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12017-07-06 03:08:34 UTCTheSwavu This:

is not the Barossa Valley it's the Barossa Valley Character Preservation District which is something different.
12017-06-12 16:01:40 UTCPaul Johnson Village boundary? I don't follow what's going on here...
22017-06-12 19:17:27 UTCnyuriks @paul, I simply added wikidata tag for the corresponding wikipedia tag. Are there any problems with the data?
32017-06-20 11:45:40 UTCPaul Johnson Does OSU count as it's own village?
12017-05-31 21:38:47 UTCsamely Hi! Thanks for your contribution. I found you added wiki id, however those don't match with any wiki entry. Can you confirm your source?
22017-06-01 02:41:47 UTCnyuriks @samely, hi, specifically which object are you referring to?
32017-06-01 19:53:50 UTCsamely Hey! see this:
42017-06-02 19:23:49 UTCnyuriks Hi, i have been trying to open that history link, but it keeps giving me timeout errors. Looking at the way object itself, the wikidata item seems to be set correctly, and that's the only thing I was doing.
12016-11-18 02:10:50 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I think that something has gone wrong here. You've set the wikidata ID of both and to .
They're different entities on the ground. Can you explain how you actually ...
22016-11-18 02:13:05 UTCSomeoneElse Likewise and have been assigned the same wikidata ID. In this case should they perhaps share one relation that has the same wikidata ID?
32016-11-18 03:06:28 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, thanks, good catch. I'm trying to get the Wikipedia and Wikidata tags in sync. Seems that the Wikipedia tag have been set to an identical value on both. I will investigate - maybe only one of them should have it?
42016-11-18 03:15:11 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, I fixed the first one - it should have had a different Wikidata ID, as well as a different (more prescise) Wikipedia link. I cannot figure out why the second pair have identical WP and WD links, without being identical. The WP article doesn'...
52016-11-18 14:08:27 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - the Administrative Derbyshire's wikidata link looks OK (the sv:wikipedia page looks a bit rubbish, but we'll gloss over that - a wikipedia problem, not an OSM issue).
As things currently stand I don't think and
62016-11-18 19:14:01 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for looking into it!
The first issue is really about Wikipedia vs Wikidata linking -- sometimes WP article covers both the village and civil parish, while WD item claims it is both, but it is really about just one meaning. Do we really want to link to both is an open question - IMO only ...
72016-11-18 21:45:31 UTCSomeoneElse Re "Do we really want to link to both is an open question" it would probably make sense not to link to either if the thing that you're linking from in OSM is something else entirely. To be honest, I'm still struggling understand what I asked at the top - "what you're actually trying ...
82016-11-18 23:15:23 UTCnyuriks I posted a long reply to but it is pending moderator approval. I tried to explain both my method and reasoning. I simply locked the volatile Wikipedia link as a Wikidata ID - I have not touched the objects that did not have a Wikipedia tag alrea...
92016-11-19 00:29:34 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I'm sure that the post will be approved shortly.
102016-11-19 01:00:36 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse -
112016-11-20 07:03:06 UTCnyuriks fixed two more dups - - the rest (957519,957520 - Barnby Moor CP, and 1976182,4077796,1976184 European walking route E2 - seems legit. We don't need to have a perfect 1:1 between wikidata and osm - just like WP links, multiple objects in OSM can point...
122016-12-12 00:24:29 UTCSomeoneElse It's been over 3 weeks now - are you going to fix the errors in this changeset? Some examples noted above, but there are many others.
132016-12-12 10:02:07 UTCnyuriks SomeoneElse, yes, I am working on it. You can always reach me on IRC - "yurik".
142017-05-19 09:37:22 UTCSomeoneElse Well, It's been over 5 months now - are you going to fix the errors in this changeset? The Dunham-on-Trent example is still wrong, but there are many others.
12017-04-12 11:07:35 UTCSK53 I very much doubt the buildings with name=Beaconsfield Street are actually called that. I imagine the tag should be addr:street. Please do check when tweaking tags that they actually make sense!
22017-04-17 20:22:16 UTCnyuriks thanks, silly mistake, i looked at them but my mind didn't register the weirdness. Thanks for catching it!
12017-03-24 18:46:05 UTCmuralito Hi, nyuriks.

There are two elements that models a river, one relation for all ways that are waterways, and another relation to drwa the water body. See for example and

What do you think? The wikipedia...
22017-03-24 18:57:10 UTCnyuriks That's a good question. While my database side tells me to normalize data, and never have any dups (e.g. have a "river master relation" that includes the river names in every language, wikipedia, wikidata, and any other shared tags that apply to the whole river), I understand there are pro...
12017-03-18 21:24:46 UTCmuralito The relation of level 4 and level 8 have the same boundaries but represents different entities in the real world, one the city and other the federal government.

