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12017-12-05 23:29:43 UTCRanger444 Pienso que este estacion es cerrado.

Pero cambiastelo ayer, ud sabes mas que yo?

22017-12-13 23:48:18 UTCAgusQui Ranger si sabes de primera mano que la estación cerró borrala, Serock copia datos de un organismo oficial (que obviamente puede tener errores, yo ya le encontré varios)
32017-12-13 23:51:24 UTCAgusQui Por otro lado veo que serock esta cometiendo el mismo error que ustedes, agrega el source de los cambios en cada objeto, serock por favor agrega el source en el conjunto de cambios.
42017-12-13 23:55:54 UTCRanger444 Bueno, voy a borrarla. Y tambien, despues de hablando con ustedes, Mapeadores de Kaart no ponen tags de source en el objeto. Ponemos el source en el conjunto de Cambios. Gracias, AgusQui
12017-11-29 19:32:32 UTCSomeoneElse Just checking - have you checked this edit with the local community? suggests it's an actual deliberate name change.
NPR suggests it's a valid change too.
22017-11-29 19:38:07 UTCRanger444 Wow, I had no idea they changed the name. Thought someone was messing with the data.

I've reverted it
32017-11-29 19:44:59 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks!
42017-11-29 19:46:30 UTCRanger444 I thought the language was Russian...
52017-11-29 19:52:47 UTCCinderBDT907
62017-11-29 19:59:23 UTCRanger444 Thanks Cinder, I looked at a few articles after SomeoneElse commented on the changeset and I changed it back...
12017-11-08 18:26:34 UTCmweper Hola Ranger444. Fijate que se rompieron las relaciones y al eliminar las vias de calles. Por favor, ten cuidado antes de cambiar o borrar algo del mapa, ya que cuesta trabajo y tiem...
22017-11-08 23:26:22 UTCRanger444 Yo le mandé una mensaje. Gracias 🙏
12017-10-18 14:36:54 UTCRanger444 You changed Carrera 27A to a oneway based on imagery.

This road is not a oneway as confirmed by Ground Survey.

I would refrain from tagging one ways from aerial imagery.

12017-07-13 18:36:05 UTCthenodifier Hey you forgot to add Street at the end here. Look out for those next time please...

Thank you
22017-07-13 19:03:05 UTCRanger444 Yeaaaa hii , Dwight

I'm gonna need the feature link for that mmmkay?

that'd be greaaat
32017-07-13 19:23:21 UTCthenodifier
42017-07-13 20:01:40 UTCRanger444 Ya lo te cambiaste?
12017-05-23 21:48:30 UTCHjart I'll revert this. Please do not touch our imported adressnodes
22017-05-24 14:06:49 UTCRanger444 If you revert any other changesets, let me know which ones you do.

Also, what's wrong with combing an address with a building if there is only one address in the building?
32017-05-24 16:04:15 UTCHjart Please see
12017-04-25 20:42:17 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:42:12 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:42:08 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:41:55 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
22017-04-25 20:42:04 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:41:59 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:41:50 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:41:36 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:41:32 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-25 20:41:26 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment is supposed to read

Updates to streets and POIs in Qatar. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-04-20 11:46:54 UTCAlaskaDave Hi,
I placed the new Tumbleweed Express marijuana shop on the old car wash building in Parachute just now. I based my positioning on an article in today's Wash. Post. I see you have two other places on the same street named Tumbleweed, tagged with hop=herbalist. Are both of those businesses still l...
22017-04-20 19:25:28 UTCRanger444 The larger building is the main Tumbleweed location. The drive-through 'express' is also operated by tumbleweed and the buildings are separate. I am sure the larger Tumbleweed location is in the correct spot. I guessed on the location of the drive-through. I'm not sure which article you were talking...
32017-04-21 12:52:04 UTCAlaskaDave I chose the building based a photo in the article and a quick look at Google Streetview to confirm that its shape is the same - a high drive-through bay and a 1-story section that contains the office so I'm confident it's correct.
As for tagging shop=herbalist, yes, I think that's misleading. Marij...
42017-04-24 14:33:20 UTCRanger444 Turns out you were right on location. I drove by this weekend.

