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12018-05-08 19:06:31 UTCnyuriks Hi, thanks for adding default_language, but the value "nl;pap;en" is not usable for it. See multilingual section in . Thanks!
22018-05-08 23:43:00 UTCPolyglot If the tag is not set, nl is 'inherited' from the Netherlands (as it's an overseas' territory). But Papiamento is definitely spoken there, alongside a version of Dutch. Only putting pap in the tag is not correct either.
This seems like an unsolvable puzzle. Is there a flaw in the logic?
32018-05-09 00:14:55 UTCnyuriks Polyglot, you are right about inheritance. The question though is not about what is spoken, but only what language is used in the "name" tag in that territory. So if name tag only has one name, default_language should say what language it is. There are places that have two languages in th...
42018-05-09 05:57:23 UTCPolyglot I'm afraid that for some regions in the world, it is useless to try to do that. Anyway, all street names in Aruba that end in straat/weg are in Dutch. Some are in Spanish. Names for amenities are mixed. I guess it's best to drop the tag for Aruba and 'suppose' that everything is officially in Dutch ...
12018-04-10 20:36:11 UTCCarnildo I sure hope you got this right, since there's no way a changeset this big can be properly reviewed. In particular, there's a good chance you've misattributed some things named after Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer, as being named after Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights activist. (And...
22018-04-15 03:11:58 UTCPaul Johnson Looks like there's multiple items in the Tulsa and Sapulpa areas (Two bridges, two streets and an expressway) that you missed.

Published using OSMCha:
32018-04-16 06:54:53 UTCPolyglot Hi Paul,

Could you add those name:etymology:wikidata tags on those objects. I tried to find them, but couldn't based on the name tag alone (and then I started to map public transport again :-) )
12018-04-15 17:25:20 UTCPaul Johnson Thanks for the heads up on this one. I'm checking this as I think the 118 got swapped out.

Published using OSMCha:
22018-04-15 17:35:28 UTCPaul Johnson Are you very interested in mapping Transit in general? MTTA has a lot of really weird routes that dogleg and have variations that only run certain times of day with the same number, and I'm not 100% on how to deal with that.
32018-04-15 18:39:22 UTCPolyglot Are you using PT_Assistant already? For each variation in itinerary, you need to create a separate route relation. For 'telescopic' lines I'm only mapping the longer variations though. Does MTTA provide GTFS feeds that can be used in
42018-04-16 00:48:23 UTCPaul Johnson I am using PT Assistant, but it's not really much help versus doing it by hand. MTTA's GTFS feed is, to put it __very__ politely, a hot mess, like Apple Maps bad. Stops inside office blocks, routes turning impossibly from surface streets directly onto freeways...if there's a way to screw up the da...
52018-04-16 05:21:50 UTCPolyglot Having GTFS feeds would help with determining what variations of the lines exist (to create the route relations). It wouldn't help for positioning the stops correctly, that's what we mappers can add to improve the data.
I'm mentoring a GSoC project to convert/integrate GTFS to OSM. It would make it...
12018-02-23 12:01:53 UTCPolyglot Sorry voor het late antwoord. Als het ter plekke is nagekeken is het helemaal in orde.
12018-02-02 06:17:17 UTCescada Wow, nice job !
22018-02-02 06:41:13 UTCPolyglot Yes, it took me a while to get it right. Boundaries are fickle.
12018-01-10 23:42:22 UTCPolyglot Hallo Samuel,
Gelieven geen fictieve gegevens toe te voegen in de ovetuiging dat dat Pokémon zou aantrekken. Wij halen dat weg voordat Niantic dat oppikt.
Als je constructieve edits wil doen, ben je natuurlijk zeer welkom. Wij bouwen allemaal samen aan een groot geheel. Er is relatief weini...
12017-11-01 10:07:35 UTCPolyglot Hi Adarsh, please don't reuse nodes from other buildings or connect the buildings to the highways. Also try to make the buildings squared/rectangular. There is a button for it in iD, or if that is too cumbersome, JOSM has a buildings tools plugin which allows you to draw buildings with just 3 clicks...
12017-10-25 21:30:27 UTCPolyglot It's indeed over here now:
12017-10-19 10:41:41 UTCTeester Hi. I'm a little late in commenting on this. This changeset appears to replace one direction of numerous Dublin Bus routes with Route 47 - Belarmine - Poolbeg St ( Presumably this is an error.

