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12018-06-12 19:44:40 UTCstephankn you tagged way 595796608 as a major highway (tertiary) which is certainly wrong here. With it being a very narrow way (you tagged lanes=1, so only 1 car wide), it might be a highway=service. Maybe service=alley as well. Please check with other experienced mappers in your area to get more support in ...
12018-05-28 21:33:49 UTCstephankn all your highways overlap as they form duplicate "rings". Please fix it. Roads are lines, not areas...
12018-05-28 21:25:57 UTCstephankn you created polygon way 562939256 with broken geometry. I fixed that. Please try to avoid in the future. Besides this your way of tagging the area is at least unusual. Please clarify with local mappers about the mapping style.
12018-05-27 06:05:07 UTCstephankn Thank you for trying to contribute. Please do not just draw lines and label them roads. At least try to have them follow the road in reality. DigitalGlobe imagery show the road clearly and you painted straight across the building. You might want to get in touch with some experienced mappers for supp...
12018-05-23 06:27:20 UTCstephankn Please pay attention to not add duplicate ways on top of existing ones. I had to delete way 589745353
12018-05-15 06:10:01 UTCstephankn Regarding way 533509802:
Did you check on the ground? How did you come to the "unpaved" conclusion?
22018-05-15 08:02:17 UTCRuss McD On the aerials, take a look at the colour, the contrast to the asphalt at either end, the lack of defined edge, the absence of white lines... why I should I not come to an "unpaved" conclusion... unless of course you are looking at Google Maps again.
I do my best from the info I'm allowed...
32018-05-15 08:25:46 UTCstephankn Pure coincidence. A neuronal network came to the same conclusion that you came to. For me in person it would have not been clear enough to add unpaved.
Check out the forum and give feedback on that different approach:
12018-05-15 06:22:53 UTCstephankn way 583106592:
What was your source of the unpaved tag here?
12018-05-14 22:12:18 UTCstephankn Can you please double-check way 588093805

It ends in the no-where. It has the same tagging as the major highway it connects to. Probably unclassified and continuation along the hamlet at the canal sounds better.
12018-05-11 05:24:23 UTCstephankn Polygon of Rama IX park was invalid (self-intersect). Please also do no glue to ways. In addition it overlaps the ways to stretch to the other side which is certainly wrong.
12018-05-10 05:52:00 UTCstephankn Hello Tom,
how certain are you regarding the ref 3233 on that small side road? way 586453172 is just 600m long. It does not look like a secondary road. More like a residential or even a service road for the industrial estate there. Please also do not set oneway=no on roads which are obviously not o...
22018-05-10 06:37:36 UTCTom Layo Hi Stephan,
Must have hit 'r', fixed. Also, I never set oneway=no, not ever. Should I remove them when I see them? I asked about this at last meeting and didn't get an answer.
32018-05-10 06:44:25 UTCstephankn I would remove oneway=no on roads where it is obvious. Otherwise we can tag hundreds of default values. Also check your settings on how the oneway=no ended up on that road. It looks like you created it from scratch. All nodes and the way had been in version 1 created by you.
42018-05-10 07:25:14 UTCTom Layo I hit 'r' by mistake, adding the 'oneway=no' tag along with other tags from road 3233. This is an easy mistake to make, and thanks for pointing it out.
12018-05-10 05:57:44 UTCstephankn I fixed the missing religion=buddhist on the temples you added here. In the future, please add this.
12018-05-07 06:35:13 UTCstephankn please don't duplicate data which is already there. OSM is a volunteer project. You create extra work...
Please also follow the established tagging convention
12018-05-06 16:36:53 UTCstephankn It is unusual to add source tags to the individual elements, especially for such common things like GPS or survey. In case you plan to continue doing it: Please use the correct spelling of the tag, which is "source". Note the small "s". You did hundreds with a capital S.
22018-05-06 17:57:15 UTCChiangMaiMoto I have done 146 edits, not all of them related to positioning. How can I have done 'hundreds' of the tags you find so offensive?
32018-05-06 18:45:15 UTCstephankn What is your point? You do bad tagging in a large portion of your tagging. Does the exact number matter? Run the query yourself:

366 nodes, 62 ways
42018-05-18 04:25:03 UTCChiangMaiMoto If you really feel a need to be a smart-arse to someone, you should at least have the courtesy to get your facts straight.

I really do not appreciate the unhelpful tone on here and I shall stop adding new stuff. If you have any say in the matter, kindly see to it that the contributions I have mad...
12018-05-02 06:42:48 UTCstephankn what is north of the bridge of the bypass? Currently a major road suddenly ends. You would be stuck in front of the bridge. Can you add connection to the road network? Can you add the roads still under construction in the north? Walking there with GPS to get the track?
22018-05-03 08:40:10 UTCRuss McD My mistake, got called away during mapping. Connected with temp links until I can GPS properly.
It does carry on Northwards, but is not completely open yet so no GPS trace and I'm not walking 12 km in this heat ! lol
12018-04-27 07:04:59 UTCstephankn the way 581633062 does not look like a major highway. Why is it tagged tertiary? Looks more like a track...
12018-04-26 21:19:02 UTCstephankn way 535043410
This is a 500m stretch of road which looks at most like a residential. How certain are you regarding the tertiary status and the reference number just added?
22018-04-26 21:33:12 UTCstephankn as no Mapillary available, here is the area on streetview:,98.8761412,3a,75y,78.25h,72.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s3TZAF8meZKAmqVow3hABcQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

