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12018-07-01 06:42:31 UTCHarel M היי,
אני רואה שהוספת יישוב שנקרא שלומית, נראה שהישוב כבר קיים במקום אחר אך קרוב:
דיון בפייסבוק על ההבדל בין שתי הנקודות:
22018-07-01 06:48:31 UTCsivan00 לפי הידוע לי זה הישוב
12018-06-08 17:39:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello, in this edit, you have moved a bus stop hundreds of meters from the reported Ministry of Transportation position. Are you sure it's correct?
22018-06-10 05:27:35 UTCsivan00 It might have been a mistake.
12018-05-08 06:15:07 UTCXavier Fung Hi sivan00,
Since the bridge is not yet open to traffic, it's better to keep the whole thing as a construction instead of making it live.
12018-02-12 10:57:02 UTCzstadler Hello Sivan00,
Can you elaborate of the reasons for modifying the boundary of the (Relation 7421142).
Was it announced by the minister of interior affairs?
22018-02-12 12:15:57 UTCsivan00 This change represents the actual situation on the ground.
32018-02-12 12:52:10 UTCzstadler In what sense is the boundary of the Rosh HaNikra Nature Reserve "on the ground"?
42018-02-12 12:57:18 UTCsivan00 I'm not sure what you mean. Please point me to the exact coordinates of the change.
52018-02-12 12:58:48 UTCsivan00 I do not recall ever changing this reserve.
62018-02-12 13:24:50 UTCzstadler You have moved
72018-02-12 13:29:38 UTCsivan00 I honestly do not recall this specific change (and I'm not sure what ecactly was changed). If you believe it is wrong, you can change it back.
82018-02-12 14:37:28 UTCzstadler I would appreciate it, and your future care not to change Nature Reserve's boundaries.
92018-02-15 08:16:22 UTCzstadler The change in Rosh HaNikra Nature Reserve boundary was reverted in changeset #56376441
12018-01-07 09:14:01 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22018-01-07 09:17:50 UTCsivan00 Yes. Already fixed.
32018-01-07 09:18:50 UTCSanniu Thanks :)
12017-12-25 13:41:42 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-12-25 14:14:03 UTCsivan00 Yes. It is already fixed.
12017-12-10 12:20:10 UTCzstadler Hello sivan00, created in this edit has no tags.
22017-12-10 12:41:42 UTCsivan00 Fixed.
12017-12-07 20:13:18 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-12-07 21:12:30 UTCsivan00 Yes it is. I added the tag.
12017-12-03 13:09:14 UTCzstadler Hello, is self-intersecting,self_intersection_points
22017-12-03 13:10:14 UTCzstadler and so is,self_intersection_points
32017-12-03 13:58:41 UTCsivan00 Already fixed.
42017-12-03 13:59:11 UTCsivan00 Already fixed.
12017-12-03 13:02:43 UTCzstadler Hello, is self-intersecting,self_intersection_points
22017-12-03 13:05:37 UTCsivan00 Already fixed.
32017-12-03 13:12:00 UTCzstadler Thanks!
12017-12-03 12:59:49 UTCzstadler Hello, is self-intersecting,self_intersection_points
22017-12-03 13:02:12 UTCsivan00 Already fixed.
12017-11-29 07:42:23 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi,
I've noticed you often make extremely small positional adjustments to highway nodes.
Are you making perfect alignments to aerial imagery? I don't think aerial imagery is that accurate anyways. There are distortions, and depending whether people use Bing, Mapbox, Mapi, etc, there will be min...
12017-11-12 01:10:11 UTCzstadler Hi Sivan, has no tags.
Please tag it or delete it.
22017-11-12 06:31:35 UTCsivan00 Done.
12017-11-11 16:16:10 UTCSafwatHalaby You've moved the bus stop 25 meters. Is this based on some measurement or is it just to nicely fit the current road? Presumably, the MOT gtfs is usually accurate, and so I don't think randomly moving stops is a good idea.
22017-11-11 16:18:33 UTCSafwatHalaby Sorry. My bad. Apparently you've actually moved it to the other side of the road and not just randomly shifted it.
12017-11-10 08:05:24 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi sivan00, you've deleted two stops that are present in the Ministry of Transportation GTFS. Can you confirm you're *sure* they are not there?

DESYNC: 40372 Stop exists in GTFS but deleted by user.

DESYNC: 40817 Stop exists in GTFS but deleted by...
22017-11-10 08:08:30 UTCSafwatHalaby The deletion of is likely a mistake, and the duplicate should have been deleted instead. Would you mind if I fix this?
I still need your feedback regarding node 5210716220
32017-11-10 08:10:57 UTCSafwatHalaby For your convenience, node 5210716220 was located here, west side of the roundabout,
42017-11-10 08:50:32 UTCsivan00 Those bus stops do not exist.
52017-11-10 08:53:36 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks. You removed 5210716045 but did not remove a stop a few meters away, 3816569070. Does only one of them exist, or neither?
62017-11-10 08:57:35 UTCSafwatHalaby In other words, should I remove the two stops that are in this changeset?:
12017-11-09 07:53:46 UTCzstadler Hello sivan00,