I know that you're involved in the PT_Assistant JOSM ...
22017-10-19 19:19:44 UTCPolyglot Hi, I'm sorry about this. I reverted the whole changeset. I didn't try to fix the routes anymore. Sometimes I do, but it's messy too.
12017-10-18 06:44:12 UTCdvdhoven Wil je asjeblieft nu eens uit kijken!!!
Gisteren heb je 5 fietsknooppuntrelaties en 2 LF routes vernield met je bussen en nu al weer 2 fietsknooppuntrelaties.
Controleer eerst alle routerelaties voor je je wijzigingsset upload.
De volgende keer revert ik je wijzigingsset en ga niet meer reparere...
22017-10-18 06:56:25 UTCdvdhoven Daarnet heb je ook weer de LF1 en de North Sea Cycleroute aan gort geholpen.
32017-10-18 10:55:20 UTCPolyglot Ik kijk er straks naar. Ik ben de busrouterelaties 1 per 1 aan het opladen, vandaar dat de validatie niet op alles wat gewijzigd werd gebeurt. Ik kijk ook eens of er geen betere manier is, zodat ik zelf bij upload zie dat er iets scheelt met de fiets- en wandelroutes. PT_Assistant kan alleszins wel ...
42017-10-18 11:48:29 UTCdvdhoven Je hoeft nergens meer naar te kijken. Fkp en LF heb ik gerepareerd.
12017-09-27 16:16:50 UTCratrun
Can you please check these two ways of the changeset?

Both these ways do not look plausible.
22017-09-28 05:05:09 UTCPolyglot OK, it took me a while to figure out how this may have happened. There were more ways affected. I hope I caught them all. When resolving validation errors, there is the suggestion to replace oneway=-1 with oneway=yes. Usually I press r for reverse, but now it seems I pressed Ctrl-d while zoomed out.
12017-09-24 11:03:29 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Polyglot. In this changeset you tagged several stop positions with `trolley_bus` (new key) instead of `trolleybus`, right?
Please have a look at`
22017-09-25 14:10:48 UTCPolyglot I fixed them, sorry about that!
12017-09-19 14:18:07 UTCbxl-forever Hello,
I am afraid this changeset contains a few incorrect items. The brevity of the changeset description makes it harder to guess.
I suppose you have wanted to add the route_ref tag on several bus stops. There might be a few mishaps (Picard or Central Station have missing routes) + removal of ...
22017-09-19 17:39:42 UTCPolyglot Indeed I made some errors there. Sorry about that.
32017-09-20 12:06:14 UTCbxl-forever Thanks and don’t worry, I’ll try to fix everything I will find. ;-)
I am not a big fan of the route_ref tag—aren’t relations supposed to do this already?—but I’ll try no include it whenever I work on tram/bus stops, in case some people rely on this.
42017-09-20 12:06:50 UTCbxl-forever (erratum: "I’ll try _to_ include it")
12017-09-16 19:46:01 UTCapm-wa Would it not be better simply to set the tag shelter=yes on a bus stop (highway=bus_stop) than to draw both a bus stop and a shelter? One entry rather than two?
22017-09-16 20:48:43 UTCPolyglot In fact I see the shelter and the bus stop as 2 distinct objects. The highway=bus_stop/public_transport=platform node as the point to represent the bus stop and the shelter area way as the place where people can take shelter from the elements.
Sometimes I use 1 node from the shelter's way for the h...
12017-09-04 21:41:33 UTCPolyglot Hallo SB_10. Bedankt voor de aanzet van bus 430 van De Lijn. Ik heb op basis van hun data de rest ook ingetekend voor alle variantes.

