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12018-07-23 16:16:37 UTCjgon6 I see you made a lot of edits just like this one. It's great that you want to improve the connectivity of the map, but by extending the existing ways across the building you have made a new error. If you are mapping a way that goes under a roof like this one, you should split the way at both sides o...
12018-07-19 04:05:35 UTCjgon6 Your edit looks good, I do have a couple of things I would like to point out though. When tracing building you can press the "s" key when the outline is selected, and this will square the corners. They look a lot better that way. Another thing is the address points. They are just there as ...
22018-07-19 15:15:51 UTCInktindy I wondered about the points but rebut wondered because I had some with both. Thanks for the advice.

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12018-07-04 22:09:58 UTCjgon6 I noticed you tagged some nodes with highway=crossing, at the edge of the road. The way these should be mapped is with the highway=crossing node as the node where the road and the footway intersect. You can also tag the lines from where you stopped the footways to the other side with a footway=cross...
12018-06-28 18:19:53 UTCjgon6 Hey Zamanry, I see that you tagged some driveways as highway=residential. That tagging is for residential streets. For a driveway you should tag it with highway=service, service=driveway, and usually access=private

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22018-06-28 18:25:40 UTCZamanry I wasn’t sure on driveways what to put. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll make driveways that way in the future.
12018-06-18 01:24:46 UTCjgon6 You moved this node way out of the way from where it should be. I'm going to guess that you acidentally moved it, but it is the only change in this changeset, so it seems it must have been intentional. What were you trying to do here?
22018-06-18 16:14:17 UTCjgon6 I got your message, since you said this was an accidental change I went ahead and put the node back.
12018-06-18 16:06:00 UTCjgon6 The houses added are very close to being square, but the corners are slightly off. When mapping buildings it's best to square them. This can be done by selecting the outline, right-clicking, and selecting the square icon.

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22018-06-18 16:07:57 UTCjgon6 Another thing is for houses they should be tagged as building=house if possible.
12018-06-17 19:33:52 UTCjgon6 You have used the name tag on this node to describe the feature. The name tag should only be used for an actual name, which I'd guess this feature doesn't have. Some tags that might be better to use would be:
and maybe a few more.

More info...
12018-06-17 19:26:00 UTCjgon6 I noticed the areas on these tannis courts are not mapped square. You can do this by rightclicking on the outline after you have it traces, and the cooseing the square option.

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12018-06-17 15:56:58 UTCjgon6 Most of these buildings are clearly houses, so they would be tagged better with building=house, than just the generic building=yes.

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12018-05-12 23:01:28 UTCjgon6 A couple of notes about your edit. The houses you added are tagged as building=yes, but they could be better described by using building=house. similarly, with the garages behind them, they can be tagged as building=garage. And the gas station roof could be tagged as building=roof.

Also, could yo...
22018-05-12 23:07:17 UTCjgon6 Oh, and additionally there are address nodes everywhere, if you could copy those into the building outlines that they belong to that would be really helpful as well.
32018-05-13 00:01:51 UTCJaku103 Issues with what you want. I'm not locally there, I was just working through the task. But, don't worry I will move to another project, and revert my changes at the next chance. Good luck on your project.
42018-05-13 00:25:21 UTCjgon6 Jaku103, no need to revert anything, there is nothing wrong with how you mapped things, (at least that I saw). I was just pointing out how you could maybe make your work a little better for not much more work.

I hope I didn't come across as too forceful, I don't want to run you off, because if y...
12018-05-09 08:29:56 UTCMateusz Konieczny Is this import discussed anywhere? Please, include link to discussion in changeset tags.

Note that url:en tag is utterly useless as it points to file at your computer.

Please, fix addresses at
22018-05-10 15:36:33 UTCIndianamap_imports The address that is supposed to be in the url:en tag is

What are you saying is wrong with the addresses at the link you provided?
32018-05-11 07:35:47 UTCMateusz Konieczny Addresses are mapped as nodes next to buildings instead as nodes placed at buildings.

