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12017-03-18 20:23:10 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Is the wood really called New Town? It seems an odd name for a wood.
22017-03-18 21:00:55 UTCMartin Hügi Yes, it is the site of some houses that were abandon when the occupant died of Cholera several hundred years ago. At least so I am reliably informed by the landowner, Major Ted Barclay. There is actually a small pond at the NE corner that I could add in. I do the woodland management plans for the es...
32017-03-18 21:04:41 UTCchillly OK, interesting.

The wood has a 'hole' in it for the pond. So it needs a similar treatment as the other lake, only this time the wood is the 'outer' and the pond is the 'inner'. Draw the pond then select both the wood and the pond and merge them from the menu.
42017-03-18 21:11:11 UTCMartin Hügi Ok will give that a go, thanks
52017-03-18 21:18:14 UTCMartin Hügi Did that work? How do you add nodes to your polygons?
62017-03-18 21:49:19 UTCchillly You added the pond OK, but it is not in a 'hole' in the wood. As I said before, multipolygon editing is not as straightforward as simple editing.

To add new nodes to an existing polygon, select the polygon. click and drag one of the centre markers between two existing nodes. The marker will beco...
72017-03-18 21:52:06 UTCMartin Hügi How do you make a hole? Thanks for the new nodes info. What's an MP?
82017-03-18 21:57:18 UTCchillly MP=multipolygon.

In the online editor you are using you select both the wood and the pond (use shift click to select the second item). Then the ring menu has a plus (+) sign which is merge. Click that. That merges the two polygons as a multipolygon, thus making the pond into a hole in the wood. I...
12017-03-18 20:24:03 UTCchillly Hmmm, would a deciduous wood really be called The Firs? Where are you getting these names from?
22017-03-18 21:28:25 UTCMartin Hügi It is deciduous now. It was actually a Norway Spruce and European Larch plantation with some site-native broadleaved. So granted it should never have been called the Firs, but that's its name. Its quite common for people to refer to conifers as firs, but there are no native firs to the UK. Only plan...
32017-03-18 21:35:37 UTCMartin Hügi I work for the Woodland Trust as a project manager for ancient woodland restoration covering the SE and E of England. My work is all to do with converting ancient woodlands planted with non-native conifers to site-native broadleaf species. Here's a link to a guide to what I do that I wrote with a co...
42017-03-18 21:40:49 UTCMartin Hügi So do you need proof of what people are putting on OSM, how does it work. Do you do a certain amount of background checking to ensure it is not nonsense? Or does it really on the collective weight of many people to find and correct errors?
52017-03-18 21:41:22 UTCMartin Hügi Excuse typos.
62017-03-18 21:44:00 UTCchillly We generally accept most stuff, but lately there's been a lot of junk stuff added by people trying to cheat at a game that uses OSM as it's map source. It is clear now that your edits are real and useful, sorry for the skepticism.
72017-03-18 21:49:36 UTCMartin Hügi That's ok. It is Saturday night after all, so I would be suspicious too
12017-03-18 20:40:28 UTCchillly Hi,
You would be better to space the postcode as normal, SG9 0HF. If some uses the map data to search for a place, using postcodes is common, such as in a sat-nav. Badly spaced postcodes don't work
22017-03-18 20:44:46 UTCMartin Hügi Ok, what's normal? without the space then? I normally put a space, but then I accept I am not a SatNav. At least not knowingly.
32017-03-18 20:48:12 UTCchillly You have entered it without a space. It would normally have a space before the last three digits. I know more about postcodes than is good for me, I maintain the UK postcode layer for OSM.
42017-03-18 20:56:44 UTCMartin Hügi You are quite right. I had to check by starting to add another building. That's quite unusual for me, it was a typo. I normally put a space in, hence my first comment. I ocd-hate postcodes without spaces
52017-03-18 20:58:34 UTCchillly Everyone starting out makes mistakes. The great thing is everything can be changed and improved.

I hope you enjoy seeing your work for everyone else to see. If you need any help, feel free to send a message.
62017-03-18 21:02:13 UTCMartin Hügi Thanks
12017-03-18 20:29:07 UTCchillly Thanks for the detail. You have chosen a slightly advanced thing to edit, that is an object inside an object. We use an advanced object called a relation to draw the lake with a hole (the island) in it.

What you have done is useful, would you like a hand incorporating the island with the lake?
22017-03-18 20:42:49 UTCMartin Hügi Yes, ok. Thanks
32017-03-18 20:51:22 UTCchillly I've joined the lake and island in a multipolygon relation. I removed the address fields, they are only used for buildings. The tags on the lake have moved to the relation, as is the norm.
42017-03-18 21:01:40 UTCMartin Hügi ok, got it.
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