mvg, Polyglot
12017-08-19 06:09:38 UTCTomas Straupis Viešojo transporto stotelės nėra amenity=shelter.
22017-08-19 06:14:02 UTCPolyglot Sorry, my Lithuanian isn't very good. (non existing actually). Do you mean you dislike I reused a node of a shelter for some of the stops?
32017-08-19 08:51:31 UTCTomas Straupis amenity=shelter is used for tourism information, they are shown as places where tourist can rest and public transport stops are definately not a place to have rest :-)
Public transport shelters are tagged by adding shelter=yes to public transport stop nodes.
42017-08-19 09:18:13 UTCPolyglot Hi Tomas, there are many kinds of shelters:
52017-08-19 09:19:31 UTCPolyglot I created a video about the PT_Assistant plugin. What do you think of it?
62017-08-19 10:25:54 UTCTomas Straupis Yes, there is a tag „shelter_type“, unfortunately that information is barely used by data consumers, so tagging PT shelters with amenity=shelter instead of shelter=yes puts a shelter icon on a map (which is incorrect) and displays such shelters as tourism POI's in Garmin maps which is on...
12017-08-11 06:16:58 UTCaixbrick Hi,
obviously you inadvertently deleted a part of Helmholtz-Ring at Forschungszentrum Jülich and changed there some of the stop_positions (which I created earlier that day) to platforms. Maybe you can also explain more precise, what you have done in this changeset ("Bus Aachen" is ve...
22017-08-11 06:38:46 UTCPolyglot I started by downloading a skeleton with the public transport route relations of Aachen. I started doing validation on it and fixed some errors.
Those bus routes seem to go far.
I did notice some ways were missing, but I hadn't realised I was the one who deleted it. Sorry about that. When I had co...
32017-08-11 09:40:51 UTCaixbrick Thanks for the explanation. Could you please restore the deleted way and the changed stop_positions?
42017-08-11 16:11:00 UTCPolyglot I tried to make things right again using the reverter plugin for JOSM and doing a partial upload of that way.
52017-08-11 17:09:14 UTCaixbrick Thank you :-)
62017-08-14 21:50:39 UTCSchlue Hi Polygot, could you please also fix the relation 2013834 (Deutsche Fußball Route NRW (West)). This is a cycling route not a bus route. Most of the route was removed with your changeset.
After looking into the OSMChange-XML it looks like some other bicycle and hiking routes are also affected...
72017-08-15 11:14:38 UTCPolyglot Something really weird happened to that cycle route. Maybe I shouldn't be mapping when overly tired. (I'm always tired though...). Anyway, I fixed it by going back. I also looked at the other cycle routes and mended them where feasible.
Do you use JOSM? Could you install the PT_Assistant plugin and...
12017-08-14 14:18:39 UTCNoen Hi!
You seem to have added public_transport=\tplatform to highway=bus_stop nodes that represent the bus stop as a whole, and not any particular platform, in addition to adding public_transport=platform tags where there already existed a public_transport=platform object.
22017-08-14 18:21:23 UTCNoen I do agreed that it would be better if all public_transport=platform was mapped separately, but sadly there aren't yet.

I will remove the public_transport=platform tag from the appropriate nodes.
32017-08-14 19:34:41 UTCPolyglot I'm not sure we understand each other very well, but OK. As far as I'm concerned. If there is a node next to the way tagged


