Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-04-10 22:20:55 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. The "name" tags in Israel should usually be Hebrew.
12017-12-28 13:13:31 UTCألبرشت شونكه The following node ( and 1803001724) seemed not to be updated correctly, since name and name:ar differed. I manually corrected it.
22018-01-06 15:01:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for the report. I'll look into it
32018-03-19 08:31:07 UTCSafwatHalaby I have confirmed there are bugs in certain cases. This includes this, from the latest update:

I will not run further gtfs updates until I fix the issue.
12018-01-12 07:58:55 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems you're randomly moving bus stops. Please don't do that. For instance, you moved a bus stop which says "תבור/הגליל" to a road which is clearly neither tavor nor haGalil. The bus stops have reference tags and you can't just move them around like that.
22018-01-12 09:09:33 UTCdsh4 @Forcej Welcome to openstreetmap! We're glad to have you aboard, but as Safwat said, your first few edits seemed to have a few errors. Don't worry about that --- everyone makes mistakes in the first few edits --- but please do take the time to learn from them. Cheers!
32018-02-28 11:04:56 UTCForcej Hey,
I live in this place, I know every meter in this place, the bus lines are not even there,
But on the side of the pedestrian promenade.
42018-03-01 10:57:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and thank you for your edits.
You moved a stop which has a name "road X" to a road called "road Y". Furthermore, you kept the older "ref" tags. Since you know the place, I suggest the following:
If you are sure a stop does not exist, it is safe to entirely re...
52018-03-01 10:58:15 UTCSafwatHalaby When moving a stop a small distance (e.g. to the other side of the road), the ref and name tag probably don't need changing.
12018-02-22 08:50:06 UTCSafwatHalaby ברוכים הבאים! ניתן לתקשר עם הקהילה הישראלית כאן:
בנוסף מומלץ לעיין בויקי הישראלי כאן:
12018-01-22 17:31:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, please refrain from adding "ad-speech" to openStreetMap. Ads are not allowed here. Only objective descriptions are allowed. The dentist shop you added is OK and was not removed, but your changeset comment is an ad.
22018-01-22 19:23:01 UTCEbraheem Tatour Ok. , What I have to fill instead ?
32018-02-22 08:21:48 UTCSafwatHalaby At this point you don't need to do anything because your shop is on the map. For future edits though: The changeset comment is meant for other mappers. So it should bee something like "Added a dentist shop in al rena".
12018-01-22 17:50:51 UTCSafwatHalaby נא להוסיף רק תקצירים בשדה התקציר, ולא קישורים
22018-01-23 07:11:02 UTCzstadler הי SafwatHalaby,
נכון שלביא שם את הקישור בתגית שגויה. זו בסך הכל טעות קטנה עבור העריכה הראשונה שלו.
מצד שני, התיקון הראוי הוא לשנות את התגית ולא למחוק את הקישור
32018-02-22 08:20:14 UTCSafwatHalaby צודק. טעות שלי.
12018-01-22 17:58:36 UTCSafwatHalaby ברוכים הבאים. אם מדובר בדרך לא עבירה לרכב, מספיק להגדיר highway=footway.
אין צורך להשתמש ב- access=no
וזה גם לא תקין כי המשמעות שלו זה שאין מעבר גם להולכי רגל
12018-01-22 17:48:53 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM! Please square the buildings. Click a building, then click the "square" button.
22018-01-22 17:49:16 UTCSafwatHalaby נא לדאוג לזוויות של 90 מעלות. אפשר ללחוץ על בניין ואז ללחוץ square
12018-01-22 17:44:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM! Please try keeping 90-degree angles. Click on a building, then click the "square" button.
12018-01-22 17:36:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM! It appears you've moved the soccer field in a way clearly incompatible with the aerial imagery. I have undone the change. Perhaps you only meant to move the name "Sportek" from the park on the left to the soccer field on the right?
12018-01-22 17:28:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM. It seems you've uploaded a custom track. Please note OpenStreetMap is a public map and personal bookmarks should not be uploaded.
Your changes were removed.
12018-01-15 10:04:04 UTCzstadler There seems to be a potential of an edit war between two semi-automated edits: The "Automated incremental Bus Stop (GTFS) updates" described in and the copying of "name:ar" to "name" by in Arab speaking areas.
22018-01-15 11:31:35 UTCألبرشت شونكه This is an manual edit by me. You cannot even do automated edits with iD editor.

My manual work is compatible and in accordance with the automatical bus stop update script by SafwatHalabyBot.
32018-01-16 11:42:28 UTCSafwatHalaby When the raw "name" tag has been changed to Arabic as being made here, the bot will synchronize name and name:ar in case of any future updates.

This behavior should be documented. I need to update the bot documentation.
12018-01-12 08:18:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM. Generic names are not allowed. Good name example: "KSP computers". Bad name example: "Computer shop". If you want to tag a garden, use the proper tag rather than a generic name. leisure=garden
12018-01-11 20:33:53 UTCSanniu This can't all be dog park, please fix the name to real one.
22018-01-12 08:15:26 UTCSafwatHalaby The roundabout is now inside the park. Are you sure about this change?
32018-01-17 15:28:50 UTCzstadler Hello TeddyBearItsMe and welcome to OSM!
A few people have asked you for clarification about this your first edit here.
Please open the link below are respond. This edit and your future edits are important. We would like to help you fix the issues you probably did not intend to create.
12018-01-12 08:13:55 UTCSafwatHalaby is a roundabout?
22018-01-13 18:28:22 UTChatul yes
12018-01-10 08:59:50 UTCSafwatHalaby שלום וברוכים הבאים. תודה על העריכות. ניתן לעשות זוויות שהם בדיוק 90 מעלות בבניינים על ידי לחיצה על בניין ואחר כך על "Square".
12018-01-10 08:58:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM. You've requested a review. The changes look good to me.
שלום וברוכים הבאים. ביקשת בדיקה. השינויים נראים לי בסדר גמור. תודה על העריכה!
12018-01-10 08:51:31 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM!
Please note the name tag should only include proper names. "Shufersal" is a good name tag. "House" is not a good name tag. If you don't know the name of a feature, or if it doesn't have a name, it is best to keep it empty.
22018-01-10 08:51:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, you've named a forest "mogly and bar's forest". That doesn't sound like a public name.
12017-03-27 09:07:56 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. What is it?
22018-01-10 08:48:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Deleted due to lack of response
12018-01-10 08:41:28 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Bassam. Openstreetmap does not allow ads or SEO descriptions. Please use a completely objective description. Only describe what's on the ground and/or what can be ordered there.
22018-01-10 08:42:07 UTCSafwatHalaby An objective description would be "Mineral producing factory".
32018-01-10 08:42:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Or maybe: "Body care mineral producing factory"
42018-01-10 10:01:05 UTCBassam Almohor Thanx Safwat, i just copied from their website. cheers bro.
12018-01-09 14:29:22 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM and thank you for your edits at Belinson. Feel free to contact the Israeli community here:
Israel-specific guidelines can be found at the Wiki page:
12018-01-07 23:40:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Why was the Wiki tag removed?
22018-01-15 08:24:17 UTCПавел Гетманцев При наличии тега ‘wikidata’, наличие десятков тегов ‘wikipedia:<lang>’ не имеет смысла.
32018-01-23 08:37:52 UTCzstadler The wikipedia tags are not forbidden or replaced by the wikimedia tag.
12018-01-07 23:34:34 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, you've changed a neutral name into a slightly disputed name without discussing with the local community.
12018-01-07 23:31:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. You've changed major relations without discussing with the local community. This should have been discussed first.
22018-01-23 09:55:29 UTCzstadler Specifically, what is the justification for
- Changing the role of Ramalla in the West Bank relation from "admin_center" to "label"
- Changing the role of Jerusalem in the Israel relation from "admin_center" to "proclaimed_capital"
32018-01-29 16:32:31 UTCzstadler Hello Павел Гетманцев,
Tomorrow will be a week since I've sent you a message. It is already more than 3 weeks since the first message about this changeset.
I'm planning to revert the changes related to Ramalla and Jerusalem tomorrow unless I hear from you.
42018-02-01 07:31:41 UTCzstadler Reverted
12018-01-07 23:27:23 UTCSafwatHalaby You changed "Rima" to "Prima" in English, but the name is still "rima" in other languages. Which one is correct?
22018-01-16 17:01:44 UTCBenoitMenez In my opinion there should only be English and hebrew. The hotel does not advertise in other languages. i can confirm that the English name starts with a P, so in other languages it also should.
12018-01-06 14:50:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. You shouldn't upload personal data to OpenStreetMap. This is a public map. Removed in
12018-01-06 14:46:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Please do not used shortened urls
12018-01-06 14:25:25 UTCSafwatHalaby This is an undiscussed edit that isn't factually correct. Could you explain the reason behind it? Prior to your edit, there were two POIs here, one Jewish, and one Muslim.
22018-01-06 14:34:32 UTCSafwatHalaby I've reverted to the way it was before. Allow me to explain further.
Muslim structures:
Dome of the rock -
Dome of the chain -
Jewish structures (believed to be buried beneath):
1. https://www.openstreetm...
32018-01-06 14:43:11 UTCSafwatHalaby See also:
12018-01-06 14:40:57 UTCSafwatHalaby I've done this because people keep complaining, and occasionally editing these, apparently because they're seeing the Jewish structure rendering but not the muslim one or vice versa.
Moving things a bit south should prevent this overlap.
Since the Jewish temple is buried underground and its ...
22018-01-06 14:42:55 UTCSafwatHalaby References:
12018-01-06 14:21:53 UTCSafwatHalaby Please do not ads into OSM. removed.
12018-01-06 14:18:29 UTCSafwatHalaby כן. דואלי זה גפן. תיקנתי.
12018-01-06 14:16:47 UTCSafwatHalaby נא לשים לב שהשם זה השם בלבד. הסברים כאלה צריכים להיות ב- description
12017-11-28 10:10:27 UTCSafwatHalaby You requested a review. There are two problems here:

1. You duplicated the bike store and there are two stores with the same name on top of each other.
2. You did not mark it as a bike store. Mark the shop, click the "Address" icon, then search for "Bicycle Shop"
22018-01-06 14:08:24 UTCSafwatHalaby I have removed your addition since there hasn't been a reply for a month.
32018-01-06 14:11:43 UTCSafwatHalaby Feel free to re-add the shop properly. Please use the right tags and keep in mind OSM is not an ad venue. Add a completely objective description.
42018-01-07 16:31:26 UTCSpin Cycle sorry I had problems login into my account, I will fix these errors right now.
12018-01-06 14:06:37 UTCSafwatHalaby This is not a bakery. Removed. Please consider making a proper bus route.
12018-01-06 13:53:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-05 19:53:57 UTCSafwatHalaby שלום. נא להשתמש בתיוגים הנכונים. תצפית זו לא מאפיה
12018-01-05 19:51:31 UTCSafwatHalaby נא לא להציב אזהרות כ"name"
שם זה בדיוק שם בלבד.

למישהו יש הצעה טובה יותר לתיוג זה?
22018-01-07 09:12:54 UTCדוד-צבי מצטרף. זה הטוב ביותר שמצאתי, אבל לא האולטימטבי...
12017-12-01 09:13:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Empty ways
22017-12-01 09:15:10 UTCSafwatHalaby תודה על העריכות. יש שלושה דרכים ללא תיוגים ליד הכיכר. אפשר למחוק?
32017-12-01 09:20:01 UTCSafwatHalaby אם הרחוב קיים אך חסום, עדיף לתייג את החסימה במקום למחוק את הרחוב.
סימנתי את החניון ואת המחסום פחות או יותר לפי התיאור שלך. אשמח אם תתקן ותדייק במיקום. האם הרחוב החסו...
42017-12-01 09:25:23 UTCSafwatHalaby דיון מקורי:
12017-11-29 13:17:17 UTCSafwatHalaby שלום. תיקנתי על סמך התיאור שלך. אשמח אם תוודא שהבנתי נכון.
שאלה חשובה: בצילומי הלווין אני רואה שלמעשה יש 4 מקטעים המחוברים לכיכר. בנוסף לשלושה שהזכרת, יש יציאה מזרחה ...
22017-11-29 13:18:35 UTCSafwatHalaby צילומי אוויר*
32017-12-01 09:24:51 UTCSafwatHalaby המשך דיון:
12017-11-28 10:27:36 UTCSafwatHalaby You've mass-modified " into ״.
Is this really necessary? You're creating differences between OSM and MOT gtfs, and I see no reason to do this.
22017-11-28 12:30:36 UTCYaronS In that case I'll try and contact MOT and see what we can do and then we'll pull the changes from there.
32017-11-28 14:39:52 UTCYaronS Both visually (It looks better with most fonts) and technically (Geresh and Gershayim does not break sentence or string).

BTW in some cases apostrophe is used twice instead of Gershayim which is wrong in too many levels :)
42017-11-28 14:49:48 UTCSafwatHalaby I see. I've sent you the proper contact address in a private message. Please note that the automatic bus stop update bot respects OSM user changes and will not override your edits, even if MOT refuse to change their database. So it is technically OK to create differences.
52017-11-28 14:51:51 UTCYaronS If you think that it will be better to revert the Gershayim changes I'm cool with that, I'll pay closer attention from now on and I won't make these changes up until MOT will change it, thanks!
62017-11-28 14:55:21 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't mind it. I am saying that you don't have to revert, and that the bot tolerates such changes.
72017-11-28 14:56:18 UTCYaronS Cool, I've sent you a private message.
82017-11-28 15:01:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Take a look at, your changes will appear as conflicts at the next map update
92017-11-29 10:11:26 UTCSanniu have no tags, can you add appropriate tags there?
102017-12-01 09:11:36 UTCSafwatHalaby teritary_link has been added. The proper tag is highway=residential
12017-11-29 10:03:48 UTCSanniu - it's a strange track, can you check?
22017-11-29 13:02:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you. fixed in
12017-11-22 20:26:13 UTCSafwatHalaby This is an undiscussed mechanical edit, isn't it?
22017-11-22 21:30:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Polarbear mentioned the dangers of mechanical edits in your other changesets. This is an obvious manifestation of these dangers:
Not every Jewish place of worship is a synagogue. "yeshevot" are places of worship but are not synagogues. Example:
32017-11-22 21:36:48 UTCSafwatHalaby More Wiki info:
Even the Western wall ( has been changed into a synagogue:
42017-11-29 08:23:28 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in:
12017-11-16 06:21:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Udi, is there a parking lot here?
22017-11-29 08:09:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Ping. Aerial imagery shows a parking lot. Do you think it is gone?
32017-11-29 16:07:47 UTCUdi Gone.
12017-11-29 07:53:38 UTCSafwatHalaby Please don't add nonsense to the map.
الرجاء عدم اضافة اشياء غير منطقية الى الخارطة. ما القصد ب"بالوع"؟
22017-11-29 07:59:48 UTCSafwatHalaby I've reverted the changes. Perhaps you trying to add a new name to the village?
Revert changeset:
12017-11-29 07:42:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi,
I've noticed you often make extremely small positional adjustments to highway nodes.
Are you making perfect alignments to aerial imagery? I don't think aerial imagery is that accurate anyways. There are distortions, and depending whether people use Bing, Mapbox, Mapi, etc, there will be min...
12017-11-28 10:12:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Way does not seem like a sidewalk
22017-11-28 10:56:21 UTCSafwatHalaby You've fixed this in, thank you!
12017-11-28 10:45:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Alpine huts in the west bank. Cool.
22017-11-28 10:46:09 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-11-28 10:25:10 UTCSafwatHalaby Is this really necessary? It creates needless differences between us and the ministry of transportation bus stop database.
22017-11-28 12:31:33 UTCYaronS I'll try to talk to them and see if there's a chance to change it in the source.
12017-11-28 10:16:59 UTCSafwatHalaby The name tag is used for the literal name. What you've added is actually a description, not a name.
12017-11-28 10:16:22 UTCSafwatHalaby You added a similarly named POI twice. Is this on purpose? First one:
second one:
12017-11-28 09:59:19 UTCSafwatHalaby This is poorly done indoor mapping. Among other things, you've removed the building tag and marked the entire structure as an elevator. Your changes were reverted.
22017-11-28 09:59:56 UTCSafwatHalaby See
12017-11-28 09:55:29 UTCSafwatHalaby ההערה לא ברורה. מחקתי.
12017-11-16 07:02:48 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems you have stripped all tags from the Macdonalds branch:
Is this an error?
22017-11-16 07:08:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, you added a bus stop which does not exist in the Israel GTFS database. Interestingly, you also added a "gtfs:id". Could you explain what that stop is, and where did the "gtfs:id" come from?
32017-11-23 11:18:02 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry, my mistake.
It appears the user has simply re-added a stop which was removed by the last incremental update, preserving its original gtfs:id. I have removed the gtfs:id, since this stop is not in GTFS anymore.
12017-11-22 21:18:39 UTCSafwatHalaby מדובר על גוף מים משמעותי?
22017-11-22 21:22:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Please consider water=pond, intermittent=yes, description="שלולית חורף"
32017-11-22 21:22:31 UTCSafwatHalaby נא לשקול לשנות לתאגים הנ"ל. השם לא צריך לכלול תיאור אלא שם אמיתי אם קיים.
12017-11-22 21:17:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Could you explain why you deleted many of the Mcdonald's tags?
12017-11-22 20:50:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Again, this is redundant. highway=path implies these tags
12017-11-22 20:49:31 UTCSafwatHalaby That was uncessary. highway=path implies foot=yes, bicycle=yes, motor_vehicle=no.
12017-11-22 20:48:37 UTCSafwatHalaby What is "house 4"?
12017-11-17 13:28:38 UTCma-rt-in Hallo,

