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12017-11-17 16:24:47 UTCmbethke Da war ja auch eine Furt gemappt, wenn man das auch schlecht erkennen kann. tourism=information bedeutet eigentlich so eine Art Info-Kiosk:
12017-11-15 15:42:06 UTCmbethke Hi,
are you sure you just wanted to map five car rentals? They don't look anything like that and the names sound like you meant villages?
12017-11-09 15:46:38 UTCmbethke Hi,
are you a guesthouse, a bar or both? Currently the place is tagged as amentity=bar as well as tourism=guesthouse.
I just fixed the names, one still said Pany Hotel.

12017-11-09 15:39:36 UTCmbethke Hi,
thanks for your additions to OSM! Do you think you could find out the names of the places you added? It would help with searching.

12017-11-09 15:32:32 UTCmbethke Hi,
I just noticed you updated the name of this Hotel. Please don't put in Lao names with an English version of Maps.ME. Maps.ME only sets the English name (name:en), Lao must go into name:lo (and usually "name" in Laos).
You might want to try OSMand for mapping on an iPhone, it's much m...
12017-11-07 07:32:26 UTCTiks In, I can only choose supermarket as type, not marketplace, as should be here.
22017-11-08 08:10:17 UTCmbethke Thanks for the note, I just transferred the tags to the existing building and deleted the node
12017-10-30 05:11:58 UTCmbethke Dear Olivier,
I have deleted your entry for Mojo Guesthouse - it was mapped already, and please don't take your disputes with hotel owners to OSM. Tripadvisor or something is there for you.

12017-10-26 05:26:27 UTCmbethke Hi,
any reason for changing this back to wrong values? See

12017-10-18 07:40:01 UTCmbethke This name is neither English (name:en) nor Lao?!
12017-10-18 06:27:49 UTCmbethke Hi,
thanks for your work, but please don't create all these cafes. They are not really cafes, so I have to delete them. When I can see what they are (ຮອງແຄມ etc.), I can fix it. Many seem to be villages?

12017-10-16 15:40:32 UTCmbethke Hi,
you keeps creating English name tags while you put Lao in them. I'm not sure how you can fix that other than use a different app -- I recommend OSMand.

12017-10-16 14:58:04 UTCmbethke That's not a wilderness hut there in the military area.
12017-10-15 13:05:07 UTCmbethke ກະລຸນາ ບໍ່ ໃສ່ ບ້ານ ດັ່ງ ຮ້ານກາເຟ. ບໍ່ ແມ່ນ ເຖືອກ.
12017-10-11 15:12:53 UTCmbethke This is also not supposed to be a cafe, is it?
12017-10-11 15:11:48 UTCmbethke Hi,
you created two cafes in the middle of the street here. Their names suggest they should be street names instead, right?
12017-10-09 02:48:34 UTCmbethke Hi Eric,
I noticed you added two hotels called "My Home" and a furniture shop called "Mama". Are you sure these are all actually hotels and furniture shops?
12017-10-07 07:55:56 UTCmbethke Are you sure this is a shelter as defined here?
12017-10-01 07:36:52 UTCmbethke Hi Guodawai,
you added an NGO office here -- the name says "mixing station" though if I can trust Google. Are you sure that's an NGO and not a company?

22017-10-01 07:38:20 UTCmbethke Ah, checking again: the area where you added a cafe looks like it could actually be an industrial gravel mixing station...?
12017-09-23 16:39:55 UTCmbethke Hi Witya,
I removed those name tags from the motorcycle shop because they're not names. They may have a sign saying "Bike for rent" but the name will be something like "Noy's Motorbike". If it has an English name at all -- and I don't think it has a Russian name on any sign, doe...
12017-09-07 03:08:51 UTCmbethke Hi Mandy,
thanks for adding those missing streets! Regarding your classification I have some doubts though; why would the one north of Khoun Boulom for example be an unclassified one instead of residential? Same with the one south of Asean. You haven't checked on the ground, have you?

22017-09-07 18:15:12 UTCMandyMoslow Hi Matthias,

I was trying to map based on the OSM Wiki’s definition of unclassified but looks like residential is better here.

