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12018-01-07 07:45:14 UTCoba510 Hi, this seems to be an actual place and not a personal poi (if you look at the history it was imported 10 years ago from the GNIS). I have restored it and converted it to a residential polygon around the condo complex
22018-01-07 07:50:49 UTCAdamant1 Oh cool. My bad. Thanks for doing that. I'll have to look through the history better next time.
12017-12-10 22:07:07 UTCIcyMidnight The change didn't delete Peace Plaza, just changed it to a park.
Also fixed the multi-poligon that removed the area of the pagoda from the park as that is also part of the area.
22017-12-11 05:37:15 UTCoba510 You deleted the plaza itself, and added a less-detailed park area. The park was fine (it is technically a park), but the park and the pedestrian area represent different things. One represents the administration/landuse (park), while the other is the physical surface (pedestrian area), and can be u...
32017-12-11 08:04:10 UTCIcyMidnight I did lose some detail on that polygon. A newbie error made when I got confused about the editing tool. That should be fixed.

I would have thought the surface= attribute would cover the surface. Based on a comment on a recent change I made elsewhere, pedestrian areas are actually used for routing...
42017-12-13 07:15:56 UTCIcyMidnight I believe I've fixed your concerns in 54505839
12017-08-27 06:46:17 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please check typo(?) highway=street_sign on these two ways:
Was it intended? Is it a traffic_sign=* ?
22017-08-31 10:49:05 UTCoba510 It's not a typo. This is a pair of monumental stone street signs (the kind that have the name of the street on them, not a traffic sign) that were built as a formal gateway to the small subdivision on the east side of College Ave. These kind of stone-column street signs are fairly common on the west...
32017-08-31 11:21:10 UTCGerdP What do you think about historic=city_gate?
42017-08-31 11:27:07 UTCGerdP Ah, sorry, there is already a historic tag. I think the highway tag is obsolete here.
52017-08-31 11:43:35 UTCoba510 The highway=street_sign tag is there because it functions (both historically and currently) as a street sign. Looking at taginfo highway=street_sign is the most common tag for such features (even though it is undocumented).
62017-08-31 11:54:25 UTCGerdP That is true, the difference is that you have used the tag on a way, not on a node.
I also assume that many are mistagged traffic_sign=* or maybe tourism=information.
Question is why you want to map the sign,
I think the important thing is that the corresponding highway has the correct name tag.
12017-05-05 08:54:53 UTCoba510 Why do you keep vandalizing the map like this? Most people would have gotten bored by now.

Stop messing things up for everyone else. Please.
12017-04-24 05:13:31 UTCoba510 There was already an existing relation for the Bay Trail. ( ) I've merged these members into that one.
22017-04-24 06:22:38 UTCnvk Thank you! I saw the other one but could never get the two to associate in the same iD editor view. Did you use JOSM?
12017-04-23 07:48:10 UTCoba510 It looks like you've set the default name (name=*) of this restaurant to "Greenburger's", and the English name (name:en=*) to "Nara". This doesn't make much sense.

If the name of the restaurant changed you usually only need to change the name=* tag. The name:en=* tag is reall...
12017-04-20 05:36:32 UTCoba510 please stop
12017-04-17 03:41:36 UTCoba510 Hey, you deleted the buildings here along with the shops; please don't do that unless the buildings have actually been demolished. You only need to remove the tags that actually apply to the closed businesses (in this case shop=* and name=*) I have undeleted the buildings.
12017-03-22 08:37:08 UTCoba510 Hi, I noticed that you've been merging place of worship nodes with some of the buildings you've traced. That's probably not a good idea unless it's really obvious they're correct, since most of them were imported from the GNIS and are usually not in exactly the right location. Sometimes they're seve...
12017-03-19 06:26:46 UTCoba510 Hi, I noticed that you've put quite a bit of effort into adding things to the map of Stockton over the last week. Unfortunately, nearly everything you did was either fictional or broke the map somehow! Your changes have been reverted. (Thanks for mapping Shropshire park, though)
12017-02-25 06:29:56 UTCoba510 Hi, I'm having a hard time figuring out the rationale behind some of the changes here. Clay, Jefferson, Castro, 6th are all fairly important thoroughfares and should not be tagged as highway=residential. It also looks like you merged a number of segments together for some reason, which messed up t...
22017-02-25 06:44:41 UTCemeryradio Ok the merging part is already a problem that does need to be rolled back.