wie kommst du dieser pauschalen Änderung?
22017-11-17 15:39:26 UTCgeozeisig amenity=chapel ist nicht richtig es muss building=chapel + amenity=place_of_worship heißen.
32017-11-17 17:10:21 UTCvillage hm, du hast aber z.B. eine Grotte zu einem Gebäude gemacht und hier: einen node als Punkt in einem Gebäude auch als Gebäude getaggt.
Das sieht mir doch etwas zu mechanisch aus.
42017-11-17 17:12:35 UTCvillage Wenn man schon Orte bearbeitet, die man gar nicht kennt, ist es bei 42 Nodes wohl nicht zu viel verlangt, da mal hinzuschauen - noch ein building node in building:
52017-11-17 17:14:16 UTCvoschix ... and looks more like histroric=wayside_shrin
62017-11-17 17:43:15 UTCPolarbear Und ich hatte am Vorabend grade noch auf genau dieses Problem bei mechanischen Edits hingewiesen:
Und neu ist das Verhalten, ohne Ortskenntnis Formalien korrigieren zu wollen, auch nicht:
72017-11-18 10:28:17 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53896411 where the changeset comment is: revert mechanical edits by geozeisig
82017-11-18 10:30:42 UTCwoodpeck Ich revertiere jetzt die mechanischen Edits der vergangenen Wochen. Geozeisig, jeder andere würde bei derart dickköpfigen Regelverstößen - ist ja bei Dir nicht das erste Mal, siehe vom Februar 2015 - eine längere Sperre kassi...
92017-11-22 20:36:31 UTCSafwatHalaby User has done similar, yet unreverted edits for Synagouges. e.g.
12017-11-18 10:28:19 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 53178832, 53178936, 53178991, 53179071, 53179219, 53253701, 53253773, 53254287, 53295049, 53865494, 53865594.
22017-11-22 20:34:38 UTCSafwatHalaby self-reminder: todo 53866108
12017-11-22 20:20:07 UTCSafwatHalaby There are several issues here:
Name with two languages:
Name with two languages:
name:ar / name mismatch:
Typing error:
22017-12-05 01:43:10 UTCألبرشت شونكه Thanks for your work, I now implemented corrections.
12017-11-16 12:22:37 UTCSafwatHalaby There are several ways to do this. I am not entirely sure which one is best, or if there's even an agreement on which one is best. See:
Option 1: name=Garden..., alt_name=wasfi....
Option 2: name=Garden..., official_name=wasfi.... (undocumented fo...
22017-11-16 12:22:59 UTCSafwatHalaby I would personally keep the "name" as the most commonly used name, regardless.
32017-11-17 16:03:43 UTCJBaum Thanks! I changed in accordingly! See this changeset:
42017-11-22 20:07:21 UTCSafwatHalaby You probably mean this:
Looks good!
12017-11-04 22:27:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM, thank you for your edits.
You've made 3 edits that don't make much sense. Since you didn't reply to my question, I reverted them.
In the first edit, you surrounded Arad with a circular powerline. In the second one, you moved a road very sharply in a way that is not ali...
22017-11-04 22:27:38 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted here:
32017-11-22 13:07:31 UTCSafwatHalaby Fourth edit reverted here:
42017-11-22 13:08:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Please avoid making further similar edits before explaining what you are trying to do. Otherwise I will revert your changes.
12017-11-22 13:07:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted. Please discuss here:
12017-10-28 09:05:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM. Are you sure there's a circular power line? It doesn't look right
22017-11-22 13:07:02 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted. Please discuss here:
12017-11-22 13:06:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted. Please discuss here:
12017-11-22 12:56:09 UTCSafwatHalaby Please do not add tests to the public map
12017-10-24 21:51:45 UTCSafwatHalaby How come it's a cycleway with no cycle access allowed??
22017-11-21 14:32:02 UTCMoovit Team What do you mean, which cycle-way?
32017-11-21 16:09:50 UTCSafwatHalaby Please note that ways affected by this changeset are listed just below this discussion. You can click them to see the latest version, or you can copy the way id to in order to see its history. As you can see (e.g. here:
42017-11-21 16:18:53 UTCSafwatHalaby Also note most of my comments are a month old, many were fixed already...
12017-11-21 16:16:43 UTCSafwatHalaby Let's look at highway=path means people, bicycles, and horses are allowed. foot=no overrides people. So, the final result is that only bicycles and horses are allowed. Is this intentional?
12017-11-01 16:55:44 UTCSafwatHalaby This is totally redundant tagging and is not the first time you do it. why?
22017-11-21 13:09:53 UTCMoovit Team I'm not sure I fully understand. can you please clarify?
32017-11-21 13:22:54 UTCSafwatHalaby As with other changeset comments, I was probably talking about access=no combines with foot=yes. It seems I've fixed this one since then.
42017-11-21 14:30:53 UTCMoovit Team Ok, Thanks.
12017-11-08 17:51:22 UTCSafwatHalaby These access tags make no sense.
22017-11-21 13:04:14 UTCMoovit Team Hi,

I've added the walk permission after the bridge was fixed.
32017-11-21 13:20:39 UTCSafwatHalaby access=no - No one is allowed.
bicycle=yes - bicycles are allowed
foot =yes - people are allowed.
Suggested tagging:
bridge=yes, highway=path
42017-11-21 13:21:43 UTCSafwatHalaby Please see: "The access=no tag indicates that the road is not to be used by the general public"
12017-11-07 17:06:46 UTCSafwatHalaby Those access paths seem confusing. Could you explain the access status of this footway, so that perhaps we can settle on better tags?
22017-11-16 06:49:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed access tags in due to lack of response
32017-11-21 12:25:01 UTCMoovit Team Hi,
I'm not sure I fully understand, can you please tell me about which tag are we talking?
42017-11-21 13:04:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, I am talking about redundant access=*, foot=*, etc, in many of your changes. Please see this visual history viewer for clarity:
52017-11-21 13:16:53 UTCSafwatHalaby ...Or, if an osm link is better, see this way:
Since it seems you intended to mark it as "for pedestrians and bicycles", I changed it to highway=path, rather than the previous multi-permission tags. Can you confirm this is OK?
12017-11-16 20:58:56 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems you chose not to respond to the questions even after the soft block, and you continue to add weird footway permissions. Please communicate and discuss your edits before editing any further footway or path permissions.
22017-11-19 13:40:25 UTCMoovit Team hi, this pathway was added after several users, who live in the area, complained this pathway was missing from our trip plan.
32017-11-20 21:07:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Moovit Team and thank you for replying. I believe you've added redundant permission tags throughout the years. The problem is not the addition of a pathway, it's the access tags. For instance,, it has access=no, foot=yes, highway=path.
If it's only...
42017-11-21 12:07:41 UTCMoovit Team Hi,

Thank you for your help.
Can you please tell me if you change them to highway=footway will the permission be for pedestrians only?
If so you can change is as you said.
52017-11-21 13:06:32 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. highway=footway is for people only, highway=path is for people, bikes, and sometimes horses.

access=no means no one can access it.
62017-11-21 13:12:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Just to be clear: It appears you often use access=no, foot=yes, highway=path. These are confusing because access=no contradicts foot=yes. Although the Wiki may have some rules for such tagging, it is much simpler to use highway=footway.
12017-11-07 17:05:53 UTCSafwatHalaby Those access paths seem confusing. Is it a foot-only way?
22017-11-16 06:50:21 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed access tags in due to lack of response
32017-11-21 12:20:58 UTCMoovit Team Hi,

In order for me to check it. can you please tell me what is the exact name/ location of this path?
42017-11-21 13:08:22 UTCSafwatHalaby As in the other cases, I'm talking about replacing highway=path + many permissions with simply highway=footway.
Exact object:
52017-11-21 13:09:25 UTCSafwatHalaby If an OSM link is more convenient: If an OSM link is more conve
62017-11-21 13:10:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry. Last comment got mangled. Repeat: If an OSM link is more convenient:
72017-11-21 13:10:27 UTCSafwatHalaby
12017-10-27 17:06:13 UTCdsh4 Hi zstadler,

You changed the tagging of from highway=track to highway=unclassified. Could I double-check that that's correct? It would be unusual for a road inside a forest to be "unclassified".

22017-10-27 19:51:00 UTCzstadler I have not been there personally, I just adjusted the highway tag to match the description (name) and the surface tag.
The non-name you deleted was "Paved road..." and the surface tag is "paved". Therefore, it is not a track.
It is not unusual to have sections paved roads...
32017-10-27 20:21:34 UTCdsh4 Thanks for the reply.

Considering , I think this road is not an "unclassified" road: it is not interconnecting, it is not used for local traffic.

Since says that highway...
42017-10-27 21:02:22 UTCzstadler Please refer to the Israel wiki page for the highway tag classification
52017-10-28 07:48:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Perhaps the IL wiki is conflicting with the global guidelines in this regard; we're using track exclusively for unpaved.
62017-10-28 12:35:50 UTCdsh4 Let's discuss this further on the forum:
72017-11-21 08:33:04 UTCSafwatHalaby ...dedicated thread here:
12017-11-18 11:27:56 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
22017-11-18 11:28:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Editor seems to be adding personal "orders" or something like that.
32017-11-18 11:29:32 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-11-05 13:27:16 UTCzstadler Hi,

In this edit you have created several issue by moving nodes belonging to ways in the Weizzman Institute.

For example, was distorted because was moved.
22017-11-07 07:54:55 UTCSafwatHalaby Moovit Team seem to never respond to changeset comments. Are they a single person or a generic account?
32017-11-07 07:57:51 UTCSafwatHalaby For the record:
42017-11-07 08:01:30 UTCSafwatHalaby I've sent them a PM, in case that catches their attention.
52017-11-07 13:25:42 UTCzstadler I've sent the following e-mail to the OSM Data Working Group:
Hello DWG members,
Over the last 3 years 13 changesets created by Moovit Team have been discussed with a total of 16 comments regarding potential mapping errors. The Moovit Team did not respond to any of them.
We would appreci...
62017-11-08 17:48:55 UTCSafwatHalaby The DWG have soft-blocked Moovit Team, until they read this message:
72017-11-08 17:52:10 UTCSafwatHalaby I suspect they've already introduced many weird access tags that were uncaught by our QA.
82017-11-16 15:12:54 UTCSomeoneElse @Safwat The change at suggests that "Moovit Team" might actually be reacting to comments, even if they're not replying in changeset discussions.
Best Regards,
92017-11-16 20:56:25 UTCSafwatHalaby No, that's a generic description I've seen earlier too. And the post-block permissions still look weird and out of place with the normal way we tag footways or paths. The soft block had no effect whatsoever on behavior or communication as of now.
102017-11-16 20:57:14 UTCSafwatHalaby For instance, this is totally confusing: , why not just use highway=footway?
112017-11-16 20:59:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Specifically, this way was edited after the block:
122017-11-16 21:06:33 UTCSafwatHalaby I sent the following "support request" from their site, in case they're somehow missing this:
Hello, your OpenStreetMap editing account, "Moovit Team", is not behaving according to community standards. Since 2014, several users asked questions about many different edits, and ...
132017-11-19 11:55:12 UTCMoovit Team Thank you for your comments.
Up until now, we did not received updates regarding discussion about our edits.
In the following days we will check your comments and reply accordingly.

Thanks for your understanding,
Moovit Team.
142017-11-21 12:19:11 UTCMoovit Team Hi Zeev,

Thank you for the detailed comments.

In this changes set i tried to change the name of the street and verify that the permissions are correct.
If i make change in the graphic line you are more than welcome to reverse my changes.

Sorry if the change I made caused you problems.
152017-11-21 13:22:02 UTCzstadler Hello Moovit Team,
Thank you for responding to the comments.
If I understand you correctly, you have modified the geometry of ways and location of nodes when you wanted just to change their tags.
IMO, it is an unreasonable conduct for a mapper with more than 1000 edits.
12017-11-16 20:50:33 UTCSafwatHalaby It looks like a building in Aaerial. Maybe building=retail?
22017-11-16 20:52:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry - seems you fixed this in later edits. Thanks!
12017-11-16 12:42:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Possible tags: If it's a building with mainly shops:
If it's a mall:
If it's a mixture of offices and shops:
If it's...
22017-11-16 12:43:10 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry, second last URL is:
12017-11-16 11:00:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Duplicates only remaining in Tel Aviv and Ber Sheva. Followups soon.
22017-11-16 11:01:08 UTCSafwatHalaby overpass query used:

area(3601473946); // Israel
area(3601803010); // Judea and Samaria
12017-11-16 09:03:41 UTCSafwatHalaby The roundabout is disconnected from the grid
12017-11-16 07:01:44 UTCSafwatHalaby الرجاء عدم اضافة دعايات الى الخارطة. لقد قمت بحذف الدكانة. بامكانك اضافتها مجددا مع وصف موضوعي.

