect is an attempt to game Pokemon Go. Please do not do this. OSM is a map of the real world and should not be abused to (maybe) in...
22016-12-26 14:56:11 UTCinfinitezero I have made these changed because the Wellston Trail in "Fountain park" no longer "Dry Lake park", which I have verified this with the city, is paved with concrete not asphalt. Which I go running on it all the time, you can even check google maps to verify what I'm saying is corr...
32016-12-26 19:27:42 UTCToeBee First off: no, we can not use Google maps to check anything. This would be a copyright violation. OSM must only use authorized sources of information or first-hand observation.

The path in the park should not be changed to a foot path. Please read this page on the wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap....
12016-12-25 22:31:11 UTCToeBee You added paths that don't exist. Please do not add fictional items to OpenStreetMap. If you are interested in mapping golf courses correctly, please read this page:

I have reverted your changes.
12016-12-25 20:55:27 UTCToeBee Please do not add fictional data to OpenStreetMap. I have deleted this edit.
12016-12-24 17:25:59 UTCToeBee Thank you for your addition to OpenStreetMap! I have seen a rash of edits related to Pokemon Go that are adding bogus data to try and get spawns at peoples houses and such. But this edit looks legit so thanks. Keep them coming! :)
12016-12-24 17:23:09 UTCToeBee Please do not vandalize OpenStreetMap for the sake of Pokemon Go. I have reverted this edit.
12016-12-24 02:59:08 UTCandrewwiseman Hi Jeffrey, I saw your edit and I've heard that too. Where did you read it?
22016-12-24 17:21:04 UTCToeBee Please do not add fictional things to OpenStreetMap. I have removed this edit. You are welcome to experiment with Pokemon Go by adding actual features that are missing and observing their effect on the game.
12016-12-24 07:34:48 UTCToeBee Please do not add fictional information to OpenStreetMap. In this changeset you actually destroyed information that someone else had added. This is vandalism and I have reverted it. Your subsequent edits seem ok to me. Please keep the good data coming. Just leave pokemon out of it :)
12016-12-24 07:23:04 UTCToeBee Please do not edit OpenStreetMap just to affect Pokemon Go. OSM is a real map for real things. Does this park actually exist?
12016-12-24 06:49:12 UTCToeBee Please do not modify OpenStreetMap just to affect Pokemon. OSM is a real map of real things. I have reversed this edit.
12016-12-24 06:01:39 UTCToeBee Please do not do this. Changing data in OSM simply to affect Pokemon is considered vandalism. I have reverted this change. Now, if you want to add footpaths that are really missing from the map, by all means, please do so! But OSM should reflect what is actually there in reality. Thanks!
22016-12-24 06:09:11 UTCJenna2784 Hi ToeBee. It actually is a paved footpath. The majority of people using the path are walking. And the majority we talk to are Go players. We rarely see cyclists on this path. The fact that it will update Niantics servers is just an added bonus, but it is why I changed it to begin with. Please chang...
32016-12-24 06:23:13 UTCJenna2784 Nevermind, I changed it myself. Also, I see you live in Kansas. I am actually IN LONGVIEW working on updating Longview's maps to ACCURATE representations. Yes, with the goal of ultimately improving Niantics servers, but my edits are accurate. As I said, I actually LIVE HERE and walk these trails. If...
42016-12-24 06:44:17 UTCToeBee I am not harassing anyone. There has been a rash of pokemon related vandalism to OSM which I am working to undo. Your changeset comment explicitly said that you were changing data in order to affect Niantic servers so I undid it as part of the world-wide vandalism fix I am doing. Perhaps you are ri...
52016-12-24 07:21:26 UTCJenna2784 ToeBee, just because I live in Texas doesn't mean I'm some ignorant American who doesn't know the difference between a lane for a bicycle and a lane for walking. I have reviewed your wiki pages as requested, and none of these walking trails have the bicycle signage or bicycle symbols painted on the ...
12016-12-24 06:26:07 UTCToeBee Please do not edit OSM just to affect Pokemon Go. I have undone these changes. If you want to try and affect Pokemon Go, find some real footpaths that are not mapped and add them. OSM is a real map for real things. Changing it just to affect Pokemon Go is vandalism.
12016-12-24 06:10:07 UTCToeBee Please do not put data into OSM just to try and affect Pokemon Go. This seems to be a driveway and not a footway. I have retagged it as a driveway. I have left the other information you tagged such as width, lighting and surface. I hope these are correct.
12016-12-24 05:54:16 UTCToeBee Please do not add fictional things to OpenStreetMap. These have already been removed by someone else.
12016-12-09 16:24:13 UTCToeBee I commented on another changeset a couple of days ago and haven't heard a response. This is another one that I'm curious as to your source of data for this Neurosurgery operation. Please explain your edits better in the changeset comments. Thanks!
22016-12-09 17:18:12 UTCЮкатан Слушай, чего пристал? Гугл Мапс знаешь такой сервис? Там лишнего, наверное, ничего не нанесут на карту. А если что не так, вытащи палец из задницы и сам всё поправь. Че...
32016-12-09 19:56:59 UTCToeBee Your message is not entirely clear but I think you are saying that you have copied information from Google Maps into OpenStreetMap. If this is true, please stop immediately and read this wiki page:
42016-12-11 08:22:23 UTCmavl Здравствуйте, Юкатан. Спасибо за ваш ответ. Вам задали простой вопрос об источнике данных, но вы зачем-то решили испортить участнику настроение. Портить настроение ...
12016-11-17 19:33:00 UTCmaxerickson The \\u007f character thing has also happened in some of this changeset (I found it at the end of a longer highway and didn't look for more).
22016-12-08 06:37:36 UTCToeBee Why did you upgrade the short section of highway around this bridge from primary to trunk?
12016-12-04 05:25:33 UTCToeBee I am curious as to your source on these edits in Ellsworth. You have edits all over the place so it seems unlikely that you visited Ellsworth, KS. But you are adding information that cannot be added without being able to see things on the ground.

