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12017-07-24 03:15:14 UTCmbethke Hi,
our imagery in Vientiane happens to be fairly exact so there's probably no harm in aligning streets with it, but generally you shouldn't do that. It may well be that someone drew it according to a GPS track that's more precise than the image.

22017-07-28 21:59:52 UTCroses7 Thanks for the advice!
12017-07-26 18:25:58 UTCmuralito Hello roses7.

Why did ypou change this road name?
22017-07-28 16:01:46 UTCroses7 I used this source to add the road name but I added it to the wrong road segment. I reverted my edit. Thanks!
32017-07-28 20:05:28 UTCmuralito OK. No problem. Please be careful and check the license. The whole government is moving to public domain or open data licenses, but i'm not sure if Canelones already did the movement.
12017-05-02 22:41:49 UTCAthalis Hi, please notice these roads and buildings are based on updated imagery from
22017-05-04 16:25:18 UTCroses7 Ok, thanks.
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