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12018-05-10 20:26:44 UTCcarciofo Hi, can you specify the source for this turn restriction? There is a turning lane on the left, so something is wrong... Thanks in advance for the info
12018-03-04 17:16:34 UTCPierZen To display HV Power lines on infrastructure maps such as OpenInfraMap, voltage should be added.
12018-02-23 12:41:10 UTCzaizone Hi dannykath ! I've seen that you tagged some of my contributions as a bad edits in OSMCHA and reverted it. This node has been deleted because there was a duplicate of that town, see :
Could you please fix...
12018-02-23 12:39:39 UTCzaizone Hi dannykath ! I've seen that you tagged some of my contributions as a bad edits in OSMCHA and reverted it. This node has been deleted because there was a duplicate of that town, see :
Could you please fix...
12017-12-10 13:03:03 UTCSylwke3100 Why, if the bus stop location is wrong?
22017-12-10 13:06:22 UTCSylwke3100 Please look
12017-09-27 11:08:38 UTCcarciofo Hi, regarding the cross-over segments on I-75 which you and other Mapbox mappers are adding, please note that access=permissive is not correct for these segments. They are signed "emergency vehicles only" which goes against the definition of permissive, which implies that access has been g...
22017-11-30 14:26:06 UTCdannykath_peruimport Hi Carcifofo, thanks for flagging this, I deleted my changes, thanks for your comment!
32017-11-30 14:50:54 UTCdannykath
Hi Carcifofo, thanks for flagging this, I deleted my changes, thanks for your comment!
42017-11-30 14:51:28 UTCdannykath Sorry for my double comment, I used my wrong account!
12017-11-05 11:45:56 UTCSanniu - look like you created zigzagged, self-intersection road here, can it be fixed/reverted?
22017-11-05 16:31:07 UTCSafwatHalaby This is partially the fault of the bus stop update. Changeset 49148167 glued stops to the road, and yesterday the bot bus stop update moved those stops, dragging the road along with it. I've fixed this here:
32017-11-05 16:54:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Forum post:
Fixing entire Israel:
42017-11-05 17:52:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Entire list of fix changesets:
52017-11-06 05:41:17 UTCSafwatHalaby ...and:
12017-08-27 11:12:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
Is this a restrictions for cars higher than the given value? Then it should be
... @ height > 13'6"
We're referring to the actual size of the vehicle, not a restriction like 'maxheight'.

Cheers, Jan
22017-08-27 16:19:49 UTCdannykath Hi, mueschel! Thank you for you attentiveness. Of course, in this case it is forbidden to drive cars higher than 13'6'', not equal to 13'6''.
I fixed TR according to you comment. Best regards Danny
12017-08-04 11:36:10 UTCPaul_012 I've reverted this edit. A motorway passing through a toll booth is obviously not a tunnel=building_passage. I see the flag as a false positive, but have used a layer tag to fix it instead.
12017-04-25 14:40:04 UTCchadbunn Thank you.
22017-04-25 20:29:09 UTCchadbunn This area has been verified and the dog park can be seen on Mapillary.
12017-04-24 22:56:09 UTCchadbunn How do you know this is fictional? I live here and will verify, but want to know how you were able to determine its authenticity.
22017-04-25 14:23:32 UTCdannykath Hey there ! Chadbunn I have reverted my changeset
12017-04-25 12:43:36 UTCchillly Why did you delete the pond? There is a pond there, not quite where the new mapper put it, but that's a newbie mistake. Does it really deserve to be deleted? I think this is heavy-handed
22017-04-25 14:08:50 UTCdannykath Hi Chilly, I deleted this pond based on Satellite imagery, because it does not show clearly, but I will revert my changeset if this is convenient for you.
32017-04-25 14:10:04 UTCdannykath
12017-04-19 19:28:43 UTCvramirez122000 Hello. What was the purpose of this revert?
22017-04-19 19:42:51 UTCdannykath Hey there! I maked a mistake, i wanted delete 2 parks that do not show up in satellite imagery.
Thanks for your comment, I have reverted my changeset Sorry for the confusion and thanks for flagging this.
12017-03-21 23:03:54 UTCPierZen Voies temporaires lors de travaux routiers ne doivent pas etre ajoutées comme bretelles d'autoroute.

