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12018-06-11 04:29:47 UTCSafwatHalaby Hello Ynhockey! Your name change to (bus stop ref: 54) has been automatically reverted by the bus stop update script.
The reason behind this is explained in
12018-04-04 06:29:22 UTCSanniu Why to rename? Is there any official info that the hospital name was changed? And if so, old name should be preserved in tags - it's widely known in the area.
22018-04-04 06:51:12 UTCYnhockey Hi, yes it's official, it has been a while so I felt that it's about time to rename. You are right about alternative names etc., most people still know it as Assaf HaRofeh and this is unlikely to change soon, similarly to how Rabin MC is still called either Beilinson or HaSharon. I will modify the n...
32018-04-04 06:53:00 UTCYnhockey Also: there is an inconsistency in regards to hospitals in Israel, some have 'hospital' in the name while others don't. In Israel this is important because of all the bureaucratic terminology—so I think we should include that word as well.
12017-12-07 10:35:15 UTCSanniu End of HaMelacha is one-way dead-end now, also turn from HaMelacha to HaAmal is wrong way, can you check?
22017-12-07 11:28:16 UTCYnhockey Hi, I think I have fixed it. Let me know if there is a problem.
32017-12-07 11:35:40 UTCSanniu Now it looks OK, thx!
12017-07-21 06:24:59 UTCzstadler There seems that a new building added in this changeset:
is overlapping an existing building:
22017-07-21 10:54:10 UTCYnhockey This is intentional:
32017-07-23 07:40:35 UTCzstadler Thanks! I didn't notice the "building:part" tag...
42017-10-25 19:32:10 UTCzstadler Would it be possible to define this building part without using any node more than once (except for closing the way)?
The current shape creates a self-intersecting way.
52017-10-25 19:34:02 UTCYnhockey It's possible, if the part is split into five. Can you point me to an explanation of why this is such a big problem though? The linked page only says it could be a problem. Why?
62017-10-25 21:14:29 UTCzstadler The problem is when software tries to analyze the shapes in the map or store them in geographic databases that allow search. A self-intersecting polygon created issues.
For example, there is an error when reading this way to the search database for
To avoid self-inter...
72017-10-25 21:52:58 UTCzstadler The shape in the previous comment got distorted.
Please see if or something similar can replace
82017-11-03 23:26:44 UTCYnhockey I have modified the building, hopefully it doesn't cause the same problems anymore.
92017-11-05 13:00:40 UTCzstadler Thanks!
I appreciate your help!
12017-09-26 23:26:36 UTCzstadler Hi,
In this edit you added, but this gate is not connected to any footway or path.
22017-09-27 20:44:51 UTCYnhockey I put a foot path there now, but don't remember which entrance exactly it connects to. Hopefully I am not in Beilinson again soon to find out!
32017-09-28 11:44:43 UTCzstadler Thanks!
I've connected the footway to the nearest road. Further tuning can be done in the future.
12017-07-14 17:50:46 UTCSanniu is not connected to anything else, thus excludes it from pedestrian routing, can you connect to surrounding streets, where appropriate?
22017-07-14 18:25:42 UTCYnhockey Hi, I admit I don't use OSM for navigation, so things like that could occur in my changesets. I have added a number of new paths for this central square (it's accessible from all directions).
32017-07-14 18:27:13 UTCSanniu Thanks:)
12017-07-01 07:28:06 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-07-04 08:34:00 UTCYnhockey Fixed.
12017-06-28 07:18:18 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-28 11:24:36 UTCYnhockey Fixed.
32017-06-28 11:25:21 UTCSanniu thx
12017-06-28 07:19:06 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-28 11:25:15 UTCYnhockey Fixed.
12017-06-28 07:17:19 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-28 11:25:11 UTCYnhockey Fixed.
12017-06-28 07:13:08 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-28 11:25:08 UTCYnhockey Fixed.
12017-06-18 08:56:55 UTCSanniu Kfar Ganim or Kfar Ganim A?
22017-06-23 19:36:30 UTCYnhockey I think the neighborhoods are labeled separately in Hebrew: כפר גנים א, ב, ג. Should be reflected in English, I suppose.
32017-06-25 14:09:51 UTCSanniu Ok, fixed
12017-06-25 14:08:05 UTCSanniu - מסדה or מצדה?
12017-06-14 05:26:44 UTCSanniu is it יצחק למדן or הרב ירמה?
22017-06-14 10:10:05 UTCYnhockey Good question. I haven't visited the area in a while, but according to all the other mapping services, Lamdan is the pedestrian footway between Rothschild and Krol. However, if that small street is Yerma, then it sort of doesn't make sense. Consider this (from Rothschild):
12017-06-07 07:15:41 UTCSanniu look like roundabout? Is it?
22017-06-07 08:51:20 UTCYnhockey Thanks, I have added the tag.
12017-05-25 07:48:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Hey, I'm not that familiar with 3d tagging, but according to the following Wiki page, all building:parts should be wrapped with a building outline:

This does not appear to be the case e.g. here:
22017-05-25 09:50:37 UTCYnhockey That method would be quite terrible, as it would create conflicts in the building outline. I am reading the page in the same way you are, but maybe they meant something else, because this method wouldn't work properly in any of the common renderers (like OSMBuildings, etc.). What does make sense is ...
32017-05-25 12:15:09 UTCSafwatHalaby I don't know of any, and I don't know much about this in general.
12017-05-17 14:46:06 UTCSanniu It should be halt, not station in my opinion - no switches and other attributes of the station
22017-05-17 15:14:42 UTCYnhockey I think all passenger stations in Israel should be labeled as station, because they all have significant infrastructure associated with them. The last "pirate" station with no entrance and no security was Yavne (east) afaik, until its renovation. We also don't have stations lacking a fixed...
32017-05-18 07:45:55 UTCSanniu Yeah, rendering is the strong point here. About service stations like Nahal Sorek I prefer to follow rules.
12017-05-10 10:57:48 UTCYnhockey Hi Flayer, I am not sure why you removed part of the Midtown office tower building. Is there a particular reason? It's meant for the 3D display, in 2D it might look at bit awkward, but the angle was not an accident.
12017-04-16 07:56:44 UTCSafwatHalaby Your changeset has overlapping buildings.
22017-04-17 09:20:03 UTCSafwatHalaby My apologies. Appears to be a multi-level building. All good.
12017-01-24 11:06:22 UTCSanniu Way: 229036528 - no tags - what is it?
22017-01-24 15:24:54 UTCYnhockey Fixed.
32017-03-27 10:02:38 UTCzstadler Apparently, it was not fixed.
still has no tags.
12017-03-27 10:00:57 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. What is it?
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