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12017-06-25 15:11:23 UTCSwiftFast What does a "ref" mean for a traffic signal?
22017-06-25 22:45:31 UTCdsh4 On the pole of the stoplight, there is a sign that shows a number and (in most cities) also the names of the cross streets. The ref is that number.
12017-06-23 18:20:36 UTCSwiftFast Hey Alexander, is this a fuel station or a bank? It is named "discount" but it is of time amenity=fuel
22017-06-24 10:21:09 UTCAlexander Markhovsky Hello!
You can go and verify :)))
In Hebrew the bank name is (right-to-left) DISCONT (דיסקונט)without Alef and Waw as "O", the station name is DISCAUNT (דיסקאונט) with Alef and Waw as "U"
32017-06-24 18:47:15 UTCSwiftFast I am saying that you named it "discont", which I know is a bank, but you gave it the type "fuel".
42017-06-24 18:53:31 UTCSwiftFast Oh, I see what you mean. Sorry. So this isn't a bank.

Thanks :)
12017-06-23 11:30:49 UTCSwiftFast Welcome to OSM. It is a common convention for the "name" tag to be in the local language. Which is Hebrew / Arabic in Israel.
22017-06-23 13:21:54 UTCSoMapper Thanks for pointing it out! I will fix it when I have the time!
32017-06-23 18:41:49 UTCSwiftFast You're welcome :)

When in doubt, you can check out Wikiproject Israel:

Or the Wiki in general.

Happy mapping :)
12017-06-23 11:32:07 UTCSwiftFast name:he should be Hebrew only. Your name:he is English for the parking
22017-06-23 13:22:46 UTCSoMapper Will change that when I have the time, thanks for pointing it out!!!
12017-06-18 19:22:49 UTCSwiftFast Hello and welcome to OSM. I see you added the clinic twice. Once as a node, once as a building. This is not a good idea because the clinic now shows in search results twice and renders twice.

I suggest you remove the node and keep the building. Amenities are usually tagged as nodes when the exact...
12017-06-18 19:08:14 UTCSwiftFast KKL should be short_name:he
22017-06-18 19:08:43 UTCSwiftFast More specifically:
short_name:en = kkl
shor_name:he = קק"ל
32017-06-19 08:04:33 UTCSanniu ok, thx, fixed
12017-06-12 07:28:03 UTCSanniu Judeia e Samaria = Judeia e Samaria look like bad tagging
22017-06-16 19:45:18 UTCSwiftFast Agreed
12017-06-16 11:45:30 UTCSwiftFast Map edits are PUBLIC and everyone can see them. Personal points are not allowed. I removed your change.

If you want to mark personal points, use Maps.Me's bookmarks feature. Bookmarks are private and only you can see them.

Reverted in #49588768
12017-06-16 11:41:09 UTCSwiftFast Map edits are PUBLIC and everyone can see them. Personal points are not allowed. I removed your change.

