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12017-03-25 15:28:04 UTCchillly We don't add postcodes to area. We only ever add postcodes to individual addresses. These can be a house or a business. To add a postcode the individual buildings can be drawn and have the postcode attached.

Adding a postcode to an area doesn't work well, as most residential areas have multiple p...
12017-03-25 15:24:25 UTCchillly Hi, you have drawn the outline of something you have named 'Woodland'. You have used a name as a description which we don't do. If the area is a woodland it needs to be tagged as natural=wood. If it has a real name then it can be added, but a lot of woodland has no name.
12017-03-22 15:32:53 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail. It needs a little change to be more useful.
You have added a point with only a name. OSM needs a tag to know what the object is and so how to display it. I would suggest you need to add amenity=clinic as well as the name

Hope that helps
12017-03-22 14:05:22 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is Ben's house really an embassy? Can we stick to facts please? :-)
12017-03-22 14:03:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Disused premises can be marked as such. A consistent way is to change from amenity=bar to disused:amenity=bar. You may remove the name too. This will prevent it showing up on the map.
12017-03-21 18:22:50 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Your parks seem a little odd. Parc Y Peggrem is clearly over the top of a house and garden.

Parc y Llew is over the top of a recreation ground, which looks a better choice of tag to me. It also has the English name in the Welsh name tag (name:cy is for Welsh). Parc y Ddraig is a...
12017-03-21 17:19:23 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have drawn a park over the top of a road. Are you sure there is a park there?
12017-03-21 14:48:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I wonder if you were experimenting with the editor and save your experiment. You have changed a pet shop into an interior design shop, that's fine if you meant that, but you added another interior design shop at the same place and somehow joined them in a boundary relation which ou...
22017-03-21 15:00:19 UTCdialogueuk Yes please...
Perfect Pets has moved out, and Redvers Interiors moved in. There shroud not be a second shop or a boundary relation!

Any help appreciated.
32017-03-21 15:09:09 UTCchillly OK, I have tidied up the extra shop and relation. It may take a few minutes to appear and you may need to refresh the cache in your browser to see the change.
42017-03-21 15:22:06 UTCdialogueuk Thanks, much appreciated.

Regards, Dave/.
12017-03-20 19:04:54 UTCchillly I think you have worried about the name not appearing and changed something that was already right. Is the whole area really a building, with a building in it? I'll try to put this right. Please be patient about the name appearing, it will.
12017-03-20 13:42:25 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

This looks a strange place for a waste basket. They are usually in a public place, often next to a road.

Combined with your note, is this an attempt to highlight a waste problem, such as fly tipping? If so, you could try using a reporting site like\...
12017-03-19 15:39:54 UTCchillly Looks good, thanks
12017-03-19 15:25:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
I see you have added Humbleton Farm, which is great. We outline the farmyard, as best we can, and ass landuse=farmyard, not place=farm. That will make it consistent with most farms in the UK on OSM
22017-03-19 15:30:25 UTCtrigpoint You have also joined it to a powerline, which is obviously incorrect and to the centreline of Mill Lane.
32017-03-19 15:37:55 UTCdelfimo Apologies. Have sorted now. Deleted old area as unable to figure out how to change area.
12017-03-18 20:23:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is the wood really called New Town? It seems an odd name for a wood.
22017-03-18 21:00:55 UTCMartin Hügi Yes, it is the site of some houses that were abandon when the occupant died of Cholera several hundred years ago. At least so I am reliably informed by the landowner, Major Ted Barclay. There is actually a small pond at the NE corner that I could add in. I do the woodland management plans for the es...
32017-03-18 21:04:41 UTCchillly OK, interesting.

The wood has a 'hole' in it for the pond. So it needs a similar treatment as the other lake, only this time the wood is the 'outer' and the pond is the 'inner'. Draw the pond then select both the wood and the pond and merge them from the menu.
42017-03-18 21:11:11 UTCMartin Hügi Ok will give that a go, thanks
52017-03-18 21:18:14 UTCMartin Hügi Did that work? How do you add nodes to your polygons?
62017-03-18 21:49:19 UTCchillly You added the pond OK, but it is not in a 'hole' in the wood. As I said before, multipolygon editing is not as straightforward as simple editing.

To add new nodes to an existing polygon, select the polygon. click and drag one of the centre markers between two existing nodes. The marker will beco...
72017-03-18 21:52:06 UTCMartin Hügi How do you make a hole? Thanks for the new nodes info. What's an MP?
82017-03-18 21:57:18 UTCchillly MP=multipolygon.

In the online editor you are using you select both the wood and the pond (use shift click to select the second item). Then the ring menu has a plus (+) sign which is merge. Click that. That merges the two polygons as a multipolygon, thus making the pond into a hole in the wood. I...
12017-03-18 20:24:03 UTCchillly Hmmm, would a deciduous wood really be called The Firs? Where are you getting these names from?
22017-03-18 21:28:25 UTCMartin Hügi It is deciduous now. It was actually a Norway Spruce and European Larch plantation with some site-native broadleaved. So granted it should never have been called the Firs, but that's its name. Its quite common for people to refer to conifers as firs, but there are no native firs to the UK. Only plan...
32017-03-18 21:35:37 UTCMartin Hügi I work for the Woodland Trust as a project manager for ancient woodland restoration covering the SE and E of England. My work is all to do with converting ancient woodlands planted with non-native conifers to site-native broadleaf species. Here's a link to a guide to what I do that I wrote with a co...
42017-03-18 21:40:49 UTCMartin Hügi So do you need proof of what people are putting on OSM, how does it work. Do you do a certain amount of background checking to ensure it is not nonsense? Or does it really on the collective weight of many people to find and correct errors?
52017-03-18 21:41:22 UTCMartin Hügi Excuse typos.
62017-03-18 21:44:00 UTCchillly We generally accept most stuff, but lately there's been a lot of junk stuff added by people trying to cheat at a game that uses OSM as it's map source. It is clear now that your edits are real and useful, sorry for the skepticism.
72017-03-18 21:49:36 UTCMartin Hügi That's ok. It is Saturday night after all, so I would be suspicious too
12017-03-18 20:40:28 UTCchillly Hi,
You would be better to space the postcode as normal, SG9 0HF. If some uses the map data to search for a place, using postcodes is common, such as in a sat-nav. Badly spaced postcodes don't work
22017-03-18 20:44:46 UTCMartin Hügi Ok, what's normal? without the space then? I normally put a space, but then I accept I am not a SatNav. At least not knowingly.
32017-03-18 20:48:12 UTCchillly You have entered it without a space. It would normally have a space before the last three digits. I know more about postcodes than is good for me, I maintain the UK postcode layer for OSM.
42017-03-18 20:56:44 UTCMartin Hügi You are quite right. I had to check by starting to add another building. That's quite unusual for me, it was a typo. I normally put a space in, hence my first comment. I ocd-hate postcodes without spaces
52017-03-18 20:58:34 UTCchillly Everyone starting out makes mistakes. The great thing is everything can be changed and improved.

I hope you enjoy seeing your work for everyone else to see. If you need any help, feel free to send a message.
62017-03-18 21:02:13 UTCMartin Hügi Thanks
12017-03-18 20:29:07 UTCchillly Thanks for the detail. You have chosen a slightly advanced thing to edit, that is an object inside an object. We use an advanced object called a relation to draw the lake with a hole (the island) in it.

What you have done is useful, would you like a hand incorporating the island with the lake?
22017-03-18 20:42:49 UTCMartin Hügi Yes, ok. Thanks
32017-03-18 20:51:22 UTCchillly I've joined the lake and island in a multipolygon relation. I removed the address fields, they are only used for buildings. The tags on the lake have moved to the relation, as is the norm.
42017-03-18 21:01:40 UTCMartin Hügi ok, got it.
12017-03-18 11:16:10 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

It is always a bit worrying when a new editor's first edit deletes something. Your comment simply says 'deleted Well', but no explanation as to why. Was it closed? Was it never there? Could you explain a little please?
22017-03-18 12:20:52 UTCFirstyeoman Hi Chilly sorry this stems back to a while ago when I added the well because I couldn't find a water tower tag. I realise that the water tower was already there but I hadn't seen it because I had not zoomed in enough. I was simply getting rid of something that I had added but was never there. ( if a...
32017-03-18 12:32:05 UTCchillly That's fine, thanks for the explanation. From the aerial imagery that looks like a covered reservoir. If it is there are ways to map that ... :-)
12017-03-17 19:58:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a point with a name but you need to add a tag to describe what it is. Is this a place, a business, a building ... ?
22017-03-17 20:11:23 UTCGreg Krawchuk —James Hunter, a younger son of Hunter of
Hunterston, acquired the lands of Abbotshill, in the parish
of Ayr, from Alan Stewart, Abbott of Crossraquel, by a
charter, dated 11 May, 1569. He was father, by Janet Neil
his wife, of a son and heir,
James Hunter, 2nd of Abbotshill, who got a new ch...
32017-03-17 20:31:19 UTCchillly I would suggest that you draw the outline of the main house, traced from the aerial imagery, and add a tag building=house to that. Then add the name tag to that. An isolated house always looks better if the access road is drawn too. highway=service would probably be best with access=private if that...
12017-03-16 21:48:44 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is there a really a bar right in the middle of a junction? :-) You need to find the building the bar is in and add the point to that building.

Please if you need help
12017-03-16 16:36:42 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

That looks much more like a football pitch than a park, but if, as the name you used implies, it is a village green then we have a tag for that too.
22017-03-16 17:23:21 UTCRicky Burke Ah, I couldn't see the Village Green tag. It's sometimes used as a football pitch, but its primary function is a village green.
12017-03-16 15:54:57 UTCchillly This edit has substantially altered the shape of the building to not match its real-life shape. I think this is to support a fictional story. This is not good practice. I expect this edit will be reverted (undone), and possibly the previous one too. See the comment on your previous edit for more inf...
12017-03-16 15:52:11 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Judging by the comment you added to this edit you are making changes to factual data to support a fictional story. This is not really what would expect OSM edits to be about. Using OSM to support a fictional event is great, but not if the real life stuff is changed to support the f...
12017-03-15 14:43:39 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a restaurant in the middle of a road junction. It would be better to add it on the building that the restaurant is in. Adding the name only in portuguese means it will not show up in the UK. You might like to add the name, as it is shown on the name board, in the nam...
12017-03-14 13:34:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for this edit, detail is valuable. Unfortunately you have not quite got the tags right. We do not use the name tag to describe things, only to add a name. Gates and stiles need to be tagged with the barrier tag (barrier=gate for example).

You have added tourism=informati...
12017-03-13 22:26:35 UTCchillly Is this a park, or just a piece of grass? Everything that is green is not always a park.
12017-03-13 22:25:43 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

If this is a an area for children to play on equipment such as a slide, swings etc, you might be better to tag it as a playground rather than a park. Playgrounds are often an area in a larger park.

12017-03-13 22:20:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
What are you actually trying to do here?
You might find something like more appropriate for whatever it is.
Best Regards,
22017-03-13 22:23:33 UTCchillly This follows a pattern. Whoever is coordinating this would be best to talk to someone in OSM (by adding a comment here or sending a direct message to me). These edits are likely to be deleted, they are not useful in OSM, so this work will be lost.
12017-03-13 22:02:13 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

This is the second edit this evening adding a very strange plateau in this locality. Is this part of a course or a some other related group?

This really does not look valid for the area. I think both edits are likely to be removed.
22017-03-13 22:06:42 UTCSomeoneElse Unlike the other one, there probably is a bit of moraine under here (it's a raised bit west of the Rother and the clue's in the nae "Stonegravels") but ir's doesn't really belong in OSM as it stands.
What are you actually trying to do?
You might find something like
12017-03-13 21:48:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I'm guessing this was an experiment. The park, the mosque and the cave entrance all seem unlikely.

I can help out if you need this reverting (undoing).
12017-03-13 21:28:26 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have doodled a lot of types of stuff near Daniel Avenue. It is clearly a doodle, so I will revert (delete) it. You perhaps didn't realise your were saving to the live database.
12017-03-13 21:18:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

What is this edit all about? Did you realise that you were saving to the live database? You seem to have a very odd group of tags and names for an urban part of UK.

Do you need some help with this edit? I can remove it for you if that is what is needed.
22017-03-13 21:56:13 UTCSomeoneElse It's not much of a plateau certainly - St Augustine's Road is very much a hill with the river at the eastern end of it, and the road that drops down to Queen's Park is likewise.
What exactly is it supposed to be?
12017-03-13 18:31:01 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

With a comment about the edit of 'test' you have deleted data from the public database. Did you realise you were doing that? Do you need any help with this. I can undo your edit so the things you deleted are restored.
12017-03-13 18:16:22 UTCchillly This is an import, right? Where's the unique userid? Where's the wiki import page? Where's the Imports mailing list discussion?
22017-03-13 22:54:28 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Brian,
It looks like things may have got a bit ahead of themselves here.
The only list discussion that I can see for this is at , and that's not really a discussion as much as you saying "I'd like to import s...
32017-03-19 15:15:59 UTCpigsonthewing Other issues are already being discussed elsewhere, but "Betula sp" (strictly, with italicised "Betula" and period in "sp.") is the correct taxonomic designation for a specimen of the genus Betula, whose exact species is not known.
42017-03-19 17:17:34 UTCSK53 @pigsonthewing: there is also a widely used genus tag, which is particularly appropriate for trees not identified to species (and generally useful because of the vagaries of the taxonomy of various street trees).
12017-03-13 17:27:14 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The area you have added as a meadow is not one. A meadow is a very special type of land in the UK. It was already marked as farmland which looks correct to me.

I propose to revert (delete) this edit, what do you think?
12017-03-13 16:30:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The 'park' you have added is not a park in OSM terms. It is landuse=farmland. I doubt it is called "Farmer's Field". You have drawn it over the top of a number of houses.

I will revert (delete) this edit.
12017-03-13 16:03:56 UTCchillly This looks like a private garden. I will revert (delete) this edit.
12017-03-13 16:02:58 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Parks are best added as an area not just a point.
12017-03-09 21:01:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Looking at the park, I wonder if recreation ground might be better? The individual pitches can be mapped too if you want (leisure=pitch, sport=xxx) Does the park / rec have a name?
22017-03-13 15:41:29 UTClostmike Since Zopes is a Pokemon go player I think any added parks should be regarded as suspect.

32017-03-13 15:43:37 UTCchillly Only lost mike can read that message. Not all Pokémon players' work is poor quality.
42017-03-13 15:50:08 UTClostmike I agree. I was probably a little too harsh in my comment.
52017-03-13 16:13:43 UTCZopps I was entirely transparent mike. I have not and will not be adding any false data. True I am adding to experiment with the notion that osm data is used to govern the spawn of pokemon. But I am only adding real location data, which in turn furthers osm as a by product :)
62017-03-13 21:32:13 UTClostmike I agree. I apologise.
12017-03-12 15:22:46 UTCchillly Adding a pitch is a good idea. We usually draw the whole area like you have done and describe that as, say, a recreation ground. That can carry a name and maybe opening times. Then draw the outline of the pitch more precisely and only tag that as pitch and sport.

Hope that helps
12017-03-12 15:17:47 UTCchillly Added a park that covers the river really isn't the way to do it. You need to be more fine detailed than that.
12017-03-12 14:57:00 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added an area but you haven't tagged it as anything. OSM needs to know what you are adding in order to make use of it.

The second area looks a bit of a doodle. Do you need any help with this?
12017-03-11 12:57:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Looking at the aerial imagery, you seem to have a drawn a park over the top of some buildings. Have the buildings been demolished recently? Have you made a mistake? Do you need any help with this?
12017-03-10 21:46:43 UTCchillly Have these buildings really been destroyed or is this an effort to attract Pokémon?

I will revert this edit.
22017-03-10 22:42:29 UTCgreendra I'm pretty sure they blew up.


Just kidding. Sorry for wasting your time. A nice site / idea this whole community mapping thing is though :)
32017-03-10 23:05:07 UTCchillly It will be even better if you add some of your local knowledge too :-)

You Pokemon guys can help, you go out and about, even if you only add a little of what you see here and there it all helps.

12017-03-10 21:56:28 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

parks are better drawn as an area rather than a point.
12017-03-10 21:54:30 UTCchillly Thanks.

This stuff looks real. You might like to click the icon that makes the houses have right angles. Most houses have squared off corners.
12017-03-10 21:43:33 UTCchillly Another imaginary park. I will revert this too.
12017-03-10 21:43:07 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added a park over the top of a house.

We welcome new editors adding new stuff but it must be real stuff, in the right place, correctly described. This isn't, so I will revert (undo) this edit.
12017-03-09 22:02:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail.

Your small park has a name that looks like a description. We only use names that can be verified, so names on name boards for example.
12017-03-09 22:00:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

From the aerial imagery your park is someone's garden.

New edits are welcome but they must be real, in the right place and correctly described. I'm not sure your edit quite meets this. Do you need help?
12017-03-09 21:13:47 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added Cairntows park over the top of the existing Cairntows Park. I will remove your extra park. Pokémon will still recognise the old park :-)
12017-03-09 21:03:54 UTCchillly You can add an English name (name:en Dr Owen Park) and a Welsh name too (name:cw=Parc Dr Owen). Hope that makes sense, my Welsh is very sketchy.
22017-03-09 21:21:31 UTCZopps ok will do.

thanks for the input :)
12017-03-09 19:38:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the extra details.

In OSM terms this is a leisure=playground, not a park. Hope that helps.
12017-03-09 19:08:47 UTCchillly Putting imaginary stuff over the top of real stuff is vandalism.

I will revert this edit
12017-03-09 18:15:53 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added a park over the top of an existing park. This is not a good idea.

I will revert (undo) this edit.
22017-03-09 18:16:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, the park was already mapped so I have removed your duplication and put the name onto the existing area.
32017-03-16 15:44:00 UTCDaveF Removed
12017-03-09 18:09:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have changes a children's playground into a park. A park is an area not a point ( a playground is often an area too).

We welcome edits from everyone, but they need to be real things, in the right place and correctly described.
12017-03-09 18:00:04 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

We draw parks as areas, not points. It is usual to draw roads in first as part of a new development. It you don't have a GPS (or a phone with a GPS in it) maybe a note would be best saying there is a new development so someone else can follow it up later.
12017-03-09 15:11:27 UTCchillly Reverted
12017-03-09 15:10:52 UTCchillly I have reverted this and your second edit. Both involved dragging points to new places. You can create new points and lines rather than drag stuff around.
12017-03-05 17:34:05 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is there really a tourist attraction slap bang in the middle of Charing Cross road?
12017-03-04 14:19:23 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the detail. It looks as though you added the postcode as the house number. Adding the postcode correctly makes is easier to find
12017-03-03 23:11:40 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The restaurant looks rather close to the road. Shouldn't it be where the buildings are? Postcodes are very useful, but they need to be correctly formed, so they need a single space in the right place in the middle

12017-03-03 23:09:52 UTCchillly Again you need to add tags to describe what you have added. In OSM a ginnel is highway=service + service=alley.
12017-03-03 23:08:39 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a line with a name which looks like a description. We reserve the name tag for real names, usually from a sign. If the path is a path that isn't just informal, you need to add a tag to describe what it is, probably highway=footway.

