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12018-05-17 08:28:39 UTCpoornibadrinath Clicked this by mistake: review_requested\tyes
No need of a review
12018-05-09 09:09:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
there are some nodes which seem to be imported error markers from your software.
For example:

I saw these mistakes by many people working at Mapbox - could you try to get your companies workflow fixed?

22018-05-09 09:14:39 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Thank you so much for letting us know about this. We will work in fixing these. We have deleted most of them already. But I guess we missed a couple of the pointers. Will rectify it soon. Thanks again!
32018-05-09 09:14:57 UTCpoornibadrinath *on
12018-05-08 10:11:36 UTCpoornibadrinath Data fixes in Boston
12018-04-17 17:25:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
you and your colleagues add nodes like this:

These should not appear in OSM. I suspect there is some error in your common workflow when doing QA. Could you please check this?

12017-11-30 16:01:54 UTCpoornibadrinath F Street
12017-11-30 06:37:23 UTCpoornibadrinath Los Angeles street closure

12017-11-23 09:25:28 UTCpoornibadrinath Juliane Street
12017-11-22 15:07:27 UTCpoornibadrinath
12017-11-17 14:59:45 UTCpoornibadrinath College Point Boulevard closure
12017-11-01 13:44:03 UTCpoornibadrinath The actual changeset for the road closure details is here:

I was aligning the road to the imagery in this particular changeset. Had a minor snafu with the upload.
12017-10-25 06:11:25 UTCpoornibadrinath Closure of Terry Francois Blvd
12017-06-19 09:25:38 UTCEivindWAA Hi, Mapbox person, have you read
22017-06-19 09:28:22 UTCEivindWAA You have changed ofichial import data deliverd by norwegian goverment,

the costline updates are hapening ones a month....
32017-06-19 09:40:33 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Elvind,
I know that I have changed parts of the official import for coastlines. But not having that part as a riverbank is breaking OpenStreetMap itself. It's rendering water as land. I have not done any changes to the actual coastline. Unless the coastline doesnt break the river relation and ...
42017-06-19 10:01:29 UTCEivindWAA Hi, tnx fer answer, the coastline is rendered ones a month, and this would fix the view on osm web page, as coastline is on a different layer. have a look at the links provided above.
12017-06-19 09:31:48 UTCEivindWAA se comment on changesett :
12017-05-31 09:50:47 UTCpoornibadrinath Source: Bing/Mapbox Satellite, Street level imagery.
12017-04-25 13:54:41 UTCchadbunn There is newer inamgery for this area than Bing and Mapbox. Local Utah imagery from 2016 and there is most definitely a park here. I will capture with Mapillary today. In the future please refrain from deleting before you have contacted me about an error in this area.
22017-04-25 13:58:05 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Yeah, sorry about that. I deleted thinking it was not there, but very quickly realised that I had made a mistake. I am trying to revert my chnageset, but somehow it was not happening. I will revert my changeset. Thanks for notifying me about this.
32017-04-25 14:01:05 UTCchadbunn Here is proof of the building:

I appreciate the interest in this area, but do you have any local knowledge of Layton, UT or are you just doing ...
42017-04-25 14:09:21 UTCchadbunn NAIP Imagery from earlier this month also indicates a building here. Even Google Maps or Earth clearly indicate a building here. If you are unable to revert I will just add it back in.
52017-04-25 14:17:26 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Thanks for all the clarification. I realised it when I checked it myself the second time. I was verifying newly added parks due to random edits by new mappers. Since Bing and Mapbox both didn't show the park and the park changeset had the imagery source listed as Bing, I deleted it as I could...
62017-04-25 20:30:06 UTCchadbunn This building has been verified on Mapillary.
72017-04-26 06:50:18 UTCpoornibadrinath Right, got it. Got it verified on the most recent Mapbox satellite imagery as well. The changeset has been reverted: Thanks for bringing this to my notice.
82017-04-26 20:23:03 UTCmvexel chadbunn, do you have JOSM configured to use Utah AGRC imagery? I have tried and failed :( I would love to be able to use it in JOSM!
92017-04-27 03:56:04 UTCfreebeer Just to butt in, without knowing the contents of the other imagery sources, I can verify that both building and park are present in the (degraded) USGS Large Scale Imagery background in Potlatch2, although only at zoom levels 16 and server-side scaled to zoom 20, with nothing for me from 17-19 here....
12016-12-19 21:29:46 UTCluschi Hi poornibadrinath,
you deleted here a lot of data.
Next time check data bevore deleting, because no all nodes/ways what added/changed Attila194 are wrong.
User cxs had a lot of work to recreat all addresses you deleted here.
Also ...
22016-12-20 05:43:59 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Luschi,
Thank you for bringing this to my notice. I remember clearly to have deleted only the address points that had the attraction tag as it is wrong to add addresses as attractions. If the fuel stations have been deleted, I apologise. It must have been when filtering the few points out. I wi...
32017-04-17 13:48:33 UTCfkv If you think that a tag is wrong, you should delete the tag at best, not the entire object. You even deleted an entire hotel (way 123140891). Besides, you shouln't do mass edits without discussing them beforehand, see And you shoul...
12017-04-08 09:33:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi poornibadrinath,
As can be seen from this town has been through a number of name changes over the years!
I'm not convinced that having anglicised versions of Azerbaijani or Armenian names here makes sense. These were added in the previouse cha...
22017-04-10 06:28:14 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Andy,
When I came across this changeset and searched for the name Agdara, a wikipedia entry ( had two names for the same place: Aghdara and Mertakert. That's why I added the alt name tag. Wasn't aware that this town was always referred to as Mertaker...
32017-04-10 21:27:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Poornima,
Thanks for your reply. I don't think that this town "was always referred to as Mertakert" - I suspect that it's official name will have varied depending on which side of the border it happened to be at the time. suggests tha...
42017-04-13 06:19:30 UTCpoornibadrinath HI Andy,
Thanks for the clarification. I checked around to see if there are any other concrete sources but couldn't find any. I agree that may be the version 24 remains the best compromise on names. I will go ahead and change the name to how it was in your changeset.
Thanks again.
12017-03-24 21:55:26 UTCTheSwavu Thanks for doing this. Saved me from having to do it.
22017-03-25 00:10:14 UTCpoornibadrinath TheSwavu :)
12017-03-22 21:47:23 UTCpoornibadrinath Also deleting the tag service=parking_aisle because the roads were for a fuel station.
12017-03-22 20:12:21 UTCpoornibadrinath This revert is still not complete. There are several other changesets that caused this change. Looking into all of them and see where it broke the route relation. Until then, if this changeset appears to have broken something or generally appears bad, please wait or comment on this changeset before ...
22017-03-22 21:38:27 UTCpoornibadrinath Fixed here:
12017-03-22 21:35:28 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi. I have fixed the changes from the above mentioned changeset 45468393 to remove the unwanted oneways and duplicated tertiary links added. I have made sure to check the relations and maintain them as I edit the roads to retrieve back the data. If in case any relation is broken due to the fixes, pl...
12017-01-10 11:40:25 UTCrickmastfan67 Just happened to come across this changeset, and noticed that it completely incorrect. The 'destination' tags were put on the completely WRONG ways. The tags you put on the I-376 ways were meant for the US-422 ways. Look @ Way 19322510, the 'destination' info on that was meant for Way 55455970 in...
22017-01-10 12:09:54 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi rickmastfan67,
Thank you so much for bringing this issue to my notice. I verified and found that you were correct :) I must have gotten confused with US 422 ref number added the destination tag to this motorway junction instead of the exit 15 of James E Ross Highway. Immediately correcting i...
32017-01-10 12:13:21 UTCpoornibadrinath Also, had added one of the destination tags to the right way.
Guess I mistook the other exit to be also leading to the same place and added that. Corrected it. Thanks
42017-01-10 12:34:42 UTCrickmastfan67 Sorry, but you still haven't added it to the correct way. Way 413903593 shouldn't have been changed. The info should have been added to way 55455970 ( ). That is the exit ramp here, as it's a LEFT exit from I-376 and should have the 'US 422' destination ...
52017-01-10 12:35:11 UTCrickmastfan67 Ways 413903593 ( ) & 19322510 ( ) should have the 'destination' & 'destination:ref' changed to "destination=Pittsburgh", "destination:ref=I 376 East", & "destination:ref:to= I...
62017-01-10 12:40:42 UTCpoornibadrinath Ah shoot. Sorry and thanks again. Checking and correcting it
72017-01-10 12:47:08 UTCpoornibadrinath Corrected it.
I hope this is right :)
Thanks again.
82017-01-10 12:50:03 UTCrickmastfan67 Forgot the 'h' at the end of "Pittsburgh". Otherwise, looks correct now.
92017-01-10 12:56:46 UTCpoornibadrinath Done :)
12017-01-04 11:21:08 UTCoba510 Hi, what is your source for these traffic signals? There are stop signs painted on the road in the bing aerial imagery.
22017-01-04 11:38:11 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Thanks for bringing this to my notice. A few of them were wrongly added by me. I was sorting that out. Will check the ones that were added by mistake and remove it.
12017-01-04 11:17:37 UTCoba510 Hi, what is your source for the traffic signals here? This intersection has stop signs visible in bing aerial imagery.
12017-01-04 11:08:27 UTCoba510 Hi, are you sure that there are traffic signals at this intersection? There are "stop" signs painted at all the incoming streets.
12016-12-02 07:16:52 UTCpoornibadrinath Wrong Changeset Comment. Sorry.
The actual changeset comment is updating turn restrictions in LA using Mapillary.
12016-12-02 07:16:39 UTCpoornibadrinath Wrong Changeset Comment. Sorry.
The actual changeset comment is updating turn restrictions in LA using Mapillary.
12016-12-02 07:16:21 UTCpoornibadrinath Wrong Changeset Comment. Sorry.
The actual changeset comment is updating turn restrictions in LA using Mapillary.
12016-10-27 09:01:44 UTCpoornibadrinath Wrong changeset comment. Sorry!
The actual change was adding turn restrictions in SF using Mapillary.
Changeset comment: Adding Turn Restrictions using Mapillary
Source: Bing, Mapbox Satellite, Mapillary.

