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12017-04-19 05:03:04 UTCDavidKewley In Laguna Niguel, CA (near me), you deleted all tags from the Lifetime Fitness parking area except amenity=parking. The tags you deleted looked probably accurate and helpful to me. Why did you delete them?
22017-04-19 08:20:31 UTCclaysmalley Oof, there are some tags that shouldn't have been deleted. I'll fix that.

As for the Lifetime Fitness issues, someone had gone through and added in all the Lifetime Fitness locations across the country... poorly. There was a lot of messy data: parking lots drawn as one giant zig-zagging parking a...
32017-04-19 14:55:39 UTCDavidKewley Thanks very much! Makes more sense to me now.
12017-03-31 10:45:23 UTCskquinn Not everything that goes in a circle is a roundabout: way 462670713 is not a roundabout and should not have been tagged as such as it is simply a circle drive in the middle of a residential roadway. Contrast with way 462670700, which is correctly tagged as a roundabout as it is an intersection of mu...
12016-11-20 13:15:07 UTCmueschel Hi,
you put the tag "true=A" on 30 ways - could you check that?

Cheers, Jan
22016-11-21 22:18:17 UTCclaysmalley wat. dunno how that happened; i'll fix it
32016-11-21 22:21:54 UTCclaysmalley are you sure it's 30 ways? i could only find 6 with that tag
42016-11-21 22:32:52 UTCmueschel Seems the other 24 are in Russia from another user... Strange that they appeared on the same day.
Thanks for fixing!
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