The stop is mapped. If there is an actual platform, it's great to map it as a way...
12017-08-14 14:02:54 UTCNoen Hi!
This changeset seems to focus on splitting roads on public_transport=stop_position nodes at the start/end of bus routes. Is this really necessary?
There is a warning for this in the JOSM validator, but i can't find anything on this issue in wiki.openstreetmap, the talk mailing list or the talk...
22017-08-14 14:13:27 UTCPolyglot I started doing this in bus stations, but I'm convinced that it makes a lot of sense at the beginning and end of the routes.
I'm 'traveling' around the world to test the PT_Assistant plugin and also to see how public transport is being mapped in different places.
32017-08-14 15:13:05 UTCchillly So you're not really travelling and seeing what is really there, you're making undiscussed, mass edits from the comfort of your armchair. Do you think this is a good idea and that it is acceptable?
42017-08-14 16:13:51 UTCPolyglot Of course I think it's acceptable or I wouldn'tbe doing it. I agree the changesets are big and it would be better that locals do them.
They take hours of time to work on though. Splitting ways has the consequence of affecting several other route relations, which in turn need to checked too.
I see ...
12017-07-23 20:56:02 UTCMarc_ch something is wrong with your changeset !
you change 2667 nodes !
see changeset map
some are very far away from Winterthur
I noticed erroneous localization changes in the canton of Fribourg !
Try to revert your change if you have a backup.
Ask help if needed. I'm on talk-ch mailing.
22017-07-23 23:22:33 UTCdas-g Looks like many (all?) roundabouts of Swiss "Hauptstrasse 1" (main (non-motorway) road from Geneva via Lausanne, Berne, Zurich to Konstanz; have been moved north-north-west by some few meters. But also roundabouts outside that road (e.g. in S...
32017-07-23 23:34:30 UTCPolyglot Now I start to understand what went wrong. I did a search to find all the roundabouts that were members of modified bus route relations to add them to the todo list. Because I wanted to test the split roundabout functionality of PT_Assistant. I must have moved them inadvertently while they were stil...
12017-07-11 16:10:21 UTCg195 I'm speechless. What is the point of deleting the entire bus route R2 from Via Volta to San Carlo (relation:7372053)? Why?
22017-07-11 21:11:36 UTCPolyglot I'm not sure how that went so wrong. I restored the relation and fixed it where it was broken: Sorry for the trouble.
32017-07-14 09:46:49 UTCg195 I just realised something went wrong even for the relations no. 2386448 and 2386446 (tram route 1). They're disappeared too.
12017-07-06 05:25:09 UTCdvdhoven Ja, dan repareer je de busrelaties en je hakt een gat in het fietsknooppuntennetwerk. Niet echt fraai.
22017-07-06 05:35:00 UTCPolyglot Je hebt waarschijnlijk gelijk. Ik zal voor die regio de fietsrelaties ook nakijken. De plugin moet deze zomer ook uitgebreid worden, zodat de mapper te weten komt dat dit gebeurt.
Mijn excuses hiervoor.
12017-04-05 22:08:51 UTCPolyglot Thanks! Now they won't be reported by JOSM's validator rules coming from PT_Assistant plugin anymore!
12017-03-21 11:09:53 UTCStereo Great to see you’re active in our area again :)
22017-03-21 21:43:35 UTCPolyglot Yes, little by little. In fact I'm preparing a new GSoC project: Trying to find issues with the PT_Assistant plugin
32017-03-22 14:46:25 UTCStereo Awesome! The 2016 vintage has been so useful, it's great that you're going for it again. There has been no interest in my GSoC proposal so far – any takers for yours?

I'm seeing duplicate ways being introduced, and I'm not sure whether it's the plugin:
42017-03-22 14:47:54 UTCStereo Two more:
52017-03-22 15:44:35 UTCPolyglot I'm afraid it's probably me
12016-10-13 12:34:55 UTCescada Hallo Polyglot,

waarom krijgen bus stops die genoemd zijn naar een treinstation dezelfde wikipedia/wikidata tags ?

22016-10-13 14:23:05 UTCPolyglot Wat mij betreft, hoorden die bij elkaar. Al zou ik ook begrijpen dat je zegt dat het om verschillende 'concepten' gaat, maar dan is elke bushalte een apart wikidata item en zou je ze in wikidata op de een of andere wijze moeten zien te groeperen.
32016-10-13 15:59:43 UTCescada Behoort dan elke bushalte die "Kerk" noemt bij die kerk voor wikidata ?
Voor mij zijn het dus 2 verschillende concepten, dat had je al wel gedacht :-) Wikidata zal vermoedelijk verwijzen naar een Wikipedia artikel met daarin een beschrijving van het stationsgebouw, niet van de bushaltes i...
12016-08-08 10:33:40 UTCdvdhoven Wil je voorzichtig zijn met de updates van busroutes. Nu al een paar keer gemerkt dat na een update van een busroute het fietsknooppuntennetwerk kapot is.
Dit keer de rotonde van de Van der Molenallee in Doorwerth

Vriendelijke groeten,
Dick van den Hoven
22016-08-08 11:39:52 UTCPolyglot Hallo Dick,

Sorry hiervoor. Dat is alleszins een nadeel van het selectief afhalen van enkel busroutes met Overpass API.

Ik wilde het gaan fixen en toen zag ik geen fietsroutes. 't Is pas toen ik die rotonde gewoon ophaalde van de server dat de fietsroute verscheen.