12017-03-03 21:54:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Please don't experiment by adding to the live database. There's a host of ways to ask questions of the community. I will revert (undo) this edit.
12017-03-02 21:45:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is there really a defined footpath across a pitch and through the bushes?
12017-03-01 17:16:24 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have added a farm in the middle of a road. I expect that a farm will on the land at one side of the road. We are very fussy about copyright, taking stuff from a web site without permission is not the best.
12017-02-28 19:33:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I think you may have been trying out the editor and saved it by mistake. Even the lovely Liverpool doesn't have a desert on the outskirts. Would you like me to revert (undo) your edit?
12017-02-28 16:11:50 UTCMKnight We map for the Database and not for "the map". Should be revert.
22017-02-28 16:23:55 UTCSK53 Indeed, this is a personal judgement, based on a single use case. There are tens of use cases for the mapping of trees (including "because they are there" & no single user has any arbitrary right to override what is mapped based on a use case. As long as things can be ground truthed (for instance by...
32017-02-28 16:34:47 UTCchillly If you want to see the map without the trees, render your own map and ignore the trees, don't delete them!
12017-02-28 15:19:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the new details. I see you have added parks. Not everything that is a green space gets tagged as a park. The sports fields in particular are probably better tagged as a recreation ground. The individual pitches can then be drawn and tagged as leisure=pitch with a sport=x...
22017-02-28 15:20:45 UTCchillly Also, has the fire station now been turned into part of the green space?
32017-02-28 15:25:35 UTCsupptora Corrected those bits, but I'm unsure on adding the pitches as they're often not very clear/well managed.
42017-02-28 15:29:01 UTCchillly Just add what you feel you want to. More detail is good but if you make a mistake it can always be changed later. Any buildings you want to add create a lot of context for other features.

However, be careful.

Editing can be addictive!
52017-02-28 15:32:03 UTCsupptora Thanks. Haha, I'll try to not get too ahead of myself!
12017-02-27 19:36:40 UTCchillly Ye olde white hart was already in the map.
22017-02-27 21:13:55 UTCMapmoo Hi chilly,yeah I saw it after I zoomed out,I was looking at the exact place the pub is it's on the left of the path as you face north
12017-02-26 20:28:22 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have tagged the end of a road as Black Cat Motorcycles. I suspect that business isn't on the road, but in one of the buildings around the road. You might like to add a point to where the business really is and add the business details to that.

12017-02-25 14:34:44 UTCchillly I suggest that the footway joins Delamere road, so it should join the road by sharing a point on it. This allows router software to suggest a walking route using your new path.

12017-02-25 14:32:52 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
We generally don't add footpaths beside roads as separate entities. We use the sidewalk tag on the road to describe them instead.
12017-02-24 20:31:09 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The landuse=farm tagging you have removed is rather out of date because it was ambiguous. We now use landuse=farmland for example on fields, both arable and pasture. We use landuse=farmyard for the area around farm buildings.

12017-02-24 18:54:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added a blank point in London, England. Was this a mistake? Would you like me to remove it?
12017-02-24 18:44:43 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You've added your business at the end of a road, whereas I expect you business will be in one the buildings alongside the road. If you need any help, please ask
12017-02-24 13:54:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

If this is a play area, maybe a better tag would be leisure=playground
22017-02-24 13:55:16 UTCchillly Has the footpath you changed to be a road really been converted to a road?
32017-02-24 17:15:52 UTCalicecaddis It is a road but not a through road, looks better now, thanks.
12017-02-23 20:27:46 UTCchillly The line you have draw is intended to be a footpath, from your edit comment. You need to add tags to describe it - probably highway=footway. Footpaths are connected to other routes, such as the roads. This allows routers to describe routes using the footpath.

If you need help, please ask
12017-02-23 20:25:44 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added an area, but you haven't any tags to describe what the area is. It could be a park, a car park, a construction site ...

If you need any help, please ask.
12017-02-22 21:47:16 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You seem to have added a tourist viewpoint over a house. Would you like some help with this?
12017-02-20 21:26:01 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
I'm not sure what you are trying to add. You have added areas, but without any tags to describe what kind of object it is. Is it a building, a car park, a building site ...?
12017-02-19 16:08:01 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have added a couple of pedestrian ways. In the UK pedestrian roads are usually in urban areas, such as a pedestrian shopping street. I think you may mean highway=footway
22017-02-20 10:05:04 UTCblackadder Have cleaned up and added some more detail from BING
12017-02-18 20:20:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

If you are trying to help people find your business, you might like to add address details, especially the postcode, that helps people searching.
12017-02-18 16:58:52 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a name to a point for a park, but the park is already there. We try to only add any object once. You could have added the name to the area for the park.

OSM is a bit daunting for beginners, so I hope this helps. Please ask if you need help.
12017-02-18 16:55:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I'm not really sure what you were trying to do here. You have created an area, given it a name that looks like a road name and added something that looks like a postcode that can't apply to the whole area.

I wonder if you were experimenting and didn't mean to save this to the li...
22017-03-04 17:15:57 UTCBCNorwich No response so fiction removed.
12017-02-17 17:50:50 UTCchillly Are you sure there is a drain there? Were you experimenting? Do you need any help with this?
12017-02-16 22:53:01 UTCtrigpoint ??
22017-02-17 17:45:58 UTCchillly reverted
32017-02-17 17:46:41 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:52:41 UTCtrigpoint Personal marker?
22017-02-17 17:45:01 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:41:53 UTCtrigpoint More personal markers?
22017-02-17 17:44:23 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:40:36 UTCtrigpoint These look like personal markers, what are you trying to achieve?
22017-02-17 17:43:33 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-12 22:34:33 UTCtrigpoint A Chalet in Osbaston? Seems unlikely
22017-02-17 17:42:44 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 22:36:04 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this looks a bit odd. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe we can help.
22017-02-17 17:41:57 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-17 16:02:15 UTCchillly Are these really chalets? Why are there people's names on them?
22017-02-17 17:41:14 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-17 17:40:16 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-16 21:10:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
We don't accept these kind of personal memoirs. I have removed it.
12017-02-16 14:29:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have marked out the route of something but you haven't tagged it to show what it is. If you want to show a farm track you need to add a tag, such as highway=track or highway=service so the renderer knows what to do with it.

12017-02-14 15:46:03 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have deleted a lot of stuff for your map design project. Do you realise that this is a public deletion? Are you trying to create a map image with less stuff on it or has this deleted stuff really disappeared from the world?

I will revert (undo) this edit in a few min...
22017-02-14 16:15:41 UTCAdamGlo Please do, i was trying to create a personal custmised map, but dont know exactly how to do this
32017-02-14 16:19:01 UTCchillly Any editing of the data here is public, so anything you add, change or delete affects everyone.
12017-02-13 18:13:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM, thanks for the detail.

In the changeset comment you mention the builders' plans. We cannot use copyright sources to edit OSM unless you have written approval to use that data specifically for OSM.

You can just walk around the site and see what is really there. There's no copyr...
12017-02-11 22:21:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is there really a park there?
22017-02-11 22:41:59 UTChellolowry More of a small grassy play area for the children in the apartment complex. The complex brings out toys for the kids in summer. May have tagged wrong as new to this.
12017-02-11 12:07:47 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added a point to describe Pocklington school. This is a simple way to describe an object. Another way is to attach the details to the area that describes the school, which someone has already done. To avoid breaking the rule that says each object should only be described ...
12017-02-10 21:55:15 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have deleted a building and changed it into a park. Is this a mistake?
12017-02-09 11:36:20 UTCchillly Where was this mass edit discussed?

Undiscussed mass edits must be reverted.
22017-02-09 17:12:17 UTCparukhin Hi, chillly.
No, these edits were not discussed.
Where can i find definition for "mass edit"?
32017-02-09 17:24:55 UTCchillly
42017-02-09 18:10:31 UTCparukhin No, these edits not Automated edits.
Why do you think I use bots or scripts?
I manully edit opening_hours tags or use JOSM quality checks to fix typo, weekdays name in local languages etc. and review my edits before uploading.
See for example
52017-02-10 01:26:38 UTCSomeoneElse Unfortunately some information has been lost, for example from - that used to say "Opening times dependent on custom" but now someone looking at the shop would think it had fixed opening and closing times.
62017-02-10 04:57:54 UTCparukhin Add to description
12017-02-08 15:08:19 UTCchillly You have now repeated adding a guest house, in the middle of the road.

Please delete one and move the other to the correct place before some deletes it.
12017-02-08 15:06:52 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a point in the middle of a road, and described it as a guest house. We like to be more precise with the location, perhaps you could drag it to the actual location, the buildings around are mapped, is it in one of them?
12017-02-08 12:10:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for your edit. You seem to have removed the building tags from McDonalds and the pub. This means they will not render (not show on the map). Your new Lidl also needs a building tag. All buildings need some kind of building tag to render.

OSM can be hard to understand at ...
22017-02-08 18:31:32 UTCAdamW2405 Ah thank you. I thought because this is a brand new estate and only just finished building meant still in construction. My apologies, I won't make the same mistake in the future :)
12017-02-07 20:17:41 UTCchillly I am going to undo your doodles. If you want some help with editing, please ask.

We want new editors, but the things you add or change must be real things, in the right place and correctly described.
12017-02-07 20:15:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have made some odd edits. I suspect you were testing the editor and saved your experiments. I will revert (undo) your edit.
12017-02-07 12:33:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Is this really one house or several properties in a terrace? You have tagged it as a single house.
22017-02-07 12:56:29 UTCjpbutler23 Apologies, this is several houses. I'll change it now!
32017-02-07 12:58:09 UTCchillly No need to apologise. New mappers make mistakes, OSM is complex. If you need help, please ask.
12017-02-06 14:37:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

It is good to add new things, especially as places change. II hope this is from your own personal knowledge. We must never copy from another source, such as Google.
12017-02-05 17:52:12 UTCchillly Please don't use the name tag to describe something, only to display the name.

If you can't make the edit (because you need a better editor for example) you could add a note to describe the change needed.
12017-02-05 17:49:13 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the updates. We don't use the name to describe thinks. If it has no name we don't use one. To mark a pub as being closed, just remove the name and amenity=pub tag from the object. If it doesn't have a pub tag any more it isn't a pub.

22017-02-05 17:50:41 UTCchillly Looking again you used You might a more powerful editor to make the changes I suggested.
12017-02-04 21:24:11 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The park looks a bit of a muddle. There should be an outline, but yours has various crossing lines. Would you like to sort it out, or would yo like help?
12017-02-04 13:55:32 UTCchillly Reverted
12017-02-04 13:39:43 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added a park over the top of the existing village green. We only map everything once, so your new park doesn't follow that guideline. The outline includes a strange 'jag' across the middle. I suggest your park is removed and the name is transferred to the existing ...
22017-02-04 13:55:08 UTCchillly Looking at the later edits, this has been reverted (undone) with other stuff too
12017-02-03 19:47:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Your comment says playing field football. I doubt you would get a decent game in that park! Why is it so small and so round?

Do you need any help?
12017-02-03 19:42:14 UTCchillly Has this road, clearly visible on the aerial imagery, really not there any more? It may not be a tarmaced road, but it still deserves to be in OSM, perhaps as a service road or a track. Would you like this restored so you can change the tagging to be more appropriate?
12017-02-03 19:32:12 UTCchillly You have deleted a road. Has it really been removed?
12017-02-03 19:28:17 UTCchillly When you add buildings it can help if you 'square up' te building. There's a button to click to help with that when the building is selected. HTH
12017-02-03 19:26:41 UTCchillly You have an upper case 'L' in the road name.

12017-02-03 19:25:31 UTCchillly You seem to have deleted almost all of the points along the path, making it a straight path, which seems unlikely. Would you like help to restore the path?
12017-02-03 19:24:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

We don't add paths next to raods in most cases. Use the sidewalk tags for the road instead, HTH
22017-02-05 09:43:10 UTCJPRJ Thank you.
There is no road here. That is the correction I am making. The Close ends where I have marked it and there is only a footpath connecting the end of The Close to Lower End.
12017-02-03 16:27:39 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Your comment indicates you are mapping in Malawi. You have deleted a road in Windsor, UK. Were you testing the editor and saved something by mistake?

Do you need any help sorting this out?
22017-02-03 16:39:56 UTCchillly I have reverted (undone) these changes as the best way to recover the deleted road (in Winslow) and remove the untagged addition to the school.
12017-02-03 12:12:03 UTCchillly Thanks for responding. Looks much better.
12017-02-03 11:26:39 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail. You have added a new, small building over the top of an existing building. If you are trying to show that only part of the building is used by the business, we would add a point to show that rather than a whole new building. If you are trying to show that the...
22017-02-03 11:57:31 UTCBridgend Volvo Specialist Bvs Thanks, I've removed the building and added a point, its one large building
12017-02-03 08:24:46 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-03 08:24:30 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-03 08:24:18 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-03 00:41:19 UTCKDDA It is highly unlikely there are ATM's in these location. Please revert this changeset.
22017-02-03 08:24:08 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-02 19:26:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Are you sure there is an ATM in this farmyard?
22017-02-03 00:40:06 UTCKDDA I doubt it, all changesets to date look incorrect
32017-02-03 08:23:57 UTCchillly reverted
12017-02-02 21:05:07 UTCchillly We don't draw footpaths next to roads unless they are separated by other stuff, such as a fence. If you want to add footways like this please use the sidewalk tag on the road.
12017-02-02 21:00:46 UTCchillly This is not a pond. Please stop adding imaginary stuff.
12017-02-02 20:43:14 UTCchillly Is this really a lake?
12017-02-02 20:42:26 UTCchillly Is this really a lake?
12017-02-02 20:41:01 UTCchillly From the aerial images, the pond looks made up. Please stop adding made up stuff.
12017-02-02 20:38:34 UTCchillly The water is made up. Please stop adding made up stuff.
12017-02-02 20:36:22 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I wonder if you were testing the editor and accidentally saved your tests. The ponds don't exist, the path over the top of a road is not right, so I'm going to revert (undo) these edits.

We would welcome you adding new stuff, but it has to be real things, in the right place and ...
12017-02-02 19:42:50 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The new paths would be best connected to the roads. That way software and games can offer routes that really work.
22017-02-02 21:33:10 UTCACS1986 Welcome to OSM kandiefoxie and well done on starting to add the shortcut paths round Kingsfold - I've been meaning to get round to it for ages!
I second Chilly's advice. Always connect highways to the other highways they join
12017-02-01 21:50:45 UTCchillly You have changed a road in Uganda to a footpath, named footpath, added a faintly ridiculous park and doodled a footpath.

We want new people to add stuuf, but it has to be real stuff, in the right place correctly described.
12017-02-01 21:45:48 UTCchillly Another walking route rather than a real footway
12017-02-01 21:44:14 UTCchillly Another doodle rather than a real path
12017-02-01 21:43:25 UTCchillly Another route rather than a real footway
12017-02-01 21:42:10 UTCchillly This looks like another route rather than a real footway.
12017-02-01 21:40:05 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The path you have added looks more like a route you have walked. We don't add routes like this, only footways that someone else would be able to see if they visited.
12017-02-01 11:56:47 UTCchillly This new park is clearly made up. It is over the top of houses. I will remove it.
12017-02-01 11:55:05 UTCchillly This path is clearly made up. It crosses houses. I will remove it.

We welcome new mappers and new detail, but it must be real stuff, in the right place and correctly described.
12017-02-01 11:53:33 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have added a new footpath that looks more like a route that you have walked. Does it really loop around that narrow park like that?
12017-02-01 11:49:08 UTCchillly You seem to have added a place of worship over what looks like a private house. Is that really a church?
12017-02-01 11:48:03 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
I wonder if you were trying out the editor and saved your tests. Nothing you have tried to add is going to render as it doesn't have any tags on it. You have two areas where one covers the other. You also have a line over the top of an existing road.

Are you going to sort this ou...
12017-02-01 10:33:09 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the new road. You may like to join it to Millhall Road. This allows routing by phone and satnav to get people to the road.

22017-02-01 10:37:13 UTCtrigpoint Also please could you capitalise the name correctly, thanks
12017-01-31 19:21:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The path you have added look more like a route that you walked rather than a path. Please don't add routes like this.

I will remove this path
12017-01-31 17:48:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Meadows in the UK are very special habitat that is very carefully grazed, some hay is grown and mown all to encourage wild flowers. If your meadows fit that, great, but if not you might like lanude=grassland, or landuse=farmland instead. Meadow is overused in OSM.

12017-01-31 14:06:38 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I see you have added a pedestrian road in a park. This is not usual. In the UK we use pedestrian to show a pedestrian area in an urban location, such as a shopping area. I think highway=footway would be better.

22017-02-01 09:10:22 UTCRexLex88 Thanks for clarifying!
12017-01-31 12:40:06 UTCchillly You might like to connect with other GB OSM mappers to discuss this. There is a mailing list for GB and an IRC channel for GB
22017-01-31 13:07:15 UTCamunizp Thanks! Just put a comment in IRC. Also put a comment on the wiki talk page:
What is more active? Mailing list or IRC?
12017-01-31 12:04:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I think you have tried to add multiple conflicting tags to a single area. You can only have 1 landuse tag or one leisure tag on each area. If there is a recreation ground with pitches on it, you nee to draw the pitched separately inside the rec, so you can tag them.

22017-01-31 12:23:11 UTCDaiphelion Appreciate the information, am now updating
12017-01-31 10:54:47 UTCchillly Please use a more descriptive changeset comment not just 'Add Details'. Thanks
12017-01-30 18:22:44 UTCchillly You have added a car park that extends over the surrounding buildings. I will remove it.

We welcome people adding new stuff, but it must be real stuff, in the right place and correctly described to be useful.
12017-01-30 18:20:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Looking at your edits you seem to be struggling. I wonder if you realise that you are saving to the public version of OSM. I will tidy up some of your edits - they are not useful as they are.
12017-01-29 14:43:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to be adding stuff and changing stuff to be parks, I'm guessing to attract pokémon. OSM welcomes new editors but you must be sure that stuff you add is real, in the correct place and correctly described. I will review this and your later edits

If you have questions pl...
22017-01-29 14:52:21 UTCchillly You have added parks to the north of Kingswood that are private farmland. You have added Kingswood village green which I think is just scrubland. You have added Bude park over existing scrubland - is this really a park?
32017-01-29 17:14:08 UTCchillly I have removed the doubled up area, and two parks that I think are not real parks. I'm not sure about the name 'Chalky Lane' - if it is the name it probably applies to the path not the park, but I'm not sure so I left it.
12017-01-29 16:59:48 UTCchillly You changed the area of tidal mud to be water. It is tidal mud, so at low tide it is mud and at high tide it is covered with water. It is important to know it is tidal. I have reverted (undone) your change.
12017-01-29 15:34:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

There is not likely to be a meadow in a back garden, where would the sheep live?

We welcome new edits but they must be real stuff in the right place and correctly described. If you need any help please feel free to ask.
12017-01-29 14:54:36 UTCchillly Is this really a park? I think it is private land. Not every piece of green space is a park.