Please do not add advertisements to the map. I deleted your addition. Feel free to add it with objective tags.
12017-11-16 06:58:56 UTCSafwatHalaby
12017-11-12 01:38:23 UTCzstadler Hi Safwat, has no tags.
Please tag it or delete it
22017-11-16 06:57:45 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks! Deleted in
12017-11-11 14:52:04 UTCSafwatHalaby Well done, but it looks like you added footways inside water
22017-11-11 15:25:11 UTCSimon-v Thank you for the warning. I have corrected some of the problems (as well as a few errors done due to being momentarily distracted) in I would be grateful if you pointed to any other issues i may have created.
32017-11-16 06:56:22 UTCSafwatHalaby Looks good to me now. I see no other issues. Thanks!
Just a minor note, if a building is perfectly square, you can square it by clicking it in then clicking the "square" button. This can be done for the museum.
12017-11-08 05:15:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, if I'm understanding this correctly, it seems your copied alt_name:fi to name:fi in Palestine relation (1703814). This removed the word "Palestine" from name:fi, and replaced it with (Israeli Arab Territories?).
First, this is factually wrong, Israeli Arabs actually reside within I...
22017-11-16 06:45:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Partially reverted due to lack of response:
12017-07-16 11:43:48 UTCSafwatHalaby I've been cleaning up the area. I'm not very knowledgeable on this subject, but could you explain the "ההיכל" and "שער האולם" and "בית קדשי הקדושים"? I don't see them here:
22017-07-17 11:29:58 UTCדוד-צבי These are places where holy places stood for Judaism. You can find the details in the Bible
32017-07-17 11:43:06 UTCדוד-צבי There were two temples there: from 830 BCE until 420 BC (the First Temple, the Book of Melakhim), and from the year 350 BCE until 70 CE (the Second Temple, the Book of Ezra).
42017-07-18 08:12:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks.
52017-11-13 07:23:01 UTCzstadler Hi דוד-צבי,
Are there any remains "ההיכל", "שער האולם" and "בית קדשי הקדושים" in existence?
As says:
"For features which no longer exist see
62017-11-13 07:43:27 UTCSafwatHalaby It is likely that there are remains below the dome.
I don't think there are visible remains.
72017-11-15 15:37:08 UTCדוד-צבי Of course, there are many remains under the upper plaza
82017-11-15 15:53:31 UTCדוד-צבי This is the holiest place for Judaism. On the other hand, Islam is of third importance, and there is great controversy in Islam whether this is indeed the place (the Koran is mentioned "Praise be to the one who drove his slave with the night of the Al-Haram Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Everyth...
12017-11-12 20:03:15 UTCSafwatHalaby ddx_del: 1
ddx_nothing: 0
dxd_create: 5
dxx_update: 0
xdd_nothing: 0
xdx_delete: 16
xxd_create: 2
xxd_nothing: 2
xxx_update: 27536
update: 27536
update_touched: 0
update_not_touched: 27536
update_distanceTooFar_skipped: 0
update_distanceTooFar_ignored: 0
create: 7
del: 17
nothing: 2\...
22017-11-12 20:03:53 UTCSafwatHalaby All consequent automatic GTFS updates will be performed from SafwatHalaby_Bots.
32017-11-12 20:04:02 UTCSafwatHalaby SafwatHalaby_Bot
12017-11-10 19:35:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi MattKaza,
You have merged 12 stops that have different refs, and you seperated the refs with a ";", so now we have 6 stops with two refs each. I am not sure this is correct tagging, and it's also absolutely confusing for the bus import bot. Could you unsplit these stops back into separ...
22017-11-11 12:57:51 UTCMattKaza On one hand I do agree with what you're saying, but on the other hand this change was made because the merged bus stations are duplicates/ancient remains and infact they do not exist, and some bus databases allocate some lines to one stop and some lines to another, causing confusion and sending peop...
32017-11-11 13:36:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Matt, the bot is very tolerant of most edits in general, but it cannot cope with refs that have ";".
I think there's only a single database that all apps draw from: the MOT gtfs.
I would suggest the following:
- Do not keep refs that do not exist. If a stop does not exist, comp...
42017-11-11 13:41:02 UTCSafwatHalaby In other words: simply map what's on the ground exactly, without any ref hacks, and the bot will know how that is different from the GTFS, and we will report the differences. If something is not there, don't map it / delete it. If something is there, map it.
52017-11-12 19:46:15 UTCSafwatHalaby I reverted all your stop changes here:
Please delete the bad stops when you have the time. This revert should make it easier for both of us, because it decouples the tags, allowing easier deletions on your side and allowing the bot to run on my si...
62017-11-12 19:49:56 UTCSafwatHalaby It may be easier for you to see the stops here: (You can then click a stop, click "osm" on the right, and then edit or delete it).
12017-11-10 06:22:39 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi,
The stops are auto-managed by a bot.
it's hard to make the bot decide whether the stops "name" tag should be Arabic or Hebrew.
But I've updated it such that if you change a stop name to Arabic, the bot will from now on consider it an Arabic stop and will always put Arabic in ...
22017-11-10 06:24:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, I wonder if Israeli Arabs prefer Arabic numerals or regular numerals... No idea. The GTFS data is regular numerals, but if you edit the stops the bot does not revert your edits.
32017-11-11 17:33:19 UTCألبرشت شونكه Israeli Arabs use both Eastern and Western Arabic numerals.

It is okay, if you change them back to Western Arabic numerals, if it is easier to read and manage data for you and others.
42017-11-11 17:33:58 UTCألبرشت شونكه Anyway, thank you for your work and your information.
52017-11-11 18:03:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you!
12017-11-11 16:16:10 UTCSafwatHalaby You've moved the bus stop 25 meters. Is this based on some measurement or is it just to nicely fit the current road? Presumably, the MOT gtfs is usually accurate, and so I don't think randomly moving stops is a good idea.
22017-11-11 16:18:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry. My bad. Apparently you've actually moved it to the other side of the road and not just randomly shifted it.
12017-11-11 14:43:39 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, there are now two buildings tagged as 53. (The second one is on the right). Perhaps this is an error?
22017-11-23 14:09:24 UTCgleighton 57 should be 55
55 should be 53
53 should be 51
51 should be 49

I'll try to check the next building over the next few days
12017-11-10 09:00:25 UTCsivan00 No. One exists and the other was a duplicate.
22017-11-10 09:02:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Next time please delete the one that does not have "ref" and no "source=israel_gtfs". You can also freely move the remaining one.
Thank you for the feedback.
32017-11-10 09:06:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Or more simply: The bot marks suspect duplicates with fixmes. Those are the ones to be removed.
12017-11-10 08:05:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi sivan00, you've deleted two stops that are present in the Ministry of Transportation GTFS. Can you confirm you're *sure* they are not there?

DESYNC: 40372 Stop exists in GTFS but deleted by user.

DESYNC: 40817 Stop exists in GTFS but deleted by...
22017-11-10 08:08:30 UTCSafwatHalaby The deletion of is likely a mistake, and the duplicate should have been deleted instead. Would you mind if I fix this?
I still need your feedback regarding node 5210716220
32017-11-10 08:10:57 UTCSafwatHalaby For your convenience, node 5210716220 was located here, west side of the roundabout,
42017-11-10 08:50:32 UTCsivan00 Those bus stops do not exist.
52017-11-10 08:53:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks. You removed 5210716045 but did not remove a stop a few meters away, 3816569070. Does only one of them exist, or neither?
62017-11-10 08:57:35 UTCSafwatHalaby In other words, should I remove the two stops that are in this changeset?:
12017-11-10 08:51:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi monya, you've moved a bus stop slightly. Can you confirm this new location is more accurate? The older position was from the Ministry of Transportation GTFS files.
12017-11-09 20:03:38 UTCSafwatHalaby ddx_del: 0
ddx_nothing: 0
dxd_create: 10
dxx_update: 0
xdd_nothing: 0
xdx_delete: 0
xxd_create: 0
xxd_nothing: 0
xxx_update: 27546
update: 27546
update_touched: 31
update_not_touched: 27515
update_distanceTooFar_skipped: 0
update_distanceTooFar_ignored: 0
create: 10
del: 0
nothing: 0...
12017-11-09 17:27:09 UTCSafwatHalaby What is "the swing", exactly?
22017-11-10 06:46:06 UTCWadisTrail A seeng in Nature. You can see its picture here:
12017-11-08 20:45:19 UTCSafwatHalaby_bot ddx_del: 0
ddx_nothing: 0
dxd_create: 31
dxx_update: 0
xdd_nothing: 0
xdx_delete: 1
xxd_create: 4
xxd_nothing: 0
xxx_update: 27511
update: 27511
update_touched: 2
update_not_touched: 27509
update_distanceTooFar_skipped: 0
update_distanceTooFar_ignored: 0
create: 35
del: 1
nothing: 0\...
22017-11-08 21:11:52 UTCSafwatHalaby The 4 xxd_create stops are stops accidentally deleted by me manually prior to running this. I forced the bot to re-create them. Normally, the bot does not always recreate user-deleted stops.
12017-11-08 05:34:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, "Untitled Path" is not a proper name. The name is the name only:
If you don't know the name, simply don't add one. If the road has no name, use noname=yes.
22017-11-08 17:47:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-11-06 19:47:28 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't see how a link about the Israel-Palestine conflict is relevant in OSM. Politics in general are not part of OSM. Could you explain the reasoning behind this link?
22017-11-06 19:52:22 UTCSafwatHalaby This is your second politically motivated Israeli edit. The first being
32017-11-08 17:46:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-11-08 05:38:34 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Udi, can you confirm that you've surveyed and that the stop position was wrong? The old position was from the government GTFS.
If it's really wrong, perhaps I should try to report this to them somehow.
22017-11-08 06:45:38 UTCUdi It's wrong. There are active constructions there. I'll send you a photo if you want :-) See also to see how distorted it is currently.
32017-11-08 11:28:40 UTCSafwatHalaby No need for a photo :), I was just making sure this was an intentional edit.
The bot is "change-friendly", it will not move back the stop, but I am investigating ways to report such problems to MOT. The inaccuracy is about 30-40 meters.
42017-11-08 11:33:14 UTCUdi is quite responsive :-)
52017-11-08 11:34:22 UTCUdi BTW - as you can see in the map, this whole part of the city is under constructions, and many changes are expected, in stops and in buses.
12017-11-08 10:17:37 UTCSafwatHalaby See:
12017-11-08 09:18:06 UTCSafwatHalaby See
22017-11-08 10:15:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Superseded by
12017-10-31 13:17:48 UTCSanniu That created strange unconnected nodes like -
Can you review?
22017-11-01 16:50:13 UTCSafwatHalaby I'll check it out
32017-11-08 06:18:53 UTCSafwatHalaby What is wrong with
42017-11-08 07:17:04 UTCSanniu Now it's ok, look like someone fixed it
12017-11-08 05:21:57 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Connor and welcome to OSM!
I have some tips that may be useful to you.
Unfortunately, this is not a dirt road, it's actually a waterway!
Also, it seems you simply wrote "dirt road" as the road name, but that's not how dirt roads should be tagged. The name is the actual name...
22017-11-12 01:13:18 UTCzstadler Hi ConnorMegan and welcome to OSM! was added without any tags.
Please tag it or delete it.
12017-11-07 08:24:53 UTCSafwatHalaby A footway is intersecting a building.
22017-11-07 09:26:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for the fix
12017-11-07 06:14:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Please fix area=yes:
12017-11-07 06:13:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Please fix area=yes:
12017-11-07 06:10:45 UTCSafwatHalaby area=yes:
12017-11-07 06:09:05 UTCSafwatHalaby You've added area=yes:
12017-11-07 06:07:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, you've added an area=yes :(
12017-11-07 06:06:29 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems there are still some random walls in this area
12017-11-07 06:05:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you for the fixes. Looks good to me.
12017-11-07 06:05:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you for the fixes. Looks good to me.
12017-11-04 10:39:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Could you please explain the reason for this change? You've removed boundayr=adminsitrative. Why?
22017-11-06 08:43:42 UTCgemi gen I am a new member to openstreet map and very new to maping tools , so while i tried to studying tool's operation unexpectedly i used the edit tool and drag it , my apologies
32017-11-06 16:58:07 UTCSafwatHalaby That's ok, your change was fixed. Welcome to OSM!
You can safely study and experiment as long as you discard your changes after you finish.
12017-11-05 11:45:56 UTCSanniu - look like you created zigzagged, self-intersection road here, can it be fixed/reverted?
22017-11-05 16:31:07 UTCSafwatHalaby This is partially the fault of the bus stop update. Changeset 49148167 glued stops to the road, and yesterday the bot bus stop update moved those stops, dragging the road along with it. I've fixed this here:
32017-11-05 16:54:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Forum post:
Fixing entire Israel:
42017-11-05 17:52:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Entire list of fix changesets:
52017-11-06 05:41:17 UTCSafwatHalaby ...and:
12017-11-05 16:33:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Followup
12017-10-28 08:57:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Is it intentional that is not oneway, and yet has restrictions that prevent going south?
22017-10-28 12:22:09 UTCUdi fixed. thank you!
32017-10-28 14:05:49 UTCSafwatHalaby You're welcome! But I still suspect something is wrong with the restriction relations. Take a look at:
It has "no-u-turn" but it's a one-way so that's obvious. It also has a "no-straight-on" to...
42017-10-28 14:06:58 UTCSafwatHalaby To be clear, the two strange restrictions are:
52017-10-28 14:40:31 UTCUdi It's the first time I am working with restrictions... Is this better?
62017-10-28 20:11:44 UTCSafwatHalaby I thin I'd need to know more. Can explain how the traffic works in the area?
72017-10-28 20:11:50 UTCSafwatHalaby think
82017-10-28 20:12:09 UTCSafwatHalaby spelling fix: I think I'd need to know more. Can you explain how the traffic works in the area?
92017-11-05 12:10:09 UTCSafwatHalaby I deleted the restrictions relations for now because they are not mapped properly. If you explain what you've tried achieving I might be able to help and add them back.
12017-11-05 11:32:32 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi,
You don't have to click the "save" button after every single building upload. It creates history noise.
You can add many buildings and "save" them all at once.
Also note that if you exit the iD editor, your progress is preserved even if you don't click "save&quo...
12017-11-05 11:22:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, please don't change arabic names back to Hebrew. Please see the discussion here:
12017-11-04 22:20:25 UTCSafwatHalaby You've stuffed the construction status with the operator tag, but there are dedicated tags for this.
12017-11-04 11:11:43 UTCSafwatHalaby I fail to understand how you're seeing buildings there...
12017-11-04 11:09:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Those are valid roads. Thanks. But most of your edits seem random. Please use this as an example of a good edit and avoid adding random features.
22017-11-04 11:09:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Also note these seem to be track roads and not unclassified
12017-11-04 11:03:36 UTCSafwatHalaby This edit is a bit better than most of your edits. You have added valid buildings. Thanks.
12017-11-04 10:58:38 UTCSafwatHalaby Your mapping has many problems. Mapping roads and buildings that don't exist, intersections, etc. Please stop mapping the West Bank and contact me if you need further explanation.
22017-11-04 10:59:15 UTCSafwatHalaby I have repeatedly contacted you with no reply. I will be deleting all of your bad edits.
12017-11-04 10:57:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. Your edits don't make any sense. Please stop editing and contact me if you need help. There are no roads here.
12017-11-04 10:53:30 UTCSafwatHalaby بني شمعون منشة الإقليمي
is a bad translation.
22017-11-04 10:54:22 UTCSafwatHalaby I suggest
مجلس اقليمي بني شمعون
32017-11-04 18:17:37 UTCألبرشت شونكه Thank you, I will change it.
12017-10-24 19:43:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Alon,
I've contact the user who added the point and we'll see if they response. The point will be removed if it's not present.
שלום אלון,
יצרתי קשר עם המשתמש שהוסיף את הנקודה. נחכה לתשובה שלהם. במידה ויסתבר שהנקודה לא ...
22017-11-04 10:30:14 UTCSafwatHalaby WadisTrails replies: "The fountain/well is there. We've been there many time in the past year, and the red-green trail (Haifa Wadis Trail) passes about 30 meters from it, and well connected. The well is made from reinforced concrete, so it would stay there for many more years to enjoy :-)"
12017-11-01 17:07:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi mdavenport1985, it looks like you are adding random features to the map. You should only map buildings, roads, etc. Please don't add random points to the map.
12017-10-31 13:49:31 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, you've made multiple additions that I'm not seeing on Aerial. Is this a mistake?
12017-10-31 13:45:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello,
what are you trying to map?

