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12017-08-29 12:35:40 UTCrazor74 Salut. Nu se pun numne de blocuri de locuinte ca guest house- Guest house este pentru pensiuni. Nr. 159 este deja adaugat pe harta...
12017-08-17 20:01:08 UTCrazor74 Hello. And from were do you know that are a wild gpx track? Maybe someonte go trough there...
22017-08-17 21:41:38 UTCTychoBrahe OSM is mapping, not track recording. There are other tools/websites for that purpose.
32017-08-18 09:42:24 UTCrazor74 Then, you dont know the meaning of word mapping. I recommend you to learn further about mapping. All osm editors integrate a gpx add/edit tool too. So... ???
And probably other worked hard to record these tracks. So, think twice before delete anything else from the map!
42017-08-18 16:46:34 UTCTychoBrahe Of course GPX track import may always be used to generate proper map data. However, for your intention to simply share activities with others, OSM map data is the wrong storage place. Take a look at "komoot", for example. It uses OSM map data but keeps activity tracks separate. And there a...
12017-08-17 19:59:08 UTCrazor74 Buna. Mai mult ca sigur acel bistro nu este pe malul Dambovitei... Poti sa te mai uiti inca odata si sa incerci sa il pozitionezi acolo unde ar trebui sa fie?
12017-07-11 15:55:22 UTCrazor74 Salut. Pai si cum se numeste acest magazin de optica medicala?
12017-06-25 07:39:01 UTCrazor74 Hello. Probably the name is with diacritics Șincai??
12017-06-04 07:20:20 UTCrazor74 Salut. Ce anume este nonstop acolo? Ce categorie de magazin? Minimarket, magazin alimentar, magazin mixt, etc?
22017-06-04 07:48:23 UTCRazvan Iancu Magazin mixt
32017-06-04 09:15:08 UTCrazor74 Multumim.
12017-05-21 08:56:00 UTCrazor74 Salut.
De ce te apuci sa stergi din primele 7 editari fara sa explici ce faci si de ce?
12017-05-14 15:26:32 UTCrazor74 Hello
Why you delete names from the streets?
Those names are valid and was surveyed there.
12017-05-06 08:26:39 UTCrazor74 Hello. Please do not put other POI cathegory as post boxes!
22017-05-06 16:11:53 UTCHumus015 I already fix, don't worry. As at the airport there is no option for example at airport gate from a portable device phisically on place. Just let me the time to update and fix. Thanks
12017-05-05 17:28:04 UTCrazor74 Salut. Tag-ul corect pentru o statie de transformare de la inalta la joasa tensiune este power = substation
12017-05-05 14:55:37 UTCrazor74 Numerele de adrese nu se pun ca post box-uri. Si nu se pun cu Te rog sa nu mai pui numere de adrese in felul acesta deoarece nu folosesc nimanui. Incearca daca ai posibilitatea sa le pui cu un editor dedicat pentru openstreetmap cum e Potlatch sau ID editor
22017-05-05 21:17:10 UTCHumus015 Bună, el nu mi-a dat timpul corect. Mi-ar fi făcut-o, dar acum le șterse. E-mail lui este de 16:55, și am fost pe loc cu GPS. Îmi pare rău de a utiliza un traducător dar nu am putut scrie în propria sa limbă. Salutări.
12017-03-13 07:55:32 UTCAlexandru Aron Just why ?
22017-03-13 16:03:52 UTCdoruadriantarcau Pentru că d-aia.
32017-05-04 15:33:40 UTCrazor74 Asta e un raspuns pe masura creierului pe care nu il ai in cap...
42017-05-04 15:40:07 UTCrazor74 Nu te comporti asa pe o harta publica intr-o comunitate publica unde mai multi isi aduc aportul. De aceea alte tari sunt mai avansate decat noi in acest domeniu, pentru ca cei de acolo stiu sa se comporte intr-o comunitate...
12017-04-22 20:07:13 UTCrazor74 Salut. Nu se poate pun doctor la servicii funerare. tag-ul corect il gasesti documentat aici si este shop=funeral_directors
12017-04-12 09:11:11 UTCrazor74 Hello. Internal area is a court not a building. I corrected the building shape.
I recommend you to use Mapbox imagery because are better positioned than Bing...
12017-04-07 09:43:17 UTCrazor74 Hello. Sunt sigur ca nu exista 6 pensiuni ( quest houises) pe Soseaua Ionescu Sisesti. Asa ca, te rog ca pe viitor, daca vrei sa pui numere, nu le mai pune cu sau oricum nu le mai pune ca guest houses.
12017-04-05 18:57:53 UTCrazor74 Salut. Ai pus gresit numarul de etaje. Acea cladire are P+1 adica 2 lvl. Trebuia sa pui 2 nu 1.
22017-04-05 19:20:54 UTCPkBuzios Sorry, my mistake
12017-04-01 15:57:22 UTCrazor74 Salut. Vad ca acea cladire are deja numarul 41 adaugat. Si langa ea este 39 si 43. Deci cum poate fi 32 acolo?
12017-03-18 12:18:34 UTCrazor74 Why you damage the shape of the building? it is evident now that you want to destroy the work of others...
12017-03-18 12:01:45 UTCrazor74 Why you constantly delete valid data from the map?
12017-03-17 09:19:31 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
What is your source that is no longer proposed but now actually built?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-03-17 09:19:37 UTCSomeoneElse Buna,
Care este sursa ta că nu mai propune, dar acum, de fapt construit?
Toate cele bune,
Andy Townsend, în numele Grupului de lucru a datelor OSM lui.
32017-03-17 10:18:40 UTCrazor74 That motorway does not exist. For shure. And must not be changed from this state. You do those changes by ear or what? And why you ignore us all?
12017-03-17 09:11:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hello again,