Road maintenance temporary lines should not be added as motorway links.
22017-03-21 23:20:28 UTCdannykath Hi PierZen, i will revert my changeset ,thanks for your comment!
12017-03-08 01:06:43 UTCFTA Hi dannykath,
Is this the only changeset of rimantsjana that you reverted? I am trying to remove all the fictitious edits but am getting a few conflicts for some that have been reverted--it'd be a great help to know which ones have already been done.
Ethan aka FTA with the DWG
22017-03-08 03:42:22 UTCdannykath Hi Ethan, I reverted around 17 changesets from this user, I think cause more conflicts , if you have any question, please can you write me again ?
32017-03-08 03:44:13 UTCFTA Thanks, Danny--good to know. It looks like some other people have reverted other changes too. So I am going to check each object and make sure at least someone else has touched them since the original edits.
12017-03-02 20:17:05 UTCdannykath Sorry for my bing changeset, i was validating a big changeset , I will be more careful
12017-02-02 18:09:46 UTCdchiles Why were the two buildings along Park Avenue deleted?
22017-02-02 18:49:19 UTCdannykath Hi thanks for pointing this out, I'm not sure how this happened, however I will add those buildings again. Regards.
32017-02-02 18:54:36 UTCdannykath
42017-02-07 22:41:54 UTCdchiles 👍🏻
12017-01-26 09:21:27 UTCoba510 Did you mean to remove the name when you deleted and re-drew this building?
22017-01-26 15:06:38 UTCdannykath Hi, Thanks for your comment , sorry for my mistake, I have fixed my changeset .
12017-01-19 09:19:49 UTCoba510 Hi, you've added a couple of ways in a parking lot, but tagged them as highway=residential. In general, these should be tagged as highway=service with appropriate service=* tags (eg: service=parking_aisle for parking aisles)
22017-01-20 15:18:51 UTCdannykath Hey there!
Thank you for bringing this issue to my notice. I didn't realize about the commercial buildings that are around this area, so I retagged the highways.
Thanks again!
12017-01-11 07:14:06 UTCnvk Looks like a bad relations edit that turned the old `natural=wood` tag into a `landuse=reservoir` tag, resulting in a huge lake showing up where before it was forest?
22017-01-11 07:15:37 UTCnvk New name to that effect was also added, probably around 38.7229602,-120.5654347. Maybe an unsuccessful polygon punch?
32017-01-11 07:22:52 UTCnvk Attempt to fix in:
42017-01-18 21:30:36 UTCdannykath Hey there ! Thanks for your fix , I will be more careful .
52017-01-18 21:56:42 UTCnvk No worries :) It was really confusing in iD to fix this, the user flow there is not intuitive – and I think I would have made the same edit funky edit and 2nd round of fixing!

I had to know ahead of time there was a rendering bug in iD, and know that by creating another relation for th...
12016-12-23 19:29:35 UTCpnorman When I was last here, the road was oneway. Has this changed?
22017-01-02 20:35:27 UTCdannykath Hi Excuse me for the late reply, yes you are right , i have fixed my changeset
Thanks for your review
12016-09-29 13:52:02 UTCLittlebtc Refined:
22016-11-29 22:49:18 UTCdannykath thanks for your correction, I will be more careful
12016-11-03 16:54:44 UTCPaul_012 This changeset has been reverted because it removed correct data.
22016-11-29 22:48:21 UTCdannykath Hey there , thanks for your correction!
12016-08-22 15:23:21 UTCd1g Very timely response and well commented!

Thank you for the feedback!