This looks like nonsense
12017-10-29 09:12:34 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi A_N_D_R_E_W, welcome to OSM. Could you please don't delete and redraw more or less the same objects? This deletes the history. See
More information about your changeset:
22017-10-29 17:21:19 UTCSafwatHalaby This user is intentionally vandalizing the map as clearly shown here:
32017-10-29 17:25:09 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted all 5 changesets here:
12017-10-29 17:10:04 UTCSafwatHalaby You added empty areas on top of already existing buildings. Changeset reverted.
12017-10-28 20:14:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Please add the "village" tag. Click "حيد قاسم", then click the "point" button, then search for "village".
22017-10-28 20:18:16 UTCSafwatHalaby الرجاء تصنيف النقطة كقرية.
اولا, اضغط على "حيد قاسم"
ثانية, اضغط على Point
في الجهى اليسرى العليا من الصفحة
ثالثا, ابحث على كلمة Village
ثم اضغط عليها
12017-10-28 11:11:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. Please revert your change. OSM is not a place for politics, and we do not allow non-neutral names in Israel (either pro -IL or pro PL). Thanks in advance.
22017-10-28 11:12:10 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted
12017-10-25 19:16:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, you added a multipolygon with one member. Why? I've edited it:
22017-10-26 07:14:56 UTCdof1985 Hi SafwatHalaby.

Thanks for reviewing my edit. I actually didn't notice constructing a multipolygon. I was trying to edit the polygon to remove it from some of the original area (which is actually not a part of the park). Instead I've edited the real uses of the area - i.e. an urban farm, a commu...
32017-10-26 15:22:05 UTCSafwatHalaby :)
12017-10-24 20:05:03 UTCSafwatHalaby You forgot junction=roundabout
22017-10-25 16:18:47 UTCSimon-v Fixed in . Thank you for the hint! It was somewhat non-obvious.
32017-10-25 17:25:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for the fix, and welcome to OSM :)
12017-10-25 13:49:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Was the Wikidata removal on purpose?
22017-10-25 13:51:19 UTCSanniu I've decoupled station point from rail line (, only stop position is here now, that does not need wikidata.
12017-10-24 21:59:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi woodpeck. I think your definition of spam is too broad. For instance, this random POI:
Yes, its editor has only one edit. And yes, the editor has a direct interest in advertising their POI. However, these facts do not make it spam. Let's analyze t...
22017-10-24 22:00:55 UTCSafwatHalaby That was one example, but a significant number of your reverts do not remotely qualify as spam, and I think no one would have had any problem if an experienced mapper had added them.
32017-10-24 22:02:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Although the intentions are clearly good, in my humble opinion this is harming the map and must be discussed.
42017-10-24 22:03:47 UTCSafwatHalaby For comparison, this is something I would flag as spam for the excessive ad tone, and I would justify its removal:
52017-10-24 22:10:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Just another comparison to draw a clear line between spam and self-interest driven neutral edits:
Not spam:
62017-10-24 22:15:28 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems the majority of this changeset is real, clear cut spam, though.
72017-10-24 22:29:50 UTCwoodpeck SafwatHalaby, the line I have drawn is: If the self-interest mapper can at *least* be bothered to find out the proper OSM tag to describe their business, then I will only remove the spammy "description" and leave the rest in place. There are quite a few of that sort here. If, however, the ...
82017-10-25 04:43:33 UTCSafwatHalaby I agree to that line. (And I'd suggest leaving the description too if it's factual and not spammy).
But the second POI in particular: The right tagging was used, office=lawyer, and the description is completely factual and not spammy, "Personal injury attorney assisting clients throughout M...
92017-10-25 11:14:54 UTCfreebeer I agree with Frederick, this reads too much like self-promoting advertising that has little to do with a geographic database that is OSM, and too little like a short informative description that I would expect to find.
(I wonder if the present 255-character/byte limit that mercifully truncates many...
102017-10-25 11:26:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you for the thorough comment. You changed my mind. I now agree that the attorney example is too self-promoting and could have been 3-4 words, and that its word redundancy is spammy.
112017-11-04 07:51:18 UTCVerdy_p Note that Frederik removed "description" and "name" (also "phone" and "email" or contact info) added to address nodes only (housenumbers with street names) that were actually not qualified with actual POI classification (e.g. "shop=*" or "amenit...
12017-10-25 08:41:52 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, welcome to OSM.
You requested a review. Your edit looks good.
You improve it by marking the entire area as a pitch and not just a point.
12017-10-24 21:42:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to Openstreetmap!
You should make the angles perfect 90 degrees. Click the building, then click the "square" icon. Viola!
12017-10-20 23:49:22 UTCmuralito I could provide some nodes that were deleted and were not advertising.

The 4 seems va...
22017-10-21 04:16:55 UTCnaoliv It seems the same case from some nodes in Brazil.
I wouldn't call them *wrong* but incomplete and/or with unnecessary information.
(New) users sometimes misunderstand the "description" tag and are too much verbose when using it.
Instead deleting, is it possible to create a list of affec...
32017-10-21 05:55:29 UTCfunnimonk please never do things like this again. you've basically deleted street names etc from the dataset. some of us rely on these things like names an geometries and now we have to restore them and you know how difficult that is!! to what end, all this deletion? couldn't you just change the descriptions?...
42017-10-21 08:23:30 UTCwoodpeck Hello, I'm sorry if I have accidentally deleted things that were not advertising. I'll look into the IDs specified by muralito and replace them. I have only deleted objects that were created by users who had a very small number of edits (usually, only one edit!) and who have added a long description...
52017-10-21 08:25:44 UTCPrince Kassad This changeset also deleted objects that no longer had SEO advertising in their newest revision, i. e. This is an extremely harmful changeset and should be undone immediately.
62017-10-21 08:54:35 UTCВладимир К is this a joke? all objects i checked are NOT SEO or even advertising! These descriptions were just descriptions. I think it is totally wrong to delete things, you even don''t understand in another language! You even deleted the hole building, that exists on satimagery!
72017-10-21 09:05:24 UTCВладимир К in Moscow only 2 of 8 deleted objects have description! and another exxisting building was deleted
82017-10-21 09:49:23 UTCwoodpeck Hello Владимир К, Prince Kassad, indeed I have removed objects even if they *had* advertising in the past, and other mappers had removed the advertising in the mean time. That was unnecessary. I'll undelete the affected objects. Please refrain from reverting the full changeset because that ...
92017-10-21 10:55:51 UTCwoodpeck Hello Владимир, against my warning you have reverted this and now re-created things like this: - will you now take over and do this properly, removing advertising from where it doesn't belong, or do you expect others to do this?
102017-10-21 20:13:08 UTCmuralito I just wanted to raise the flag that there are some false positives in the algorithm, so i asked for an improvement, I also understand if the algorithm is not disclosed as it can be used by advertisers for "tunning" their ads.

In thousands of elements there are probably a lot of distinc...
112017-10-21 20:38:24 UTCwoodpeck Yes, it was not an algorithm that I was planning to run regularly, I just had identified long-description objects made by users who have contributed very little, and then went through the list manually, using a translating web site for anything other than English and German. Quite possible that I ac...
122017-10-21 22:36:06 UTCSimonvdP Did you even check your example?, removing part of a likely valid secondary road seems worse than leaving it there with the useless description on it,
132017-10-22 22:48:21 UTCChris Fleming This feels excessive to me - generally when I see these added, provided the information is accurate then I don't mind the "spammy description"; but there is also a case for removing. My worry with this changeset is that by completely removing the object we remove information that had been...
142017-10-23 05:47:30 UTCwoodpeck I think that any contribution made by a spammer should be entirely removed because it has not been made with OSM's interests at heart; most likely the coordinates are from a proprietary geocoder and the object will usually be placed with little regard to what's around it. So if the spammer adds a ho...
152017-10-23 13:19:47 UTCChris Fleming Thanks - I think we are in Broad agreeement :)
162017-10-24 07:45:14 UTCGRUBERND i think deleting things by algorithm is the most wrong thing one can to do to the OSM database. especially at this scale. it's the same as an import: automated changes of HUGE amounts of data.

things like these should always run through individual inspection on a case-by-case basis. cue map-roule...
172017-10-24 11:28:46 UTCmuralito @GRUBERND, I would agree if you write that sentence considering that using an algorithm does not necessarily imply automation.
182017-10-24 11:33:29 UTCmuralito @woodpeck (regarding your last comment)
Often a spammer (or any other user) deletes an existing object (street, POI, etc.) and adds a new one with her data. Please consider those cases when deleting or redacting objects.
192017-10-24 18:55:26 UTCwoodpeck I have started carefully removing the spam objects here : Where a spammy description and contact information were added to a building but there was no shop/office/amenity tag (just name/phone/payment methods etc), I reduced the object to a mere buildi...
202017-10-24 20:55:42 UTCSafwatHalaby I think the algorithm is horrible.
212017-10-24 20:58:12 UTCSafwatHalaby For instance, this has a slightly "positive tone" but seems to be a 100% valid node:
I think your definition of a "spammy description" need to be narrowed.
222017-10-24 21:00:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Oh, I was reviewing via OSMCHA and I have a long backlog, and it seems that particular node was added back. Please ignore my comment if all the non spammy nodes were reverted.
12017-10-24 09:25:39 UTCSanniu - the number of lanes can't be "-1", yes?
22017-10-24 20:16:47 UTCSafwatHalaby I suspect the user is intentionally vandalizing.
32017-10-24 20:28:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi matresh, you've made some very destructive edits, but you then fixed them and also some good edits. (You forgot fixing some of them and I'm fixing them now). Is everything OK?
42017-10-24 20:32:57 UTCSafwatHalaby All fixed:
12017-10-24 20:17:39 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted obviously bad edit.
12017-10-24 19:49:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Although better than nothing, be careful while transliterating. For instance, it's "sanad ranch" and not "sand ranch"
12017-10-24 19:27:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM. You requested a review. This particular edit looks good :)
Please check out the Israeli community here:
And check out the IL Wiki too:
12017-10-24 15:23:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Please look at
Can people walk everywhere inside? If so, use tagging similar to this:
12017-10-04 09:59:49 UTCVlIvYur
What is privet=yes?
22017-10-24 08:48:17 UTCweizmann Hi It is for navigation app - for close that way for people with disability . it steps
May there is better way to define it
32017-10-24 15:11:01 UTCSafwatHalaby Please do not invent your own tags like that and first check out if something else is being used.
Are you saying these are steps? If so, please use highway=steps:
12017-10-23 05:24:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Are you sure these are crossings and not normal footways? A crossing is typically short and for crossing a street (מעבר חציה).
22017-10-23 05:27:01 UTCSafwatHalaby Please see this for an example of good crossing tagging:
32017-10-24 08:50:44 UTCweizmann Hi
Which particular crossing do you mean? I am trying to see it and check
Actually we use Pedestrian crossing for made Pedestrian direction for our application
42017-10-24 15:07:23 UTCSafwatHalaby In particular:
These are all marked as crossings, but they seem pretty long for crossings.
52017-10-26 07:24:25 UTCweizmann Yes You are right,,, It;s mistake I defined it outside may pressed wrong
Thank you Fixed
12017-10-23 05:48:21 UTCSafwatHalaby Do you think it's now safe to remove FIXME from
12017-10-22 05:44:20 UTCSafwatHalaby There's a problem with the gym: It has name="אולם הספורט"
Hebrew name: "בריכת השחיה"

You should change name:he to
אולם הספורט
12017-10-22 05:26:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Please do not add personal houses to the map. This is a public map. Everyone can see your edits.

If you want to save your house on your phone, You can use the Maps.ME Bookmarks feature.

I've deleted the house you added.
12017-10-22 05:22:42 UTCSafwatHalaby I think you need to add name="תצפית מפל תמרים"
12017-10-22 05:20:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello,
You forgot to update name:he
22017-10-22 05:21:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Please ignore the above comment. I see there was a followup changeset.
12017-09-19 04:22:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Those image and "dataset" links are very strange. Mind explaining?
22017-09-19 04:27:08 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears those lead to sensor data. Perhaps the "image" tag should be renamed to "website" or some new tag. "image" is for images.
32017-10-12 06:24:12 UTCSomeoneElse @SafwatHalaby for info since there was no response here (possibly de to broken email) I sent a "message that has to be read" .
42017-10-14 14:48:32 UTCcarlosz22 Hello.
This is not an import. We are working on a network of photometers and we are including them like any other meteorology station, it's a station for monitoring the sky brightness.
I used the tag image for image of the measures, maybe this is not correct, but I didn't find any other tag more e...
52017-10-14 14:49:18 UTCcarlosz22 And sorry, I don't respond to the previous messages because I din't see them.
62017-10-17 06:18:40 UTCSafwatHalaby I think you should be using "website" rather than "image". But let's wait for @SomeoneElse's reply. He knows better.
72017-10-17 06:33:43 UTCSomeoneElse @carlosz22 it still looks like an import to me - talking about the tags to be used before adding a large number of objects to OSM is one of the main steps set out at . I'd suggest that you follow those now (even if the discussion is after the in...
82017-10-21 17:20:10 UTCcarlosz22 Ok, I remove the tag image, no problem.
But it's not an import like it defined on the Wiki.
92017-10-21 17:25:20 UTCSomeoneElse Maybe you're reading a different wiki to me, but where did this data come from? Did you personally create it, either by by survey or by interpretation of imagery? Or did it come from some other source?
102017-10-21 17:35:12 UTCSafwatHalaby What would the right tag be? It's not image, and website is already occupied.
112017-10-21 18:31:43 UTCcarlosz22 I work in a project called Stars4All and one of the parts of the project is develop a network of photometers and include them in OpenStreetMap, the photometers are monitoring stations. All the data follows ODBL and it's totally open.
122017-10-21 18:34:44 UTCcarlosz22 And I'm the coordinator of the spread of photometers, so all the positions are from knowledge and survey.
12017-06-06 09:40:21 UTCSafwatHalaby_bot Total names copies: 5967
Total name to name:en: 874
Total name:he to name: 0
Total name to name:he: 5093
Total name:ar to name: 0
Total name to name:ar: 0
Whitespace fixes: 638
Total scanned: 18528
Total unhandled errors: 203 name is not ar,...
22017-10-15 08:50:04 UTCzstadler Hi SafwatHalaby,
In this edit, the bot copied numbered names to name:en. For example,
Do you think it is useful?
32017-10-17 06:22:14 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't think it's useful. I'll fix this.

Do you think it's useful?
42017-10-17 11:45:34 UTCzstadler I agree, it is not useful.
Thanks for taking ownership on fixing it.
12017-09-25 05:36:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Track with sidewalk?
22017-10-15 20:08:39 UTCzstadler Which element are you referring to?
Did i create it?
32017-10-17 06:13:36 UTCSafwatHalaby
42017-10-17 11:55:20 UTCzstadler The sidewalk tag was there when I've split the way in order to correct the junction geometry. See
The history at shows that the tag was part of the creation of the way, done over 4 years ago by...
12017-10-13 17:10:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Retagged as amenity=post_office
12017-10-13 17:08:50 UTCSafwatHalaby ברוכים הבאים ל OSM!

