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12017-10-10 17:20:54 UTCrichlv hi there. could you please clarify what is the data source for these additions/edits ?
22017-10-11 11:19:00 UTCGoWestTravel Hi Richlv,

I'm working in the travel industry and used my source for hotels for these additions. I hope I was able to contribute the correct hotels.

Thank you,

12017-10-10 19:01:38 UTCwoodpeck You specified "Bing aerial imagery" as a data source for this change of a hotel name - surely that can't be right. What is the correct data source for the name change?
22017-10-11 11:15:56 UTCGoWestTravel In this case, I'm the source myself. I visited this hotel last month on the first day of the name change (Sep 18). I was not aware Bing was mentioned as a source here.


12017-04-17 11:53:42 UTCVazhnov Alexey Why did you rename hotel to "Extended Stay America - Austin - Downtown - 6th St."? I'm in this hotel now, and its name is "Extended Stay America", I'm planing to cancel your change.
22017-04-18 07:02:19 UTCGoWestTravel Hi Vazhnov. With several Extended Stay's all over Austin as an example, hotels usually add these extended details to show prospects where to find this location. These are used in databases and brochures. I trust they don't have the extended name as a sign on the hotel. So it seems we're both right a...
32017-04-18 11:04:13 UTCVazhnov Alexey I have created topic in OSM forum:
12017-02-23 21:18:01 UTCjgon6 In this changeset you added a building outline around all of Jefferson Pointe. This is an outdoor mall, and is actually multiple buildings.
22017-02-26 10:37:54 UTCGoWestTravel You're right. I changed it to trade area.Thanks for pointing it out.
12017-01-19 22:17:11 UTCmaxerickson Brief research indicates that the Brownestone Inn ( added in this changeset was actually demolished more than a decade ago.

What source have you used to add this hotel? Is it highly reliable about current hotels?

Looking closer there are also sever...
22017-01-19 22:28:10 UTCGoWestTravel I apologize I seem to have used outdated information concerning the Brownestone Inn. I'm always careful with my additions, but this ons was wrong. I'm happy to see you've been so kind to remove it. Thanks and keep up the good work!
12016-09-01 18:37:22 UTCWynndale Is the long name for the Comfort Inn intentional, also could you confirm that you have not copied from any copyrighted source without permission?
22016-09-01 20:48:02 UTCGoWestTravel This is a rather stupid mistake. In this case I have used a quick copy from Google that I should not have made. I changed the hotel name to the correct name right away and will not make this mistake again.
12016-08-31 17:48:10 UTCPaul Johnson OK, I'm afraid just removing the copyright doesn't change the questionability of your source. Can you address that?
22016-08-31 17:48:59 UTCPaul Johnson Sorry about that, I see you responded on the other changeset.
32016-08-31 17:52:05 UTCGoWestTravel I'm working in the travel industry and use data of the hotel chains itself.
42016-08-31 17:56:05 UTCPaul Johnson Aah, OK, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the clarification.
52016-08-31 17:57:27 UTCGoWestTravel You're welcome Paul. Thank you for noticing my error.
12016-08-31 17:41:26 UTCPaul Johnson Did you just copy these from Google? What has me concerned is your tagging in
22016-08-31 17:46:09 UTCGoWestTravel You're absolutely right. I copied this one from Google and I regret doing so. I know better than to do that, but apparently had a sloppy moment 5 months ago. I removed the error and I apologize for getting this into the OSM database. It will not happen again.
32016-08-31 17:50:43 UTCPaul Johnson OK, that's...odd. How are you sourcing this data, typically? It's one thing to survey on the ground but copying from sources that don't allow that is a major red flag.
12016-08-31 17:43:48 UTCscai Please use proper changeset comments. "added info" isn't very useful.
22016-08-31 17:48:59 UTCGoWestTravel I'm sorry, I should have said that I added the address and website of this market. I promise to do better next time and use more descriptive comments.
12016-08-26 22:18:22 UTCFTA Hi, it looks like you potentially duplicated this way with this node
22016-08-26 22:21:34 UTCGoWestTravel You're absolutely right. I removed the hotel right away. We don't want duplicates ;) Thanks!
32016-08-26 22:22:45 UTCFTA Hey, no problem! Just stumbled upon this today...I'm glad someone else is helping map my home town!
Ethan aka FTA
42016-08-26 22:24:09 UTCGoWestTravel Hi Ethan, helping where I can! Happy mapping!
12016-08-26 07:41:16 UTCCommodoortje Why did you convert landuse=residential to landuse=grass?
22016-08-26 07:45:41 UTCGoWestTravel Dag Commodoortje,
In Santpoort is veel veranderd in de afgelopen maanden, dat heb ik zo goed mogelijk geprobeerd te bewerken naar de nieuwe situatie. Ik begrijp dat er iets mis gegaan is?
32016-08-26 08:18:17 UTCCommodoortje Per ongeluk heb je landuse=residential aangepast naar een stuk gras.
Pas jij het even aan naar landuse=residential?
layer=-1 mag eraf
42016-08-26 08:21:05 UTCGoWestTravel Ik heb het meteen aangepast. Bedankt voor je oplettendheid!
52016-08-26 08:22:05 UTCCommodoortje Geen dank, een foutje is zo gemaakt, zo zie je maar weer.
´╗┐OpenStreetMap is een samenwerkingsproject, en we moeten samenwerken om de beste kaart te maken.
12016-06-20 21:25:14 UTCzeromap Hi GoWestTravel,
I'm curious to know the source used for these changes. Thanks.
22016-06-20 21:33:15 UTCGoWestTravel Hi Zeromap,
I work in the travel industry and there's several databases with hotels that I've got access to.
32016-06-20 21:36:59 UTCzeromap Thank you for the response Hans,
Are you sure these databases are licensed for use with OSM?
42016-06-20 21:47:23 UTCGoWestTravel I'm unaware which databases are licensed with OSM, but if there's any licensed database, I'd love to hear about it.
52016-06-21 12:11:32 UTCzeromap At least one of your changes was in error. This hotel used to be called John Milton Inn, then was renamed to Rodeway Inn which I edited 6 months ago. You changed it back to John Milton Inn. See the edit history.