I see the ref number listed on the rural road website, but is this really reflecting the reality?
32018-04-27 01:17:05 UTCRuss McD I rode down the 1184 last week and a lot of the Lampang rural roads have new signs and are freshly tarred. Did I rid down this Soi ?
Well, No I didnt, I used the highways website to check the accuracy.
Sometimes when plotting, you need to make certain assumptions, and in this case I just assumed...
12018-04-23 17:38:32 UTCstephankn you changed the name from Thai into English for some features. Please don't do this. The country is Thailand, so the official language is Thai. English can be in "name:en" tags.

Way: Karon Beach (134394729)
Also Phuket should be in Thai, not English
12018-04-23 17:33:16 UTCstephankn you deleted a lot of features there without much comment. Why had the features been deleted?
12018-04-23 17:03:52 UTCstephankn Way: 477111624

landuse=1 doesn't make sense. Is it lanes=1? Or a service=alley?
22018-04-27 09:18:14 UTCJohnny Carlsen Thanks, it was supposed to be lanes=1. I have fixed it now.
12018-04-19 05:27:37 UTCstephankn way 574903669: how certain are you about "no evidence on the ground"? When had you been there? Google shows a very nice wide paved road there. OSM looked quite up-to-date before you removed the road classification.'30.0%22N+102%C2%B026'16.8%22E/...
22018-04-19 05:28:55 UTCstephankn Why did you delete 549451125? It is clearly visible on recent aerial images, even not yet in OSM. Did you contact the original mapper?
32018-04-19 10:57:22 UTCJohnny Carlsen @Russ, I can see you are still adding highway=living_street, I thought we all agreed that Thailand didn't have this legal definition yet and we should abstain from using it. I recommend that you use highway=residential.
42018-04-19 11:07:37 UTCJohnny Carlsen @Russ, it also looks like you are still tagging residential roads as highway=service.

A few examples:

I keep fixing these as I come across them, I didn't realize you were still doing this.

If you think...
52018-04-19 12:07:41 UTCRuss McD Firstly, Yes. I rode through there about three weeks ago and stopped at the PTT. There is massive construction going at the moment, and there were routing issues on the GPS which made me give it my attention when I got home.

From memory, it has not been plotted well with lots of tertiary tags on...
12017-10-15 21:36:04 UTCstephankn For example at node 997415485 you did not add the "Ban" to the village name, despite it being written like this on their village sign. Any specific reason for not doing so? I think it should be ບ້ານຫ້ວຍຊຽງ
22017-10-16 04:47:14 UTCkatpatuka ບ້ານ "Ban" means village. When being rendered it should IMHO render without the village ending - would you add "Village" to every village in England? One could of course add the village name including ban to the alt_name - I sometimes do that in China with 村 (meaning vi...
32017-10-16 07:41:56 UTCstephankn Right. But locals seem to consider it so important that they print it on the limited space available on the signs.

Typically in OSM we avoid abbreviations in the data. So we add Street instead of St.

If a data consumer wants to generally avoid it then it can be filtered at nearly no cost. See...
42017-10-23 20:27:42 UTCwebrian As far as I remember I rarely added "ban" to village names since it seemed redundant to me.
BUT probably it would be better to add it, since in 98% of all villages it is basically part of the name. Locals always say "ban......" when speaking of a village.
There are only a few c...
52018-04-16 22:10:36 UTCivss_xx I cycled through here a while ago and made waypoints and noted the village names. My notes are in some cases a bit different from what you have added. What is the most correct way? Also, the actual village name signs were not in Lao script but in Roman script, as far as I recall, because I was able ...
62018-04-16 22:19:32 UTCivss_xx What's on map now - My note (from sign)
Paktho - Pak Thor
Houaykhot - Houay Khod
Phonxai - Phon Say
Beu 10 - Ber Sib
72018-04-17 04:24:35 UTCkatpatuka I've never been to Laos so feel free to edit those names which are 'on the ground' :)
82018-04-17 05:18:38 UTCstephankn It's been a while since I was in Luang Prabang. I got a few hundred georeferenced photos. With some help I got part of it entered in Lao script as well.