I will look over my edits again and make changes.

Thank you,
12017-09-06 12:01:35 UTCmbethke Hi, welcome to OSM!
I just fixed a few things about your contribution:
- Please don't map things that are not of public interest, like "My house". If everybody did that, we'd have thousands of "My house" places and nobody could tell them apart anyway.
- Same with "my foot...
12017-08-13 14:04:11 UTCmbethke Are you sure there is a viewpoint there? Near Dongdok? Sounds dubious to me.
12017-08-05 16:36:01 UTCmbethke Hi Beager,
that's a strange phone number for Vientiane. Sure it's not 021 (VTE landline) or 020 (cellphone)?
By the way, it's always a good idea to canonicalize numbers to international format, i.e. leave off the 0 and add +856 for Laos.

22017-08-05 18:28:14 UTCBeager Hey Matthias,

I've fixed the number (missing the 0) and changed it to the +856 format.
I've also added the name in Lao.
32017-08-05 18:28:30 UTCBeager Thanks,
42017-08-06 06:22:55 UTCmbethke Perfect, thanks and keep it up :)
12017-08-03 04:40:47 UTCmbethke Hi Tou,
are there actually two different travel agencies?
I fixed the phone number to list both numbers -- please don't put the phone number into the house number field, that's supposed to be the number of the house on the street.

12017-07-26 02:10:32 UTCmbethke No, Benoni was mapped already :)
12017-07-26 02:09:07 UTCmbethke Are you sure that's a shop where you can buy electronics? "Sandy Internet" sounds like amenity=internet_cafe
12017-07-26 01:36:37 UTCmbethke Sure this is is a campsite like this?
I visit this area l lot and haven't seen any, although a lot of things have changed there.
12017-07-25 09:32:23 UTCmbethke Hi Thierry,
welcome to OSM! Sorry I had to make a few changes to your first edit: Benoni Cafe was mapped already; the hotel without a name positioned almost right on the street makes little sense (maybe that was a first attempt for TripleThree?), and while I think Triple Three Condo is valid, it l...
12017-07-24 03:15:14 UTCmbethke Hi,
our imagery in Vientiane happens to be fairly exact so there's probably no harm in aligning streets with it, but generally you shouldn't do that. It may well be that someone drew it according to a GPS track that's more precise than the image.

