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12018-06-06 23:33:12 UTCWarin61 HI,
These tags already exist in the relation - they are duplication and I have removed the tags... but

The relation is not closed.. as these 2 ways do not form an area Ways: 594644996 and 594644996.. perhaps they should be removed from the relation untill this can be resolved? Put tags on them ...
22018-06-06 23:59:07 UTCcleary I am still working on this relation. It is rather complex and I am doing it slowly and trying to doublecheck it. I should be finshed in a two or three days. Perhaps you might check again in a few days to be sure I have it right.
32018-06-07 00:16:02 UTCWarin61 Good Luck with it..
12018-05-28 16:05:22 UTCCloCkWeRX Which is the correct peak?
22018-05-28 23:37:01 UTCcleary Sorry but I don't recall the circumstances of that edit and I don't know where the second node for Philcox Hill originated. However another mapper appears already to have deleted the duplicate node. I think it is now OK.
12018-04-16 21:29:10 UTCWarin61 Hi,
This is not closed. I'm not getting into that CAPAD thing so I leave it to you.
12018-03-28 06:27:56 UTCGppes Hi, could you please clarify your intentions according to this changeset? Greetings from Austria!
22018-03-28 06:54:39 UTCcleary The uploaded ways did not upload correctly and multiple orphan nodes are being removed. Will be uploaded again later in smaller groups of ways.
12018-03-27 10:59:00 UTCGppes Hi, your are creating a reasonable number of "coastline errors", they have quite an impact on rendering wide areas of the map!

Have a look here:

Greetings from Austria, Gppes
22018-03-27 11:00:52 UTCGppes Another question, are you sure, that this "island" should be mapped? way id: 573387988, it probably contradicts the wiki (link above).
32018-03-28 04:22:54 UTCcleary I have been attempting to add the Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve to the map. OSM has been given permission to include this information from official data. The archipelago consists of more than one hundred islands and I have been adding them in groups. I am aware of some errors in mapping the n...
42018-03-28 05:43:07 UTCGppes Hi, thanks for your reply. I was referring to the single island with the way id: 573387988 this single island (only this specific case) was completely covered by water and contradicts this section in the wiki:

12018-01-19 05:21:17 UTCToeBee Do you happen to remember details about this changeset? You mapped several barrier=gate objects like this:

Someone from that area contacted the Data Working Group complaining that their Garmin was refusing to route through these gates. This person s...
22018-01-19 07:37:28 UTCcleary There was definitely a gate when I went through there in approx December 2016. There were also quite a few gates on Joulnie Road and Sanpah Road and the northern section of Border Downs Road. It is not unusual to have gates on public roads in remote areas. Often local councils will construct cattle ...
32018-01-19 20:02:54 UTCToeBee So here's a neat trick. See this route:

Then switch from "Car (OSRM)" to "Car (GraphHopper)". Obviously different routing algorithms handle gates differently. And I also fi...
42018-01-20 04:57:31 UTCcleary I have now added access=yes tags to gates on public roads in this area (at least to those with which I am familiar).
52018-01-22 03:39:07 UTCTheSwavu I'd be more worried about the kind of person that would be driving around this part of NSW following a route provided by their GPS rather than knowing where they are going.
12017-10-18 12:53:32 UTCmueschel Hi,
what do you mean by 'cycles' here? Bicycle or motorcycle?

Cheers, Jan
22017-10-18 23:39:26 UTCcleary I have changed tag to "bicycle" - was my error. Thanks for noticing and bringing it to my attention.
12017-10-14 02:37:22 UTCaharvey With relation 2521345 any reason why you've used except=psv? From the signage it should be except=bus?
22017-10-14 02:37:53 UTCaharvey
32017-10-14 06:06:11 UTCcleary I think I was wrong, confusing "bus" with "psv". Also it appears hours have been changed since restriction was first added. I would be pleased if you could correct the information. Thanks for your conscientious observation of this error.
42017-10-15 03:00:08 UTCaharvey no problem. done in
12017-09-26 03:03:31 UTCCloCkWeRX and many of the others on this way seem to be duplicated nodes now
22017-09-26 08:33:08 UTCcleary The way is actually the administrative boundary and is not necessarily that of the river. Another user added the "river" tag to the administrative boundary (which is an approximation) instead of mapping the actual river. I will contact the mapper and ask about mapping the river separately,...
12017-04-03 02:23:10 UTCWarin61 Hi,
The LPI Base Map has West Tipla Rd as tertiary ... and the East Tipla Rd as secondary .. any objections to changing this?
Note .. have to add East Tipla Rd to OSM! ...
22017-04-03 04:14:41 UTCcleary I think it is probably outdated information in LPI map. I haven't driven all the way on the west road but the east road is very average in standard. Central Darling Shire Council rates the west side as a main road (MR) for which it would get State funding (therefore possibly a secondary in OSM) and...
32017-04-03 04:17:32 UTCWarin61 P.S A relevant doc