Its a case like Washington DC.

I think it should not be merged.
12017-03-07 09:23:15 UTCmueschel Please don't change the established wikipedia tag to things like
and so on. Such changes have to be discussed first.

22017-03-07 14:20:17 UTCnyuriks Hi, you are right that they need to be more organized. I made a proposal for it

Also, thanks to wikidata, we can clean up wikipedia tags now (almost 2,000 already done):
12017-03-06 03:03:53 UTCarchie Why are you deleting the swedish link to wikipedia?
22017-03-06 03:17:22 UTCnyuriks Deleting??? Please look carefully, the link was broken -- it used incorrect language code, so I picked the first related article I could found instead of simply deleting it. So no, it is not "abuse from a user", please check carefully before saying things like that.
32017-03-06 03:36:41 UTCarchie Well, the languagecod was se insted of sv. But why didn't you simply correct it from se to sv. Insted you changed the wp-link to a complete other language? I call this nearly abuse. This island is in Sweden. So why not change to local language?
42017-03-06 03:42:10 UTCarchie I commented my changeset with: "Altering what looks like abuse from user ". You choose to shorten to "abuse from a user".
52017-03-06 03:54:04 UTCnyuriks "se" here is not a languagecode, but a code for one of the Wikipedias projects (which are tied to the language code). "se:Hamburgö" is meaningless, because no system will ever show you a wiki article. It doesn't matter if the language code is wrong, or the typo in the name. ...
62017-03-06 04:25:44 UTCarchie You could have fixed this from changing the e in se to v in sv. You were editing on an object in Sweden. A carefull editor - as you are - would immediately have noticed that this was a case of misspelling (on my part, actually!). Insted you made things worse. Your editing can't be called carefull, c...
12017-03-03 20:26:36 UTCJo Cassel Hallo,
ich bin überrascht über die Änderung
wikipedia:xx=* --> wikipedia=xx:*
Denn unter
Wird für Sammelartikel (wie Listen) genau die von mir gewählte Variante angemahnt???
22017-03-03 21:16:14 UTCnyuriks Hi Jo, thanks for the comment! I am working on cleaning up all lists and disambiguation pages in wikipedia tags. For example, My scripts generate a list of all wikipedia tags that point to disambiguation list - we have already cleaned up almost...
32017-03-03 22:11:00 UTCnyuriks I just updated my auto-generated page with lists: -- these are only wikipedia articles with their wikidata's "instance of" = Q13406463 and Q15623926, but I could obviously add more. Let me know!
42017-03-03 23:22:36 UTCnyuriks See
12017-03-03 16:17:11 UTCAlexey87 Я вернул бы island для (и под вопросом насчёт Чёткое разграничение island/islet имеет смысл для крупных водоёмов, где большо...
22017-03-03 21:40:17 UTCnyuriks Alexey87, спасибо что посмотрели. Я прочитал на вики про islet (там несколько страниц в en & de), но там в основном обсуждается размер, а не то что это является ориентиром. Я в...
32017-03-03 22:22:39 UTCnyuriks Вот ещё нашёл - -- "...ignores islets, regardless of inhabitation status" -- то есть для islet не важно если там кто-то живёт.
12017-03-02 20:18:51 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please can you explain this change, as far as I know wikipedia tags are not case sensitive. Who decided they must start with a capital letter?
22017-03-02 20:25:05 UTCnyuriks Hi @trigpoint, the Wikipedia title has a "normalized" form (actually the rules for it are very complex, such as each portion of the title has to be capital first, such as namespace, after namespace, and after each "/" if subpages are enabled). Plus some url decoding, spaces inste...
32017-03-03 22:09:55 UTCnyuriks I just updated my auto-generated page with lists: -- these are only wikipedia articles with their wikidata's "instance of" = Q13406463 and Q15623926, but I could obviously add more. Let me know
42017-03-03 22:10:23 UTCnyuriks oops, wrong changeset, sorry.
12017-02-09 10:17:13 UTCineiev The data tags pointed to village data; now they point to municipal unit (сельское поселение) this village is the centre of. I'd expect the new tags on the relation of the municipal unit rather than on the village.