Clay and Jefferson priorities were changed because while they are locally important roads, they do not serve a purpose beyond the local area and are only minorly arterial within the downtown area. For example, Market, Gro...
12017-02-25 06:08:31 UTCoba510 Hi,
Why did you add bike lanes to the full length of 5th Ave? Have they been added recently? You also added a three-block long turning lane on E 8th, and merged two blocks of Elmwood Ave together creating an impossible one-way dead end, both of which seem unlikely to be true.
22017-02-25 06:31:26 UTCemeryradio Uh... that shouldn't have happened. Should I try to fix that myself or pass that on to someone else?
32017-02-25 06:36:05 UTCemeryradio If JOSM works for you then you can roll back my changesets (nothing will download for me regardless of how small an area I select). Sorry for the confusion here.
12017-02-17 05:51:51 UTCoba510 Hi,
When you delete and redraw buildings as you've done here you are often removing information (usually the building=* tag, but also names, amenities, and other tags). Please be more careful. Also, I see that you've merged several POIs with buildings (such as
22017-02-17 10:46:47 UTCandygol Hi,
Thank you for your attention to a state of the map at this location.
It was my fault. One of the reasons that this could cause is that the POI has address tags, which together with other tags are automatically transferred to the newly created building footprint when the house is plotted over ...
32017-02-17 11:04:58 UTCandygol I reverted merging POI and buildings -
12017-02-11 07:40:30 UTCoba510 Hi. The toll plaza was already correctly mapped; there is no toll northbound and the toll booths on that side were removed a while ago (at least a couple of years). Please consult the link in your changeset comment ;) Thanks! I have reverted this changeset.
22017-02-15 13:25:41 UTCoini Hi oba510! Thank you so much for correcting me. I was using the Bing Satellite Imagery and it showed cars entering the Toll booth from both sides. I didn't realize that the imagery is outdated and hence this mistake. Thanks again! :)
12017-01-30 07:15:49 UTCoba510 Hi, openstreetmap is a map of the real world that is used by many people for a variety of purposes. Please only add things that actually exist in reality. Thanks! Your changes have been reverted.
12017-01-30 06:44:21 UTCoba510 Why did you delete this school? I have reverted your deletion, since it appears to still exist.
12017-01-30 06:33:23 UTCoba510 Hi, why are you changing the building=* tags of almost every building you edit to building=yes? Please don't do that unless the building type is actually incorrect, since it removes valid info. Please see:
22017-01-31 04:10:29 UTCJuanitomg @oba510 Thanks for letting me know about this. I will go over my past edits a fix any building= tag that seems incorrect.
12017-01-29 08:28:40 UTCoba510 Hi, welcome to openstreetmap. Your house is not a park! I have reverted your changes. Please only add things that actually exist in the real world. Thanks!
22017-01-30 07:34:15 UTCscotsirish Of course! My bad I was just playing around with the features trying to get familiar
12017-01-29 06:48:27 UTCoba510 Hi, if you would like to scribble on a map you might consider printing out a copy and using a pencil. If you are trying to catch pokemon there is a large park not two blocks from this location you could visit. Thanks! I have reverted your scribbles.
12017-01-29 06:44:04 UTCoba510 Hi, in this edit you added yet again a park which clearly does not exist. I have reverted your changes.
12017-01-29 06:42:15 UTCoba510 Hi, I have removed the park you added because it does not exist.
12017-01-28 12:04:01 UTCoba510 Hi, you have added a bunch of stuff here which obviously doesn't exist. Openstreetmap is a map of the real world, which is used by lots of people for a variety of purposes. Please only map things which exist in the real world. Thanks! Your changes have been reverted.