We zijn een plugin aan he...
12016-07-07 10:27:10 UTCbxl-forever Hello,
Do you know if there is a recommended way to tag bus stops where operators use a different name? Didn’t find any relevant information on the Wiki or on the conventions pages for Belgium PT. Sure we could use tags such as name:TEC or name:De_Lijn but the map rendering fetches its info...
22016-07-07 10:35:26 UTCPolyglot I usually put the name of MIVB in the name tag and the alternative names in other tags. I don't think there is an actual standard or correct way of doing it. Mostly what I'm doing is to preserve the name of De Lijn and TEC somehow, so my scripts can compare with them. I don't think any other reusers...
12016-06-13 20:39:47 UTCediyes Hi,

What did you do here
22016-06-13 22:21:38 UTCPolyglot Definitely bit off more than I could chew. Something went wrong with an upload, so the data was only partially uploaded. I tried to fix it all now.
12016-06-09 16:56:18 UTCediyes Hi,

This street is overlayed
what did you do?
22016-06-09 22:37:57 UTCPolyglot I'm trying to fix it. It's probably due to the fact that I uploaded the relations I was done with one by one, instead of correcting them as a complete package.
12016-05-12 15:26:28 UTCPolyglot Hi Forever,

It's good to see you're working on public transport in Brussels! When you go from the old way of doing things to the new way. You can create extra route relations, but please also keep the original one for one of the variations.
12016-04-27 13:57:52 UTCPolyglot Salut Arthur, il y a un problème. Cette route est cartographié en double.
12016-04-25 15:01:00 UTCPolyglot Por favor usar 's' en iD para dibujar edificios rectangulares
12016-04-23 11:22:23 UTCPolyglot Please, don't attach highways to landuse. Cheers, Jo
12016-04-22 14:34:08 UTCPolyglot This very strange shaped building looks like a tower of some kind to me, probably communication.
12016-04-11 11:55:45 UTCPolyglot Blake, could you ask them to also add it in different languages (and scripts)?
22016-04-11 11:57:07 UTCPolyglot Also, I think it would be better to use UK spelling in Europe.
12016-04-11 11:43:56 UTCPolyglot Hi Jorieke,

The way between the cabins, I would move so it goes through the center of the cabins in a circle. I don't think it was meant as a way, where it is now.
Personally I would also use highway=service, or track as that is what is used in Europe for unpaved roads.
Can I rename the Middle ...
12016-04-06 18:10:45 UTCPolyglot Ciao Edoardo,
Thank you for adding all those schools. There is a more efficient way to do this, which would also be more useful, as you would be adding the addr: tags too, instead of just the names of the schools. Let me know if you'd like to learn about this.
12016-03-28 22:21:01 UTCm902 I'm trying to resolve a JOSM validation issue with which was originally imported in this changeset.
It is showing 'boundary type administrative - unclosed way. I'm guessing is that this is because it is not now a member of any relation, and that probably...
22016-03-29 05:33:00 UTCPolyglot I was part of this relation:

I restored that relation, but I couldn't manage to keep the same relation id.
12016-03-25 13:51:10 UTCPolyglot Hi Diego,

Are you operating/running these schools? And why did you map them twice? They were already present.

22016-03-25 18:31:23 UTCDiego Lara Rivera Regards
I digitalized the school because there was not yet drawing.
Maybe someone else also digitalized later.
32016-03-25 18:52:05 UTCPolyglot OK, but more importantly, why did you add your own name as the operator? Operator means the person, company or group that runs that school.
12016-03-09 13:17:27 UTCR0bst3r Hi, you've added a lot of "oprator:type" keys. See

Can you correct them to "operator:type"?
22016-03-09 14:10:27 UTCPolyglot Hi Rob, in fact those tags had been added in a previous changeset, but I corrected them, of course. Thanks for noticing.

12016-03-01 14:47:31 UTCPolyglot I understand, but why didn't you simply drag it over to where you did find it while surveying? Did you by any chance test if water comes out? Or would they shut it down during winter?

Cheers, Jo
22016-03-01 15:23:34 UTCphilippec Yes, I always do while taking the picture. Just as
Of which I have a working photo during summer. There is no tag for winter closure !
I found the quality of the note not good enough to do the extra effort. It should have said "s...
32016-03-01 16:46:05 UTCphilippec And of course, I do not want to add a poi that does not work.
12016-02-02 20:19:50 UTCalphensebezorger This changeset adds wikidata tags about Grote Markt in Mechelen to several dozens of squares named Grote Markt in Belgium and the Netherlands. That doesn't seem useful to me.
22016-02-02 20:34:32 UTCPolyglot Uh oh, I made a mistake then. I'll start fixing ASAP
12016-01-24 12:45:07 UTCPolyglot Hi Enock4Seth,

The Wikipedia plugin makes it really easy nowadays to add linkst to Wikidata at the same time as linking to Wikipedia.