If you want to mark points, use Maps.Me's bookmarks feature. Bookmarks are private and only you can see them.
22017-06-16 11:44:47 UTCSwiftFast Commented on the wrong changeset.
12017-06-15 06:50:27 UTCSwiftFast Total names copies: 9362
Total name to name:en: 2645
Total name:he to name: 1
Total name to name:he: 6092
Total name:ar to name: 92
Total name to name:ar: 532
Total unhandled errors: 337
12017-06-14 05:19:02 UTCSanniu Can you add also name:he tags for new roads?
22017-06-14 08:16:44 UTCFlayer Done
32017-06-14 10:28:23 UTCSanniu Thanks!
42017-06-14 10:56:16 UTCSwiftFast Note that SwiftFast_bot adds name:he automatically. So it's not necessary anymore.
52017-06-14 10:57:04 UTCSwiftFast ...and I guess it's faster to work with one name tag.
12017-06-14 04:43:43 UTCSwiftFast I think the StreetComplete is misbehaving. It is implicit that roads are asphalt, I don't think the tags are needed...
12017-06-13 13:17:10 UTCSwiftFast It's not typical to make a new changeset for every single building added.
12017-06-13 12:55:06 UTCSwiftFast Thanks :)
12017-06-13 10:39:38 UTCSwiftFast Just curious: Why was "Karni Ramon" removed? Duplicate?
22017-06-13 10:40:33 UTCSwiftFast Nevermind. You added it back as a ridge.
12017-06-13 10:25:09 UTCSwiftFast Could someone check the validity of this? User's previous edit is not so good
12017-06-13 10:11:12 UTCSwiftFast There's a tagging error. The river is tagged as a village
12017-06-10 05:13:49 UTCSwiftFast Total names copies: 5479
Total name to name:en: 519
Total name:he to name: 0
Total name to name:he: 4861
Total name:ar to name: 0
Total name to name:ar: 99
Whitespace fixes: 1808
Total unhandled errors: 193
22017-06-13 05:42:36 UTCSwiftFast The bounding box of this change was accidentally cropped from the top. Ashdod and Ashkilon were not edited despite being in the South district.
12017-06-09 19:00:20 UTCSwiftFast "Dead End to the Wall"? Please leave politics and vandalism out of OSM.
22017-06-12 17:44:12 UTCSwiftFast Discussion:
12017-06-12 17:34:34 UTCSwiftFast There's no reason to place name tags on the end and beginning of the river
12017-06-11 16:00:53 UTCSwiftFast I think you should also tag this with amenity=drinking_water
12017-06-10 08:22:18 UTCSwiftFast Hello, are your edits real guest_houses or personal bookmarks? A guesthouse is a place where tourists come and stay, kind of similar to a hotel but on a smaller scale.

If these are your personal favorites, please only save them locally and do not upload to OSM.
12017-06-10 08:21:02 UTCSwiftFast Hello, are your edits real guest_houses or personal bookmarks? A guesthouse is a place where tourists come and stay, kind of similar to a hotel but on a smaller scale.

If these are your personal favorites, please only save them locally and do not upload to OSM.
12017-06-09 19:21:32 UTCSwiftFast Is this an attraction or a personal bookmark?
12017-06-07 17:26:41 UTCSwiftFast If it's foot only, it's shorter to use "highway=footway" instead of "highway=path, foot=no, bicycle=no." :)
22017-06-07 17:27:06 UTCSwiftFast I mean instead of "highway=path, bicycle=no, foot=no"
32017-06-07 17:27:19 UTCSwiftFast I mean instead of "highway=path, bicycle=no, horse=no"
12017-06-06 17:52:41 UTCSwiftFast You changed "name:he" but not "name"
22017-06-06 18:16:01 UTCdvirsolo I live near the street
there are two street names
the first name is "אצ"ל"
and the second is "רמז דוד"
32017-06-06 19:24:44 UTCSwiftFast name and name:he should be identical. If a street has multiple names, you can use alt_name or similar tags:
12017-04-21 12:45:01 UTCMr Massri Regarding message of Peter Barth aka Peda (on behalf of the OSMF Data Working Group):
There is a resolustion not to set a name tag to Jerusalem (but do leave a name:he and name:ar tags).
More information at:
When I've made...
22017-06-02 18:54:54 UTCSwiftFast The name tag may cause trouble in the future even if no one complains now. Why open a closed can of worms? What benefit would adding it bring?
32017-06-06 11:40:21 UTCMr Massri In Israel and the Palestinian territories, we use Hebrew name tag for places controlled by Israel, and Arabic name tag for places controlled by Palestinian Authority.
As Jerusalem is controlled by Israel, we use Hebrew tag for this city. If there will be any future problems, we will solve them.
42017-06-06 13:42:54 UTCSwiftFast Jerusalem is one of the most disputed places ever and not an average capital city, hence the working group resolution.
12017-06-06 09:22:14 UTCSwiftFast Although עספיא is the legal name, I think the mostly used name is עוספיה. Fixed here:

Careful with name tag edits :)
22017-06-06 09:26:11 UTCSwiftFast
32017-06-06 09:27:37 UTCSwiftFast I might have got confused and it's the other way around, regardless, the 3 variations should be searchable. Last change set should do the trick.
12017-06-05 05:12:16 UTCSwiftFast You should use name:en for the English name, and not name:he
12017-06-04 10:27:58 UTCSwiftFast Hello,

It is possible to make perfect 90 degrees (זוויות ישרות) .