מומלץ לעשות מרובעים מושלמים. ניתן לישר את הזוויות על ידי לחיצה על הבניין ואז לחיצה על Square
22017-10-13 17:09:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM. It's advised to do perfectly square buildings. Click the building, then click the "square" button
12017-10-13 17:05:30 UTCSafwatHalaby I tagged this as "man_made=water_tower"
12017-10-13 17:01:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. You accidentally put all the tags on a node and not on an area. Fixed in:
12017-10-11 10:59:04 UTCSafwatHalaby Those are tricky to tag. I wonder how the others are tagged.
12017-10-11 10:47:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Stop!

Openstreetmap is no place for ads.

Your 4 edits were removed.

#52819402 and #52819242 were reverted here:

#52633418 and #52633054 were reverted here:
12017-10-11 10:46:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Accidental wrong changeset name. This is actually a revert. See
12017-10-11 10:23:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted:
12017-10-10 05:53:03 UTCSanniu You have added many empty point in this edit. Can you fix them?
22017-10-11 10:22:55 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted:
12017-09-29 06:51:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to openstreetmap.
Road numbers are not "name" . They are "ref". I don't know how StreetComplete works but perhaps you have a "number" or "reference" field where you put the number.
12017-09-26 20:10:18 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-09-25 05:50:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

You've created the same point of interest 3 times. We have 1 element per 1 feature. I've removed the duplicates.,_one_OSM_element
12017-09-23 21:03:07 UTCSafwatHalaby If this is an industrial area, "unclassified" could be more accurate than "residential". "The tag highway=unclassified is used for minor public roads typically at the lowest level of the interconnecting grid network. Unclassified roads have lower importance in the road netwo...
12017-09-19 09:54:21 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for the fix. If this building is a perfect square, you should square it off. In iD, right click it, and then click "square". It gives it perfect 90 degree angles.
22017-09-19 09:55:05 UTCSafwatHalaby You should also do this for any other square buildings in the surrounding area.
12017-09-19 09:52:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM and thanks for the fix. Now that you've fixed this, you should remove the "Fix Me" tag. Click the trash bin icon next to the "fixme" for each of the roads.

Happy mapping!
22017-09-19 09:52:52 UTCSafwatHalaby Road types:
12017-09-19 09:46:34 UTCSafwatHalaby Those are weird access tags. If it's a plain footway. highway=footway should be enough. See this:
22017-11-21 14:32:39 UTCMoovit Team Hi,
Thank you for the update.
12017-09-19 09:42:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap! I see you added a new path.

1. Are you sure "access/all=no"? It means no one can access it!

2. Typically, if it's an unpaved road that everyone can access, we don't use access tags at all and we just mark it with highway=track.

Click the road type...
22017-09-19 09:43:05 UTCSafwatHalaby More info for roads in Israel:
32017-09-19 09:44:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Here is the road for your convenience:
12017-09-19 09:36:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks!
12017-09-19 09:36:04 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks!
12017-09-14 04:42:14 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, thank you for taking your time and editing the map. I have some questions.

Wiki states: "You *may* tag secondary attributes of the feature by preceding the wikipedia key with the name of the attribute". This is clearly optional, and I chose to avoid it for simplicity because ...
22017-09-14 04:44:37 UTCSafwatHalaby I apologize, the forum thread relevant for brand vs operator is actually
32017-09-15 05:16:18 UTCnyuriks @SwiftFast, thanks for the thorough message! I will be happy to fix those objects, and I agree that it should have been brand, not operator, as was suggested to me via another channel. Also, thanks for the great forum discussion. I hope we can move forward on some proposals to standardize wd/wp ta...
42017-09-15 06:18:26 UTCnyuriks P.S. A few days ago I started a list of all Wikidata IDs that should always be used as brand:wikidata. Should we have this as a github repo for some script?
52017-09-16 07:30:01 UTCSafwatHalaby Specifically for israel: There's no need for an ID table or manually reversing your edits. Swiftfast_Bot maintains those chains, and all you have to do is edit the following templates.

Here are the templates:

So you'd ...
62017-09-16 07:37:38 UTCSafwatHalaby " I believe that I have made a mistake with that edit - they should have been tagged as brands, not operators." - Note that this actually depends on the regional conventions (if they exist at all). In Israel, chains have the same "brand" but this is not necessarily true everywher...
72017-09-16 19:44:37 UTCnyuriks This is awesome!!! I think we should adapt your bot to other places, e.g. US and Russia (the two places I know a bit better than others). Could you make your bot also track any entries that have the same wikidata ID as ones listed in the template, and update those places accordingly?
82017-09-17 06:06:46 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks! I also think this should be adopted globally, but I still need to polish/simplify the code a bit first. The bot makes assumptions that are agreed upon only in Israel and there's special treatment for some tags like name/operator. Making it global requires a bit more work.

Most people ...
92017-09-19 06:38:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-09-19 06:38:46 UTCSafwatHalaby See the discussion at:
12017-09-19 06:38:21 UTCSafwatHalaby This changeset did not behave as expected. It was supposed to add brand:wikidata and operator:wikidata. Also, it only touched nodes and not ways. I was followed up with a fix:

12017-09-19 04:52:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Again, note the building squaring thing. Also, you have two roads on top of one another. first: Second:
12017-09-19 04:45:23 UTCSafwatHalaby You requested a review. The name tag is usually used to describe the literal name (e.g. what you see on a sign). To describe the type of a building, use building=warehouse rather than building=yes, and leave the name blank. See this:
12017-09-19 04:42:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OpenStreetmap! You requested a review.

1. Your buildings do not have 90-degree angles. You can create perfectly square buildings by right clicking them and then clicking "square".

2. Some of the roads you added are disconnected from the main grid. This makes them impossibl...
12017-09-19 04:19:34 UTCSafwatHalaby Please square the building (right click, then square)
12017-09-19 04:18:46 UTCSafwatHalaby Please square the buildings (right click, the click "square")
12017-09-18 07:08:51 UTCSanniu You changed \tMarcus Sieff Blvd. to living_street - why? This is the usual street, not a shared pedestrian/tarffic street.
22017-09-18 07:23:04 UTCweizmann Ok
You're right
32017-09-18 07:25:37 UTCSanniu Thanks. Also please adhere to - the main names in Rehovot should be in Hebrew, not in English
42017-09-18 07:31:33 UTCweizmann he main language at the Weizmann Institute is English
So we put the main name in English
52017-09-18 07:54:55 UTCSafwatHalaby How is that? Do most people speak English in מכון וייצמן?

62017-09-18 07:56:02 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, I think the Wiki might use some re-wording. I think the idea behind that working is to have Hebrew in most of the places, and Arabic for Arabic towns or villages.
72017-09-18 07:56:42 UTCSafwatHalaby working > wording*
82017-09-18 08:57:35 UTCweizmann Ok we'll change
12017-09-17 18:10:32 UTCSafwatHalaby access=customers implies motor_vehicle=customers. No need for the latter.
12017-09-17 18:09:27 UTCSafwatHalaby That seems overkill. Access=private implies everything else is private unless stated otherwise
22017-09-17 19:21:31 UTCtheipu Then what should I use? The gate can be open up and close up at any time and I'm not sure if you are allowed to enter that area. I can check tomorrow if there is a sign that says something about it but if not what should I do?
32017-09-17 19:22:23 UTCtheipu Oh sorry, I understand now that you only meant that I don't need all the other tags, OK
12017-09-16 19:58:32 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to Openstreetmap. I think your Dom of Rock edits are invalid.

This place has 3 structures.
- The dome (Muslim)
- Holy of holies (Historic Jewish structure)
- haHekhal (Historic Jewish structure)

You renamed "Holy of Holies" to "قبة الصخرة" and now...
22017-09-17 06:54:21 UTCAhmad aqra Fix it but please don't refer back to them as synagogues, you can change even the muslim signs and keep it as a place of worship, also I think I should have been more careful about the naming.
if you want to give two namings to the thing it think it is important, but to muslim or jewish symbols +...
32017-09-17 09:08:01 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry but your last edit made it even more confusing. The dome of the rock is not the same as:
קֹדֶשׁ הַקֳּדָשִׁים
The latter is a building believed to be buried beneath the dome.

I've changed it back to the way it was, plus I removed the word "synagogue/masjid" and ...
42017-09-17 09:17:45 UTCSafwatHalaby I am not quite sure what you mean by "symbols" here, but I also made sure the dome of the rock has an Arabic "name" tag whilst the other two structures have a Hebrew "name" tag.
52017-09-18 07:15:08 UTCAhmad aqra Thank you, you did it better
12017-09-13 05:55:51 UTCSafwatHalaby That's a massive deletion. Any explanation?
22017-09-16 16:00:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in due to lack of explanation
12017-09-13 05:12:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, it appears you changed "name" tags from Hebrew to Arabic.

I assume you were trying to translate. In order to translate, please add a "name:ar" for Arabic and leave "name" unchanged.

We have very cleared guidelines in the Wiki about this: In Israel, the &qu...
22017-09-13 05:29:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in:
32017-09-16 15:56:43 UTCSafwatHalaby ...and
12017-09-16 15:35:02 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you for the Arabic name translations in Israel!

I was wondering if "ref:ar" has any practical use at all for road numbers. Clients can trivially convert between Arabic and regular numerals, so it seems unnecessary to me.
12017-09-16 07:15:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Please note the conventions for Israeli roads:

(I have not checked if this breaks any conventions. Just thought I'd point this out).
12017-09-13 16:05:42 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-09-13 15:59:14 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello and welcome to OSM. You removed a parking lot. Is the parking lot gone or is this a mistake?
12017-09-13 15:53:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to openstreetmap :)

I changed the road type from "residential" to "service".

I removed the road names and put the name on the parking lot itself.

Happy mapping!
12017-08-01 16:29:28 UTCzstadler Hi and welcome to the OSM mappers community!
Please note that you have left without any tags...
22017-09-13 08:57:04 UTCshoshiwe שלום!
אני עובדת במכון ויצמן
אנחנו מנסים לעדכן את המפה עם כל השבילים במכון
אין לנו מספיק נסיון במפה הזאת
?האם אתה מעוניין לעזור לנו
32017-09-13 15:33:51 UTCSafwatHalaby שלום!

ניתן לשוחח עם הקהילה הישראלית כאן:
12017-09-13 06:05:44 UTCSafwatHalaby You can add a description="Sometimes closed".
12017-09-13 06:04:24 UTCSafwatHalaby It is easier to mark as highway=footway.

יותר קל לסמן שביל כזה באמצעות highway=foot
ובלי שאר התגים
12017-09-13 05:56:48 UTCSafwatHalaby It looks like a shift-edit. Perhaps your imagery was mis-aligned?
12017-09-13 05:48:18 UTCSafwatHalaby You can simply use highway=footway instead of the multiple access tags.
12017-09-11 20:24:25 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-09-11 20:17:27 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-09-11 20:15:58 UTCSafwatHalaby "CircleID" is an invalid tag. What are you trying to achieve here?
22017-09-27 13:05:20 UTCPaul Jacobson I think I was trying to create a variable to use for the bus stops I was adding to the map
12017-09-11 20:15:20 UTCSafwatHalaby It is common practice in Israel to use both name and name:he, because name is Arabic in some areas, so the "name" tag is unpredictable. Please see the IL wiki:
12017-05-22 19:36:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi and welcome to OSM :)

Would you mind reviewing these following two roads you added?
- They don't appear in Aerial
- They are strangely straight
- They don't have a common node on their intersection.

Here are the roads:

2. https://www.ope...
22017-05-23 16:49:59 UTCYaronAG Hi there!
yep, the trails do look strange, but were quite definitely there when I walked them, more than once. I'm there about once a week, so I could and will double check.
32017-05-23 18:06:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Okay. I added an intersection node. Let me know if this is wrong:
42017-08-08 14:43:24 UTCSafwatHalaby It turned out the roads do not exist, and YaronAG fixed this in this changeset:
12017-08-02 05:17:04 UTCSafwatHalaby mashtal is shop=garden_centre, and not amenity=garden
22017-08-02 05:20:28 UTCSafwatHalaby
32017-08-02 14:24:25 UTCNidal Elwan Thank you
12017-08-01 11:23:00 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 11:21:36 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة امور شخصية مثل منازل او هواتف على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة الع...
12017-08-01 11:20:10 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 11:16:55 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 11:14:22 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 11:11:51 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 11:07:17 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 10:57:34 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 10:46:56 UTCSafwatHalaby All of your changes are vandalism, and were reverted. You will be banned.
12017-08-01 10:33:50 UTCSafwatHalaby Those buildings don't seem to be properly tagged. In order to tag "holes" in buildings, you need to use multipolygons.
22017-08-01 10:36:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed here:
12017-08-01 10:30:28 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء اضافة اماكن ذات اهمية عامة فقط وعدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن ط...
12017-08-01 10:26:22 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-08-01 10:14:42 UTCSafwatHalaby It seems you removed name:he, but we always keep both name:he and name:ar, because the language of "name" is variable in Israel. In some areas it is Arabic, in others it's Hebrew.
12017-07-25 18:48:42 UTCrene78 I guess this revert went partly wrong. For example node 1224150978 seems to be a valid village.
22017-07-25 19:00:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Are you sure 1224150978 is a valid village? I saw tens of villages all named "الدار", meaning "home". I assumed they weren't real.
32017-07-25 19:05:19 UTCSafwatHalaby For instance, see these:
42017-07-25 19:05:43 UTCrene78 If you go to this url - - Click on the coordinates of the last changeset, then edit, then zoom in as much as possible. You will see that there is a village. Maybe "الدار" is a common name in arabic?
52017-07-25 19:07:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Unlikely. "الدار" means "the home". It's even less likely to have many villages bearing the same name right next to each other. (See my links, and those aren't all).
62017-07-25 19:09:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Indeed there's a village. I think it'd be best to rescan all removed villages and re-add them without the name at all, just place=village.
72017-07-25 19:09:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for pointing this out!
82017-07-25 19:12:54 UTCSafwatHalaby In your particular example, if you zoom out a little, you'll notice there are 2 villages with seemingly valid names. Perhaps they also cover that area and it's all good after removing "الدار".
92017-07-25 19:32:45 UTCrene78 Not sure. But nonetheless it is a good idea to do some housekeeping once in a while. Especially quite a few of those edits are of low quality. Thanks.
102017-07-26 09:07:19 UTCSomeoneElse Any idea what the change to was here? It seems odd that it has got caught up in a "my house" tidy-up.
112017-07-26 20:42:38 UTCSafwatHalaby This node is part of the way, and it had its name tag removed.
122017-07-26 20:58:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Method used for anyone curious: Downloaded nodes bearing "hot words" via JOSM+overpass, and manually inspected them.

the queries are often of the style node["name"~"hotWord"] or node["name:ar"~"hotWord"].
132017-07-26 20:59:21 UTCSafwatHalaby A time-consuming followup would be manually inspecting the edit history of each person who added a node that was deleted in this changeset. Looking for easy ways to script this.
12017-07-25 15:31:09 UTCSafwatHalaby According to map info, most people actually tag this as: amenity=shelter, shelter_type=bomb
12017-07-21 08:49:44 UTCzstadler is the relation for the "Green Line" and is already a member of it.
The "trick" of adding a new relation seems to be an example of "tagging for the renderer" and should be avo...
22017-07-21 11:50:55 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. this is explicitly tagging for the renderer, or more precisely for almost all renderers out there.