I made a screencast:

Cheers Jo
22016-01-24 23:41:21 UTCEnock4seth Thanks Jo. Will checkout the screencast.
Best, Enock
12016-01-01 14:43:24 UTCPolyglot Hi Jeremy, welcome to Openstreetmap and HOT mapping! If you need assistance with mapping, please let me know.
22016-01-01 15:35:43 UTCJeremyEX4 Hi Jo, what a lovely surprise to get a message from a real person! I just looked at your profile and wow, you really have been busy! You must be an expert by now.

As you might have seen I only started contributing a couple of weeks ago, after seeing an article in the UK's 'Saga' magazine, which i...
32016-01-01 15:51:41 UTCPolyglot Hi Jeremy,
I saw you start on a task on the Tasking Manager, but not complete it. Then I noticed that you were new to OSM, so I decided to write you a welcome message.
I'm trying to pass on my experience to others, using

Never mind the obn...
12016-01-01 10:03:49 UTCPolyglot Hi Shtomp45, I notice you used building=yes to map landuse=residential. In the tasks in Swaziland the intention was to map all the individual buildings as accurately as possible.
12015-11-21 09:15:47 UTCnicolas17 It seems you split some road ways when adding the bus stops, such as Is there a reason for this, or can they just be merged?
22015-11-21 13:20:38 UTCPolyglot In this particular case it would be possible to merge them. There is not compelling reason to do so though.
A more interesting question: are you local there? Does De Lijn still serve these stops? Are there 'flagpoles' to indicate these stops still 'exist'?
32015-11-21 16:34:45 UTCnicolas17 I'm not a local. A local on IRC who is somewhat new to OSM saw this and asked if bus stops always required a split (they don't), then I wondered if you had a reason I didn't know of to split these :)
42015-11-21 16:38:43 UTCKillian De Volder I could verify if there is still a bus-stop. I pass there often, no shelter though. Maybe just a pole.
52015-11-21 16:41:33 UTCPolyglot It's funny that we are discussing this in English :-) Anyway, when the stop is a terminus/initial stop, I consistently add a stop_position node and split the way, as that is then the end position for the route relation. I'm not sure anymore if this was the case at some point.
62015-11-21 16:47:23 UTCPolyglot It would be totally cool if you could make some pictures and upload them to Mapillary :-) Most likely they are merely poles. We don't have a dedicated tag for those poles, so I merely map them as nodes with public_transport=platform, bus=yes, highway=bus_stop and some details like ref, name, zone, r...
12015-11-11 22:58:13 UTCPolyglot Hi rowers2,

You seem to have uploaded your scratchpad into Africa.
12015-11-11 22:54:19 UTCPolyglot Hi Rowers,

Something seems to have gone very wrong with this edit. It extends all the way from Poland into The Cameroon...
12015-11-01 04:27:04 UTCPolyglot Hallo Thorum,

Prachtig dat je wilt werken aan het oplossen van de buslijnen. De reden dat ik naar deze changeset kwam kijken, is dat o.a. lijn 318 onderbroken geraakt was. Als je wilt, wil ik wel wegwijs maken met JOSM. Als je eenmaal aan relaties begint te werken, is dat een veel beter stuk gere...
12015-09-12 11:01:06 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that is an actual Roman Road as suggested by ? Also, what does "name:etymology:wikidata" mean in this context (and what's the relationship to the Queen Fabiola menti...
22015-09-12 11:20:19 UTCPolyglot When working on that changeset, I was looking for objects named after our former Queen Fabiola. Previously I had done something comparable for Roman roads in Belgium and The Netherlands.

It's unlikely that it's a coincidence that these roa...
32015-09-12 11:27:14 UTCSomeoneElse You'd want a bit more evidence that a road actually was a roman road beyond the name, though surely?

