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12018-07-22 17:46:49 UTCPaul Johnson I'm curious what's with splits like this? Didn't seem particularly necessary.

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22018-07-23 03:57:59 UTCnammala Hi Paul, While I am working on fixing Connectivity linters in US I came across this issue where this was caught by self intersecting highways as the way is attached to itself , so I have fixed it by splitting the ways .


32018-07-23 04:03:57 UTCPaul Johnson In general that would be best to split off the tail if it's a true self-intersecting way. A loop is not a self-intersecting way.
42018-07-23 13:45:59 UTCnammala Ya I have done it with respect to best practices of mapping. Will keep that mind in next time and do the editing.
12018-06-07 21:57:11 UTCbye12 Perimeter Road does not connect to itself anymore across Marine Way, Reverted to previous data changeset: 59650350
22018-06-08 03:24:54 UTCnammala Thanks bye12 :)
12018-05-28 11:08:38 UTCmueschel You added nodes like this one with tags which shouldn't be there.

Please make sure that Mapbox (finally!) fixes this issue in their software. I'm annoyed of having to fix such nodes every week since months.
22018-05-29 04:04:24 UTCnammala Hi mueschel,

Thanks for flagging the issue , this was caused due to fixing connectivity issues in the city through JOSM and from next time we will make sure that this doesn't happen.

12018-04-11 18:25:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded 59 nodes with very strange tags - they dom't look lime they belong into the database, e.g.
Could you fix these?
22018-04-12 03:30:16 UTCnammala Hi mueschel,

I think this was caused due to fixing of Minor highways through JOSM validator. Will look into those and fix them. Thanks for pointing the issue.

12018-04-04 03:45:29 UTCGITNE Hello @nammala,

thank you for fixing these. Unfortunately, @upendrakarukonda was not the first one to misinterpret the semantics of restriction=no_u_turn. It happens once or twice a month that some new people start creating no_u_turn restriction relations with identical ways in the from and to ro...
12017-12-04 11:23:21 UTCConstable Remember to close the note when you fix an issue pointed out by a note!
12017-08-08 15:53:16 UTCGumeg It was a bad edit..
22017-08-08 16:00:39 UTCGumeg See what happen
32017-08-09 03:45:53 UTCnammala Thanks for fixing this
12017-07-27 16:14:15 UTCMMN-o Aww, but the sign clearly had a hamburger in between the words! :)
12017-07-27 07:57:12 UTCCIH137 The park is in between the buildings. I'll try to relabel it better.
22017-07-27 09:29:03 UTCnammala yes great thanks
12017-07-13 05:42:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey - Entire Israel is suffering this problem. Please avoid such edits, because I want to systematically fix this with a script, and the tags help for correlation. Further reading here:
22017-07-13 06:44:45 UTCnammala Oh ok thanks for getting back , can you revert my edit so that you can use your script to fix this type of isues.

Best regards,
12017-05-22 16:17:14 UTCAndersAndersson This is a park that mainly consist of a forest. I will readd the leisure=park tag.
12017-05-05 09:41:42 UTCSomeoneElse Can you explain what you mean by "fixed the tagging"? shows a geometry change; did you verify that? If not, please don't make changes like this - it makes fixing things properly much harder.
Please instead either let someone who ca...
22017-05-05 10:41:44 UTCnammala Hi Andy,

Here I changed the park tag to wood and I din't change any geometry. As per the imagery I changed to wood rather than park. From next time, I will definitely let the user know about this and wait for him to change and let others know about this.
Thanks for flagging this Andy.

Best R...
12017-04-19 10:24:34 UTCSomeoneElse Er,
You've deleted the weather buoy at
Was this intentional?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 11:56:43 UTCnammala Hi andy,

This is accidental, It might have deleted when I was reverting this changeset , which has null island edits . Could you please bring back the buoy edits.