22017-07-28 21:59:52 UTCroses7 Thanks for the advice!
12017-07-24 03:11:40 UTCmbethke Please don't put a category like "Temple" in the name field. place_of_worship is fine; to mark it as a Buddhist temple, add religion=buddhist. The name is Vat Sisangvone and was mapped already so I just deleted your node :)
12017-07-24 02:25:40 UTCmbethke Is this really a hospital or only a pharma company? If there is no doctor, the building tags are sufficient. I changed it from building=apartments to building=commercial and fixed the phone number.
12017-07-14 00:01:47 UTCmbethke Sorry, I had to delete a whole bunch of buildings here, they are actually caravans.
12017-07-03 13:30:23 UTCmbethke I just fixed this by putting all the names on a single POI. The Lao name should go into "name" and "name:lo", the English one in "name:en". makes it a bit difficult to do that though
12017-06-26 14:20:36 UTCmbethke Hi Toinoi,
a tip for your naming of places: it's a bit confusing to put English and Lao names in the same field; we have language-specific tags for that. You could set the "name" tag to the Lao name and additionally an English name in name:en. Copying the Lao name to name:lo is a good ide...
12017-06-01 10:22:38 UTCmbethke Oops. Thanks for fixing, that was a rushed update ;)
12017-05-26 00:52:55 UTCmbethke Hi Lucas,
some good ideas there like mapping the parking lot for That Luang, but please check your categories with -- a parking lot is not a place of worship even though some people might be worshipping the supercars you find there once in a while ;) Just like an aband...
12017-05-08 01:36:23 UTCmbethke Some good additions there, thank you! :)
Just a note: if you create a building tagged with an amenity like for the Lao-Thai-Road market (I forget what it's called), you don't need to create an extra node for the same thing.
I just made some small changes: the marketplace building is a little small...
22017-05-08 02:08:23 UTCBeager Thanks for clarifying/fixing those things to the OSM standard.
I remember your points for future additions. :)
12017-04-24 09:03:52 UTCmbethke Hi,
sorry, had to delete your mapping of L'Atmosphère as it was a duplicate. It takes a while for new Points of Interest to show up in MAPS.ME - usually they update the maps on a monthly basis. If you want to check if something is mapped yet, you can search for it on the web at http://osm.or...
12017-03-30 05:49:03 UTCmbethke Sorry to say but there are no supermarkets in the middle of the Mekong sand bank
12017-03-15 03:45:37 UTCmbethke Hi,
are you sure the names on the fountain and car shop you created are correct? English and Thai do not match ...
12017-03-15 02:47:32 UTCmbethke Whether it's true or not, this is not the place to take it out. Changeset reverted.
12017-02-12 13:19:55 UTCmbethke "Ban Saphanthong Naüe", besides being a weird transcription, is the name of the village and makes no sense as a street name. Sometimes streets are named with "Ban XXX Hom YYY" like the one by Webrian two streets to the east. Actually that's the best way to name them as it's ...
12017-02-06 02:43:46 UTCmbethke Hallo Lorenz,
du musst das nicht mehrfach eintragen :)
Das ist normal, dass die Points Of Interest erst mit dem nächsten monatlichen Update auf der App erscheinen.
12017-02-02 05:25:40 UTCmbethke Thanks for adding Plan International! The tagging is fine, but take care of the POI type: "place of worship" is note quite it, I changed it to "NGO Office"
12017-01-16 14:47:19 UTCmbethke Hi Weiyang,
are you sure about this OpenStreetMap edit of yours this morning? You created a shelter, which would be the first one I see in Laos. And there is a hostel called "Khamngoi village"...?

12017-01-16 13:23:29 UTCmbethke Hi Johnnie,
thanks for mapping Hive Hostel! Please avoid entering the same place multiple times though. If it doesn't turn up in immediately, that is because only updates its data once every couple of weeks, so your edits are not there right away. They are visible on the web in no m...
12017-01-09 04:41:21 UTCmbethke Hi Shanza Delicious,

just checking: is your restaurant name in Lao actually "Kouay Hom" while the English name is "Shanza Delicious"?
By the way, is a horrible map editor. Try "iD" that's available in your browser if you simply click "edit" while v...
12016-12-18 13:57:05 UTCmbethke Dear Vuekai,
you just mapped a water well in the middle of a large lake. Are you sure this is what you wanted to do?

kind regards,
12016-12-18 13:42:57 UTCmbethke Hi Dario,
sorry for deleting your mapping of Home Ideal supermarket, but it was already mapped right next to where you put it. I did take your opening hours and added the to the old node however, so thanks for that :)

12016-12-17 08:23:28 UTCmbethke Hi Brian,
thanks for your OSM additions! Just a note: it's important to add a "name" tag, not just name:en or name:lo, otherwise the POI won't have a name on the rendered map. This is usually just a copy of one of the language-specific tags, either the English or the Lao version here.
12016-09-06 14:35:21 UTCmbethke Hi Tou,
you created two nodes here, probably only one is correct?
12016-06-22 21:11:20 UTCmbethke Could you add the name of this office, please?
12016-03-25 02:53:22 UTCmbethke Same as changeset 38018214; this just duplicates an existing node
22016-04-24 10:50:07 UTCPeda This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 38830605 where the changeset comment is: Revert changesets of user Дмитрий-Одесса due to vandalism: duplicated nodes, removal of nodes,... (See or contact the D...
12016-03-25 02:53:15 UTCmbethke Hi Dmitriy,
I think you made a few editing errors here; this node is just a copy of the one that existed already, and it's at the wrong position. Could you revert it, please?
22016-04-24 10:49:36 UTCPeda This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 38830605 where the changeset comment is: Revert changesets of user Дмитрий-Одесса due to vandalism: duplicated nodes, removal of nodes,... (See or contact the D...
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