Despite being discouraged, it's better than a border which doesn't render. I left it that way till I find a better solution to the following problem:

The "green line" relation does...
32017-07-21 11:51:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. this is explicitly tagging for the renderer, or more precisely for almost all renderers out there.

Despite being discouraged, it's better than a border which doesn't render. I left it that way till I find a better solution to the following problem:

The "green line" relation ...
42017-07-21 11:52:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, adding "administrative" to the green line is factually wrong, I think.
52017-07-23 07:49:49 UTCzstadler If the 1949 armistice line is an historical line. Currently, it does not serve as an administrative boundary, not even a disputed boundary, because it was superseded by the Oslo agreements.
. says: "What it [the map] doesn't include is opinionated data li...
62017-07-24 05:22:15 UTCSafwatHalaby The reason I added a relation is to get it to render while avoiding adding "administrative" on the way itself. Do you have a better alternative?
72017-07-24 06:11:44 UTCzstadler I think that the line should not be rendered.
82017-07-24 07:21:14 UTCSafwatHalaby Is there anything different about the left just west of it? If not, why should one of them render, and the other shouldn't?
92017-07-24 20:07:13 UTCzstadler If you refer to, then it is a member of a (disputed) boundary=administrative admin_level=2 relation -
102017-07-24 20:13:53 UTCSafwatHalaby I think you're missing my point: Both 294464667 and 288825225 are disputed. So, there isn't anything special about either of them, both should be rendered the same. But only the western one renders, because only the western one is part of the PL relation which is tagged administrative.
112017-07-24 20:15:31 UTCSafwatHalaby So I added this hack to make the Eastern one render. We have a very unique case a country (or pseudo-country if you will) has "two" borders. Putting them both in the PL relation is bad because it messes out outer/inner, so I had to do this hack.
122017-07-25 05:35:04 UTCzstadler A dispute can only be on a boundary claimed by some entity. No claim implies no dispute. Way 288825225 is part of the boundary claimed by Palestine and disputed by Israel.
Way 294464667 is not claimed to be a boundary by any entity - neither Palestine nor Israel. Therefore it is not a bounda...
132017-07-25 07:04:54 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed in
142017-07-25 07:49:47 UTCzstadler I appreciate your listening and open-mindness!
152017-07-25 08:42:49 UTCSafwatHalaby :)
162017-07-25 08:45:49 UTCSafwatHalaby What was the historical rationale for having the green line split into two at this section?
172017-07-25 11:23:56 UTCzstadler I'm not an historian, but I think there was a no man's land area/שטח מפורז between the Israeli-controlled and the Jordanian-controlled areas.
12017-07-24 05:59:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Are you correcting outlines solely based on Aerial?

Please note that sometimes *Aerial is Misaligned*, and you need to take that into account.
22017-07-25 07:01:27 UTCStarlingCarter Thanks for your comment! I am aware of that shortcoming, and have been updating and drawing buildings based on Digital , which I am told is the most accurate imagery we have for Amman. I and others will be working over the next few weeks on filling out the Amman map as much as possible, so if you h...
32017-07-25 07:22:51 UTCSafwatHalaby I noticed you shifted many existing buildings. This may or may not be correct. A good indicator is GPS traces: You should enable GPS traces (in iD: Background > OpenStreetMap GPS traces). GPS traces are always aligned correctly, and if they disagree with the Aerial, You can re-align aerial by cli...
42017-07-25 07:25:05 UTCSafwatHalaby You can ignore my comments. Digital Globe Premium appears to be perfectly aligned in this area. So relying on it is fine.
12017-07-24 17:22:29 UTCwille Hi EzekielT,

Thank you very much for your mapping efforts. I don't see OSM as a place to map domestic itens like microwave, stools, televisions... if someone maps some itens inside another person residence it can even be a security matter.

best regards,
22017-07-24 17:46:45 UTCEzekielT Thank you for your feedback :)!

I agree we shouldn't map privately owned things like microwaves; maybe only in a public situation? I'll try to propose the tags soon (for public things only).
32017-07-24 19:08:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Microwaves in public situations are very useful. Pretty common in campuses.
12017-07-24 08:48:27 UTCSafwatHalaby_bot I think you should be using addr:housenumber or something similar rather than name
22017-07-24 08:48:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Take a look at tel aviv:
12017-07-24 06:30:31 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-24 06:27:56 UTCSafwatHalaby Please avoid adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only. Reverted.
12017-07-24 06:26:36 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-24 06:24:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
22017-07-24 06:25:31 UTCSafwatHalaby All your changesets were reverted.
12017-07-24 06:16:41 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-24 06:13:44 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-24 06:12:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Please avoid adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-24 06:08:19 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-24 06:05:39 UTCSafwatHalaby I think layer tags are missing
22017-07-24 06:07:01 UTCSafwatHalaby My bad. Wrong changeset.
12017-07-24 05:43:44 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-24 05:42:20 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-21 19:48:31 UTCSafwatHalaby For the third time, I'm asking you why you keep adding POIs with your name on it, or change existing POI.
12017-07-20 06:53:56 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
22017-07-21 12:46:08 UTCFakaar I would like to thank you very much for your good handling. I see that many personal places are important because they belong to people who are active in society and are difficult to find, so this mapping service enables people to easily find them
32017-07-21 15:30:41 UTCSafwatHalaby That's good to know. I've been looking for feedback from people like you in the area. I would appreciate some information for the future.

When someone adds "بيت فلان", do you think it's usually important or usually not important for the public? Do you think there's a way to t...
42017-07-21 21:14:36 UTCFakaar There is a way to find out if these places are important or not important by asking them and knowing the details of the place to add, there are places added non-important, such as "empty house. And our old house and I have her places active
12017-07-21 12:04:37 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-20 06:55:59 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-20 06:49:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Please explain what you're doing, or stop adding your name on random things. I reverted all your changes.
12017-07-20 06:36:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM.

A staircase is better tagged as "highway=steps". By convention, the direction of the way should preferably point uphill, with incline=up added. See this for more info:
12017-07-18 20:58:42 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 20:45:54 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 16:10:07 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-14 17:03:27 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears you moved Area B and Area C relations. Is that on accident? They were imported yesterday and should be accurate.
22017-07-14 17:08:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks for contributing.

"road 60" is a bad name. We use the ref=60 tag for numbers. The Hebrew that you deleted means "شارع عفولة - بير السبع" If you want to translate that, add:

name:ar="شارع عفولة - بير السبع"
32017-07-14 17:09:59 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry, you can ignore my last comment because "road 60" seems like a common name.
42017-07-14 18:52:49 UTCNidal Elwan i didn't know they where Area B and C relations, sorry.
How you imported it?
52017-07-15 05:32:01 UTCSafwatHalaby They were imported by zstadler & provided by Mr Massri. Source is More info here:

I believe zstadler used JOSM.
62017-07-18 08:05:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed the relations.
12017-07-18 08:00:34 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-15 21:25:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
22017-07-18 07:57:31 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:56:47 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:52:05 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:51:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-18 07:50:19 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:44:15 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:40:19 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:31:54 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
22017-07-18 07:36:50 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات المرجعية...
32017-07-18 07:37:33 UTCSafwatHalaby هذه خارطة عامة. الرجاء عدم اضافة اماكن شخصية مثل منازل على الخارطة. بامكانك اضافة اماكن شخصية في هاتفك بدون تعديل للخارطة العامة عن طريق استعمال ميزة ال"إشارات ال...
12017-07-18 07:28:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Why are you adding your name on random things? Do you know this is a public map?
12017-07-18 07:27:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-18 07:25:09 UTCSafwatHalaby Please do not add personal houses to the map.
12017-07-18 07:02:29 UTCSafwatHalaby Why did you do this? The location of this place is public knowledge:

This isn't some top-secret base that must not be shown on maps. Reverted:
22017-07-18 07:03:45 UTCSafwatHalaby I may have provided the wrong link.
32017-07-18 07:07:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. I provided a bad link. Could someone confirm the existence of this place?
42017-07-18 07:10:15 UTCSafwatHalaby I apologize for the premature revert. It was marked "bad" in osmcha and I saw "ramat hasharon" at that link. Should have checked further.
52017-07-18 07:16:57 UTCSafwatHalaby There are lots of online indications the place is there, e.g. here:

It likely exists.
12017-07-18 06:55:33 UTCSafwatHalaby What's the point of a 1-member multipolygon?
12017-07-18 06:30:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Is "Apartheid Street Gate" an actual name, or a politically motivated edit?

By the way, there's also this tag: military=checkpoint, which might be more appropriate for checkpoints.
12017-07-15 05:55:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-15 05:54:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
22017-07-15 05:55:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry! Wrong changeset. Message intended for someone else.
12017-07-14 08:23:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-14 05:46:56 UTCSafwatHalaby I fixed the checkpoints by marking as military=checkpoint.
22017-07-14 18:48:42 UTCNidal Elwan thanks
12017-07-14 05:34:43 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't remember, but these stray points may have been a gpx-mapped road. I'll need to re-check and add them if so.
12017-07-14 05:21:55 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-14 05:21:31 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-14 05:20:32 UTCSafwatHalaby No point in adding this node. Taybeh already exists on the map.
12017-07-14 05:19:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap is a public map. If you want to save personal things, use the Maps.Me bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-14 04:57:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Would you mind explaining why you changed the house number from 53 to "53عزرا"?
12017-07-14 04:55:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello Ihab. Is this a real guest house or a personal bookmark? Openstreetmap is public, and adding personal markers to the map is not allow.
12017-07-13 18:30:59 UTCSafwatHalaby You added your house. Please do not add personal things to the map. Use the bookmarks feature instead.
12017-07-13 18:22:57 UTCSafwatHalaby Please stop adding personal places to the map. OpenStreetMap (the map you are editing with Maps.ME) is a public map. If you want to bookmark things, use the bookmark feature. Map edits should contain public points of interest only.
12017-07-13 05:42:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey - Entire Israel is suffering this problem. Please avoid such edits, because I want to systematically fix this with a script, and the tags help for correlation. Further reading here:
22017-07-13 06:44:45 UTCnammala Oh ok thanks for getting back , can you revert my edit so that you can use your script to fix this type of isues.

Best regards,
12017-07-12 11:34:43 UTCSanniu - have no tags. What is it?
22017-07-12 12:28:28 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks! fixed:
12017-07-12 12:27:17 UTCSafwatHalaby A checkpoint should be tagged is as military=checkpoint and not as tourism=viewpoint, but I don't know if supports this..
22017-07-12 15:16:22 UTCNidal Elwan doesn't support this
12017-07-11 16:24:57 UTCSafwatHalaby I removed "palestenian" from the name tag. Politics have no place in OSM, and the territories are marked by the various relations already.
22017-07-11 19:11:08 UTCNidal Elwan Nice try, just admit that you removed ''Palestinian'' because you are Israeli, not because of OSM !
32017-07-11 19:18:58 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't care about politics.

If you look at my edit history, you'll see I make edits both ways. In fact I'm the one who renamed the second "Judea and Samaria" relation (an Israeli name) to "West Bank" (A Palestinian name) because it was objectively the right thing to do.

42017-07-11 19:27:04 UTCSafwatHalaby If you are curious regarding territories, I made a list here:

But that's just about it, there really is no need to mark individual points as as IL or PL. It's just a door for edit wars.

Thanks for your understanding.
52017-07-11 19:39:25 UTCNidal Elwan ''objectively the right thing to do''
How ironic !!!!! if you and Israelis are truthful, your occupation will end and we'll be living in our own state peacefully.
unfortunately you are Untruthful.
62017-07-11 20:00:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Please be aware that hate comments are not acceptable in OSM. We are all here to make better maps. Take some time to read this:

72017-07-11 20:05:13 UTCNidal Elwan it is not hate or racism , it's the reality.
it's ugly but it's the truth.
12017-07-11 19:52:12 UTCSafwatHalaby
12017-07-11 19:51:18 UTCSafwatHalaby
12017-07-11 19:39:27 UTCSafwatHalaby I re-added Palestinian ruins that were deleted in
12017-07-11 16:18:26 UTCSafwatHalaby This note is real. Do not delete nodes just because they don't appear elsewhere. OSM quite often has better data.

Source 1:

Source 2:
22017-07-11 16:19:21 UTCSafwatHalaby note > node*
32017-07-11 16:21:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-07-08 19:23:05 UTCSafwatHalaby It is generally not accepted to tag something with name only, for example, you should also add shop=mall to קניון רפאלי
22017-07-11 16:09:41 UTCSafwatHalaby (somewhat) fixed in
12017-07-08 09:17:13 UTCSanniu - have no tags?
22017-07-08 14:10:45 UTCSafwatHalaby This should have been part of a relation. Thanks. Fixed:
12017-07-05 17:05:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OpenStreetMap. When you upload changes, they appear on everyone's map. Please do not upload personal locations.
22017-07-05 17:05:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Changes reverted in
32017-07-08 07:09:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Some of the nodes in this particular changeset have value. If you're reading this, consider re-adding them and tagging them properly, not as cafes.

Also, rather than tagging "north of X", "west of X", etc, you should tag the point where X is at. Thanks.
42017-07-08 07:30:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Re-added some. See:
52017-07-08 07:30:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Link correction: Re Added some, see:
12017-07-08 07:29:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Re added some. See
22017-07-08 07:30:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Link correction: Re Added some, see:
12017-07-08 07:29:08 UTCSafwatHalaby User Samir originally uploaded a low-quality changeset (everything tagged as Cafe, many duplicates of places already existing, personal markers, and tagging "north of X, west of X, etc" rather than tagging X itself).

I originally reverted the changeset, but decided to re-add it, because...
22017-07-08 07:29:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Original changeset:

Revert changeset:
12017-07-08 06:09:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-07-06 14:32:03 UTCSafwatHalaby You are spamming the map. I'm afraid I'll need to contact the DWG and suspend you.
22017-07-06 14:38:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted all your changes up until #50084243.
12017-07-05 05:06:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Accidentally fixed an unrelated shop tag, too :)
12017-07-03 05:13:11 UTCmanoharuss Hi Stefano Lucchesi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your interest in contributing to the map is greatly appreciated. But I have observed you gave this pub you mapped the name `Backroom - Sexy Shop`. Name tag field is only for establishment official names and personal descriptions. May I know if this i...
22017-07-03 20:14:11 UTCSafwatHalaby *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
32017-07-03 20:14:36 UTCSafwatHalaby However, it is not a pub. It's a sex toy store, apparently.
42017-07-04 06:52:44 UTCmanoharuss Thanks SwiftFast :)
52017-07-05 04:47:24 UTCSafwatHalaby You're welcome. Fixed tag in
12017-07-04 18:46:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, if there's a useful shop nearby, please tag it separately, and not in the name tag of the parking lot. I reverted this change in #50041586
12017-07-03 12:34:46 UTCSanniu - have no tags, is it a building?
22017-07-03 20:11:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. Thanks! Fixed in #49881487
12017-07-03 12:33:39 UTCSanniu - have no tag, is it a street?
22017-07-03 20:11:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Yes. Thanks! Fixed in #49881487
12017-07-01 05:56:16 UTCSafwatHalaby You update "name" to "מרכז מסחרי כפר ורדים" but you forgot to update "name:he".

I know this is annoying, I plan to automate these updates in the future.
22017-07-01 05:58:05 UTCSafwatHalaby You have a parking node inside a polygon tagged with "area". If the entire area is a parking, you should simply put all the tags on the polygon and remove the center node.
12017-06-30 04:45:34 UTCSafwatHalaby
12017-06-29 07:52:59 UTCSafwatHalaby You added two conflicting oneways tags for this way:
12017-06-29 05:36:34 UTCSafwatHalaby Are these real shelters? See this:
12017-06-28 19:33:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi again, could you please take the time and review my comments?