For an example, not far from me is called "Roman Way". There's obviously a roman naming theme going on there (Fosse Close and Dere Croft ar...
42015-09-12 11:48:28 UTCPolyglot you're right, it's not ideal. All name:etymology:wikidata says it is named after something. If it's not about the road network, was it after the Romans or after Rome that this particular one was called? It's probably not of great importance, so we better remove those name:etymology:wikidata tags.
52015-09-12 11:51:19 UTCPolyglot This is the result of adding wikidata tags for Queen Fabiola to OSM, then adding a link to it on Wikipedia:
12015-07-01 04:52:08 UTCPolyglot Von meiner Sicht sind die Haltestellen schon wieder verschwunden, wenn die Platforms nicht auf Nodes neben den Weg gemappt werden. Das ist natürlich blöt weil ihr die angeblich alle doppelt mappt. Alle Details einmail auf Platform (als way) und nochmal auf stop_position (als node, aber die...
12015-04-01 08:50:10 UTCescada Beste,

Blijkbaar hebt u 14 dagen geleden de maximum snelheid op de E17 op 50 km/h gezet. Ik neem aan dat dit een vergissing is.

met vriendelijke groeten
22015-06-18 10:36:13 UTCfrutellake Beste,
Deze werd in OSM geplaatst voor een onderzoek naar de temporele kwaliteit van OpenStreetMap. Alle gemaakte fouten, die nog niet verbeterd werden door de gemeenschap, worden vandaag verbeterd.
32015-06-18 11:16:41 UTCescada Ik heb over deze research een dagboek entry geschreven en ben benieuwd naar hoe de community erop zal reageren:
42015-06-18 11:23:09 UTCBen Abelshausen Hey frutellake,
Voor wie/wat/waar is dit onderzoek gedaan?
52015-06-18 14:48:48 UTCPolyglot Wij beschouwen het moedwillig introduceren van foute informatie als vandalisme, ongeacht wat de beweegredenen mogen zijn. Wat er ook van zij, we zijn een relatief kleine groep, puur opgebouwd uit vrijwilligers en wat de conclusie van uw bedenkelijke onderzoek ook mag zijn, het doet niet af aan de pr...
62015-06-18 19:09:34 UTCjoost schouppe Ben, is blijkbaar in kader van een Gentse thesis gedaan.
12015-05-29 12:21:31 UTCPolyglot Hallo Dirk, welkom!

Er is wat foutgelopen bij je edit van gisterenavond. Als je daar zin in hebt, wil ik je wel 's wegwijs maken met JOSM. Ofwel bij pot en pint (ik woon in Leuven), ofwel via een Google Hangout of Skype
12015-04-28 04:39:33 UTCPolyglot Why did you delete these bus stops? It's taking me more than an hour to restore everything to how it was before you edited the map
12015-03-23 21:06:05 UTCPolyglot Hallo Toeklk, ik vind deze weg niet terug: Is het een probleem als ik die verwijder? Jo
12015-01-30 14:21:10 UTCtoeklk Hi Jo, When pressing save, you can select 'advanced' in the dialog box, and add a source tag over there :-)
22015-01-30 15:35:11 UTCPolyglot There was a button saying source, but that automatically added it as a tag to the object. The way I understood in the mean time, fro. Following the imports list, is that source tags belong on the changeset and that is made difficult when using iD.
32015-01-30 15:54:59 UTCtoeklk My mistake, I was having potlatch2 in mind, not iD :-(
42015-01-30 16:22:07 UTCPolyglot Lol, maybe I shouldn't make my life difficult and simply use Potlatch2. OTOH, I need to try it out every once in a while, to get a feel for the user experience and the (lack of) possibilities.
12015-01-24 18:11:59 UTCPolyglot Hoi,
Zou je er iets aan hebben als ik een filmpje maak van hoe ik deze route zou omzetten naar 'versie 2'? (gewoon op basis van de informatie die in deze relatie aanwezig is, zonder terug te vallen op data van Connexxion)
12015-01-14 17:18:32 UTCGlenn Plas I also corrected this edit. The housenumbers that are there have been merged from the AGI/CRAB database from the government. They are official. The number on the C21 site is acutally wrong. But the correct number was in the building that surrounds the node of C21 so there was no reason to acual...
22015-01-14 17:55:40 UTCPolyglot Hallo Dieter,

Eerst en vooral: welkom bij Openstreetmap. Ik merk net dat je je net hebt aangemeldt. We appreciëren je bijdragen en zullen je graag helpen om alles in goede banen te leiden.

32015-01-18 18:20:19 UTCDieter86 sorry dat wist ik niet. Jullie mogen de wijzigingen weer wegdoen.
42015-01-18 18:52:02 UTCPolyglot Geen zorgen Dieter, dat soort dingen gebeurt nu eenmaal. Laat het je niet tegenhouden om verder bij te dragen en als je vragen hebt, kan je ook steeds terecht op of je kan ook boodschappen sturen naar één van ons.