Also, please consider using better changeset comm...
12016-10-14 05:49:06 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. What exactly were you trying to do in this changeset? You deleted several things that I'm not sure should be deleted. Please keep in mind that what you change on goes into a shared map that the whole world sees. You are also participating in a community. As s...
12016-09-30 04:43:16 UTCmaxerickson Do I understand correctly that this edit largely consists of selecting all the ways and deleting most of the tiger import tags from them?

I usually remove tiger tags after I have reviewed the geometry and added a surface tag, but it seems unlikely that the ways were individually reviewed here. Wh...
22016-10-06 04:02:41 UTCToeBee Actually, JOSM automatically removes several TIGER tags on any ways that are otherwise modified during an editing session. These were discussed a while ago on the talk-us mailing list and determined to be entirely useless. The full list of automatically removed tags can be found in the JOSM source: ...
32016-10-06 12:59:03 UTCELadner The whole area was compared against the 2015 Tiger data and the Adams County GIS system (where streets stop/start based on parcel address, etc). The original TIGER data is inaccurate and gets mashed up over time and the ZIP data is pretty useless (esp with zip_right_1, zip_right_2, etc..).
42016-10-07 02:33:26 UTCmaxerickson I agree that the tiger tags are largely useless, it's just wasn't clear to me how much individual attention each of the 999 ways received. If the comparison was quick, there's room to argue about whether an edit just scrubbing them off is worthwhile. If they've been carefully compared to the county ...
12016-10-03 05:02:10 UTCToeBee Thanks for adding Indian Creek Trail! I rode it from Leawood all the way down to Hampton Park a couple weekends ago with the help of turn-by-turn directions on my Garmin from which uses OSM data. I also had my GoPro getting pictures along the way which are uploading to rig...
22016-10-04 04:17:51 UTCDigitalDan Actually they rebuilt that section in Arrowhead Park about 2 years ago not because of a flood, but instead for better control. They've been doing lots of drainage improvement projects in the area.
12016-09-19 05:52:23 UTCToeBee Hi. I just saw your edit while looking around the Wichita. I'm an OSM user up in Manhattan, KS. Thanks for the address addition. Request: If you are familiar with this area, it would be awesome if you could fill in the missing street names here! Note that in OSM we do not use abbreviations for stree...
12016-09-07 07:22:08 UTCToeBee FYI you seem to have removed the name=* tag from a couple of roads in Manhattan, KS in this changeset. Example:
12016-08-14 20:15:21 UTCToeBee Where did you get this outline for Leavenworth Prison?

It currently includes a stretch of US 73. So apparently now I have to answer "yes" to the question "have you ever been in prison?"
12016-08-07 21:02:04 UTCToeBee Why did you remove the place=city tag from the node for Caracas in this changeset? Because of this, if you search for "Caracas, Venezuela" using Nominatim, it doesn't find the city.
12016-07-03 06:28:09 UTCToeBee It seems you downgraded a lot of roads in this area to highway=track. What was your basis for making this change? I do not think it is correct.