It is important that if you add or change something it is real, in the right place and correctly described.
12017-01-29 12:08:49 UTCchillly You seem to have changed buildings into landuse. The landuse would normally be an area surrounding the buildings. It could include the roads and carparks etc that make up the whole retail area, like a residential area covers all the area where there are houses, gardens, roads etc.

If you have que...
22017-01-29 12:22:27 UTCHilbre Thanks for the help, your comments are really useful & it's great to get a helping hand as I'm learning, really appreaciated. I've retro edited the areas you've mentioned, & please do keep telling me if I'm doing the wrong thing - easier to correct me before any habits set in!
12017-01-29 12:05:13 UTCchillly Following from my last comment, 'Public Open Space' is a description, so we don't use that in a name tag. If it has no name leave it blank. If you want to show the access rights, add an access tag, such as access=public

Some of the other names similarly are not required
12017-01-29 12:02:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
You look to have been adding lots of new stuff, thanks. I have a comment to help:

The small area you have tagged as a recreation_ground with the name "Play Equipment' sounds like a playground. If so, it would be better tagged as leisure=playground.

We only use names where som...
12017-01-26 21:14:19 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
The big park you have added looks nearly good, but it hangs over the surrounding gardens. I don't understand why you have added the second park.

Pokémon edits need to be correct , accurate and real places to work.
22017-01-28 20:29:24 UTCSaif Rehman It's because there is one big park and a smaller park inside it.
32017-01-28 20:32:53 UTCchillly The small park looks like a playground to me. You could tag that as leisure=playground, then it would show as such. Is it called Hodge House Park too, say, on a sign?
12017-01-28 19:21:55 UTCchillly I will have your account blocked unless you stop this
12017-01-28 19:19:32 UTCchillly Please stop deleting this school.

If you think it should be deleted please reply with why.
12017-01-28 19:17:28 UTCchillly This is starting to look like you are deliberately causing a problem.

I will revert
12017-01-28 19:15:25 UTCchillly Why have you added a new piece of residenital over the top of an existing piece.

Please stop doodling
12017-01-28 19:11:13 UTCchillly The footpath you have added doubles back on itself. We draw paths and roads in sections, joining them up where needed, not doubling them up. Do you need any help sorting that path out?
12017-01-28 19:06:32 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I wonder if you were trying out the editor and saved your doodles by mistake. You have deleted a school and added a single line as a park.

Of course it could be that you believe the Internet and think Pokémon are scared away by schools and like parks. We like you to add new st...
12017-01-28 16:32:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

When you say rebuilt as an M&S did you mean as a shop or another fuel station?
22017-01-28 16:34:17 UTCRobyn Parkinson They knocked down the little shop and rebuilt it as an m&s. The fuel pumps and forecourt are the same
32017-01-28 16:36:42 UTCchillly You have tagged the fuel station as M&S, that may be right, but you might like to add another point with a shop tag for the M&S tag. I hope I've understood. If you need help, please feel free to ask
12017-01-28 15:37:52 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have added a new park which is a duplicate of the Fordbridge Park. I will remove the new duplicate
12017-01-28 15:16:15 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have changed something named as Compton Terrace Gardens from being tagged as a garden to a park. Is this really true, or are you changing things to attract Pokémon? We want your edits but please add real stuff in the right place and described properly.
22017-01-28 15:24:28 UTCRomulus_Tiberius I don't play pokemon. But English is also not my first language, and after just googling the difference between park and garden I tend to think that is more of a park then a garden. There's nowhere near enough plants or flowering plants to make it a garden, but at the same time maybe it's not big en...
32017-01-28 15:27:18 UTCchillly OK, I accept your choice. We are seeing lots of new mappers simply adding parks to play a game, that's why I asked.

I hope you find more detail to add in your area.
42017-01-28 17:54:37 UTCBCNorwich Hello Compton Terrace Gardens are actually gardens, they happen to be used like a park. That's why they are called and signed as gardens. Originally they were for the private use of people living in the terrace's, please see :-
12017-01-28 15:22:54 UTCchillly You have added a park. Is it really there? It certainly covers gardens and even houses. Please be more accurate drawing stuff. Please only add real stuff in its proper place and properly described.
12017-01-28 15:19:15 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a park over the top of an existing pitch and putt area.

We welcome your changes, but please only add real stuff in their proper place and properly described.

Would you like me to remove your extra park?
12017-01-28 14:24:57 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have been trying out the editor and saved the doodle. Would you like me to clean up the doodle for you?
22017-01-28 14:26:17 UTCJakestephenson9 what is a doodle
32017-01-28 14:31:37 UTCchillly The park (the Batts) you drew is not a sensible area, it has lines crossing each other and looks a mess. It will not stay on the map as it is.
42017-01-28 14:53:36 UTCJakestephenson9 In which case can you clean it up please
52017-01-28 15:00:04 UTCchillly I've removed the overlaps and tried to estimate the eastern end of the park. If I got that wrong you might like to adjust it.

If you have questions about OSM please feel free to ask
12017-01-28 14:43:10 UTCchillly Is this for real, or are you just attracting pokémon?
22017-01-28 14:52:25 UTCJakestephenson9 this is for real. There is an area of land called the ghyll, after the street, which is a park and is usually used for dog walking. I have no idea why this was included inside the golf course as there is barbed ire indicating the start of the golf course after the ghyll
32017-01-28 14:53:05 UTCchillly OK, Thanks for the detail
12017-01-28 14:50:50 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

What sort of shelters are these? Bus shelters?

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
12017-01-28 14:40:23 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added something with a name but you have not added any info about what it is. Is it a shop, an office, a tourism business ... ? It will display much better with the right description. You can address details too so people can find it.
12017-01-27 21:55:54 UTCchillly Hmmm, really a path? We don't draw paths next to roads, we use the sidewalk tag.
12017-01-27 21:51:49 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

It looks as though you were trying out the editor and save your doodles by mistake. I'll delete your doodle for you. If you want to add stuff please make sure it is a real thing, in the right place and correctly described.
22017-01-27 21:53:57 UTCchillly Looking again, the paths are there, but your edit overlaps multiple paths which looks a muddle. How would you like to sort this out?
12017-01-27 21:45:55 UTCchillly You have added a strange footpath here. Please make sure you add real stuff, at the right place and correctly described. I will delete this path.
12017-01-27 21:44:45 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have changed Murden way to be footpath. Is this a mistake?
12017-01-27 21:41:02 UTCchillly Please don't add footpath along roads. Use the sidewalk tag on the road.
12017-01-27 21:39:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

It looks like you were trying the editor and you saved your doodles. I'll delete your doodles for you. If you want to add stuff, please make sure it is a real thing, in the right place and described properly.
12017-01-27 21:23:45 UTCchillly Your edit looks a bit muddled. The area crosses itself (never good) and there's no tags to describe what it is. If you area trying to add a carpark (as per your comment) you need to add a carpark tag. If you need help, feel free to ask.
22017-01-27 21:26:31 UTClizzyc Hi I'm very new to this lol I was just trying too add a wooded area that has now been open to the public alongside the golf course and a car parking area I'm just a little unsure of what I'm doing
32017-01-27 21:31:17 UTCchillly I suggest you zoom right in, draw the area as carefully as you can, (they are a bit crude at the moment, and then type in the search box , e.g. wood and select the thing it suggest. If it has a name add that. I would delete the car park and try again. To delete click the line and then the dustbin ap...
42017-01-27 21:33:21 UTClizzyc ok thanks for the help
12017-01-27 21:21:32 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a couple of areas, but there are no tags to describe what they are. What were you trying to add?
12017-01-27 21:15:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

It looks like you were trying the editor and saved your testing doodles. I'll delete the doodles for you. If you have any question please fell free to ask.
12017-01-27 20:35:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the new detail. I would suggest you alter it slightly to match the outline of the green space. Since this is called Ashley Rec, is it a recreation ground rater than a park. If so please consider changing it. We like to have real things in the right place, properly describ...
12017-01-27 20:28:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You seem to have added a park over the top of a house. Please only add real things in the real place correctly described. I will delete this imaginary park and path
12017-01-27 20:03:00 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have tried to add a park, but there isn't really a park there is there? Please only add real stuff in its proper place properly described.
If you have questions please feel free to ask.
12017-01-27 19:59:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail. You have added a park and called it 'nature reserve'. If it is a nature reserve (and not just the name of the park) you could mark it as a nature reserve rather than a park. They are not the same thing.

You may be tagging to attract Pokémon, but we like ...
22017-01-28 21:30:30 UTCcartolinguaphile Here are the wiki pages for the two:

It's important to note that the name= tag is just meant for actual names, not descriptions.

Also, in the few months I've been mapping, I'...
12017-01-27 19:20:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the edit. You have drawn paths in quite a small space. I wonder if others would recognise the paths, or is the whole area just a pedestrian area?
22017-01-27 19:28:16 UTCJak-ahmed Hi
It's a residential area and so i have the added the paths as it maps around the parking lot. Hope it helps.
32017-01-27 19:29:10 UTCchillly Thanks, It all helps. If you have questions please feel free to ask.
12017-01-27 18:32:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I think you have been testing editing, but you saved your doodles. I will delete them. If you want to add things to OSM, they need to be real things in the proper place. It you need help please ask
12017-01-27 18:27:15 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a park over the top of houses and roads. I intend to delete it - there is no park there. If you want to add things to OSM, they need to be real things in the proper place. It you need help please ask
12017-01-26 21:44:12 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
You have added Limeside park over the top of a recreation ground. You have changed Coalshaw Green into a park when it is a recreation ground.

Do you need any help cleaning these up?

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-01-27 16:09:02 UTCDonBelfit Hi there, Curious to how you mean "cleaning these up"? I assume that there being football pitches and tennis courts on these parks is causing some sort of conflict?
Any help would be appreciated, I only added/changed those two parks as that's what they are to the local area.
32017-01-27 16:17:01 UTCchillly Maybe the names are not clear. A recreation ground is an area of green space with sports pitches on it. A park is an area of green space. You added a green space over a green space. That was what I thought you might like to tidy up. The pitches are fine in a park or a rec. I suspect you want to maxi...
42017-01-27 17:38:21 UTCDonBelfit It's entirely up to yourself to delete what you feel is inappropriate.
52017-01-27 18:19:21 UTCchillly You have sorted out Limeside Park, thanks. I will leave the other park as a park not a rec - your choice is based on your knowledge and that is always very useful.

Happy mapping
12017-01-27 15:37:22 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Thanks for the details. In Rawcliff Bridge you seem to have added a small park within the area of a recreation ground? Did you mean to do that?
22017-01-27 16:47:18 UTCSpazbadger Hi, and thanks :)
Its a playground/kids park that is fenced off. I wasn't 100% "park" was the right thing to class it as but it is different to the rest of the surrounding area. (hope that makes sense!)
32017-01-27 17:06:46 UTCchillly There is a tag for a playground (leisure=playground). That would be better I think.

Are you Pokémon hunting? There have been a lot of new editors adding parks, footpath and water to attract pokémon, but no one is sure if Niantic are actually loading this new data or just using an old OSM snapsh...
42017-01-28 13:03:27 UTCSpazbadger Ah i see! I've changed it now to playground.
Ha ha, is it that obvious ;) Yes, i'm hoping it means more Pokemon spawns in an otherwise pretty empty area. But if not, as you say the map benefits anyway :)
12017-01-26 22:37:50 UTCchillly These doodles have been deleted. You doodles have cost volunteers time to check and correct. Please don't add anymore made up stuff. Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 22:35:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
I see you have added a path. You should probably join it to Rufus Close, which may need nudging to a more accurate place.
Joining up will make router on phones work better.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 22:21:35 UTCchillly Why have you made this vandalism? let me guess, you're a Pokémon seeker.

If you made any more junk edits I will block your account

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 22:17:25 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The path you have added probably joins to the Balaclava road. If you join it to the road it will help routers work better for pedestrians.
12017-01-26 21:56:12 UTCchillly Why have you added a park over a park, I wonder. Could it be an effort to attract Pokémon?

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.

I will delete this junk
22017-01-26 22:00:37 UTCpizzadog0123 Correct me if I'm wrong but it's not marked as a park right? I mean my edit is a Pokemon get but I'm happy to contribute correct additions. If it's correct what's the problem man.
32017-01-26 22:03:38 UTCchillly It is marked as a park, with some other stuff too. If you want to add the name you can add it to the existing park, which covers a bigger area than your addition.

Sorry to be short we are completely overrun with Pokémon edits, many of which are utter junk. None of the junk edits will help with P...
42017-01-26 22:04:53 UTCchillly We are all volunteers and we value the OSM map a lot, we are pretty upset about the junk edits.
52017-01-26 22:11:16 UTCpizzadog0123 Haha, I can see you're pretty upset. I think OSM is amazing & we're all lucky to have people working together on it. On a second look I saw the huge park area that's already there. Sorry for the 'junk edits', I just suck at Pokemon.
62017-01-26 22:12:42 UTCchillly Thanks, good luck.
12017-01-26 22:09:52 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Thanks for the detail. You could add all the detail you describe in your comment as details if you want to.
12017-01-26 22:08:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the edit. You need to add amenity=fuel to mark the object as a fuel station. It probably isn't called 'Petrol Station', so changing the name to the name that is displayed on the business would be good too.

22017-01-29 16:55:17 UTCtrigpoint I have tagged this from memory, will check sometime or NWillowsrough can confirm.
Cheers Phil
12017-01-26 22:06:11 UTCchillly What are you doing here.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.

This is junk and will be deleted. We are watching your edits
12017-01-26 21:59:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have drawn an area and added park and grass. This is not needed, just park would be fine.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-01-26 22:29:51 UTCskihadi Thanks, I forgot to delete grass. Updated accordingly
12017-01-26 21:54:59 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have tried to add a footpath beside a road. highway=pedestrian (that you have added) is not right. A pedestrian road is a road converted from car use to pedestrian use in, say, a shopping area. If you want a footpath beside the road use sidewalk tags for the road. This a...
12017-01-26 21:52:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Have you added a park that doesn't really exist to try to attract Pokémon? The 'park' seem to over the top of people's gardens, or am I wrong?

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 21:46:57 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added a footway through the new park, thanks. You need to join the path to the roads around the park to make routing to work for pedestrians, especially if you want this to work with Pokémon.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 21:32:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The church you have traced is a good thing to add. The tip for tracing when the photo is not directly above is to expect te building to be right-angled corners and imaging the floor plan even where you can't see it.

12017-01-26 21:25:33 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have changed stuff to be parks that I might use other tags for. E.g. Hornley Harriers looks like a recreation ground, not a park. Hepworth Recreation ground is a recreation ground not a park.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 21:21:16 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the detail. I wonder why you added Swanspool Gardens in two parts?

If they really are gardens and not a park you can tag it as leisure=garden with access tags such as access=public.

If you have questions please feel free to ask
12017-01-26 21:04:30 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Please don't add bits and bobs all over the world in one go. Looking at the paths you have added I question if they are real or just wandering routes you have taken. We only add stuff that someone else would be able to see if they visited.

Pokémon edits need to be correct , accu...
22017-01-26 21:16:24 UTCchillly THe more I look the less I like this. I'm going to revert this edit.
12017-01-26 21:11:24 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a pond that fills someone's garden. Is this really correct?

Pokémon edits need to be correct , accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 21:09:53 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a highway pedestrian. This is normally a a road for cars that has been converted to a pedestrian road in, say, a town. I would use highway=footway, a normal footpath.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
12017-01-26 21:01:45 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a line across the stream, but you need to add tags to describe it. I would use highway=footway, bridge=yes

12017-01-26 20:44:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

The park you have drawn is a bit crude, it strays over the gardens of Kinnell Road.

Pokémon edits need to be correct, accurate and real places to work.
22017-01-26 20:56:59 UTCDuroode There are no houses on that part of Kinneil Road, on the place i have Selected, is part of the park , with Pigeon huts.
32017-01-26 20:58:39 UTCchillly Ok, Thanks for confirming.

If you have questions about OSM, please feel free to ask.
42017-01-26 20:59:39 UTCDuroode Will do, Thanks for the Support.
52017-01-26 21:34:12 UTCGinaroZ Hi, I've fixed the paths that you added beside Lyon Court - I've connected them to the road so that routing software can direct users along them.
I also added a couple of bowling greens that I saw - perhaps you could add the pavilion building and club name if you know it?
12017-01-26 20:57:50 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You seem to have added a footpath over the top of a road. We usually do not add footpaths like that. If a road has a path next to it we add sidewalk tags to the road. This makes phone and satnav routers for pedestrians work better.

If you need any help sorting this out please ask.
12017-01-26 20:49:05 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have made a bit of a jumble here. Do you need any help sorting it out?
12017-01-26 20:46:49 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the details.

You can enclose the pitches you have drawn in an area tagged as, say, a recreation ground.It might have a name too.

If you have questions, feel free to ask
12017-01-26 20:40:29 UTCchillly I doubt the chippy is out front of the building. I'd move it over the building it is in.
12017-01-26 20:35:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the edit. You have doubled the path back over itself. It needs to be drawn as two separate paths that join.

Pokémon edits need to be correct , accurate and real places to work.
12017-01-26 20:31:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added some strange paths to the map. The spiral path in the park may be a route you took, but is that really a clear path that someone else would be able to follow?

You have also added a path besides a road. We don't add footpaths like that. If the road has a foo...
12017-01-26 20:26:44 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added the footpath beside the road. We normally only add the pat separately if the path is really separate from the road with something between. If the path is just next to the road we add sidewalk=left or right or both to the road.

This makes routing by phone an...
22017-01-27 10:42:36 UTCblackadder reverted changeset
12017-01-26 20:23:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The Edward st park looks to be where a house is. Is that OK?

You have added a path with a name 'New Steine'. We only add names that are really the name of the object. The name looks to be the park name not the path name. Are you sure the path has that name?

If you need any h...
12017-01-26 19:45:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a pond over the top of houses. If you are trying to attract Pokémon, they don't appear at imaginary junk.

I will delete this junk.
12017-01-26 19:37:26 UTCchillly Excellent. You do listen
12017-01-26 19:34:47 UTCchillly Very good, 1st pond not over the top of a house. I approve, except the name. We don't add descriptions as names.
12017-01-26 19:29:21 UTCjm350z would you like me to send you a picture of the koi pond to prove who is ther stupid one?
22017-01-26 19:31:28 UTCchillly ooh, yes please, with the date it was taken too please. You see the planning application tells us when the site was changed to a residential area and the koi farm was closed. OSM is about what is there now, not before 2009.
12017-01-26 16:29:48 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the extra detail. There may be one small problem with the wood and the pond on the north side of Canewdon. They both occupy the same same space, so whichever is drawn last will show up. If its the wood, you will not see the pond. We draw the wood with a hole in it where...
22017-01-26 19:16:59 UTCangemon2802 I think the latest change should have fixed it but if not any help would be welcomed, thank you
32017-01-26 19:19:25 UTCchillly That looks great, well done.
12017-01-26 18:33:55 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added an untagged area over the top of some of the pitches. What were you trying to add?
12017-01-26 17:01:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
We tend to map what is actually there, not what is planned. Sometimes even the best plans don't happen. I suggest you remove the retail area until it is really occupied by retailers. Add a note to say there is a plan to build here. When te building work starts mark the area with land...
12017-01-26 15:15:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail.

