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12017-04-15 12:16:49 UTCchillly Doggetts Park looks like a recreation ground to me.
22017-04-16 16:24:28 UTCMasterThomasG Going there often it's got a small park and isn't often used for football and other activities it's just a large area with trees. Any ideas?πŸ˜€
32017-04-16 16:24:52 UTCMasterThomasG (Small playground that is)
42017-04-16 16:27:19 UTCchillly I would draw an area that outlines the playground. We have a tag, leisure=playground to mark that too. By being separate you can add it's own tags, e.g. name.
52017-04-16 16:31:13 UTCMasterThomasG On my phone rn I'll sort it out when I get back to my pc πŸ˜€. I added that part as a park prior need to go there at some point to see if it has a specific nameπŸ˜€
12017-04-15 12:13:54 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
Thanks for the detail.
I would expect that a green space given mostly to sports pitches would be a recreation ground not a park. What do you think?
22017-04-16 16:16:53 UTCMasterThomasG This area is called Warner's Bridge park, like the name suggests it's a park granted living close it may seem's it's also a recreational ground but it's called a park so I added it as a park. Thanks for the comment hope for a reply.πŸ˜€
32017-04-16 16:20:32 UTCchillly In OSM terms any green space that is mostly laid out with sports pitches is a recreation ground. It is a fine line. The name suggests the ambiguity. Looking again I would make it a rec, but it's not my local area.
42017-04-16 16:22:51 UTCMasterThomasG I see where your coming from, So OK I'll change it to a recreational area asap.πŸ˜€
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