In general I suggest to follow the successful tagging scheme also used in Thailand. Put the local name in Lao script in the name tag. Avoid to ...
92018-04-17 21:26:35 UTCivss_xx @stephankn I guess I wasn't clear enough asking about what's the correct way - I wasn't meaning about the way of tagging. I too think that the way you described is correct but I was merely asking about what would be the correct case of the English name about the specific names I mentioned in my seco...
102018-04-18 06:54:06 UTCstephankn Ok. in general, we put in the tags what is on the signs. Corner-cases make it a bit more complex here. Signs can have shortened names due to limited space you have to expand. Spelling mistakes can exist on signs and here we suffer from different ways to do transliteration into the Latin alphabet.
12018-04-05 01:51:41 UTCstephankn a variety_store is not the corner shop you wanted to add. shop=convenience is the tag
12018-03-18 21:05:33 UTCstephankn this is clearly a highway=residential. Why do you tag everything as tertiary?
12018-03-18 20:57:53 UTCstephankn please stop tagging everything as highway=tertiary
12018-03-18 08:30:36 UTCstephankn Hello,
please take caution about the classification of highways. The way 570532245 is only a dead-end residential road. A classification as tertiary is wrong. I have corrected it for you.
12018-03-17 11:17:57 UTCstephankn you added many ways with a temporary highway=road. Please take care to do a correct tagging, otherwise data can't be used in OSM. seems most are agricultural, so highway=track
12018-03-17 09:52:18 UTCstephankn why was way 504117425 not connected to the main road at the eastern end near the bridge?
12018-03-16 21:43:31 UTCstephankn way 507348977: leads to farmland. residential not justified
12018-03-13 20:38:17 UTCstephankn way 526553099:
It might have been fine, that the correctly tagged tertiary highway extends a bit further from the village onwards from the point where the road turned into unpaved. Residential sounded not too bad. Tertiary looks certainly wrong. It is leading only to agricultural areas. So probabl...
12018-03-12 00:25:00 UTCstephankn roads ragged with temporary type highway=road. Shouldn't they be highway=unclassified as they connect villages? way 568266427
way 568266426
way 568263878
12018-03-12 00:22:44 UTCstephankn What happened here? A (service?) road leading to the temple tagged as tertiary, nearby highway=road. eg way 568301907

Are you going to revisit that tagging?
12018-03-09 07:26:40 UTCstephankn why is nearly everything tagged as highway=tertiary? Most of them are clearly not...
12018-03-04 22:50:04 UTCstephankn While I agree, that way 384629995 is not necessarily an agricultural track, it is certainly no major highway of the arterial network. So highway=tertiary is absolutely unjustified. I'm changing it to a highway=service as it seems the only thing it serves is the cemetery.
In case the area nearby the...
22018-03-05 00:27:11 UTCgede0n You're absolutely right, thanks for the fix.
12018-03-02 08:28:49 UTCstephankn you deleted a lot of highway=* classifications when adding the durface. Did you replace/rename existing tags instead of adding a new one? I fixed some, bout would be nice if you could review the other edits you did during this time to ensure that others got their tags back as well
12018-02-20 22:53:01 UTCstephankn I repaired your bad tagging before. Why are you breaking it again? Are you trying to destroy data? a residential road is no tertiary highway.

Will you fix it yourself?
22018-02-21 23:01:22 UTCstephankn you repaired some, but for example residential way 559328577 is still tagged as secondary
12018-02-20 23:00:39 UTCstephankn residential roads are no major highways. please use appropriate tagging
12018-02-15 08:09:23 UTCstephankn Do not use highway=tertiary for residential roads. The key "maxspeed" is for tagging signed speed limits. So there has to be an official speed limit sign. It is not used to tag the typical/recommended speed. Please double-check this.
12018-02-15 08:03:42 UTCstephankn In English there are spaces between words. Use Thai script in "name" and English/RTGS in "name:en"
12018-02-15 08:01:24 UTCstephankn Hello and welcome to OSM.
Thank you for your contributions around ซอย 3 หมู่ 9 ตำบล นครปฐม. Please double-check the tags you choose. Here you selected highway=tertiary for residential roads. This will lead to problems when the map is rendered. Also make certain tha...
22018-02-19 03:02:31 UTCsarawoo122 Thanks so much
12018-02-12 21:09:50 UTCstephankn Please do not use abbreviations for names. It is impossible for an algorithm to expand these in all conditions while it is simple to shorten them by software. So write "Road" instead of "Rd."
12018-02-12 21:02:47 UTCstephankn As mentioned in another comment, please make sure to use correct tags. Otherwise data consumers can't make sense of your contributions. Worst case it won't be considered at all. I fixed residential roads tagged as highway=road instead of highway=residential. Also parking isles also have their own ta...
22018-02-12 21:04:40 UTCstephankn Please also avoid using the tag highway=unclassified. This does not mean that you don't know the classification. It is actually a way to mark roads which for example connect villages to the main highway network but have not yet received a classification (from DRR, like the 4 digit numbers)
12018-02-12 21:00:17 UTCstephankn Welcome to OSM.
The way you added is a typical residential way. So please tag it as highway=residential. It is important that we use the correct tags in OSM as the data will be used for many purposes extending the simple display of a map.