12017-01-28 00:04:08 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi boratestat1, welcome to OSM. I think your edits can't be correct. Could you please name your source? Thanks.
22017-01-28 10:44:23 UTCoba510 The chances that a city in California would demolish an entire block of houses to build a park in 2016 are almost zero, and if they did, there is no way at all that they would give it such a generic name... I have reverted this changeset. Please don't add fictional stuff to openstreetmap. Thanks!
32017-01-28 11:39:47 UTCpitscheplatsch @oba510 thanks for reverting!
12017-01-27 11:42:43 UTCoba510 Hi, I looked through your edits and literally every single thing you added was either fictional or otherwise incorrect. I have reverted your changes. OpenStreetMap is a representation of the real world that people use every day for a variety of purposes, not a fantasy map. Please only add things th...
12017-01-27 10:56:02 UTCoba510 Hi, you added a bunch of randomly zig-zagging footpaths through the backyards in the middle of this block. They obviously don't exist, so I have reverted your changes.
12017-01-27 10:08:02 UTCoba510 Hi, you have added several parks and related facilities which do not exist. OpenStreetMap is a map of the real world, please only add real things. Thanks! I have reverted your changes.
12017-01-27 09:30:31 UTCoba510 Hi, dog parks can be tagged as leisure=dog_park. In general, leisure=park should only be used once, on the park outline itself; all of the things inside the park have their own more specific tags. I have fixed the tagging and adjusted the outline slightly to only include the dog runs. Thanks!
12017-01-26 12:24:43 UTCoba510 Hi, I have reverted your two recent changesets. Lowell is not a university. Please see for more info. You also turned a house into a pier, and dragged a crosswalk several blocks over to another street (along with the road it was connected to)...
12017-01-26 09:21:27 UTCoba510 Did you mean to remove the name when you deleted and re-drew this building?
22017-01-26 15:06:38 UTCdannykath Hi, Thanks for your comment , sorry for my mistake, I have fixed my changeset .
12017-01-19 11:14:17 UTCoba510 Hi, did you notice that you've been re-adding (along with other Mapbox employees) old streets that have previously been deleted from the Dublin Crossing construction site? Are you sure they still exist?
22017-01-20 22:15:53 UTCcalfarome Hi Oba510,
Thank you for letting me know about this issue. These streets were added on the basis of Tiger data. However, the JOSM filter was on and I failed to notice the `landuse=construction` tag areas, since they were hidden. From now on, I will make sure to avoid adding any data in the under co...
12017-01-19 10:55:26 UTCoba510 I noticed that you've been adding roads to the national labs here. Did you look at the aerial imagery or the tagging of the other roads that they connect to? There are several different kinds of barriers all over this road and others, and access is very restricted. Please make sure to at least in...
22017-01-19 14:48:08 UTCyurasi Hi Oba510,
Thank you for bringing this issue to my notice. I hadn't realised about restricted access to the roads. I have added the appropriate access tags. Apologies for this slight on my part and thanks again.
12017-01-19 10:02:39 UTCoba510 Hi, the way you added here is actually a narrow mid-block alley, not a typical residential road. Such roads should generally be tagged as highway=service, service=alley. Thanks!
22017-01-20 22:53:38 UTCkaritotp Hi again, oba510!
Thank you for bringing this to my notice and pointing out the apt way of labelling of this road. I have fixed the tag in this changeset ( Thanks again.

