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12018-02-03 14:34:44 UTCrichlv this changeset added several large "buildings" where actually multiple smaller buildings exist. one of these huge buildings is not shown to exist in any of the imagery layers - . i will remove this one and add notes to the ones that need fixing.
12017-12-23 00:18:05 UTCToeBee Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please do not add things that do not exist on the ground. This "lake" is clearly not real. If you are trying to manipulate the Pokemon game... well please don't. I have removed this lake. If you have any real world information to add, OSM would welcome your contri...
22018-01-09 19:43:49 UTCrichlv dear coventry32, you have continued adding such fake features. that's really not cool, as people are creating a wonderful, free resource for all to use.
12017-10-10 17:20:54 UTCrichlv hi there. could you please clarify what is the data source for these additions/edits ?
22017-10-11 11:19:00 UTCGoWestTravel Hi Richlv,

I'm working in the travel industry and used my source for hotels for these additions. I hope I was able to contribute the correct hotels.

Thank you,

12017-09-23 12:22:36 UTCrichlv hi. several of these ways look unlikely to be useful - like one 5-node "hook" over the buildings in ogre. was this by any chance direct conversion of a gps track ?
would you have the time to check all of the ways in the changeset and clean up any that were added accidentally ?
12017-05-13 07:27:53 UTCSomeoneElse was previously a forest; are you sure it's best tagged as a park and not a forest at all?
22017-05-13 07:49:49 UTCnoteka Totally. It was created at the end of century as regular planning Manor Park so it is not a forest. I get the confusion it has the name forest in it and all but this park is also called and more recognized as "Anniņmuižas parks".
Description of park:
32017-05-13 12:56:06 UTCAkageMuk Hello, noteka and welcome in OSM. Although you perform right the same activity in OSM, as OSM user Diana777 peviously I should inform you about your mistakes.

We welcome all new users and are glad to receive corrections to the map. At the same time, we expect the changes to improve the map, NOT S...
42017-05-13 17:15:26 UTCrichlv even the referenced page says "...forest, also called a park"; it also says "the local council plans to convert part of the forest into a park".
this should be clarified/surveyed, and if some parts have been converted to a park, they should be mapped accordingly. the whole area ...
52017-06-01 09:36:56 UTCAkageMuk For your information, edit war continues in and
12017-04-20 15:03:45 UTCrichlv hi there. it seemed a bit unlikely that a shopping centre would be operating an atm, so i have reverted this change.
please let me me know what was the intended change here.
12017-04-14 23:50:23 UTCrichlv Thank you for the map improvements. What was added here as a park did not seem to be a park actually - no official note I could find at .
I have removed the park designation in OpenStreetMap, too.
22017-04-18 10:58:42 UTCAkageMuk A strange wave last weeks of stubborn adding fake parks, duplicate parks, change forests into parks and changing paths into footways from various new users. Could be some pokemon game related vandalism.
32017-04-18 11:03:12 UTCrichlv Yes, this does seem to be PokemonGO inspired. Some of it is not vandalism, looks like genuine improvements - although maybe slightly misguided.
If the editors stay around and "upgrade" to quality map editing, we all stand to benefit.
To the new editors: don't be discouraged to make good ...
12017-04-18 09:46:47 UTCrichlv the "Ezera vārti" memorial, what is that and where exactly is it located ? at the current location, nothing of interest can be seen on the mapillary imagery.

could you please take images (see for detail), upload them and share the link here ?
12017-04-16 20:00:05 UTCrichlv thanks for the map update - what is the name of the added hostel ?
12017-04-14 23:53:04 UTCrichlv Most of these looked like paths, I have modified them accordingly.

If that does not seem to be correct, you could you please provide Mapillary images of the area ? See for more detail.
12017-04-14 23:34:54 UTCrichlv This one indeed designated as a park - thank you for spotting :)

I changed it to use the official name, and added the previous name in the loc_name tag.
12017-04-14 23:28:34 UTCrichlv I cleaned up the duplicate here, but getting back to the topic of the object itself - the name seems to be describing a memorial. What indicates that it is not one ?
12017-04-14 23:20:47 UTCrichlv Have all of these been surveyed to be designated footways?

If you have a chance, could you please add Mapillary images of these footways ?
See for the detail.
12017-04-14 23:14:23 UTCrichlv Hi there, new mappers.
We welcome all new users and are glad to receive corrections to the map. At the same time, we expect the changes to improve the map, not serve some other goal - be it playing some online game or anything else.

