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12017-04-26 21:13:16 UTCSwiftFast Selfnote: is it ok to make a multipolygon building like I just did?
12017-04-26 20:54:23 UTCSwiftFast You got the Braude buildings wrong. See my Changeset:
12017-04-26 16:14:30 UTCSwiftFast Welcome to OSM :)
Usually, the name tag is used for actual names. So "ברזיה" is probably not a suitable name. I'd just leave it with "amenity=drinking_water" and no name.

Happy mapping.
12017-04-26 06:16:58 UTCSwiftFast It appears you removed some fire zones in Israel. Is this an accident?
22017-04-26 06:23:00 UTCSwiftFast My bad. They are still part of a multi-polygon. Sorry.
12017-04-24 17:30:11 UTCSwiftFast I see you removed a "name:he", duplicating "name" and "name:he" is actually encouraged.
12017-04-22 11:35:27 UTCSwiftFast Hello. the name tag is used for real names. To mark a "שרידי חומה", use "historic=ruins".
12017-04-18 17:04:58 UTCSwiftFast Hi. Would you mind explaining the deletion of 226615133. It doesn't seem right, though I'm not sure. Did you remove the forest?
22017-04-18 17:07:27 UTCSwiftFast On further inspection: It appears you removed a big forest (which I know is there by local knowledge) and replaced it with several chunks of smaller forests. Could you explain?
32017-04-18 17:39:16 UTCvalleyofdawn The big forest was very crude. It covers forested and bare land. The smaller ones were hiding beneath it. These were imported from kkl data. It's time now to
complete the missing forest patches individually.
12017-04-16 07:56:44 UTCSwiftFast Your changeset has overlapping buildings.
22017-04-17 09:20:03 UTCSwiftFast My apologies. Appears to be a multi-level building. All good.
12017-04-16 09:44:19 UTCSwiftFast Why is Nof Hakarmel's highway marked "memorial"? Is this an error?
12017-04-14 17:28:11 UTCSwiftFast Typically, a name tag has a single language and transliteration is discouraged.

Use name and name:he for Hebrew.
use name:en for English if an English name exists.
12017-04-13 09:29:59 UTCSwiftFast The changes to Dalia seem very wrong. What's the source of this?
22017-04-13 09:31:07 UTCSwiftFast The road you removed "672" from and marked as "secondary" is in fact kvesh 672 and is "green" which is primary.

The other road you marked as primary is definitely not 672.
32017-04-13 09:44:13 UTCSwiftFast Reference:|UTM2%2bCT3IX5uol2LhsswdA%3d%3d&z=6&b=0&ap=1
42017-04-13 09:49:40 UTCSwiftFast Reverted dalia changes in
52017-04-13 11:47:08 UTCWillRock41 I saw road signs that display these streets as part of the main road
62017-04-13 12:27:45 UTCSwiftFast I believe you confused the two roads. The north-east road (known locally as Okef Dalia) is certainly not part of 672. I'm a local.
72017-04-13 12:31:24 UTCSwiftFast I see you've made a followup changeset:

You marked the north-eastern road as secondary. I think that's OK. (IL Wiki says: [secondary][Exception]: Roads that are more important for routing connections than a normal tertiary road.)

You also marked ...
12017-04-13 06:41:45 UTCSwiftFast Note that "Ram Or" is not a Radiotechnics store. It's a store that sells תאורה.
22017-04-13 06:44:11 UTCSwiftFast Note that "משהדאוי קינג סתור" is named literally that on the title. You renamed it to "משהדאוי קינג"
32017-04-13 06:45:34 UTCSwiftFast
42017-04-13 06:48:12 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
52017-04-13 06:55:49 UTCSwiftFast Correction: Fixed in
12017-04-12 13:27:17 UTCSwiftFast Hello :)
I see you tagged "זאפה חיפה", we typically duplicate the name both in the "name" tag and "name:he" tag.
12017-04-11 20:05:51 UTCSwiftFast Hello. I see you've created an area with building=yes and put a node inside it with amenity=toilet. Usually you don't need the node inside it. The area itself can be marked with amenity=toilet instead.
22017-04-12 08:13:10 UTCtiberX Thank you for the hint! Next time I'll do it this way right from the beginning
חג שמח!
32017-04-12 13:23:36 UTCSwiftFast You too :)
12017-04-12 13:23:07 UTCSwiftFast Hello :)
I see you've created an area with "building=yes" and put a node inside it with "leisure=fitness_centre". Usually you don't need the node inside it. The area itself can be marked with "leisure=fitness_centre" instead.
12017-04-12 13:18:51 UTCSwiftFast Hello. Welcome to OSM :)
Please add both "name=אמפי גולן" and "name:he=אמפי גולן" tags.
22017-04-12 13:19:42 UTCSwiftFast Also, please use "amenity=theatre"
12017-04-10 17:30:10 UTCSwiftFast Hello. A memorial is NOT a place of worship.
22017-04-10 17:31:56 UTCSwiftFast Please use "historic=memorial" instead. And welcome to OSM :)
12016-01-16 00:07:02 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 36418715, 36600208, 36600720, 36602638, 36574125, 36602990, 36577065, 36600869, 36602797, 36599646, 36603043, 36469452, 36599097, 36487719, 36601976, 36601804, 36600628, 36599129, 36602600, 36602805, 36601029, 36599728, 36578919, 36602294, ...
22016-02-28 19:38:10 UTCNakaner It looks like user عقبة بن نافع is not able/willed to discuss mechanical edits in advance. He did a multi-changeset (only very small changesets) mechanical denomination edit over the whole world today.

This is an example: (I currently hav...
32017-02-25 22:55:28 UTCnyuriks This edit changed way 332308716 - religion= christian to "Zuluetismo." -- seems wrong - was that a revert bug?
42017-04-10 07:55:30 UTCSwiftFast Worth noting Druze are not a branch of Islam, Just as Christianity isn't a sub-branch of Judaism.
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