I always count self-reverts as constructive edits. It is clear that person cares about correct data more than big edit counts and 0 validation warnings :)

Please tell new users to use noexit=yes tags. Many of us weren't u...
22016-11-29 22:47:20 UTCdannykath thanks for your comment, I will do
12016-11-29 04:18:13 UTCnevw Hi
There is no way between Pinevale Place and Woodlight Street, except by the footway.
The tool 'Connecting motorable roads using #to-fix' is not always correct and only a guide that there 'may' be a problem and on satellite imagery it looks like there may be a block too. The driveways do not joi...
22016-11-29 14:03:47 UTCdannykath Hey there!
thanks for your correction!
Best regards
32016-11-29 14:04:13 UTCdannykath Hey there!
thanks for your correction!
Best regards
12016-09-21 23:38:41 UTCDavidKewley It seems clear to me that deleting the oneway=yes tag from Lion Country as was done here is NOT the right way to fix whatever To-Fix was flagging as an error. Looking at the traffic flow, the sections of Lion Country from Irvine Center to Meadows Way are clearly one-way (one heading in was mis-edite...
22016-09-23 15:16:44 UTCdannykath Hey there David , I fixing a changeset, please
see for more details , thanks for your comment !
32016-09-23 19:24:25 UTCDavidKewley Thank you for the adjustment! Looks as reasonably good as we can do without a survey. Also, this is an event (e.g. concert) parking lot area for Irvine Meadows Ampitheatre, so I bet its use varies a lot. The ampitheatre is planned to close after this fall, and apartments will be built here, so proba...
42016-09-23 19:25:46 UTCDavidKewley Thank you! This is good enough given that it is a parking area for a concert ampitheatre that will close after this fall and be turned into apartments.
12016-09-20 14:53:22 UTCBorut@OSM Hi Danny! In this particular case it can, but must not be correct. The previous version was obviously not OK, but I suspect that maybe the street is partly one way - maybe up to the crossing. However, I do not have local knowledge and have not consulted imagery yet. Regards, Borut
22016-09-20 15:39:49 UTCdannykath Hey Borut! thanks for your comment, I have reverted my changeset and I have also left a note instead
12016-09-16 13:28:55 UTCNakaner
22016-09-16 14:02:54 UTCdannykath Thanks for your fixing , I will be more careful
12016-07-15 14:57:21 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Please try and restrict changeset size to at least less than one continent. Other mappers have mentioned this before (e.g. on but its still happening.
Also, please do use meaningful changeset comments - "Closing broken polygons" and s...
22016-08-05 14:20:38 UTCdannykath I do not know why exactly this happens. It may happen when my internet connection is having connectivity issues. I will be careful when I am seeing network issues, and try to observe the exact cause.

12016-06-11 02:44:36 UTCmattchn The lane count (lanes=5) was correct, the mistake was in the count of forward and backward lanes. I have changed this:
22016-08-03 20:12:59 UTCdannykath Thanks for your review !
12016-05-03 17:16:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi
I have commented on one of you changesets on this same issue before, but you did not respond.
Please keep your changes to sensible areas, close and start a new changeset for each area, for example this one should be a minimum of four separate changesets.
Large areas such as this make review by...
22016-05-03 23:59:07 UTCdannykath Hello Phill, I'll be more careful , thanks for your comment.
32016-05-08 09:41:25 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't just say "I'll be more careful" and then just carry on as normal the very next day, as you did in .

