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12017-12-06 04:34:48 UTCjgon6 I noticed all of these new houses suddenly showed up on the map, which is cool because the map needs a lot added around town. I'm just wondering is there a reason you didn't any footpath-road crossings in your changeset?
12017-11-15 05:25:00 UTCjgon6 It seems as if the location of this node is wrong. When I look at the bing imagery it is in an open lot, that I remember seeing in the news was being developed as a brewery, and not a loans office. I also want to say your description tag seems to read like it is an advertisement, and that's not how ...
22017-11-15 08:17:40 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53794087.
12017-02-28 19:36:21 UTCjgon6 These paths look like they should most likely be tagged with highway=footway. Also they are probably not named, in which case the name= tag can just be left blank.
12017-02-23 21:18:01 UTCjgon6 In this changeset you added a building outline around all of Jefferson Pointe. This is an outdoor mall, and is actually multiple buildings.
22017-02-26 10:37:54 UTCGoWestTravel You're right. I changed it to trade area.Thanks for pointing it out.
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