This is a good reason why any ...
62016-06-21 12:18:58 UTCGoWestTravel My apologies for the wrong edit. I did hesitate with this hotel and really looked for the right answer. Apparently I had it wrong.
I started reading the documentation you've send me a moment ago and promise to work with these guidelines from now on.
Thank you for your feedback and your tremendous ...
72016-06-22 11:23:53 UTCzeromap Thanks, would you please correct the aforementioned error by restoring the tags of the previous changeset?
82016-06-22 11:40:17 UTCzeromap The name of this hotel is also wrong.

It believe you are editing in good faith, but if the database you are using is not compatible with the OSM license and/or contains inaccurate data you run the risk of having all your work reverted.
92016-06-22 11:42:58 UTCGoWestTravel I changed the John Milton back, but I assume you're talking about the rest of them too. I looked if the changeset did something (kust static data), I looked in the history (not my changes), and checked Google, I just couldn't find the proper way to do this. I just never restored something I'm afraid...
102016-06-22 11:45:30 UTCGoWestTravel Hi again, I stopped doing any work on hotels and I'm in the process of getting the ok from the db owner. In the meantime I'll do my best to restore the data in Syracuse.
112016-06-22 11:49:19 UTCzeromap No, that's ok I only wanted you to change that single way.

I'm unsure about the rest of your edits though. I suggest posting on your sources and workflow to ask how best your contributions can be added and combined with those from the local community.
122016-06-22 11:53:00 UTCGoWestTravel Ok, thanks. Meanwhile I changed the Courtyard that you mentioned.

For now I'l start reading about OSM in the meantime to become a better and more knowledgeable member. I enjoy being part of this community and hope to be able to be a more valuable member in the future.

Thanks, Hans
132016-06-22 12:02:25 UTCzeromap Ok, I've reverted this changeset in full. I'm happy to help in merging this data as long as it is suitably licensed and accurate, and i'm sure many others are too. Here is a list of other imports that may be useful as examples.

Thank you for c...
142016-06-22 12:05:13 UTCGoWestTravel Thanks for sending me this information. I now have three new bookmarks with reading material I'll study first and will make sure to get the suitable material.
Thanks for your help!
12016-05-01 20:27:57 UTCJeopardyTempest Hi GoWestTravel, looks like you've made a lot of useful edits to our area, and just had a couple questions about them:

The name changes... are you basing this upon a database from your work, searches, personal experience\\surveying, are they semi\\fully automated, or something else?

Also wonde...
22016-05-01 21:14:07 UTCGoWestTravel Hi JeopardyTempest,

thank you for your reaction. I truly hope the hotels I added are useful to the community. I found out many cities did not have complete and accurate hotel information and also notices hotels can be hard to fond when only the name of the chain was mentioned while having several...
32016-05-02 00:43:39 UTCJeopardyTempest Hi Hans,

I certainly agree with you that there's heavy need for more complete\\useful business names... been trying to update them a bit myself around Orlando, but it's certainly daunting.
My main question about the source of your database then aims at the key question... do you have direct perm...
42016-05-03 07:38:53 UTCGoWestTravel Hi Shane,

Thank you for getting back to me in such great detail!

I don't have direct permission to use the names from a database. But after I discovered that these names are used everywhere, it seemed to me that these are these names being used. If you check the website of let's say Super 8, y...
12016-03-17 20:44:42 UTCAleks-Berlin please follow:
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