If you know the extent of the building work you can add that as landuse=construction. The area that has occupied houses becomes landuse=residential.
12017-01-26 15:06:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

Thanks for the detail. If you have questions please feel free to ask.
12017-01-26 15:02:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

We are not a business directory. We map what is there. You have added you business description to nodes in the road. If you want to add your business in a way that will appear on the map, add a node over the building your business in is, add address and telephone details and add th...
22017-01-26 15:27:25 UTCallcleancarpetcleaning I will do as per your instruction
12017-01-26 14:29:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have deleted stuff and and added junk to the map. If you are trying to attract Pokémon, you are wasting your time. They only use certified parks, paths and waterways.Imaginary ones are a waste of time.

I will delete this as junk.
22017-01-26 14:39:00 UTCjm350z I accidentally deleted the funeral home. As far as junk is concerned, i tried to add waveney water garden, this was a japanese garden with many koi ponds created by my late father in law. There are still original ponds and fish at the properties. Your reference to junk is very harsh and quite frankl...
32017-01-26 14:41:38 UTCchillly Hmmm, what about the five houses on a private road you plonked the pond onto?

I stand by junk.
42017-01-26 14:44:08 UTCjm350z "ponds" at the properties. Go fuck yourself
52017-01-26 14:49:38 UTClostmike Map each pond separately.
62017-01-26 14:53:29 UTCchillly Thank you for reinforcing my initial idea. I have checked, the area covered all of the houses and gardens and even touched the main road. Maybe there were ponds there in years past, but the aerial images show only houses and gardens with lawns now.

If you want to map real stuff that is present n...
72017-01-26 19:21:30 UTCBCNorwich Supporting chilly's decision and calm response.
12017-01-26 14:26:32 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

You've added a meadow. A meadow in the UK is a very special place very carefully managed to allow wild flowers to grow. The area looks marked out with a football pitch. I would say that is a recreation ground or a park. Gettin the choice right greatly improves OSM and gives the ma...
12017-01-26 14:16:15 UTCchillly welcome to osm. You seem to have added an imaginary park, splattered over houses and roads. Pokémon do not come to imaginary stuff. I will remove this as junk.
12017-01-26 13:26:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM, thanks for the extra detail.

The smaller pond you have drawn has an island in it. This is awkward for beginners to understand, we create an area with a hole (the island) in it. I'll create that so you have a reference for the future.
12017-01-26 13:22:44 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have a drawn a pond that doesn't exist. Is this to attract Pokémon? Imaginary stuff doesn't work.

Please only add real stuff to OSM. I will remove this unless you can explain what it is.
12017-01-25 21:24:05 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

You seem to have added a large pond that no one else noticed, even though that part looks well mapped. Is that really a pond? The aerial imagery doesn't show that.

Are you trying to attract Pokémon?

I am tempted to remove this edit - I'm not convinced this is a good quali...
22017-01-25 21:30:32 UTCchillly Having reviewed this some more, I have reverted it. Please do not add junk to OSM.
12017-01-25 21:18:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added a name to an existing recreation ground. You have added a point with a name, which is the simple way, you could also have added the name tag to the large recreation ground area. Names in OSM are always correctly cased, so I would expect to see Ripon park, not ...
12017-01-25 20:44:40 UTCchillly You have changed the school outline to now include gardens of nearby houses.

This is junk and will be removed.
12017-01-25 20:43:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
drawing arbitrary rectangles of grassland is bonkers.

I'm guessing you are hoping to attract Pokémon, inaccurate mapping doesn't work, it gets checked and rejected.

Please do map real stuff, but map it accurately
12017-01-25 17:53:14 UTCchillly reverted
12017-01-25 17:53:00 UTCchillly reverted
12017-01-25 17:45:36 UTCchillly Changing stuff to be a park will not attract Pokémon, you are just making work for volunteers to clean up your edits.
22017-01-25 17:52:51 UTCchillly reverted
12017-01-25 17:52:42 UTCchillly Reverted
12017-01-25 17:43:27 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a park that splatters over all kinds of other stuff, including the real park.

I intend to revert )undo) this edit, unless you convince me to keep it.

Just so you know, Pokémin are scared away from invalid edits.
22017-01-25 17:52:29 UTCchillly Reverted
12017-01-25 16:28:36 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
You seem to have changed a house into a park. Why have you done this?

Do you need help sorting this out or would you like me to undo it?
12017-01-25 15:40:28 UTCchillly welcome to OSM.

You can tag a garage as build=garage rather than building=residential.

22017-01-25 16:10:01 UTCAntonyC Done. Thanks for help
12017-01-25 14:43:57 UTCchillly welcome to OSM

thanks for the detail. You have not added a tag to describe what the object is. Just a name won't render.
12017-01-25 14:41:28 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail, but a couple of comments might help you improve it. You have added the point very close to the road. It is usual to add it over the middle of the building or on the entrance to the building.

You haven't added a tag describing what is there, is it a house,...
12017-01-25 14:21:11 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see that your only change was to delete a football pitch. Has the pitch really been removed? Were you experimenting and saved by mistake?

We are always suspicious of deletions on first edits, so I apologise if this seems heavy handed.
22017-01-25 14:24:15 UTCElliot55 Sorry, I accidentally removed the pitch while editing, so attempted to add it back. It is still there so can this be reverted to its original edit? Thanks.
32017-01-25 14:25:59 UTCchillly Yes, I'll reinstate it in a few minutes
12017-01-25 12:57:51 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have extended the park to cover a building on Old Acres Lane. Is this correct?
12017-01-25 11:51:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
When you say 'off the streetplan' I assume you copied this from another map?
22017-01-25 12:14:08 UTCbaines1986 I didn't set it as 'off the streetplan'. This was automatically added. I live on this estate and I've not come across a map that has it on it as yet so no streetplan exists online. So I took the first step
32017-01-25 12:31:23 UTCchillly OK, thanks for the detail. You have dropped the area of residential (DWH Serenity Phase 2) onto the green space, so it overlaps. The green space could do with having its edge dragged to match the new residential area.
12017-01-25 12:04:33 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The small park you have added appears to include someone's garden. Are you hoping to attract Pokémon? Inaccuracies prevent them from appearing
22017-01-25 13:15:43 UTCbleasem Apologies, this was my first edit. There is signage up in this area stating that a playground will be built. I have replaced the boundaries so will hopefully be more accurate.
12017-01-25 10:37:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have changed a woodland tag to a nature reserve and changed a common to a park. There does appear to be a wood there, so rather than half changing the wood, you should have add an extra area for the nature reserve. Changing the common to a park may well be a good idea. You have...
22017-01-25 10:51:33 UTCLifechooser Hi, thanks for the feedback, I imagine you're getting a lot of pokemon players changing things recently to put a river and footpath through their homes.

I wasn't aware I could have both woodland and a nature reserve at the same time overlapping each other. If I can, then that is what I would do, ...
32017-01-25 10:57:02 UTCchillly A nature reserve can have any other kinds of object within it. I would draw another area around the wood, exactly matching the wood if that is the area of the reserve, and tag that as the reserve, then change the wood tag back to being a wood.

Thanks for the detail, and yes, we are getting tons ...
12017-01-25 10:41:53 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I'm curious how this wood has suddenly grown. Has it been recently planted? The aerial imagery doesn't show woodland, the images are fairly up-to-date.
12017-01-25 10:39:18 UTCchillly welcome to OSM.

You didn't need to delete the old building, you could just have changed the tags. That way the history of the changes is preserved.
22017-01-25 10:58:07 UTCWilld17 I realised after I'd deleted it that it was unnecessary - thanks for your comment, will read up more...
12017-01-25 10:31:52 UTCchillly Looking at the aerial imagery, this is not a path at all. Please do not add imaginary things to OSM.

12017-01-25 10:28:43 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added a path, but much of it is down the middle of the A62. I suggest you draw this a bit more accurately or someone will simply remove it as a doodle.
12017-01-24 22:24:12 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You have added a meadow. This seems very unlikely. Meadows are very special places in the UK. It might be a garden or a small park.
22017-01-24 22:27:24 UTCSesame54 Two have recently been planted, they are "mixed garden meadows". They were planted by Tower Hamlets Homes as part of their bio diversity plans. They include bee hives, "insect hotels" and natural wildflowers flowers.
32017-01-24 22:32:35 UTCchillly OK, not a real meadow, but close enough. We are having problems with people adding green places that are not real as part of a computer game - hence the question.

Happy mapping
42017-01-24 22:36:14 UTCSesame54 Thankyou. I will continue to make changes - I've added paths and will map the rest of the gardens if that's ok? There is another meadow to the south west of the building, the rest are normal gardens, except for a small rock garden. There is an old well (a brewery was situated in this location bef...
12017-01-24 22:21:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Has the brownfield site really been redeveloped as a park?
12017-01-24 21:49:49 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is that really a park or are you just trying to attract Pokémon? The park (garden) overlaps the building. please add stuff carefully and only add real stuff.
22017-01-25 14:37:15 UTCBCNorwich Removed fictional park placed atop existing buildings and private parking area.
12017-01-24 21:45:50 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Someone's garden is not a park. I will revert this edit. Pokémon will not visit phoney edits, please only add real stuff
22017-01-24 21:47:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Gardens are not parks, Pokémon only visit real parks, you can't cheat by adding junk.
12017-01-24 21:42:01 UTCchillly You have changed the tagging here to be unrecognised tags. parks are leisure=park, not landuse=park. I will change this.
12017-01-24 21:36:25 UTCchillly HI,
Adding meadows to a park is not a good idea. In the UK meadows are very special areas and never in a park.
12017-01-24 21:28:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

This is just a doodle isn't it. Please don't save doodles, it will get deleted (like I'm about to do with this) and won't attract Pokémon - they don't like junk.
12017-01-24 21:12:14 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a park over the top of existing stuff, including a recreation ground.

You have also added water over a housing estate.

Maybe you didn't realise your edit was saved for everyone to see.

I will revert (undo) these edits.
12017-01-24 21:09:32 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have tried to add a park. You have used the wrong combination of tags. A park is usually leisure=park, you have added landuse=park. It will not be understood by the various tools that use OSM data.
12017-01-24 20:51:24 UTCchillly Is the footpath you have added real? it appears to go straight through a tree.
12017-01-24 20:48:01 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have deleted the woodland in te park. Did you mean to do this? I propose to revert (undo) your edit to get the woodland back.
12017-01-24 20:29:43 UTCchillly OK, This has gone far enough. I am reporting you to the admins to get this vandalism stopped.
12017-01-24 20:11:28 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Doesn't the name 'The Rec' mean this is a recreation ground rather than a park?
22017-01-24 23:32:46 UTCCharkyem It doesn't necessarily, it could just be a colloquial thing. I have a full-fledged Park with a name near me, but we alway called it "the rec" as kids.
12017-01-24 20:06:14 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added a park over the top of an existing park, with an unlikely name. I suspect you didn't realise that you were making a public edit. I will delete your extra park.
12017-01-24 19:15:04 UTCchillly Hi
I think you saved your doodles without realising you were making it public. Please don't save doodles. I will revert (delete) your changes.
12017-01-24 18:58:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.
Thanks for the detail. Adding a point for the park is the simple way to mark the park. Someone has already drawn the park as an area, but not named it. You could have added the name you know to the area rather than adding a new point.
12017-01-24 17:33:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Is this really a park or are you chasing Pokémon? :-)
12017-01-24 14:19:05 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a garden over the top of an existing garden. Did you mean to do this?
12017-01-23 19:58:45 UTCchillly welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail. We only add names to objects that are verifiable names. Is the name really 'Path across Foulshields Bing'? Most paths have no names, they are just paths.
12017-01-22 16:14:49 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

Thanks for the detail, I have a couple of comments to help. It is best if footpaths are joined at both ends to the rest of te road or path network. That allows routers to find a route. You can add designation=public_footpath again to help routers.

We only put names on things t...
22017-01-22 22:31:38 UTCBuFuScott Thank you, now done and corrected.
12017-01-21 14:29:16 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

If a path is a mixed use cycleway & footway it gets tagged as a cycleway.I usually add foot =yes too. Almost all cycleways in the UK can be walked on too. Highway=path tends to be for informal paths in the UK, surfaced paths are usually highway=cycleway if cycling is allowed, or h...
12017-01-20 13:29:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added a line to the map data, but it needs something to identify what it is. It could be a hedge (that's a barrier=hedge in OSM), or maybe a footpath (that's a highway=footway).

I hope you add some more detail.
12017-01-18 20:16:48 UTCchillly You have named an area 'tidal mud' This is wrong. please do not name things that do not have a real, visible name.

The area has no tag to describe what it is you have mapped. Please ask your mapathon supervisor to help you get this right.
12017-01-18 19:31:37 UTCchillly This edit looks a bit odd. There doesn't look to be any beach there - it looks like tidal mud to me. Adding the name ('tidal beach') is a really bad idea. That is not the name of the mud, so please don't name it.

This is part of a mapathon. I hope the organiser is checking all this stuff
22017-01-18 20:12:56 UTCSK53 This is tidal mud, I've gazed at it many times from the London Apprentice.
12017-01-18 18:57:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Is the name of that mud Lavender Wharf? You are the third new mapper in a few minutes all adding mud / beach to the banks of et Thames. Is there something going on?
12017-01-18 18:54:57 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Is there really a beach there? It looks like a muddy tidal foreshore to me. You are the third new editor in a few minutes all adding beaches to the Thames. What is going on?
12017-01-18 17:16:45 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

The Minibugs nursery needs a building tag (building=yes would be fine). Without it you just see the outline, not a filled in building.
12017-01-17 15:25:17 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Thanks for the detail. Somehow you seem to have added a second house over the top of the first. If you need any help sorting this out please feel free to ask.
12017-01-16 19:32:10 UTCchillly This edit looks pretty odd. Why delete the park? and is there really a footpath like that? It seems an odd route and isn't at all clear on the aerial images.
12017-01-16 19:13:36 UTCchillly This is 3/3 vandalism edits.
22017-01-16 19:44:42 UTCpitscheplatsch reverted by

@chilly thanks!
12017-01-16 19:12:51 UTCchillly this looks like vandalism
22017-01-16 19:42:58 UTCpitscheplatsch "reverted" (new mapped) by
12017-01-16 19:12:08 UTCchillly This looks like vandalism
22017-01-16 19:40:32 UTCpitscheplatsch reverted by
12017-01-16 12:40:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,
Thanks for this, you have added an area, but you haven't described what it is. You need to add highway=pedestrian to complete it.
12017-01-15 22:32:42 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added Rainton Meadows as a single point. Thanks for that. There is another way to add areas of land like that, and that is as an area rather than a point. Someone has already done exactly that so your new point is doubling up the nature reserve.

Please don't be put of...
12017-01-15 21:36:23 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

Thanks for the detail. We normally add a name tag when there is a sign naming something. Public Footpath is a useful sign but we add a special tag designation=public_footpath.
22017-01-16 07:53:04 UTCBCNorwich Yes Welcome, what you've actually added is a duplication of an existing way. It's been on the OSM database for several years and is on the Vespucci map. As such it adds nothing extra to the database (except for several of your new descriptions, which I might argue about), thus it ought to be removed...
12017-01-15 21:33:54 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,

You seem to have added a bit of a crude, overlapping footway. where there already is a cycleway. Perhaps you were experimenting and didn't realise you were saving to the public OSM. Do you need any help cleaning this up?
12017-01-15 21:31:06 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,
You seem to have added a meadow over the top of a building. This seems rather unlikely. You might not have realised that you were saving to the public version of OSM. Would you like some help cleaning this up?

If you want any help editing OSM please feel free to ask.
22017-01-15 21:49:15 UTCSK53 There is indeed no meadow here: maybe a patch of grass in the hall courtyards, in which case landuse=grass, grass=amenity_grassland. However, I have generally avoided mapping grassy areas in the campus as it makes things rather complicated: and as it's a campus grass can be considered a reasonable d...
12017-01-15 19:39:45 UTCchillly Hi,
You need to add a tag to describe the object type, such as shop = supermarket or shop = convenience, so the correct symbol appears on the map
12017-01-14 22:16:11 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

The edit you made has been saved so everyone can see it, which I'm sure you didn't mean.

I'll clean it up.
12017-01-14 21:13:18 UTCchillly Hi Welcome to OSM,
You seem to have added a footpath which meanders across a roundabout and a road. Did you mean to save this for everyone to see of were you practicing? Do you need any help with this?
22017-01-15 12:07:21 UTCBCNorwich Yes welcome, I started to rectify the problems on some of the sections of path modified/added at the north of this changeset. Unfortunately I think the rest is better/easier if removed and started again. Then as they are pavements by the road separated by a kerb it could be better to map them as sid...
12017-01-09 14:28:51 UTCSomeoneElse Again with the "fix highway problems"...
2 days ago I asked you about , no reply as yet.
Please use meaningful changeset comments explaining what you changed and why, and please use smaller bounding boxes so that everyone in the UK and many in Irela...
22017-01-13 11:01:14 UTCchillly I think these unanswered changeset comments have gone far enough. Undiscussed, unresponsive mass edits should be reverted.
32017-01-15 09:59:32 UTCdmgroom_ct I have no idea what changeset comments were not being emailed to me, but to be fair there were enough other ways of contacting me.
42017-01-15 10:05:54 UTCdmgroom_ct It would appear Google was treating all change set comment messages as Spam
12017-01-10 21:59:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,
You seem to have been doodling with the school outline. In your next edit you have added a park that looks like the school field to me. Maybe you didn't realise that you were saving to the public site. Maybe you thought you could entice Pokémon to the imaginary you will be disappoi...
22017-01-10 22:11:03 UTCMarko123456 Hi, Not at all i live in the local area and the Park is nothing to do with the Highfield hall school. It's a public park and where i mark the outline was where the park and school seperate.
32017-01-10 22:13:01 UTCchillly OK, but the way you have drawn the school outline needs some attention. The line doubles back on itself. Do you need any help?
42017-01-10 22:19:56 UTCMarko123456 If you could help that would be great. I am trying to get the school outline (one what doubles back) to unattach it's self from the Gloucester Avenue and to straighted off with the rest of the outline. Thanks for the help.
52017-01-10 22:25:42 UTCchillly I've sorted out the school outline so the park and school adjoin.

Thanks for the edit, I hope you add more detail.
12017-01-10 22:01:15 UTCchillly So this looks a bit odd. Is this intended to catch a few extra Pokémon by any chance? :-)

If you want any help cleaning this up let me know.
12017-01-09 16:16:27 UTCchillly Hi,
This looks like a mass edit. What is this about? Was it discussed anywhere?
22017-01-15 09:55:36 UTCdmgroom_ct It's not a mass edit. reach edit was individually made my me after viewing Bing imagery, looking at the error I was trying to fix, and then fixing it.

The sort of problems fixed are:

mainly highways which do not connect to other highways, for a number of reasons , including:
a) the 1st highw...
12017-01-09 16:16:06 UTCchillly Hi,
This looks like a mass edit. What is this about? Was it discussed anywhere?
22017-01-15 09:55:21 UTCdmgroom_ct It's not a mass edit. reach edit was individually made my me after viewing Bing imagery, looking at the error I was trying to fix, and then fixing it.