While it is nice that the area here has benches, it is not offi...
12017-04-14 23:12:52 UTCrichlv Hi there, new mappers.
We welcome all new users and are glad to receive corrections to the map. At the same time, we expect the changes to improve the map, not serve some other goal - be it playing some online game or anything else.

While it is nice that the area here has benches, it is not offi...
12017-03-27 12:18:36 UTCrichlv hi there and thank you a lot for the improvements :)

maybe you can take a look at these steps here - .
can they be connected to the nearby road - maybe by a footway or a path ?

that would be great to do, as disconnected ways cause issues for routing...
12017-03-25 23:03:12 UTCrichlv hi there. this looked more like a bus stop than a station, so i changed it. please let me know if that was wrong :)
12017-03-25 21:48:51 UTCrichlv Hi there. Thank your for your interest in OpenStreetMap.
We highly value all contributions, but it is worth rememberging that this is a public, global dataset - all the things you add are added for many users worldwide.
Personal notes/bookmarks/pins should not be added to the map.

If you would ...
12017-03-17 21:49:43 UTCrichlv hi there and welcome to openstreetmap :)
please note that your edits are public, and go into a global database. in this case, there did not seem to be a public sauna at this location, thus i have removed it.
please let me know if there indeed is a sauna - maybe it is a guesthouse then ?
12017-03-12 20:39:34 UTCrichlv heya, are you sure about the addr:street tag here ? "Namdaru" street seems to be quite some distance to the north
12017-03-12 20:28:07 UTCrichlv heya - not sure what the addition to the pub name was supposed to mean here, but it didn't seem like part of the pub name, so i removed it. please let me know if there's something that should be added :)
12017-03-12 00:28:03 UTCrichlv hi there - thank you for the map update, but it seemed unlikely that there is a shop in the middle of the forest, so i removed it :)

please note that the map edits happen in the global openstreetmap database - these edits are visible by everybody.

if you would like to save places for personal ...
12017-03-09 12:41:52 UTCrichlv hi and thank you for the improvements to the map :)
could you please clarify whether is indeed a public guesthouse ? if so, what is the proper name of it ?
please note that your edits are public and this location now shows up as a guesthouse in various...
12017-03-06 11:46:17 UTCrichlv hi there. you have added this place as a hamlet, although it definitely is not one.
do you have some sources/clarification on what is actually located at this place ?
22017-03-08 09:35:14 UTCJoernBur
12017-03-05 22:37:18 UTCrichlv you have added a lot of highways and other objects that do not seem to exist.
do you have a source for these objects actually existing ?
12017-02-19 13:07:16 UTCrichlv is this really a furniture shop, or is it more like a workshop ?
12017-02-18 16:04:46 UTCrichlv is there really an artwork at this location ? what is it ?
12017-02-10 01:36:03 UTCrichlv is that really a hostel, and is its name "Martas 9" ?
12016-11-26 17:37:23 UTCrichlv there doesn't seem to be a building here - is this supposed to be the parking entrance ? in any case, the name is wrong.

also, any url for "pizza daugava" ?
22017-02-05 17:25:45 UTCrichlv these objects do not seem to exist and have been removed.
if they do exist, please provide photo evidence (use the application) and url for the pizza place website
12017-01-30 19:32:14 UTCrichlv hi there. if these feature indeed do exist, would you be able to install the application and taking sequences of photos around there, showing the surroundings ?
sunny daytime preferred ;)
12017-01-28 13:32:40 UTCrichlv hi there and thank you for your contribution to the map :)
this looks like a private sauna that is not open to public. i've added access=private and removed the non-name in the name tag, but otherwise left it as-is.
please note that your contributions are public - that is, your map edits are visib...
12017-01-28 13:28:05 UTCrichlv hi there and thank you for your interest in osm :)
the are that has been added as a park in this changeset did not look like a park - i've changed it to the more appropriate village_green tag.
if that is indeed a park, please let me know and we can restore it, along with a proper name.
12017-01-27 19:27:17 UTCrichlv is this really a park, or is it more like a grass area ?
22017-01-27 19:33:22 UTCrichlv after considering this a bit more, i've changed all the freshly added parks to landuse=grass.

if those indeed are parks, please let me know and we can re-add them - with names and other proper tagging :)
12017-01-27 19:12:04 UTCrichlv hi there and thank you for your interest in openstreetmap.

