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12018-09-04 14:03:55 UTCdidier2020 changeset to fix osmose errors like
12017-12-04 17:53:24 UTCdidier2020 user or Vespucci bug ?
12017-12-04 17:53:18 UTCdidier2020 user or Vespucci bug ?
12017-11-23 17:08:41 UTCdidier2020 panneau de fin de voie express :
12017-09-15 10:53:49 UTCwambacher Hi Didier, i know that you are a experenced mapper, but last day you did a lot of errors in DOM.

you "killed" 18 (eighteen!!) AL4-Boundaries in DOM by changing them without care.

see list:

22017-09-15 12:10:01 UTCdidier2020 Hi, thanks for your message. Work is in progress. All will be ok in a few day.

12016-08-04 10:54:47 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check the tagging of these parking:lane? E.g.
As far as I know it should be parking:condition:right=disc (no ":1.5") in the key. Also, the maxstay should have a unit - some pages in the wiki suggest minutes as default, but your tag...
22016-08-04 16:23:47 UTCdidier2020 hi,
it was sure i do mistake with this tags !
12016-04-11 14:08:27 UTCdjana I notice one small mistake in this changeset: a old building has been re-introduced (Building #384559427) on the map (has been tore down for more than 2 yrs). So there might be other issues: the satellite image still show the old building. I'll to fix the school complex to which this building used t...
22016-04-11 20:36:34 UTCdidier2020 as you can see :
i've just fixed
- name = 0
- type = 0
- id = xxx without source
32016-04-11 21:21:01 UTCdjana Thanks! I cannot see the change yet. I am guessing it will take a little time till the map is updated.
12016-02-22 06:27:52 UTCmaning Hi didier2020, one of our mappers reported that ~100,000 nodes were deleted last Friday. We checked the history and we found out about your edits. Looking at it quickly it seems you are deleting duplicate nodes.

Thank you for the cleanup, however, we appreciate if you inform our country mailing...
12016-01-24 16:03:37 UTCSanderd17 Hi, I see you fixed some issues in this region. Do you have more info on what went wrong?

Would you want to join the discussions at and
22016-01-24 18:09:33 UTCdidier2020 i detect with osmose
duplicated buidlings with this users

ans duplicated ways landuse with this users
12015-11-15 20:39:53 UTCGerdP please review:
This way is tagged
highway=ford , but no waterway is mapped close to it:
22015-11-15 22:18:08 UTCdidier2020 i "map" what i see in my hollidays ...
highway-> ford whas easy but i don't know the area of the water and i can't see water with bing ....
32015-11-15 22:24:00 UTCGerdP Maybe the way was just flooded with rain?
12015-04-29 16:37:54 UTCdjakk la bretelle A6a -> BP sud est fermée dès aujourd'hui (mercredi 29 avril 2015) ?
J'ai comme annonce : : "A compter 29.04.15 minuit, fermeture définitive #Tunnel_Gentilly, depuis l’A6a >BP EST (porte d&rsq...
12015-04-18 08:02:32 UTCbotdidier2020 test
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