It is necessary to move all of them.
42018-05-12 15:20:30 UTCjgon6 Mateusz, I agree that the addresses being mapped on the buildinging is better. but that does not mean it is the only way they can be mapped. To quote the wiki:

Addresses can be tagged with addr:housenumber=* and the other addr:* keys. Tags can be adde...
12018-05-06 18:59:56 UTCjgon6 at least one of the locations you edited in this edit has a wikipedia=en:arby's tag, since you are going through all these locations could you change that to a brand:wikipedia tag or remove it?
22018-05-06 20:34:15 UTCdoktorpixel14 Thank you, I must have overseen it. Should be good now.
12018-05-06 16:42:31 UTCjgon6 I see you have added lanes in the parking lot as highway=residential. This is the wrong tagging for this, you should be using highway=service, and where appropriate service=parking_aisle. The reason you have probably seen other service roads marked as residential streets is that there was a massive ...
12018-04-25 14:46:06 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Note that in OSM description of the objects has the highest priority. Objects that have only one name, have little sense. As home page for the question "How do I describe you?" I recommend the web site
Please have also a look on https://wiki....
22018-04-26 11:00:42 UTCTex Shotcaller A "boat slip" is different from a "boat launch ramp". See:

Marion's Ferry has no boat slips, only a boat launch ramp.

Do you know of a tag to label a boat la...
32018-05-01 13:14:41 UTCuser_5359 Did you mean ?
42018-05-03 10:51:48 UTCTex Shotcaller Thank you for the suggesstion, but no.

A "boat ramp" is different from a "boat slip" or a "pier".

Here is a photograph of the actual boat ramp I am trying to describe...
52018-05-03 14:44:29 UTCjgon6 Tex, it looks to me like you might be confusing a slipway for a slip. A slip is an area on a dock or pier, whereas a slipway is where you put the boat in the water. As far as I can tell a boat ramp is just another name for a slipway, that is generally used to describe a simple slip that is nothing m...
62018-05-03 15:10:09 UTCTex Shotcaller Ah. Thank you jgon. In American English a "slip" is an enclosed storage dock in which a boat floats. A "slipway" is boat launch where one slips a boat along the ground into the water without a trailer.

I wanted to map my local lake in detail but that work would be of no use...
72018-05-03 16:08:00 UTCjgon6 Tex, The wording of the tags shouldn't change the usefulness of the data. It comes down to how it will be used. There are lots of tags that are rather confusing, and it comes down to how they get presented to the end user. for example if you view it on the standard map here the symbol is a pictogram...
12018-04-27 15:41:31 UTCjgon6 This edit looks good. The only thing I see that you could add would be if you know more about the clinic you added. A name would be really nice, but if you have any of the other information that ID asks for that would be helpful. Although if you don't know this or can't get this information don't wo...
12018-04-27 04:56:20 UTCjgon6 Inktindy, I see you have made a few changesets here with the same comment. Would you be able to in the future use the comments to describe what you have changed? It really helps other mappers like myself know what you are doing when we map in the same areas later. For instance this changeset you mov...
12018-04-26 21:33:44 UTCRelinies It says I edited the area of the campus; I was not aware this happened and did not intend to do that. However, I don't see the change I made either. The changes are all in the empty block across 10th Avenue South from the UAB Campus Green.
22018-04-26 22:33:47 UTCjgon6 At the intersection of 11th Ave, and 15th St S it looks like you attached a footpath to the boundary of the campus. This added a node to the border, which counts as changing it. In the parking lot, I see you added a small section of sidewalk disconnected from anything else, here it is usually better...
32018-04-26 23:44:54 UTCRelinies Gotcha. Thanks for the help; I'll make the corrections when I get a chance! I'm fairly new at this, so I'll keep marking my submissions as wanting a review.
12018-04-26 15:52:59 UTCjgon6 This changesset has a few things that look off to me.
The land around the church on the left is tagged as a meadow. If you are going to tag the area like that you should use landuse=religious. The same for the one on the right. Also the tag building=yes doesn't mean there is a building in this area...
12018-04-26 15:48:59 UTCjgon6 A few things on this changeset,

Around the school, you tagged all the sidewalks as footway=sidewalk. I know it's a bit counter-intuitive but footway=sidewalk should only be used when the footpath follows a road.

In the park you tagged a playground as leasure=park, but it's not really a park in...
12018-04-26 15:44:57 UTCjgon6 Hey, Gritzy,

This changeset has two areas edited that are very far away from each other, this makes it harder to tell what was done in the changeset.