the footway, added in this changeset, as a bit suspect and i have removed it. sat imagery seems to show other ways between the buildings here that might be more appropriate to draw - if you have the time for this, please do improve the ar...
12017-01-27 10:10:03 UTCrichlv hi there. thank you for your interest in openstreetmap.
the highway=pedestrian feature, added in this changeset, was not supported by the satellite imagery or by mapillary images and i have removed it.

if it does exist, could you please install the application and take some photos...
12017-01-25 11:14:44 UTCrichlv Hi there. Thank you for the interest in OSM :)
Unfortunately, it looks like the park that was added was not valid data - sat imagery showed it crossing some bare grassland, some industrial area and residential area.
Please note that OSM is a vibrant, global community of volunteers that strive to ...
12017-01-17 09:45:00 UTCrichlv the added ATMs are unlikely to exist. please note that your edits go to a public, worldwide map dataset that is meant only for mapping real, visible things.
if you want to save some location for personal usage, please save it as a "bookmark" - see
12017-01-10 01:29:38 UTCrichlv this changeset adds a disconnected footway - all ways should be connected in ways entities could traverse them (cars could drive, pedestrians could walk etc) - that helps to make the map routable :)

could you please check where the footway should be pro...
12017-01-07 23:58:44 UTCrichlv hi there - and thank you for the map improvements :)

here, and overlapping landuse was added. as it did not seem verifiable and no source was mentioned, i converted it to a simple housenumber node. please let me know if there is a source for mapping areas.
12016-12-28 13:11:01 UTCrichlv mapillary imagery shows no buildings here - is there really a cafe ?
22016-12-28 13:28:18 UTCrichlv ...and there does not seem to be a carwash here either :
12016-12-27 16:17:20 UTCrichlv hey, these footways do not seem to match the sat imagery much, and it's lightly doubtful that they are 2 metres wide...

could you please take mapillary imagery of all the affected area ?
the data does not look that good currently, i have to admit that i'm inclined to remove it.
12016-12-27 14:30:20 UTCrichlv thanks a lot for the map improvements - unfortunately, this footway currently overlaps two segments of the street and a building.
it is probably easier to draw it in anew - i will revert this changeset for now. if the footway really exists, please draw it in in a way that does not overlap the exist...
12016-12-23 21:22:20 UTCrichlv highway=pedestrian already implies primary/only pedestrian usage as per - could you please clarify on this change ?
12016-12-23 16:00:15 UTCrichlv hey, a question on these recreational grounds - are there really areas like that ?
please see for detail on tagging.

given that this mapping seemed to include much more than necessary (a few buildings etc), i have ...
12016-12-23 15:47:40 UTCrichlv this bench seems a bit suspect - where is it located ?
12016-12-20 23:30:13 UTCrichlv hey, is operator "igors" correct here ? is that a detail static enough to be added to the public map dataset ?
12016-12-20 21:07:20 UTCrichlv hey, this did not look like a real camp site, so i have removed it - please let me know if that was wrong :)