22017-02-09 10:37:59 UTCnyuriks Sorry, my mistake, fixed. Thanks for catching it! Please take a look at -- see if we can come up with some overall guidelines for wp/wd tags. And see if you can help with - there...
32017-02-09 15:17:09 UTCineiev Gorgeous! I will volunteer for your work if you find people to proofread my Russian translations :)
42017-03-02 04:01:10 UTCnyuriks heh, i'm not it for sure - i haven't written in it for 20+years :)
12017-02-27 00:58:34 UTCnyuriks oops, wrong description, simply added wd tag
12017-02-04 11:31:36 UTCtrial Please switch subject:wikipedia back to wikipedia.
22017-02-04 19:55:36 UTCnyuriks @trial, thanks for checking. There are two different ways with the same wikipedia tag: 64658252 and 42862082 (in Paris and in Nancy), but the WP article points only to Paris location. Also, there is a relation 907555 that uni...
32017-02-04 21:18:18 UTCtrial Good point, I suggest to replace the tag by this one:
is better than subject:wi...
12017-02-04 00:46:16 UTCVerdy_p nyuriks says "there is no boundary tag - seems like the community is still deciding on how to clasify these objects)". This is known: these had boundary tags that were converted to "disused:" but kept in OSM due to the number of open data sets depending on them for their visualis...
22017-02-04 00:48:09 UTCVerdy_p Note: all this is discussed on the French OSM mailing list and summarized on the OSM wiki ! So how to classify these is already "decided" since long.
32017-02-04 01:10:04 UTCnyuriks @verdy_p, thanks for a thorough answer! I was simply referring to the JOSM complaining that there is no boundary tag for the type=boundary relation. We should either change the validation rules and update wiki, or add some boundary=... tag, or change type= tag to something else.
42017-02-04 14:06:57 UTCVerdy_p JOSM does not complain, you just don't have the correct sect of presets loaded; and the default presets aren't enough to conclude, JOSM just sends a warning about what it currently does not know with its default basic preset.
See also the other tags and in doubt look at history of objects
12017-02-03 07:18:26 UTCjc86035 Hi, you might want to check for redirects / page moves when doing this. zh:藍田站 was a disambiguation page (turned into a redirect) and the Wikidata item wasn't updated (I merged it)
22017-02-03 22:32:38 UTCnyuriks Thanks! Sorry for the mistake.
12017-01-30 00:01:32 UTCpnorman This is very wrong, as the relation claims the mason-dixon line is a state. Add name and other tags as appropriate to the ways that make up the line
22017-01-30 00:05:03 UTCpnorman_mechanical This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45635595 where the changeset comment is: Revert relation claiming mason-dixon line is a state
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22017-01-28 06:23:49 UTCjustinfm
12016-12-08 05:54:36 UTCCarnildo Some of these tags don't seem to be appropriate. For example, "Hillside" ( and "Walker's Point" ( both have the Wikidata tag "Q6988108", which is "Neighborhoods of Milwau...
22017-01-04 22:35:06 UTCnyuriks Carnildo, thanks, totally forgot about this issue - I have easily found all affected items using relation["wikipedia"~"#"]["wikidata"]["admin_level"];
query. That said, these are not incorrect Wikidata IDs, they are simply less then accurate, and should be...
32017-01-05 11:16:31 UTCnyuriks Ok, done - all Milwaukee neighborhoods (wikidata=Q6988108) have been fixed - i created wd items for them
42017-01-05 21:11:40 UTCCarnildo Thanks -- that seems like the best solution.
12017-01-04 16:45:49 UTCescada Please do not set the same wikipedia & wikidata tag to admin_level 8 & 9 instances. E.g. refers to Ieper (gemeente/stad) including "deelgemeente", so clearly admin_level 8
22017-01-05 11:09:09 UTCnyuriks *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
32017-01-05 11:21:48 UTCescada The items with level 8 & 9 represent different objects. Why would they get the same wikipedia/wikidata values ? It's clear that the wikidata item refers to the admin_level 8, so why bother adding one to admin_level 9 ?