1. Use right angles for buildings. (iD editor can do that for you, there's a button for right angles).

2. You are seriously over-splitting your changes, don't make a changeset (save) for each house.
12017-06-28 19:29:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi Mahmoud daraghmeh and welcome to OSM. I have a question: Is "منزل معمر جميل" a normal private house? Or does it have something special about it that is interesting for the general public?

Personal bookmarks are not allowed on OSM, but I noticed quite a lot of them in the...
12017-06-28 13:08:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Perhaps re-add this to the wikipedia tag?
22017-06-28 13:09:17 UTCSafwatHalaby This was already done. My mistake. Please ignore this.
12017-06-28 13:08:38 UTCSafwatHalaby Perhaps re-add this to the wikipedia tag?
22017-06-28 13:09:07 UTCSafwatHalaby This was already done. My mistake. Please ignore this.
12017-06-28 05:04:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Could you explain why you named the viewpoint "البرية"? Is that its name?
12017-06-27 19:10:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM.

- You can make right angles with the iD editor easily (زواية قائمة), there is a button for that.

- You don't shouldn't click "save" for every single building, it splits your changeset history. iD automatically saves when you leave. The save button is used fo...
12017-06-26 19:12:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. You forgot to remove Ya'akov Avinu from name:en1
22017-06-26 19:31:55 UTCidoivri Done. Thanks SwiftFast!
32017-06-27 07:02:58 UTCSafwatHalaby You're welcome :)

I see you renamed name:en1, but you can simply delete the tag completely, because it is a duplicate of name:en.
12017-06-26 19:13:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello Miniely Israel, it seems you're mixing the "name" and "description" tags.

The "name" is what you see on the logo.

The "description" is a short sentence explaining what the point of interest is.
22017-06-26 19:15:02 UTCSafwatHalaby If the name is really "Clinic of Chinese medicine", then you can ignore my comment :)
12017-06-26 16:23:46 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello andresse, I reverted your change. It seems you were doing an experiment, but you did it on the live map. Please note that whatever you save is visible for others.

שלום, נאלצתי למחוק את השינויים שלך כי העלית את הניסוי שלך למפה החיה. שי...
22017-06-26 16:24:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in:
12017-06-25 15:11:23 UTCSafwatHalaby What does a "ref" mean for a traffic signal?
22017-06-25 22:45:31 UTCdsh4 On the pole of the stoplight, there is a sign that shows a number and (in most cities) also the names of the cross streets. The ref is that number.
12017-06-23 18:20:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey Alexander, is this a fuel station or a bank? It is named "discount" but it is of time amenity=fuel
22017-06-24 10:21:09 UTCAlexander Markhovsky Hello!
You can go and verify :)))
In Hebrew the bank name is (right-to-left) DISCONT (דיסקונט)without Alef and Waw as "O", the station name is DISCAUNT (דיסקאונט) with Alef and Waw as "U"
32017-06-24 18:47:15 UTCSafwatHalaby I am saying that you named it "discont", which I know is a bank, but you gave it the type "fuel".
42017-06-24 18:53:31 UTCSafwatHalaby Oh, I see what you mean. Sorry. So this isn't a bank.

Thanks :)
12017-06-23 11:30:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM. It is a common convention for the "name" tag to be in the local language. Which is Hebrew / Arabic in Israel.
22017-06-23 13:21:54 UTCSoMapper Thanks for pointing it out! I will fix it when I have the time!
32017-06-23 18:41:49 UTCSafwatHalaby You're welcome :)

When in doubt, you can check out Wikiproject Israel:

Or the Wiki in general.

Happy mapping :)
12017-06-23 11:32:07 UTCSafwatHalaby name:he should be Hebrew only. Your name:he is English for the parking
22017-06-23 13:22:46 UTCSoMapper Will change that when I have the time, thanks for pointing it out!!!
12017-06-18 19:22:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello and welcome to OSM. I see you added the clinic twice. Once as a node, once as a building. This is not a good idea because the clinic now shows in search results twice and renders twice.

I suggest you remove the node and keep the building. Amenities are usually tagged as nodes when the exact...
12017-06-18 19:08:14 UTCSafwatHalaby KKL should be short_name:he
22017-06-18 19:08:43 UTCSafwatHalaby More specifically:
short_name:en = kkl
shor_name:he = קק"ל
32017-06-19 08:04:33 UTCSanniu ok, thx, fixed
12017-06-12 07:28:03 UTCSanniu Judeia e Samaria = Judeia e Samaria look like bad tagging
22017-06-16 19:45:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Agreed
12017-06-16 11:45:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Map edits are PUBLIC and everyone can see them. Personal points are not allowed. I removed your change.

If you want to mark personal points, use Maps.Me's bookmarks feature. Bookmarks are private and only you can see them.

Reverted in #49588768
12017-06-16 11:41:09 UTCSafwatHalaby Map edits are PUBLIC and everyone can see them. Personal points are not allowed. I removed your change.

If you want to mark points, use Maps.Me's bookmarks feature. Bookmarks are private and only you can see them.
22017-06-16 11:44:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Commented on the wrong changeset.
12017-06-15 06:50:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Total names copies: 9362
Total name to name:en: 2645
Total name:he to name: 1
Total name to name:he: 6092
Total name:ar to name: 92
Total name to name:ar: 532
Total unhandled errors: 337
12017-06-14 05:19:02 UTCSanniu Can you add also name:he tags for new roads?
22017-06-14 08:16:44 UTCFlayer Done
32017-06-14 10:28:23 UTCSanniu Thanks!
42017-06-14 10:56:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Note that SwiftFast_bot adds name:he automatically. So it's not necessary anymore.
52017-06-14 10:57:04 UTCSafwatHalaby ...and I guess it's faster to work with one name tag.
12017-06-14 04:43:43 UTCSafwatHalaby I think the StreetComplete is misbehaving. It is implicit that roads are asphalt, I don't think the tags are needed...
12017-06-13 13:17:10 UTCSafwatHalaby It's not typical to make a new changeset for every single building added.
12017-06-13 12:55:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks :)
12017-06-13 10:39:38 UTCSafwatHalaby Just curious: Why was "Karni Ramon" removed? Duplicate?
22017-06-13 10:40:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Nevermind. You added it back as a ridge.
12017-06-13 10:25:09 UTCSafwatHalaby Could someone check the validity of this? User's previous edit is not so good
12017-06-13 10:11:12 UTCSafwatHalaby There's a tagging error. The river is tagged as a village
12017-06-10 05:13:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Total names copies: 5479
Total name to name:en: 519
Total name:he to name: 0
Total name to name:he: 4861
Total name:ar to name: 0
Total name to name:ar: 99
Whitespace fixes: 1808
Total unhandled errors: 193
22017-06-13 05:42:36 UTCSafwatHalaby The bounding box of this change was accidentally cropped from the top. Ashdod and Ashkilon were not edited despite being in the South district.
12017-06-09 19:00:20 UTCSafwatHalaby "Dead End to the Wall"? Please leave politics and vandalism out of OSM.
22017-06-12 17:44:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Discussion:
12017-06-12 17:34:34 UTCSafwatHalaby There's no reason to place name tags on the end and beginning of the river
12017-06-11 16:00:53 UTCSafwatHalaby I think you should also tag this with amenity=drinking_water
12017-06-10 08:22:18 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, are your edits real guest_houses or personal bookmarks? A guesthouse is a place where tourists come and stay, kind of similar to a hotel but on a smaller scale.

If these are your personal favorites, please only save them locally and do not upload to OSM.
12017-06-10 08:21:02 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, are your edits real guest_houses or personal bookmarks? A guesthouse is a place where tourists come and stay, kind of similar to a hotel but on a smaller scale.

If these are your personal favorites, please only save them locally and do not upload to OSM.
12017-06-09 19:21:32 UTCSafwatHalaby Is this an attraction or a personal bookmark?
12017-06-07 17:26:41 UTCSafwatHalaby If it's foot only, it's shorter to use "highway=footway" instead of "highway=path, foot=no, bicycle=no." :)
22017-06-07 17:27:06 UTCSafwatHalaby I mean instead of "highway=path, bicycle=no, foot=no"
32017-06-07 17:27:19 UTCSafwatHalaby I mean instead of "highway=path, bicycle=no, horse=no"
12017-06-06 17:52:41 UTCSafwatHalaby You changed "name:he" but not "name"
22017-06-06 18:16:01 UTCdvirsolo I live near the street
there are two street names
the first name is "אצ"ל"
and the second is "רמז דוד"
32017-06-06 19:24:44 UTCSafwatHalaby name and name:he should be identical. If a street has multiple names, you can use alt_name or similar tags:
12017-04-21 12:45:01 UTCMr Massri Regarding message of Peter Barth aka Peda (on behalf of the OSMF Data Working Group):
There is a resolustion not to set a name tag to Jerusalem (but do leave a name:he and name:ar tags).
More information at:
When I've made...
22017-06-02 18:54:54 UTCSafwatHalaby The name tag may cause trouble in the future even if no one complains now. Why open a closed can of worms? What benefit would adding it bring?
32017-06-06 11:40:21 UTCMr Massri In Israel and the Palestinian territories, we use Hebrew name tag for places controlled by Israel, and Arabic name tag for places controlled by Palestinian Authority.
As Jerusalem is controlled by Israel, we use Hebrew tag for this city. If there will be any future problems, we will solve them.
42017-06-06 13:42:54 UTCSafwatHalaby Jerusalem is one of the most disputed places ever and not an average capital city, hence the working group resolution.
12017-06-06 09:22:14 UTCSafwatHalaby Although עספיא is the legal name, I think the mostly used name is עוספיה. Fixed here:

Careful with name tag edits :)
22017-06-06 09:26:11 UTCSafwatHalaby
32017-06-06 09:27:37 UTCSafwatHalaby I might have got confused and it's the other way around, regardless, the 3 variations should be searchable. Last change set should do the trick.
12017-06-05 05:12:16 UTCSafwatHalaby You should use name:en for the English name, and not name:he
12017-06-04 10:27:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello,

It is possible to make perfect 90 degrees (זוויות ישרות) .

In iD, right click a building, then click "square". Or use the "S" keyboard shortcut.
12017-06-04 08:39:31 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM :)

You tube "רכמל" instead of "כרמל". Also, a bridleway is used mainly for horses. Are you sure that's a bridleway? They're uncommon in Israel, I think.
22017-06-04 08:39:43 UTCSafwatHalaby You typed*
32017-06-04 08:56:24 UTCSafwatHalaby In a PM, Tamir Rarn explained that bridleways are common. I apologize for my previous comment. Happy mapping :)
42017-06-04 09:37:34 UTCSafwatHalaby Following a discussion, this was changed to a "path".
12016-12-21 18:55:32 UTCzstadler Hi Eliyak,

This relation had no country-level tags.

It is useful in cleaning up OSM data using Overpass Turbo.

22017-06-04 07:52:21 UTCSafwatHalaby It is also super useful for automated edits, and generic overpass queries for statistics and so on.
12017-05-12 11:29:23 UTCSafwatHalaby This edit was not made by a bot. I accidentally used the wrong user. Won't happen again.
22017-05-20 22:58:49 UTCPolarbear Why did you remove the "emergency=no" tag from the hospital?
32017-05-23 07:19:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Accident. Sorry. Added it back in

Thanks for the catch.
42017-06-02 07:24:43 UTCSafwatHalaby Actually, this was not an error. Apparently they have an emergency department (and even a helipad which I presume is used in emergencies).
52017-06-02 07:36:21 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
62017-06-02 08:51:25 UTCPolarbear Seems to be fine now.
In general, however, do not "presume". Do not conclude "if there is feature X, there must be feature Y". Reality has exceptions. Check on the ground, and research objects individually.
That's why OSM is quite strict about mechanical edits.
72017-06-02 09:34:20 UTCSafwatHalaby 1. The link explicitly states it has an emergency department.

2. This is not a mechanical edit. It was accidentally made in SwiftFast_bot
82017-06-02 10:42:20 UTCPolarbear As said, everything fine with this CS.
My last comment was to be generally cautious with mech edits.
Take care, and thanks for the cooperation and discussion.
92017-06-02 12:02:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you :)

I find automation to be a very powerful drudgery saver, allowing mappers to work on what really matters. I am taking great care to document every step and to always start slow:
12017-06-02 05:40:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Water tanks are man_made=storage_tank and probably not silo.
12017-06-01 19:35:12 UTCSafwatHalaby If this is a קופת חולים, it should be amenity=clinic, and not amenity=hospital
12017-06-01 18:29:19 UTCSafwatHalaby You've put the building tag on a node
12017-06-01 17:24:38 UTCSafwatHalaby name,name:he mismatch. Missing name tag, multiple name:lang. Could not determine language.

Total modifications: 115
Total name:en to name: 0
Total name to name:en: 28
Total name:ar to name: 0
Total ...
12017-05-30 13:24:06 UTCSafwatHalaby Why did you flip name:ar and name:en?
22017-06-01 16:47:54 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-06-01 07:13:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Reported here:


12017-05-30 15:41:28 UTCSafwatHalaby You added access=private to a sports center. Perhaps you meant access=customers?
22017-06-01 02:17:47 UTCGavriel Well, it's only for the citizens of the village, if someone who doesn't live there comes, he won't be let in.
32017-06-01 04:39:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Oh, my bad then. You might want to mention that in the description tag.
42017-07-12 11:09:25 UTCSanniu - has no tags, what is it?
12017-05-31 09:39:52 UTCSanniu You've vandalized point in Holon, Israel in this changeset. Can you revert this change?
22017-05-31 12:58:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-05-31 06:46:00 UTCSafwatHalaby You removed 3 POIs. Are these gone?
22017-05-31 07:19:11 UTCusr1 Yes, see notes #996388, #996387, #996386.
12017-05-30 15:43:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Charging_station is where electric cars charge their batteries, but the operator tag seems to imply a power station. Perhaps you meant power=substation or power=plant?
22017-05-30 15:45:54 UTCSafwatHalaby Oh, the station already exists:
12017-05-30 13:25:49 UTCSafwatHalaby You added a tag: name:ar="fuck". Please don't do this again. Reverted in
12017-05-30 13:15:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Is this vandalism or a legit name?
22017-05-30 17:09:34 UTCSikeMo That one is a bit of a joke as it's a trail on the side of a rock face called the 'white line'. Look for it on YouTube. No sure there is actually any name.
12017-05-30 07:54:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Is this a parking lot, a campsite, or both?
22017-05-31 23:16:46 UTCYGMZ camp site
חאן למטיילים
12017-05-30 07:50:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello shby, the tag "leisure=park" is not suitable for water tanks. Please use
12017-05-30 07:49:09 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello shby, the tag "leisure=park" is not suitable for water tanks. Please use
12017-05-29 20:33:28 UTCSafwatHalaby "ממסוף אורנית" appears to be a bad name. It was undone by Mr Massri in
12017-05-29 20:32:07 UTCSafwatHalaby See
12017-05-29 20:28:30 UTCSafwatHalaby That name doesn't seem appropriate
22017-05-29 20:31:53 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed in
12017-05-29 20:29:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, you added nodes without any tags in this changeset
12017-05-29 20:29:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, you added nodes without any tags in this changeset
12017-05-29 20:21:15 UTCSafwatHalaby You probably meant "amenity=parking". Parking space is for individual parking spots.
12017-05-29 07:19:44 UTCSafwatHalaby I think access=no or some other conditional restriction is better than deleting the road if temporary closed.
12017-05-27 10:51:12 UTCSafwatHalaby You named the following way "Shvel Israel" but didn't put it in the relation: , and it seems of course from the trail.
22017-05-27 10:51:28 UTCSafwatHalaby off course*
32017-05-27 12:09:11 UTCATGardner Thanks for pointing that out. That short section was marked as the INT before, wrongly. I fixed the relation to to include it, and missed removing the name properties.
Fixed now.
42017-05-27 12:10:21 UTCATGardner fixed the relation to not include it
52017-05-27 19:46:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Thank you :)
12017-05-27 10:42:33 UTCSafwatHalaby There are two crossing roads with the same name. Is this correct?
12017-05-27 10:39:57 UTCSafwatHalaby Same question as
12017-05-27 10:39:26 UTCSafwatHalaby Is this name tag needed here? The other tags convey the full message, and the place might have a real/official name.
22017-05-27 10:43:42 UTCFlayer Name tag just makes it easier. Though if you know the official name - feel free to place it.
12017-05-24 09:21:56 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi,
you updated "Dor Alon" to "Alon", but as far as I know, the name of the brand is actually "Dor Alon". Did I miss something?