In iD, right click a building, then click "square". Or use the "S" keyboard shortcut.
12017-06-04 08:39:31 UTCSwiftFast Welcome to OSM :)

You tube "רכמל" instead of "כרמל". Also, a bridleway is used mainly for horses. Are you sure that's a bridleway? They're uncommon in Israel, I think.
22017-06-04 08:39:43 UTCSwiftFast You typed*
32017-06-04 08:56:24 UTCSwiftFast In a PM, Tamir Rarn explained that bridleways are common. I apologize for my previous comment. Happy mapping :)
42017-06-04 09:37:34 UTCSwiftFast Following a discussion, this was changed to a "path".
12016-12-21 18:55:32 UTCzstadler Hi Eliyak,

This relation had no country-level tags.

It is useful in cleaning up OSM data using Overpass Turbo.

22017-06-04 07:52:21 UTCSwiftFast It is also super useful for automated edits, and generic overpass queries for statistics and so on.
12017-05-12 11:29:23 UTCSwiftFast This edit was not made by a bot. I accidentally used the wrong user. Won't happen again.
22017-05-20 22:58:49 UTCPolarbear Why did you remove the "emergency=no" tag from the hospital?
32017-05-23 07:19:15 UTCSwiftFast Accident. Sorry. Added it back in

Thanks for the catch.
42017-06-02 07:24:43 UTCSwiftFast Actually, this was not an error. Apparently they have an emergency department (and even a helipad which I presume is used in emergencies).
52017-06-02 07:36:21 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
62017-06-02 08:51:25 UTCPolarbear Seems to be fine now.
In general, however, do not "presume". Do not conclude "if there is feature X, there must be feature Y". Reality has exceptions. Check on the ground, and research objects individually.
That's why OSM is quite strict about mechanical edits.
72017-06-02 09:34:20 UTCSwiftFast 1. The link explicitly states it has an emergency department.

2. This is not a mechanical edit. It was accidentally made in SwiftFast_bot
82017-06-02 10:42:20 UTCPolarbear As said, everything fine with this CS.
My last comment was to be generally cautious with mech edits.
Take care, and thanks for the cooperation and discussion.
92017-06-02 12:02:20 UTCSwiftFast Thank you :)

I find automation to be a very powerful drudgery saver, allowing mappers to work on what really matters. I am taking great care to document every step and to always start slow:
12017-06-02 05:40:26 UTCSwiftFast Water tanks are man_made=storage_tank and probably not silo.
12017-06-01 19:35:12 UTCSwiftFast If this is a קופת חולים, it should be amenity=clinic, and not amenity=hospital
12017-06-01 18:29:19 UTCSwiftFast You've put the building tag on a node
12017-06-01 17:24:38 UTCSwiftFast name,name:he mismatch. Missing name tag, multiple name:lang. Could not determine language.

Total modifications: 115
Total name:en to name: 0
Total name to name:en: 28
Total name:ar to name: 0
Total ...
12017-05-30 13:24:06 UTCSwiftFast Why did you flip name:ar and name:en?
22017-06-01 16:47:54 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
12017-06-01 07:13:23 UTCSwiftFast Reported here:


12017-05-30 15:41:28 UTCSwiftFast You added access=private to a sports center. Perhaps you meant access=customers?
22017-06-01 02:17:47 UTCGavriel Well, it's only for the citizens of the village, if someone who doesn't live there comes, he won't be let in.
32017-06-01 04:39:24 UTCSwiftFast Oh, my bad then. You might want to mention that in the description tag.
12017-05-31 09:39:52 UTCSanniu You've vandalized point in Holon, Israel in this changeset. Can you revert this change?
22017-05-31 12:58:51 UTCSwiftFast Reverted in
12017-05-31 06:46:00 UTCSwiftFast You removed 3 POIs. Are these gone?
22017-05-31 07:19:11 UTCusr1 Yes, see notes #996388, #996387, #996386.
12017-05-30 15:43:27 UTCSwiftFast Charging_station is where electric cars charge their batteries, but the operator tag seems to imply a power station. Perhaps you meant power=substation or power=plant?
22017-05-30 15:45:54 UTCSwiftFast Oh, the station already exists:
12017-05-30 13:25:49 UTCSwiftFast You added a tag: name:ar="fuck". Please don't do this again. Reverted in
12017-05-30 13:15:36 UTCSwiftFast Is this vandalism or a legit name?
22017-05-30 17:09:34 UTCSikeMo That one is a bit of a joke as it's a trail on the side of a rock face called the 'white line'. Look for it on YouTube. No sure there is actually any name.
12017-05-30 07:54:15 UTCSwiftFast Is this a parking lot, a campsite, or both?
22017-05-31 23:16:46 UTCYGMZ camp site
חאן למטיילים
12017-05-30 07:50:07 UTCSwiftFast Hello shby, the tag "leisure=park" is not suitable for water tanks. Please use
12017-05-30 07:49:09 UTCSwiftFast Hello shby, the tag "leisure=park" is not suitable for water tanks. Please use
12017-05-29 20:33:28 UTCSwiftFast "ממסוף אורנית" appears to be a bad name. It was undone by Mr Massri in
12017-05-29 20:32:07 UTCSwiftFast See
12017-05-29 20:28:30 UTCSwiftFast That name doesn't seem appropriate
22017-05-29 20:31:53 UTCSwiftFast Removed in
12017-05-29 20:29:47 UTCSwiftFast Hello, you added nodes without any tags in this changeset
12017-05-29 20:29:35 UTCSwiftFast Hello, you added nodes without any tags in this changeset
12017-05-29 20:21:15 UTCSwiftFast You probably meant "amenity=parking". Parking space is for individual parking spots.
12017-05-29 07:19:44 UTCSwiftFast I think access=no or some other conditional restriction is better than deleting the road if temporary closed.
12017-05-27 10:51:12 UTCSwiftFast You named the following way "Shvel Israel" but didn't put it in the relation: , and it seems of course from the trail.
22017-05-27 10:51:28 UTCSwiftFast off course*
32017-05-27 12:09:11 UTCATGardner Thanks for pointing that out. That short section was marked as the INT before, wrongly. I fixed the relation to to include it, and missed removing the name properties.
Fixed now.
42017-05-27 12:10:21 UTCATGardner fixed the relation to not include it
52017-05-27 19:46:40 UTCSwiftFast Thank you :)
12017-05-27 10:42:33 UTCSwiftFast There are two crossing roads with the same name. Is this correct?
12017-05-27 10:39:57 UTCSwiftFast Same question as
12017-05-27 10:39:26 UTCSwiftFast Is this name tag needed here? The other tags convey the full message, and the place might have a real/official name.
22017-05-27 10:43:42 UTCFlayer Name tag just makes it easier. Though if you know the official name - feel free to place it.
12017-05-24 09:21:56 UTCSwiftFast Hi,
you updated "Dor Alon" to "Alon", but as far as I know, the name of the brand is actually "Dor Alon". Did I miss something?