The sort of problems fixed are:

mainly highways which do not connect to other highways, for a number of reasons , including:
a) the 1st highw...
12017-01-09 15:20:02 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

You have added a point with a tag to describe it as a military training area. I'm guessing that is not what you intended. If you need any help, please ask.
12017-01-09 11:25:51 UTCchillly You have added what looks like advertising to a road junction. OSM is not Google maps, we don't host adverts. If your business is nearby (it won't be in the middle of a junction) you can add it as, say, an office.

If you just wanted to add an advert you need to go elsewhere.

I intend to remo...
22017-01-10 07:58:58 UTCBCNorwich Hello, the tagging to this node can be removed as the information is mapped more fully at 173 Colney Hatch Lane to the north. This here is a duplication of part of the company information.
ref :-
12017-01-08 19:15:05 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added a doctors' surgery. In OSM you can add a point, as you have done and add tags to describe it. Your tagging looks fine. A bit more advanced way is to add an outline of the building and add tags to that. Someone has already done that for the doctors, though ...
12017-01-08 17:35:32 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added an untagged area. I suspect you were checking out OSM and saved your test edit, without realising that everyone can see it.

Is there something that area describes, or would you like me to clean it up?
12017-01-03 22:00:16 UTCchillly Hi, welcome to OSM

You have added a point for the Travelodge, thanks.

There are two main ways get added. The simple way is a single point. Descriptive tags then describe what the object is. The more elaborate way is to draw the outline of the building and add the tags to that. Someone had alr...
12017-01-02 14:09:57 UTCtrigpoint Hello, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit however something has gone a little wrong here, you seem to have created 2 untagged ways on top of existing ways.
What were you trying to achieve, maybe we can help.
Cheers Phil
22017-01-02 14:10:52 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

You seem to be struggling. You have added two things over te top of existing roads, but they are not tagged in any way to say what you intend them to be. Did you mean to save this? Would you like some help to tidy this up?

We would like you to add or improve stuff in the a...
12017-01-01 18:14:28 UTCchillly Hi,
If the area around a property is a garden, you can (should) tag it as a garden, not a meadow. The key is leisure:garden.

Only add names that are shown on signs, so a garden will not have a name:Garden tag. It takes a while to get the hang of things, but you're getting there.
22017-01-01 18:20:59 UTCchillly There is landuse:orchard available if you're sure the site is an orchard, again that stops you misusing the name tag.
32017-01-17 08:58:32 UTCBCNorwich All problems now rectified.
12017-01-01 16:50:34 UTCchillly Thank you
12016-12-30 19:15:31 UTCchillly You seem to have deleted the payscale way.

As a new mapper please don't delete stuff you don't like or understand. Someone put work into creating that.
22016-12-30 22:51:09 UTCJack Pilkington Sorry about that, got a bit carried away. Won't happen again, thank you for raising it with me.
12016-12-30 18:44:32 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the detail, it is always welcome.

May I suggest that you move the bus stop to the side of the road, rather than being in the middle. This gives people information about which way a bus will go from that stop. If busses stop in both directions, add a stop to both side...
12016-12-30 15:19:50 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Are you trying to make new Pokémon sites by any chance?

We like to see new editors, if you have any questions, feel free to ask
22016-12-30 17:27:21 UTCBCNorwich Hi, could you please verify that the four park areas are recreation areas that are open to the public?
If they are then it would be good to map the access to them.
If they are not then leisure=park is not a correct description to use. Perhaps landuse=grass/meadow or
natural=grassland would be be...
12016-12-28 17:49:58 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM

It is always a concern . when the first edit a new mapper makes is a deletion. Have all these trees really been cut down?
22016-12-29 00:02:57 UTCSmugleaf Sorry for the concern! I live in the neighborhood and noticed the woodland area was way bigger than is should be so I removed it, in reality, it is but just a mere few bushes as apposed to a woodland area. I have made another edit correcting the first edit, leaving in the small bushed area on the ma...
32016-12-29 08:51:07 UTCChris Fleming Brilliant - thanks for getting back to us. This does look like it agrees with the aerial imagery a woody area separated by open ground and a tree lines path.

Welcome to OSM, we have quite an active community in Edinburgh so let me know if you have any questions.
42016-12-29 10:57:25 UTCchillly Thanks for responding. I hope you add more local detail - your local knowledge is very precious. Enjoy 2017.
12016-12-28 21:28:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is there really a cash machine in the middle of a field and a railway station where there is no railway?

I think you may have been experimenting and saved your experiments. Would you like me to undo this edit?

12016-12-28 17:47:58 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Is the url in the RSPB Arne cafe a mistake or a smart-arse form of spam.
12016-12-27 21:18:42 UTCchillly Hi,

Trees can be tagged wit natural=tree. These render as a green dot.
We add names when something has a documented name.
12016-12-27 18:12:37 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

When I see your first edit deleting stuff with comment of deleting excessive detail, this is worrying. OSM wants MORE detail not less. Why have you deleted stuff like this?
22016-12-27 18:19:21 UTCchillly Looking at this more closely I have reverted this edit. There is no way all this should be deleted.
32016-12-27 18:47:04 UTCBCNorwich Just wanted to add support to the decision to revert this changeset. It's very easy to make mistakes when you first jump into OSM mapping, I'm sure freefromsociety can make positive contributions. Just takes little research as to best practices first.
42016-12-28 09:27:31 UTCSomeoneElse Whilst it might make sense to restore some of this detail, I'm a bit sceptical about others - I doubt that is any sort of "pedestrian area", for example.
52016-12-28 14:04:24 UTCtrigpoint Also, whilst not part of this changeset. The A16 is incorrectly mapped as a dual carriageway. This could use a tidy up.
12016-12-25 19:56:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

From the aerial imagery I would say that is not grassland, but farmland. We normally tag that as landuse = farmland. Are you trying to attract pokemon?

Happy Christmas
22016-12-25 19:59:21 UTCSam Sims Nah its more of a meadow but i didn't realise there was a category for that, Its not farmland, nothing is grown or anything it is just let to grow.
32016-12-25 20:00:20 UTCchillly OK, the aerial imagery shows it as ploughed, but if you know the site that local knowledge is much better.
42016-12-25 20:04:35 UTCSam Sims Yeah i think it must be old photos, you are right but now its just a meadow for dog walkers.
12016-12-23 20:30:48 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the detail. Is the footpath really that spiral shape? It looks more likely that is is a carpark or another closed space.

If you have any questions about mapping or using the map please feel free to ask.
12016-12-23 18:33:28 UTCchillly Hi,
Welcome to OSM.
I expect you didn't realise that this doodle would be added to the live map. I will revert (undo) it now.
12016-12-23 15:15:19 UTCchillly Hi,
Welcome to OSM. You seem to have added a bridleway that is highly unlikely. I suspect you have added the route of a walk, that's not what OSM really wants. We do want the location of a bridleway or footpath, but not the route of a walk that people take. If you want share a route with other peop...
12016-12-22 22:17:24 UTCchillly I had to revert this edit to rescue the two previous edits
12016-12-22 22:16:58 UTCchillly I had to revert this edit to rescue the previous edit
12016-12-22 22:08:40 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

you seem to have made an edit that is not really what might be expected. Maybe you didn't realise that you were editing the live dataset, but I'm going to revert (undo) this edit.
12016-12-08 15:32:28 UTCchillly I don't think Welton Memorial Hall is a pub. Better to describe it as a community_centre. I'm going to change it.
12016-12-01 22:42:08 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM,
If you want to draw indoor objects you might like to look at

This is still being discussed and much of it is only rendered on experimental maps (there are thousands of map renders - the 'Standard' map is just one example). highwa...
12016-12-01 22:36:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

I see you have tried to add names to parts of a river. Adding any node with just a name tag doesn't get rendered because the renderer doesn't know what kind of object it is so it has no idea how to draw and label it. One way to get names on a parts of a river is to add the place=lo...
22016-12-02 18:08:20 UTCIanLBrooks Thanks for the feedback, I will try to fix it, if I have issues then I will shout!
12016-12-01 13:12:52 UTCchillly I am curious where you are getting this information from.
22016-12-01 15:06:09 UTCkreuzschnabel The fuel stations? I map stations offering LPG, and the usual directories tend to be outdated (or completely wrong, listing cylinder gas dealers as well), so I mostly do phone calls to the stations directly. Remote survey, if you like :-)
12016-12-01 13:09:30 UTCchillly This is a doodle, reverted.
12016-12-01 13:09:18 UTCchillly This is a doodle, reverted.
12016-12-01 13:08:58 UTCchillly This is a doodle, reverted.
12016-12-01 13:08:47 UTCchillly This is a doodle, reverted.
12016-12-01 13:08:36 UTCchillly This is a doodle, reverted.
12016-12-01 13:08:26 UTCchillly This is a doodle, reverted.
12016-11-24 11:14:32 UTCchillly Another poorly researched, plonked school. The address has the wrong city and the wrong street.
22016-11-25 18:15:15 UTCChristian Ledermann This is the Edubase data =>
what is wrong with it?
32016-11-25 18:17:12 UTCChristian Ledermann!1s0x4878bec668937053:0x902b73bd76ebe0a2!2m16!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m10!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e4!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/Horton%2BHouse%2BSchool/@53.8104354,-0.3375758,3a,75y,56.66h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sa2b-2mXtEfyDdeRtK67mHw*2...
42016-11-25 18:22:13 UTCchillly The street address is Sutton Road, not the farm name. The city is Wawne, not Hull. If the addr:city is Hull, then all the addresses in the city use Kingston upon Hull, not Hull. The school is clearly in Wawne not Hull - the UA boundary is very clearly in view.

I have made these changes.
52016-11-25 18:24:52 UTCChristian Ledermann thanks :-)
12016-11-06 14:31:27 UTCchillly Hi,
There is a specific tag for bike parking (amenity=bicycle_parking). If the spot has a specific name then I'd use a name tag for that too, but most have no name.
12016-10-09 10:40:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. I think you have edited the map in error. You have edited the name of the road called The Ridings to be Harambe Drive. When did the road name change?
12016-10-09 10:18:03 UTCchillly This school is not in Hull, so why have you added the addr:city as Hull?
12016-10-09 10:16:49 UTCchillly How is the city 'Hull'? This school is in Roos, many miles from Hull.
12016-09-30 12:44:47 UTCchillly Are the buildings really separate? Is there really a gap between them that I could walk between or see down? The aerial imagery seems to show that the are connected. If they are connected, drawing them as individual buildings is useful, but they should have overlapping walls to show they are connect...
12016-09-30 12:39:59 UTCchillly It is a good idea to add the approximate outline of a building. I would add a fixme tag, such as fixme=the outline is a rough guess. That way it will show up on QA tools to help it get a more accurate outline when more details are available.
12016-09-28 12:26:17 UTCchillly Is Unit 1 the address? If so that belongs in an address field, not the name field.
12016-09-16 10:19:48 UTCchillly Is the James Reckitt Library still a library? I understand it is for sale.
12016-09-15 21:09:15 UTCchillly If these buildings are warehouses, is the area still a farm? Are they barns or are they warehouses?
22016-09-24 15:36:22 UTCTrubshaw The building=barn tag was not available when these objects were created. Please feel free to update them.
12016-09-15 19:55:21 UTCchillly This is vandalism. I will revert this edit. I will contact the Data Working Group to have your account blocked.
12016-09-15 19:54:40 UTCchillly This is vandalism. I will revert this edit. I will contact the Data Working Group to have your account blocked.
12016-08-22 18:03:14 UTCchillly If the footway (or track or whatever) is a public right of way I suggest you add designation=public_footpath or designation=public_bridleway. It allows you to split the legal designation from the physical highway, for example a track (highway=track) could be a public footpath or a bridleway
22016-08-22 18:47:29 UTCMike Baggaley Not sure I understand why you have made this comment on my change - I am fully aware of the use of designation, but my change was just removing an incorrect name from the path (it had the name of a route in it). I have no idea of the legal or physical details of the path as I am not local to it.
32016-08-22 18:50:59 UTCchillly A changeset comment would have helped others understand what your change is about.
12016-07-25 17:51:09 UTCchillly I think the multipolygon might need more tags. If you can have two outers (not sure you can) then both of the school areas need to be tagged as outers. Would a site relation be better than a multipolygon?
22016-07-25 19:38:01 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I'm no expert, the OSM wiki says a multipolygon can have "Two disjunct outer rings" and says on the relations:site (proposal) page that for schools with multiple sites to use a multipolygon relation.

I have now tagged the ways as outers now, which I had failed to do on this changeset. Hopefully t...
32016-07-25 20:25:26 UTCSomeoneElse You'll want amenity=school on the school relation presumably? Unless I've completely misunderstood what's happening here...
42016-07-26 00:13:06 UTCYorvik Prestigitator You're right, I can't work out why it was not there. I have added it now, thanks.
12016-07-25 17:46:06 UTCchillly Hi,

Have you missed a tag from the way into the churchyard?
22016-07-25 19:26:34 UTCYorvik Prestigitator oops, looks like I have! Now fixed, thanks for spotting this.
(or it could be Potlatch not recording all my changes in a changeset again)
12016-06-10 10:24:38 UTCchillly Is this a mech edit?

Association football in the UK is NOT soccer, it is football, and yes I'm sure you're going to quote the wiki at me, but it is NOT soccer in British English.
22016-06-10 21:59:24 UTCWarin61 No, fully manual. I have found some to be tennis/netball/basketball courts. One was both rugby and soccer. Where I could not identify what sport was/is played there I left a fixme. Each and every pitch has been looked at using my eyes using Bing imagery. I have missed some! What do you expect of a ...
32016-06-10 22:06:48 UTCWarin61 A dictionary def of football has 'chiefly';
soccer - British English
Austrailain Rules - Australia WA, SA,Vic and Tasmania
Rugby League - Australia Qld., NSW
Rugby League or Rugby Union - Australia Qld., NSW

I'd put money on Americans using the term 'football' for their own sport, not socce...
42016-06-11 00:39:00 UTCtrigpoint Although in the case of Rugby we should probably differentiate between Rugby Union and and and .........
52016-06-11 10:44:49 UTCSomeoneElse For the record, "soccer" is _not_ the regular British English term for the sport you're trying to tag here, "football" is.

There are however cases where OSM has adopted an americanism (e.g. sidewalk) in order to avoid confusion; that may make sense here (but some prior discussion and a heads-up...
62016-06-11 14:44:01 UTCSomeoneElse On further investigation (going through all the tag changes in here), I've reverted this for the reasons described above and in . Far more tag changes made things "more wrong" rather than just "differently wrong" or correct" A large number of items d...
12016-05-18 19:35:19 UTCchillly Not sure understand the point of adding name:fr=* which is exactly the same as name=*. Surely software should just fall back to name=* tag.
22016-05-18 19:55:29 UTCtrial it is *not*, in French you have hyphens, not blanks as separator.
For alt_name:fr, it's because the alternative name is also valid in French. There is a subtle difference between I don't have the name, use the default one and this is correct in your language.
32016-05-18 20:00:29 UTCtrial And yes, [coalesce]( does the job, except in some case.
Let ave a IT/FR/EN preference. The user on a dynamic map would see the one with hyphens because the name:it is not given, not the name.
42016-05-18 20:07:18 UTCchillly I seem to have hit a raw nerve, judging by your terse answer. I now see the hyphens. I'm so sorry for diverting you from whatever it was that you were doing and working you up into a lather.
52016-05-18 20:25:16 UTCtrial No, it's good to question (especially as you did it very politely). And the discussion for having the same name in different languages equal to the default language is perfectly valid. We had it on [talk-fr]... and I thought as you BTW ;-). But the case of multiple user language preference was raise...
12016-05-13 17:52:04 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM,

I think you have added a part of the Way of the Roses, but it already part of the OSM data. I think you have overlaid a cycleway over the existing highways, but that is not how we add complex routes. We use relations (not exactly a beginner process). Various sections of paths,...
12016-05-11 13:37:14 UTCchillly I doubt the footpath name really is 'Public Footpath', that would be its designation. I suggest you remove the name and add designation=public_footpath.
12016-05-11 13:35:02 UTCchillly If this is a a track you can leave the physical tagging as highway=track and add the legal status of a bridleway by adding designation=bridleway.
12016-05-11 13:32:54 UTCchillly If the footpath is a public right of way, you might like to add designation=public_footpath (or public_bridleway). This doesn't change the render on the Standard map, but does get used on specialist maps.
12016-05-01 18:12:58 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. You might like to tag your business as tourism=guest_house and then add the qualifier guest_house=bed_and_breakfast. This will distinguish your place from just a house.
22016-05-02 08:04:56 UTCMarion Robertson Thanks for the suggestion. I have now added a note to the point with qualifying info.
Can you help me ensure the location of our B&B is accurately shown on the VisitScotland map on the following webpage: The ma...
12016-04-29 11:21:39 UTCchillly I think this a building name, not a business name. Building names should go in the addr:housename tag, not the name tag. This allows a building and a business to both have their names added.
22016-05-15 22:35:36 UTCEugene13 Yes, this is Building name.
12016-04-29 09:15:12 UTCchillly To make businesses work you need to add the tags for the business not just the name. This would be amenity=kindergarten.
12016-04-28 17:12:08 UTCchillly You have added a building and added a name field to it. We use name=* to add a business name (such as a shop name) not the address name. For that we use addr:housename=*.

If Willow Garth is a farm (I'd need to visit to check) we do it differently as a farm often has multiple buildings. If that ...
22016-04-28 17:53:46 UTCEugene13
32016-04-28 17:56:49 UTCchillly OK, tag it as a care home then. The road to it will likely be defined in OSM as a service road.
42016-04-28 18:19:53 UTCEugene13 From Wiki:Tag:highway=service Generally for access to a building, service station, beach, campsite, industrial estate, business park, etc.
If I understand right, only for service used, but not how driveway.
52016-04-28 18:21:52 UTCchillly highway=service, but not the descriptor service=driveway.

