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12018-03-27 12:38:58 UTCdiskmanti According to hte official page it is here:
22018-03-27 19:28:44 UTCopen-steet-map-editor Sorry, but I don't really understand your comment. I see the address "Tirana, Rruga e Xibrakëve 47." on the official page. I created an embassy there. I deleted a false one from "Rruga Skenderbej". Do you see this latter address mentioned on an official site?
32018-03-27 19:33:12 UTCopen-steet-map-editor (Or I just edited the right one, I can't remember. But it doesn't matter for this point.)
12018-03-21 07:54:43 UTCHjart Please remember to add names
22018-03-25 19:17:08 UTCopen-steet-map-editor OK, thanks your care!
(Normally I add the name in the language of the land, but in this case I didn't know the Danish name, so I didn't add any. Now I see you added it, thanks!)
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