Track is to be used for roads that are designed primarily for use by agricultural or other service equipment. Like the roads leading out into fields. Cou...
12016-06-13 23:57:44 UTCToeBee I'm not sure trunk is appropriate for this road either. It WAS tagged as secondary. I had been thinking about upgrading it to primary since it is a fairly major road in Manhattan. Why do you feel it deserves trunk?
22016-06-14 00:10:44 UTCSD Mapman I don't know, it's a bypass type road, and bypass type roads are usually trunk.
32016-06-14 00:14:45 UTCSD Mapman You're the local though, so I'll go with you.
12016-06-13 23:39:34 UTCToeBee This is another changeset where I noticed inappropriate upgrading to motorway around separated grade intersections while I was doing the Biking Across Kansas tour last week. Someone has already corrected some of them.

Do you have any idea how many of these changes you have made? I'll see if I can...
22016-06-14 00:08:31 UTCSD Mapman I'm working on the two-lanes; but I think the 36 (Pony Express Highway) should stay because other maps (Rand McNally, MapQuest, etc.) have it as freeway.
12016-06-13 22:41:16 UTCToeBee Why did you upgrade these sections to motorway? This is not a motorway! Please see the motorway wiki page:

Note separated grade intersections are not the only requirements for a road to be considered a motorway. It generally needs to ha...
12016-04-05 01:43:24 UTCToeBee I think you accidentally deleted one way too many in this changeset :)

There appears to be a gap in the offramp here now:
12016-03-21 04:12:52 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thank you for your additions. I'm in Manhattan, KS and try to keep an eye on the general Kansas area. Let me know if you have any questions. And FYI, it looks like you accidentally dragged a parking meter point half a block out of place in this edit. I fixed it for you :)
12016-03-21 03:58:59 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thanks for your updates. FYI, you actually ended up connecting Monroe Street up to West 114th. I went ahead and fixed it so that Iowa is the one that connects. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm in Manhattan, KS and try to keep an eye on things in Kansas.
12016-02-23 04:24:34 UTCmaning @MonumentoDeIsabelle, some of your edits here we flagged by the us community as fictitious. Can you confirm this are actual edits you see on the ground?
22016-02-27 06:21:04 UTCToeBee I have reverted these changes.
12016-02-27 06:11:50 UTCToeBee Obviously false information was added here. I have reverted it.
12016-02-24 16:34:08 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for the addition of this point. Question: What is this business? You put in an address and a name (is the name right, by the way? Stats? States?) but you didn't classify what type of thing this is. Hotel? Restaurant? Used Car Salesman?

If you go to edit the ar...
12016-02-22 22:01:29 UTCToeBee Thank you for adding data to OSM. Please be careful with your tagging though. You are adding highway=residential to some houses you are mapping. This is incorrect tagging. For example:
The highway=residential tag is only for roads that run through residen...
12016-02-22 05:44:34 UTCToeBee Someone just opened a note here asking if the Hot Shop is really located here. Care to comment? You seem to have local knowledge.
12016-02-20 07:59:42 UTCToeBee FYI, this changeset deleted this road by accident. I have restored it :)
12016-02-04 06:29:44 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. What exactly were you trying to add in this edit? Because, well... I don't think you succeeded :)

I've been mapping in Manhattan, KS for a while now and keep an eye out for new users in Kansas. Let me know if you have any questions.
22016-02-06 07:29:38 UTCToeBee I added some service roads that you might have been trying to map. If you log in and edit in Firefox or Chrome it should bring up a newer editor that has a brief built-in tutorial to show you how to do common tasks easily. I would recommend running through that.
12015-12-13 18:05:33 UTCToeBee It looks like you dragged this way 14 kilometers southeast by accident in this changeset:

Since then someone else moved the northernmost node back north but didnt' change its east/west position. They noticed because the NE/SD border was off but the coun...
22015-12-13 19:50:58 UTCToeBee Things should be fixed now. I also found a large number of county boundaries that had out of order members but I think that was someone else's doing. And really, I think there is a bug in JOSM that doesn't help that particular situation.
32016-02-02 01:55:33 UTCJames GIS Thanks. Sorry about that, and for the delay--I don't read this email often nor login to the osm website. Though that didn't even warn me there was a message.
42016-02-02 18:23:12 UTCToeBee Yeah, OSM message reliability isn't the greatest. Oh well. It was an easy enough problem to fix :)
12015-08-13 16:13:28 UTCCranberry Center Dental Services Cranberry Center Dental Services is a full service dental Office with an in-house Denture Lab tech. Please refer to our website
22015-08-13 16:20:23 UTCToeBee You added a point with nothing but a name on it. While this will result in a name search correctly finding this location, you have not actually indicated that this is a dental office. If you go back to edit, click on the point you created and then click on the "Point" in the upper left of ...
32016-01-07 17:38:03 UTCToeBee I went ahead and added the dentist tag. You can see it now actually shows on the map.
12015-12-18 20:40:21 UTCToeBee Thank you for adding details to OSM. FYI, a sidewalk would usually be mapped as a "footpath" as opposed to the "Pedestrian street" option you chose. The pedestrian street is intended for things like downtown areas in cities where there are wide roads that are primarily intended f...
22015-12-18 20:43:57 UTCsinagrae Thank you for the clarification and links. I am just getting used to OSM and wasn't sure which to choose. Thanks again.
32015-12-18 23:18:48 UTCToeBee Another useful link is the "Map Features" page on the wiki. The iD editor has presets built in for most common things but if you want more information about a type of object, the map features page can show you where to go:

Also, what's up ...
12015-12-16 23:43:05 UTCToeBee This is not correct. Please see my comments on this note:

Centinela Avenue is a different road.
22015-12-16 23:51:48 UTCScrivvy ToeBee: I left a comment on the same note

My apologies. I suspect you're correct, wasn't quite sure how to correct the off-ramp name.
32015-12-17 00:09:47 UTCToeBee Exit ramps can be tagged with a "destination" tag that turn-by-turn navigation software can use to say "exit towards Centinela Avenue" but unfortunately this information is not rendered on the visual map on I went ahead and added it to both of the exit ramps:
12015-12-13 13:57:08 UTCJedrzej Pelka Hello! The boundary of Dawes County (1425406) is self-intersecting. Could you please check it? It should be fixed, but some local knowledge is necessary to know what the real position of the boundary it :)
22015-12-13 17:57:05 UTCToeBee It looks like the entire way that makes up the western border of Dawes County got moved southeast by 14 kilometers 9 months ago. But then the northwestern node got fixed by someone else. Still trying to sort it out but I'll fix it here shortly.
32015-12-13 19:52:37 UTCToeBee Fixed:
42015-12-13 23:54:20 UTCJedrzej Pelka Thank you :)
12015-12-13 18:29:22 UTCToeBee FYI, there was a bunch of weird stuff going on here. Someone apparently moved the Dawes County west border southeast by 14 kilometers by accident. I think I have fixed it all up now.
12015-12-13 17:50:47 UTCToeBee What was this changeset doing? Please use changeset comments. I'm trying to investigate an error in a county boundary relation that you touched in this changeset. I don't THINK you caused the error but it would be helpful to know what your changesets were doing. Thanks.
12015-12-02 23:40:51 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap! I've been active around Manhattan for a few years now. I'll be honest, I'm a little embarrassed that I hadn't moved Tallgrass myself yet! But thanks for the update. I also just removed the Tallgrass name from their old building out east of town.

Please let me know if y...
12015-11-30 18:06:59 UTCToeBee Thanks for the fix :)
12015-11-30 16:23:53 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thank you for your updates. I think you may have made an inadvertent mistake while adjusting the footpaths. Please check out this one:

It appears to be incorrectly joined to the corner of the building which makes it zig-zag. To ...
12015-11-24 16:24:37 UTCToeBee Hi and thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. If these bridges really are washed out and the road is closed, then you need to split the road and either completely remove the section where the bridge is or mark it as being under construction. If the road is closed, we don't want people to be r...
22015-11-30 16:14:01 UTCToeBee I went ahead and split out the bridge on Alligator Road. Do you know how long the bridge will be out? I haven't marked it as closed yet.
12015-11-21 00:50:39 UTCToeBee Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. It looks like you added an empty point to the map here which won't fix your address problem. If you want to actually fix it, you will need to log in and edit the point to actually include address information. Also, you say "the software" - what software,...
12015-11-18 22:50:40 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for the information you added in this edit! It has good address information which is valuable to OSM. The one thing that is missing is what "China Palace" actually is. I'm guessing a restaurant? To fix this you can log back in to the editor, select the o...
12015-11-18 21:01:45 UTCToeBee Please note that we absolutely can not use Bing or Google maps as a source for OpenStreetMap data. We do have explicit permission from Microsoft to use Bing aerial imagery to trace from but *NOT* their maps. We can not use anything from Google. Doing so constitutes copyright infringement. Please rem...
22015-11-18 22:32:25 UTCFrankBe First: I have to appologize for my poor english - I hope you will understand what I am writing... :-)