If you're connecting two roads, such as and
42016-07-15 14:58:57 UTCSomeoneElse This is still happening. See .
52016-07-15 17:51:04 UTCdannykath Hello Andy, It could happen because I had internet connection issues yesterday.
12016-06-13 01:50:18 UTCmattchn Please check with Bing imagery, the current representation seems wrong. Maybe wrong forward/backward tags?
22016-06-24 15:29:45 UTCdannykath Hey there, thanks four your feedback ! I have already fix the way
12016-06-10 23:36:11 UTCrickmastfan67 There was NOTHING wrong here. The 'none' part is there to indicate there is a lane splitting into 2 lanes from one. Taking out the 'none' tells everybody to go to the left into the brand new lane. Please look at the satellite imagery before editing and look at adjacent ways too. This is ruining ...
22016-06-10 23:53:54 UTCdannykath Hey there!, Thanks for your comment , I have reverted this changeset
12016-05-07 23:52:25 UTCFTA Hi, is there any way you can confine edits across the world to separate changesets? It's difficult see what exactly was changed when the bbox covers nearly all longitudes.
22016-05-10 15:17:51 UTCdannykath Hey! I was fixing short issues. However, I think because of the internet speed issue, I could have mistaken some layers. I will be careful next time. Thanks for your feedback
12016-05-04 22:31:15 UTCrickmastfan67 Is it possible that you could try to keep these types of changesets limited to one continent or even smaller areas? It makes it sometimes impossible for local mappers to double check if your changes are correct since the OSM RSS feeds give any changeset that has a bounding box that enters a smaller ...
22016-05-05 12:38:58 UTCdannykath Hey there , I do not know happened exactly , but I will be more careful, Thanks for your comment
12016-05-03 12:37:30 UTCSomeoneElse While " Fixing major highways that overlap with minor highways" does explain what you were changing it doesn't say where, or what the source was, and this changeset is huge!
22016-05-04 00:03:34 UTCdannykath hello Andy , I do not know happened exactly, but I'll be more careful.
12016-05-03 22:52:04 UTCrickmastfan67 Please make smaller changesets. When changesets span accross the ocean, the bounding box it creates makes it hard to keep track of local changes in my area with my RSS feed of changesets, even if nothing was changed in my local area. If you need to do big changesets like this, please limit them to...
22016-05-03 23:57:45 UTCdannykath Hello! thanks for your comment, I'll be more careful
12016-04-29 16:07:42 UTCtrigpoint Please keep your changes within sensible areas, large areas such as this make peer review by local mapper very difficult.
Thanks Phil
22016-05-03 23:52:27 UTCdannykath Hello Phill, I'll be more careful , thanks for your comment.
12016-04-11 19:59:25 UTCLLlypuk82 Please, do not create a common node, it is a feature for correct routing.
22016-04-29 19:23:00 UTCdannykath I'll be more careful, thanks for your feedback.
12014-11-13 11:45:46 UTCnaoliv You have duplicated some nodes (and then some boundaries were left unclosed) in this changeset. It's good to validate the data with JOSM before uploading it.
22016-04-29 19:19:53 UTCdannykath_labuildings thanks for yoru comment Naoliv, I'll be careful
32016-04-29 19:20:41 UTCdannykath thanks for your comment Naoliv.
I'll be more careful
12016-04-15 19:00:03 UTCmavl Hello. Please, give me one good reason why two roads are connected?
22016-04-15 19:31:12 UTCdannykath Thanks for your feedback, I think these ways should be interesected so i did it , but I've already reverted this changeset , more details in
32016-04-15 19:48:25 UTCmavl Thank you for revert.