I do think shop=cannabis would be a better tag but it hasn't been approved yet. The definition of herbalist matches up with a rec shop. Herbs used for medicine. Thats whats sold there and thats why people buy it. Hopefully we can get ...
52017-04-24 17:37:41 UTCAlaskaDave The OSM approval process leaves a lot to be desired. I ran a similar discussion through the tagging list and could not resolve the issue. Besides, even if "approved" by the requisite number of mappers, it still isn't "official" in any way.

Consequently, I'm not waiting for ap...
12017-04-20 15:06:14 UTCRanger444 Correct Changeset Comment** Updates to streets and POIs in Bahrain. #Kaart Ground Survey 2017
12017-03-14 22:17:49 UTCRanger444

These two parallel streets are not one ways as you edited. Please Fix.
22017-03-14 22:35:06 UTCRanger444

Another thats not one way.
12017-03-14 21:43:53 UTCRanger444

This is not a one way.

Where are you getting your oneway data?
22017-03-14 21:44:49 UTCRanger444

neither is this
12017-03-10 18:43:20 UTCRanger444

Is there any evidence to suggest that this is a oneway?
22017-03-10 18:55:35 UTCRanger444 Ground survey shows cars facing both ways on the street as well as bidirectional traffic arrows painted on the surface.
12017-03-10 17:34:02 UTCRanger444

What sort of verification or evidence do you have that this is a oneway? I do not believe it is a oneway
12017-03-06 16:26:48 UTCRanger444 Some of these view points are in the middle of very busy intersections. Do you think this is dangerous? Pedestrians in the middle taking pictures? I'm not sure... Where did you get your data?
22017-03-09 18:17:47 UTCCanyonsrcool I was also going to ask about these . . . there are no "viewpoints" for tourism. Since they were created on, I'm guessing these may be bad data.
12017-01-23 21:45:31 UTCAgusQui Se te pegó la farmacia SUBI a la intersección de vías.
You hit the SUBI pharmacy at the intersection of ways.
22017-01-23 22:12:55 UTCRanger444 Lo siento. Yo Arreglélo
12017-01-17 19:45:26 UTCRanger444 !??? This is not a oneway

Where are you getting this information.

You have an error somewhere.
22017-01-17 20:17:45 UTCAgusQui No es un error, es un cambio reciente dispuesto por la municipalidad:

It is not a mistake, it is a recent change arranged by the municipality:
32017-01-17 20:22:24 UTCRanger444 Wow, your right! good find. I'm sorry for calling you out. I will try to fix what I have undone...
42017-01-17 20:34:12 UTCAgusQui Jaja no problem, good for you to consult!
12017-01-09 16:06:03 UTCRanger444 Looks like you left this secondary road disconnected. Thats a big routing error. watch out for it.

I fixed it
22017-01-09 16:12:14 UTCRanger444 Looks like you fixed it, we may have been working on it at the same time. Sorry
12017-01-02 22:45:00 UTCRanger444 Avenida Perito Moreno debe ser separado aqui. No me gustaré destruir sus relaciones de bus. Por favor arreglar este calle.
22017-01-02 23:01:58 UTCAgusQui Rompe tranquilo, cuando termines de hacer lo que tengas que hacer avisame y arreglo los bondis, saludos!
32017-01-02 23:11:06 UTCRanger444 Estoy terminado. Tuve que romper las relaciones antes de separando la calle. gracias para trabajando conmigo.
Eres de Buenos Aires?
42017-01-02 23:14:38 UTCAgusQui No exactamente, de Moreno que es cerca.
52017-01-02 23:42:38 UTCRanger444 Muy Bien! Yo visité BA el mes pasado para mapear y disfrutar la cultura. Yo vivo en Estados Unidos, Colorado.
12016-12-13 23:53:11 UTCRanger444 Changeset comment misused*
Official Comment: Cleanup and Local knowledge
22016-12-06 15:19:48 UTCRanger444 I will look into that, could you please give me the feature URL so that I know which street you're talking about?
32016-12-07 15:16:38 UTCmuralito Im talking about the intersection of La Cumparsita and Doctor Carlos Maria Morales.
42016-12-07 15:32:12 UTCRanger444 By rounded streets, do you mean roundabouts?
12016-11-23 03:17:34 UTCmuralito Abitab y RedPagos no es bank
Es amenity=payment_centre
22016-11-23 03:19:15 UTCmuralito "Financia HSBC" is not a name.
"Financia HSBC" like "HSBC lends you the money"
32016-11-23 03:19:43 UTCmuralito La Cigale > amenity=ice_cream
42016-12-06 17:55:02 UTCRanger444 I am now tagging Abitab and RedPagos as amenity=payment_centre.