Please feel f...
12018-02-11 21:42:08 UTCstephankn way 555897421:
is tagged as footway. But has additional tags to allow cars/motorbikes. Could it be simply a very narrow road? Maybe highway=service together with service=alley. Or is it a one-lane residential just wide enough people can get their car in&out? would be lanes=1. There is a note me...
12018-02-05 21:02:55 UTCstephankn what are you doing? First you deleted hundreds of way, and now adding them from scratch?
22018-02-10 12:46:17 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 56239058 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some deletions and (few) re-adds in Thailand; see
12018-01-30 07:59:04 UTCstephankn A nice first edit. Check out the different imagery layers you can use. You will notice that some offer details others don't. Also take note that sometimes the roads look shifted on different layers. Best is to compare the imagery position with GPS traces available and choose the best fitting one. Ju...
12018-01-30 07:48:04 UTCstephankn Hello,
welcome to OSM.
You added a short way leading to administrative buildings (way 556677629). The road classification in OSM is quite important. unfortunately "secondary" is the wrong type for such a way. I changed it to "service" which matches much better the function of i...
12018-01-29 07:51:00 UTCstephankn what happened here? node 4990576441

a huge gap in a major highway. I have re-connected the ways based on aerial imagery to have a routable network again...
22018-01-29 18:12:46 UTCBernhard Hiller Thanks for finding and fixing that. Looks like I forgot to join the ways after creating the parallel way with JOSM (that large section was previously mapped as a "simple" highway, but it is already dual carriage). Strange that I did not see a warning regarding that problem in JOSM.
12018-01-27 06:47:00 UTCstephankn Hello and welcome to OSM Thailand.

way 555900975: Please explain what you mean with oneway=reversible. I know that sometimes entry to a road from one side gets blocked, eg during busy hours. But infrequently reversind the one-way? With this being in Bangkok nothing is impossible, but please clari...
12018-01-10 07:00:51 UTCstephankn You might be really knowledgeable, but hundreds of them including exact elevation? Your source statement sounds a bit strange. Can you please document this import including the source of the data?
22018-01-17 10:51:23 UTCNikita Kozlov Source is 1:50000 AMS maps available via TMS done by webrian, with position adjustment by comparing with digitalglobe imagery, and few 1:25000 maps of 1993 year, which I have from Berlin library:
32018-01-24 19:59:47 UTCstephankn It sounded like an import, so I wondered what source was used and whether it would also contain data for Thailand. Rendering of all those unnamed peaks is a bit weird, but this is a different story.

Can you document on how to get the AMS maps on the main page of Laos together with other data sour...
12018-01-22 08:12:03 UTCstephankn Welcome to OSM. Your newly created roads do not follow the reality. They are away from the real geometry of up to 200m. Please also make use of the other imagery providers available. In this case Digital Globe imagery is available and allows you to draw roads without guessing. Be aware that sometime...
22018-01-22 08:14:52 UTCstephankn For node 5346112259:
I don't want to discourage teachers around, but โรงเรียนบ้านโนนเพชร is *not* a place of worthip. amenity=school is much more appropriate for schools.
32018-01-22 08:17:04 UTCstephankn for node 5346112257:
a mini mart is most likely a shop=convenience, not supermarket
42018-01-22 08:19:11 UTCstephankn node 5346112258:
This was placed at the exact same location than the mistagged school above. Please check the location, as imagery does not show any building there or nearby looking like a health center
52018-01-22 08:23:26 UTCstephankn way 553888009
Residential roads (the roads in areas where people typically live) are tagged as highway=residential
62018-01-22 08:25:55 UTCstephankn node 5346112262
a health center is also no place of worship. Please take extra care to select the right tagging, as this is the way in OSM data is described.
72018-01-22 08:29:19 UTCstephankn node 5346112264
For Wat Ban Chot I added religion=buddhist, as this helps to later render the right symbol on the map.
82018-01-22 08:31:29 UTCstephankn I notice that your added POI line up very well with the few POI listed on google maps. Might be coincidence. But please be aware, that it is NOT allowed to copy details from google maps to OSM. We want to have the features verified on the ground. This is what makes OSM better than google. The featur...
12018-01-19 07:10:27 UTCstephankn You created a lot of unconnected roads to highway 24, eg node 5345963620.
I hope it is due to you being in the process of making it separated by direction. Please check all the road connections to have a routable network. Thanks
22018-01-21 12:29:42 UTCstephankn These are the unconnected ones. Are you in the process of adding a separate highway lane for 24 or shall I connect the to the existing road? I didn't want to interfere with ongoing mapping...

node 5345965541
node 5345963620
node 5345965527
node 5345965565
node 5345965705
node 5345965544
12017-11-25 07:39:18 UTCstephankn I guess you did with best intentions, but your mapping needs a massive rework. Micro-Mapping mostly not justified by landuse pattern. Geometries uneven and partially overlapping/duplicating other features.
Guess your teacher is to blame. Can you please give details who directed you here and failed...
12017-11-25 07:28:31 UTCstephankn Let me guess: You had been mapping for a class, right? Please give details who directed you.

I guess you (and others) did with the best intentions, but unfortunately your edits lack in many ways.
12017-11-25 07:26:40 UTCstephankn That tagging is broken. Had you been there at all? "unknown" or "house" are not names.
12017-11-25 07:25:41 UTCstephankn "not sure" is certainly not the name of way 501292972.

Are you going to revert your things?
12017-11-25 07:24:08 UTCstephankn A Volcano? No further details and wrong tagging?

I am very tempted to count this as vandalism. Please give some details regarding this.