please note that the edits in application go in a public, worldwide database - such edits should only be used to update things that exist in the real world. if you would like to ad...
12016-11-13 13:05:19 UTCrichlv hey, what's this "Deep Tunnel" here ?
12016-11-01 10:59:15 UTCrichlv thanks a lot for the improvement - should it be marked as a "living street" ?
22016-11-01 16:23:08 UTCUģis Spriņģis Hi,
did not know the difference between residential and living street - but probably yes.
32016-11-02 11:14:07 UTCrichlv thanks for the response. if it's a normal , smaller street, it's residential. if it's in an area, marked by signs like , it's living street.
i'll update this one accordingly then :)
12016-10-28 16:28:21 UTCElliottPlack Wahoo! Now in Lavian
22016-10-28 16:36:12 UTCrichlv Latvian ;)
12016-10-25 22:25:41 UTCrichlv thanks a lot for the improvement and for the useful changeset message :)
12016-09-07 11:36:18 UTCPlaneMad Hi, can you explain what the curve_geometry=yes tag means? There are over 6,000 nodes with this tag added by you
22016-10-24 23:12:19 UTCrichlv other changesets with questions about this tag :
12016-10-02 18:28:08 UTCrichlv hey, could you please clarify what the "curve_geometry=yes" tag is supposed to mean ?
it is not documented anywhere, and does not seem to add any value, at least not at the first glance.
22016-10-24 23:12:16 UTCrichlv other changesets with questions about this tag :
12016-10-24 22:32:11 UTCDavidKewley Hi! I live very near here, and would like to work on this area, especially Cabot Road. Two questions for you. 1) What does the curve_geometry=yes tag mean? It appears you may be the only OSM user tagging this way; I want to respect it if it's useful to the community, but it's not obvious what you in...
22016-10-24 23:12:14 UTCrichlv other changesets with questions about this tag :
12016-10-23 12:59:34 UTCrichlv the shops you added here looked very suspect and i removed them.
if there indeed are shops at those locations, please re-add them and specify the names, too :)
12016-07-30 22:19:39 UTCrichlv is there really a guesthouse here ? if so, what's the proper name, and where is it located (current node is in the middle of the street) ?
22016-10-17 07:38:05 UTCRaitisx Nav tur tuvumā neviena viesu māja
32016-10-17 08:49:48 UTCrichlv paldies. node gan vēl bija palikusi, izdzēsu :)
12016-10-12 21:53:48 UTCrichlv hey, you can add (save) favourites - use the "save" button with a star on it.
using "add a pace to the map" adds it for all users in a global database :)
i have removed the incorrect fast_food.
12016-10-03 08:08:23 UTCrichlv hey, there are now two places names Jaunjaunzemi - this one, and the already existing one 500m to the southeast.
would it be correct to assume that this is the correct location and the other dwelling is just called "Ķieģeļceplis" ?
12016-09-23 16:19:41 UTCrichlv what's the name of this museum ?
there seems to be a typo in addr:street - should it be "Rāznas" ?
is the location correct ? that is, shouldn't it be more to the north ?
12016-09-07 22:20:40 UTCrichlv that didn't sound like a proper nightclub, so i have removed it - please let me know if that was wrong :)
12016-09-01 08:19:28 UTCrichlv is cafe "Olmāra" closed and renamed to "Pumpuri", or is "Olmāra" now located somewhere else ?
12016-08-29 11:56:17 UTCrichlv hi there. this changeset added several untagged ways that duplicated existing streets. i couldn't figure out what meaningful information was supposed to be added, so i reverted it. please let me know if something was lost in the process :)
12016-08-29 11:30:44 UTCrichlv this was a very unlikely guesthouse - i have removed it. please let me know is a guesthouse exists in this area that should be mapped.
12016-08-25 11:36:15 UTCrichlv thanks for the updates - the "randene" object, is it a signpost ? is the full name possibly 'J. Raiņa piemiņas vieta "Randene"' ?
12016-08-23 04:34:29 UTCrichlv hi there. this changeset added a highly unlikely butcher's shop name of "Ломбард" - i have removed it for now.
if there have been any changes in the shop layout, could you please provide more detail ?
also, mapillary imagery might be helpful :)
12016-08-16 04:13:04 UTCrichlv please note that the edits you make with the application are uploaded to a global, public database :)
you can have your own local favourite list by clicking on the 'star' icon ("save")
12016-08-14 11:38:28 UTCrichlv hey, this changeset added the same housenumber to two buildings - is that really correct ?
12016-08-08 09:23:58 UTCrichlv hi there. this import has also added nodes with lithuanian names in latvia (and they are duplicates at a wrong position) - please check that further imports don't spill too much :)
12016-08-04 11:08:20 UTCrichlv that's very unlikely to be a bakery...
is it even a real campsite ?
12016-08-02 15:59:29 UTCrichlv it seemed that the address was changed on the wrong building - are you sure it was this building ?
i've added 136F approximately where it seems to be and changed this one back to 136 - please let me know if that is wrong :)
12016-08-01 10:56:26 UTCrichlv hi there - this looks a bit strange. is there really a shelter with wlan access there ?
12016-07-30 23:45:19 UTCrichlv a highly unlikely rest area. will remove.
12016-07-30 23:40:08 UTCrichlv highly unlikely that there would be an embassy here. will remove.