Poornima Badrinath
12016-10-27 09:01:02 UTCpoornibadrinath Wrong changeset comment. Sorry!
The actual change was adding turn restrictions in SF using Mapillary.
Changeset comment: Adding Turn Restrictions using Mapillary
Source: Bing, Mapbox Satellite, Mapillary.

Poornima Badrinath
12016-09-21 09:17:49 UTCpoornibadrinath Source: Mapbox Satellite, Strava heat map (Not Bing)
12016-08-10 06:12:43 UTCpoornibadrinath I just changed the tag and uploaded. Haven't added any other points or modified. The layer was just one. Not sure of why there is such a big changeset. Looking into it.
22016-08-10 06:18:46 UTCpoornibadrinath I just changed the tag of McDonald's from restaurant to fast_food. I havent done any changes to the other four tags
Tesco (129979199, v6)
The Raven (1419954952, v3)
Dorians Pub (2484183307, v3)
Ancient Thera (3657813228, v4)
The history doesnt show any change that is done by me in the changese...
12016-07-19 08:17:17 UTCkailashdhirwani HALO

Poornima how you use JOSM.?
i have it but dont undrstand it.

i am frendly to editing software like photo shop and corel draw.. and svg editores but
JOSM it s new for me

12016-06-10 15:28:05 UTCdannykath Hello! Why do you delete this highway? Please revert this changeset .
22016-06-13 13:38:30 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi, Can you be more specific on which highway I deleted? Thanks!
32016-06-13 13:51:33 UTCdannykath
42016-06-13 13:54:55 UTCpoornibadrinath Looking, thanks
52016-06-13 14:02:15 UTCpoornibadrinath
Reverted. Thanks for bringing this to my notice.
12016-06-03 11:23:44 UTCpoornibadrinath I had updated the wrong changeset comment by mistake. This is the correct changeset comment for this task. Updating turn restrictions in Phoenix Mapillary imagery
12016-06-03 11:19:27 UTCpoornibadrinath I had updated the wrong changeset comment by mistake. This is the correct changeset comment for this task.
Updating turn restrictions in Phoenix Mapillary imagery
12016-05-20 06:00:39 UTCPeter Dobratz I may need to revert this entire changeset.
22016-05-20 06:27:03 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi, Peter Dobratz. Can you please explain the errors that I have made so I can understand why you want to revert this entire changeset
Poorni Badrinath
32016-05-20 06:51:22 UTCPeter Dobratz I've commented on
12016-05-11 14:37:46 UTCmapsru These chnages are incorrect - you removed the ref and added a destination:ref on this way.
1) This way needs the ref of I 495.
2) The previous way has the destination:ref of I 495 where the actual split occurs - this way does not need the destination:ref
I updated both of these issues
12016-05-03 13:07:32 UTCrickmastfan67 The data you've entered in this changeset isn't fully correct. This ramp isn't for 'US-30'. It's "TO US-30" as Clinton Road isn't part of that highway. I have personal pictures that clearly show the "TO" text beside the shield, as well as the Wikipedia entry does have the &quo...
22016-05-03 13:14:27 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi @rickmastfan67, I checked the changeset and the sources and have corrected the tag to destination:ref:to. Thank you for notifying me.
Poornima Badrinath
12016-04-25 11:23:41 UTCjmpsuperhornet Beware with satellite photos, sometimes they aren't updated and the actual road have changed, ie I added one which exist but it doesn't appear in any satellite photo. I suggest you to check phisically if possible
22016-04-26 06:49:40 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi @jmpsuperhornet.
The road I deleted was created by a new user who had named a residential road in her name and added an access private tag. However, the deletion has been reverted and I have added a note for the localites about the confirmation of the road's existence. Thanks for bringing it to...
12016-03-10 09:12:56 UTCmanings This road is not connected to the other road:
22016-03-10 09:20:18 UTCmanings Lots of untagged ways here which should be highway=residential, for example:
12016-03-10 09:13:07 UTCmanings This road should be straight:

You mark this as landuse which a I think should be highway=residential. I've fixed it now:
12016-03-10 09:06:19 UTCmanings Hi Poornima, nice edits, can you connect these 2 roads?
12016-02-14 07:21:02 UTCBCNorwich Hi, There are now two outlines for the park, and one outline duplicates itself by going round twice. so in fact three circuits of the park in total. May I also suggest that the park does not extend to the center line of the surrounding roads and that it should be mapped to it's physical boundary. Re...
22016-02-15 07:32:09 UTCPlaneMad Poornima, I have removed the duplicate park, please check if it looks ok.
32016-02-15 14:09:37 UTCpoornibadrinath Thank you so much :) I will look into it :)
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