You appear to be making repeated changes to . Can you please explain your source for this being a trunk road rather than tertiary or secondary?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group.
22017-03-17 09:46:52 UTCrazor74 Traffic trough Soseaua de centura is only for trucks. Not for normal cars. The general trafic or touristic trafic must go troug Calimanesti. And the quality of the road Soseaua de Centura is very bad. Normal cars must not on that road which is crowded by trucks. So that road must have lover rank, l...
32017-03-17 09:52:12 UTCrazor74 In romanian language - Nu mai schimba te rog Soseaua de centrua de la Calimanesti in primary road. Acea sosea este doar pentru trafic greu. Pe acolo trebuie sa mearga numai tirurile. Tirurile nu au voie prin Calimanesti, altfel primesc amenda. In plus drumul ala e foarte degradat si nu vrei sa stai ...
42017-03-17 10:08:22 UTCcristianbogdan Like in the motorway cases, this is very confusing for drivers and can result in fines.
12017-02-17 21:08:45 UTCrazor74 Nu mai folosi trunk road pe rezidential road. Nu mai distruge harta!!!! Nu mai sterge strazi!!!
Nu mai distruge munca altora!. Nu e harta ta. Altii se bazeaza pe corectitudinea ei, nu pe varza care ai facut-o tu...
12017-02-17 21:08:24 UTCrazor74 Nu mai folosi trunk road pe rezidential road. Nu mai distruge harta!!!! Nu mai sterge strazi!!!
Nu mai distruge munca altora!. Nu e harta ta. Altii se bazeaza pe corectitudinea ei, nu pe varza care ai facut-o tu...
12017-02-17 21:08:05 UTCrazor74 Nu mai folosi trunk road pe rezidential road. Nu mai distruge harta!!!! Nu mai sterge strazi!!!
Nu mai distruge munca altora!. Nu e harta ta. Altii se bazeaza pe corectitudinea ei, nu pe varza care ai facut-o tu...
12017-02-17 21:06:32 UTCrazor74 Nu mai folosi trunk road pe rezidential road. Nu mai distruge harta!!!! Nu mai sterge strazi!!! Apuca-te si bate-ti un cui in cap!!!
12016-12-25 09:21:37 UTCrazor74 Hello Again .Do not put again housenumbers like this 4B(9)
12016-12-16 17:25:36 UTCrazor74 Please do not put numbers in a wrong way again. Housenumber does not contain ()
12016-11-22 17:29:55 UTCrazor74 Hello. Please do not change again the name of some supermarkets like Cora Lujerului...
12016-11-02 12:03:16 UTCrazor74 Please do not change again village into towns.
12016-10-22 15:54:24 UTCrazor74 Salut. Numele este Sensiblu nu Sensiblue...
12016-10-16 20:22:56 UTCrazor74 Please do not modify correct info again to some POIs which already has correct info. Do not add redundant words to market names like minimarket , where already exist a name like La Coltu Vesel for example.
Please respond to messages!
12016-09-29 09:36:27 UTCrazor74 Please do not add again names of the buildings to the housenumber. Thank you.
12016-09-28 09:52:14 UTCrazor74 Please do not add again personal informations on buildings.
Thank you
12016-09-27 10:20:13 UTCrazor74 Please do not add again names to housenumber. The real housenumber is 106, not L1. L1 is the name of the building ( big apartments building).
12016-09-18 19:43:40 UTCrazor74 Please don ot add again housenumbers as viewpoints. You already added several times and you didnțt response to messages...
12016-07-24 07:02:46 UTCrazor74 Thats because didnt extract data from server before edit. It only uploads data. In fact users edit "in blind" and they didn't see what it is in the database...
22016-07-24 09:30:23 UTCff5722 downloaded maps are up to a 2 months or so behind OSM data, that is, if the users keeps his/her downloaded maps up to date from