I don´t used Google ore Bing-Map Data, it was a misunderstandig of mine! I just used the "OSM-own-online-editor" with the Image of Bing-Sat-Pictures.
And my own Pictures taken wh...
32015-11-18 22:35:27 UTCFrankBe Btw.: I am a beginner in such "legal matters"... ;-D
And: thanks for your kind comment!
42015-11-18 22:39:43 UTCToeBee Ah, well in that case, all is well. Thank you for the clarification. Happy mapping!
52015-11-18 22:44:26 UTCFrankBe ... Thank´s for your kindness ToeBee!

Best regards
Frank :-D
12015-11-17 00:51:40 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thanks for your interest in improving the map! Note that in this particular edit you didn't actually add anything. You drew a shape but didn't tag what it is or put a name on it so it's just an empty shape. I'm honestly not sure myself how to map a natural sinkhole but you ...
12015-10-23 16:06:04 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. I notice you added a point with an address of Cody Street but I don't see a Cody Street labeled in this area. Is the unnamed road to the east Cody Street? If so, it would be awesome if you could put a name on the street itself and, if you know the area, also the othe...
22015-11-03 01:11:12 UTCToeBee Update: I found Cody Street in Census Bureau data which we are allowed to use in OpenStreetMap since it is public domain. I added it and a couple other street names in the area. But if you have local knowledge, please verify my changes! Government data can be... "questionable" at times :)
12015-11-01 12:38:50 UTCSomeoneElse If you've got software that can't handle OSM values with units it sounds like a bug in the software to me. Please don't change OSM data when you should be fixing broken software.
22015-11-01 12:49:34 UTCkarussell It has nothing to do with software. The wiki is very explicit when it comes to weight:
Therefore if a maxweight for a country that uses U.S. customary or Imperial measurements is desired, a conversion is required.
32015-11-01 12:52:52 UTCSomeoneElse "The wiki" is not "OpenStreetMap". The most scarce resource we have is mappers. Anything that we do to persuade mappers (especially in the US) to stay away is counterproductive to the project. Please do not make US data harder to use for map consumers and mappers alike.
42015-11-01 12:59:04 UTCkarussell Why is this harder to use? In fact consuming values like this is very confusing. The mapping software should make it easier with conversion, so I my counter argument is: your mapping software should be improved to make consuming the data easier. And an important btw: such a value '15 us tons' is use...
52015-11-01 13:06:26 UTCkarussell And I agree with you that the mapper is very important (I do not agree on the term 'resource' ;)). And so we should fix the mapping software making converting US short and long tons etc into tons.

Also I do intend to change 'lbs' values because they are a lot more frequent and kind of 'unwikied' ...
62015-11-01 13:10:10 UTCmaxerickson It's fairly likely there is a sign that says "15 tons" somewhere there.

One argument that this is harder to use is that no existing editor is smart enough to take "maxweight=13.607" and show the user "15 tons", so it's more difficult to verify.
72015-11-01 13:10:11 UTCSomeoneElse Firstly, show me the sign that says "13.607" - I'm guessing that it won't exist. What exactly is a local supposed to do when they see this value in an OSM tag? They will have no idea what it means.

If "consuming values like this is very confusing" then bluntly, you're doing...
82015-11-01 13:12:42 UTCSomeoneElse An an aside, the reason why I suspect you found few US specific values is that previous recording had been tagfiddled away. For example, (changed 3 years ago by a different mapper) now shows an incorrect value.
92015-11-01 13:29:04 UTCSomeoneElse Also, just in case you're not aware, OSM has a policy in place for under what circumstances automated edits should take place. In particular it says "you should discuss and document your plans be...
102015-11-01 15:21:13 UTCNakaner I think that values of maxspeed, maxweight, maxwidth etc. should have the unit they have in reality. If maxweight is signed in US tons on US roads, it should be tagged as US tons.

