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12018-09-04 14:03:55 UTCdidier2020 changeset to fix osmose errors like
12018-08-25 16:12:48 UTCbubix Anche se non avessi dovuto essere Attila questo nodo 5856454180 l'ho evidentemente aggiornato male perché l'importo ha duplicato il distributore. Questo modo é da cancellare. Bubix in vacanza...
22018-08-27 08:46:26 UTCtyr_asd Hi. A few questions: looks odd: A building way with only two nodes? It looks like you probably used outdated OSM data for the conflation process?! It looks like this osm way would have been the right one to update:
32018-08-27 08:48:16 UTCtyr_asd PS: Any reason why you used another account to upload these changes and not "attilaimport" (as in your first two changesets, e.g. as described in
42018-08-27 08:54:57 UTCtyr_asd PSS: Here you also have re-created one fuel station that I've deleted on purpose last week because the import location was wrong (or very much outdated) and the fuel station was already mapped in OSM at the correct location.

This is my changeset: a...
52018-08-27 09:12:13 UTCattilaimport Hi,

some time passed for having, say, 10.000 out of 20.000 POIs reviewed by audit, so this could have caused intermediate editings to be overwritten.

About using another account, my mistake: using different machines, I forgot to update JOSM configuration in one of them.

About duplicates, we...
62018-08-27 17:07:21 UTCdidier2020 a lot of duplicated nodes since your "job" !*&start_date=2018-08

72018-08-29 19:40:38 UTCluschi @attilaimport/Attila_import and Cascafico: why do you use "ref:mise"?
for me this looks like a number only used from MISE.
For me this key make no sense.
I can not see this number on the fuel station and also is this number not visible on the receipt.
Have you planned to del...
82018-08-29 19:48:29 UTCCascafico @luschi
Well, even postcode is only used by Poste Italiane and is not visible in city limit billboards.
92018-08-29 20:34:02 UTCluschi lol
postcode is used all over the world and they are used by Poste Italiane, DHL, Fedex, Bartolini, GLS, UPS, Hermes, SDA, Cinese Post, etc. There is no company they use his own number to find a address...
Postcodes are a global approved number.
Internal number of MISE is only used from MISE...
102018-08-30 08:46:01 UTCCascafico @luschi
should I start deleting all this stuff?
112018-08-30 17:05:20 UTCluschi no.
There are a lot of tagging what are used only in one country or only by one user or as a not good preparation before data import.
So I think we should not add a new "nonsense" tagging to the OSM database.
12017-12-04 17:53:24 UTCdidier2020 user or Vespucci bug ?
12017-12-04 17:53:18 UTCdidier2020 user or Vespucci bug ?
12017-11-23 16:52:35 UTCdidier2020 cette route est trunk : pas une voie express.

Cette route est la N186 (voir &tiquette des points repères sur le terre plein central , visible sur le ...
22017-11-23 17:57:38 UTChtonchia Bonjour,
Il n'y a aucun doute sur le fait que la route passe de A86 a N186 sur le tronçon.
Par contre les changements ne semblent pas cohérents entre la branche nord et la branche sud et à certains endroits on a même en // la N186 et l'A86 dans la branche sud.
Par contr...
32017-11-23 19:45:06 UTCdidier2020 .. à penser ...
12017-11-23 17:08:41 UTCdidier2020 panneau de fin de voie express :
12017-11-03 10:10:53 UTCSanti Benejam Can anyone delete this changeset?.
22017-11-04 16:55:48 UTCdidier2020 done in this changeset
12017-10-13 15:34:52 UTCdidier2020 hi,
your data is an import
there is no source for your tags "Layer" or "EntityHand"
there is a lot of nodes with wrongs tags like this one

can you fix this ?
12017-09-15 10:53:49 UTCwambacher Hi Didier, i know that you are a experenced mapper, but last day you did a lot of errors in DOM.

you "killed" 18 (eighteen!!) AL4-Boundaries in DOM by changing them without care.

see list:

22017-09-15 12:10:01 UTCdidier2020 Hi, thanks for your message. Work is in progress. All will be ok in a few day.

