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12017-05-24 06:17:36 UTCangys Thank You.
12017-05-20 00:12:24 UTCangys 请您不要再OSM创建自己/朋友的家,如果想做标记请用书签,谢谢!
12017-05-20 00:10:41 UTCangys Please dont create your house, this world is not belong to you.
12017-05-14 10:25:11 UTCangys Actually the western road part from terminal to Permatang Pauh I/C is not BKE and it is under Lebuhraya Lingkaran Butterworth.You may check Wikipedia for more info..
22017-05-15 05:46:44 UTCAkuAnakTimur That part I used photos from Mapillary. Please check this:

I just changed the highway classificati...
12017-05-13 13:23:54 UTCangys thank you~~~
12017-05-06 15:28:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Parking?

Use abandoned:amenity=parking.
22017-05-06 15:29:40 UTCAkuAnakTimur Also refer to the OSM Wiki
32017-05-07 10:59:31 UTCOfficiallyAhmad @AkuAnakTimur I already add "abandoned:" in changeset 48471292, but it got convert from area to line.
42017-05-08 00:22:27 UTCAkuAnakTimur 👍 and a late welcome to OpenStreetMap. Need extra help? Can go to the forum or ask anything on
52017-05-08 05:57:15 UTCOfficiallyAhmad Ok, thanks for the help @AkuAnakTimur.
62017-05-08 09:30:19 UTCangys Hello new Malaysian mappers.
72017-05-08 09:41:41 UTCOfficiallyAhmad Hi @angys.
12017-03-20 14:37:12 UTCangys I think that place=city is for Majlis Perbandaran or Majlis Bandaraya and Muar can be a little city..
22017-03-22 17:22:12 UTCAkuAnakTimur I see what you are trying to say. Muar is the royal city of Johor (Bandar Maharani), but Majlis Perbandaran Muar is the "governing local entity" (PBT), not Majlis Bandaraya Muar. See
32017-03-22 17:22:54 UTCAkuAnakTimur Whoops, local governing entity or Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan.
42017-03-22 17:26:11 UTCAkuAnakTimur In fact, the Wikipedia article explicitly mention Muar is a town.
52017-03-23 09:57:24 UTCangys My city standard is a local goverment that over 200,000 people and Muar already over this standard that have 247,957 people in 2010 see this

Wikipedia say it is a town but maybe now Muar can be consider as a Little c...
62017-03-23 09:58:37 UTCangys oh same situation on Kulim that have abot 287,694 people
72017-03-23 12:56:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur If consider your standard, then we have 39 (12+12+12+3) cities across Malaysia. I think better we stick to what's official and easier and clearer: which place got Majlis Bandaraya (that's definitely a city) and which got simply Majlis Perbandaran.
82017-03-23 12:57:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kangar is special case, but common knowledge says it is the capital of Perlis. Regardless its status as place=city or place=town, other tag can definitely help saying that Kangar is the capital of Perlis.
92017-03-23 12:59:49 UTCAkuAnakTimur Always remember that we tag data because that's simply it is in real life, not how we are going to show on the map --->
102017-03-25 14:28:31 UTCangys Ok so now Cities in Malaysia in OSM give to all capital and urban area as Klang Taiping or BM and other u can just give town as Temerloh Bentong Muar Sitiawan Kulim Dungun Kemaman Nibong Tebal Kuah Jasin Alor Gajah Kuala Kangsar Sepang for West Malaysia and other Just leave City. Just follow your s...
112017-03-27 09:08:37 UTCAkuAnakTimur I will stick to something simple and official. Which place got Majlis Bandaraya, and which place not have Majlis Bandaraya - got only Majlis Perbandaran.

Even Sungai Petani is under Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani, not Majlis Bandaraya Sungai Petani. It's official, Sungai Petani is only place=to...
122017-03-30 07:59:58 UTCangys So that mean you only reconize MB/DBs as a city?But the great city status normally is a capital too(only PJ is not a capital).Some place cannot get city status because money tax...So my side is MB/DB absolute a city.MP sometime is a city sometime not.
12017-02-27 04:51:10 UTCAkuAnakTimur What source of data you're using to create this border?
22017-02-27 15:07:22 UTCangys based on local knowledge , not official just like postcode 14000
32017-02-27 16:57:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur Okay. Next time be sure to put changeset comment, something like "border created from approximation based on local knowledge". This is useful for other mappers and/or OSM big boss (Data Working Group). Who knows.
12016-12-27 17:25:42 UTCangys Needs to do..
Link to their boundary
Add more County label to the map
Use wikidata datbase coordinate(This can search on Internet)
Add iso code for the label
Really needs some Albanian Mapper to do this with following action

Doing county for Albania.. Format name:English Name / Albanian Name...
12016-12-19 02:13:44 UTCangys I think u are a russian and thank you to help the SBK Line.If you want to add russian name for each station that is best..🙌
12016-12-18 07:26:13 UTCangys Manjung
12016-11-22 19:34:43 UTCangys Can you try to leave only the coastline because Black Sea already have a node and the maps now have two Black Sea.Thank You Very Much for the comunity.
22016-11-23 22:06:35 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi angys, I'm not sure I understood the question. You mean removing the place tag from this relation? Why you ask me?
As far as I remember: I added one new key "sqkm" that does not affect any name-rendering.Please try to give more details. Thanks, Alexander
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