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12017-04-14 23:50:23 UTCrichlv Thank you for the map improvements. What was added here as a park did not seem to be a park actually - no official note I could find at .
I have removed the park designation in OpenStreetMap, too.
22017-04-18 10:58:42 UTCAkageMuk A strange wave last weeks of stubborn adding fake parks, duplicate parks, change forests into parks and changing paths into footways from various new users. Could be some pokemon game related vandalism.
32017-04-18 11:03:12 UTCrichlv Yes, this does seem to be PokemonGO inspired. Some of it is not vandalism, looks like genuine improvements - although maybe slightly misguided.
If the editors stay around and "upgrade" to quality map editing, we all stand to benefit.
To the new editors: don't be discouraged to make good ...
12017-04-14 23:53:04 UTCrichlv Most of these looked like paths, I have modified them accordingly.

If that does not seem to be correct, you could you please provide Mapillary images of the area ? See for more detail.
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