32017-04-19 21:34:16 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've undeleted it in .
42017-04-20 04:03:57 UTCnammala Thanks andy .
12017-04-19 22:17:08 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately this "fake park" that you deleted here was actually a school originally!

I've reverted it and patched it up with P1.

Best Regards,
12017-04-09 16:51:42 UTCPoke93 Could you please stop adding the residential tag to the entire town of kailua. The entire town is not a residential area.
22017-04-09 17:33:38 UTCFlowerpower_1970 This is not entirely residential, by adding this you are fantasy mapping and inaccurately mapping the area.
32017-04-10 03:55:52 UTCnammala For your information, I just bought back the previous history edit which has been for most of the versions, I am not making to do fantasy mapping to make clear. Anyways thanks for the local knowledge and getting the edit clarified.
12017-03-20 18:19:22 UTCStrangerVP Hi nammala,
I noticed you deleted my changed. May I ask what was wrong with it? I started mapping just couple of days ago and would like to learn.
22017-03-21 04:02:46 UTCnammala Hi StrangerVP,

I have deleted only the area you have given without any tag, I just kept the node with the information. The area with no tag is not valid so I deleted it.

12017-02-21 12:15:21 UTCMapeiro Why did you do remove them all!?

Just because each invididual pharmacy the same value in ther name and name:pt fields? But they had different hames between them.

Please undo that changeset. It doesn't make sense to me.
22017-02-21 12:19:45 UTCnammala Thanks for the clarification. Got back the edits
32017-02-21 12:41:55 UTCMapeiro Thanks!
12016-11-20 04:52:48 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset added the wrong Wikidata entity for Yên Bình. Q8052180 is for a district (huyện), whereas Q10837974 is for that district’s capital town (thị trấn). I’ve clarified the Wikidata entities and also corrected the wikidata tag in changeset 43814653.
22016-11-21 04:21:10 UTCnammala Thanks Minh Nguyen for clarifying and correcting it
12016-10-20 15:30:02 UTCDilys Why did you change the name of the Fishlake National Forest?
22016-10-21 05:31:00 UTCnammala Hi Dilys,

When I was working in fixing multi-polygon issues due to number of national parks present in area like Manti-La Sal National Forest, Fishlake National Forest and Dixie National Forest with are in complex relations. Thats the point I think I misplaced the name like.
I have seen the wik...
32016-10-21 10:21:29 UTCDilys Hi Nammala
Yeah, this is definitely Fishlake National Forest, please correct it asap. Since you work at Mapbox I trust you don't need my help ;-).
42016-10-21 11:27:09 UTCnammala Hi Dilys,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I have corrected it.
Happy Mapping!

12016-08-27 09:35:46 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - it looks like got added in the middle of the Atlantic by mistake. I've deleted it.
12016-05-27 17:29:57 UTCneuhausr I think using motorway_link for the new way you added is incorrect. These are more like service roads that are only to be used by authorized vehicles
22016-05-30 05:28:56 UTCnammala Thank you for your valuable feedback neuhausr. From next time I will make sure I dont repeat this again.
12016-03-09 05:39:15 UTCPlaneMad Nice work! You might want to fix the names so that they are in the proper case.

Beach road -> Beach Road
reliance fresh -> Reliance Fresh
12016-01-29 14:32:35 UTCMarkusHD When improving objects, edit the existing one instead of deleting and creating anew. It can be useful to have a continuous history for an object, for example this makes it easier to search when or why a specific modification has been introduced.
12016-01-18 06:26:23 UTCmanings This way is overlapping. Please fix.
12016-01-18 06:24:24 UTCmanings Overlapping roads:

Please fix.
22016-01-18 06:25:53 UTCmanings Also this one:
12016-01-18 06:25:32 UTCmanings Overlapping roads:

Please fix.
12016-01-04 09:20:39 UTCmanings some of your edits, overlapped with existing data. can you have a look again and fix. tnx.!
22016-01-18 06:24:45 UTCmanings Overlapping roads:

Please fix.
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