Be careful with the wiki, some stuff gets edited to be bonkers, but I agree with that description.
62016-04-28 18:23:15 UTCchillly If a building is made of right angled corners, you can press Q when the building is selected in the editor and that 'squares up' the building.
12016-04-28 18:10:11 UTCchillly Adding surface tags to footways is really good. Foot=yes is implied on a footway. We add foot=yes to ambiguous things like a cycleway where walking is also allowed. Horse=no is not really needed.
22016-04-28 18:12:02 UTCEugene13 :)
12016-04-28 17:48:45 UTCchillly You have tagged a service road to the petrol station as a driveway (service=driveway). This is for private driveways to houses, not an access road in a petrol station
12016-04-28 17:45:55 UTCchillly This looks like an access road to a farm or large house. That will be a service road not a residential
12016-04-28 17:44:03 UTCchillly Changing unclassified roads to residential roads may be right, but roads that are residential have houses beside them, not just any buildings.
12016-04-28 17:38:34 UTCchillly The road you have added is a service road
12016-04-28 17:37:56 UTCchillly The roads you have added look to be service roads to me (highway=service).
12016-04-28 17:36:39 UTCchillly The road you have added is a service road (highway=service)
12016-04-28 16:06:13 UTCchillly We always add farm names to the landuse area, not individual buildings, unless the building has a name different to the farm. Postcodes need to be structured correctly, i.e. with a space in the right place.
22016-04-28 17:32:22 UTCEugene13 The problem with field for farm is - all satnav who use OpenStreetMaps not see this names of farm and result is missing place in satnav.
32016-04-28 17:35:23 UTCchillly We do not tag for a satnav, we tag facts. If the satnav is wrong then the way it uses OSM data should be changed. This is a fundamental principal of OSM. The satnav I use (with OSM data in it) display farms as I have described perfectly.
12016-04-28 16:02:52 UTCchillly The short spurs off Brazill St. are footways. They are not pedestrian. What are the names? Have you visited the site? Please don't add pedestrian to this kind of way.
22016-04-28 17:25:01 UTCEugene13 This is Avenue. My vision is better used Pedestrian street because is a street-avenue. If that was only footways then you cant drive in with cycles, but on pedestrian streets you can do that, right?!
32016-04-28 17:25:20 UTCEugene13 And names will be soon!
42016-04-28 17:32:17 UTCchillly No. In OSM in the UK a pedestrian street is a vehicle road that has been closed to traffic and is only now open to pedestrian. An example would be King Edward street in Hull or Prestongate in Hessle. The paths you added are not wide enough for a vehicle, so a highway= footway not a highway=pedestria...
12016-04-28 17:28:19 UTCchillly The roadway to the North looks like a service road to me. If it really is a residential road it needs a name. The extension you have added to Cedar Close is too long, it should not include private driveways. It also needs a name.
12016-04-28 17:25:43 UTCchillly You are not adding names to residential road extensions. You are extending the residential roads into private driveways.
12016-04-28 17:24:20 UTCchillly In this edit you seem to have extended the residential road into private driveways. A turning circle might be a better solution, though I would need to survey to check.
12016-04-28 17:21:13 UTCchillly The 'Y' ending to the road is good to add, but I believe you have made it too long, including some shared driveways at each end which are not part of the residential road.
12016-04-28 17:19:33 UTCchillly It would help if you used a bit more expressive changeset comments. Repeating the same one ("Road") is not helpful for reviews and won't help you much if you look back at your edits. It is very helpful that you make small changes in each changeset, especially as you start out.
12016-04-28 17:16:54 UTCchillly If this is a residential road (it could be) it needs the name adding too. Residentail roads almost always have a name in England. In this case I would expect to be The Birches.
22016-04-28 17:57:06 UTCEugene13 done
12016-04-28 17:15:11 UTCchillly I think one of the legs you have added is too long as it include the private driveway of a house. Showing the two legs is a good idea.
12016-04-28 17:09:48 UTCchillly I don't believe that in OSM the road you have added is a residential road, I believe it is a service road (highway=service).
22016-04-28 17:48:19 UTCEugene13 I was in this place, there is a good road with many houses arround.
12016-04-28 16:00:49 UTCchillly I have reverted this edit. The footpaths are not pedestrian roads. Please don't make any more changes like this without discussing it first. The revert is changeset 38956065
22016-04-28 17:28:07 UTCEugene13 Ok mate!
12016-04-28 15:55:41 UTCchillly Are you sure that is a residential road? Have you visited it to confirm this? It looked to me to be an access road similar to a shared driveway. that would be a service road in OSM.
22016-04-28 17:17:19 UTCEugene13 I hope you seen - I removed some Greenwich park sleeve, that doesn't exist.
About The Pines - all road is in good condition with asphalt. Residents of The Pines use this road every day :)
12016-04-28 15:37:10 UTCchillly I've changed the Saddle Room Cottage to be tagged as usual. I've added the tags to the building, but adding to a node is fine, especially when a building has more than one premise in it. The node you added is now duplicated (sort of) by my edit, so that needs sorting out by some means.
12016-04-28 15:28:18 UTCchillly The name of the farm is always added to the landuse area (the browny area), not any of the buildings in the farmyard.
12016-04-28 15:21:31 UTCchillly There has been some discussion recently about phone boxes that have no phones in them. Is this used for anything else, e.g. a tiny library, or tourist info point? If there's no phone then it is not amenity=telephone.
12016-04-16 13:46:50 UTCchillly This edit, even though it is small, has changed the character of the junction, making it incorrect. I will revert this edit.

Please stop making remote armchair edits like this. Is your motivation to increase your edit count? Do you get paid per edit?

I feel it would be better to add a note a...
22016-04-17 01:11:26 UTCcalfarome Hello Chilly
This edition has already been reverted.
All my edits are right for validator , however your observation is also valid, Thanks for the feedback.
12016-04-06 10:16:10 UTCchillly Thanks for these updates. Keeping businesses up-to-date is a constant effort. I notice that this hairdresser now has a cuisine of chinese :-) Sweet & Sour haircut anyone? :-)

But seriously, your updates are very welcome.
12016-04-05 19:37:05 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I think you have a typo in the name (Chruch).
22016-04-05 22:52:34 UTCSharkskill Fixed
12016-04-04 18:02:59 UTCchillly This looks like a mechanical edit. Where was this discussed?
22016-04-04 19:13:53 UTCRopino Hello,
for me was the basis:
"If the speed limit should be specified in a different unit the unit can be added to the end of the value, separated by a space"
+ in JOSM-valid...
32016-04-04 19:20:05 UTCchillly You can't just mass edit based on what the wiki says!! The wiki gets changed at anyone's whim. You **MUST** discuss mass edits before you make them with the relevent community (in this case the GB community) and you **MUST** get theor agreement.

42016-04-04 20:48:27 UTCchillly We have discussed your mechanical edits on the GB IRC channel. We are unhappy that you feel you can ignore the guidelines and ignore the community and just make your edits as you want. You would do much better to stop showing how smart you are with your keyboard and get outside and survey some *usef...
12016-04-03 19:59:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail.

I think your edit is interesting, but needs a small change. You have drawn the outline of the whole area of the meeting room and tagged it all as a building. You would do better to draw the outline of the real building as the building. You can draw the outli...
12016-04-03 19:54:38 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the details.

I see you have added lanes=1 to the tertiary road. It looks to me that there are two lanes on the road, one in each direction. In the UK, most single carriageway roads are two lanes, so we rarely bother explicitly adding the lanes tag to these roads. Unders...
12016-04-03 17:46:45 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I think you have added a name to an area of grass which was added by someone else. The grass overlaps an area of woodland - it can't be both woods and grass. You have added the name Forestry Commission to the grass. The area might be operated by the Forestry Commission but that's ...
12016-04-03 17:24:44 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail.

If the footpaths are rights of way you could add designation=public_footpath (or public_bridleway) in England and Wales.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by replying.
12016-03-29 17:08:27 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I notice you have added a tag source=work. That is ambiguous, do you mean that you get data from work, or that you work there? If the data is supplied from your employers, this is worrying. Any data used must be licensed, in writing, with a licence that is compatible with OSM's li...
22016-03-29 17:24:27 UTCCraig Swarbrick Hi Chilly
I'm new to this site.
I work at the Citizens Advice and want to make sure that all the Citizens Advice Offices are located correctly.
I will take note to use Local Knowledge for the source.
Thank you for your remarks.

12016-03-23 17:57:59 UTCchillly forgot to chg the comment :-
12016-03-20 21:22:58 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. I will change your tagging to shop=perfumery, rather than shop=Perfume - this is a more widely used tag.
12016-03-20 07:13:14 UTCBCNorwich Hello there, well done on adding to OpenStreetMap and welcome to OSM. The data added was actually duplicated on the node (POI) and the building. I have taken the liberty of drawing the whole building and placing your data. Small tweaks to the data are phone number (+44 2083 051060 is usual OSM manne...
22016-03-20 16:51:28 UTCchillly Sadly it seems BCNorwich has just steamrollered over your work and shown what an expert editor he is regardless of how you are trying to learn.

@BCNorwich: What source did you use to establish which building in the terrace to put the opticians on?
12016-03-19 22:20:20 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added something to the road. I guess you are trying to add an opticians. We tag this as shop=optician. We place objects as close as we can to the real location. I doubt that would be in the middle of the road! :-) You can safely use just a dot (we call a node) but i...
22016-03-19 23:23:03 UTCBlackheath Eyecare Opticians Hi Chillly,

Thanks for the tips. I was doing this on an iPad and didn’t get the location correct! Just edited on a PC and added the area also. Hopefully I have completed correctly now.

Please let me know if it still needs amending.


Mr Sohal
12016-03-19 20:59:45 UTCchillly You seem to have added a strange, overlapping shape in the school grounds tagged as a school - but it's already in a school. It looks like a doodle - do you realise you are editing the live data, not your own personal copy?
12016-03-19 20:55:00 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I think you may be trying stuff out, perhaps without realising you are editing the live map. In Snaith you have created an overlapping building with an existing building and the shape of a grass area seems odd.

The changeset comment 'corrected' is not very helpful. What have yo...
12016-03-19 20:39:03 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail.

You have added the city as Wrexham for the Best Companies Limited. I would expect the address to be LLay, not Wrexham, so we would use that - I know it's not a city, but that's how we use it. I would also add the usual space in the middle of the postcode.
22016-03-19 20:58:43 UTCAlanKell Thanks Chilly. No worries, I’ll add spaces in the post codes from now on. Sounds good with Llay over Wrexham as well. I went for Wrexham is it is the city whereas Llay is the village, but happy either way :)
12016-03-18 21:57:29 UTCchillly Hi Welcome to OSM.

I'm really sure what you were trying to add. We tend to map stuff that is verifiable on the ground. Is this are verifiable?

You have only added an area tag, which is rarely needed. You need to add other tags to describe what you are drawing. If you need any help feel free t...
22016-03-19 02:37:01 UTCSomeoneElse Just a thought - if you're trying to show something that (thankfully) isn't there any more then maybe you could use something like ? With that you should be able to draw something on the top of an OpenStreetMap map. See also ...
12016-03-18 15:57:06 UTCchillly Hi Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail.

Is the track you added called 'Hendre Farm Track' on a name board or the like. That sounds like an informal name, we tend to use formal names, usually from a name board in the name tag.
22016-03-18 16:49:09 UTCgj357 It doesn’t actually have a name to be honest - it used to lead to an old farm but that disappeared many years ago. It has in recent years been treated to some gravel by the local council, which has meant it is useable by bikes again - it had become quite overgrown prior to this.
32016-03-18 17:01:00 UTCchillly If it doesn't have a name then we don't add a name :-) Is it a public footpath? If so we (in the UK) add a tag to show it of designation=public_footpath (or public_bridleway). Does it join to the road at the southern end?
42016-03-18 17:37:28 UTCgj357 Yes - it is a Public Bridleway rather than a Public Footpath and joins Llandeilo road at the northern end to Hendre Road at the Southern end.
12016-03-18 16:56:35 UTCchillly HI, Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail.

You have tagged a landuse area as residential. Is this a new development or is it a farmyard? If it is a farmyard as the (possibly out-of-date) aerial imagery shows it would be better to tag it as farmyard. The building looks a bit big. The aerial images...
12016-03-18 16:44:58 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail.

Is the gym really a triangle-shaped building? The aerial imagery (which could be out of date) shows a bigger, rectangular building.

If you need any help, feel free to reply.
12016-03-08 15:51:18 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Your edit is pretty good for a first edit, but you have added a landuse tag to the building which is not the way it gets used.

If you need any help, feel free to ask by replying.
12016-02-22 12:56:53 UTCchillly I don't think So Wok is a restaurant, last time I was there (a few months ago) it was certainly only a takeaway. It's a very small place, there's no room for a sit-down meal.

I also think the name is So Wok (without the 'Takeaway').
22016-02-22 16:46:44 UTCYorvik Prestigitator HI Chillly,
I was just correcting the Chinese to chinese (as OSM is fussy about capitalisation in tags) which Rogero added on their edit of this way.
I think you are correct about it being fast_food rather than restaurant (especially as it has the tag takeaway=only).
As you are more knowledgeable...
12016-02-21 14:48:46 UTCchillly Another undiscussed mechanical edit? Please stop making these - someone will just have to revert it.
22016-02-21 23:51:03 UTCwvdp It is a handmade edit. But something went wrong with level 0 and all items that were loaded had a there version updated even when I didn’t edit them. What was being done was: searching for errors with a text editor and then fixing them. Sorry it looks bad
32016-02-22 11:53:28 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing that the "unexpected change" at was to trim trailing spaces on tags?

Also what was the source for the "and then fixing them"? It can't have been Mapbox Satellite.
42016-02-23 10:28:22 UTCwvdp first i'd like to decaire some other changesets of my with the same caractioristics.
52016-02-23 10:44:49 UTCwvdp What I did is I downloaded the UK form geofabrick and then filleted all nodes ways and relations that have opening hours.
This results in a 50 mb file that covers all of the UK and has only things with opening hours. That I load in to josm and I validate all things using the build in validator and ...
62016-02-23 11:37:57 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks for the detailed explanation. Were there any examples of "opening hours set to something that makes no sense, but would make sense if applied to another key"? Were you able to figure out what do do in those cases, or did you add an OSM note or ask the previous mapper?
For a comparison, I r...
72016-02-23 12:21:27 UTCwvdp i mostly ignored it and did somthing else but i also could add a note.
12016-02-20 22:20:27 UTCchillly This looks like a mass edit. Where was this discussed?

22016-02-22 11:45:39 UTCSomeoneElse I don't see how the change to or was opening hours related. Can you explain what happened there?
12016-02-15 20:29:05 UTCchillly I see you have mapped Brantingham Thorpe Park as leisure=park. I don't think this is correct. This may be parkland, but it's not a park. leisure=park implies public access, usually municipal. This is parkland, so it's really farmland - it's probably used to graze animals.

12016-02-15 15:44:33 UTCchillly Isn't this former drydock the one being converted into an outdoor theatre? If so, wouldn't be better to tag it as landuse = construction?
22016-02-15 16:00:51 UTCmalcolmh The amphitheatre is being constructed to sit over part of the dry dock, but all of the dock will remain intact. As soon as I can get close enough to do a survey, I will map the new construction. The question is, what would be suitable tagging for an open-air amphitheatre?
32016-02-15 18:22:32 UTCchillly amenity=theatre with, perhaps, theatre=amphitheatre to differentiate it. I might be tempted to add building=yes and layer=1 too. Just because it doesn't have a roof, it still would be a building to me. It is a separate structure from the dock as the dock is listed so the theatre is being added witho...
12016-02-11 22:10:40 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

We only seek ground truth, that is what is really there on the ground. We leave politics elsewhere.

If the path really called horse field? Is that the name of the field? Is this an informal name or is this on a name plate somewhere? The name used in OSM is usually displayed som...
12016-02-09 19:46:37 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

You seem to to be adding walks or rides as an object to OSM. We only add named routes to OSM. We add these as a relation, which is a bit of an advanced edit. It is a way of creating a route out of existing roads, paths, tracks etc, without adding them again.

If the route i...
22016-02-11 08:57:38 UTCBCNorwich There are many added ways mostly duplicated and untagged. A lot connecting to existing features. Unfortunately I have made a couple of corrections before realising the extent of the problem. Would it be best to revert this changeset? Not by me as there are to many conflicts.
32016-02-11 09:35:43 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - I've reverted this in (no conflicts - I was prompted to do so to investigate the conflicts BCNorwich might have been getting above).

@Robin653 one thing that was missing from many of the footpaths that you added routes over the top of was the d...
42016-02-11 09:55:17 UTCBCNorwich Many Thanks, looks good now.
12016-02-02 14:13:40 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

If you want to add steps you can use the tag highway=steps, rather than highway=footway. This will then render differently on the Standard map. If the steps really are called 'Steep steps' then your name is fine (this would usually be on a sign naming the steps rather than a s...
12016-01-26 18:09:19 UTCchillly Has Gassco released this data as open data? Where can I look at this open data?
12016-01-25 16:10:51 UTCchillly Why have you drawn the building to be that shape? It is clearly not that shape.

If you are having problems understanding OSM I can revert (undo) this edit for you.
22016-01-25 16:54:36 UTCderFred Hi Chilly, sorry my rememberance was false. :(
32016-01-25 16:59:47 UTCchillly I've changed the building outline to match the footprint on the ground, not the outline of the roof. This is the way buildings should be drawn whenever possible. Parallax in aerial imagery can make this difficult, but in this case it was fairly easy.
42016-01-25 17:07:17 UTCderFred d'accord! :) thanks for the hint.
12016-01-24 15:16:41 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added addresses for the cottages as the name of the building. We reserve names on buildings for signed names, such as a shop name. Addresses get their own tags, e.g. addr:housenuber=1, addr:street=Old Clapperton Hall and so on.

A house name can be added as a...
12016-01-24 13:00:34 UTCchillly This looks like a mass edit, and not the first. Where was this discussed?
22016-01-27 02:25:28 UTCSomeoneElse (for anyone thinking of reverting) the changes in the Chesterfield/Mansfield area in this changeset seem OK.

Unnecessary, probably, but unlike some of the other changes in this sequence they don't actually make the data wrong.
12016-01-23 17:45:17 UTCchillly Hi,
I think you tried to add a fuel station. If so, you need to add some extra info to the node (point) you added. amenity=fuel says it's a fuel station. name=Fuller Fuels Ltd would give it a name. The name is usually what is on the name board. If Fuller fuels is the operator then use operator=Full...
12016-01-21 21:06:17 UTCchillly This is spam. changing a bus stop to advertise your website is not the way to go. I have reverted this edit
12016-01-21 21:00:21 UTCchillly This is a spam edit. Adding a website to a road is clearly inappropriate.
12016-01-21 14:26:33 UTCchillly This looks like a mechanical edit to me. Have you visited these sites? Why have you made these changes to such a wide area?
22016-02-08 00:07:33 UTCJeppAus I'm sorry if I made a bad edit, feel free to revert.

I'm sure it looks like a mechanical edit, but in fact it is manual, or semi-mechanical at most.

I made the change because I'm using a software which had trouble with these ways. However I made sure that I'm not simply tagging for my private ...
12016-01-14 21:33:13 UTCaseerel4c26 Hi Chriss, could you please descibe in a bit more detail what and how (anything automatic?) you did this edit? Thank you!
22016-01-14 21:55:05 UTCChrissW-R1 Hi aseerel4c26,

I've changed all telephone tags, which contains only a phone number and have no other phone tag to the contact:phone tag.

The telephone key will be used for infrastructure feature and not for contact information.

It was a semi-automatic change with JOSM.