This is not a playground. It is a live database used by people...
12017-11-18 07:32:55 UTCstephankn this is clearly a mechanical edit. I do not see any documented prior discussion. Please give some details, as I am not convinced that replacing addr:* with is_in:* is the current standard.
22017-11-18 18:40:48 UTCthailand-edits This wasn't a mechanical edit but a mass JOSM edit based on towns which contained addr:* tags.

I agree this was a large changeset, however each case was properly inspected.

Could you point out which nodes were mistagged? If you find a lot of them we can always revert this changeset, however to...
32017-11-19 23:02:21 UTCstephankn Thanks for responding to the comment.

Doing a mass change of tags is considered a mechanical edit. Whether you are using JOSM or other tools is not relevant in this context.

It seems this change was not discussed with the community. Or was it somewhere?

I see the problem that some details h...
42017-11-20 08:04:40 UTCthailand-edits I agree, this changeset is a bit large for a mass edit, but it was discussed and posted on the OSM mailing list, I can't find the exact thread but I've got a response from Miroff which was one of the users who added the addr:* in the first place.
52017-11-20 13:00:41 UTCstephankn I recommend to move the discussion to the forum thread mentioned above. That way we can document the decision better.

Might be an interesting decision whether to go for addr:*. is_in:* or completely remove those where admin boundaries are available.

I am not too keen on investing time to do a ...
12017-11-01 11:02:10 UTCstephankn Thanks for trying to contribute. Unfortunately your edits need much improvement. Please seek out for some guiding on how to correctly add things to OSM. For example you created some artificial boundaries to the woos which clearly not exist in this way. Also your road classification needs improvement...
12017-11-01 10:59:39 UTCstephankn Why are you tagging ways which are at best agricultural track as highway=tertiary?
I see you are participating in organized mapping. Please contact your organizer for some training
12017-10-19 06:12:42 UTCstephankn This is a Buddhist graveyard? As you changed it from cemetery you indicate it belongs to the temple next to it. I know this concept mostly from Europe where a graveyard is next to the church.

The aerial looks much more like the Chinese cemeteries I have seen before...
22017-11-19 02:11:01 UTCMishari You're right, it is a cemetery, but by definition in the wiki I thought it's to be tagged a graveyard. Perhaps a clarification needs to be added to the wiki?
12017-10-16 06:30:22 UTCstephankn You did not create the tagging, but should have noticed that for most of the ways the highway=tertiary is absolutely not reasonable. eg way 274228028
and way 274228023. In tsuch cases please change to something more appropriate.
22017-10-19 16:29:11 UTCRVR002 Hi stephankn,
Thank you for your comment! We very rarely change existing tags because we are not on the ground to verify them and are conscious not to undo the hard work of local mappers who maybe adding these tags. We hope that mappers with a better context for Thailand like yourself can help in t...
12017-10-10 19:06:46 UTCstephankn why is for example way 516234777 not connected to the rest of the network?
22017-10-19 16:58:35 UTCRVR007 Hi stephankn,
Thank you for your comment! We can't find the disconnected way you're mentioning here. Please let us know if you find anything else. Also please note we are using the OSM Tasking Manager to map small squares one at a time. The areas we are working in now in the North East have not bee...
12017-10-06 20:24:41 UTCstephankn way 529811317
way 529811311
way 529811338

and others in that area are clearly residential roads in a newly constructed residential area. Should be tagged as such, not service.
12017-10-06 20:09:23 UTCstephankn You have (at least) those two roads newly created on top of existing highways. I am deleting them now. Please double check for existing roads before uploading.

way 529718919
way 529718917
22017-10-06 20:12:34 UTCstephankn also deleted way 529718916
12017-09-25 19:32:39 UTCstephankn openstreetmap is a public geo database. We collect facts. Please stop adding your noted into name-tags...
22017-09-25 19:36:14 UTCstephankn sorry, comment belonged to one changeset earlier. Changeset: 45285727
Thanks for fixing bad tagging. That user had a near 100% fail rate with the tagging...
12017-09-25 19:35:06 UTCstephankn openstreetmap is a public geo database. We collect facts. Please stop adding your noted into name-tags...
12017-09-10 14:34:37 UTCstephankn Can you please check the spelling of the monument? It does not render correctly. The unicode string looks broken. Seems you have broken characters at the beginning and in the end.
12017-04-19 10:52:31 UTCstephankn Do not abuse the name tag for comments. "Entrance fee to pass" is not the name of this feature. I removed it and replaced it by fee=yes which is the correct way to indicate this.
12017-04-18 18:45:22 UTCMike Stellar Why have you deleted 2 points I added? 4602564707 and 4602564706?
22017-04-19 02:05:45 UTCstephankn You did duplicate geometry so I fixed it. In addition the node you refer to had inappropriate tagging on it there is an entrance fee for the national park, not for the lift gate. Park already has fee=yes.
32017-04-19 02:09:24 UTCstephankn "Entrance fee 100 Baht" is certainly not the name of it. So you abuse the tagging. Please don't do that. I understand your frustration about having to pay a fee. Still: abusing name tags to have this highlighted on the map is not appropriate.
42017-04-19 09:47:56 UTCMike Stellar There should be an alternative then instead of simply removing this information. It's not a park, it's just 2 view points with lift gates.
52017-04-19 10:49:28 UTCstephankn Sorry that you did not get it the first time. What you are doing is wrong!