This is the same as saying " there is no wikidata ID for a town, let'...
12017-01-04 17:47:36 UTCdatendelphin Please use a dedicate user account for such mechanical edits
Link to the wiki page describing your edit from the changeset (description=)
I map in Switzerland, I think you should announce the edit on the local mailing list.
22017-01-05 10:59:30 UTCnyuriks My apologies, I have simply added the corresponding wikidata tag to the admin areas that have wikipedia tags. The iD does it automatically whenever you set Wikipedia tag. We should probably at some point automate this for all nodes, but this is a separate and long discussion ahead :)
12017-01-04 07:47:34 UTCtyr_asd nice work. thanks!
12017-01-02 22:16:33 UTCnyuriks oops, uploaded all instead of just poland ( which is the majority of these) :( Sorry about that.
22017-01-02 22:46:37 UTCButterflyOfFire_ :) Thanks !
12016-12-17 13:38:36 UTCSomeoneElse Is the name of 117730 correct? It was last edited by a user who changed it from what I thought it was called.
12016-12-07 16:05:37 UTCSupaplex Thanks for adding Taiwan admin boundary Wikidata ID and Wikipedia tag.
12016-12-06 13:45:12 UTCnyuriks Sorry about this one, I meant to break it into smaller ones. All these are admin_level=6 relations with Wikipedia links being redirects.
22016-12-07 08:02:57 UTCSrihari Thalla Yeah, you could have broken into smaller changesets. Maybe next time :)
I've monitoring changes in my town and your changeset appears in history!
12016-12-06 12:37:00 UTCSK53 At least one of these assignments is incorrect Newton data does not apply to the OSM element Newton CP
22016-12-06 12:45:41 UTCSK53 Actually data looks OK, but the wikipedia article link is wrong & the wikipedia article looks to be out-of-date.
32016-12-07 06:58:31 UTCnyuriks @SK53, sorry not sure what you mean. I looked at Newton - - seems to be in order and matching the Wikipedia article. I couldn't find Netwon CP, only Newton Valence - if you think there is an error, let me kno...
12016-12-01 18:00:57 UTCSomeoneElse This is another huge changeset - please try and restrict the geographical area of them so that local users can easily see locally affected data.
22016-12-01 18:47:23 UTCnyuriks @SomeoneElse, thanks, makes sense. I am trying to finish admin-level=6, whose leftovers are scattered around the globe. Do you know an easy way to select an area in JOSM, and from it select all participating relations? This way I can upload one area at a time.
32016-12-01 22:49:13 UTCSomeoneElse I'm probably not the best person to ask, but maybe download what you want (using Overpass if necessary because of the area), then just select what you want with the mouse? If you're working through a list, maybe the JOSM "todo" plugin would help (assuming it's still called that, and still...
12016-12-01 10:39:25 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't create "worldwide" changesets like this. You've copied data from wikipedia from multiple continents here. Local mappers will have to check all your work, and its much harder for them to do that if a changeset spans most of the globe.
12016-11-23 15:07:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I've noticed that has a property "OpenStreetMap Relation ID=158392".
Is that (a) a good idea, given that OSM IDs may change and (b) ODBL compliant (see
Obviously this isn't directly related to the chang...
22016-11-23 17:20:10 UTCnyuriks LOL :) - i repeatedly said that property should be deleted, but some insist that it is needed because it is hard to do database joins (causing data duplication and ambiguity and mistakes inst...
32016-11-23 21:00:39 UTCnyuriks *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
42016-11-24 00:59:09 UTCnyuriks My colleague helped me with this nice query - gets all of the admin/sub-admin/sub-sub... regions for any country. We could add some other fun things like geo coordinates for validation, or just compare with the names.
12016-11-18 21:03:28 UTCwoodpeck You seem to be using an automated process to match Wikidata tags to exisitng OSM entries. This is a mechanical edit that requires prior discussion and agreement in the community. See
22016-11-18 21:28:46 UTCnyuriks @woodpeck, thanks for the heads up! I was using the JOSM's Wikipedia plugin - "Fetch Wikidata IDs" command to lookup IDs for rels and ways which had Wikipedia tag already. In the process I also uncovered a number of plugin bugs, some of which are now fixed. The process was not automated -...
32016-11-18 21:49:50 UTCwoodpeck Yeah, it is ok (even desirable) to add wikidata plugins to an individual object that you are looking at and that you have knowledge about, but it is not ok to simply mark everything and have the plugin slap on wikidata tags wholesale - that would then count as a mechanical edit.
42016-11-18 22:11:22 UTCnyuriks Understood, I will mostly work on high level objects (admin level <= 6) - those are easy to check, and provide the most interest to me.
52016-11-19 01:01:20 UTCnyuriks P.S. posted my thoughts at
62016-11-23 15:21:11 UTCwoodpeck I have read your forum entry, and what you are doing there (automatically adding Wikidata IDs with a JOSM plugin) is clearly a mechanical edit. You should not be doing that kind of editing across the globe without involving the local community and discussing your approach on a suitable mailing list,...
72016-11-23 17:17:14 UTCnyuriks Woodpeck, I have already stopped changing any objects except the admin levels regions 1-6, and even those I have greatly slowed down, and began reviewing most of the auto-resolved wikidata IDs. I will cease further automodifications, and instead concentrate on getting wikidata tags quality review fo...
12016-11-23 01:34:46 UTCSomeoneElse You've got the link on at least Nottingham wrong here. The city is, the admin area is . should link ot the latter, the ...
22016-11-23 04:55:19 UTCnyuriks Thanks, fixed. I will review all admin levels vs wikidata very soon - there is a lot more cleanup work to do, esp because there are some WD entries that represent multiple things.
12016-11-21 13:21:12 UTCSomeoneElse For info, in Lithuania I'd strongly suggest that you contact the local community, based on a complaint to a previous wikidata-adder in the area:
12016-11-19 11:59:20 UTCSomeoneElse Before continuing to add wikidata worldwide, may I respectfully suggest you try and address the issues introduced in ?
22016-11-19 12:00:43 UTCSomeoneElse Also it would appear that there hasn't even been a cursory glance given to the data being changed here - the name:en typo in would have been obvious if there had have been.
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