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12018-04-11 18:25:46 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded 59 nodes with very strange tags - they dom't look lime they belong into the database, e.g.
Could you fix these?
22018-04-12 03:30:16 UTCnammala Hi mueschel,

I think this was caused due to fixing of Minor highways through JOSM validator. Will look into those and fix them. Thanks for pointing the issue.

12018-04-04 03:45:29 UTCGITNE Hello @nammala,

thank you for fixing these. Unfortunately, @upendrakarukonda was not the first one to misinterpret the semantics of restriction=no_u_turn. It happens once or twice a month that some new people start creating no_u_turn restriction relations with identical ways in the from and to ro...
12017-12-04 11:23:21 UTCConstable Remember to close the note when you fix an issue pointed out by a note!
12017-08-08 15:53:16 UTCGumeg It was a bad edit..
22017-08-08 16:00:39 UTCGumeg See what happen
32017-08-09 03:45:53 UTCnammala Thanks for fixing this
12017-07-27 16:14:15 UTCMMN-o Aww, but the sign clearly had a hamburger in between the words! :)
12017-07-27 07:57:12 UTCCIH137 The park is in between the buildings. I'll try to relabel it better.
22017-07-27 09:29:03 UTCnammala yes great thanks
12017-07-13 05:42:13 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey - Entire Israel is suffering this problem. Please avoid such edits, because I want to systematically fix this with a script, and the tags help for correlation. Further reading here:
22017-07-13 06:44:45 UTCnammala Oh ok thanks for getting back , can you revert my edit so that you can use your script to fix this type of isues.

Best regards,
12017-05-22 16:17:14 UTCAndersAndersson This is a park that mainly consist of a forest. I will readd the leisure=park tag.
12017-05-05 09:41:42 UTCSomeoneElse Can you explain what you mean by "fixed the tagging"? shows a geometry change; did you verify that? If not, please don't make changes like this - it makes fixing things properly much harder.
Please instead either let someone who ca...
22017-05-05 10:41:44 UTCnammala Hi Andy,

Here I changed the park tag to wood and I din't change any geometry. As per the imagery I changed to wood rather than park. From next time, I will definitely let the user know about this and wait for him to change and let others know about this.
Thanks for flagging this Andy.

Best R...
12017-04-19 10:24:34 UTCSomeoneElse Er,
You've deleted the weather buoy at
Was this intentional?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 11:56:43 UTCnammala Hi andy,

This is accidental, It might have deleted when I was reverting this changeset , which has null island edits . Could you please bring back the buoy edits.

32017-04-19 21:34:16 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've undeleted it in .
42017-04-20 04:03:57 UTCnammala Thanks andy .
12017-04-19 22:17:08 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately this "fake park" that you deleted here was actually a school originally!

I've reverted it and patched it up with P1.

Best Regards,
12017-04-09 16:51:42 UTCPoke93 Could you please stop adding the residential tag to the entire town of kailua. The entire town is not a residential area.
22017-04-09 17:33:38 UTCFlowerpower_1970 This is not entirely residential, by adding this you are fantasy mapping and inaccurately mapping the area.
32017-04-10 03:55:52 UTCnammala For your information, I just bought back the previous history edit which has been for most of the versions, I am not making to do fantasy mapping to make clear. Anyways thanks for the local knowledge and getting the edit clarified.
12017-03-20 18:19:22 UTCStrangerVP Hi nammala,
I noticed you deleted my changed. May I ask what was wrong with it? I started mapping just couple of days ago and would like to learn.
22017-03-21 04:02:46 UTCnammala Hi StrangerVP,

I have deleted only the area you have given without any tag, I just kept the node with the information. The area with no tag is not valid so I deleted it.

12017-02-21 12:15:21 UTCMapeiro Why did you do remove them all!?

Just because each invididual pharmacy the same value in ther name and name:pt fields? But they had different hames between them.

Please undo that changeset. It doesn't make sense to me.
22017-02-21 12:19:45 UTCnammala Thanks for the clarification. Got back the edits
32017-02-21 12:41:55 UTCMapeiro Thanks!
12016-11-20 04:52:48 UTCMinh Nguyen This changeset added the wrong Wikidata entity for Yên Bình. Q8052180 is for a district (huyện), whereas Q10837974 is for that district’s capital town (thị trấn). I’ve clarified the Wikidata entities and also corrected the wikidata tag in changeset 43814653.
22016-11-21 04:21:10 UTCnammala Thanks Minh Nguyen for clarifying and correcting it
12016-10-20 15:30:02 UTCDilys Why did you change the name of the Fishlake National Forest?
22016-10-21 05:31:00 UTCnammala Hi Dilys,

When I was working in fixing multi-polygon issues due to number of national parks present in area like Manti-La Sal National Forest, Fishlake National Forest and Dixie National Forest with are in complex relations. Thats the point I think I misplaced the name like.
I have seen the wik...
32016-10-21 10:21:29 UTCDilys Hi Nammala
Yeah, this is definitely Fishlake National Forest, please correct it asap. Since you work at Mapbox I trust you don't need my help ;-).
42016-10-21 11:27:09 UTCnammala Hi Dilys,

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I have corrected it.
Happy Mapping!

12016-08-27 09:35:46 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - it looks like got added in the middle of the Atlantic by mistake. I've deleted it.
12016-05-27 17:29:57 UTCneuhausr I think using motorway_link for the new way you added is incorrect. These are more like service roads that are only to be used by authorized vehicles
22016-05-30 05:28:56 UTCnammala Thank you for your valuable feedback neuhausr. From next time I will make sure I dont repeat this again.
12016-03-09 05:39:15 UTCPlaneMad Nice work! You might want to fix the names so that they are in the proper case.

Beach road -> Beach Road
reliance fresh -> Reliance Fresh
12016-01-29 14:32:35 UTCMarkusHD When improving objects, edit the existing one instead of deleting and creating anew. It can be useful to have a continuous history for an object, for example this makes it easier to search when or why a specific modification has been introduced.
12016-01-18 06:26:23 UTCmanings This way is overlapping. Please fix.
12016-01-18 06:24:24 UTCmanings Overlapping roads:

Please fix.
22016-01-18 06:25:53 UTCmanings Also this one:
12016-01-18 06:25:32 UTCmanings Overlapping roads:

Please fix.
12016-01-04 09:20:39 UTCmanings some of your edits, overlapped with existing data. can you have a look again and fix. tnx.!
22016-01-18 06:24:45 UTCmanings Overlapping roads:

Please fix.
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