Sincerely yours
32016-01-14 21:56:15 UTCChrissW-R1 JFYI:
42016-01-15 06:14:13 UTCaseerel4c26 I saw that, in addition to the mentioned change, also did change "website" into "contact:website" (note that contact:website is about ten times less used currently, see taginfo). At least this was an automatic retagging which should not be done without discussion *before* ( https://wiki.openstreetma...
52016-01-15 11:14:30 UTCchillly This seems to be an undiscussed mechanical edit. Mechanical edits must be discussed and agreed in advance. This has not been discussed, so it must be reverted. Please revert this edit as soon as possible.
62016-01-15 12:46:18 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 36591744 where the changeset comment is: Revert un-discussed mechanical edit. Please see and's_the_problem_with_mechanical_edits?
72016-01-15 12:51:58 UTCChrissW-R1 I'm on my way to revert all of my changesets.
Please be patient...
82016-01-15 12:59:11 UTCChrissW-R1 Have a look at
to observe the process
12016-01-11 13:32:59 UTCTomH I assume you followed for this mechanical edit?
22016-01-11 13:54:58 UTCandrewsh Well, not quite…
32016-01-11 17:50:38 UTCtrigpoint Please revert it then
42016-01-14 14:27:17 UTCchillly Undiscussed mechanical edits must be reverted.
52016-01-15 17:41:29 UTCandrewsh Sorry, I haven't yet had time to revert it. I will try during the weekend.
62016-01-15 17:43:43 UTCtrigpoint I have already reverted it, the UK community will work out how they should be tagged.

72016-01-15 17:46:13 UTCandrewsh Right, having googled that I see this is a topic already discussed and quite a controversial one.
82016-01-15 17:57:50 UTCandrewsh Actually, one of your comments isn't quite right:

> ALDI, LIDL, ASDA and SPAR are all abbreviations of their full names, in
the same way as NATO, AIDS, BBC, OSM or GNU are.

Except Lidl isn't :)
12016-01-11 12:12:49 UTCandrewsh Okay, not German, probably, but Dutch.
22016-01-11 12:13:17 UTCandrewsh Okay, and originally an abbreviation:

The name was originally DE SPAR, an acronym of the Dutch phrase Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmati
32016-01-11 13:32:57 UTCTomH I assume you followed for this mechanical edit?
42016-01-11 16:59:37 UTCtrigpoint SPAR is an abbreviation as you have mentioned, the shops are signed SPAR, not Spar. This change should be reverted.
52016-01-11 17:00:16 UTCandrewsh The company is now called Spar, not SPAR.
62016-01-11 17:02:29 UTCTomH So that would be name=SPAR; operator=Spar then.

This is why we ask you to discuss mechanical edits before doing them.
72016-01-11 17:04:16 UTCandrewsh Well, if a police department says POLICE on the label, we don't tag it as name=POLICE, do we?
82016-01-11 17:29:46 UTCchillly Undiscussed mechanical edits should be reverted.
92016-01-11 17:39:11 UTCtrigpoint Police is a word, rather than an abbreviation.
The day the signs on SPAR shops in the UK changes, then local mappers will change the tags.
In the meantime this change needs to be reverted.
102016-01-15 17:45:45 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this, the UK community will decide how to correctly tag these shops
12015-12-22 12:25:43 UTCchillly How did you come to the conclusion that the 'path' joins Park Lane by ploughing through a wood?

Please do not armchair falsehoods onto the map like this.

I am inclined to revert this
22015-12-22 15:28:27 UTCsrividya_c Sorry, I saw a path which was connecting to the road in the imagery. The imagery too had woods, but the path was little visible which is why I connected it. If this is not the case in real I apologize for this You can fix this or revert the changeset. Thank you again. :)
12015-12-14 22:43:52 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

The website URL is not what you have changed it to. If the website is wrong i suggest you change it the right URL, if the site has been closed them remove the website tag. If there is a short-term loss of service you might like to leave the tag unchanged, possibly adding a a note ...
22016-02-19 23:04:23 UTCBadgerFox Wayside Cafe link has been fixed. Well done ALASERPOINTER.
12015-12-14 16:12:02 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added a postcode node to a road. That's not how we use postcodes in OSM. We add postcodes to objects, such as buildings, usually as part of the whole address. Postcodes can't be added to a road, because multiple postcodes can apply to a single road, even with differ...
12015-12-09 13:42:30 UTCchillly Please stop creating these road relations. They will be deleted - they are of no use in the UK and make later editing much harder.
12015-12-09 11:47:42 UTCchillly This is another route relation for a UK road.

Route relations for UK roads are not required. They add complexity that is not needed.

Please stop adding route relations for UK roads.

Please revert this edit or delete the route relation.
12015-12-09 11:44:35 UTCchillly You are still adding route relations for UK roads. You have been asked to stop doing this. Please stop adding these relations.

Please revert this edit ASAP.

If you do not reply I will start deleting the route relations you are adding. You need to engage with other mappers if you do not want yo...
12015-12-05 13:34:31 UTCchillly Once again another contentious edit from abc26324. Why do you make these pointless edits? We do not need or use road relations in the UK. All UK roads can only have one reference, with no braids or overlaps, so road relations are not needed.

Please revert this edit ASAP
22015-12-05 16:11:27 UTCRichard Please do not add route=road relations in the UK except for E roads. I'm sure you're well-intentioned but they serve no purpose (as a road can only have one ref) and make the map significantly harder to edit for newbies.

Please revert these edits. If you would like to add more then please take th...
32015-12-07 18:18:02 UTCchillly Route relation deleted
42015-12-08 01:13:59 UTCSomeoneElse @abc26324 Would it be possible for you to explain a bit about adding road route relations in the UK? There's a discussion on talk-gb currently and the most that's been said in their favour so far is "they do no harm"....
12015-12-05 22:21:39 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added a postcode to a street. In OSM we add the addressing details to objects such as a building, not to a street. Many streets in the UK have multiple postcodes, sometimes properties on opposite sides of a street have different postcodes.

If you have any questio...
12015-11-26 21:14:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've added "passenger_lines=2" to at
What exactly is it supposed to indicate?
22015-11-26 21:36:17 UTClcmortensen passenger_lines indicates the number of tracks a line has, e.g. passenger_lines=2 indicates a double track line. It replaces the deprecated tracks key. See
32015-11-26 21:41:33 UTCSomeoneElse But at there are 4 (of 5) lines that could be considered "main lines", not 2.

What is the point of tagging something that can be obtained simply by looking at other nearby data? I wouldn't map a house, and then add a tag "house...
42015-11-26 22:03:16 UTClcmortensen There are only two parallel lines at that point (the third appears to be a loop). Once the Midland Main Line and Erewash Valley Line physically join closer to Grassmoor, it goes up to passenger_lines=4.
OSM can't detect multiple parallel tracks and when you're looking at zoom 12 or lower, you can't...
52015-11-27 11:52:32 UTCSomeoneElse No, there really are 4 parallel main lines at . Have a look from the bridge at the south end of Ankerbold Road (the side of the bridge isn't too high to see over the top of).

I'm not sure what you mean by "OSM can't detect mult...
62015-11-28 00:41:48 UTClcmortensen There are four parallel tracks geographically, but two sets of two parallel tracks topographically until you reach the junction north of Bridge Street/Hagg Hill. Another example would be the Underground District and Piccadilly lines between Acton Town and Earls Court - they run parallel geographical...
72015-12-01 15:34:18 UTCSomeoneElse Sorry, but that's rubbish. At there are no joins between the four parallel tracks. In what way is that "two sets of two parallel tracks topographically"?

Adding "nonsense" tags makes OSM data harder for data consumers to under...
82015-12-01 15:57:41 UTCchillly What does the wiki have to do with sensible, logical tagging?
92015-12-01 18:11:04 UTClcmortensen So if a two-lane road merges with another two-lane road to form a four-lane road, I should stat tagging them lanes=4 as soon as they are parallel, not when they merge?
Standing on the Station Road bridge looking south you can see the two sets of lines diverging while looking north you can see ther...
102015-12-01 19:23:00 UTCSomeoneElse Re "How do you know that the track gauge is 1435mm" I've seen trains with that track gauge go down it and they haven't fallen off :)
112015-12-01 19:28:40 UTCSomeoneElse The "two-lane road" analogy isn't a good one because there's no "passenger_lanes=8" tag/value on e.g. - there's "lanes=4", and also "lanes=4" on the other carriageway . In my opinion the same would work here - just ...
122015-12-01 19:48:47 UTClcmortensen Here is the rendering of passenger_lines:
132015-12-01 19:58:56 UTCchillly Ah, so you're tagging for the renderer!
142015-12-01 20:01:54 UTClcmortensen One closer to home (for me) are and are labeled passenger_lines=2 despite there being four parallel tracks because the two central tracks belong to a separate rail route and are super-elevated relative to th...
152015-12-01 20:10:23 UTClcmortensen "Ah, so you're tagging for the renderer!"
You did read the section entitled "clarification"? You're allowed to enter tags for a specific renderer to understand, as long as they're not completely misleading (e.g. tagging flowerbeds as industrial areas).
162015-12-01 20:27:52 UTCchillly And doubling the number of tracks for no reason is not misleading?

I've heard enough. Life is too short to argue about this.
172015-12-01 21:53:07 UTClcmortensen You have to tag at least one way passenger_lines=2 for the renderer. Tagging the other way is just for redundancy (and I'm a bit OCD on ways matching).
182015-12-01 23:58:58 UTCSomeoneElse Perhaps a bit of background about the layout here will help. Historically, there were 4 tracks down towards Nottingham, not 2. at Someone's added a pair of abandoned railways, and they did used to join the MML at about that location. Handily, wikipedi...
192015-12-02 00:50:46 UTClcmortensen I stand corrected - it should be passenger_lines=4 as far south as the old Clay Cross South Junction. I've even double checked against the sectional appendix and there appears to be a break in mileage and a change in engineers line reference at that point too. I'll correct it shortly.
12015-12-01 15:17:42 UTCchillly You have added passenger_lines=2 in places where the two tracks are already drawn separately. This implies there are four tracks (2 x 2) when there are only 2.

I think this needs correcting.
12015-11-30 19:53:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi
Are you sure that when you surveyed it was a speed limit sign? A truvello is normally a speed camera, but you would have noticed that along with the only 80kph speed limit sign in the UK?
I am sure this was a mistake, because making an undisc...
22015-11-30 20:01:11 UTCchillly This is an undiscussed mass edit.

Please revert it now.
32015-11-30 22:09:49 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset has been reverted in .

LeTopographeFou, please do not make further mass edits like this. As you have found out from the comments that other mappers have made on your most recent changes, it's very easy for you to misunderstand what ...
42015-12-03 22:13:19 UTCLeTopographeFou Hi, Thank you for the revert SomeoneElse. No excuse for my defense, I have bitten off more than I can chew whithout understanding that by fixing tags I was introducing errors in some of them.
Reguarding the node Trigpoint pointed out, after an OSM/Bing/Google Maps survey it appears that this node i...
52015-12-03 22:52:08 UTCSomeoneElse Of course; we can't use Bing Maps or Google Maps for copyright reasons :)
However, in this case I can confirm that the speed limit on the A45 (at least the other side of Ryton on Dunsmore a couple of years ago) was indeed 50 mph. However maxspeed=80 (in km/h) is of course the same as "mapspeed=50 ...
12015-11-28 21:38:09 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I wonder if know you have shared your edit with the 2 million people who are part of OSM :-)

We tend to use the name tag for for named objects such as road names, business names etc.

If you need any help please reply here.
12015-11-25 17:44:47 UTCchillly I don't think you have used highway=tertiary correctly. Changing so many small parts to tertiary doesn't make sense. In the UK tertiary roads are roads that connect places together but are not A or B roads.
12015-11-22 19:45:16 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Keeping amenities up-to-date is important, so editing a closed restaurant is helpful. I would have removed the tags that describe it as a restaurant and leave the rest as the address details would still be useful for whatever follows the restaurant.

Thanks for your edit.
12015-11-20 14:36:21 UTCchillly This is a mechanical edit.

Where was it discussed?
22015-11-20 14:47:40 UTCGerdP Well, yes, probable you can call it mechanical edit, although I've verified each node. The tag highway=traffic_calming is
often used instead of traffic_calming=* , probably because of a missleading wiki.
32015-11-20 14:53:05 UTCchillly OK, a mech edit that has not been discussed and agreed will be reverted. That's the rules.
42015-11-20 14:58:02 UTCGerdP okay, do I have to do the revert ?
I've done this check with all nodes
52015-11-20 14:59:26 UTCGerdP Or maybe it is okay to discuss it now
on the tagging list ?
62015-11-20 15:01:45 UTCchillly Mech edits have NOTHING to do with the tagging list. You made an undiscussed unagreed mech edit, so I think you should revert it rather than asking anyone else to do it.
72015-11-20 15:05:59 UTCGerdP okay, I'll revert this one now and discuss
82015-11-20 15:07:08 UTCchillly Thanks
92015-11-22 19:11:43 UTCRobJN As per my email, I have no issue with the edit and feel that the fact that we are discussing this is (probably) more wasteful/harmful than this edit.

I appreciate that both of you meant well but I feel a pragmatic appr...
102015-11-22 19:34:24 UTCchillly @RobJN, I don't agree.

All mechanical edits should be discussed before being made. Period.
112015-11-22 20:13:05 UTCGerdP @RobJN Thanks for the good description of what I did, you made that much more clear than I did.
@chillly: I fear you got me wrong, I don't
want to "redo" this edit, I'd prefer that this is done by the local mappers (that's what I meant with "ask the mappers to review the remaining ... nodes"
And ...
122015-12-01 19:03:02 UTCRobJN Given that this gained unanimous approval on talk-gb (although only I commented on the merit of the change), I am going to see if it is possible to un-revert.
132015-12-01 19:09:33 UTCRobJN I reverted the revert (35463688) as changeset 35691743. No conflicts detected.
142015-12-01 19:35:02 UTCSomeoneElse Rob, when was this discussed on talk-gb? 2 days ago you were clear that it hadn't been ( ). As far as I can see no-one replied to that. You asked the question "Does this mean we can now look for someone to un-revert this ...
152015-12-01 19:39:55 UTCRobJN Hi Andy, It was first raised on the 22nd November by Chillly. I can't force people to respond (hence the problem with the whole "approval" process) but I gave it a people a lot longer to respond that the original revert which was done without discussion based on a mechanical edit policy which I inte...
162015-12-01 20:00:30 UTCSomeoneElse @RobJN Aside from whether or not _any_ of the changes in this sequence were a good idea or not, which is debateable (poor Haslewood Road in Newton Aycliffe will be wondering what's happening to it) you clearly have a preference for mechanical edits to data i...
172015-12-01 20:18:56 UTCRobJN Each mechanical edit should be assessed on a case by case basis for its merits. Preferably before the edit is made :-) The community should try to keep on topic and be realistic so as to not swamp the discussion and effectively kill it dead through exhaustion.

Mech edits aside, my real aim is to ...
182015-12-02 09:58:39 UTCGerdP OK, I've fixed Haslewood Road.
The original data contained two highway=traffic_calming nodes next to the road, so I connected them with the way without understanding that they meant two different directions of the same obstacle.. I've now merged them into one node.

reg. "philosphy of mapping":
12015-11-20 22:28:21 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
You have added woodlands meed school as a node (a dot), thanks. It might be a bit better if you draw the outline of the school building and add the tags, such as address, to the building. Adding a building as a node is better than nothing, but the outline of the school grounds, with ...
12015-11-20 19:05:46 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

Thanks for your edit, but I thought you might like some feedback.

First, shops are not usually in the middle of the road, but to one side or the other.

Second, I do doubt a shop would be called pissitup.

If an alcohol shop (off licence) is in that area you might lik...
12015-11-05 21:00:28 UTCtrigpoint Is really named "A23 Slip Road"?
I somehow doubt it.
Please can you explain this change?
22015-11-06 06:09:15 UTCsoemisch We want to display the routes of services in a map. So we use the data of NaPTAN, in order to find the position of a stop point, thats often not correctly. NaPTAN describe the position with the additional tag "street name".Please have a look at NaPTAN.
We are experimenting. This issue is under con...
32015-11-06 14:03:18 UTCchillly NaPTAN street names are often unreliable. I have checked about 2000 UK stops by surveying them and I know you should not trust NaPTAN. I would need to see a road sign with 'A23 slip road' on it to use that name in OSM.
42015-11-06 14:11:12 UTCSK53 I would back chillly up here: when there is no street name some local authorities maintaining NaPTAN data seem to feel that this field must be filled even when there is no corresponding actual name. In these cases the relevant tag to use is description. If a NaPTAN name does not correspond to one in...
12015-11-05 18:13:53 UTCchillly Similarly to your last edit, the name tag is not the best way to tag this. To add a memorial use historic=memorial. To make it more descriptive add memorial=war. You can add these tags in the online editor using the All tags section at the bottom of the lefthand pane.
22015-11-05 18:14:05 UTCchillly More here:
32015-11-05 18:50:52 UTCtrigpoint There is a wayside cross mapped, is that the war memorial
12015-11-05 18:10:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

If you are trying to add a tree you do so by adding the tag natural=tree. You can see more information here:

We only add the name tag for things that have a displayed name, such as a shop name, street name etc.

If you nee...
12015-11-05 15:54:30 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have added a loop of some kind, partly following a footpath. I wonder if this is a route you have taken on a walk? We like to see formal, signed routes, is this one? If it is an informal route of a walk you enjoyed we don't record those, though if the (return?) part th...
12015-11-05 13:55:31 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM, Sorry I can't welcome you in Polish.

You seem to have added a residential street, with no name, which seems a very odd shape. It could be a mistake, maybe you didn't mean to save it. Would like some help sorting it out?
12015-10-30 10:03:18 UTCwill_p You have added the postcode NG2 3AA to Nottingham Mail Centre. This appears wrong to me, because the mail centre is in the NG9 postcode area. I don't doubt mail for the postcode you added is processed here, but it is certainly not the postcode of the mail centre itself.
22015-10-30 20:19:39 UTCGuy This is a Boots PO Box number for the mail centre: whether it should be the Boots site at "Thane Road West" I don't know. According to the postcode (PC) is at the mail centre. Mail centres often have multiple PCs, I would expect this one is NG9 nxx (if it is in NG9) where n is the PC se...
32015-10-31 15:45:48 UTCSK53 Please dont add postcodes which dont have real geographical content to such buildings. There are probably hundreds of postcodes co-located at this building, none of which correspond to the postcode for the building. By adding such postcodes you will make it very difficult for people who use postcode...
42015-10-31 16:07:23 UTCSK53 Thinking about it, I suspect that NG2 1AA is a postcode associated originally with the Pennyfoot St location (or possibly even Station Street), which has been parked at the delivery office instead of being reused.
52015-10-31 16:27:12 UTCchillly is not a valid source for OSM. He releases his CODE as PD (not really possible in the UK but still ...) but copyright remains on all other content.
62015-10-31 16:34:37 UTCRichard is a direct interface to Google's geocoder data. See (for example), open up the web inspector in your browser, and look at all the requests to This data can't be used in OSM.
72015-11-01 07:25:38 UTCzool dear Guy, I write on behalf of the OSM Data Working Group. This discussion has been sent our way due to concern over data derived from the Google API (via potentially being added to OpenStreetMap. As Richard points out above, this data can't be used within OSM. See http://wiki.openstre...
12015-10-30 19:53:24 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have added a point with a name, but no indication what the thing is. Is it a house, building, a place, a shop ... ?