Also, you changed the name from "Dor Alon" to "אלון תל אביב- פלורנטי" - We've discussed brand tagging...
22017-05-24 16:39:13 UTCAlexander Markhovsky I don't know exactly about brand name changing, but now all former "Dor-Alon" gas stations have instead of blue-red Dor-Alon colours white-green colours and only "Alon" name
32017-05-26 12:42:15 UTCSwiftFast Are you talking MAPS.ME icons or am I missing something? The Dor Alon logo seems Green and White on their website.
42017-05-27 11:23:00 UTCAlexander Markhovsky Sorry, really my guilt. Dor Alon has changed colours (and now the name of stations shop is "Alonit"), but keeped "Dor Alon" name of the fuel stations. Already corrected.
In the last version of Maps.Me I've received many places with transliteration from Hebrew instead of translat...
12017-05-25 07:48:44 UTCSwiftFast Hey, I'm not that familiar with 3d tagging, but according to the following Wiki page, all building:parts should be wrapped with a building outline:

This does not appear to be the case e.g. here:
22017-05-25 09:50:37 UTCYnhockey That method would be quite terrible, as it would create conflicts in the building outline. I am reading the page in the same way you are, but maybe they meant something else, because this method wouldn't work properly in any of the common renderers (like OSMBuildings, etc.). What does make sense is ...
32017-05-25 12:15:09 UTCSwiftFast I don't know of any, and I don't know much about this in general.
12017-05-07 05:32:14 UTCSwiftFast You marked two nodes with the same name. Is this a mistake or does "Adi Hakarmil" has two branches?

First node:

Second node:
22017-05-23 20:43:15 UTCSwiftFast Removed node 4769302121 in
12017-05-22 19:36:29 UTCSwiftFast Hi and welcome to OSM :)

Would you mind reviewing these following two roads you added?
- They don't appear in Aerial
- They are strangely straight
- They don't have a common node on their intersection.

Here are the roads:

2. https://www.ope...
22017-05-23 16:49:59 UTCYaronAG Hi there!
yep, the trails do look strange, but were quite definitely there when I walked them, more than once. I'm there about once a week, so I could and will double check.
32017-05-23 18:06:12 UTCSwiftFast Okay. I added an intersection node. Let me know if this is wrong:
12017-05-23 07:06:02 UTCSwiftFast This has no roundabout nor highway tag
22017-05-23 15:08:20 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
32017-05-23 15:11:13 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
12017-05-23 14:53:32 UTCSwiftFast Hi. The name is way too long, and it includes a website. Use the "website" tag for websites.
22017-05-23 15:01:15 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
12017-05-20 23:08:24 UTCPolarbear Why do you remove the oneway tag nationwide?
The wiki says "it is not wrong to add it explicitly", so you are performing a mechanical edit just for your own tagging preferences.
Has the mechanical edit been discussed in the community before, if so, where?
22017-05-23 10:05:31 UTCSwiftFast It was not discussed. I took it for granted that no one would mind this since it's always implicit. Perhaps I shouldn't have. Would you like me to revert it?

32017-05-23 10:27:23 UTCSwiftFast Reverted.
42017-05-23 12:25:58 UTCPolarbear ... in
Thanks a lot.
Keep in mind that mechanical edits often
- cover previous mistakes on some objects
- miss specific exceptions on individual objects
Thanks again.
12017-05-23 07:11:12 UTCSwiftFast Very minor edits other than shelter removal have made it into this changeset. Sorry.
12017-05-20 10:54:51 UTCSwiftFast Given that all other edits weren't good, I wouldn't trust this one as well.
22017-05-23 07:09:00 UTCSwiftFast Removed in
32017-05-23 07:09:17 UTCSwiftFast Sorry. Reverted in
42017-05-23 07:09:45 UTCSwiftFast I MEAN: reverted in,
12017-05-22 19:19:51 UTCSwiftFast This village name can cause confusion, The village known as פקיעין in Hebrew is known as אל בק'יעה in Arabic.
22017-05-22 19:21:16 UTCSwiftFast Also, are you sure it's the proper name? Such duplication is a bit odd.
12017-05-19 16:06:12 UTCSwiftFast Reverted in
12017-05-19 11:49:20 UTCSwiftFast Are you sure that's a castle? Aerial Imagery shows a regular house!
22017-05-19 11:51:04 UTCSwiftFast Reverted in
12017-05-14 16:04:52 UTCSwiftFast Hello and welcome to OSM :)

You tagged "Transtehnika", "David", and "Gantman" as "historic castles", but I think these should be other things. For example, Transtehnika appears to be a hardware-related company.

