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12017-04-19 20:44:53 UTCEssin Please consider
12017-01-09 08:19:40 UTCeglatorre Hi, I was checking on the Kalasatama area and I noticed that for ex. the school building is not in the Bing imagery, nor it is in the MML aerial imagery (I used kapsi wmts, I can see the building in the Helsinki aerial imagery (, did you use those? Wha...
12016-10-05 09:44:41 UTCmapper999 Hi,
could you check the tags of . What type of shop is it?
12016-09-17 03:25:31 UTCFTA Hello there! Would it be possible to separate out changes that are across the globe into separate changesets? It's difficult for other mappers to know what exactly you changed and where you did when the bounding box is much of the planet. Thanks and Happy Mapping! Ethan aka FTA
22016-09-25 17:59:28 UTCPetsamo Yes, sorry, just when I was about to finish editing and wandered around the globe noticed that there was few seas without translation so I added it to them.
Happy mapping you too! :)
32016-10-03 12:32:24 UTCMSF-Fieldco I also support the previous request. It is very difficult to identify chances on your changeset for a given area, as most automatic tools will not work. Can you please detail as well in the comments the areas being modified?
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