12017-09-12 18:18:32 UTCdidier2020 hi,
you upload same data several times
you can see issues at
12017-08-29 18:14:37 UTCdidier2020 hello,
i've fixed duplicated adress from your import
you can see it for example at

best regards
22017-08-31 12:19:02 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Thanks :-)
12017-08-03 05:53:44 UTCdidier2020 Hi, you upload multiple nodes at the same x,y
- with near same tags : Id or id
- with no main tag : street_lamp
- duplicated
22017-08-03 05:55:26 UTCdidier2020 graph of issues :
32017-08-08 14:19:23 UTCArjanO I guess something went wrong with an import.
Point taken.

best regards,
42017-08-11 12:00:56 UTCescada Is there a page where the import was discussed before execution ?
12017-07-26 15:59:10 UTCmueschel Hi,
something went wrong here.
There are 160 nodes on the same spot, all with a lot of foreign tags which don't look like they belong to OSM:

22017-07-26 16:02:00 UTCmueschel PS: I doubt that these lights are 4.5 km high. 'height' uses meter as units, not millimeters.
32017-07-28 13:58:06 UTCdidier2020 i fix height in this changeset 50650261
42017-08-08 14:20:20 UTCArjanO I guess something went wrong with an import.
Point taken.

best regards,
12017-07-10 12:30:54 UTCdidier2020 hi,
in this changeset/area there is
- duplicated way (géometry and tags)
- duplicated nodes (géometry and tags)
- Way node tagged like way

like this
i think it's an import and not source=knowledge

Can you fix all this issues ?...
22017-07-10 12:31:54 UTCdidier2020 major issues are on osmose :
32017-07-10 18:03:08 UTCSomeoneElse @didier2020 See (which has now been read).
42017-07-10 18:37:31 UTCamisha2016 @SomeoneElse
Shall I revert the changeset 50130355?
Procedure following:-
1. In JOSM, downloaded the plugin reverter
2. Revert the changeset 5013055
3. Upload
I have not uploaded yet. If you say I will upload it.
52017-07-10 19:35:29 UTCSomeoneElse Since there are a few problems, and there are also "fixup" edits by other mappers since, it might be easier if I did it. I'll be in a position to do it in a couple of hours.
62017-07-10 23:23:36 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50188052 where the changeset comment is: Following discussion on , reverting some problematic imports in India.
72017-07-11 08:02:21 UTCSomeoneElse OK, all now finally complete. There were a significant number of problems here.
Firstly, before doing any sort of import you'll need to read , and
12016-08-04 10:54:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of these parking:lane? E.g.
As far as I know it should be parking:condition:right=disc (no ":1.5") in the key. Also, the maxstay should have a unit - some pages in the wiki suggest minutes as default, but your tag...
22016-08-04 16:23:47 UTCdidier2020 hi,
it was sure i do mistake with this tags !
12016-07-29 20:42:50 UTCscai Can you please at least use English changeset comments when editing in Germany?
22016-07-30 03:44:24 UTCdidier2020 fix nodes with duplicated geometry and tags/values

you can see fixed issues there:*&item=1230&class=3
(for a few day)
12016-07-29 20:42:53 UTCscai Can you please at least use English changeset comments when editing in Germany?
22016-07-29 22:03:36 UTCMKnight scai: die englische Beschreibung findet sich auf der wikiseite.

dieser CS hier ist übrigens weitgehend identisch zu einem revert im Februar: mal schauen, ob/was da kommt.

Die Daten hier sehen nach 5 Stichproben allerdings schlüssig un...
32016-07-30 03:39:09 UTCdidier2020 *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12016-04-11 14:08:27 UTCdjana I notice one small mistake in this changeset: a old building has been re-introduced (Building #384559427) on the map (has been tore down for more than 2 yrs). So there might be other issues: the satellite image still show the old building. I'll to fix the school complex to which this building used t...
22016-04-11 20:36:34 UTCdidier2020 as you can see :
i've just fixed
- name = 0
- type = 0
- id = xxx without source
32016-04-11 21:21:01 UTCdjana Thanks! I cannot see the change yet. I am guessing it will take a little time till the map is updated.
12016-03-17 08:12:34 UTCdidier2020 bonjour,

dans ce changeset, les routes ajoutées sont dupliquées avec des routes déja existantes...
il "suffit" d'utiliser la validation dans josm pour identifier ces erreurs; josm permet meme de faire automatiquement les corrections.
12016-01-29 07:56:34 UTCdidier2020 hi,

there is a lot of duplicated buildings in this changeset :
and between this other

exemple :
12016-01-26 13:24:15 UTCdidier2020 hi,
be carefull when you upload data , there is a lot off duplicated buildings.
(you can use validator with josm before upload, josm do the job)
12016-01-26 13:17:17 UTCdidier2020 hi,
be carefull when you upload data , there is a lot off duplicated buildings.
(you can use validator with josm before upload, josm do the job)

12016-01-24 16:03:37 UTCSanderd17 Hi, I see you fixed some issues in this region. Do you have more info on what went wrong?

