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12017-04-05 17:21:04 UTCchillly More buildings with a description in the name tag. Please don't abuse the name tag
12017-04-05 17:04:51 UTCchillly Hi,
You have used the name tag to describe buildings. This is not how it is used. Please only use names in the name tag. Names usually come from a name board at the site. 'Flates' is a wrong spelling of flats.

The building you have named as 'Student Home' also is an invalid polygon because the t...
12017-03-18 20:09:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Mihai Turceanu,
Can you explain what "wrong hiwghway set" means? Also, it's a bit worrying when a new OpenStreetMap mapper comes along and the only changes they make are deletions. Can you please explain what the problem was?
Best Regards,
22017-03-18 20:10:08 UTCSomeoneElse (Traducere automată)
Bună ziua Mihai Turceanu,
Poți explica ce "hiwghway greșit set" înseamnă? De asemenea, este un pic mai îngrijorătoare atunci când un nou cartograf OpenStreetMap vine de-a lungul și singurele modificări pe care le fac sunt deleții. Puteți s...
12017-03-18 12:18:34 UTCrazor74 Why you damage the shape of the building? it is evident now that you want to destroy the work of others...
12017-03-18 12:01:45 UTCrazor74 Why you constantly delete valid data from the map?
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