Note the 'road description' not road name.
42017-04-03 04:25:27 UTCWarin61 Ha crossing info ... both on to the same view though.
12017-03-29 02:01:33 UTCWarin61 Hi,
You have way 322193363 tagged as a private track .. the LPI base map shows this as a tertiary road ... several other roads are shown out here on the LPI Base map too. I'll put those in.
Arr came to your way 259154081 - tagged as driveway private yet LPI shows it as tertiary. Similar for way 3...
22017-03-29 04:11:24 UTCcleary I have driven on many roads in far west there but not that one, nor the roads to Cymbric Vale and WIlandra. From the Barrier Highway, those roads look like private roads and I think they had gates or cattle grids and there were definitely no signs to suggest public roads. I traced the tracks from Bi...
32017-03-29 04:15:44 UTCcleary Further comment. I remember driving on Waterbag Road and I recall that the track to Cymbric Vale was just a track, didn't look anything like Waterbag Road (which I think was graded and reasonable gravel suface,) and there was no sign to indicate public access was permitted to Cymbric Vale.
12017-03-23 23:13:35 UTCWarin61 Hi,
By making a new node and moving the boundary by 0.2 m the OSM inspector error is removed .. very little effect in the real world. It dose create a 'gap' of 0.2 metres. .. cheating I know.
12017-03-16 11:10:35 UTCCloCkWeRX Ah nice, we did some work to add names, but not so much work to find the ones that were slightly off from info
22017-03-17 04:50:48 UTCcleary Thanks for the feedback.
12016-12-20 00:38:55 UTCTheSwavu Err... by definition unincorporated areas don't need a admin_level=6 boundary.
22016-12-20 09:30:31 UTCcleary Hello Swavu. The Pastoral Unincorporated Area of South Australia is a designated area with boundaries published in the South Australian government Local Government Areas dataset. It is administered differently (it has a "designated authority" rather than a council. But then the metropolita...
32016-12-20 10:27:50 UTCTheSwavu That may all be true, but this area is not administrated under the Local Government Act so therefore it's not a council and not admin_level 6.
42016-12-20 22:46:08 UTCtastrax Given the admin levels are "proposed" in the wiki ( what level do you suggest TheSwavu? From my understanding of Australia level 6 is the most appropriate.
52016-12-21 00:41:00 UTCTheSwavu No level as it not a thing that you need to map. The unincorporated areas of South Australia are the bits inside the admin_level 4 boundary but not inside an admin_level 6 boundary.
12016-11-27 05:46:05 UTCWarin61 Way 354530546 appears to be a private plantation, Removed relation referring to this single relation and added tags landuse=forest, note=possibly a private plantation possibly Nanagrve Station.
12016-10-17 04:20:46 UTCWarin61 Tucklan ... while the council and post office may not regard it as a hamlet, I'd not think of it as a neighborhood either. I think in OSM terms .. hamlet.
12016-06-29 13:23:18 UTCgormo Hi,

there already is a boundary for the national park, see . Please respect existing data while importing, and please tag any new information onto the existing OSM features. And please use established OSM tags, and don't just dump some external data onto ...
22016-07-01 00:48:41 UTCcleary I'm sorry for any error. I have been checking administrative boundaries in South Australia and adding relations for those boundaries. In many instances, national park boundaries coincide with administrative boundaries and, where no relation previously existed, I have also created relations for the n...
12016-06-28 08:10:23 UTCR0bst3r Hi cleary,
looks like your coastline is not finished: is separated from Was it intended?

Maybe "is_in:national park" can be changed to "is_in:national_park"?

Cheers, R0bst3r
22016-06-28 23:06:54 UTCcleary Thanks for this advice. Much appreciated. Now correct, I hope.
12016-05-11 00:50:21 UTCWarin61 Hi, moved Node: Hillston Post Office (2302362776) to corner - as per LPI Base Map and Austpost website address. Imagery has this as a burnt out shell.. added fixme for survey confirmation (and address information. .
12016-02-01 12:19:02 UTCR0bst3r manmade changed to man_made=silo. Also building=yes added.
12016-01-24 18:04:30 UTCJedrzej Pelka Hello, you broke the boundary relations of Corrong (5740913) and One Tree (5740798). If you're currently improving boundaries in this area, please be so kind and fix it.
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