12016-07-25 19:41:35 UTCrichlv hi there. this changeset has added a lot of footways near street crossings. unfortunately, these footway "boxes" or lines share no nodes with the ways they cross like they should (this can break routing), and the whole footway is tagged as a crossing (while only crossing nodes should be).\...
22016-07-25 20:09:35 UTCrichlv as pointed out by maxerickson on irc, tagging the actual crossing way as a crossing would actually be correct - sorry, my bad :)
connecting nodes would still be needed.
12016-07-17 18:11:13 UTCrichlv is there really a nightclub here ? got any references ?
12016-07-05 16:44:59 UTCrichlv the artwork that was created at - does that really exist ?
12016-06-29 11:28:07 UTCrichlv heya - i removed name "Prieža" as it seemed like a weird name. please let me know if that was actually correct :)
12016-06-25 20:54:24 UTCrichlv cuisine=russian is a bit suspect for a restaurant called "Piebalga" - are you sure that is accurate ?
12016-06-20 20:59:02 UTCrichlv i suspect that's not really a public camp site, is it ?
please note that your edits are available to the whole world - we make the map together :)
12016-06-20 19:03:27 UTCrichlv sat imagery doesn't seem to show a fuel station here - is that a new development ?
is it really that close to the street ?
12016-06-10 10:04:35 UTCrichlv heya, this changeset marked a road as private. is the whole section between p34 and v387 private and not available for public access ?
if so, the road should be downgraded, it's currently marked as tertiary.
probably unclassified or service would be better.
12016-06-01 17:15:43 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Did you really live on the street? And by the way: Is the name of the street Owens Drive (see add:street) or Owens (see the name of the highway)?
22016-06-01 17:37:14 UTCqueendawn Yes, I live on the street. The name of the street according to the USPS is Owens Drive
32016-06-01 17:40:10 UTCuser_5359 Hello, I change the name of the street. But I think the house is right or left from the street and not on the street.
42016-06-01 17:54:29 UTCqueendawn I'm pretty sure I know where my house is. It is located ON Owens Drive. You can confirm this with the post office or village of Aurora
52016-06-01 19:55:26 UTCrichlv queendawn, it was supposed to mean that you probably don't live literally "on" the street - as in, in the middle of it. which would require moving the address node to where your house actually is :)
well, unless it's something like the classic
12016-05-26 12:32:37 UTCrichlv the bus stops are named "Sporta iela", but they are part of a relation named "Arēna Rīga" - is that correct ?
22016-05-26 12:35:24 UTCAkageMuk True mistake :-(, will correct it
12016-05-26 11:13:37 UTCAkageMuk Sveiks! Vai nav tā, ka koledžai ir jābūt amenity=college ?
22016-05-26 11:37:17 UTCrichlv jā, paldies - izlaboju. tāda nebija, un es vēl nepaspēju no kompja salabot :)
12016-05-16 10:17:59 UTCrichlv that's a really great first edit and changeset comment - thank you :)
12016-05-12 21:06:19 UTCrichlv heya - is there really a viewpoint here ? name "c" doesn't sound right :)
12016-05-04 18:12:14 UTCrichlv what is the attraction, created in this changeset ?
12016-04-26 09:33:45 UTCrichlv heya - this bank on the embassy premises is a bit suspect. is there really a bank ? what's the name then ?
12016-03-18 06:26:32 UTCrichlv thanks for the update - but what happened with the previous road ?
notice how the new road now overlaps with the southern part of
22016-03-18 07:48:22 UTCDwoex They had built this in Sep 2015. I visited Latvia in Jan 2016 and rode the bike on it. Suprisely, it doesn.t have proper finishing on the north end. Some pics of the road are here
12016-03-05 02:06:16 UTCrichlv this changeset adds tag curve_geometry=yes. what is that ? it does not seem to be documented in the wiki.
12016-02-22 17:18:15 UTCrichlv this changeset adds untagged ways with tags like PDF_layer - that does not match the changeset comment either - comment claims it was drawn from bing, but looks like some import was going on.

what were there ways supposed to be, what were they imported from ?

examples :
22016-02-22 18:33:23 UTCGints Really do not remember what was this about. If you feel it wrong, remove.
12016-01-28 15:47:17 UTCrichlv this changeset removes a no_left_turn restriction from gustava zemgala gatve to a serviceway - was that intended ?
12016-01-28 15:44:21 UTCrichlv could you please clarify what kind of a company is it ? is it the office there ?

the placement is also in the parking lot, i assume it should be in the nearby building ?

additionally, it has been added to two weird relations - was that done intentionally ?
12015-11-19 18:22:16 UTCPlaneMad The note mentioned `temporarily converted to two-way due to Central Subway construction` which was the reason to remove the oneway. Do check the other ways in the area as they might now be accessible if the construction is complete.
22015-11-19 23:17:44 UTCrichlv ah, thanks for the info. that change has been reversed by now and should be reflected in the map then. unfortunately, won't be able to survey this region anytime soon, will have to involve locals :)
12015-09-07 09:44:22 UTCrichlv if this is an operating school, maybe amenity=school tag is needed here ?
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