These two roads have no common points. The first road [] is on the ground. The second road [] is on an embankment (there is a bridge). The embankment has height about 4 meters. A person can...
12016-04-07 09:27:21 UTCВладимир К Hello!
I see, you added nodes 4055312665 4055312664 and so on.
They are right for validator, but they make routing wrong.
For example
22016-04-07 15:41:43 UTCdannykath Hello! Thanks for your feedback!
I think it's necessary to connect those major highways,
I've already reverted my changeset
12016-01-30 22:23:15 UTCHarry Cutts Nice work! FYI, I had to manually revert your changes to Reflection Way and its buildings (changeset 36907072), as the Bing imagery is out of date in that location. The buildings shown have since been demolished and replaced.
22016-02-01 13:41:56 UTCdannykath Hey Harry,
Thanks for contributing and fixing those demolished buildings.
12015-06-08 11:58:41 UTCSomeoneElse Did you mention the "problem" that you fixed here to either SK53 or will_p who were the previous mappers of the ways concerned? Given that they're both on-the-ground mappers I'd be very surprised if the previous situation was incorrect. Perhaps rather than diving in and trying to "f...
22015-11-16 14:16:40 UTCdannykath Hello ! I have reverted this changeset , thanks for your comment. I will be more careful
32015-11-16 14:44:42 UTCdannykath Hi, I was working with the tool unconnected minor, which is to add intersections of streets, in this case lacked the streets intersect, I intersected, thanks for your comment, next time ask you local mappers first
42015-11-16 16:33:12 UTCdannykath Please to see more details about unconnected minor
12015-11-16 14:56:45 UTCdannykath (
12015-08-07 17:14:49 UTCSomeoneElse Would it be possible to describe what the "impossible angle" was before here? doesn't really show a lot of difference. The resulting roundabout still looks a bit overnoded and too big for the imagery.
22015-11-16 14:10:51 UTCdannykath Hello!
I Have reverted this changeset, please to see more details please follow here
12015-08-08 17:06:34 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - that looks much more like the right size.
22015-11-16 14:02:40 UTCdannykath Thanks for your comment.
12015-10-28 18:00:57 UTCskorasaurus Hi, these roads don't go as far you've edited them. I've driven past them numerous times. I had them at the correct length in an earlier version and now fixed them in this changeset.
22015-10-28 19:42:05 UTCdannykath Hello!
Thanks for updating the information about this way.
12015-10-17 06:10:32 UTCGerdP please review:
Bing shows very nice roads here
22015-10-17 20:55:05 UTCdannykath Hello , thanks for your review, i changed this tag , please review this changeset
32015-10-17 21:10:39 UTCGerdP thanks for the reply. I think surface is
asphalt, not grass?
42015-10-20 15:52:42 UTCdannykath Hello, I changed this tag , see this changeset
12015-09-29 16:39:45 UTCikiya Please stop mass editing.
Please explain what you are doing for Japan OSM community.
22015-09-29 17:34:59 UTCdannykath Hello Ikiya, thanks for your feedback , I am aligning major roads (primary, secondary, trunk) based on GIS Imagery ort ({z}/{x}/{y}.jpg
32015-09-30 06:18:53 UTCpnorman There's nothing wrong with improving alignment, but before continuing this large-scale edit, can you communicate with the Japanese community on the talk-ja@ list about what you'd like to do, and seek their feedback?

Paul Norman
For the Data Working Group
42015-09-30 10:42:10 UTCikiya Thanks for your comment.
Today there was a detailed explanation about the cleanup project.
(Japan Community mailing lists)
52015-09-30 20:41:04 UTCdannykath Hello Ikiya, thanks for your feedback @planemad told me he has been in touch, I am aligning major roads (primary, secondary, trunk) - details here -
12015-09-24 21:30:26 UTCRub21 Test, podría responder este mensaje ni bien lo reciba.
22015-09-24 21:34:58 UTCdannykath ya :)
12015-07-16 17:42:27 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Why have you removed the oneway tag??
This is the exit from the service station forecourt and motorists are not allowed to enter the forecourt via this way as indicated by local signage.
22015-07-16 18:01:50 UTCdannykath Hi, I am sorry, I reverted this changeset
32015-07-16 18:10:44 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Thank you :)
12015-07-11 22:32:05 UTCij_ Please don't remove oneway=yes just like that or did you visit the place and checked that it really is a dead-end? You're very likely wrong even if you might have tried to interpret imagery. My guess (non-verified on ground) is that one can drive around that building below the upper loading/parking ...
22015-07-12 23:42:03 UTCdannykath Hello! I am sorry, I'll be careful to next time
12015-06-19 18:43:37 UTCzeromap Hi, dannykath! Thanks for your interest in improving OpenStreetMap. You've changed the type of way that I've verified using local knowledge and a ground survey. A good practice is to check the history of an object, especially if you are making changes based on aerial imagery and not a ground survey....
22015-06-19 22:51:03 UTCdannykath Thanks for your review, zeromap!
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