What would be the proper tag for "Financia HSBC"?

52016-12-07 01:41:09 UTCmuralito Also, just to clarify, some Abitab and RedPagos do have money exchange service, but to know for sure you have to enter and ask. Having an exchange rates table in the window is also indicator that they probably do exchange money.

Is seems that in those cases is better to add a another node with am...
62016-12-07 13:58:37 UTCmuralito I dont know without seeing it, most probably is just a new building that advertises some apartaments for sale. You can also see as "Financia Santander" or any other bank.

I will go there next week.
72016-12-07 15:29:30 UTCRanger444 Abitab and RedPagos then are either amenity=bureau_de_change
82016-12-07 17:01:48 UTCmuralito Not exactly. They are always amenity=payment_centre (their main business activity), and also sometimes are amenity=bureau_de_change, so because multivalued amenity is not well interpreted by all consumers is better to be mapped as two separate elements.
12016-12-06 18:15:59 UTCRanger444 Several cross streets that are separated by a median on Bulevar General Artigas are connected by Foot Paths. There are no Foot Paths across the median. Please revise the foot paths.
22016-12-06 18:23:12 UTCmuralito If you mean foot paths like this or this they are maped because pedestrian can cross there.

¿Is there any other way to model this?
32016-12-06 18:29:13 UTCRanger444 They are able to cross a secondary road without a cross walk or traffic light over a median without a designated foot path?
42016-12-06 19:00:25 UTCmuralito Yes. Pedestrians are prohibited only if explicity signaled or impeded with fences.

I do not make the traffic rules. And for safety they shouldn't be able to cross, and maybe a barrier protect them, but it is legally allowed and common practice to cross like this. Also is common that pedestrians d...
52016-12-06 19:27:40 UTCRanger444 OK
62016-12-06 20:10:12 UTCmuralito You can see some pedestrian prohibition signals and fences here and which prohibits the crossing in one of the two sidewalks.
12016-12-01 19:30:28 UTCmuralito Are you sure McCain is a restaurant?
Its very small size for a saloon and McCain is a brand of frozen potatoes. Probably another type of shop.
22016-12-06 17:59:01 UTCRanger444 This was ground surveyed and it was a restaurant. If you still disagree, I would encourage you to visit the site to double check it.
32016-12-07 14:01:24 UTCmuralito I don't disagree, I just has some doubts.
22016-12-06 17:56:48 UTCRanger444 I have stopped the practice of combining Gas Station nodes with the roof at your request.
12016-11-23 03:35:44 UTCmuralito Por favor, no muevan estaciones de servicio de nodo a vias. Estqan chequeadas todas las del pais desde hace unas semanas, y si las mueven a via el conflate funciona mal.
22016-12-06 17:56:10 UTCRanger444 I have stopped the practice of combining nodes and roofs at your request.
32016-12-06 18:16:28 UTCmuralito Thanks.
12016-12-01 19:25:12 UTCmuralito Sodimac is a very large store. The Bing aerial imagery is years old. Dont draw the old building.
22016-12-01 19:30:08 UTCRanger444 It may be larger than what is shown in the aerial image, but, the north east corner still appears to be fields, not Sodimac.
32016-12-01 19:30:40 UTCRanger444 PS I have stopped deleting Gas Station nodes
42016-12-01 20:02:48 UTCmuralito Thanks. The

Sodimac allotment is as large as the supermarket next to it. Both stores have connected their parking lots, have common entrance in the middle, and have main entrances from both streets, from the NE, from the SW and a small entrance from the NW.

The building of Sodimac is also lar...
12016-09-04 07:26:33 UTC51114u9 sergeomin is a goverment office not shop
22016-09-06 15:26:59 UTCRanger444 please change for me thank you
12016-09-02 05:51:49 UTCnammala Hi Ranger444,

May I know the reason behind deleting `area=yes` tag .

22016-09-02 14:24:19 UTCRanger444 There is no factual information in 'area=yes'. Everything could be an area. Area=yes won't even display on Open Street Map. If it's a neighborhood, tag as neighborhood, If it's a commercial area tag as commercial area, or whatever else. Thank you for the inquiry.
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