The name tag is only for the official name of a feature. It is not meant for you to express your frustration about paying an entrance fee to whatever attraction it is.

In addition to that you uploaded duplicate data ove...
62017-04-19 11:44:52 UTCMike Stellar Okay, thanks for clarifying.
12017-03-26 11:23:42 UTCstephankn Crazy Horse seems to be a common name for the rocks. On that "alternative" map there are multiple reviews mentioning this (search for "Crazy Horse Buttress"). Maybe keep it as "alt_name:en"?
22017-03-27 04:01:31 UTCsela ok, added "Crazy Horse" under "alt_name:en". Thanks for the hint. Wasn't aware that it's a common name used by the climbers.
12017-03-26 09:51:25 UTCtookay There is indeed a shop there called Casa Lapin.
22017-03-26 11:01:26 UTCstephankn I did only fix the tagging of the data. With the wrong format the data can not be evaluated.
Shop is still there. Also I did not change the name. Thanks for cross-checking.
12017-03-26 09:35:33 UTCAlaskaDave Every time I drive along here I wonder if the name of the road after passing Doi Saket should actually be Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai? As you know, road names in Thailand are poorly marked and I think I was the one who originally added the names to this highway. Not sure how I arrived at the naming anyway...
22017-03-26 10:58:38 UTCstephankn I didn't add the name, but just turn lanes to give a nice example on how it can be modeled.

Regarding the name: Hard to tell whether it is official. If I had to guess I would say it is not the official name, but colloquial name. Sort of "loc_name". The highway 118 (which would be the o...
32017-03-26 11:55:25 UTCAlaskaDave I agree it's a local name but I like it anyway. I don't want to get rid of it. My question really was, would you object if I changed the name of the section north of Doi Saket to Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road? Once it passes Doi Saket, that seems to be a more appropriate name.
12017-03-25 14:54:57 UTCstephankn why are you adding no-u-turn relations on every junction? This doesn't make much sense. Also doing a cross-check with streetview shows no such restriction. Please explain why are you adding this massive amount of restrictions.
12017-03-25 12:45:54 UTCstephankn you did not tag your ways. Like this they won't show up. In case they are supposed to be buildings: In Thailand houses are typically build with walls having right angles. Your ways have random shapes.
12017-03-25 11:05:17 UTCstephankn which provider did you use for DigitalGlobe? Was it Bing? so best to document it in this way. Digital Globe sells their imagery to different customers. Only a few of them allowed us to use it for OSM tracing.
12017-03-21 00:06:34 UTCstephankn some of your buildings overlap
12017-03-21 00:06:03 UTCstephankn some of your buildings overlap.
22017-03-22 14:00:00 UTCDenisCarriere +1 agreed.
@Nuttapong, please look at the existing OSM data to prevent having any overlapping buildings.
12017-03-20 23:11:06 UTCstephankn Are you involved with Facebook? Please document this on your user page.
12017-03-20 22:50:00 UTCstephankn Are you related to Facebook? Please document this on your user page.
12017-03-20 07:33:41 UTCstephankn You did a lot of mechanical edits without discussing them in the forum first.

Despite writing in your changeset comment the source is "knowledge", at least here you are wrong. "Seven & I Holdings" does not operate 7-Eleven stores in Thailand. This can be figured out quickl...
12017-03-19 12:49:09 UTCstephankn please only put Thai script names in name:th. Use a proper editor if your software can't handle this.
12017-03-18 09:47:33 UTCstephankn This uploads duplicate geometry already uploaded in
12017-03-18 09:47:11 UTCstephankn This changeset geometry was uploaded later again in 46117993 with a different user's account
12017-02-11 09:39:42 UTCpitscheplatsch Hi dehr. May I know the reason behind deleting many mapped highways in this changeset? See
22017-03-08 00:13:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Pascal,
This changeset is I think related to . Essentially Facebook created some "clever" workflow to add roads (like they did last year that resulted in every wadi and wall in Egypt bing added as a "road" befo...
32017-03-10 21:22:57 UTCstephankn @Andi: It's quite difficult to properly use changeset discussions as long as there is no way to find your own comments. There is code fragments to add this to the wiki page but no one works on it. Thailand has a forum where more people participate in discussions.
42017-03-10 21:58:57 UTCdehr Hi Pascal, Andi, and Stephan.

Sorry for the late response on this changeset as this is my personal account and does not see much usage. I work for Facebook and my name is David.

