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12017-03-25 15:28:04 UTCchillly We don't add postcodes to area. We only ever add postcodes to individual addresses. These can be a house or a business. To add a postcode the individual buildings can be drawn and have the postcode attached.

Adding a postcode to an area doesn't work well, as most residential areas have multiple p...
12017-03-25 15:24:25 UTCchillly Hi, you have drawn the outline of something you have named 'Woodland'. You have used a name as a description which we don't do. If the area is a woodland it needs to be tagged as natural=wood. If it has a real name then it can be added, but a lot of woodland has no name.
12017-03-19 15:39:54 UTCchillly Looks good, thanks
12017-03-19 15:25:56 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM
I see you have added Humbleton Farm, which is great. We outline the farmyard, as best we can, and ass landuse=farmyard, not place=farm. That will make it consistent with most farms in the UK on OSM
22017-03-19 15:30:25 UTCtrigpoint You have also joined it to a powerline, which is obviously incorrect and to the centreline of Mill Lane.
32017-03-19 15:37:55 UTCdelfimo Apologies. Have sorted now. Deleted old area as unable to figure out how to change area.
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