The area of water you added up in huntertown looks like it's just a drainage feature, and not filled with water. Perhaps this has cganged since...
12018-04-10 15:51:43 UTCjgon6 This point only has a name and a website tagged on it. I looked at the website but it wasn't really clear to me what MyPlay Studios does. If you didn't know what to use as tags, I might be able to help if you can give me a description of what this location is.

12018-04-10 15:48:35 UTCjgon6 Is the speed limit actually 10 MPH for Greenwood Ave, or do you just think it should be 20 MPH?

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12018-04-03 03:07:42 UTCjgon6 You added "Press Seal Corporation" as being in the 46806 zipcode, and this seems out of place. Can you confirm that that is right?
12018-03-01 18:54:55 UTCjgon6 Bparnin, Thank you for added this bank to the map. I see you are new here, so I want you to know it looks good. I see your boulding outline is a little skewed, to fix this there is a function in the editor that will let you make an area "square". This will make all the corners of the build...
12018-03-01 18:47:32 UTCjgon6 In this changeset, you added an area tagged place=neighbourhood. This is good, but you gave it a name that only applies to you, a name tag needs to be the actual name of something. If this is actually a neighborhood here, then it should be tagged with the right name. Also the outline could use some ...
12018-03-01 18:40:49 UTCjgon6 Are you sure that this is where a marathon is located? I know there is a gas station up a block, but I'm not super familiar with this part of town, so I don't know what brand it is.

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12018-03-01 18:38:09 UTCjgon6 By the way, you have tagged this node it looks like this is a house you used to live in. The tagging you used is not appropriate for a house. Houses should generally not have a name tag, and a house is very much not an industrial location. A better way to map this would be to trace the outline of th...
12018-03-01 18:28:40 UTCjgon6 Hey, Luke_fabina You added St. John's here as a point, but it was already on the map. It's not good to duplicate information like that.

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12018-02-22 00:30:09 UTCjgon6 cbcb77, I see you added the neighborhood names in this changeset, which is great, but you added them as place=hamlet. They really should be tagged as place=neighbourhood. You can actually also draw them as an area around the whole neighborhood and I'll usually add the landuse=residential to that sam...
12018-02-10 23:13:53 UTCjgon6 Your edit created a line with no tags from Three rivers MI, to Dayton OH. I'm assuming this is a mistake.
22018-02-11 02:19:14 UTCbhousel Hey Ganlie, I'm curious how you were able to draw this line? Did you have an issue with the iD tutorial? Please let me know if you can provide any additional info, or steps to reproduce the issue, thanks!
12018-02-07 04:41:52 UTCjgon6 The way you have the intersection of Langsdon Pass and Delray Drive mapped makes it apear as if the whole road curves around in a strange way. I've come across these sorta Cul-De-Sac things before, and I've mapped them as the roads intersecting at a 90 degree angle, and then on the node were they in...
12018-01-25 20:44:21 UTCjgon6 I noticed that you placed the entire address of the school under the addr:postcode tag. but then when I went to take a closer look at it, I noticed you said the source for your data wa Google. I Google really where you sourced your information from?
12017-12-06 04:34:48 UTCjgon6 I noticed all of these new houses suddenly showed up on the map, which is cool because the map needs a lot added around town. I'm just wondering is there a reason you didn't any footpath-road crossings in your changeset?
12017-11-15 05:25:00 UTCjgon6 It seems as if the location of this node is wrong. When I look at the bing imagery it is in an open lot, that I remember seeing in the news was being developed as a brewery, and not a loans office. I also want to say your description tag seems to read like it is an advertisement, and that's not how ...
22017-11-15 08:17:40 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53794087.
12017-02-28 19:36:21 UTCjgon6 These paths look like they should most likely be tagged with highway=footway. Also they are probably not named, in which case the name= tag can just be left blank.
12017-02-23 21:18:01 UTCjgon6 In this changeset you added a building outline around all of Jefferson Pointe. This is an outdoor mall, and is actually multiple buildings.
22017-02-26 10:37:54 UTCGoWestTravel You're right. I changed it to trade area.Thanks for pointing it out.
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