We were working in the dev environment and an editor accidentally uploaded their practice edits to live OSM inste...
52017-03-10 22:25:23 UTCSomeoneElse @stephankn - it is possible to find your own comments (thanks to Pascal!):

12017-03-02 22:36:26 UTCstephankn please restore named junction
22017-03-05 10:05:50 UTCBalthus★MC In this delete I assigned the junction to the same node as the Traffic Signal. Is this wrong? Has junctions to be separated from the road line and to be defined as separate points??
32017-03-10 21:19:50 UTCstephankn having it on the highway is fine. On more complex junctions it is more difficult to decide where to place it.
12017-03-02 22:35:41 UTCstephankn please restore named junction
22017-03-05 09:38:05 UTCBalthus★MC Done - is it correct? I am not 100% sure about it.
32017-03-10 21:18:08 UTCstephankn Named junction is back. Not a restore of the deleted node but a new one with the same tags than before. Lost the history, but ok, minor thing...
12017-03-09 08:43:26 UTCstephankn "Villa Bestfriend" is not thai script, so not suitable for being entered in the "name:th" key. Please enter only Thai script name here.

In many cases the Thai script name is better stated in the "name" tag in the first place, in case their typical used name is that. ...
12017-03-09 08:40:53 UTCstephankn "Tax Office" is not suitable for "name:de" key. I assume your software can't handle names correctly. Please consider using a proper editor. Please also correct the name tag. "name:en" for English names is more suitable. If you can get the Thai script name entered in the...
12017-03-04 20:59:51 UTCstephankn We are not allowed to systematically use Google Street View to get map details. Please do your own survey or use images from Mapillary who gave us permission to use it for OSM.
22017-03-05 10:26:15 UTCBalthus★MC Yes I am aware of it – the source was actually my own personal survey. In step 2 of my review I fixed the wrong sources but in this case Russ removed the my wrong name:en value – so I missed this road in the overpass turbo query. When I made this «minor change» I just let map...
12017-03-01 22:15:19 UTCstephankn you seemed to have missed to take over the tagging of highway 12 when you turned it into a dual carriage highway. Would be great if you could re-visit that area and add the tags to your newly created ways.
For example this is a start: way 461335048
If you need support in finding the ways with miss...
22017-03-02 11:24:51 UTCRuss McD Hwy 12 west of here is NOT a dual carraigeway ... it may have painted islands in areas, but OSM convention dictates we draw as a single carraigeway.
Also, the where the 2372 and 2278 one way sections cross the 12, the western lanes are NOT connected to the rest of the road, making routing impossibl...
32017-03-02 22:07:31 UTCstephankn Please check out the forum for further discussion:
12017-03-02 21:40:18 UTCstephankn We should not discuss tagging in the fixme/note tags. Why does this tagging need more validation than any other tags in OSM to justify a dedicated fixme tag? If Johnny was able to provide a good source for why this is a village a proper change message is fine to document it.
22017-03-05 09:27:31 UTCBalthus★MC Okay - I got it, I guess I got too much overcautious. Do we discuss tagging in the changeset comments then?
12017-02-24 13:17:07 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Can you please explain who you are and who you are working for? Your changeset comments (such as they are) suggest that you may be performing an undiscussed import on behalf of Facebook. Can you please ensure that you do not perform any more imports until they have been properly discussed,...
22017-02-28 01:29:12 UTCVLD001 Dear Andy (DWG),

Thank you for your message. Yes, I work for Facebook. My name is .

Per your requests on and we have stopped making any edits.

My profile has ...
32017-02-28 01:33:14 UTCVLD001 Dear Andy (DWG),
Thank you for your message. Yes, I work for Facebook. My name is Jaclyn.
Per your requests on and we have stopped making any edits.
My profile has b...
42017-02-28 16:24:18 UTCstephankn a highway=track indicates a way used for agricultural purposes. How do you distinguish these from simply unpaved roads? Do you consider it itelligent to place roads in the middle of nowhere without proper connection to the highway network? Please stop doing such low-quality edits!
52017-03-01 00:38:04 UTCVLD001 Stephan,
Thank you for your feedback. We based our tagging on a few things;
1. The commonly used tags in this area are highway=track. For Example … 68/99.4921
2. This area looks like an agricultural area based on our recent high-resolution satellite...
12017-02-28 16:08:52 UTCstephankn You painted "Huai Tha Son" on top of an existing reservoir (Tham Nop). What is the source of your data? I wonder which one is the correct one.
12017-02-27 06:17:37 UTCstephankn here is clearly no casino with wifi. Please only map what is there.
12017-02-23 21:32:19 UTCstephankn what is the source of the updated ref number 2018?
22017-02-28 09:27:32 UTCBalthus★MC As remembered by Survey Dec-2016, but I go there again in about 1 or 2 weeks and I will check again and I will make a photo of the road sign for Mapillary - ok?
12017-02-23 20:34:30 UTCstephankn In this change you deleted a perfectly valid Thai scrip name in name:th. Why? Please restore it. Also don't change name:en to int_name. International does not always means english. Leave it to the map-maker to decide what language to use.
22017-02-28 09:42:39 UTCBalthus★MC Ok, you are right of course! Job done. Additionally I just found a wrong typo: <name:Tha> instead of <name:th> and corrected it…
12017-02-18 20:48:34 UTCstephankn why did you remove ref number 1001? is your stated source DDR Local Road Base map allowed to use in OSM?
22017-02-26 17:31:07 UTCBalthus★MC Because of survey I removed, not because of DRR LMP. I rode this road many times and I noticed, that the first road sign รย.1001 comes after the police station (just below the «See you again») when you come from south-east… After that I double-checked the official Thai source ...
12017-02-18 08:17:13 UTCstephankn why the re-classification of ways? EG 29421587 does not justify to be reclassified from residential to unclassified. Already the geometry is a clear indication that this is wrong.
22017-02-28 10:03:23 UTCBalthus★MC You are are right! I changed it back to residential - can't see the logic either why I did it but I cannot remember why I did it…
12017-02-15 21:25:55 UTCstephankn STOP braking bilingual names! They had been correctly tagged as name:en.
Are you going to change it back?
22017-02-28 09:21:51 UTCBalthus★MC Yes, done. Correct?
12017-02-14 20:12:23 UTCstephankn please don't change valid name:en entries into int_name which is discouraged. the correct way for english names is in name:en. Please also explain a bit in detail why you upgraded it to a town (usually 10.000 inhabitants is the limit). According to wikipedia we talk about less than 6.000. https://en...
22017-02-28 10:15:56 UTCBalthus★MC I have now replaced int_name with name:th – I have been there recently and had the impression it is at least a Thesaban Tambon – but actually I am not qualified to make a decision wether it is a town or village… I have added a fixme=place
12017-02-11 15:18:56 UTCstephankn what did you try to do here? Especially way 472322394?
22017-02-11 15:26:08 UTCМикола Фендак я роблю зміни в карті у зв'язку із змінами на місцевості чи з уточненням і доповненням даних (бо я тут живу). Конкретно по 472322394 не скажу, бо не знаю, як це знайти.
32017-02-12 23:07:30 UTCstephankn You added many artificial polygons. That is certainly nothing on the ground. Why did you add this?
42017-02-13 20:00:45 UTCМикола Фендак You are in Facebook?
There will be more convenient to communicate.
My akaund -
12017-02-01 07:52:39 UTCstephankn that name "Coffee" hints a bit that it is a coffee shop (consume there), not a shop selling beverages for consumption at home.