If you need any help, please ask.
12015-10-20 20:27:57 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

I see you have added a couple of lines over the top of existing paths and not given them any tags. I'm guessing you have drawn the route of a walk you have taken. We don't add routes like this. If this is a documented, named walk then we would add it as a relation, using the exis...
12015-10-19 13:26:48 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You have used the name tag to describe the trees you have added. Name is used for a displayed name, such as a shop name or road name. To describe an oak tree you should use genus=quercus. If you know which species of oak you can use the species tag instead, e.g. English oak would ...
22015-10-19 13:29:15 UTCchillly If the trees have a conservation reference you might like to add a ref tag. adding a second part to make it clear what the reference is for, so a tree preservation order reference might be ref:tpo=xxxx
32015-10-19 13:33:21 UTCJamesTCA Hello, I am a tree consultant and I am currently trailing your software to see how it works. I have the botanical name int he name box instead is that ok?
12015-10-19 12:07:26 UTCchillly Hi Welcome to OSM.

Your first edit deletes a footpath that has been in OSM for many years, this is worrying. Did you mean to delete the path? Are you sure the path should be deleted? Do you need any help with this?
22015-10-19 12:12:16 UTCkingsbro This was a mistake. I was trying to delete a gps trace that I had just uploaded. Can this error be corrected?
32015-10-19 12:20:13 UTCchillly Yes, I can revert the edit. Mistakes like this happen for people new to OSM, which is why I asked.

Don't be put off by this, feel free to edit, especially adding paths you have followed in remote areas like this. They are useful to others.

The path will be back in a few minutes.
42015-10-19 12:34:24 UTCkingsbro Thanks a lot. I had no intention of altering anything that was aleady there, just adding my own stuff. I need to read the instructions again.
52015-10-19 12:42:44 UTCchillly If you questions, feel free to send me a message and I'll try to help.
12015-10-19 10:25:23 UTCchillly I strongly object to this retagging of cycleways to highway:path. This is NOT the way it is done ion the UK. Please don't do any more retagging of cycleways like this.
12015-10-19 10:22:59 UTCchillly I wonder why you have chosen to use the highway:path & designated style. This is not the way this tends to be tagged in the UK. A cycleway would be highway=cycleway, possibly with foot=yes, and a footpath would be highway:footway. You could add designation:public_footpath if it was signed so.

22015-10-19 11:47:29 UTCRichard +1 - please don't do this. It breaks standard tagging practice in the UK, and makes the path more confusing for newcomers in most editors (as it'll be shown as a "Path" preset rather than the more descriptive "Cycleway").

highway=path is significantly *less* useful than highway=cycleway, as you c...
12015-10-08 18:11:09 UTCchillly reverted by changeset 34515956
12015-10-08 18:02:47 UTCchillly You seem to be deleting roads. Why are you doing this. This is not a private view for you, you are deleting other people's hard work.

I will be restoring these deleted roads
22015-10-08 18:05:39 UTCchillly Reverted by changeset 34515861
12015-10-08 17:59:04 UTCchillly ou seem to have deleted a large number of residential roads. Did you mean to do this? Do you need any help to recover this?
22015-10-08 17:59:11 UTCSK53 You seem to have deleted lots of roads in King's Heath. I'm sure this was either by accident, or because you are not aware that edits on OSM affect everyone. This note is just to let you know that I am undoing this edit.
12015-10-02 16:37:13 UTCchillly You seem to be splitting roads into two parts. Why? Your comment indicates a restriction but you are not adding any restrictions. Please stop splitting roads without a reason.
12015-09-09 16:04:01 UTCchillly I believe this business is called Hing Hua, not Hing Hua Chinese Takeaway. Please don't mix the name and the type of business in the name tag.
12015-09-09 16:00:53 UTCchillly I believe this is call Orchard Court, not Orchard Court Residential Care Home. Mixing the purpose in with the name field is not a good thing at all. Please use the name for the actual name as displayed at the site.
12015-09-09 15:56:32 UTCchillly Please changeset comments to your many edits. Finding a specific edit is hard amongst many with no comment.

The makes it look as the the Toyota company operates here, but I doubt very much that Toyota is based here. I think this is a car dealer that sells Toyota cars. The name field should have t...
12015-09-04 16:09:30 UTCchillly I think the dock has changed since the imagery was taken as Siemens are altering the dock as path of the Greenport Hull development. This edit may need reverting.
12015-08-22 14:49:35 UTCchillly Great to see your edits. In this case the thing you have added a name to is the landuse. I would have added a building (traced from the aerial images) then add the name and add a tag for a shop hardware (our international description of an ironmonger). If you need help, please ask.
12015-08-22 10:30:07 UTCchillly This edit has added second station node at stations. There is only one station so there should only be one station in OSM.,_one_OSM_element
12015-08-21 21:12:46 UTCchillly You really need to take a look at how the change you have made is affecting stations. Please read,_one_OSM_element
Then take a look at

12015-08-21 16:49:47 UTCchillly Adding the second track is OK, but you have duplicated the stations. There is only one Ferriby station (for example), yet there are two station nodes. We only add each real-world object once into OSM.
12015-08-18 10:43:34 UTCchillly TRaC Global postcode cannot begin with NU, should be HU I think
12015-08-15 20:34:36 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM. Has a library really changed into a school? If it has it needs tagging as a school, building=school only describes the building, amenity=school is also needed to make the object a school. If you need any help, please reply and I'll try to help
22015-08-15 20:49:48 UTCCharlie2355 Ah thanks! Just starting out. Building changed to a school some years ago. Let me see if I can work it out.
12015-08-13 15:07:02 UTCchillly Why are you continuing to add nodes for farms that are already better mapped as areas and already named? Please look at the existing data on the map before you blindly add your 'place' nodes.
12015-08-13 15:06:32 UTCchillly Why are you continuing to add nodes for farms that are already better mapped as areas and already named? Please look at the existing data on the map before you blindly add your 'place' nodes.
12015-08-13 15:05:56 UTCchillly Why are you continuing to add nodes for farms that are already better mapped as areas and already named? Please look at the existing data on the map before you blindly add your 'place' nodes.
12015-08-12 15:01:00 UTCwill_p I notice you are manually importing a large number of names from OS Streetview. I'm concerned you do not seem to be paying sufficient attention to what has already been mapped. In particular, there are many cases where you are adding place=farm tags when the farms have already been mapped as an area...
22015-08-13 15:05:04 UTCchillly I am a significant mapper in the area and I'm very unhappy with the way this mapper behaves. I feel inclined to revert all these recent edits.
32015-08-16 12:47:46 UTCSomeoneElse I can't claim to be familiar with this area, but after a survey of an area east of Goole last year, most of the OSSV-derived data added by a similar changeset where "wrong", where "wrong" was either duplicate, in the wrong place or unverifiable.
12015-08-13 15:02:40 UTCchillly Why are you continuing to add nodes for farms that are already better mapped as areas and already named? Please look at the existing data on the map before you blindly add your 'place' nodes.
12015-08-12 21:20:31 UTCchillly Adding a sub_station as a building is fine, but you shouldn't give stuff a name which is really it's use. The name is not likely to be 'Sub Station'. To distinguish this add the tag 'power=substation'.
22015-08-13 11:14:18 UTCAceweo Thanks for the advice, have made the correction.
12015-08-02 11:10:06 UTCchillly Why is this transliteration of Kingston upon Hull useful? Please don't add transliterations, transliterate at render time if you need that.
22015-08-04 12:01:51 UTCBatareikin In order to fill the obvious gap in your knowledge I am glad to inform you that this IS useful because:
1. Geographical names in foreign languages are normally transcribed into Russian, not transliterated.
2. The rules for transcribing into Russian are often ambiguous and controversial, even from ...
32015-08-04 12:36:23 UTCchillly To fill the obvious gap in your knowledge, we quote sources used. What are these sources? I wonder what the copyright and / or licensing status of these sources are? Since you don't quote them I can only wonder.

I'm very please Hull will appear on Russian maps, Russians are always welcome there.
42015-08-04 15:16:15 UTCBatareikin You doubted usefulness of adding any Russian toponyms at all, and claimed them to be obtained automatically in your first comment, if I understood you well.
So are you worried about the licensing status or correct Russian transcriptions now?
52015-08-04 15:40:29 UTCchillly I didn't doubt the usefulness of a name, I doubted the usefulness of transliterations. You claim they are not transliterations, but checked against "various sources". What are these sources and what are these sources copyright and / or license status?

If you claim to use a source it fair for me...
62015-08-09 13:57:22 UTCBatareikin Ну если Вы всё-таки не поняли в чём полезность "транслитерации" (и отличие её от транскрипции), отвечу на родном языке.
Что касается конретно этого английского город...
72015-08-09 14:25:50 UTCchillly Wikipeadia is NOT an acceptable source. It's content can come from any source which may not be acceptable to OSM.
82015-08-21 19:31:34 UTCBatareikin Вы вообще внимательно прочитали моё сообщение и поняли его?
А что касаемо что может быть источником для русскоязычных названий, а что нет решаете не вы.

12015-08-02 11:13:11 UTCchillly You seem to have moved this bus stop a long way from it's previous location. Was this a mistake? Would you like me to revert this change?
22015-08-03 18:33:18 UTCchillly Reverted by changeset 33077850
12015-08-02 11:16:01 UTCchillly Adding your home as a name on a building is not appropriate. You seem to have messed up the shape of the building too. Would you like help sorting this out.
22015-08-03 18:32:07 UTCchillly Reverted by changeset 33077826
12015-08-02 11:22:37 UTCchillly When was this road changed to an A road?
12015-08-02 11:21:20 UTCchillly Are you sure the new bypass is the A164? That is not what the road signs said the last time I used it. Have they changed?
12015-07-31 15:34:57 UTCSK53 Many thanks: exactly the sort of extra detail we hope people will add. If it is also signposted with a public footpath sign, you can also add the tag designation=public_footpath; if not leave it as it is.
22015-07-31 15:45:59 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. The footpath you have added is indeed welcome.

You have not connected it to Pelham Road. Looking at the aerial imagery (I don't know the area) may I suggest that you make a kink at the footpath beside Pelham Rd and join it to the road at the crossing. You could add a highway=cros...
12015-07-19 20:46:15 UTCchillly I think a little respect for experience is due here. Joining a way to an area is not common practice.
22015-07-20 20:12:35 UTClxbarth Chilly - looking for a good solution here to make this routeable, and most importantly avoid logically impossible one ways. Right now there are two: one leading from the parking lot, the other one leading to it. Not in love with connecting highways to parking lot areas either.

I suggest to just t...
32015-07-20 20:33:26 UTCMarex Either solution is fine with me. From an application standpoint mapping parking aisles is more precise.
42015-07-20 20:36:46 UTCchillly My handle is chillly (three els).

Why would you be worried about routing around a car park of a cemetery? It can only be a destination not a mid-route point.

If you want to draw the service roads in the car park, great! Next time you're in Cottingham feel free to survey the site. Say "Hi" and...
52015-07-20 20:53:51 UTCSK53 @lxbarth Changing valid, albeit incomplete data on OSM by removing information, as is happening all too frequently with this program, is poor practice. I refer you to my answer on the Help site

Demanding routing of minor servi...
12015-07-17 21:37:34 UTCchillly Another crap, remote edit by a Mapbox person.

Please STOP making these WRONG remote edits without visiting the site. Why not send me a message asking if there is a problem rather than maaking work for me to correct this?

i will revert this.
22015-07-20 22:07:44 UTClxbarth This was reverted by @chillly here
12015-07-17 21:32:55 UTCchillly Yet another stupid edit by a remote Mapbox editor.

This is a oneway road into a car park over a shopping centre. If you want to correct it VISIT THE SITE.

I will revert this.
22015-07-17 22:08:27 UTCsamely Hey there. Thank you for reverting this mistake. I'll be more careful.
12015-07-09 20:42:01 UTCchillly There is a problem with Cookson Street which has been dragged around and saved. I propose to revert this edit before any more edits are made to make this more difficult
12015-07-04 19:53:50 UTCchillly Hi, welcome to OSM.

You have added two areas, but there are no tags on them to define what they are. If you need any help please ask.
12015-07-02 21:38:05 UTCchillly Hi,

Welcome to OSM

I wonder why you have deleted so much stuff on your first edit?

Deletions like this are usually a mistake, I can revert your deletions if it is a mistake.
22015-07-03 18:14:50 UTCchillly No response yet, I'll wait another day, then if I hear nothing, I'll revert this edit. The tenfoots (alleys) exist so they belong on the map. When they were surveyed there were no access restrictions or signs to show they are private, but if they are private then access tags should be added to show ...
32015-07-03 21:46:06 UTCroarrry sorry for slow reply, I'm out of town at the moment. Half the city map does not have these shown and if you want to show them all, then the map will look very busy. personally I don't agree that you should display mine and other people's private pieces of land - it gives the public the impression ...
42015-07-04 15:42:58 UTCchillly Thanks for replying.

I'm not at all convinced by your argument. There is loads of private stuff in OSM. The map you see is just a single example of rendering the data, if it looks busy then some other renders (there are very many) may suit you.

I will revert your deletions and, since you know...
12015-07-03 20:15:42 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have changed a service road into a tertiary road, which seems very unlikely to be right. I'm not sure what the parking change is to do. If you need some help you can reply to this comment or send me an OSM message.
22015-07-03 20:20:10 UTCgarethpauljones Hiya. Now that the construction work has been completed on the replacement Moy's End Stand, a new road has been added (could be a service road) which runs into the football club but along the north stand to the car park behind the east stand. This car park has also been reduced in size to accommodat...
32015-07-03 20:39:55 UTCchillly OK. I would suggest that the road is changed to a service road. The car park looks fine.

Are you happy changing the road type?
42015-07-03 20:41:39 UTCgarethpauljones Done - thanks for the help!
12015-06-28 19:04:29 UTCchillly Hi, welcome to OSM.

Thanks for the detail, but I suspect the building is at one side or the other of the road, not slapbang in the middle :-)

I suggest you drag your new addition to the centre of the building it occupies. If you need any help, please ask.

12015-06-17 20:03:59 UTCchillly Hi,

Welcome to OSM. Thanks for the detail. One point: if these is no charge we usually us the tag fee=no.
12015-06-17 14:37:14 UTCchillly Hi,

Welcome to OSM. I see you've drawn a new, straight object but with no tags so there's nothing to say what it is meant to be. Looking at the aerial imagery there's clue. I wonder if you were trying out the editor and saved something you didn't mean to?
22015-06-17 14:40:18 UTCBailey999 Yes, you are correct. I uploaded a walk that I'd taken and there was a short gap in the track at the end. I was trying to fill the gap, but I am struggling with the editor at this early stage
32015-06-17 14:52:09 UTCchillly I can remove the piece you added, or you can try again yourself. If you want me to help, please ask.
12015-06-17 12:53:19 UTCchillly Hi,

Welcome to OSM. We add tags to describe the object, rather than just its name. The tag amenity=toilets identifies it as a toilet, you can add other tags, such as fee=yes if they charge. If the facility has a name (displayed at the location) that is what goes in the name tag.

It is an honou...
12015-06-09 17:42:35 UTCchillly The Nags Head relation looks a real muddle. Its is not a pub (that's the building) and it is not a building. I might be a beer garden.

I suggest the relation be deleted - I don't see why a relation is needed - and the surrounds be drawn as a car park, possibly a beer garden, possibly a playgroun...
22015-06-09 18:22:53 UTCcgueret Sorry, still learning. What I was trying to enter is that the garden surrounding the pub is owned by this pub and sometimes used for events. There is also a small part of it (south-west corner) used as car park.
32015-06-09 19:00:23 UTCchillly Do you want to sort it out, so you get more experience or would you like me to sort it out? If you try I'll still help if you get stuck. You can send me a msg if you need help, I'll always try to help.
42015-06-11 08:07:34 UTCcgueret Was about to say I would like to give it a try but I now see that everything has been fixed (by you ?). Looks great! I'll study the content to see how it has been done ;-)
12015-06-08 14:06:46 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

Well done. I added the tag to make it a guest house too.
12015-06-01 16:29:29 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM. As feedback you might like to know that postcode, street and housename are usually applied to buildings, not areas such as the school grounds. Have you thought about tracing the buildings inside the school grounds so you can add the info there?
12015-05-23 16:13:22 UTCNakaner
22015-05-23 16:20:25 UTCchillly Where was this mechanical edit discussed?
32015-05-24 04:57:59 UTCkisaa This tag changing was made only by manual select from taginfo, it was not bot edit.
There were
coffee_shop - 14 121 objects
Coffee_shop - 180
coffee - 123
Coffee - 16
coffee␣shop - 15
Coffee_Shop - 14
coffe_shop - 7
And only first tag has its description in wiki: https://wiki.openstreet...
42015-05-24 07:49:41 UTCNakaner Just use a longer changeset comment and you won't get such questions. You can enter up to 256 characters.
52015-05-24 09:07:05 UTCchillly This IS a mechanical edit, you have not visited the sites and surveyed them. You have simply decided that you know better than the people who chose the tags in the first place. Some may be typing mistakes, some may not be. I will refer this to the DWG.
62015-05-24 10:09:04 UTCSomeoneElse Misspellings aside, it's fairly clear that not all objects in this changeset have been manually checked. For example, is clearly missing a building tag; something that would have been obvious had each item been checked properly.

More contentious is the...
72015-05-24 10:30:05 UTCkisaa Well, I'll accept any decision.
I have no ideas how to choose "problematical" objects to undo them.
So, may be, best decision is to revert whole changeset?
82015-05-24 11:32:41 UTCSomeoneElse One "non-problematic" change might be something like "Coffee_shop" to "coffee_shop" - it's clear what was meant, and you're just correcting a typing error.

Another might be where you've been to the place (or you have other licence-compatible information - maybe a friend has been) and you know tha...
92015-05-24 12:32:56 UTCkisaa Reverted
102015-05-24 12:57:45 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks
12015-05-21 21:05:47 UTCchillly These canals have British Waterways as the operator, but that was replaced by Canal & River Trust in 2012.
22015-05-22 10:53:29 UTCSomeoneElse How does the "motorboat" tag differ from the "boat" tag in usage? Are the two exactly synonymous, or is there some difference in usage that isn't obvious from the wiki pages?
32015-05-22 11:06:21 UTCf00bar My understanding is that boat=* is a superset, including but not limited to non-motorized boats.

One could even argue, based on the icons/signs used on the wiki pages (the crossed-out rowboat/propeller), that boat=* in fact applies only to non-motorized boats, whereas motorboat=* applies to motor...
42015-05-22 11:44:18 UTCchillly It's a canal. All kinds of boat are welcome. What sign on the ground are you using to add this tag?
52015-05-22 11:56:06 UTCf00bar I'm adding these tags depending on navigability, to allow for proper routing across navigable waterways (e.g. using
62015-05-22 12:00:49 UTCchillly So you are guessing - you haven't surveyed the area? Please don't tag for a router, it's just as bad as tagging for the renderer.

I feel this would be better to be reverted.
72015-05-22 12:20:17 UTCf00bar I haven't surveyed all the canals on the ground, but I've checked whether they actually are navigable (they're all on wikipedia, for example) - there's no guesswork here.
We're mapping access=* for routing purposes on roads, why not for waterways? Unlike roads, the mere existence of waterway=canal ...
12015-05-18 17:19:18 UTCchillly Is there really an an area of industrial landuse in the North Sea? This looks like "tagging for the renderer" to me, as your changeset comment suggests.
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