Users can't add any POIs that are not rendered by
12016-07-05 06:48:52 UTCmanoharuss Hi Razor74,

I saw that you added building:levels for few buildings. Awesome mapping. However, can I request you to be descriptive in your comments and please mention source for your changesets. It is a good practice. Our OSM community grows and integrates much better if we have lesser communicat...
22016-07-05 08:20:58 UTCrazor74 I am from Bucharest and i saw these buildings daily. I know what i do. Do you?
12016-04-14 12:17:11 UTCrazor74 Nu mai pune numele de blocuri la addr:housenumber si nu mai sterge numerele in felul acesta. Housenumber este rezervat DOAR pentru numere de adres, nu pentru denumiri. Numerel acelea au fost adaugate manual. Altii au mincit sa le bage. Nu poti sa le stergi pur si simplu...
22016-05-17 13:40:35 UTCZuperMadMan Sunt de acord. Desi ai adaugat o multime de date corecte si folositoare, fiindca ai folosit tagurile gresite, ai facut mai mult rau decat bine. Pentru numele blocurilor, poate fi folosit addr:housename. Votez pentru revert la acest changeset.
32016-05-17 13:45:52 UTCZuperMadMan English version: Even though you added alot of correct and useful data, because you used the wrong tags, you have done more wrong than good. For residential building names, you can use addr:housename. I vote to revert this changeset.