Every data users who wants to show the maxweight value in US tons (the original unit used on the signs) has to conver...
112015-11-01 18:47:56 UTCkarussell This wasn't an automated edit.

And I disagree about the tagging here. Because messing in every unit is not only ugly but is just a lot simpler if done on the editing side. OSM is a database AND not necessarily 'readable' by humans (although partly important I of course agree)

A good editor wou...
122015-11-01 20:28:26 UTCmaxerickson I don't see how it is objectively simpler on the editing side.

A consumer can parse the US tons and just multiply to get tons.

An editor that wants to show US tons, in a way that sensibly matches the signs on the road, has to calculate the conversion, 14.9991 in this case, and then use some h...
132015-11-01 20:35:21 UTCkarussell My argument is that OpenStreetMap is a database and should try to get more concise over time. Also there are so many units and possible combinations why not just stick to lbs or tons?

Please see my blog post why I think it is necessary to move at least parts of the unit conversion step to the edi...
142015-11-01 20:36:37 UTCkarussell Furthermore the usage of 'US tons' was 5 world wide. And that before my edit ...
152015-11-03 00:05:20 UTCToeBee I would assume any weight restriction in the U.S. is tagged in short tons because that is what is on the sign. That's how we tag other things. maxspeed=60 mph. maxheight/maxwidth=13'3". Why should weight be any different? The only thing that makes this more complicated is that "ton" c...
162015-11-03 07:23:02 UTCkarussell This language ambiguity should not infiltrate OSM tagging. So I would either define max. one unit per country or just one unit world wide and move the conversion towards the editor
12015-10-26 23:47:23 UTCToeBee Hey Scott, welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Thanks for the new road! Note that we prefer un-abbreviated road types. It's a lot easier to automatically shorten things (Street -> St) as opposed to correctly expanding things (St -> Street or Saint? Dr -> Drive or Doctor? etc) I went ahead and ex...
22015-10-27 23:18:59 UTCToeBee And I totally typo'd the word "Lane" yesterday. Oops. Fixed now.
12015-10-27 18:58:52 UTCToeBee Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for adding an address to the map. I will note that we don't typically name individual homes in OSM. The address is definitely valuable information though.
12015-10-22 01:37:06 UTCToeBee I see you found the edit button :)

I see you added a point with an address and a name of "Home Depot" which is good but you didn't mark the fact that it is a store (or specifically a hardware store). If you go back into edit mode and click on the point you created, it will say "A...
22015-10-22 07:24:03 UTCToeBee I fixed it :)
12015-10-02 16:28:33 UTCToeBee Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I've been mapping in Manhattan, KS for a few years now and keep an eye out for new users in Kansas.

Thank you for your addition. However I must point out that you mapped this parking lot as a park. As in, a green space you would take your dog to :)

Please log in...
12015-09-28 23:28:50 UTCToeBee Hi. Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I'm a mapper in Manhattan, KS and try to keep an eye on Kansas in OSM and your username just popped up. What exactly were you trying to put on the map with this change? It looks like a private residence? If so, we generally don't map the occupant names of homes. However...
12015-09-24 15:45:23 UTCToeBee You and like 4 of your classmates all added the James Madison statue. Please go back and clean up the duplicates :)
12015-09-24 15:41:35 UTCToeBee Please pay attention to your tagging. You mapped these light poles as lighthouses. Like, what ships use to avoid big rocks.
12015-09-24 15:34:51 UTCToeBee 3 different people have mapped this garden now. This is looking like some kind of class activity? Please coordinate so you aren't duplicating data :)
12015-09-24 15:33:10 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. What exactly were you trying to add in this edit? The tagging you used has marked this location as a college. I'm not sure that is appropriate. Please see the wiki for what this tag is intended for:
12015-09-24 15:31:07 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. What exactly were you trying to add in this edit? The tagging you used has marked this location as a college. I'm not sure that is appropriate. Please see the wiki for what this tag is intended for:
12015-09-21 15:25:38 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thank you for your additions to the map in Hays. I'm over in Manhattan, KS and try to keep an eye on things in Kansas. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions.
12015-09-16 20:35:54 UTCToeBee Hi. What exactly were you trying to add here? You drew an outline but didn't mark what it is supposed to represent.
12015-09-14 17:34:03 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York Dunbar Apartments Ids Opening!
22015-09-14 20:16:55 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
12015-09-14 17:12:51 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York Orleans Street Is Opening!
22015-09-14 20:16:43 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
12015-09-14 16:16:55 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York Commodore John Rodgers Jr School Is Opening! is Welcome!
22015-09-14 20:15:43 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
12015-09-14 16:12:42 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York 2 Food Market Is Opening!
22015-09-14 20:14:23 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. These two nodes in particular seem like they might be legitimate but given this user's past behavior, all edits are being reverted until they engage with the community.
12015-09-14 16:05:08 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York 7-Eleven Is Opening At Patterson Place!
22015-09-14 20:08:42 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
12015-09-14 16:01:32 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York 7-Eleven Is Opening At Orleans Street!
22015-09-14 19:48:35 UTCToeBee The store locator on does not list this as a valid location. Also, you mapped it twice.
32015-09-14 20:08:23 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
12015-09-14 15:54:14 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York Commodore John Rodgers Elementary School Is Opening!
22015-09-14 20:08:06 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
32015-09-20 23:37:15 UTCTheDutchMan13 Thanks Toebee!, good lord did this dude create a 3rd account?
12015-09-06 01:53:07 UTCroute56 Toby,