If so. please change to amenity=cafe

Also check spelling of the name. It is more likely called Coffe...
12017-02-01 07:22:00 UTCstephankn It is very uncommon (and in this case wrong) to create a relation for a single POI node. I believe this was not doen intentional and created a bugreport with iD:
POI tagging is cleaned up. Please pay special attention on future edits.
12017-01-01 17:53:46 UTCstephankn So your spring has the Spanish word for massage school in the tag for Thai script? Please stop nonsense edits.
12017-01-01 17:45:31 UTCstephankn name:th is ONLY for the name in Thai script. Please follow the tagging standard as outlined in the wiki.
12017-01-01 17:42:49 UTCstephankn Please do not add duplicates. Manee House is already listed here.
12017-01-01 17:40:11 UTCstephankn Please stop adding fake features. If you are not willing to learn how to map in OSM, please stop using
12016-09-27 18:42:35 UTCstephankn please follow the naming standards of the community. Do not mix Thai/English names in the name tag. Put Thai script in name and name:th, the English name in name:en. In case of brand names which use Latin script also in Thailand as their main description use that in the name tag.
12016-06-12 10:04:20 UTCstephankn Auch in Thailand haben Gebäude in der Regel rechte Winkel im Grundriss. Bitte beim Abmalen von den Luftbildern mehr darauf achten, bzw. die Hilfsmittel aus dem Editor verwenden.
12015-03-15 12:40:31 UTCstephankn you created self-intersections on way 331158501

maybe a multipolygon would be a better choice?
12015-03-15 11:36:26 UTCstephankn Potlatch created single-node way: 244696164
12015-03-15 10:35:33 UTCstephankn You have changed the name tag to be mixed Thai/English in this changeset. This is not the usual way we do in Thailand. Please check the wiki on bilingual name tags. name is supposed to be in Thai script. English names are in name:en for map makers to decide whether to include it in their individual ...
12015-01-31 03:20:51 UTCstephankn regarding mini hydro: I think the main reservoir is a bit upstream. It it a pump storage plant? so maybe the empty reservoir is the lower basin?
22015-01-31 06:00:52 UTCAlaskaDave I don't know. I merely moved an existing reservoir to where I thought it might be when more water is present. I think the reservoir you tagged is probably the actual location.

I think the original reservoir should be deleted. By the way, are you sure the name is spelled Meatian? I think it is Mae...
32015-01-31 08:34:12 UTCstephankn It is a wrong spelling on their sign. I put in both spellings and removed the riverbank.
42015-01-31 09:07:55 UTCAlaskaDave Sounds good.
12014-12-10 06:42:11 UTCstephankn A major change like this could have deserved a changeset description. Especially when it is done by a user who did not edit anything before.

Based on the physical road characteristics as visible from aerial imagery and the road also being part of the AH network the upgrade itself seems reasonable...
22014-12-10 08:10:57 UTCAlaskaDave I agree with the previous comment. I am aware that highway 101 is being upgraded and perhaps deserves the reclassification but there is more to it than that. Reclassifying the links, making sure bridges also get the changed ref number and classification is part of the process. Such "loose ends&...
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