P.S: The person above me said pretty much the exact same thing.
42016-05-17 15:46:18 UTCrazor74 Este o problema cu Meniul de editare care apare dupa ce selectezi o cladire iti pune la dispozitie doar camp pentru modificat numaruld e adresa si camp pentru nume de strada. trebuie sa deschizi tu un submeniu de unde sa selectezi name( nume). Cine nu se pricepe va scrie direct in campul de...
12016-05-14 19:33:16 UTCrazor74 Am trecut azi pe acolo si inca se lucreaza. Nu trebuia sa schimbi inainte sa fie lucrarile terminate. Acum cine va folosi harta pe acolo , il va ruta asa si inca nu va putea trece pe una din bretele...
22016-05-14 19:59:49 UTCBogdan Chiriac Ok, merci, nu am știut. Am cum să dau rollback?
32016-05-14 20:05:51 UTCrazor74 Nu neaparat. Lasa portiunea care e in lucru ca highway construction si deseneaza la loc celalalt lane in pozitia de dinainte. Sau cum vrei - poti sa dai rollback si sa desenezi dupa aceea cum este drumul care e in lucru...
12016-04-04 16:30:02 UTCBogdan Chiriac Salut @razor74, asa e standardul sa se completeze cu Bl. in fata numarului pentru blocuri? Multumesc!
22016-04-04 16:33:11 UTCrazor74 Lol. Ma gandeam ca ai sa comentezi... :P
Nu neaparat, dar in general asta a fost trendul - sa se puna si Bl. in fata. Literele A, B, C pot fi utilizate si in alte scopuri. Dar faci cum vrei. Daca vrei sterge Bl. din fata...
32016-04-04 16:36:00 UTCrazor74 De exemplu:
42016-04-04 16:36:55 UTCBogdan Chiriac Ah, nu! Nu te gandi ca ma deranjat sau ceva, sunt relativ nou pe OSM si sunt inca in procesul de invatare, din acest motiv am intrebat. :)
12016-02-12 07:14:09 UTCPlaneMad Thanks for reverting. Curious to know how you detected the vandalism?
22016-02-12 07:23:22 UTCrazor74 The user to which i reverted changeset aleatory deleted in entire country valid data without giving any explanation , even to Data Working Group too...

PS: I am curious too, why you are so curios? You are an experienced user if i must take in consideration the number of your edits...
32016-02-12 07:46:12 UTCPlaneMad Thanks. I have been looking into automatic flagging of changesets with vandalism using osmcha. We have a test instance running if you would like to try:

Found your changeset by looking up changes with the comment 'vandal' ;)
12016-02-06 22:08:44 UTCrazor74 Why you delete valid data from the map? Should begin to delete data from Hungary too???
12016-02-06 11:27:45 UTCrazor74 De ce nu explici in ROMANA sau ENGLEZA motivul pentru care ai sters date valide de pe harta?
12015-11-17 19:36:33 UTCrazor74 Restrictia nu are niciun rost din moment ce da in bulevardul 1 mai care este cu sens unic. Deci sub nicio forma nu te va ruta la stanga. Restrictii se pun numai pe drumurile dublu sens pentru a putea defini fortat un viraj doar la dreapta sau interzis la stanga...
12015-03-23 16:37:20 UTCSomeoneElse Do you know what might have happened with (by a new user) that you're patching up here? It looks like that changeset might need reverting.
22015-03-23 21:24:49 UTCrazor74 In romania he does much more damage around Pietroșița town...
32015-03-23 21:26:00 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks. I notice you've done a revert in - has that patched everything up now do you think?
12015-01-29 04:02:10 UTCrazor74 De unde stii ca blocul ala este numarul 10, cand vad ca deja este pus numarul 16 in dreptul lui? Blocurile se pun ca big apartments house ( building=apartments) nu ca rezidential.
12014-11-27 22:09:26 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset seems to delete an awful lot of things over a wide area. Did something perhaps go wrong with it?
22014-11-27 22:25:19 UTCrazor74 With no comment could be interpreted as vandalism...
32014-11-27 22:27:43 UTCrazor74 Lok at this
Important streets deleted....
42014-11-28 07:03:42 UTCholzers I dont know nothing
I have revert 2 of my changesets
52014-11-28 07:08:56 UTCholzers If you can can you delete something of this changeset but not the whole!
See reverter Plugin
62014-11-28 10:02:11 UTCSomeoneElse Which changesets of yours were you trying to revert with this one? As you can see from the bounding box as displayed on the server, it deleted things in China and the USA rather than just north Italy. The easiest way forward is probably to revert this and then "unrevert" the individual c...
72014-11-28 10:48:33 UTCholzers You could try revert this changeset 270772184
82014-11-28 10:50:15 UTCSomeoneElse OK, I'll try.
92014-11-28 11:44:32 UTCSomeoneElse Right - that's done now. Hopefully everything should be back to normal now.

A couple of other points though:
At there are quite a few duplicate nodes (nodes either in exactly the same place as another node or very close to one). This mi...
12014-11-02 18:43:54 UTCrazor74 Acum cica avem unde comenta legat de ce au editat altii... :P
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