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12018-01-19 07:10:27 UTCstephankn You created a lot of unconnected roads to highway 24, eg node 5345963620.
I hope it is due to you being in the process of making it separated by direction. Please check all the road connections to have a routable network. Thanks
22018-01-21 12:29:42 UTCstephankn These are the unconnected ones. Are you in the process of adding a separate highway lane for 24 or shall I connect the to the existing road? I didn't want to interfere with ongoing mapping...

node 5345965541
node 5345963620
node 5345965527
node 5345965565
node 5345965705
node 5345965544
12018-01-19 11:01:43 UTCsundew Hi Sal73x,

can you confirm the way 554210863 is currently accessable to cross the Cambodian-Thai-border? The two public gps-tracks are of 01/2016 and the political situation around the Prasat Ta Muean Thom is changing from time to time. At my survey (2018-01-02) here all visible people came from ...
12018-01-19 10:58:32 UTCsundew Hi Sal73x,
are you sure, the way 554207412 is existing and accessable to cross the Thai-Cambodian border? I can not find GPS-Tracks here. This is very important to avoid false routing results using OSM ..
Otherwise, please use access=no.
12017-10-20 22:56:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello. Please use the latest DigitalGlobe layers and/or Esri World Imagery to improve this area. Bing imagery dates between 2005 and 2011 around here.
12017-05-06 00:43:15 UTCAkuAnakTimur Google Earth imagery? If I recall correctly, using any kind of data from Google is refrained I'm afraid:
22017-05-08 07:33:17 UTCAhmad_Amsyar I fix it in changeset 48493228.

I get to know what things that have change in this changeset from this website :
32017-05-08 07:39:43 UTCAhmad_Amsyar For more simply view of changeset change :
12017-04-16 10:40:46 UTCsorcrosc please do not change tagging at your choice. leisure=racetrack is a proposed tag:
22017-04-16 20:27:48 UTCsorcrosc Reverted.
Please also start commenting your changesets. It's a pity a user with so many chengesets around the world doesn't give any information and reply to comments from other users
12016-11-12 15:22:40 UTCsorcrosc Running tracks are leisure=track.

Please comment your changesets
12015-08-18 09:49:01 UTCrooselol ولاية بركاء هي محافظة جنوب الباطنة في منطقة الباطنة في الجزء الشمالي من سلطنة عمان تبعد عن مسقط العاصمة حوالي 85كم. تقع على الشريط الساحلي لبحر عمان. يقّدر عدد سكانها ...
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