Groeten, Jo
12015-01-14 16:21:49 UTCGlenn Plas Hallo,
Ik zie dat je bing als achtergrond gebruikt, kan je proberen in de toekomst van de AGIV beelden te gebruiken, er is een afwijking op bing ook. Je kan ook best geen labels geven aan een garage maar ipv building=garage zetten. Zie de wiki pagina
22015-01-14 16:40:14 UTCGlenn Plas building=residential klopt ook niet, residential is voor landuse . Je laat ook best de postcode en de gemeente eraf. Deze wordt bepaald dmv. de postcode boundaries.
32015-01-14 16:42:55 UTCGlenn Plas Het heeft ook geen zin om multipolygon buildings te maken voor een simpel gebouw. Kan je aub jezelf eerst op de wiki informeren over hoe je correct moet taggen. Eventueel aboneer je jezelf op de Talk-BE mailing lijst, terug te vinden in de wiki
42015-01-14 16:57:44 UTCGlenn Plas correctie, building=residential is ok , iets te snel geweest.
52015-01-14 16:58:45 UTCescada Building=residential kan wel (zie Het is echter minder nauwkeurig dan bv. house. Dus een building=yes kan je wel verbeteren door residential, maar house niet.
62015-01-14 17:52:23 UTCPolyglot Hallo Dieter,

Als je graag met een 'echt' editorprogramma wilt leren werken, wil ik wel voor een introductie van JOSM zorgen en een demo van de mogelijkheden ervan. Je zal nooit meer terug willen naar iD... iD doet blijkbaar dingen voor je, waarvan je niet eens beseft dat ze gebeuren, maar die no...
12014-12-17 13:46:26 UTCPolyglot By adding a service way which connects to the platform, you are sending the buses onto the platforms, thereby killing the would-be passengers. If you want to resolve silly 'errors' please add footways to connect to another footway or the cycleway
12014-12-17 00:49:07 UTCPolyglot Hi Barbie,
Thank you for your contributions to Openstreetmap and HOT. I've converted all Building=Hut to building=hut. The tags are case sensitive and we try to avoid using capital letters in them.
(Ik spreek ook Nederlands)
12014-12-16 23:54:26 UTCPolyglot Thank you for your contributions to HOT. I converted all the other huts which were mapped as nodes to building contours. It seems better this way. Ctrl-d is your friend :-)
12014-12-16 22:30:58 UTCPolyglot Hi, thank you for your contributions to HOT. I've changed a few things, turned the road network into a routable grid. Added some waterways where the trees are a bit greener and 'meandering'. I added an orchard where the trees are planted in rows. I'd also use 10-12 nodes for the huts. Now it looks a...
12014-11-09 07:09:55 UTCPolyglot Waarom verplaatste jij deze bushalte 820m?
22014-11-09 07:16:41 UTCluisindepels oei lap tis aan passing die ik niet wou doen...zal perron geluk zijn...
32014-11-09 07:22:45 UTCluisindepels heb weer op orgineel plaats gezet! zal door dat langs de grens aan klikken was en ik per ongeluk deze bewerking heb gedaan
42014-11-09 10:00:00 UTCPolyglot Hallo, bedankt om ze terug te zetten. Met iD heb je dat soort dingen nogal gemakkelijk aan de hand, vrees ik. Als je wilt, wil ik wel eens een hangout doen om je in te wijden in JOSM. Er gaat binnenkort ook een mapping party door in Antwerpen. Zit jij op de talk-be mailing list?
52014-11-09 14:33:58 UTCluisindepels oh antwerpen is beetje ver...ik deed enkel maar mijn wijk hier de barakken en beetje in menen. heb geen ambitie om veel verder in te doen.
12014-11-07 13:06:34 UTCPolyglot Hallo Collectiam,

Bedankt voor je vele werk bij het in detail mappen van Leuven. Ik had al eerder gezien dat je daarmee bezig was, maar ik had het nogal druk met het toevoegen van bushaltes...
Nu dat ik het toevoegen van adressen uit CRAB aan het uittesten ben, zie ik wel de noodzaak om het een ...
12014-11-03 09:33:19 UTCPolyglot Hallo TAA, jij verzet hier ook bergen werk. We hebben ondertussen wel betere luchtfoto's dan Bing ter beschikking:

Hiervan mag je huiscontouren overtekenen.

Er is ook dit:

Daarvan mag je geen hu...
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