Based on current guidance regarding the use of the trunk tag, I believe that NHS designated highways and HFCS designated "Principal Arterial" roads outside major urban areas qualify as trunk.

However, It does appear that US 24 west of the US 281 junction north of Osborne is cla...
22015-09-06 07:05:21 UTCToeBee Please explain to me how it makes sense to have both US 24 and US 81 tagged as trunk.

US 24: 2 lanes, undivided, 65 MPH, 2 or 3 foot shoulder, lots of random driveways and farm access roads connecting to it.

US 81: 4 lanes, divided (by a 50 foot median), 70 MPH, 10 foot shoulder, more (but not...
12015-09-05 05:03:45 UTCToeBee It seems you were a little over-zealous in your tracktype mapping :) You added it to a paved road currently tagged as secondary: although I'm probably going to change it to tertiary. State highway ends at the Kansas border and it is just a county road in Ka...
12015-08-12 22:49:28 UTCToeBee The buildings south of Marie Street seem oddly cropped at a specific straight line. Is this building data from an external source?
12015-08-04 23:21:27 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. That was a pretty respectable first edit! I've been mapping in Manhattan, KS for a few years now and keep an eye out for new users in Kansas.

I see you added a lot of businesses but didn't include names on most of them. What's up with that? :)

Also, I'm guessi...
12015-06-03 21:44:11 UTCToeBee Hello and thank you for your contributions to the map! A minor thing to be aware of: The first address field is intended for only the house number, not the entire address. This makes things work better in address searches. I changed some things on The Living Room and added some building outlines and...
12015-05-29 19:10:56 UTCToeBee Hi. I'm a mapper a few miles down I-70, in Manhattan. Thanks for your contribution to the map!

Question about this roundabout: Is it truly a "mini" roundabout? Technically this has a specific meaning and is (in my experience) mostly found in Europe. Mini roundabouts do not have a raise...
22015-05-29 19:23:22 UTCdconman I changed it from a mini_roundabout to a junction=roundabout, which I believe fits the wiki. It is significantly smaller than roundabout you linked to. Many of the small roundabouts in Lawrence are represented by intersections with the roundabout tag. If you think I should draw the circle I will. I ...
32015-05-29 21:37:41 UTCToeBee Ah ok. Sounds like some other smaller ones we have in Manhattan too. Which actually... I think a couple of them are mapped as mini roundabouts when they really shouldn't be. I should get on that :)

I think according to the wiki, what you have done now should be fine. Of course now it doesn't re...
12015-05-13 23:08:05 UTCToeBee Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for your contributions.

I must point out that in this changeset you performed one change that was incorrect and most likely unintended. You removed the name=Spokane tag from the Spokane city border relation.

I noticed this problem because when doing a...
12015-04-29 14:41:21 UTCToeBee Hi. Thanks for your contribution to OSM. I noticed this edit because you made an addition in Manhattan, KS in addition to the work in Nepal. While this isn't a huge problem, I would suggest trying to keep edits geographically related and hit the save button before you jump to a new location.

The ...
22015-04-29 15:05:32 UTCToeBee And there's my "duh" moment for the day. The node I linked above is no longer visible because I deleted it after transferring the information to the way.

