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12018-01-05 19:51:31 UTCSafwatHalaby נא לא להציב אזהרות כ"name"
שם זה בדיוק שם בלבד.

למישהו יש הצעה טובה יותר לתיוג זה?
22018-01-07 09:12:54 UTCדוד-צבי מצטרף. זה הטוב ביותר שמצאתי, אבל לא האולטימטבי...
12017-12-06 11:23:27 UTCzstadler Hello דוד-צבי,

In this edit you have deleted 3 ways:
These 2 ways were part of turn restrictions:
12017-11-20 08:27:08 UTCSanniu Hi. The ways near way are looking problematic - duplicating and have intersections without junctions - can you review?
22017-11-20 16:50:36 UTCדוד-צבי That's probably true. Can you fix?
32017-11-20 21:37:04 UTCSanniu I don't know current configuration there...
12017-11-13 12:07:31 UTCzstadler Hi דוד-צבי,
In this edit,, and
you crated several self-intersecting ways. See
22017-11-13 12:12:30 UTCzstadler Hi דוד-צבי,
In this edit,, and
you crated several self-intersecting ways. See
32017-11-15 15:57:12 UTCדוד-צבי I'm really sorry, but I still do not know how to edit properly this way. As soon as I know I will.
If you can do it yourself, this of course will be a great contribution :)
12017-07-16 11:43:48 UTCSafwatHalaby I've been cleaning up the area. I'm not very knowledgeable on this subject, but could you explain the "ההיכל" and "שער האולם" and "בית קדשי הקדושים"? I don't see them here:
22017-07-17 11:29:58 UTCדוד-צבי These are places where holy places stood for Judaism. You can find the details in the Bible
32017-07-17 11:43:06 UTCדוד-צבי There were two temples there: from 830 BCE until 420 BC (the First Temple, the Book of Melakhim), and from the year 350 BCE until 70 CE (the Second Temple, the Book of Ezra).
42017-07-18 08:12:30 UTCSafwatHalaby Thanks.
52017-11-13 07:23:01 UTCzstadler Hi דוד-צבי,
Are there any remains "ההיכל", "שער האולם" and "בית קדשי הקדושים" in existence?
As says:
"For features which no longer exist see
62017-11-13 07:43:27 UTCSafwatHalaby It is likely that there are remains below the dome.
I don't think there are visible remains.
72017-11-15 15:37:08 UTCדוד-צבי Of course, there are many remains under the upper plaza
82017-11-15 15:53:31 UTCדוד-צבי This is the holiest place for Judaism. On the other hand, Islam is of third importance, and there is great controversy in Islam whether this is indeed the place (the Koran is mentioned "Praise be to the one who drove his slave with the night of the Al-Haram Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Everyth...
12017-11-13 12:12:42 UTCzstadler Hi דוד-צבי,
Here are also several self-intersecting ways.
See them at,self_intersection_points
Please use multi-polygons to map areas with &quo...
12017-11-13 12:08:03 UTCzstadler See
12017-11-13 12:07:55 UTCzstadler See
12017-11-12 09:05:44 UTCzstadler Hi דוד-צבי,
The addition of the "רמאללה" name tag to the residential area of Ramalla
created duplicate labels for the city, in addition to
Please delete the name tags
12017-11-04 09:03:44 UTCSanniu and - are they roundabouts?
22017-11-04 18:10:01 UTCדוד-צבי Yes, new
32017-11-04 18:11:00 UTCדוד-צבי According to Netivei Israel
42017-11-05 07:20:34 UTCSanniu Thx, fixed.
12017-10-02 06:17:24 UTCzstadler Thanks for the fix!
12017-09-26 12:42:45 UTCzstadler שלום דוד-צבי,

תודה על העריכה!

In this changeset you have added a tracktype tag to
Unfortunately, the value "grade3-5" is not an option. Please choose "grade3", "grade4" or "grade5".
12017-09-24 09:24:34 UTCSanniu 431 at the last segment doesn't look like motorway and not tagged as such
22017-09-25 16:55:42 UTCדוד-צבי He is not like that - there's already a traffic light at the intersection before the last one.
But see WikiProject Israel: "First rule for numbered roads: The category is determined by the color of the sign, not by the number of digits!"
In this section, too, the color of the sign is blu...
12017-09-17 12:21:12 UTCדוד-צבי Repair: as a Trunk road*
12017-08-21 03:43:17 UTCdsh4 Hi David,

I see you changed Route 40 north of 471 from primary to trunk. We're discussing that, and another recent edit of yours, on the forum, here:

You are welcome to join the discussion there.

22017-08-21 10:32:09 UTCדוד-צבי The road in this section is part of a plan for a road that will cross the city from the east (west of the Sirkin camp). See the
32017-08-21 18:57:28 UTCdsh4 Sure, but those plans don't affect the "highway" tag's value. The "highway" tag's value should reflect the current status of a road; there are other tags for mapping the planned (future) status.
42017-08-22 15:19:03 UTCדוד-צבי Right about planning. Mistake.
But regardless, see - "First rule for numbered roads: The category is determined by the color of the sign, not by the number of digits!" (Conventions and Guidelines> Inter-city Roads)
The signpost of...
52017-08-23 01:57:28 UTCdsh4 That rule suggests that the portion of Route 40 north of this changeset and south of Sgula Junction should, too, be upgraded to trunk.

Point taken, though. If I disagree with the criteria I'll start a new thread on the forums. Cheers!
12017-07-31 09:53:55 UTCzstadler אני מניח שהתכוונת שהשביל על החומה סביב מגדל דוד לא מתחבר לשביל על החומה דרומה ממנו
22017-08-01 18:43:51 UTCדוד-צבי אכן כך. בדקתי זאת בעצמי לפני מספר שבועות
12017-07-30 21:36:29 UTCzstadler האם השביל שמיפית בראש החומה צריך לעבור גם מעל שער יפו
22017-07-30 22:05:59 UTCzstadler אני מניח שכן. תקן אותי אם אני טועה
32017-07-31 07:26:51 UTCדוד-צבי בפירוש לא. הכביש נכנס לעיר דרך פתח מחולט בחומה (לא שער). השביל לא יכול לעבור שם כי זה חלק בלי חומה כלל
42017-07-31 07:33:14 UTCדוד-צבי זה מעבר שנפתח ע"י הפחה העות'מאני לכבוד ביקורו של הקייזר הגרמני שביקר בעיר בי"ג חשוון ה'תרנ"ח - 29 באוקטובר 1898. הפתח נפתח ע"מ שהקיסר יוכל לעבור עם מרכבתו ופמליי...
12017-07-13 07:27:22 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-07-14 09:30:37 UTCדוד-צבי Yes, new
32017-07-16 06:48:28 UTCSanniu Ok, thx, marked it as such to help routing engines.
12017-06-29 07:15:01 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
12017-05-16 05:26:57 UTCSafwatHalaby You changed name but not name:he
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