Would you want to join the discussions at and
22016-01-24 18:09:33 UTCdidier2020 i detect with osmose
duplicated buidlings with this users

ans duplicated ways landuse with this users
12016-01-16 09:38:50 UTCdidier2020 the way 390035658 is not a building,
can you find better tag ?
22016-01-17 07:52:46 UTCsaikabhi Thank you for the feedback and pointing the error out to me. It was an oversight on my part. Have removed the invalid building. The changes are reflected in this changeset:
12015-12-05 18:18:12 UTCdidier2020 can you fix this for nodes :
- there is tags building on nodes
can you fix this for way :
- name = 0
- type = 0
- id = xxx without source
12015-12-04 21:58:38 UTCdidier2020 it's a test ?
- there is no building on bing
- nodes had tags building (fixed)
22015-12-05 17:32:51 UTCLuís Carlos Madeira Please do not consider those buildings, they dont belong to that area. That's why you cant find buildings in Bing.
32015-12-07 00:02:47 UTCSimonPoole @Luis could you explain what you were trying to do? While the changeset has been reverted (thanks @didier2020) what ever you were doing went very wrong.
12015-12-03 20:09:36 UTCdidier2020 il manque Ville d'automne ?
12015-11-29 15:36:26 UTCdidier2020 this changeset contains duplicated way
fixed in
12015-11-27 14:14:31 UTCdidier2020 this changeset genererate duplicated way
12015-11-26 16:35:25 UTCdidier2020 this changeset seems to be egals to

12015-11-24 10:32:38 UTCdidier2020 this changeset contains duplicated building.
I fix it in :
12015-11-23 17:10:21 UTCdidier2020 bonjour,
les noeuds des batiments avec le tag building et certains batiments étaient en double,
j'ai efféctué les corrections dans ce changeset:

12015-11-18 18:15:14 UTCdidier2020 a you can see
there is a lot off duplicated way
you can fix it ?
12015-11-15 20:39:53 UTCGerdP please review:
This way is tagged
highway=ford , but no waterway is mapped close to it:
22015-11-15 22:18:08 UTCdidier2020 i "map" what i see in my hollidays ...
highway-> ford whas easy but i don't know the area of the water and i can't see water with bing ....
32015-11-15 22:24:00 UTCGerdP Maybe the way was just flooded with rain?
12015-10-29 06:26:57 UTCdidier2020 les tags buildings et source sont en trop sur les ways composants les batiments
12015-10-29 06:24:59 UTCdidier2020 il ne faut pas ajouter le tag building=house sur les noeuds composants un way qui a déja ce tag
12015-10-05 17:21:04 UTCdidier2020 c'est plutot UnQuality Assurance on trees :
nodes with tag leaf_type=broadleaved

comme celui-la :

22015-10-07 21:00:09 UTCSomeoneElse @LeTopographeFou - are you going to correct the errors that you've introduced in this changeset (as identified by didier2020 ) or do you need help doing so? Please also do reply to the changeset discussion on .
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend (SomeoneE...
32015-10-08 23:24:53 UTCLeTopographeFou I don't understand what didier2020 expects from me and where I have introduced any error. I only understand that I should have commented better m'y changeset.
42015-10-09 11:38:13 UTCdidier2020 en regardant l'historique ce node:

on voit que tag leaft_type=boradleveled a été ajouté dans ce changeset, alors que seul le way aurait du être modifié.
52015-10-27 12:37:01 UTCLeTopographeFou Ok, thank you for the fix
12015-04-18 07:16:00 UTCdidier2020 script with bug or is there a troll in your house ?
12015-01-28 19:34:06 UTCdidier2020 importer des batiments c'est bien, regarder s'il y en a pas déjà c'est mieux ... non ?
12014-12-30 14:32:59 UTCdidier2020 j'ai corrigé ce changeset : 3 relations ayant le meme nom .
- les relations des 4 anciennes communes sont restaurée mais en admin_level=9
- création nouvelle relation Boischampré en admin_level=8.
22015-02-13 18:00:45 UTCMinie-Mini Parfait
didier2020 has contributed to 40 changeset discussions(s) with a total of 84 comment(s)