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12017-03-18 11:16:10 UTCchillly Hi, Welcome to OSM.

It is always a bit worrying when a new editor's first edit deletes something. Your comment simply says 'deleted Well', but no explanation as to why. Was it closed? Was it never there? Could you explain a little please?
22017-03-18 12:20:52 UTCFirstyeoman Hi Chilly sorry this stems back to a while ago when I added the well because I couldn't find a water tower tag. I realise that the water tower was already there but I hadn't seen it because I had not zoomed in enough. I was simply getting rid of something that I had added but was never there. ( if a...
32017-03-18 12:32:05 UTCchillly That's fine, thanks for the explanation. From the aerial imagery that looks like a covered reservoir. If it is there are ways to map that ... :-)
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