Could you please review your changes and ta...
22017-05-18 08:00:57 UTCSwiftFast Reverted in
32017-05-18 08:01:44 UTCSwiftFast Discussed in:
12017-05-16 05:26:57 UTCSwiftFast You changed name but not name:he
12017-05-16 05:21:13 UTCSwiftFast Some of your added footways in this changeset cut through buildings. Like this one:
22017-05-16 05:23:39 UTCSwiftFast
12017-05-16 05:18:00 UTCSwiftFast Hello and welcome to OSM,
1. It seems you added a footway on a road (אושה).
2. Do the paths in the park all overlap in the center? If so, they need to have a shared node.
12017-05-15 09:28:52 UTCSwiftFast Note: the source tag is incorrect. Sorry.
12017-05-14 11:06:45 UTCSwiftFast Hello Nativ, You've added a road on top of another road. I removed that in
12017-05-12 11:22:20 UTCSwiftFast Is it a bar or a brewery?
22017-05-14 07:00:53 UTCSwiftFast Further search shows it's kinda both.
12017-05-07 06:05:51 UTCSwiftFast Hey Nativ, the route you added is strangely 90-degreish, and the bing Aerial photos show a slightly different path. Is it the same path?
22017-05-08 04:24:38 UTCnativ the change is the the ride that i did , the maps are not correct since there is fence and i had to go in different way and this is why there is 90 degrees...
i tried to add my gpx file but i didnt succeed
give me your mail and i will send you the gpx recording
32017-05-12 11:30:30 UTCSwiftFast Where is the fence? Perhaps you should tag it with barrier=fence
12017-05-11 16:59:20 UTCSwiftFast I think the building=yes tag should have stayed. A hospital is still a building.
12017-05-08 03:58:21 UTCSwiftFast Hello, please note one shop is named "TIP" while the other is named "TIR". Is this on purpose?
12017-05-07 13:17:08 UTCSwiftFast Note there are two amenities with the same name, is that an accident? Also note: name:he shouldn't be English. Remove name:he if there's no Hebrew name.
12017-05-07 06:20:07 UTCSwiftFast You added a strangely circular footway=crossing:
12017-05-07 05:41:45 UTCSwiftFast is a suspiciously long crossing
22017-05-07 06:10:16 UTCSwiftFast Fixed by @hesher in
12017-04-30 10:47:35 UTCSwiftFast Now crossing are tagged with "highway=path, footway=crossing". Doesn't seem right.
22017-05-02 16:52:12 UTCzstadler I'll look at this later on.
32017-05-02 18:19:53 UTCSwiftFast It appears the convention for crossing is a way with "highway=footway, footway=crossing, cycling=yes", the crossing is terminated by two "highway=crossing" nodes at each side of the street.
42017-05-02 18:23:27 UTCSwiftFast It appears many people don't put the "cycling=yes" part. I wonder if it messes with nav apps.
52017-05-07 05:38:42 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
62017-05-07 05:48:13 UTCSwiftFast My bulk edit wasn't perfect. some *=designated paths shouldn't have been changed.
72017-05-07 05:50:48 UTCSwiftFast Nevermind the last comment. If there's a footway=*, then it should be highway=footway.
82017-05-07 05:59:15 UTCSwiftFast Correction: when there was an already cycling=* tag present, I shouldn't have touched it.
12017-05-06 18:10:47 UTCSwiftFast historic=citywalls appears to be the right tag here.
22017-05-07 05:29:20 UTCSwiftFast Fixed tags in
12017-05-06 17:49:10 UTCSwiftFast Hi. I don't think generic names like "פינת פיקניק" are needed.
22017-05-07 05:29:13 UTCSwiftFast Fixed tags in
12017-05-07 05:29:05 UTCSwiftFast Fixed tags in
12017-05-02 11:04:20 UTCSwiftFast Does the Russian named attraction has a name in Hebrew, Arabic, or English?
22017-05-02 20:12:47 UTCRoman Marushkov I think these are the "ruins of the fortress of the crusaders era". I found them by accident. There was no nameplate with historical information. Сould I send you some photos of the object?
32017-05-06 18:09:40 UTCSwiftFast Perhaps a more suitable tag would be:
42017-05-06 18:10:05 UTCSwiftFast As for photos, you could always use Mapillary or OpenStreetCam to share them with all mappers
12017-05-03 12:37:12 UTCSwiftFast I started with the buildings near the main street. I will gradually outline more buildings. If someone wants to help, contact me to avoid conflicts.
12017-04-26 16:14:30 UTCSwiftFast Welcome to OSM :)
Usually, the name tag is used for actual names. So "ברזיה" is probably not a suitable name. I'd just leave it with "amenity=drinking_water" and no name.