12017-01-19 09:44:58 UTCoba510 Hi, you have added a parking aisle in a small parking lot, but tagged it as highway=residential. Parking aisles should be tagged as highway=service, service=parking_aisle. Thanks!
22017-01-20 17:14:56 UTCridixcr Hi again Oba510,
Thanks again for letting me know about this and also clarifying what tags are apt. The changes have been done accordingly. They can be found in this changeset:
12017-01-19 09:19:49 UTCoba510 Hi, you've added a couple of ways in a parking lot, but tagged them as highway=residential. In general, these should be tagged as highway=service with appropriate service=* tags (eg: service=parking_aisle for parking aisles)
22017-01-20 15:18:51 UTCdannykath Hey there!
Thank you for bringing this issue to my notice. I didn't realize about the commercial buildings that are around this area, so I retagged the highways.
Thanks again!
12017-01-19 09:16:13 UTCoba510 This appears to be a private driveway serving a couple of houses, not a residential road. Are you sure the tagging is correct?
12017-01-19 09:12:40 UTCoba510 Are you sure these service roads you added open to the public? They're on a military base and you can see a gate and concrete barriers visible in the bing aerial.
22017-01-20 17:15:45 UTCridixcr Hi Oba510,
Thank you for notifying me about this issue. I have reverted my changes and the changes can be found here: I will be more careful with my edits. Thanks again.
12017-01-19 09:06:43 UTCoba510 Hi, why did you extend San Jose Avenue through a building and construction site?
22017-01-20 22:51:09 UTCkaritotp Thank you for the feedback. As the selective filters were on, I didn't spot this building under construction. Reverting this changeset to remove the road added through the building. Thanks again
12017-01-08 06:24:27 UTCoba510 Hi, you deleted and moved a bunch of speed humps in this changeset. Was that your intention? (In the iD editor they look like tiny circles with a dot in the middle)
22017-01-08 06:37:44 UTCosmcrc Oops, I didn't notice they weren't normal street nodes but I'll fix them.
32017-01-08 07:16:44 UTCosmcrc Okay I think I fixed them all and added many that weren't there before in
12017-01-03 02:34:55 UTCoba510 HI, did you intend to delete the building here?
22017-01-03 03:41:34 UTCKenji Yamada Oops, no. I was trying to switch from editing the building to adding a point.
32017-01-04 11:33:02 UTCoba510 Thanks. I've un-deleted the building.
12017-01-04 11:26:47 UTCoba510 Hi, welcome to OSM! I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but you accidentally moved a bus stop from Market St to the middle of the Federal Reserve. I have moved it back to it's real location.
22017-01-04 18:12:54 UTCjacklyn1 Sorry about that! Yesterday was my first time using OSM, not sure how that happened but thank you for moving it back!
12017-01-04 11:21:08 UTCoba510 Hi, what is your source for these traffic signals? There are stop signs painted on the road in the bing aerial imagery.
22017-01-04 11:38:11 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi,
Thanks for bringing this to my notice. A few of them were wrongly added by me. I was sorting that out. Will check the ones that were added by mistake and remove it.
12017-01-04 11:17:37 UTCoba510 Hi, what is your source for the traffic signals here? This intersection has stop signs visible in bing aerial imagery.
12017-01-04 11:08:27 UTCoba510 Hi, are you sure that there are traffic signals at this intersection? There are "stop" signs painted at all the incoming streets.
12017-01-04 10:05:02 UTCoba510 This block of Eureka was one-way southbound a couple of months ago. Has it changed?
22017-01-04 18:12:08 UTCjacklyn1 Ah, I just checked again, I missed it based on the zoom with Google Maps, the part above Market St is still a one way.
12016-10-11 05:25:33 UTCoba510 It looks like, over multiple changesets, you've deleted several streets and at least one path in this area that are clearly visible in Bing/USGS imagery. Was that intentional?
12016-05-15 05:44:51 UTCoba510 HI, it looks like you were trying to add bike lanes to Harrison Street. I deleted the cycleways you added (which implies that there are physically separate bike paths or cycle tracks), since the bike lanes were already correctly tagged on Harrison Street.

Please see
12014-11-19 22:44:34 UTCoba510 Are you sure this church has been demolished? The only approved building permit listed by the city is for a re-roofing, and a zoning approval for a remodel.
22014-11-19 22:56:22 UTCtakluyver Found the documentation:

I pass it on my way to work. It's not demolished yet, but they are working on it. It's definitely out of commission as a church, and the plans indica...
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