Also, you changed the name from "Dor Alon" to "אלון תל אביב- פלורנטי" - We've discussed brand tagging...
22017-05-24 16:39:13 UTCAlexander Markhovsky I don't know exactly about brand name changing, but now all former "Dor-Alon" gas stations have instead of blue-red Dor-Alon colours white-green colours and only "Alon" name
32017-05-26 12:42:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Are you talking MAPS.ME icons or am I missing something? The Dor Alon logo seems Green and White on their website.
42017-05-27 11:23:00 UTCAlexander Markhovsky Sorry, really my guilt. Dor Alon has changed colours (and now the name of stations shop is "Alonit"), but keeped "Dor Alon" name of the fuel stations. Already corrected.
In the last version of Maps.Me I've received many places with transliteration from Hebrew instead of translat...
12017-05-25 07:48:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey, I'm not that familiar with 3d tagging, but according to the following Wiki page, all building:parts should be wrapped with a building outline:

This does not appear to be the case e.g. here:
22017-05-25 09:50:37 UTCYnhockey That method would be quite terrible, as it would create conflicts in the building outline. I am reading the page in the same way you are, but maybe they meant something else, because this method wouldn't work properly in any of the common renderers (like OSMBuildings, etc.). What does make sense is ...
32017-05-25 12:15:09 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't know of any, and I don't know much about this in general.
12017-05-07 05:32:14 UTCSafwatHalaby You marked two nodes with the same name. Is this a mistake or does "Adi Hakarmil" has two branches?

First node:

Second node:
22017-05-23 20:43:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed node 4769302121 in
12017-05-23 07:06:02 UTCSafwatHalaby This has no roundabout nor highway tag
22017-05-23 15:08:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
32017-05-23 15:11:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-05-23 14:53:32 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. The name is way too long, and it includes a website. Use the "website" tag for websites.
22017-05-23 15:01:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-05-20 23:08:24 UTCPolarbear Why do you remove the oneway tag nationwide?
The wiki says "it is not wrong to add it explicitly", so you are performing a mechanical edit just for your own tagging preferences.
Has the mechanical edit been discussed in the community before, if so, where?
22017-05-23 10:05:31 UTCSafwatHalaby It was not discussed. I took it for granted that no one would mind this since it's always implicit. Perhaps I shouldn't have. Would you like me to revert it?

32017-05-23 10:27:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted.
42017-05-23 12:25:58 UTCPolarbear ... in
Thanks a lot.
Keep in mind that mechanical edits often
- cover previous mistakes on some objects
- miss specific exceptions on individual objects
Thanks again.
12017-05-23 07:11:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Very minor edits other than shelter removal have made it into this changeset. Sorry.
12017-05-20 10:54:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Given that all other edits weren't good, I wouldn't trust this one as well.
22017-05-23 07:09:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed in
32017-05-23 07:09:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry. Reverted in
42017-05-23 07:09:45 UTCSafwatHalaby I MEAN: reverted in,
12017-05-22 19:19:51 UTCSafwatHalaby This village name can cause confusion, The village known as פקיעין in Hebrew is known as אל בק'יעה in Arabic.
22017-05-22 19:21:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, are you sure it's the proper name? Such duplication is a bit odd.
12017-05-19 16:06:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-05-19 11:49:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Are you sure that's a castle? Aerial Imagery shows a regular house!
22017-05-19 11:51:04 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
12017-05-14 16:04:52 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello and welcome to OSM :)

You tagged "Transtehnika", "David", and "Gantman" as "historic castles", but I think these should be other things. For example, Transtehnika appears to be a hardware-related company.

Could you please review your changes and ta...
22017-05-18 08:00:57 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted in
32017-05-18 08:01:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Discussed in:
12017-05-16 05:26:57 UTCSafwatHalaby You changed name but not name:he
12017-05-16 05:21:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Some of your added footways in this changeset cut through buildings. Like this one:
22017-05-16 05:23:39 UTCSafwatHalaby
12017-05-16 05:18:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello and welcome to OSM,
1. It seems you added a footway on a road (אושה).
2. Do the paths in the park all overlap in the center? If so, they need to have a shared node.
12017-05-15 09:28:52 UTCSafwatHalaby Note: the source tag is incorrect. Sorry.
12017-05-14 11:06:45 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello Nativ, You've added a road on top of another road. I removed that in
12017-05-12 11:22:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Is it a bar or a brewery?
22017-05-14 07:00:53 UTCSafwatHalaby Further search shows it's kinda both.
12017-05-07 06:05:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey Nativ, the route you added is strangely 90-degreish, and the bing Aerial photos show a slightly different path. Is it the same path?
22017-05-08 04:24:38 UTCnativ the change is the the ride that i did , the maps are not correct since there is fence and i had to go in different way and this is why there is 90 degrees...
i tried to add my gpx file but i didnt succeed
give me your mail and i will send you the gpx recording
32017-05-12 11:30:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Where is the fence? Perhaps you should tag it with barrier=fence
12017-05-11 16:59:20 UTCSafwatHalaby I think the building=yes tag should have stayed. A hospital is still a building.
12017-05-08 03:58:21 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, please note one shop is named "TIP" while the other is named "TIR". Is this on purpose?
12017-05-07 13:17:08 UTCSafwatHalaby Note there are two amenities with the same name, is that an accident? Also note: name:he shouldn't be English. Remove name:he if there's no Hebrew name.
12017-05-07 06:20:07 UTCSafwatHalaby You added a strangely circular footway=crossing:
12017-05-07 05:41:45 UTCSafwatHalaby is a suspiciously long crossing
22017-05-07 06:10:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed by @hesher in
12017-04-30 10:47:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Now crossing are tagged with "highway=path, footway=crossing". Doesn't seem right.
22017-05-02 16:52:12 UTCzstadler I'll look at this later on.
32017-05-02 18:19:53 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears the convention for crossing is a way with "highway=footway, footway=crossing, cycling=yes", the crossing is terminated by two "highway=crossing" nodes at each side of the street.
42017-05-02 18:23:27 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears many people don't put the "cycling=yes" part. I wonder if it messes with nav apps.
52017-05-07 05:38:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
62017-05-07 05:48:13 UTCSafwatHalaby My bulk edit wasn't perfect. some *=designated paths shouldn't have been changed.
72017-05-07 05:50:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Nevermind the last comment. If there's a footway=*, then it should be highway=footway.
82017-05-07 05:59:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Correction: when there was an already cycling=* tag present, I shouldn't have touched it.
12017-05-06 18:10:47 UTCSafwatHalaby historic=citywalls appears to be the right tag here.
22017-05-07 05:29:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed tags in
12017-05-06 17:49:10 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. I don't think generic names like "פינת פיקניק" are needed.
22017-05-07 05:29:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed tags in
12017-05-07 05:29:05 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed tags in
12017-05-02 11:04:20 UTCSafwatHalaby Does the Russian named attraction has a name in Hebrew, Arabic, or English?
22017-05-02 20:12:47 UTCRoman Marushkov I think these are the "ruins of the fortress of the crusaders era". I found them by accident. There was no nameplate with historical information. Сould I send you some photos of the object?
32017-05-06 18:09:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Perhaps a more suitable tag would be:
42017-05-06 18:10:05 UTCSafwatHalaby As for photos, you could always use Mapillary or OpenStreetCam to share them with all mappers
12017-05-03 12:37:12 UTCSafwatHalaby I started with the buildings near the main street. I will gradually outline more buildings. If someone wants to help, contact me to avoid conflicts.
12017-04-26 16:14:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Welcome to OSM :)
Usually, the name tag is used for actual names. So "ברזיה" is probably not a suitable name. I'd just leave it with "amenity=drinking_water" and no name.

Happy mapping.
22017-05-02 19:45:28 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
12017-04-27 09:17:31 UTCSanniu have strange geometry, can you check?
22017-05-02 11:19:03 UTCSafwatHalaby Definitely an error in an attempt to mark scrubs/forests via Bing. Fixed in
12017-05-02 11:05:20 UTCSafwatHalaby There is a mismatch between name and name:he.
12017-04-30 03:53:30 UTCSafwatHalaby What does "operator=wifi" mean for bus stops?
22017-05-02 11:03:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed in
12017-04-29 09:47:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Names are usually real names (e.g. what you see on a signpost). "תחילת מסלול" doesn't seem right. What exactly is there here?
22017-05-02 11:01:22 UTCSafwatHalaby Removed in Feel free to add it back with a more descriptive name
12017-05-02 08:00:54 UTCSafwatHalaby I thinking crosswalks should be marked with "highway=footway, cycling=yes"
12017-04-29 09:52:24 UTCSafwatHalaby This park already exists and is named "גן סאקר". I am deleting this are and adding "name:en=Saker Garden" to the old area.
22017-04-29 09:53:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Done. (name:en already existed). See
12017-04-28 09:00:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. This is not a Hebrew name, but you added it under "name:he"
12017-04-28 08:59:05 UTCSafwatHalaby You used name:en for a Hebrew name.
12017-04-26 21:13:16 UTCSafwatHalaby Selfnote: is it ok to make a multipolygon building like I just did?
12017-04-26 20:54:23 UTCSafwatHalaby You got the Braude buildings wrong. See my Changeset:
12017-04-26 06:16:58 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears you removed some fire zones in Israel. Is this an accident?
22017-04-26 06:23:00 UTCSafwatHalaby My bad. They are still part of a multi-polygon. Sorry.
12017-04-24 17:30:11 UTCSafwatHalaby I see you removed a "name:he", duplicating "name" and "name:he" is actually encouraged.
12017-04-22 11:35:27 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. the name tag is used for real names. To mark a "שרידי חומה", use "historic=ruins".
12017-04-18 17:04:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi. Would you mind explaining the deletion of 226615133. It doesn't seem right, though I'm not sure. Did you remove the forest?
22017-04-18 17:07:27 UTCSafwatHalaby On further inspection: It appears you removed a big forest (which I know is there by local knowledge) and replaced it with several chunks of smaller forests. Could you explain?
32017-04-18 17:39:16 UTCvalleyofdawn The big forest was very crude. It covers forested and bare land. The smaller ones were hiding beneath it. These were imported from kkl data. It's time now to
complete the missing forest patches individually.
12017-04-16 07:56:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Your changeset has overlapping buildings.
22017-04-17 09:20:03 UTCSafwatHalaby My apologies. Appears to be a multi-level building. All good.
12017-04-16 09:44:19 UTCSafwatHalaby Why is Nof Hakarmel's highway marked "memorial"? Is this an error?
12017-04-14 17:28:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Typically, a name tag has a single language and transliteration is discouraged.

Use name and name:he for Hebrew.
use name:en for English if an English name exists.
12017-04-13 09:29:59 UTCSafwatHalaby The changes to Dalia seem very wrong. What's the source of this?
22017-04-13 09:31:07 UTCSafwatHalaby The road you removed "672" from and marked as "secondary" is in fact kvesh 672 and is "green" which is primary.

The other road you marked as primary is definitely not 672.
32017-04-13 09:44:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Reference:|UTM2%2bCT3IX5uol2LhsswdA%3d%3d&z=6&b=0&ap=1
42017-04-13 09:49:40 UTCSafwatHalaby Reverted dalia changes in
52017-04-13 11:47:08 UTCWillRock41 I saw road signs that display these streets as part of the main road
62017-04-13 12:27:45 UTCSafwatHalaby I believe you confused the two roads. The north-east road (known locally as Okef Dalia) is certainly not part of 672. I'm a local.
72017-04-13 12:31:24 UTCSafwatHalaby I see you've made a followup changeset:

You marked the north-eastern road as secondary. I think that's OK. (IL Wiki says: [secondary][Exception]: Roads that are more important for routing connections than a normal tertiary road.)

You also marked ...
12017-04-13 06:41:45 UTCSafwatHalaby Note that "Ram Or" is not a Radiotechnics store. It's a store that sells תאורה.
22017-04-13 06:44:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Note that "משהדאוי קינג סתור" is named literally that on the title. You renamed it to "משהדאוי קינג"
32017-04-13 06:45:34 UTCSafwatHalaby
42017-04-13 06:48:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
52017-04-13 06:55:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Correction: Fixed in
12017-04-12 13:27:17 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello :)
I see you tagged "זאפה חיפה", we typically duplicate the name both in the "name" tag and "name:he" tag.
12017-04-11 20:05:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. I see you've created an area with building=yes and put a node inside it with amenity=toilet. Usually you don't need the node inside it. The area itself can be marked with amenity=toilet instead.
22017-04-12 08:13:10 UTCtiberX Thank you for the hint! Next time I'll do it this way right from the beginning
חג שמח!
32017-04-12 13:23:36 UTCSafwatHalaby You too :)
12017-04-12 13:23:07 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello :)
I see you've created an area with "building=yes" and put a node inside it with "leisure=fitness_centre". Usually you don't need the node inside it. The area itself can be marked with "leisure=fitness_centre" instead.
12017-04-12 13:18:51 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. Welcome to OSM :)
Please add both "name=אמפי גולן" and "name:he=אמפי גולן" tags.
22017-04-12 13:19:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Also, please use "amenity=theatre"
12017-04-10 17:30:10 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello. A memorial is NOT a place of worship.
22017-04-10 17:31:56 UTCSafwatHalaby Please use "historic=memorial" instead. And welcome to OSM :)
12016-01-16 00:07:02 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset reverts some or all edits made in changesets 36418715, 36600208, 36600720, 36602638, 36574125, 36602990, 36577065, 36600869, 36602797, 36599646, 36603043, 36469452, 36599097, 36487719, 36601976, 36601804, 36600628, 36599129, 36602600, 36602805, 36601029, 36599728, 36578919, 36602294, ...
22016-02-28 19:38:10 UTCNakaner It looks like user عقبة بن نافع is not able/willed to discuss mechanical edits in advance. He did a multi-changeset (only very small changesets) mechanical denomination edit over the whole world today.

This is an example: (I currently hav...
32017-02-25 22:55:28 UTCnyuriks This edit changed way 332308716 - religion= christian to "Zuluetismo." -- seems wrong - was that a revert bug?
42017-04-10 07:55:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Worth noting Druze are not a branch of Islam, Just as Christianity isn't a sub-branch of Judaism.
SafwatHalaby has contributed to 422 changeset discussions(s) with a total of 925 comment(s)