Happy mapping.
22017-05-02 19:45:28 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
12017-04-27 09:17:31 UTCSanniu have strange geometry, can you check?
22017-05-02 11:19:03 UTCSwiftFast Definitely an error in an attempt to mark scrubs/forests via Bing. Fixed in
12017-05-02 11:05:20 UTCSwiftFast There is a mismatch between name and name:he.
12017-04-30 03:53:30 UTCSwiftFast What does "operator=wifi" mean for bus stops?
22017-05-02 11:03:11 UTCSwiftFast Removed in
12017-04-29 09:47:47 UTCSwiftFast Names are usually real names (e.g. what you see on a signpost). "תחילת מסלול" doesn't seem right. What exactly is there here?
22017-05-02 11:01:22 UTCSwiftFast Removed in Feel free to add it back with a more descriptive name
12017-05-02 08:00:54 UTCSwiftFast I thinking crosswalks should be marked with "highway=footway, cycling=yes"
12017-04-29 09:52:24 UTCSwiftFast This park already exists and is named "גן סאקר". I am deleting this are and adding "name:en=Saker Garden" to the old area.
22017-04-29 09:53:40 UTCSwiftFast Done. (name:en already existed). See
12017-04-28 09:00:25 UTCSwiftFast Hello. This is not a Hebrew name, but you added it under "name:he"
12017-04-28 08:59:05 UTCSwiftFast You used name:en for a Hebrew name.
12017-04-26 21:13:16 UTCSwiftFast Selfnote: is it ok to make a multipolygon building like I just did?
12017-04-26 20:54:23 UTCSwiftFast You got the Braude buildings wrong. See my Changeset:
12017-04-26 06:16:58 UTCSwiftFast It appears you removed some fire zones in Israel. Is this an accident?
22017-04-26 06:23:00 UTCSwiftFast My bad. They are still part of a multi-polygon. Sorry.
12017-04-24 17:30:11 UTCSwiftFast I see you removed a "name:he", duplicating "name" and "name:he" is actually encouraged.
12017-04-22 11:35:27 UTCSwiftFast Hello. the name tag is used for real names. To mark a "שרידי חומה", use "historic=ruins".
12017-04-18 17:04:58 UTCSwiftFast Hi. Would you mind explaining the deletion of 226615133. It doesn't seem right, though I'm not sure. Did you remove the forest?
22017-04-18 17:07:27 UTCSwiftFast On further inspection: It appears you removed a big forest (which I know is there by local knowledge) and replaced it with several chunks of smaller forests. Could you explain?
32017-04-18 17:39:16 UTCvalleyofdawn The big forest was very crude. It covers forested and bare land. The smaller ones were hiding beneath it. These were imported from kkl data. It's time now to
complete the missing forest patches individually.
12017-04-16 07:56:44 UTCSwiftFast Your changeset has overlapping buildings.
22017-04-17 09:20:03 UTCSwiftFast My apologies. Appears to be a multi-level building. All good.
12017-04-16 09:44:19 UTCSwiftFast Why is Nof Hakarmel's highway marked "memorial"? Is this an error?
12017-04-14 17:28:11 UTCSwiftFast Typically, a name tag has a single language and transliteration is discouraged.

