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12018-09-28 02:39:02 UTCjgon6 I'd like to point out that when adding highway=crossing nodes, they should go on the node where the road and footway meet. The tag is actually more for the road than it is for the footway.

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12018-08-31 00:03:53 UTCjgon6 The footway=sidewalk tag is meant to be used when the footpath follows the side of the road. For cases like these you should just tag the way with highway=footway.

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12018-08-18 02:56:59 UTCjgon6 I notice you tagged the duplexes as building=yes. While this is valid, you could tag them as building=house, as it is more specific. Or even more specific would be to use the tag building=semidetached_house.
12018-07-04 22:09:58 UTCjgon6 I noticed you tagged some nodes with highway=crossing, at the edge of the road. The way these should be mapped is with the highway=crossing node as the node where the road and the footway intersect. You can also tag the lines from where you stopped the footways to the other side with a footway=cross...
12018-02-22 00:30:09 UTCjgon6 cbcb77, I see you added the neighborhood names in this changeset, which is great, but you added them as place=hamlet. They really should be tagged as place=neighbourhood. You can actually also draw them as an area around the whole neighborhood and I'll usually add the landuse=residential to that sam...
12018-02-07 04:41:52 UTCjgon6 The way you have the intersection of Langsdon Pass and Delray Drive mapped makes it apear as if the whole road curves around in a strange way. I've come across these sorta Cul-De-Sac things before, and I've mapped them as the roads intersecting at a 90 degree angle, and then on the node were they in...
12017-12-06 04:34:48 UTCjgon6 I noticed all of these new houses suddenly showed up on the map, which is cool because the map needs a lot added around town. I'm just wondering is there a reason you didn't any footpath-road crossings in your changeset?
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