This changeset as well as and introduced self-intersecting ways, as can be seen in OSM Inspector:
22017-11-09 07:58:59 UTCsivan00 Please do.
12017-11-05 11:22:41 UTCSafwatHalaby Hi, please don't change arabic names back to Hebrew. Please see the discussion here:
12017-10-24 19:49:37 UTCSafwatHalaby Although better than nothing, be careful while transliterating. For instance, it's "sanad ranch" and not "sand ranch"
12017-10-24 08:41:45 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-24 08:43:40 UTCsivan00 Yes.
12017-10-22 12:13:54 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-22 12:52:06 UTCsivan00 Yes.
32017-10-22 13:11:26 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed.
12017-10-22 12:13:10 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-22 12:51:37 UTCsivan00 Yes.
32017-10-22 13:10:54 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed.
12017-10-10 06:11:32 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-15 09:05:56 UTCSanniu Ping
32017-10-15 09:13:50 UTCsivan00 Yes it is.
42017-10-15 09:15:06 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed
12017-10-15 09:06:53 UTCSanniu May be you know if is roundabout?
22017-10-15 09:11:55 UTCsivan00 Yes it is.
32017-10-15 09:12:51 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed
12017-10-11 12:50:39 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-11 12:53:45 UTCsivan00 Yes.
32017-10-11 13:10:25 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed
12017-10-10 06:09:02 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-10 06:36:27 UTCsivan00 Yes.
32017-10-10 08:52:44 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed.
12017-10-10 06:07:05 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-10 06:37:13 UTCsivan00 Yes.
32017-10-10 08:52:08 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed
12017-10-10 06:22:59 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-10-10 06:38:50 UTCsivan00 Yes.
32017-10-10 08:51:06 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed
12017-10-02 12:58:15 UTCSanniu - should it be roundabout?
22017-10-02 13:33:38 UTCsivan00 Yes.
12017-09-26 16:17:31 UTCzstadler Hi,
In this edit you have added but it has no tags and it is not part of any relation. Can you identify what it is?
22017-09-26 18:01:03 UTCsivan00 It's a left over. I deleted it.
12017-07-04 09:20:00 UTCSanniu, - are these roundabouts?
22017-07-04 09:23:39 UTCsivan00 Both are.
32017-07-04 19:31:25 UTCSanniu thx, fixed
12017-06-29 07:14:06 UTCSanniu, - is it roundabout?
22017-06-29 07:19:02 UTCsivan00 No, it is not.
32017-06-29 07:20:19 UTCSanniu both?
42017-06-29 07:20:42 UTCsivan00 is a roundabout.
52017-06-29 07:22:20 UTCSanniu R U sure? I rather bet that is.
62017-06-29 07:24:40 UTCsivan00 Sorry, you are correct is a roundabout.
72017-06-29 07:26:07 UTCSanniu ok, fixed, thx
12017-06-28 07:19:05 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-28 07:29:13 UTCsivan00 Yes it is.
32017-06-28 07:41:57 UTCSanniu ok, fixed
12017-06-28 07:17:34 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-28 07:28:56 UTCsivan00 Yes it is.
32017-06-28 07:41:47 UTCSanniu ok, fixed
12017-04-26 20:54:23 UTCSafwatHalaby You got the Braude buildings wrong. See my Changeset:
12017-04-13 06:41:45 UTCSafwatHalaby Note that "Ram Or" is not a Radiotechnics store. It's a store that sells תאורה.
22017-04-13 06:44:11 UTCSafwatHalaby Note that "משהדאוי קינג סתור" is named literally that on the title. You renamed it to "משהדאוי קינג"
32017-04-13 06:45:34 UTCSafwatHalaby
42017-04-13 06:48:12 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
52017-04-13 06:55:49 UTCSafwatHalaby Correction: Fixed in
12017-04-04 09:56:45 UTCzstadler The "no_u_turn" restriction is missing a "from" and "to" ways.
12017-04-04 08:00:18 UTCzstadler Pharan or Faran is not a valid pronunciation in Hebrew
12017-04-04 07:33:14 UTCzstadler השם המקורי, כפר הריף, היה קרוב יותר לשם הנכון, כפר הרי"ף. הכפר נקרא על שמו של הרי"ף הוא הרב יצחק אלפסי, מגדולי הפוסקים, שחי בעיר פס שבמרוקו בימי הביניים.
12017-04-01 22:46:45 UTCWarin61 Deletion of ways 138545239 and 138545236 means relation 1865554 is now not closed.
So I have deleted the relation...
12017-01-24 10:39:39 UTCSanniu Relation: 1646887 - Missing tag or role on relation
22017-01-24 11:18:37 UTCsivan00 Not sure what the problem is.
32017-01-24 12:13:33 UTCSanniu that relation doesn't have tags - e.g. name
42017-01-24 12:25:56 UTCsivan00 Since I have'nt created the relation (just cleaned up some of the borders), I'm not sure what needs ot be done.
52017-01-24 12:33:26 UTCSanniu Ok, dug in history, there was KKL import with forest name that somehow wiped. I've updated type and name.
12017-01-05 11:50:32 UTCSanniu Please tag railway stations according to
12016-12-02 05:30:27 UTCzstadler Dear sivan00,

What is the source of the changes done to the blue trail south of Manot:
The new version seems to be less accurate than the original, GPS-based version.
My experience is that aerial imagery is...
12016-05-04 09:11:46 UTCzstadler Nature reserve boundaries are a sensitive issue, and we try to keep them according to the approved land plans and Nature Reserves proclamations.

Is the change in the boundary of Har Amiad - “Em HaHita” Nature Reserve [way 358358670]( based on...
12016-05-03 15:05:54 UTCzstadler Nature reserve boundaries are a sensitive issue, and se try to keep them according to the approved land plans.

Is the change in way 358358670 - the nature reserve boundary around Harashim - based on any approved land plan (תב"ע)?

If so, can you please add its ID to the existing list i...
12015-04-04 20:45:38 UTCyrtimiD Matzok HaTzinim Natural Reserve (318949395) was deleted (accidentally?) and restored in Changeset 29981070.
See for discussion.
12015-04-04 20:29:08 UTCyrtimiD I'll change "Le'umi" to be "Leumi" as nobody spells it with apostrophe.
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