Use name and name:he for Hebrew.
use name:en for English if an English name exists.
12017-04-13 09:29:59 UTCSwiftFast The changes to Dalia seem very wrong. What's the source of this?
22017-04-13 09:31:07 UTCSwiftFast The road you removed "672" from and marked as "secondary" is in fact kvesh 672 and is "green" which is primary.

The other road you marked as primary is definitely not 672.
32017-04-13 09:44:13 UTCSwiftFast Reference:|UTM2%2bCT3IX5uol2LhsswdA%3d%3d&z=6&b=0&ap=1
42017-04-13 09:49:40 UTCSwiftFast Reverted dalia changes in
52017-04-13 11:47:08 UTCWillRock41 I saw road signs that display these streets as part of the main road
62017-04-13 12:27:45 UTCSwiftFast I believe you confused the two roads. The north-east road (known locally as Okef Dalia) is certainly not part of 672. I'm a local.
72017-04-13 12:31:24 UTCSwiftFast I see you've made a followup changeset:

You marked the north-eastern road as secondary. I think that's OK. (IL Wiki says: [secondary][Exception]: Roads that are more important for routing connections than a normal tertiary road.)

You also marked ...
12017-04-13 06:41:45 UTCSwiftFast Note that "Ram Or" is not a Radiotechnics store. It's a store that sells תאורה.
22017-04-13 06:44:11 UTCSwiftFast Note that "משהדאוי קינג סתור" is named literally that on the title. You renamed it to "משהדאוי קינג"
32017-04-13 06:45:34 UTCSwiftFast
42017-04-13 06:48:12 UTCSwiftFast Fixed in
52017-04-13 06:55:49 UTCSwiftFast Correction: Fixed in
12017-04-12 13:27:17 UTCSwiftFast Hello :)
I see you tagged "זאפה חיפה", we typically duplicate the name both in the "name" tag and "name:he" tag.
12017-04-11 20:05:51 UTCSwiftFast Hello. I see you've created an area with building=yes and put a node inside it with amenity=toilet. Usually you don't need the node inside it. The area itself can be marked with amenity=toilet instead.
22017-04-12 08:13:10 UTCtiberX Thank you for the hint! Next time I'll do it this way right from the beginning
חג שמח!
32017-04-12 13:23:36 UTCSwiftFast You too :)
12017-04-12 13:23:07 UTCSwiftFast Hello :)
I see you've created an area with "building=yes" and put a node inside it with "leisure=fitness_centre". Usually you don't need the node inside it. The area itself can be marked with "leisure=fitness_centre" instead.
12017-04-12 13:18:51 UTCSwiftFast Hello. Welcome to OSM :)
Please add both "name=אמפי גולן" and "name:he=אמפי גולן" tags.
22017-04-12 13:19:42 UTCSwiftFast Also, please use "amenity=theatre"
12017-04-10 17:30:10 UTCSwiftFast Hello. A memorial is NOT a place of worship.
22017-04-10 17:31:56 UTCSwiftFast Please use "historic=memorial" instead. And welcome to OSM :)
12016-01-16 00:07:02 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 36418715, 36600208, 36600720, 36602638, 36574125, 36602990, 36577065, 36600869, 36602797, 36599646, 36603043, 36469452, 36599097, 36487719, 36601976, 36601804, 36600628, 36599129, 36602600, 36602805, 36601029, 36599728, 36578919, 36602294, ...
22016-02-28 19:38:10 UTCNakaner It looks like user عقبة بن نافع is not able/willed to discuss mechanical edits in advance. He did a multi-changeset (only very small changesets) mechanical denomination edit over the whole world today.

This is an example: (I currently hav...
32017-02-25 22:55:28 UTCnyuriks This edit changed way 332308716 - religion= christian to "Zuluetismo." -- seems wrong - was that a revert bug?
42017-04-10 07:55:30 UTCSwiftFast Worth noting Druze are not a branch of Islam, Just as Christianity isn't a sub-branch of Judaism.
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