I guess you can still see what was there in the history view...
12015-04-27 19:34:59 UTCdomdomegg Please can someone revert this, thanks, and sorry for my mistake
22015-04-27 20:43:52 UTCToeBee I have reverted this edit in changeset 30559410.
12015-04-20 20:36:22 UTCToeBee Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Question: what exactly were you trying to do with this edit? The Go Map!! app seems to have glitched somehow and you ended up tagging a bunch of roads around Coventry as parks with the name "Bell Green Wildlife Conservation Area". We will work on cleanin...
22015-04-23 00:26:41 UTCToeBee Ok, I believe I have corrected all of the incorrectly merged names.
12015-04-15 14:58:13 UTCToeBee There is registration for a camp set up in the middle of a road intersection? What are you trying to add to the map?
22015-04-15 15:47:20 UTCm20c1963 I should have placed the point on the registration building. When I learn how to make the change I will move it.
32015-04-16 18:29:53 UTCToeBee To add a building, use the "Area" tool at the top of the editor window to trace the outline of the building. Then you can add a name or whatever else to that area. If you want some real-time help, feel free to hop on the OSM IRC channel at
12015-04-07 19:01:57 UTCToeBee Hi. Welcome to the OpenStreetMap project. It seems you have some questions about it? Please take a look at the OSM wiki:

Also, you can hop on IRC if you want to carry on a real-time conversation with some people:

It looks like this edit jus...
12015-04-02 22:47:23 UTCToeBee Hi. Thanks for your interest in OpenStreetMap. This looks like a test edit for something. What are you trying to accomplish? I notice you put a tag on the node you added. I'm guessing that was just a placeholder for an example website. But please note that we can not copy informat...
12015-03-27 21:23:46 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for your first edit. It looks like you got the church put in perfectly. It looks like you tried to add a cemetery as well but it ended up as an empty node, not marked as a cemetery. I think the editor is missing a preset. You need to search for "graveyard" ...
12015-03-06 19:55:56 UTCSkippern Please when you do edits like this, add a comment what you are doing, I monitor activities within a certain geographical area, touched by this edit, and opening all objects to see what you have done is quite time consuming. Also this looks like a mechanical edit, and this edit does not follow Mechan...
22015-03-06 20:07:53 UTCToeBee In this case it looks like cleaning up misspellings of the "natural" tag which looks ok to me. But I agree, please include a useful changeset comment. Especially when doing edits that affect a large area like this.
32015-03-06 21:27:31 UTCSomeoneElse Also, could you have a look again at ? It has a somewhat implausible tag combination of "barrier=wall", "leisure=park", "natural=tree". I'm guessing that although it might be a park with a wall around it, it's highly unlikel...
12015-02-25 21:25:09 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for your edits!

Question: You upgraded some roads to "tertiary." Is this appropriate? Tertiary roads are intended to be used on collectors or county highway type roads. These appear to be fairly minor roads that should probably be "unclassified.&...
22015-02-25 23:25:25 UTCnsa_sailor Well, the widths of the roads shown on the map vary throughout the park. It would be nice if they were all shown equal widths. In fact the skinniest roads shown on the map are the most travelled.
I was also trying to delete the road on the NW side of the triangular section as that road was removed ...
32015-02-26 16:37:19 UTCToeBee The width of a given road on the map is a rendering issue. You are changing the map data in order to affect the rendering. We call this "tagging for the renderer" and there is a wiki page about it :)

OSM should reflect "ground trut...
12015-01-02 03:20:50 UTCToeBee Thanks for your additions to the map! Note that in OSM we prefer to not use abbreviations. Please spell out Street, Road, Drive, etc. It is easier to automatically abbreviate things for display than it is to try to automatically expand abbreviations correctly. Is "St" Street or Saint? :)
12014-12-19 19:59:48 UTCToeBee Thank you for this addition. It is very well mapped, complete with address. One question: shouldn't this be "Holiday Inn Express"?
22014-12-19 20:14:14 UTCdavidrbr O yes thank you for letting me know that mistake.
12014-11-26 15:24:48 UTCToeBee Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thank you for adding things in Oswego. I'm a mapper up in Manhattan, KS.

One note: You are putting the word "building" in the name field. This is not quite right. It looks like most of the buildings you added are residential homes. They should not hav...
12014-11-11 15:07:30 UTCToeBee Your edits have recently come up in discussion on the talk-us mailing list. One thing that would help in discussing them is including a useful changeset comment that indicates why you are making the change and/or the source of the information. Please consider doing so in the future.

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